The Unknown Heir 502


At this moment, all the people on the stage had stood up.

And Wunai Yi Blade, after performing a warrior salute, rushed straight towards Chen Hao.


An overhead leap, trying to raise his leg straight into Chen Hao's chest.

The speed was extremely fast.

He was fast, and Chen Hao was even faster than him.

Immediately out of the leg, the kick hit his raised right leg.

After a sound, Wunai Yi Blade knelt directly on the ground.

A pained face.


The crowd was all startled off stage.

Lan Lan had just watched Chen Hao take the stage and was already worried to death because this Japanese warrior was very powerful, how could Little Hao, who had skinny arms and legs, be her opponent.

Lan Lan was kind-hearted, she could usually not bear the thought of a white rabbit being injured.

What's more, it was her husband now?

Thinking about the miserable state of that Young Master Lei just now, Qin Lan was always on edge.

But I didn't expect that Little Hao he was actually so powerful.

"Wow! Teacher is so powerful!"

Tulip applauded excitedly.

Only Tulip Princess, at the moment, was getting more and more complicated.

Wunai Ichijou was furious, he already knew that this person in front of him was no longer an idle person.

Immediately, with a shake of his wrist, he saw a sudden flash of white light on his chest.

Chen Hao dodged sideways in a smooth motion.

And Wu Nai's flying leg was already in front of Chen Hao.


Then, the crowd below the stage saw Chen Hao raise his hand and with a flick of his hand, Munai's knife flew out in the air, smashing the table and chairs and benches on the stage.

Offstage, Munai Miko's beautiful eyes flowed.

This person in front of me, so strong!

Ichijou was no match for him at all.

But Munai Ichijou had never been so unbeaten, and he was not happy.

Now there was no more avoidance, the white light flashed again, and a Japanese samurai sword, already in his hand.


He roared and chopped right at Chen Hao.

And Chen Hao had his hands behind his back, and beneath his feet, there was a broken chair leg.

Now, a little toe, a little force.


With a sound, the chair leg tore through the air, slicing straight through the side of Kunaichi's face.

And that wasn't all, it had been deeply embedded inside the stone pillar next to it, spreading around it like a spider's web.

Munai Ichijou hung in the air with both hands raised.

Lowering his eyes to the left side of his face, he looked at the scratches.

He didn't move.

And the audience, everyone even more open-mouthed silence.

Takeuchi Miko even more eyelids jumped hard, as if she remembered something, hurriedly shouted to the stage Takeuchi Ichijou.

"One Blade, we've lost, back off!"

Only then did Munai Ichijou come back to his senses, put his sword down, and bowed deeply to Chen Hao.

"I've lost!"

Only then did he walk off the high platform.

"Chen Hao, thank you for your mercy just now, this Ginseng King, it belongs to your Tian Long Group!"

Munemiko, her eyes took on a different meaning to Chen Hao.

"Bow to me!"

Chen Hao laughed on stage.

"Chen... Chen Hao you...? You're actually Big Brother Chen of the Tian Long Group, I tell you, you don't look like an ordinary person to me! Truly a good son-in-law of our Yu family!"

Su Hong swallowed her saliva and walked up to the stage to say to Chen Hao.

"Madam Su, the money will be deposited into the Yu family's account in a small amount, this Ginseng King, I'm taking it away from the Tian Long Group!"

Chen Hao, on the other hand, didn't even look at her.

Took the Ginseng King and walked off the stage.

At this moment, when the crowd looked at Tian Long Group again, their eyes had changed.

"Sister, I'm useless, I can't take any blow in front of him!"

Munai Ichijou was filled with guilt.

"Not a single blade, the difference between you and him is not in the technique of the moves, but rather, he is no longer an ordinary martial artist!"

Munemiko whispered.

"Not an ordinary martial artist?"

One Blade was astonished.

"Well, do you remember what Grandpa told us, that once a person's physical strength, and bloodline attributes have reached a certain point, he will No longer an ordinary martial artist, because his body generates internal energy!"

Munemiko stared at the back of Chen Hao and the others who were walking towards the mountain with envy.

"Wouldn't that mean that he's an Inner Strength martial artist, that's weird, how could I be a match for an Inner Strength martial artist, but no sister, I'm I remember Grandpa saying that some talented masters can't generate internal energy even after a lifetime, but he looks like he's the same age as us. How?"

"That's what I'm puzzled about, he's so young, but he has a body that normal people don't have, and produces extremely thick internal energy, phase In comparison, I am even more interested in his master now, and what level must he be at?"

Munemiko said.

"It's better to go back and ask grandpa, but there are such experts hidden here in the Sky City!"

Wunai Yi Blade exclaimed.

And after this great ceremony was completed, Chen Hao ignored the Yu family.

He directly returned to the manor.

"Little Hao, it's unexpected, in just half a year, you're all this powerful, more powerful than those people from the Mo family looked!"

In the car, Qin Lan sat next to Chen Hao and said.

"Good luck, there's a good teacher."

"Right Little Hao, this time, come back with us, you don't know, Dad is worried sick about you every day now!"

Lan took Chen Hao's hand.

"Sister Lan, I can't go back yet, and you've seen me, don't talk about it with anyone else yet, the pros and cons of it I've already said Up, I don't want all my persistence for half a year to be in vain!"

Chen Hao smiled.

"Alright, I'll just leave it at that, then Little Hao, what do you plan to do next? What about staying in Sky City? I heard Dad say that the Mo's are pouring into the Southwest Province, too close to you!"

She was worried again.

"Sir, it's those four men again!"

Driving back, Shen Wanshan looked at the four black-clothed men standing at the door, and now had no choice but to say.

"Sir, how do these four strange people know you, like dumb, can only nod and shake his head, and he's dressed in broad daylight as This way!"

Shen Wanshan asked strangely.

A few days ago, Chen Hao had settled them in his manor.

Naturally, Shen Wansan had dealt with them.

"Actually, technically speaking, I don't know who they are!"

Chen Hao laughed bitterly.

"Then sir, you're still leaving them at the manor?"

"I can't help it, there's someone who wants to see me, and they're waiting for me to come along to an appointment when this is done."

"That would be too dangerous, sir, but why don't you take your brothers with you?"

Shen Wanyama worriedly said.

"No need, if they want to do something against me, they can do it at any time, Wan Shan, you and Zhang Long Zhang Hu and the two brothers, stay in Sky City . Just take care of the estate, I'll just go with them!"

Chen Hao took a deep breath.

"Little Song, where are they taking you?"

She asked again.

Chen Hao still shook his head.

He didn't know where he was going or who he was going to meet.

And when Chen Hao and Qin Lan were about to enter the manor.

The four men suddenly reached out to stop Chen Hao.

"You've got the Ginseng King, it's time to go!"

The four of them spoke coldly to Chen Hao.

"Where to? Besides, I have to be allowed to change my clothes, right?"

Chen Hao looked at them and laughed bitterly.

"No need! Let's go!"

The four of them were cold again.

They grabbed Chen Hao's shoulders.


Shen Wanshan was furious, and directly struck towards one of them with a palm.


And the man just lifted his hand, and Shen Wanyama flew straight out.

"Wanyama don't do it!"

Chen Hao hurriedly called a halt.

"Four of you, how do we get there? We can't walk, can we?"

The four of them didn't answer, but the first one, on the other hand, took out a device and pressed the red button on it.


Not long after, from high in the distance, a large ebony helicopter came traveling....


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