The Unknown Heir 510

Chapter 510

"Hey, little brother!"

Lu Han waved his hand at the youth who came in and smiled.

"It's you guys..."

The young man who came in smiled and put down his own bag.

There happened to be an empty table next to Lu Han, so the youth sat down.

"Fate ah, just now on the train chatting quite opportune, I was going to ask you for a micro signal!"

Lu Han said.

"Alright little Han, people are here for dinner, so don't bother them!"

Lu Han's sister Lu Xue gently stepped on the surface of Lu Han's foot and reminded her.

"It's just little Han, what do you need a micro signal for!"

Lu Chao also did.

And when Chen Hao looked at the scene in front of him, he just shook his head slightly and smiled bitterly.

Just now on the train, Chen Hao ran into this Lu family's three siblings.

By the way, there was another small accident.

It was that the two sisters from the Lu family happened to be sitting opposite to him.

And next to himself, there was a seventy to eighty year old eldest man who had been leaning against the window sleeping the whole way.

So that one, Lu Chao, wanted to come over and change seats with Chen Hao.

Originally this was nothing.

But Lu Chao threw a thousand dollars directly to Chen Hao and told Chen Hao to sit aside.

Of course Chen Hao would have switched if he had been nice.

Right now, directly ignored Lu Chao.

If it wasn't for Lu Han's persuasion, the two almost got into a conflict or something.

In the back, Lu Han just chatted with Chen Hao, this more than a year, Chen Hao traveled south, long ago is no longer only know Pingan County and Jinling City.

Because when they chatted, heaven and earth, Lu Han was fascinated to hear them.

On the other hand, Lu Xue, the eldest of the three, was a bit high and cold.

Didn't speak a word to Chen Hao.

So, there was the scene before us.

"Where are you going with this? Come to our Long Jiang to study or work?"

Luhan asked again.

"Tour it!"

Chen Hao smiled.

"Ao, then I'll recommend a place to you, there is a location in Longjiang called Baina Villa, there is so much fun that can be had in it, it can be Playing golf and horse racing!"

Lu Han said.

"Is that place where ordinary people can go? Just stop worrying about it and eat!"

Lu Xue didn't like Chen Hao at all, and said at this moment.

It was obvious to see that the three of them had unusual background identities.

Lu Xue, who was born with a noble heart, was the least grounded of the three.

Lu Xue, who was accustomed to high end people, naturally despised Chen Hao in her heart, and was not even qualified enough to be a friend.


Lu Han didn't say anything.

Chen Hao ordered an egg fried rice and ate it slowly and slowly beside him.

The three people next to Lu family ate a few bites.

Then they packed up their things and prepared to leave.

"Hey, I live in Longjiang Lujiazhuang Garden, if you have a chance to play with me, my name is Lu Han!"

Before leaving, Lu Han whispered to Chen Hao again.

Then he was dragged away by Lu Xue.

"This little girl, how simple!"

Chen Hao laughed bitterly.

He definitely didn't have the heart to go to any Lu family to play with this Lu Han.

It was rare that he could avoid the atmosphere of enmity these days, so Chen Hao had to take it easy and relaxed.

Taking this opportunity, Chen Hao actually took a stroll around a few tourist spots in Longjiang.

It was only when it was getting dark that evening that Chen Hao remembered that it was time to find a place to stay.

"What are you guys doing?"

An alleyway.

A couple of drunken youths, tugging on a woman, were heading into a dead-end alley.

"Why, for fun, of course, come on!"

Three youths, dragging the woman into the alley.

The woman struggled desperately.

Suddenly she looked up and saw a youth approaching.

She fiercely pushed away the punks.

Ran over and took the youth's arm.

"Honey, they're laying hands on me!"

The woman cried.

He also squeezed the youth's arm, signaling his cooperation.


The three punks, on the other hand, looked at each other with a hostile look at the passing youth.

"Don't get me wrong, I'm not her husband!"

The youth, however, hurriedly waved his hand in fear.

The woman's white eyes rolled up at once.

I go, is there such a wimp?

And the three punks laughed, "Hahahaha, little beauty, pretty smart, later, I'll teach you a lesson!"

The three punks said they were about to pounce.


And the youth suddenly pointed back and shouted.

"Next time, I won't dare!"

The three punks all crouched on the ground with their heads together and looked back.

While this was going on, "Run!"

The youth pulled the girl around and walked away.

The three punks chased after him.

At first glance, the girl was about to run out of breath.

The youth just happened to see a manhole cover.

Pulling the girl over, he ran over, and with a little force on his foot, he warped the manhole cover, then lightly kicked it behind him.


With a sound, the manhole cover spun out at high speed, knocking down all three punks.

The girls didn't see this scene at all.

"That's it, I can't run anymore!"

Coming to a park side.

The girl was breathing heavily at the moment, both hands on her knees.

And the youth, is not Chen Hao.

Chen Hao lifted his satchel, and looked at the beauty in passing.

Because she was bent over, and was wearing a short-skirt uniform, so at the moment, a large piece of snow white in front of her* was almost in full view of Chen Hao.

Instantly there was a feeling of not knowing where to put one's eyes.

The woman, however, only just noticed it and hurriedly tightened her collar.

There was also a blush on her pretty face.

She smiled somewhat awkwardly, "Thank you so much, little brother, if it wasn't for you, something might have happened tonight!"

"You're welcome!"

Chen Hao said faintly.

After saying that, he wanted to leave.

The woman, on the other hand, seemed to be a bit reluctant.

"Wait a minute little brother, I haven't finished yet, I said you are my husband, just act with me, why are you hastily waving your hand and saying no?"

The woman asked quite unkindly.

Girls, especially girls with superior posture like her, most valued what others thought of them.

The feeling Chen Hao gave her just now was like she was very afraid of becoming her wife.

It made the girl feel a little unhappy.

"I have a girlfriend! Besides, it's just as easy to save you without impersonating your husband!"

"Well, did you think I would...ah!"

The girl pouted, trying to get some face for herself.

A walk suddenly felt a pain in her ankle.

" foot, it looks like it's sprained!"

Chen Hao shook his head and squatted down, "Where's the sprain? I'll look at it for you!"

"No need for you to look, you have a girlfriend, so as not to give your girlfriend the wrong idea!"

The woman said.

"Then you'll just have to walk back yourself!"

Chen Hao said, lifting his bag and leaving.

"Fuck, hey, hey, you, do you know how to take pity on a person or not! At least you had to take me to the hospital!"

Chen Hao took a long breath.

Returning back, he gently put the woman down.

Then lifted her ankle.

Find the right spot and twist gently.

A click.

The girl was panicking about what he was going to do.

Suddenly it felt like her sprain had healed.

"Is this okay? It's getting dark, so I advise you to hurry home."

"Wait a little longer!"

The girl shouted Chen Hao down again.

"What now?"

"I haven't even thanked you properly for helping me out so much, so how about I take you out to dinner?"


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