The Unknown Heir 503


Chen Hao had no choice but to take the Sam King with him and get on the plane with them.

And after going up, Chen Hao was blindfolded by them.

Who the hell was it?

You want to see yourself?

He was even more astonished.

These people, without a doubt, were all experts among experts, and even he himself was powerless before them.

Even Chen Hao doubted whether they were still mortals or not.

Ever since he was a child, apart from Qin Bo, Chen Hao knew no other experts.

But if Uncle Qin wanted to see himself, he wouldn't even raise a crowd like this!

I don't know how long the flight took.

By the time they were escorted off the plane by the four of them.

Chen Hao smelled a faint smell of the sea, the sea breeze was whistling, and not far away, the sound of stirring waves was even more so.

Taking off the blindfold.

Where it entered the eye, there was indeed a sea island.

"Where is this?"

Chen Hao asked those four people.

This time the four of them were not playing dumb: "Hollow Island, Hall of Souls!"

"The Hall of Souls? Hollow Island?"

Chen Hao was secretly surprised.

He had traveled around the country with Uncle Qin for more than half a year, and had increased his knowledge.

But where was Kong Ming Island? And what is the Hall of Souls?

Chen Hao really didn't understand it.

What could be confirmed, however, was that this group of people really were all from the same organization, an extraordinary superpowered organization.


The four of them took Chen Hao into the island, which was very large, with a black palace-like building on top.

They brought Chen Hao to a different garden and settled him down.

"Who wants to see me? Can we see it now?"

Chen Hao became more and more unsettled in his heart and asked.

"Young Master Chen, please hand over the Ginseng King to us!"

The head black-clothed man.

This group obviously wasn't out to take the Ginseng King, and besides, even if they did, Chen Hao wouldn't be able to protect them.

He handed it to them now.

They then stopped answering any more words and after a slight nod, they all retreated.

"What exactly are you doing?"

Chen Hao had no choice but to secretly say.

Anxiously pacing back and forth in the room.

Not long after, the door of the room opened.

An old servant, with a few female maids, was seen walking in.

They were each carrying a plate, which had all sorts of things on it.

They were placed on the table in front of Chen Hao.

"A banquet for yourself? It's true, I'm a bit hungry now, but all this food, it sells so badly!"

"Is this all food for me?"

Chen Hao asked.

The old servant nodded with a smile, he should be mute, and made a sign to Chen Hao to eat them one by one.

"Alright, I'll taste it then!"

Chen Hao picked up his chopsticks and picked up something black and unpleasant.

Since he said it was food, no matter how ugly it was, it could still be eaten.

Was it because they were backward in this place, that's why they made such bad food?

Try it!

Right now, Chen Hao put it in his mouth.

Already bitten through, there was a layer of wrapping on the outside, but inside, it was soft and instantly something like soup flowed out.

"So bitter!"

Chen Hao held his face red with pain.

The old man, however, signaled for Chen Hao to swallow it all.

"This... what is this? Why is it so bitter?"

Chen Hao vomited.

The old man gestured, and Chen Hao understood.

"What? Is that snake guts you made me eat? It's not even cooked in there, it's still raw!"

Chen Hao was surprised.

The old man gestured again.

"This is the guts of a python that has survived for three hundred years? So precious?"

The old servant smiled and nodded repeatedly.

Motioning for Chen Hao to continue eating the next plate.

"What is this again?"

"What? Hawkeye? Ugh..."

Looking at the bright red slice, Chen Hao couldn't help but feel directly nauseous.

But the old servant let Chen Hao eat them one by one before he was willing to withdraw.

"Here, what the hell is this place?"

Chen Hao vomited in his heart for a while.

However, what he did not expect was that even more ruthlessness was still to come.

For the next full month, in addition to eating these centuries-old snake guts every day, Chen Hao also went to a kind of medicinal pool to take a bath.

This kind of bathing method, Chen Hao understood, and this was how Qin Bo had trained him.

But the effectiveness of this medicinal pool made Chen Hao feel that it was even more superior than Qin Bo's. In just one month, Chen Hao was able to get his strength back.

In just a month, Chen Hao's strength had improved by leaps and bounds again.

Moreover, they weren't really hitting on the Ginseng King, because in one month's time, this group of people had divided the Ginseng King into thirty separate times for Chen Hao to take.

Obviously, these people were trying their best to make Chen Hao stronger.

However, who were they?

"No more food, take it all away!"

On this day, the old servant served them to Chen Hao as usual.

The old servant panicked and signaled to ask what was wrong with Chen Hao.

"Who wants to see me anyway? What about the four guards? And the old man who brought me here, what the hell do you mean? Bring me in and don't see me again?"

After holding it for a month, Chen Hao was going crazy.

Now he pushed the old servant away and walked straight out.

Since he didn't come to see himself, there was always someone in charge here.

Thinking, Chen Hao came outside.

The large black palace, but at the moment, not a single figure could be seen.

Chen Hao kept coming to a willow forest.

Finally, he saw a silhouette.

It was a few seven or eight year old children playing.

Looking over, it was a little boy bullying a little girl.

When he saw Chen Hao approaching, these kids scattered with a bang.

Only the little girl was left squatting on the ground crying.

As she cried, she drew circles on the ground with her fingers.

Chen Hao walked to her side.

"Are you alright?"

The little girl was shocked and looked up at Chen Hao, her little hand shrinking back.

"How come here, there are still kids like you, I thought, all of them are those black-clothed masked people!"

Chen Hao smiled bitterly.

But the little girl seemed to be afraid of Chen Hao, staring at him dumbly and not speaking.

Chen Hao smiled, and only then did he take out the few remaining small packets of snacks from his own pocket.


The little girl's eyes lit up.

Tsk, tsk, tsk.

"All to you! Eat!"

Chen Hao stroked her little head.

And looked at what the little girl was drawing on the ground.

Chen Hao smiled and said, "Little sister, what are you drawing here?"

The little girl had no scruples towards Chen Hao at the moment.

Kids, as long as there was something delicious to eat, that was fine.

Now she pointed to the left, "This is my mother, next to it is my father, and behind it is my grandmother!"

"And do they all live on the island with you, too?"

Chen Hao asked.

Unexpectedly, the little girl shook her head as she pounded a biscuit into her mouth and said, "They're not with me, they've been shaken by the older brother here. It's buried in the ground and says it will sleep for a long time!"

"I'm waiting for them to pick me up!"

The little girl.

Chen Hao's heart suddenly thudded at the words.

"Then those children just now?"

"They're just like me, their families are asleep and we're living on an island!"

The little girl said, having finished one packet.

She went hard to tear another packet, but she was still small and couldn't tear it open.

As Chen Hao watched, he felt a bit uncomfortable.

"Don't worry, I'll help you..."


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