The Unknown Heir 515

Chapter 515

Originally, he had arranged to have dinner with Zhang Min.

Now, Chen Hao wanted to get some information with this Meng Kang again, so he called and told Zhang Min.

"How's it going? Is she coming?"

Julie asked with some nervousness.

Zhang Min said, "Maybe they're really scared of you guys, they're not coming!"

Not to be outdone, Zhang Min was a little lost in her mouth.

"It's better if we don't come, people Wang said, let's go straight to the Longjiang Hotel for dinner and see the best hotel in your Longjiang!"

Julie cheered.

Zhang Min nodded his head with an angry nod.

Then, the crowd went straight to the Longjiang Hotel.

"I'm sorry, the Longjiang Hotel has been booked today, a few gentlemen and ladies can choose to go to another place, I'm very sorry!"  

I didn't expect to be stopped by the waiter just after arriving at the door.

To the delighted Julie's dismay, she couldn't help but be disappointed.

She had her phone all ready and waiting to take pictures, but she was actually not allowed to enter.

"Such a big hotel has been booked, how many people does it take, is there even one seat?"

Julie asked.

The waitress shook her head.

"Ugh, really!"

Julie stomped her foot in anger.

"Forget it, let's go eat somewhere else, too!"

Changmin advised.

Then the crowd left.

However, Julie Zhu was still reluctant and looked back from time to time.

At this moment, a limousine drove up to the entrance of the hotel.

Many Long Jiang's daguerreotypes got off.

They arranged their suits and stood at the entrance as if they were waiting for someone.

"Look guys, isn't that the head of the Lu family, Mr. Lu Zongnian?"

Julie Zhu was startled.

Zhang Min nodded, "It's really Mr. Lu, so it's no wonder that the Longjiang Hotel is booked by Mr. Lu!"

"But in past years, Lu didn't have such a big row for the exchange meeting, so that leaves only one possibility, that there are important VIPs Coming!"

Changmin said.

"Important VIPs?"

Julie and the others all leaned in curiously to watch.

At this moment, the middlemost car door opened.

An old man got off first, then he respectfully invited out a young man.

Lu stepped forward and shook hands respectfully.

And seeing this young man, Julie was instantly dumbfounded, "Ah! That...that's not Chen Hao?"

Zhang Min also covered her mouth in surprise, "Yes, it's really Chen Hao, he said he couldn't come because of something, so he's coming to the Dragon River Hotel! Up!"

"But Mindy look, Lu and the others are so respectful to him, why would they do this to a D Silk?"

The more startled Julie became, the more she felt her cheeks hurting.

This young man that she had always disliked, people actually had such connections.

I don't know if it was an illusion, there was such a moment.

Although Chen Hao was still wearing clothes that he thought were dirt cheap.

But standing together with this group of rich businessmen.

It was actually so handsome!

Julius bit her lip, feeling remorseful.

Chen Hao didn't realize that there were still people staring at him already looking foolish.

At this moment, Chen Hao walked into the Grand Hotel with the Lu Family's head, Lu Zongyuan, and Meng Kang, a few people.

Chen Hao didn't expect that what was thought to be a simple dinner party would actually bring Lu Zongyuan here as well.

"Brother Meng, are you sure that this person is highly powerful? But how I look at him, I think he's an ordinary young man!"

Lu Zongyuan walked behind, and now whispered to Meng Kang.

"Zongyuan, when have I ever lied to you, never underestimate Mr. Chen, his strength, you and I can hardly imagine understand?"

Meng Kang said.

"If it's really as you say, then it would be great, maybe this Lu family crisis will be smoothly passed, if this time, my Lu family I would like to serve my big brother for the rest of my life!"

"Oh, bong me, you have the energy, you'd better beg Mr. Chen more, if Mr. Chen can really stand with us, then Nothing is wrong anymore!"

Saying that, the crowd walked in.

On the wine floor, it was nothing more than pleasantries.

Thirty days later.

Meng Kang caressed the cup, signaling Lu Zongyuan to speak.

