The Unknown Heir 514


"Bastard, there's a way to heaven and you won't go, there's no door to hell and you're barging in, take your life!"

As he spoke, one of his men pulled out a short blade, and it was stabbed towards Chen Hao's chest.


The short blade stabbed at Chen Hao's chest, but it was hard to get in a fraction.


The man was instantly dumbfounded.

"You guys made me do it!"

Chen Hao was furious and slapped the man's head.


The head was deformed, and the eyes were even bled out.

Flying straight out a few dozen meters, he fell to the ground and had become a puddle of mud.

"It's a trainer!"

Baldy was also startled, and now waved his big hand, "Together, finish him off!"

The remaining six people, pounced together.

But they, how could they be Chen Hao's opponents.

With three strikes, Chen Hao struck and killed them.

In just a few seconds, all six of them fell to the ground, and they died horribly.


Only the bald head was left standing in place, covered in cold sweat.

Already scared silly.

Especially looking at Chen Hao who was walking towards him, his eyes were scarlet, like a demon.

Bald Head's legs were like lead, and he couldn't even move.

"It's so good that we're all safe and harmonious, why do you have to force me!?"

Chen Hao walked up to the bald head.

"Yes... yes, I don't dare, misunderstanding... it's all a misunderstanding!"

"Why did you let your men do it when I begged you so hard to bully them!"

Chen Hao gently flicked away a blade of grass from his shoulder.

"Thank you, I don't dare...ah!!!"

The bald head trembled, thinking that Chen Hao would let him go.

But in the next moment, his limbs separated.

All that was left was a scream that echoed along the shore.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, now glanced behind a tree.

"After hiding for so long, come out!!!"

Chen Hao roared.

The grass and trees trembled, and a white-haired old man, slowly walked out.

It was precisely that old man, Uncle Kang.

At this moment, Uncle Kang's face was somewhat pale.

"I can't believe that Mister is so young, yet he has already reached such a stage, it's me, Meng Kang Meng Lang, who has eyes but doesn't know Mount Tai! But sir, I'm not with these people, I'm not with them!"

Meng Kang followed Chen Hao all the way, from Chen Hao breaking the iron coupons with his bare hands to the flying daggers breaking through the rocks.

He saw them all in his eyes.

His heart had already been horrified.

No wonder he had broken his inner strength so easily.

It turned out that his cultivation was so powerful.

In fact, Meng Kang had come to tail Lu Zhongxuan to seize the iron ticket, and secondly, to find out the young man's strength.

But after seeing his stunt, Meng Kang hid behind a tree and didn't dare to leave or move.

Because this young man, was frighteningly strong.

And, actually discovered him already.

"Are you also here to take the Iron Ticket?"

Chen Hao asked coldly.

"I don't dare to conceal it from you sir, exactly, but after seeing your strength with my own eyes, I don't dare to think anything!"

An old man in his nineties actually bowed and nodded in front of Chen Hao.

Because his strength was only comparable to Chen Hao from half a year ago, right, and Chen Hao knew his depths, it wasn't long since he had condensed his inner strength!

It was also considered an Inner Strength Martial Artist.

And as he watched the scarlet red in Chen Hao's eyes gradually dissipate, the majesty of his body dropped a few points.

Meng Kang couldn't help but let out a long breath in his heart.

"It took you so many years to train your inner strength extremely hard, I don't want to kill you, go away, go back and warn those people, don't hit me again Lord willing!"

Chen Hao closed his mind and said.

"Mister has commanded, Meng Kang will naturally follow the order, thanking you for not killing him. However, Meng Kang has a puzzlement!"

Menkang's eyes held a long-awaited excitement and anticipation.


Chen Hao said.

"I have spent my entire life studying the martial arts, and seven years ago, I finally stepped into the ranks of the Inner Strength, thinking that one day I would be able to enter the Huaxia Heavenly Ranking and glorify the Ancient Martial School, however, it's too difficult to enter the Heavenly List, I don't know now sir, is it the Heavenly List Geometry?"

"The Sahara Sky List? I don't know anything about the Huaxia Heavenly List..."

Chen Hao's heart recovered and asked lightly.

"But any Inner Strength martial artist will enter the ranks of the Heavenly Ranking List, a ranking list controlled by the four hidden clans of Huaxia, Mr. Such a cultivation . How could you not know? Is not sir a member of the four hidden clans?"

Menkang was startled.

"The Four Hidden Clans?"

"Yeah, the Yuwen family, the Nangong family, the Mo family, and the Fang family, respectively! I originally thought that you were an expert of the Four Hidden Clans!"

"I've only heard of the Mo family!"

Chen Hao raised his eyebrows.

The Hidden Clan was extremely mysterious, rarely dealing with people from the world, and they surmised that they possessed a bloodline that ordinary people did not have, and also looked down on the world at all.

Although this group of people did not appear in view, the family was widely distributed in all walks of life.

They usually had a heritage history of over a thousand years.

The appearance of the Mo Family a year ago had truly allowed Chen Hao to see the power of their hidden clan forces.

"The people of the Heaven's List are all strong, but the four hidden clans account for almost eighty percent of them! And in our Ancient Martial Meng Family, since the death of our ancestor, there hasn't been an Inner Strength martial artist since then, until my generation! I'm ashamed to say it!"

Meng Kang smiled in amusement.

"Then what is the strength of the four great families, the most powerful?"

Chen Hao asked again.

"This is unclear, but according to the rumors, all the four great families, all of them have clansmen sitting at their seats, but whether this is true or not, I'm afraid even the four great families' The people of the Hidden Clan don't even know about it, it's just a rumor!"

"I don't know your name, but I see that your strength is at least ranked in the top fifty of the Heavenly Ranking!"

Meng Kang revered.

Saying that, he also carefully took out an ancient and simple scroll from his bosom.

And on it, there were a hundred Heavenly Ranking giants recorded.

"I don't even know what the Heavenly Ranking is, so how can I have my name!"

Chen Hao glanced at it, and could not help but say.

"Wait a minute!"

Chen Hao pointed at the first place position on the scroll.

"Why is the first place, it's empty, like it's been deliberately crossed out!?"

"O, sir knows nothing, for this first man, very mysterious, and I also heard from my father that this man was invincible when he was young Later, having once dealt with the many experts of the Four Great Hidden Clans on his own, all were no match for this man!"

"It's just that this man's whereabouts are hidden, and countless people want to investigate his background, but they can't get it, heh, my father said back then that as long as he was in For one day, no one in the world dared to claim first place, and thus, the Heavenly Ranking had this tradition that the first place would always be empty!"

Meng Kang is obviously extremely obsessed with these.

Explaining to Chen Hao.

"So that's how it is!"

Chen Hao nodded his head.

"It's a blessing to my Meng family to meet you today, it's almost noon, I wonder if you would be so kind as to host a banquet for me!"

Menkang rose to the idea of befriending.


Chen Hao also felt that Meng Kang knew more about it, something that he wanted to understand a little more clearly, and nodded his head now.

"I'll go and speak to my friend first, I'll be over later!"


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