The Unknown Heir 504


"What do you stay on the island as little sisters, did they coerce you?"

Chen Hao wanted to know more about it.

Even Chen Hao suspected that it was someone from the Hall of Souls who had killed the parents of these children and then kidnapped them.

"Young Master Chen is overly concerned, to be precise, we saved these children! Raise them up!"

At an unknown time, a gray-haired old man had appeared behind Chen Hao.

He was dressed in a black robe, but he was unmasked at the moment.

He slowly walked over and affectionately touched the little girl's head, "Girl, eat less food like this in the future, do you hear me?"

"I know Grandpa Winn, so do you want a cookie?"

The little girl.

"Grandpa won't eat it, so take it and eat it, then hurry up and do your homework, and if Tiger and the others dare to bully you again, come run and tell Grandpa!"

"Thank you Grandpa Win, thank you big brother, I'm off!"

The little girl took the cookies, thanked her and ran off.

"You are?"

Chen Hao looked the old man up and down.

"Young Master Chen, it's only been a month or so since we've seen each other, and you don't recognize the old man?"

The old man smiled.

"I know, you were the one who made Southeast and Northwest follow me in the first place!"

"Oh, I'm Wen Zizhi, and everyone on the island likes to call me Uncle Wen!"

Wimber shook his head and laughed.

"I was just about to find you, you said you'd take me to meet someone, I've been here so long, I've got to be allowed to meet, right?"

Chen Hao was angry.

"You have been eating those things for a month straight, and I see that your Qi has been adjusted to its peak, and the impurities in your body, in the role of the Ginseng King Underneath, it's also been ruled out and, well, normally, that's why I'm here to see you to see him today!"

Wimber smiled, "Please, Chan!"

Chen Hao frowned and didn't say anything, following behind him.

The island was a complex of buildings, and it was only as we approached that we saw that there were imposing black-clothed men guarding the area.

In the end, it led Chen Hao to one of the largest palaces in the world.

It was somewhat like the ancient imperial palace's courtroom.

At the top, there was a high platform, and on top of it, there was an old man standing with his back to Chen Hao, looking at a large map in front of him, stupefied Out of sight.

"My Lord, Young Master Chen has brought it!"

Wimber's face was strict, and he bowed presently.

"Stand down!"

The old man, whose voice was like a flood bell, turned his back to the two and lifted his hand slightly.

Wimber stepped back in response.

"We don't seem to know each other?"

Chen Hao.

"Well, you don't know me, but I can know you! The only heir to the Chen family, the top youngster Chen Hao! Oh right, I also forgot, you're still the door-to-door son-in-law of some Yu family, and they saw your wimpiness and recruited you away!"

Chen Hao blushed.

It was true that in order to find the Ginseng King, he had indeed lumped in and become someone else's son-in-law.

"This is just my personal matter, so don't bother worrying about it, also, thank you for the treasures you've given me over the past month, it's made my strength soar! "

Chen Hao skirted the topic.

"A personal matter? I see that you are simply shameless, the Chen family's face has been disgraced by you bastards!"

The old man slapped the stone chair in anger and immediately turned around.

The four eyes were opposite.

Chen Hao saw that the old man in front of him, with crane hair and shining eyes.

It was quite a feeling of having gained a higher power.

Only for some reason, seeing this old man gave Chen Hao an inexplicable feeling in his heart.

And under his aura, it even caused a touch of shame to appear in Chen Hao's heart.

Presently, he lowered his head.


The old man suddenly let out a loud laugh, "Looks like my grandson, he still has some integrity!"


Chen Hao's heart thudded, "You are...?"

"What, you haven't even called me grandpa since you came in and saw me? Silly boy, I'm your grandfather, Dim Cang Chen!"

As he smiled, the old man sat down on top of the stone chair.

"You're my grandfather?'re missing, aren't you?"

Since childhood, Chen Hao had barely heard much about his grandparents.

Only later, he heard his father say that his grandfather had disappeared and hadn't appeared for decades.

He had also sent people to search for him, but it had been years without success.

In Chen Hao's heart, he also thought that Grandpa was afraid that he had passed away.

But I didn't expect that grandpa was alive and well, and was the master of the Empty Island Soul Hall?

"Surprising, isn't it?"

Dim Cang Chen looked at his grandson, but he was full of pampering.

"Yes grandpa, it is indeed a surprise!"

Chen Hao finally knew why he felt a sense of affection upon seeing him just now.

"All these years, it turns out that you've been in the Empty Island and have founded this Hall of Souls?"

Chen Hao asked in shock.

"Well, to count it, when I left the Chen family and let the twenty-something year old Near East inherit the family, it's been exactly thirty-five years now! "

"Come on, Song, come sit over here with Grandpa, and he'll tell you all about it!"

Dim Cang Chen smiled.

Chen Hao sat on the stone chair.

"How much do you know about your grandfather?"

Dot Cang Chen asked.

"Just know that thirty-five years ago, you had a fight with Dad, and since then, you've just given up the family headship and have not heard from him, I Asked Father, he didn't say much!"

Chen Hao said.

"It seems that the Near East, too, didn't tell you about the sun map!"

"A solar chart?"

"Well, this is a mysterious pattern passed down from our Chen family's ancestors, through the generations, the contents of which are profound, the reason why the Chen family can dominate the Half a world and becoming a super-hero, at first, was thanks to the guidance of the sun chart, but then I realized that the sun chart, which gives the A prediction has been made that our Chen family, within fifty years, will be wiped out, and the sun map never lies!"

Chen dotted the road.

"I've heard Dad say that it might just be a few years before the Chen family will be neutralized or even wiped out!"

Chen Hao thought of what his dad had said.

"Well, that's what I told your dad in the beginning, so I've been looking for the answer to cracking it, hoping to take another step to comprehend the sun diagram, until Thirty-five years ago, I found a new answer, and from it, I gained a set of facts that my Chen family relied on hundreds of years ago, before they established their clan. Cultivation methods. Once again before, our Chen family have the tradition of martial arts, hehe, only to your father's generation, completely discontinued, which is also grandfather look down on the Get on him for a reason!"

Chen Dim Cang.

"So, you used it to create this Hall of Souls?"

Chen Hao finally knew some of the secrets from back then.

"Yes, I studied hard and found this remote location, and when I finally achieved something, I established a power, so I could at least bless . My Chen family will not be completely annihilated!"

"You're good, Song, someone was willing to help you and practiced a hard kung fu, so when the men reported to me about you, Grandpa doubly Gladly!"

"Then Grandpa you also know my Master, Uncle Qin? His name is Qin Uncle Qin, you sent him there, right?"

Chen Hao said.

Dim Chen was now shaking his head with a bitter smile, "No, Grandpa doesn't know him, but he has investigated him, and that's exactly the point that makes me strange, my The dark web is all over the world, and there is no news that grandpa can't get, but your master, Qin Yifan, has really made me work hard, but I can't get it. And it's not even certain if his name is Qin Yifan or not! But what is certain is that he is a mysterious expert, a top expert, whose cultivation is not below grandpa's!"


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