The Unknown Heir 508



Princess Tulip tensed.

"I saw Chen Hao!"

Tulip said.


Su Hong and Princess Yuu stared at the same time.

"Then what are you afraid of?"

Su Hong asked.

"Because... because..."

Not waiting for Tulip to speak.

At this moment, on the high platform, Vincent, as the organizer of tonight's event, had walked up.

"Everyone, quiet down!"

He raised his hand in gesture.

The entire hotel auditorium was instantly silent.

"Today, it's the day I, Vincent, return, first of all, thank you all for your support, I've been away for six months, a lot has happened, well, as of By tonight, all this is over, and my territory of the Vincent Group has expanded by half since half a year ago. Everyone's got your back!"

Vincent was on stage, though his language was amiable.

But his poisonous gaze was sweeping one by one in front of the crowd.

In the hall, no one dared to meet his eyes.

And this, was the effect that Vincent wanted tonight.

From today onwards, there would only be one group in Heaven City, and that was the Vincent Group.

He wanted everyone to submit to him.

See the effect achieved.

He smiled faintly, then clapped his hands, and saw a few of his men, escorting a full dozen of handsome looking women out from the side hall.

"Oh, they're all personal maids of that Tian Long Group's General Manager Chen, tsk tsk, their looks are alluring, hahaha, but I am not a person who does not know how to share, take this dinner, I hold an auction ceremony, which one of you fancy, actually possible! It's up for grabs!"

Vincent laughed.

"This Wen Sen is too ruthless, not only did he mess up the Tian Long Group, but he even put CEO Chen's servant girl up for auction, he really has a very vicious heart! "

"Yes, as the leader of the Tian Long Group, he is a moralist, but this Vincent is a heartless animal. Get ready to be exploited by him!"

Offstage, some rich businessmen saw that Wen Sen had gone too far and could not help but discuss in low voices.

"It's said that the Wei family, who are friends with Chen, were directly forcibly taken over by Wen Sen and drove the Wei family out, following such a man, it's too Insecure!"

There are others.

But all were too angry to speak up.

"Oh, let the bidding begin now..."

Vincent snapped his fingers.

But suddenly, the lights in the auditorium were instantly turned off in half.

It was dimmed.

Then, a video directly appeared on the auditorium's large screen.

"What's the situation? What's wrong with the staff? Is it a death wish?"

The butler suddenly cursed.

The people on the stage looked at each other.

"Spare me, don't kill me..."

Just as the crowd was wondering, the video on stage suddenly began to play.

After seeing the picture clearly, everyone calmed down.

Because everyone recognized that in the video, the one who was kneeling and crying was Wen Shao.

"You can give my father a detailed discussion on this matter, it's none of my business!"

In the picture Wen cried out.

"Xiao Tao!"

And Vincent instantly stared at it.

Both fists clenched.

The Wen Tao in the picture, who didn't know what he saw at the moment, was so frightened that he climbed up and tried to run.

But as if hit by something, when the blood spurted wildly, he lay on the ground on all fours.

But still struggled hard.

Until someone approached and poured ** all over his body.

A little spark approached and burst into flames with a bang.

The acoustics around him were all of Wen Tao's screams.


At the scene, someone's legs trembled in fear and they just vomited.


There was even a lady, hysterically covering her head and screaming.

The scene came to a screeching halt.

And the lights were bright again.

"Who! Who exactly?"

Vincent roared and slapped down, the table in front of him instantly shattered, the muscles on his face twitching even more.

However, there were still many rich businessmen, who saw this and secretly rejoiced in their hearts, thinking that people were doing what the sky was doing, not unreturned, the time had not yet come, and Vincent's retribution had already come.

The three mothers and daughters of the Yu family were also relying on each other.

They were really about to be scared to death just now.

"I didn't think it would be this lively!"

At this moment, the doors of the auditorium pushed open and a sound was heard.

Then it was seen that Chen Hao walked straight out with a group of people.

"Mr. Chen!"

Many of the forces in the hall were already attached to Chen Hao.

They all stood up in astonishment at this moment.

"Chen Hao?"

And Yu Jinfei's small heart thumped, now looking at Chen Hao with some consternation.

It had been half a year since we had seen each other, and we still remembered that half a year ago, Chen Hao had revealed that he was the boss of the Sky Dragon Group.

At that time, she had indeed been slapped in the face.

It was also true that he had hated Chen Hao for not caring about himself and not even having the words to end it.

Later, upon hearing the news of Chen Hao's disappearance, Yu Jinfei had tapped into her heart.

I thought to myself, finally, the person who had cast a shadow over me was no longer there.

But just now, when her sister said that he had returned, Princess Yu Jin started to feel nervous, until now, seeing the Chen Hao in front of her, who was very different from half a year ago, there was a touch of complexity in her heart again.

"You're the one surnamed Chen from Tian Long? Looks like a real yellow-haired kid, my son, did you kill him?"

Vincent gritted his teeth, his eyes having turned a full, bloodthirsty red.


Chen Hao nodded his head, and his momentum climbed steeply.

"Then you still dare to come to our door, fine, today we'll settle old scores with new enemies, today, I want you to beg for your life and die!"

Vincent roared.

Arms startled, clattering.

The shirt he was wearing actually crumbled raw.

Revealing violent muscles, like a meat Tan.

Wen Tao is his only son, usually more loving, ready to cultivate as his successor.

But witnessing his son being burned alive, has made Vincent mad, and completely turned into a madman.

In the middle of the conversation, he had already flung himself towards Chen Hao.

"Quickly hide away!"

"Vincent has gone completely insane, watch out for misfits!"

The crowd clamored as insects and birds scattered.

Retreating to the side.

The next moment.

Vincent's Iron Fist had reached Chen Hao.


A sound.

Then the crowd was all startled.

It was because such a powerful punch, by Mr. Chen, was actually lightly grabbed.

When Vincent tried to struggle, he actually couldn't struggle.

"You're wrong again and again!" Chen Hao faintly opened his mouth, and a red intent suddenly appeared in his eyes.

It looked like a demon.

The men behind Chen Hao all looked at each other and backed away for a walk.

And it was also this whiff of intense killing intent that actually caused Vincent's spine to go cold and his momentum to go down by more than half.

It was as if you had to tremble and bow down in front of a mad demon.

"First, you shouldn't have hit my group!"

"Second, much less touch my brother!"

Saying that, Chen Hao placed two hands on both shoulders of the trembling Vincent.

"Thirdly, much less insult my person in front of me!"

The last word, Chen Hao's bite was concentrated.

Steeply, his hands suddenly exerted power, grabbing both of Vincent's shoulders and pulling straight out.

"Tear and pull!"

A sickening tearing sound followed.


And seeing the scene, most of the people were intensely stimulated, into collapse, and the screams of terror seemed to have shattered all the surrounding wine glasses.

There were even many ladies, who fainted on the spot....

Cruel! The devil!!!!


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