The Unknown Heir 497-500


"Well na, I'd like to ask you to tell the Tenryu Group for me, I wonder if the Munai family, if there's any chance, with the Tenryu Group's Chen Sang Eat, here's Miko's card, I hope to pass it on for you!"

Munemiko bowed slightly again.

Chen Hao took the business card and looked at it.

He thought to himself that although this Munai Miko looked refined and quiet, like a sensible little girl.

But bar, this was due to the culture of the Umno, and it was not simple to think that this Munai Miko, had a mind of her own.

Mainly, Chen Hao had never understood what kind of a family the Munai family was either.

After thinking about it, Chen Hao nodded his head .

"Okay, I'll convey that to you Miko-san, goodbye!"

Chen Hao smiled and nodded, then walked out.

And when Chen Hao went out, he found that the old woman, Su Hong, was actually still waiting in front of the mountain.

Now that the representatives of the eighteen places of power had all come and settled down, who was she waiting for!

"Mom, everyone's here, shall we go too?"

At that moment, Tulip said.

"What's come all together, there's no hurry, there's a most mysterious guest yet to arrive, and this guest, I will receive personally!"

Su Hong smiled, looking down towards the mountain from time to time.

"Huh? There's more. I mean, the most luxurious villa in the Villa. I thought it was ours. It's not for this mysterious noble guest, is it?"

Tulip said again.

"Of course, count you smart girl!"

Su Hong smiled proudly.

"Mom, the people here today are already either rich or rich, they are all famous and powerful people from all over the world, is there anyone more powerful than those people?"

Tulip Princess asked at this moment.

"Of course, there are people outside of people, and the strength of this noble family is not something that can be compared to the people who came here today!"

I met her by chance in M. She is elegant and gentle, a standard oriental woman, although she is more elegant than me. A few dozen years younger, about the same age as you, Princess Jin, but to put it another way, you're a world away from her temperament, if not for your identity Yes, I'd like to worship the Golden Orchid sisters with her!"


Princess Yuujin, on the other hand, said somewhat sourly.

"Don't really be displeased yet, but by chance I mentioned the Senwang to her, and she instantly expressed interest in coming to buy out the ! It shouldn't be long before she's here!"

Su Hong said.

At the same time, she told her two daughters about some things about this mysterious noble guest.

In the end, she wasn't sure where this mysterious guest came from, but she just knew that he was particularly rich.

This was also the main reason why Su Hong had the strength to start such a big event.

The mother and daughter three exchanged ideas while Chen Hao listened right beside her.

The more she listened, the more she felt that this Su Hong was too snobbish.

At this moment, just below the mountain, stopped a row of luxury cars that no one had ever seen before.

A team of solemn bodyguards opened the way, and from the car, walked down two women.

The first woman, about twenty-five years old, good temperament indeed.

And the smaller one, twenty-one or twenty-two.

The younger girl, took the arm of the lead woman, and they walked towards the mountain.

"She's here!"

And Su Hong, who was jumping with excitement, smiled.

As for the Tulip Sisters, they also looked towards the visitor.

Chen Hao stood up and looked towards the visitors as well.

Su Hong's excitement was overflowing.

The Tulip Princess sisters, on the other hand, looked from afar, but they were also attracted by the elegant appearance of the woman who headed them.

Because, she definitely had a face that even the girls would be jealous of.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, saw the visitor and his eyelids jumped hard.

"Elyssa? Bev?"

Chen Hao almost shouted out in shock.

Yes, the visitors were his fiancée, Qin Lan, and his cousin, Xiao Bei.

And those people were precisely the Chen family.

It had been more than half a year, more than half a year in the blink of an eye.

Ever since I left the Chen family, I've missed them all the time.

And I didn't expect that I would actually be able to see my loved ones so soon.

Chen Hao was excited.

However, Chen Hao soon calmed down.

The family that had been made by his own disappearance had gained a great deal of respite.

If they were to rashly acknowledge each other right now, once they were exposed.

