The Unknown Heir 505


"Higher than you?"

Chen Hao was shocked.

Dim Cang Chen smiled and nodded.

"And regardless of whether he is friend or foe, but he has saved you and taught you and laid a very solid foundation for you, or else . Grandpa wouldn't have met you so soon!"

"Because it would take three years for Grandpa to lay this foundation for you to have the opportunity to enter Purgatory for reformation, but right now, your With solid body fundamentals and the aid of this Ginseng King, and a month of nourishing your veins and blood, you already have the strength to resist the Purgatory Transformation! "

Chen dotted the road.

"Purgatory Transformation?"

Chen Hao was once again confused.

"Well, this is what I comprehended from our Chen family's sun map, and with this, my grandfather also gained strength that ordinary people don't have, stepping into the The realm of the guru! By the way, you're much better off than grandpa!"

"The realm of the clan? Uncle Qin once told me that when a martial artist reaches a certain level of physical strength, he will become an Inner Strength martial artist, and after that, he will become a Grandmaster. But an Inner Strength martial artist is simply one in a million. The Master's realm is a mysterious realm. Grandpa, you're already a Master. ?"

Chen Hao was surprised in his heart.  

He was nourished by many of Uncle Qin's secret methods, and only now that he had completely melted the Ginseng King was he considered a true internal martial artist.

But grandfather was actually a mysterious martial arts master?

"Well, twenty years ago, Grandpa reached it! It also transformed the people here, through a small part of Purgatory, into intermediate or top-tier Inner Strength martial artists, and your current strength is just that Primary Inner Strength Martial Artist!"

Dim Cang Chen smiled.

"No wonder, grandpa's men, each with unpredictable strength, so they were already Inner Strength martial artists!"

"Oh, here, grandpa, pick out any one and you'll get ten hits! But don't worry, I'll use all the Purgatory transformation on you and teach you the methods, Little Hao, from now on, you're our Chen family's The future!"

"So that's what you intended, Grandpa!"

Chen Hao understood.


Dimple Chen looked a little hesitant.

"What's wrong grandpa?"

"Except that after the Purgatory Transformation, your strength will soar, you will have the power of the Dragon Elephant, and your body will no longer be a normal human body, but Along with that comes the side effect, which is that your mind, which will deviate greatly from what you are now, after grandfather's transformation, uses the It took decades to stabilize the mind!"

"It's still grandpa's excellent fixation and can control it, but grandpa's concern is that once you can't control the power of the dragon elephant that forms within you, you'll become..."

Dim Cang Chen paused, "It will turn into a bloodthirsty maniac! At that point, you will have no regard for life!"

"But you need not be afraid, for when you were very young, grandfather observed you, that you were naturally good-hearted, and, following your mother, would not fight. I concluded that you can control this power very well!"

Dim Cang Chen patted Chen Hao's shoulder.

Now, what Chen Hao needed was power, stronger power.

He already understood that money alone couldn't protect his loved ones, only power, the power to crush everything.

"Originally, your second uncle Heian was also a suitable candidate for Purgatory, but unfortunately..."

Dim Cang Chen looked gloomy.

"But fortunately, now that the Chen family has you, Little Hao, our Chen family, has a new hope, you're on the Hollow Island, get familiar with it for a week . One week from now, the half-year Purgatory Transformation will begin, and this week, Grandpa will also set up the transformation site for you. Little Song...although you'll have to suffer a great deal of pain, not something you can escape just because you want to, as a descendant of the Chen family, you have to have This responsibility! Are you afraid?"

"No fear!"

The conversation between the two masters continued until late at night.

Seven days later, the Lord of the Hall of Souls, Dim Cang Chen, entered the secret venue with his grandson, Chen Hao.

The lord passed out an order that this retreat would last for half a year, and no one was to be disturbed.


Six months later.

Sky City Triangle.

A line of motorcades stopped at an intersection.

There were several hundred people.

All of them were eagerly awaiting the return of their heroes, as if they were welcoming them back.


Not long after, a helicopter, from far and near.

Stopped in front of the crowd.

Then the cabin opened.

A big man with a bald head, surrounded by a crowd of people, walked down.

This bald man, with a distinct scar on his head, was extraordinarily fierce.

"Mr. Wen, you're finally back!"

Someone moved.

"Vince! Vince!"

The crowd shouted, the emotions that had been suppressed for a long time seemed to have been vented, their king, the king of Heavenly City, after half a year, had finally returned.

"Mr. Wen, you went out to study with your master for half a year, but now Heavenly City, but the sky has changed! Your big brother..."

And this person, who else could it be if not Wenlin.

He raised his hand coldly, indicating that there was no need for words, "Things, I know all of them, Wenlin was killed, the territory was stolen, the Ginseng King was taken, and I All of it!"

"Sky Dragon Group? Are you really bullying my Heavenly City Wen Clan for having no one?"

Vincent's eyes, flashed with a touch of coldness.

Sky Dragon Group.

"Where exactly did Mister go? Haven't you heard anything yet?"

"It's just known to have gone north, but people have been sent snooping around in Warsaw, and even Russia, and there's no news of any gentleman at all?"

"Look again!"

Zhang Long was furious.

Zhang Long Zhang Hu, plus Shen Wanshan, paced back and forth in the office in a hurry.

After half a year, the Tian Long Group had become the largest power in the Triangle, with a huge territory and a unique talent.

However, the disappearance of Mr., after all, the paper can not cover the fire, gradually spread.

Many forces were eyeing it.

"Mr. Zhang, Mr. Shen, it's not good!"

A man ran in, alarmed.

"What's all the panic about?"

"It's Vincent, Vincent he's back and has brought his men, right to the door of the manor!"

The man.


The three of them looked at each other.

Hurriedly ran out.

And at the entrance, both sides had already gone at it.

What's more, there were a lot of Tian Long's men, lying on the ground.

Just in time to see, two of the men, with machetes in hand, struck directly at the leader, Vincent.

And Vincent, actually didn't dodge.

There was a bang.

The knife struck Vincent's body and was actually directly shattered.

The two men were instantly knocked back.

"What's different about my Heavenly Dragon Group, now see, this is just these men, slightly a bit of goods!"

Vincent shook his head coldly.

"O? And two of your men, I see that you, perhaps, are tired of living!"

Vincent faded.

Zhang Long roared, "Together!"

The three of them came straight at Vincent.

Bang bang!

Just three punches.

All three of them lay on the ground.

Vincent wiped the blood from his hands and smiled faintly, "Take them away and take back all the territory..."

Everything seemed to be an understatement.

The three were taken away, trailing long trails of blood on the ground....


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