The Unknown Heir 506


Hollow Island.

Although it's past winter.

However, it was located in a bitterly cold area, and it snowed for three days and nights before it stopped.

The cold sky and ground, for the entire island, covered in a layer of silver.

But on the island, in front of a stone cave door.

There were many black-clothed people, standing respectfully.

And they were all high-ranking figures of the Hall of Souls.

"Counting the time, it's almost time!"

Wimber exchanges words with several heads of state.

In the middle of the conversation.

A smear of snowflakes stirred up and landed on the faces of the people.



The heavy stone door slowly opened.

The crowd all looked in.

It was there that they saw, an old man and a young man walked out.

"Greeting the Lord Young Hall Master out of the gate!"

The crowd stood solemnly and shouted in unison.

Dim Cang Chen laughed, "Alright, go prepare some banquets, today I will not return drunk from the Hall of Souls!"

Clearly, he was in an extremely good mood.

Wen Bo, while nodding his head, also stopped his gaze on Chen Hao's body.

The current Chen Hao was not at all the same as he was half a year ago.

His clothes were ruptured, and he was even naked* on his upper body.

The entire upper half of his body was filled with explosive muscles.

And his hair was disheveled, and his face, too, was full of beard.

But Wimber's gaze was venomous as he realized that the snowflakes would all quickly melt if they landed on the sound of their skin.

However, when it landed on Chen Hao, it didn't change a bit.

Wen Bo's eyelids jumped viciously.

He himself was a member of the Chen Clan, having followed Dim Cang Chen a long time ago.

He remembered clearly the circumstances of Chen Dim Cang's exit from Purgatory back then.

But this time, Chen Hao had given Wen Bo a different feeling.

It felt like... he was even stronger than the Lord back then.

Especially those eyes, which were not angry and carried some strong and cold killing intent of their own.

It actually gave Wen Bo a feeling of chills down his spine.

"Little Song, come over after you wash up!"

Dim Cang patted Chen Hao on the shoulder.


Chen Hao nodded his head, then left.

Everywhere he passed, the heads of the Hall of Souls all bowed their heads.

The room's spacious bathroom was steaming with heat.

On the side, more than a dozen girls, large and small, were busy around it.

Chen Hao's eyes were slightly closed and his arms were folded across.

A few girls, were pinching Chen Hao's shoulders and loosening his bones, cutting his hair and shaving his beard!

Cleaned off the beard.

It was only then that a few girls discovered that this young hall master, who was actually so clear looking, and who exuded a manly air, made a few girls Not a pretty blush.

After washing up, the girls brought in hair dryers to help Chen Hao dry his body and wrap up in his bathrobe.

"Young Hall Master, the clothes are ready, it's the suit you asked for!"

A girl was shy.

"Okay, go down!"

Chen Hao faded.

Chen Hao changed his number and let out a long breath.

Half a year of pain, half a year of torment, today, it was finally over.

He was tidying up his tie.

"Young Hall Master, let me help you!"

By the ear, a soft voice suddenly sounded.

A white jade hand gently stretched over.

Slightly drawing on Chen Hao's body.

And Chen Hao, turned around and looked into the eyes of this feminine dressed woman.

Gently cupping her chin.

And the woman, desperately wanting to wait for something, once she was favored by the Young Hall Master, then her position in the Hall of Souls would increase unprecedentedly .

Amongst a crowd of beautiful women, it stood out.


And what she didn't expect was that the young temple master, was colder than she thought.

One word in particular, the word roll, caused the woman to shudder as she was struck by lightning.

"Yes! Young Master of the Temple!"

The woman retreated in disgrace....

The Soul Palace banquet was held for three days.

Early this morning.

The entire Soul Palace staff gathered in the island square.

"Little Hao, now that you have successfully completed the Purgatory, the effect you obtained is much higher than what grandpa expected, except that your heart is At present, although still able to control itself, but extremely unstable, if you want to maximize the power of the Dragon Elephant, unless you drink the spirit blood of the Spirit Fox, it It can help you control your mind, and this time back, I'll have Wimber stay with you to assist you!"

"I know grandpa, so grandpa when are you going to go back and visit, my dad actually, misses you too!"

Chen Hao faintly said.

Dim Cang Chen nodded, "When the time is right, I will naturally go back!"

Another pat on Chen Hao's shoulder.

Dim Cang Chen had high hopes for Chen Hao.

More than thirty large black helicopters had been launched at the base.

"Grandpa take care, we're leaving!"

Chen Hao looked deeply into his grandfather's eyes.

Then turned around.

Uncle Wen, and the three hundred island experts, followed behind Chen Hao.


The helicopter lifted off, heading straight south from the north.

The night was getting deeper.

At this moment, the outskirts of the Sky City Triangle.

A wretched girl was running desperately with a document bag in her arms.

Her face was pale and she still had scars on her body.

But apparently the document bag was very important, more important than her life.

And behind her, there were more than a dozen cars driving in slow motion chasing her.

Those people peeked out of their car windows and shined their flashlights at the woman.

"Haha, run, run, they're about to catch up to you!"

Those people shouted loudly and were extremely excited.

The woman ran and fell down at once.

She bit her teeth, got up and continued running.

"Catching up to catch up!"

A car drove up in front of her and shined a flashlight in her eyes.

"I'm telling you, you run, if we get you in Wentao, you're screwed, hahaha!"

"Yes, but our young master is a beast!"

The crowd laughed into a ball.

Obviously, they were teasing the little girl.

Finally, after falling down again, the girl couldn't get up anymore.

She desperately tore open the folder, trying to eat some of the documents inside with her mouth.

"Damn it, dead woman, really think we won't kill you!"

And Mundo jumps out of the car with a man and rushes to stop him, beating the girl up with a big mouth.

Picking up the file bag.

Wen Tao smiled coldly: "Tsk tsk, so beautiful, it's a pity to die like this, brothers, take her back, Young Master Ben tonight to Eat meat! I'll give it to you guys when I'm done having fun!"

"Hahaha, well come Young Master Wen!"

The woman, on the other hand, looked sternly at Manto, and now pulled a short blade out of her bosom.

Trying to kill herself.

But Wentao knocked it away.

"Want to die, huh? Haha, I'm not going to let you die, I'm going to torture you to death alive, haha!"

Wen Tao smiled grimly.

Just as the woman left behind tears of despair.


Suddenly from the sky, the sound of helicopters was heard.

A full thirty or so of them, slowly descending, surrounded Wen Tao and the others.

"What's the situation?"

Mundo is startled.

Waiting for the helicopter to land.

In the car, many black-clothed people came down and were looking at them indifferently.

"Friends, which side are you from? I don't think I've ever met, my father is Sky City Vincent!"

Wen Tao saw that the group was imposing, and was now busy.

At that moment, the door of the middle helicopter was opened by one of the men.

That's when Wen Tao saw it.

Inside the cabin, a man in a suit, is sitting above a light tasting wine.

Instead, after the woman saw it clearly, she cried out in excitement.

"Sir, you're back at last!"


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