Then all the efforts of the past half year would be wasted.

The little foundation that was created now would soon be swept away by the Mo family as well.

No, we can't admit to each other for now!

Chen Hao looked at Bebe and Qin Lan.

Then don't look away and left towards somewhere else.

"Sister Qin, finally I've waited for you!"

Su Hong was excited.

"I've kept you waiting!"

The Qin Lan smiled in response.

At this moment up close, the tulip princess was instantly eclipsed down.

Exchange pleasantries with Su Hong.

But it was also at this moment that Qin Lan's eyes glanced.

Seeing a figure that was turning into a room elsewhere.


For some reason, Qin Lan's heart suddenly jumped when she saw that figure.

"What's wrong sister-in-law?"

Yang Xiaobei asked.


Qin Lan hurriedly shook her head.

Qin Lan came on this trip to hear about the importance of the Ginseng King, and also heard from her father, the Chen Near East, that it was a treasure that was hard to find, and that the Chen family had searched for news of the Ginseng King before, but there was no news of it.

Now, when I went with Xiao Bei to manage the assets of M country, and accompanied Xiao Bei to a management class, I happened to meet Su Hong, and she actually has the Ginseng King.

Immediately Qin Lan reported to Chen Dong Yi.

No second words, no matter how much it costs, it will be bought.

In the blink of an eye, night fell.

Except for the most expensive villa in Longquan Villa.

The rest of the place, however, was already singing and dancing.

The sound of drinking and noise was endless.

Because the people who came today, the three religions.

"This Su Hong is also really, what kind of auction is going on, she's already given checks for her to fill in as much as she wants!"

Inside the villa, Yang Xiaobei, who had just finished taking a bath, came to Qin Lan's room.

And Qin Lan, wearing a light-colored nightgown, was blowing her hair.

Hearing Bebe's whining, she smiled slightly and said, "You, the more you do this, the easier it is to scare others, let Mrs. Su fill in whatever she wants, I'm afraid that she might And afraid of what we might be up to!"

Qin Landao.

"That's right!"

She glanced out the window, holding her fragrant cheek with one hand, but she didn't speak.

And both of them, neither of them realized that at this moment, outside the window of the villa, a shadow was eavesdropping on the side....

"Why are you sighing, sister-in-law? Is there something on your mind?"

Bev asked.

"When we were going up the hill today, I saw a figure that looked especially like your brother, so..."

Qin Lan's eyes were filled with tears.

"So, you just miss your cousin again, right?"

Bebe was also at once divinely wounded.

"It's been more than half a year, and there's no news at all from Little Song, whether she's alive or dead..."

Choking on her words, Qin Lan covered her eyes and cried directly.

Xiao Bei also cried, "Sister-in-law, don't worry, cousin he is auspicious, he will definitely be fine, he can't be fine, if he is being Arrested, the Mo's will not be so quiet!"

Bev pulled on Qin Lan's arm.

The two sisters hugged each other.

But outside the window, the silhouette was also clenching its fists....


The purpose of this Su Hong's bidding conference was clear to Chen Hao.

It was all about getting more and more big powers to participate.

To fight to the death.

In the end, their Yu family would sit back and reap the benefits.

As for Qin Lan and Xiao Bei, they clearly thought that this was a simple auction.

Unexpectedly, the more mysterious they were, the easier it would be for them to be targeted.

"You two girls, what are you doing in this muddy water!"

Yes, the person outside the window was Chen Hao.

At this moment, Chen Hao looked at the two corpses lying beneath his feet, and couldn't help but feel worried under his breath.

This time, it was obvious that she was traveling in a low profile and did not bring many people with her.

This also made Chen Hao feel at ease.

Just secretly protect them.

These two corpses, it was unknown which force had sent them to investigate, but Chen Hao ran into them and directly took care of them.

Although the mysterious black-clothed man had sent the four guards from the southeast and northwest to himself.

Chen Hao could use them to protect Qin Lan.

But for them, Chen Hao was really unsure.

