The Unknown Heir 511


Buy dinner?

Chen Hao just happened to be going to dinner.

It was naturally better to have someone to invite than to spend money on himself.


Chen Hao agreed.


Zhang Min was about to be speechless at this little brother in front of her.

However, girls worshipped heroes, and although Chen Hao wasn't a hero, he had actually helped himself.

Plus, with Chen Hao's clear and beautiful appearance, one would unconsciously want to get close to him.

So Zhang Min brought Chen Hao to a restaurant.

Talking to each other, they gradually became familiar with each other.

"It's quite a coincidence that you're traveling here!"

Changmin said.

"What's the coincidence?"

"I don't know, starting tomorrow, the Lu Family of Longjiang Province is going to carry out a three-day Treasure Exchange Conference! It's a month earlier than the last one, but just in time for you to catch up!"

"Every year, the Treasure Exchange Conference, north and south, and even abroad, has too many people coming, and is also capable of dazzling people!"

Zhang Min said.

"Oooh, I've only heard of the Antique Exchange Conference, but I've never heard of the Treasure Exchange Conference!"

Chen Hao smiled bitterly and shook his head.

"What is the Antique Exchange Conference, this exchange conference is all-encompassing, not only covering antiques, but also all forms of treasures! As long as you have treasures, you can exhibit them, for example, a jade bracelet, which you would normally have to sell yourself, can be sold. 100,000, but once you've gone through the exchange convention's treasure hunting process, you can sell it for a million dollars or more at the convention! "

"I get it, but that's all rich people playing, and if I'm going, it's just a spectacle! Besides, aren't those antique treasures and such, just like that, I don't have much research on them!"

Chen Hao laughed.

"I pooh! I see you're smart enough to say such a thing, but I'll tell you a secret, no one on the inside knows about this. !"

Zhang Min suddenly lowered her voice.

Chen Hao put a mouthful of boiled fish in his mouth, took a sip of his drink, and motioned for Zhang Min to speak.

"In that exchange conference four years ago, there were once magic artifacts, and they were ancient artifacts that were open and inscribed with inscriptions!"



Chen Hao almost spewed out a mouthful of drink.

"Are you really faking it?"

Zhang Min was again angered by Chen Hao's attitude.

"Why would I lie to you, except you haven't seen it, it's a floating dust handle, used by a priest a long time ago, kept at home anyway. It's invulnerable to all evils, but it was bought by a rich Japanese merchant who paid a lot of money for it, less than half a year after he got home. A very sick old mother, miraculously well, knowing that his mother was ninety-eight four years ago and is now one hundred and two and still healthy. !"

"What's more, last year, an ancient sword was also auctioned away, and it was said that it was also a magic weapon, anyway there are too many things like that, surface Up there are antique treasures and such, but in fact, in the inside, these are the heavy hitters, and those foreigners, they're all after them!"

Zhang Min said.

Chen Hao put down his wine glass, his brows furrowed.

Seeing that Zhang Min was speaking fervently, it didn't seem like it was fake.

Indeed, although Chen Hao hadn't said anything just now, there really was a magic artifact that existed, just to get more information out of Zhang Min.

Grandpa's sun diagram was, to put it bluntly, a very ancient patterned magic artifact.

From ancient times to the present, but every great family's rise to power was bound to use some sort of mysterious power.

It was only when I heard from grandpa that I knew about the competition between the Fang family and the Chen family for half a jade pendant.

And that jade pendant was the magic tool of the Chen and Fang families respectively, representing the luck of the two families.

If he hadn't snuck into the Fang family to try to find that half of the jade pendant, Second Uncle Chen Pingan, wouldn't have happened afterwards.

"How do you know so clearly, all of this is not spread to the public, right?"

Chen Hao pretended to be surprised, "I found out that you're quite good at fooling people, you're not doing sales work, right? Haha!"

"You... bullshit, I told you, I'm an accountant for one of the companies under the Land family, and every year, the exchange conference is held by our company as the Organizer, do you think I can be lying!"

"Also, I'm only telling you this because you saved my life, so don't spread the word, but even if you do, I'm afraid that Nobody believes it!"

Changmin sipped her drink.

"Hmm, you look like you've come to take an interest, do you want to check it out?"

Changmin asked.

"Spoken like I can go if I want to, I guess getting a ticket isn't easy, right?"

Chen Hao smiled.

"That's right, but also look at who I am, I, Zhang Min, am a person who never likes to owe anyone a favor, you have helped me so much, Ben Miss, I'll give you an entry ticket! But I guess we're even now. Okay?"

Zhang Min smiled.

Then, from her own bag, she carefully pulled out an admission ticket and handed it to Chen Hao.

"Tell you what, don't ever underestimate anyone in the future, especially a pretty girl like me! You don't look like you've ever been to a big event before. I'll tell you what, I'll bring some friends from out of town to play with me tomorrow, and I'll bring you with me. You guys spin!"

Changmin said.

"Well, thank you for that! By the way, which land family are you talking about?"

Chen Hao put away the entrance ticket and asked again.

"Of course it's the Lu Family of Longjiang, there's only one Lu Family in Longjiang!"

Cough, the clothes on the three siblings, at first glance, all looked like ordinary goods, but they were actually over a hundred thousand pieces.

Chen Hao had also long since seen that the three siblings were not ordinary.

The Longjiang Lu Family? It can't be that Lu Han's Lu family, can it?

Chen Hao thought to himself.

But no matter, this exchange meeting, Chen Hao was clearly interested.

If there was really a magic tool, he really had to check it out, and it was one less thing to be taken away by someone else.

That night, Chen Hao stayed in a hotel.

When it was the next morning, Chen Hao set out early in the morning and arrived at the location of the exchange conference.

It was none other than the event location, which happened to be at the Bana Manor.

Chen Hao thought that he had come early enough.

But when he went there, there was also a sea of people.

Luxury cars were everywhere.

According to the agreement, he had to wait for Zhang Min at the entrance.

While he was waiting.

It was then that a luxury car was seen driving by.

From the car, a group of gorgeously dressed men and women came down.

The security guards around them all bowed respectfully.

Chen Hao stood at a corner and could see them clearly.

Among this group of men and women, there were three that Chen Hao knew.

Could it not be the three siblings from yesterday.

As expected, the three of them were really from famous families.

Presently, Chen Hao put on his hat and lowered the brim.

Not afraid of that girl Lu Han, but afraid of Lu Xue and Lu Chao, once they recognized themselves and drove themselves out, it would be bad to get Zhang Min involved again.

Only after seeing them jokingly going in did Chen Hao let out a sigh of relief.

"Chen Hao, you're here early enough!"

Just then, Zhang Min arrived, smiling and coming over to pat Chen Hao's shoulder.

And behind her, there were a few young men and women...


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