The Unknown Heir 509


The scene had been extremely chaotic.

Everyone was trembling and cowering in the corner.

There were even people spitting out white foam, clearly scared out of their wits.

Princess Yuujin was also crying in fear.

Not daring to speak.

On the other hand, Chen Hao, at this moment, took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

After some silence, he opened his eyes again, and the redness in his eyes had now all but receded.

Chen Hao slowly walked over to the butler's side.

"Where are you keeping my friend?"


And the steward was asked, and suddenly all shook.

Spouting blood, he convulsed on the ground, and in a short while actually did not move.

Because of extreme fear, the blood surged up and rose right through his brain!

"Go find someone!"

Chen Hao instructed the men behind him.

"Yes, Young Hall Master!"

Subsequently, the crowd evacuated.

And as Chen Hao was leaving, he looked at the mother and daughter of the Yu family who were snuggling with each other, then he withdrew his gaze and strode out!

Silence! There was dead silence, and no one dared to move until an hour after Chen Hao had left!

I'm afraid that from now on, everyone in the Heavenly City Triangle would tremble at the mere mention of the four words Heavenly Dragon Group.

Three days later.

In the manor.

"Young Hall Master, the spirit fox haunt that the Lord asked me to check for you has been found, and it turns out that it's in the dense forest west of the Dragon River, where a year ago . Someone once ran into a spirit fox!"

Wen Bo preached.

"Alas, the Lord's meaning is understood by his subordinates, and if you cannot be nourished by spirit blood, I fear that before long, your mind will be swayed by hatred It'll be hard to get the old you back then!"

Wimber sighed.

Chen Hao frowned.

Indeed, the words had spoken to Chen Hao's heart.

Originally, Chen Hao had felt that he was in complete control of himself.

However, as he did it, Chen Hao found that once the tiniest bit of hatred was lit, it was like a spark starting a prairie fire, and once it was lit, he could not control it.

Solving things with extremely cruel means.

Furthermore, in the past three days, Chen Hao actually had an intolerable itch in his heart that he was actually thinking about *someone*!

"I know Wimber, I don't want to become a killing machine either, good, you order it, let's leave on the same day, we'll go north of the Long River first. Find the Spirit Fox!" Chen Hao commanded.

"Yes, Young Hall Master!"

Chen Hao stood up from the room, "If I remember correctly, the foundation of the Mo Family founded by Mo Changkong is in Longjiang, right?

This way, by the way, I will seek justice with them.

Chen Hao stroked the pot of flowers in front of him.

When he thought of the Mo Family, it was with a slight curl of both palms.

Steeply, a pot of flowers actually withered in an instant.

Wen Bo's eyelids jumped hard as he watched this scene.

As expected, the Lord was worried about the Young Hall Master, and he was right about one thing.

The Young Hall Master had undergone a Purgatory Transformation this time, and now his strength had skyrocketed to a very terrifying level, even more so than after the original Lord's transformation.

If it wasn't for the fear that the young hall master would fall into side paths as a result.

The Lord wouldn't have been afraid that Wen Bo would follow so painstakingly.

"Young Hall Master, there is something I don't know whether to say or not!"

"Wimber you say!"

"The search for the Spirit Fox will take some time, and I'm afraid that during this time, if you don't control yourself well, the Young Hall Master will be turned back by the Heart Demon Control, when the Lord refined the power of the Dragon Elephant, there is a way to remedy it, why don't the Young Hall Master try it?"

Wimber Road.

"What method?"

"Back then, the Lord was also afflicted by the demons of the heart, and he begged for a way to control his mind, because the only way to control the dragon's elephant was to wander The power of the power will be able to step into the realm of a master!"

"He had gone to visit monks, religion, and had come to Warsaw to secretly seek out famous masters for guidance, but at first, a word was not right, and the Lord... alas. The Lord just killed them, and then abandoned the method until, one day the Lord became enlightened and he closed his power and went back to the days and lives of the common people, and it looked like he was just a lonely old man, so settled for a while, waiting for him. The opening of strength has reached the point of furnace fire and stepped into a master!"

"This method is not suitable for everyone, but you, Young Master, have lived a life of poverty and have always harbored a loving heart in your heart. , this is a good way to try!"

Wimber said.

Chen Hao nodded.

"Grandfather also taught me the method of sealing, but it's good, now that I haven't obtained the Spiritual Blood, I'm staying away from fighting for a while, sealing myself The strength to just come, maybe, I can also use my strength freely as soon as possible and step into the mysterious realm of a master!"

Chen Hao smiled, "Thank you, Uncle Wen, for the mention!"

And then there was a knock on the door!

It was Jade who broke in with some urgency.


"What's wrong Jade?"

"I heard them say that're leaving again, aren't you?"



Chen Hao smiled.

"You... where are you going?"

Yu'er's eyes were wet red.

Ever since the moment she first met Mister, and the moment Mister promised to release them, Yu'er's heart seemed to have been given to Chen Hao.

For half a year, she had missed it every day.

But she didn't expect that when she finally looked forward to coming back to Mister, he would rush off again.

"Long Jiang!"

Chen Hao.

"Long... Longjiang?"

And after Yu'er heard the two words, her eyes were suddenly a little dodgy, and her two hands were scratching and scratching, not knowing how the two words touched her.

In the end, only then did Yu'er took a deep breath and said, "Then sir, let Yu'er follow you? Jade doesn't want to leave Mister anymore!"

"No, Jade, Mister will be separated from us on this journey, and if you, a beautiful babe, stay by Mister's side, in case you attract miscreants, Wouldn't that make the gentleman make an exception for you, the merit is routed, no!"

Wimber shook his head.

"But...but there will always be a time when you will meet, and once you do, there will always be someone around to take care of Mr. Wimber, Grandpa Wimber, can you have a Are girls sweet?"


Wimberton was dumbfounded and had to shake his head and laugh.

"There's some truth to what you're saying! But Jade, since you're going, you must go all the way with us, you must not disturb Mr. Meditation, if you don't agree, then you can't be taken!"

"I...I'll just say yes!"

Jade smiled happily.

This matter was agreed upon.

That afternoon, Chen Hao returned to Huaxia and boarded the green train to Longjiang.

Two days later in the early morning, the train arrived at the exit of Longjiang Province.

At the exit, among a small restaurant.

"Sister, order whatever you want to eat, it's my treat today!"

A man and two women sat down in a seat.

The boys were laughing at the moment.

"You're the only one with money, I'm telling you, you've had enough of being out and about, we should go back to the family, or else watch out for all of you to be chastised!"

One of the pretty girls was somewhat reproachful.

The boys, naturally, were handsome, and the two girls were also incredibly beautiful.

Handsome men and women, the three of them were in the store, naturally they also attracted a lot of attention.

"Alright, alright, it's almost time to play, isn't this back!"

The other girl laughed.

"Huh? Sis look, it's the little brother who sat next to us on the train..."

The girl suddenly pointed to the doorway.


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