Just like this, listening to the conversation between Lan Lan and Bebe, the two.

Chen Hao sat outside the window.

"Alas, disappearing myself for more than half a year has indeed made a lot of people worry, but I can't go back."

"Moreover, the one I'm most sorry for in my life should be Sister Barbra, it's been so long, and she's still claiming to be her fiancée But yourself, it's impossible with her!"

Chen Hao kept emphasizing this point in his heart.

Gradually, it was late at night.

Bebe went back to rest.

And Qin Lan, who was crying, slowly fell asleep.

Chen Hao slowly walked into the room.

By a sliver of moonlight, Chen Hao looked at Lan Lan's cheeks, which still had a smear of tears on them.

Raising his hand, he gently wiped it away for her.

And covered Elyssa with the blanket.

"Little Hao, since I was very young, I've decided that I'm your wife, so don't hide, just go home, okay?"

Barbra was dreaming.

"Home? I don't know when I'll be able to go back."

Chen Hao sat down on the edge of the bed and laughed bitterly.

"Sister Lan, I know your love for me, and I, Chen Hao, have sworn to never let you get hurt in any way!"

Chen Hao said in his heart.

Touching the forehead of a tired-looking, Barbra.

Suddenly at this moment, the door opened.

It was a girl who walked straight in.


And when the girls saw a man sitting right next to Arashi's bed, they were shocked and were about to scream out in alarm.

But then she saw the figure flash directly in front of her.

It gagged itself.

"Bev don't be afraid, it's me!"

Chen Hao leaned over to Bebe's ear and whispered.

And when Xiao Bei heard the voice, she instantly stared at it.

"Don't make a sound, let's go out and talk!"

Chen Hao pulled on Xiao Bei's arm and went straight to Xiao Bei's room.


Bebe cried out, shock, excitement, and excitement were not enough to express Bebe's current emotions."

She threw herself directly into Chen Hao's arms.

"Brother! Is that really you? I'm not dreaming, am I?"

Bebe cried.

Hugging Chen Hao tightly, afraid that this was a dream.

"It's not a dream, I'm here, I'm fine!"

Chen Hao smiled and wiped Xiao Bei's tears.

"Brother, you're sturdy, you seem to have turned darker too, brother, where have you been for the past six months, I just feel like I'm dreaming, I can't believe I'm seeing you again brother !"

Bev cried out.

"It's a long story, I'll tell you about it later, but anyway, just remember, I'm fine!"

Chen Hao smiled, and his eyes reddened at once.

"By the way, how are my parents now?"

Chen Hao asked.

"Auntie cries all day long, auntie has gotten a lot older all of a sudden now, they worry about you all day long!"

"Where's my sister?"

Chen Hao asked again.

"Sister's temper has become so bad now, she used to be very good to her men, now, she smacks her men at every turn, it seems like she doesn't see anything Pleasant to the eye and have her hand come down to you every day!"

Bev said.

Chen Hao shed two tears.

"But brother, now that you're back, it's really good, I think if I tell this news to my aunt and uncle and cousin, right, and Barbra , they'll be so happy!"

"Especially Barbra, she's been thinking about you all day, and things at home are pretty much on Barbra's shoulders right now, and I know, she's tired, But she said she'd take care of the house, and then she'd be happy when you got back, so I'm calling her over here! Oh yeah, and call your aunt!"

Bev was so excited she didn't know what to do.

"Wait Bev, I actually couldn't resist seeing you today, Bev you have to promise me one thing, tonight, for anyone Don't talk about it, anyone, okay?"

Chen Hao wiped his tears.

"Huh? Brother, why?"

Xiao Bei didn't understand.

"Because, I killed Mo Changkong's third son and extinguished his power in the southwest, and now it belongs to a tight spot with Mo Changkong, once my If the news gets out, the Chen family will be badly hurt and I won't survive, do you understand?"

Chen Hao.

"What? Mo...Mo Jian was killed by you, brother?"

Bebe covered her mouth and stood up in shock.

