The Unknown Heir 501

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"So it's an expert from the Munai family, good, this trip, I was waiting for you!"

Young Master Lei stood on the stage and smiled faintly.

And Wunai Ichijou had stepped onto the stage and bowed slightly to Young Master Lei.

A battle was on the verge of starting.

The people in the arena were not making any noise at the moment, all quietly watching towards the stage.

"Although this Japanese martial artist is strong, I feel that he won't be a match for this Young Master Lei at all, because this Young Master Lei is too evil !"

"Yeah, but being able to go three rounds in Young Master Lei hands is no problem, and he looks quite strong!"

The crowd in the audience was discussing.

"Make a move, let me see if the strength of your Wunai Family is a sham or not."

Young Master Lei held his shoulders and smiled faintly.

"I'm offended!"

Immediately, it was seen that Wunai moved a blade, extremely fast.

It left an afterimage in the same place.

Young Master Lei heart was astonished.

He had long heard of the Munai family, a family of ninjutsu inheritance.

However, Young Master Lei thought that he had reached the realm of transformation.

Unexpectedly, there were even stronger ones.

This Wunai blade in front of him was extremely strong.

Young Master Lei was already a bit tired from facing the attack, after more than ten rounds.

Trying to use his own secret method to deal with it, but the Wunai slash didn't give him any chance at all.


By the time the 30th round came around, there was a sudden flash of white light in Wunai's chest, followed by Young Master Lei as if he was in a trance, then A spinning back kick knocked Lei off the high platform.


The crowd all stood up in surprise.

Young Master"Lei!"

Lei Long's men, moreover, all surrounded them.

Quite scrupulously, they looked at Wunai Yi Blade.

Young Master Lei, he actually lost!

"Young Master Lei, please excuse me!"

Munai Ichijou nodded slightly.

"Let go of me!"

Ray broke away from his men, quite unhappy with the mood.

"What a Munai family, when there are so many tricks! We have a long way to go! This Ginseng King bidding right, I, Lei Long, give up!"

With a heavy wave of his hand, Young Master Lei sat down directly.

"Then... then this Ginseng King will end up belonging to the Munai Family!"

Su Hong was now quite nervous at the moment.

It was also a bit intimidated by the scene in front of her.

Munemiko also got up and prepared to walk up the stage.

"Wait a minute!"

A voice suddenly sounded.

The crowd that was made, suddenly focused their eyes on this person.

"Madame Su, it seems like the competition isn't over yet, why are you in such a hurry to give it to the Munai family? Our Tian Long Group, it doesn't even compare!"

The person who went up there was no bystander, it was Shen Wanshan.

"O right, there's also the Sky Dragon Group!"

"The boss of the Sky Dragon Group is heard to be very powerful, it's not him, is it?"

"It's not him, it's said that Boss Sky Dragon, is a young man!"

"I thought the Sky Dragon Group had given up on this!"

The crowd was talking.

"Your Excellency, please teach me!"

With a blank expression, Munai Ichijou said.

"You misunderstand, I'm not your opponent yet, this fight is naturally on our gentleman!"

Shen Wanshan said.

"What? Chan Sang is already here?"

Munemiko's beautiful eyes flowed and she smiled slightly.

"Of course I'm here!"

Shen Wanshan said, looking to the side of the corner.

"How exactly do you know this Tian Long Group, Xiao Bei?"

She was on the sidelines, curious to ask the delighted Xiao Bei.

Bebe said, "Sister-in-law, just wait and see! Don't ask yet!"

"What? That Boss Chen is already here?"

Everyone was looking around.

"Montmorency, you're here today for a chance to see our Heavenly Dragon Boss!"

Yu Jiang was also looking forward to it at the moment.

"From what you're saying, you don't even seem to have seen him?"

Shen Meng tidied her hair and asked.

"Of course not, my father has only met him once from afar, and only the head of the town of Tagou, had contact with him!"

Yu Jiang smiled.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, had been observing the major powers down below, and by now, it was almost done.

Although over half a year, Chen Hao had fought with many experts.

But from the time when Qin Lan was attacked that night, Chen Hao felt that these people who had come were probably not simple.

Without knowing the details, Chen Hao hadn't rashly stepped forward.

But now, having seen them fight with his own eyes.

Chen Hao already had a certainty in his heart.

There was no need to be hiding!

Presently, Chen Hao directly stood up.


"Fuck, what are you doing standing up, teacher?"

Tulip Aroma was surprised.

And Tulip Princess also glanced at Chen Hao and said with some disgust, "None of your business, sit down quickly, be careful that mommy is not happy and blows you out! !"

"That's right, everything shows you, what a shame!"

Tulip Princess BFF said despicably.

Chen Hao moved his muscles.

Nor did he answer them and walked straight to the high platform.

"He... he's crazy, right?"

"Is it true that when you nest for a long time, people's brains go bad?"

The best friend continued.


And Tian Long Group, along with the people of Tagou Town, instantly stood up and bowed collectively.


The crowd was all dumbfounded at this scene.

Princess Yu Yu's mouth grew even bigger in surprise.


They actually treated Chen Hao with such respect.

Wouldn't that mean that Chen Hao was the boss of the Heavenly Dragon, that mysterious boss, Chen Hao?

Shocked, absolutely shocked.

And on the side, Shen Meng and Yu Jiang, seeing Yu Jiang's father standing up and bowing, his father even hurriedly pulled Yu Jiang's sleeve to make him stand Up.

The present also didn't return the bend for a moment.

Until Chen Hao tidied up his suit and walked past them one by one.

The strong aura that rose abruptly from Chen Hao's body caused Yu Jiang to stand up involuntarily.

"You... so you're Chen Hao?"

Takeuchi Miko's beautiful eyes didn't widen, and she smiled in shock.

"Miss Miko, I'm sorry for not being able to report my identity due to some matters."

On the other hand, Qin Lan stood up slowly as if she was dreaming.

After Chen Hao exchanged pleasantries with Vunai Miko, he came before Qin Lan.


"Barbra! I'll explain it to you properly when I'm done with this!"

Chen Hao raised his hand and gently caressed Qin Lan's lips, signaling to her not to break his identity.

Qin Lan gripped Chen Hao's arm tightly and nodded her head heavily.

She touched Bebe's head again.

Only then did Chen Hao turn back to the kunai one blade on the stage.

"Can you... represent the Munai Family?"

Chen Hao said, looking to the side at Miko Munai.

Because when he shook hands with Munai Miko just now, Chen Hao clearly saw that Miko's right arm, had traces of being bandaged.

It made Chen Hao instantly recall the night a few days ago, the man in black who was injured by himself and finally had mysteriously disappeared.

It seemed that Takana Miko was really not as simple as she appeared.

She was the expert of the Munai family.

That's why in the present, there was this question.


Munai Ichijou nodded.

"Well then, don't waste any time, let's just get started!"

Chen Hao smiled and ascended the high platform....


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