Lu Zongyuan, however, was however feeling that Chen Hao was just a yellow-haired kid.

To have him pull down his face to beg for such a kid was really hard.


And at this moment, sitting next to Lu Zongyuan, a middle-aged man, suddenly put down his wine glass.

"Mr. Lu, Mr. Zhang doesn't understand why this luncheon is being held today, and who is being entertained?"

Because Chen Hao was sitting in the first seat.

The man was already disgruntled.

And the fact that Lu Zongyuan's words were more than pleasing, made him even more indignant.

"Oh, Master Zhang, of course we have invited Mr. Chen to today's luncheon!"

Meng Kang smiled faintly.

"Mr. Chen? I've never heard of any Mr. Chen or Mr. Lee in my life! We are all here to help the Lu family, and Master Meng is already the best of the best, plus me, Zhang Tie, I don't know if I can still invite this What's the yellow-haired kid doing?"

Zhang Tie sneered.

"Zhang Tie, no insolence!"

Meng Kang, however, was a bit nervous and hurriedly scolded.

On the other hand, Lu Zongyuan, who was caught in the middle, didn't say a word, and it was obvious that he somewhat agreed with Zhang Tie's words.

Chen Hao could also be considered to have heard it.

As expected, there was no such thing as a luncheon for nothing.

Chen Hao glanced at Meng Kang.

Meng Kang lowered his head with a bit of an apology, "Sir, listen to me, the thing is like this, me and Old Brother Zongyuan, some years ago, there were some I promised I'd help if anything happened. Now that the Lu family is in danger, I've been invited, but I can't help the enemy. Too strong, I'm afraid we're no match!"

"Therefore, I wonder if the gentleman can help?"

Mencon was blunt.

"I'm sorry, I didn't want to get involved in these meltdowns!"

Chen Hao's expression was indifferent and said.

Lu Zongyuan's brows furrowed and put the wine glass down.

And Zhang Tie on the side: "Yellow-haired kid, didn't want to participate? I think you don't dare, so feel free to bring out any tactics you have, and the two of us can have a contest, and we can also show Mr. Lu what you can do!"

"The contest, forget it, I'm not interested either!"

Chen Hao.

Lu Zongyuan, however, raised his legs.

I had thought it was really some kind of expert.

"Oh, Master Meng Kang, I don't think there's any point in eating this meal any longer, I should go, thank you for your hospitality!"

Chen Hao scanned the room and looked at Meng Kang with a smile.

"Sir, don't worry!"

As soon as he stood up, Meng Kang hurriedly pulled Chen Hao.

"Mr. Chen, I'm to blame for not stating all the reasons in advance, and as an apology, Mr. Chen mentioned to me that he was coming to look for the spirit fox, and there was something It is sir must, and I have made ready!"

Meng Kang clapped his hands, and immediately one of his men brought in a map.

"Sir, this is a map of the path of the primeval forest of An Ling, from ancient times to the present, few people have been able to actually travel through the primeval forest, but I The ancestor of the Meng family, who had been in the jungle and had drawn a map, though it wouldn't help the gentleman much, I thought it might be of some use. Please smile, sir!"

"Brother Meng, this map is what your family is looking for..."

Lu Zongyuan stared at him, and the rest of his words were interrupted by Meng Kang raising his hand.

"Sir, please smile!"

Meng Kang said again.

Chen Hao took over and crossed the jungle, and with this map to help, it naturally saved most of the trouble.

It was at this moment.

"Bring it to me!"

But Zhang Tie probed and snatched it away.

"Kid surnamed Chen, it seems that you want this map very much, how about it, now the map is in my hand, if you want it, you can come and take it!"

Zhang Tie laughed coldly.

On the other hand, Chen Hao.

But he shook his head and sat down on his own.

"What do you mean?"

Zhang Tieleng asked.

Chen Hao didn't answer, but instead casually picked up a vegetable leaf from the plate with his chopsticks.

Presently, the wrist shook.


Cabbage leaves fly right out.

It hit the door.


With a loud bang, the solid wood compartment door suddenly exploded....


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