The Unknown Heir 507


The youth was Chen Hao.

The woman, however, was not the Yu'er who was following Chen Hao.

Right now, Yu'er cried and ran towards Chen Hao.

As for Chen Hao, he looked at Yu'er who had suffered no less.

"Jade up, you're suffering, don't be afraid, I'm back!"

Chen Hao said, pulling her up to the cabin.

Yu'er held onto Chen Hao's arm and refused to let go.

But I don't know why, after not seeing each other for half a year, Yu'er thought about it over and over again, but this time seeing Mister, it gave her a strange feeling.

But now she didn't have time to think about it.

"Sir, Wen Sen is back, they captured Zhang Long Zhang Hu Shen and the others today, they also took our assets, Lan'er and the others were also Take away, these, the last of our industrial documents!"

Yu'er was holding the document bag, she desperately wanted to preserve her assets for Chen Hao.

"I just had Uncle Wen look into it, and it's already known, it's my bad that I disappeared for half a year!"

Chen Hao wiped away the tears for him.

"Damn, so you're the boss of Tian Long, don't whine there, just in time, you come back, even you a piece to clean up, save Wen's hands !"

At this moment, a big man was cold and stern.

But his voice hadn't fallen.


The men beside Chen Hao had already made their move.

And this big man's eyes were suddenly wide open.

Then his head, in fact, fell off alive.


Jade watched and hastily covered her mouth in fright.

Wen Tao, on the other hand, panicked.

This group of people felt so terrifying and were extremely strong.

And he, Wen Tao, was no match at all.

"Chen... Chen, there is some misunderstanding, I think, I'd better call my father here, you talk to him personally!"

Wen Tao reacted extremely quickly.

"After all, I'm only working for my father, it's useless for you to kill me, I can inform my father on your behalf, let my father, personally talk to you once !"

He said again.

But, seeing that Chen Hao did not answer.

He was getting scared.

He actually poofed to his knees.

"Mr. Chen, spare me!"

At this moment, Wen Tao was completely panicked and swallowed spittle wildly.

Chen Hao slowly poured a glass of red wine, "Just now, I was wondering if I should prepare a gift for your father when I meet him, I see You've got a couple of guys with cameras and a sudden inspiration!"

Chen Hao.

"Mr. Chen, what... what inspiration?"

Originally, these cameras were used to specifically shoot those videos, and he, Wen Tao, had this perverted hobby of shooting videos as a souvenir every time he did it.

So the men, used to bring the cameras with them.

"I want you to cooperate with me to make a video to show your father as a gift!"

Chen Hao.

"Of course I'm willing to cooperate, yes Mr. Chen!"

Wen Tao was busy.

Chen Hao gave a wink to one of his men.

Then, the fuel was taken out of the cabin.

Wen Tao, on the other hand, seemed to know what they were going to do.

"Don't kill me Chen!"

He climbed up and tried to run.


A stone had hit his chest, and a blood arrow had soared out.

Wen Tao lay on the ground, his body twitching.

His men, on the other hand, were standing beside him, not daring to move.

Just watching his whole body being doused with **.

"Yu'er close your eyes!"

Chen Hao covered Yu'er's eyes while saying to his men, "Point him out!"


The tragic screams resounded throughout the wilderness....

"Where's Vince?"

First, he returned to the manor and let Jade lie down to rest.

Chen Hao asked Wen Bo.

"I just found out that he is currently holding a banquet at the Sky City Grand Restaurant, inviting many dignitaries from the Sky City District and having these people hold a banquet for him Get the dust! Zhang Long Zhang Hu as well as Shen Wanshan and the others, although they have suffered torture, there is currently no danger to their lives."

"I also learned that this Vincent, who had traveled to a certain country in Southeast Asia in the past half a year to learn his art, has practiced a good skill though!"

Wimber smiled helplessly as he said.

"Well, it's time to settle this properly, or else there might be some trouble in the future."

"Wimber, you stay here and help me look after Yu'er, I'll go and get them back!"

Chen Hao said.

"But Young Hall Master, you have not taken any spirit blood and your heart is not stable... I'm afraid..."

Wimber was worried.

If he was bloodthirsty right out of the mountain, he was worried that Chen would become even more apathetic.

"I can control it!"

It was night, and Chen Hao had brought more than thirty people out.

At this moment, the Sky City Grand Restaurant.

The night was getting deeper and deeper.

The weather was steeply cold and somewhat piercing.

"You girl, what are you running around for, mom can't find you anywhere, today Mr. Wen is back and there's such a big thing going on in Tiancheng right now You have to be more careful!"

The door of the restaurant.

Two women are bickering.

The younger one, early twenties, delicate and beautiful.

The older one, around twenty-four years old, mature and sexy, quite a bit of intellectual beauty.

At the moment, the larger woman tidied her hair: "Go, come back with me!"

"Oh well, I'll just go home by myself! You go in first, I'll come out for some air and go back!"

The girl.

"Okay, don't lie to me, hurry back later!"

The woman was unsure of this and left.

The girl was clearly not in a good mood, grabbing a handful of rocks from the ground and throwing them around from time to time.

Probably bored as well, she pouted and walked back in.

As she walked into the hall, through the mirror on the wall, she saw a group of people coming over the door.

And the leader, instantly startled the girl.

"Huh? Isn't that...?"

After six months of not seeing each other, she turned back in surprise and was about to say hello.

"What do you guys do?"

Many of the bodyguards from the Vincent Group at the door, who were now looking at their visitors, all gathered around.

However, this group of people are direct action.

Cleanly and neatly, they directly twisted the *children* of the Vincent Group bodyguards.


The wait staff in the lobby screamed in fear.

The girl was also white with fear and rushed up the stairs.

When they went up, they were still in shock.

"Here, sit down!"

She came to her family's side and was also extremely scared.

"Alas, as soon as Mr. Wen returns, Heavenly City will change again, our Yu family must also seize the opportunity, you two sisters follow me, both of you are born so beautifully Behave yourself when Man comes back. In case we are favored by Wen, our Yu family will be able to rise to the top!"

Not bad, this mother and daughter three, is exactly Su Hong, with the Yu Jin Fei sisters.

It's been more than half a year, Yu Jinfei looks a lot more mature and stable than before.

She is now looking at her sister's mood is not right.

Some worriedly asked: "Jin Xiang, what's wrong with you? Why is your face white?"

Tulip swallowed, "I was just downstairs, downstairs... I think I saw him!"

"Him? Who is it?"

Su Hong asked.

Yu Jinfei, however, was very sensitive and couldn't help but have her little heart thumping, as if she had guessed something.

"Jin Xiang, who exactly did you see?"

Tulip suddenly cried, apparently frightened: "Him! He's back!"


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