The Unknown Heir 512


Chen Hao smiled and greeted Zhang Min.

"Let me introduce you guys, this is Chen Hao, we just met yesterday, he's quite nice, and he saved me!"

Chang Min smiled.

"Oh, that's him, but why is he dressed like that for the exchange meeting?"

One of the girls held her shoulders in disgust.

Exchange meetings were known as another kind of gathering for the upper class.

Attending such an occasion, all of them were dignitaries.

All of them were dressed in suits, except for Chen Hao, who was dressed as if he was on a trip.

This was too pricey.

This was actually what several people were thinking.

"It's okay, let's all play together!"

Zhang Min didn't see the implication that the rest of the people disliked staying with Chen Hao.

Just like that, a few people went in.

The manor was really too big.

And from Zhang Min's introduction, this exchange meeting was divided into the outer and inner perimeter.

The outside was just ordinary antiques and some treasures and so on.

If you really wanted something good, you had to go to the inner perimeter to see it.

"Jia Ming, did you just buy this watch, I just noticed!"

A few people strolled by.

The girl, named Julie, said to one of the guys.

"Yeah, just bought it!"

"How much is it?"

Julie asked again.

"It's not expensive, twenty thousand or so, mainly because I'm fancying this style, and it just goes with my suit!"

Wang Jiaming said.

"Tsk, tsk, what a rich man!"

Zhang Min was a little envious. She didn't have much of a heart, she just thought that everyone was happy to be together.

"What about the suit? How much for the suit?"

"Suit 50,000, it's front-end days, went to Italy for fun, bought it there!"

Wang Jiaming added.

"How nice!" Julie said.

And with two other boys, and a couple of girls, discussing their clothes and lives.

This routine of hitting and not doing anything was apparently quite familiar to Juli-Li using.

She said it on purpose to embarrass Chen Hao.

I would have thought that the one who saved Min Min would have to be some kind of prince charming, rich dude or something like that.

But I didn't expect it, just a d silk.

Looks it, looks pretty good, but a body dressed to attend such occasions, is too LOW.

And lowering their value, Julie wanted to squeeze him away.

Understanding their disparity.

"You're just a piece of shit, and you dare to swing by us, shame on you, get lost!"

Just then, an old man was also ready to set up his stall and display his treasures.

Apparently, he had already passed the treasures process and had the qualifications to enter.

But bar, most of the people who set up exhibition positions here were families, where was it like this, just a random stall.

Hence the exclusion.

The old man sighed, so he had to put away his own piece of iron coupon like thing and walked towards it, ready to find a stall.

But when Chen Hao glanced at the iron coupon, his eyelids jumped slightly.


This iron coupon, on the surface, was a lump of iron, but yet, it gave Chen Hao a palpable feeling.

This feeling had rarely occurred since he had become an Inner Strength Martial Artist.

"There's a problem!"

Chen Hao said in his heart.

"Go away Chen Hao, what's wrong?"

Changmin came over and called out.

"O-Oh, why don't you guys go ahead, I want to take a turn by myself!"

Chen Hao smiled.

His eyes, however, looked at the direction the old man left.

"That's fine, I'll call you later when it's almost noon, and we'll find a place to eat!"

Zhang Min also saw that a few of her friends were crowding out Chen Hao.

She said presently.

After the deal was made, Chen Hao went after the old man.

"Hmph, Min Min, what do you think you know this kind of person for? All humiliated?"

"That's right, the whole thing is just a D silk, that's really enough, I'm not even in the mood to play with him around!"

"Don't bring him to lunch. Look at what we're wearing and what he's wearing. Besides, he's your benefactor. Do you bear to let him humble himself before us?"

A few girls suddenly spoke up in seven different voices.

"Alright, alright, I still have to remind you guys, Chen Hao is quite nice, although he only had a brief encounter, but you guys believe me, he is A pretty nice guy, noon, I'll call him for lunch, and you guys be nice to him too, okay?"

Changmin said with some hidden pain in her heart.

"All right!"

The crowd was embarrassed to agree.

And then Chen Hao went straight to that old man.

The old man, on the other hand, looked downcast, kept shaking his head, and finally, found an extremely remote place to set up his little stall.

Because here, there was always no one to squeeze him, a country bumpkin.

"Old man, is this the only thing?"

And Chen Hao chased after him, came to the stall, squatted down and laughed with him.

"It's not just this one, I didn't want to come, it was their organizers who found me, they had to let me come, they said I could sell a lot of this lump of iron. Money, but come on, let's get squeezed again, alas, young man, do you have a cigarette? Follow me, I'll leave after I smoke! I have to cook for my granddaughter for lunch!"

The old man sighed.


Chen Hao handed up a cigarette, "You said the organizers made you come, so they've seen you with this iron coupon?"

Chen Hao looked at it, this iron coupon was nothing special, at best, there was an antique atmosphere on it, it looked like an antique.

"They saw it on TV, isn't there a show dedicated to selling antiques, I this thing, ancestral, I went on that TV, and the results of the The experts said, "I'm not a bad antique, but I don't have much artistic or archaeological value."

"Later, the organizers found me and said I could sell this to foreign devils and maybe get a high price for it, so they let me try it! "

"And the organizers said that I should come to them first and give them my stuff, but I didn't understand it, and as soon as I heard about the sale, I had an early morning Just came and wandered around outside and didn't meet anyone, so I came in and sold myself!"

"Young man, these merchants can't be trusted, they sell for 100,000, maybe they'll give you 50,000, it's better for us to come in and sell ourselves! "

In the middle of the conversation, the old man had already finished one cigarette.

Chen Hao hurriedly handed over another one.

Picking up the iron coupon, Chen Hao carefully weighed it and already had a plan in mind.

"Old man, how much is your iron coupon, I'll take it, name your price, whatever you want!"

Chen Hao laughed.

"Whew, young man, this thing doesn't have much archaeological or artistic value, it's for fooling foreign devils, just a lump of iron!" Perhaps embarrassed by smoking, the old man hurriedly discouraged.

"It's fine, it's of great use to me, don't worry!"


"Of course it's true!"

"Then I'll drive at the price of slaughtering a ghost!"

"Drive it..."

"Half a million!"

The old man blushed, because he had heard that as long as it was an antique, a foreigner would buy it no matter how much money he drove.

Chen Hao smiled bitterly, "Don't half a million, I'll give you five million directly, take the money, you can also live a comfortable life, otherwise this thing to keep, you are useless......."

Chen Hao didn't finish because the second half of the sentence was.

It might even get you killed....


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