The Unknown Heir 520

Chapter 520

"Okay, it's a deal!"

Chen Hao smiled faintly.

Human emotions and faces were things that Chen Hao had long since seen past.

Not bad, now Chen Hao was selfish, and would only do anything as long as it was beneficial to himself.


And Meng Kang, Zhang Tie, the two of them could hardly sustain themselves anymore.

They flew to Chen Hao's feet and fell down heavily.

"Hahaha, two losers, Lu Zongyuan, what other helpers do you have, call them out as soon as possible!"

Wang Dahai laughed cheerfully.

Chen Hao faded out.

"What? A yellow-haired kid, is there, like, no one left in the Lu family? Invite such a thing out?"

Wang Dahai looked at Chen Hao and shook his head contemptuously.

"You've been studying art around Southeast Asia all these years?"

Chen Hao looked at him and exported.

Wang Dahai was startled at the news.

He had hidden his name and asked himself to be very secretive already.

No one knew the true details of himself.

But now, it was actually revealed by this brat in one word.

"You... how do you know?"

Wang Dahai suddenly looked squarely at Chen Hao.

"That Vincent, is he your junior brother?"

Chen Hao asked again.

Wang Dahai's eyelids rose, "He's one of my outer disciples! You know him?"

"Well, I killed it already!"

Chen Hao said.


Wang Dahai's heart was even tighter.

"It seems that you have two skills, but Vincent is only an outer disciple of the Iron Fist Gate, killing him is easy, but don't think that you will be able to It's my opponent, fine, if you dare to kill someone from my Iron Fist Gate, then I'll just kill you and avenge my junior brother!"

Wang Dahai was furious.

Then rushed straight over.


The two punches were directly opposite each other.

Wang Hai Hai, on the other hand, flew straight backwards, accompanied by a sound of bone cracking.


Wang Dahai covered his arm, behind which, his own bones, had broken out of his flesh.

A punch to the right punched right out of his own arm bone.

What kind of power was this?

Wang Dahai was horrified.

Lu Zongyuan Meng Kang and the others were even more incredulous as they stared at each other with wide eyes.

"You're so young, but you're actually an internal martial artist, and your internal strength, it's so pure!"

Wang Dahai was terrified.

"You can kill yourself!"

Chen Hao shook his head and said.

Wang Dahai's eyes darkened instantly.

He endured severe pain and nodded, "Fine, I'll kill myself!"

Saying that, he pulled out a dagger and was about to stab it at his chest.

Suddenly, he threw the dagger violently at Chen Hao's face.

Grabbed a handful of dirt and threw it out again.

Then pulled out his legs and fled.

The speed was extremely fast.

And Chen Hao, lightly flashed.

"Mr. Chen, chase after you, he... he's running away!"

Lu Zongyuan jumped to his feet anxiously.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, just shook his wrist.


A sound and a black mane swept past in a hurry.


Wang Dahai fell to the ground with a scream.

The short blade, however, flew back to Chen Hao's hand a moment later.

"Dead, he's dead!"

Lu Zongyuan was happy.

Then he looked at Chen Hao, "Mr. Chen has made a great achievement for my Lu Family this time, my Lu Family will definitely prepare a generous gift for Mr. Chen to thank him!"

"I only want the Hundred Beast Sutra!"

Chen Hao looked at Lu Zongyuan and faintly smiled.

It caused Lu Zongyuan's smile to instantly freeze.

He had wanted to stagger this topic.

"Sister, look, it really is Chen Hao, he... he's actually this powerful?"

Lu Han covered her mouth.

Lu Xue's eyes were also glazed over.

So he had come to Long Jiang as a helper hired by his father.

A deep hiding place!

Lu Xue's heart.

Right now, it did impress Chen Hao by a few points.

It was late at night.

The Lu Family's inner hall conference room.

This night, the Lu Family's top management was excited to hear the news that Wang Dahai had died.

A great enemy had been extracted.

However, many Lu Family members, including Lu Zongyuan, were not happy.

"Hmph, a brat, even if he's powerful, he's still a reckless man, and he still wants my Lu Family's Hundred Beast Sutra, without looking at what kind of virtue he is! "

Someone raged and pounded the table.

Lu Zongyuan, on the other hand, was playing with a pendant.

"I'm also to blame for this, I originally thought that no matter how powerful he is, he's only good at killing, to deal with this kind of martial artist, just send money It's fine to give away status and women, and in the future, I also have a way to make him work for our Lu family!"

"But I didn't expect him to agree so easily, I thought it was Meng Kang's face, but he was hitting on our Lu's Hundred Beast Scriptures . And, until that life-and-death crisis point, the exit was blackmail!"

Lu Zongyuan's eyes gazed.

"Master, the Hundred Beasts Sutra is the heirloom of our Lu Family, so don't give it to him!"

Someone said.

"I know that too, but at that time, I had already promised him, and if I rashly go back on my word, I'm afraid I'll cause Chen Hao displeasure! He wasn't the same as Meng Kang yet, this man wasn't easy to dispatch, and he was an even fiercer opponent than Wang Dahai! That's exactly what I'm worried about!"

"Hahaha, big brother don't disturb, I do have an idea, not only can we keep our Hundred Beast Scriptures, but we can also get rid of this Chen Hao!"

At that moment, a middle-aged man stood up with narrowed eyes.

"Zonian, what's the idea?"

Lu Zongyuan was busy asking.

"I've heard this from my men and investigated Chen Hao as well, and although I've gained very little, I've learned of a great Secrets!"

Lu Zonian said.

"Brother, do you know about our Longjiang's Mo family? Although we've never had any dealings with the Mo family, I've heard that a year ago, the Mo family went to great lengths to request rich merchants from all over the south to search for Hunt down the whereabouts of a man named Chen Hao!"

"And Chen Hao, exactly from the south, and the description of his appearance, is too similar to this Chen Hao, could it be, he is the one the Mo family is looking for People?"

Lu Zonian's eyes narrowed and he smiled coldly.

Lu Zongyuan put down the pendant and looked as if he had suddenly realized what was going on.

"If that's the case, then it's really not a bad idea, the Mo family is huge, and within the family, there are secret sects beyond one's imagination! Highly skilled, it would be great if I could borrow the Mo Family's hand!"

Lu Zongyuan smiled.

"But Master, our Lu family has never had anything to do with the Mo family, there are even some grudges, in fact, I heard that the Mo family has long wanted to annex us, but The Lu family has a thousand years of history in Longjiang. If we are touched, it's the same as touching Longjiang's economy. Without doing anything, do you think they'll help us?"

Someone raised a concern.

"Yes, of course they will, if we help them find the person they desperately want without having to help us, I'm sure they'll take care of it themselves We're in trouble!"

"The key issue now is to find someone to stabilize Chen Hao first, if he can be of use to me, it will give him a chance to live, if not and can only fake the hand of the Mo family!"

Lu Zong Yuan.

The meeting continued until very late.

Within Chen Hao's room, the lights were still on.

Chen Hao was digesting this map that Meng Kang had given him.

Indeed, it would be of great benefit to Chen Hao's actions in the jungle.

Suddenly at this moment, the door of the room knocked....


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