"But I heard that Mo Jian was taken away by a mysterious expert and is still missing ah! The Mo family is going crazy looking for him, and they still have no clue!"

Bebe was surprised.

"Well, Mo Jian didn't even leave a hair behind, he died a clean death, I'm afraid it's still too early for the Mo family to find him."

Chen Hao laughed bitterly.

"Then brother how did you kill him? Even the top experts in the family aren't as powerful as one of Mo Jian's men, let alone Mo Jian!"

"Little Mo Sword, I don't put it in my eyes yet, anyway Bev promise me that you've seen what I've done, never say anything about it, and also, this auction It's very dangerous, be careful, if there's any activity, you have to inform me immediately, cousin will protect and assist you. "

Chen Hao hugged Xiao Bei's shoulders.

Bebe nodded heavily, "I understand, I won't tell anyone, anyway, cousin you're fine, I'm too happy!"

"Silly boy, by the way, I'm the chairman of the Sky Dragon Group now, and you're going to help me get the Ginseng King in this bidding meeting, Bev! It's useless for you to bring this back to the Chen family anyway!"

Chen Hao.

"No problem brother! But cousin, I can keep your business a secret, but can I tell Barbra that I want to be with her every day and see her every day I can't stand the thought of you being sad!"

"When the time is right, I'll come out and meet you, and don't you say anything about it!"

Chen Hao instructed again.

"I know..."


And suddenly at that moment, Chen Hao made a silent gesture to Bebe.

"Someone's coming, keep quiet!"

Chen Hao furrowed his brow and said softly.

Bebe was so frightened that she immediately didn't dare to speak.

And Chen Hao, with a flash of light and shadow, directly left the room under Xiao Bei's surprised gaze.

At this moment, outside the villa, there was a masked man in black slowly approaching.

And Chen Hao, looking at the tree branch beneath his feet, deliberately stepped on it.



The black-clothed man was instantly alert and immediately withdrew with a swift arrow step.

"Such good body skills! It seems that those who came this time are not panhandlers!"

Chen Hao took out his mask and put it on, hurriedly chasing after him....


Under the moonlight, the man in black accelerated his escape.

The speed was extremely fast, two feet, and even stepped on the surrounding grass leaves rustling.

The entire body, however, was already in the air.

Chen Hao was in hot pursuit.

Although this black-clothed man had excellent lightness, there was obviously still a gap between him and Chen Hao.

"Still running?"

Chen Hao stopped to sneer.

With a point of his toe, a branch flew up in the air and Chen Hao flexed his fingers.


With a sound, the tree branch was like a fierce arrow that had left the string and shot away with a cracking sound.


One shot hit the black-clothed man, and the black-clothed man rolled over a few times and rolled right down the slope.

Only to Chen Hao's surprise, by the time he came over, the black-clothed man that he had wounded was gone.

And around it, there was no trace of it.

"Strange, could it be that the earth has evaporated?"

Chen Hao locked his eyebrows.


He searched the area for a while until there was nothing to find, then he quietly left.


The door to the hotel room opened.

A figure staggered in and collapsed in the bathroom.

On the entire arm, blood was flowing.

The hood was gently removed, revealing a handsome and stunning face, which, with a head of black hair, appeared to be even whiter at the moment.


The woman gasped, her heart in her mouth.

Then she took out the gauze and bandaged it up herself.

Three days passed quickly.

In the blink of an eye, it was the day of the bidding meeting.

These three days, although on the surface, it looked calm and quiet.

But there was an undercurrent.

Multiple forces, successively engaged in a secret fire fight.

Surrounding and intercepting, secretly kidnapping.

In short but all those who felt they were competitors would encounter a certain impact.

The various groups of forces could be said to be competing for red eyes.

Qin Lan and the others, because of their special courtesy, would naturally be watched by many people, but with Chen Hao's secret protection, several times people tried to do kidnappings and the like, all of which were destroyed by Chen Hao.

But by today.

It seemed as if nothing had happened, and the major powers were beaming with joy, bringing their own men with them to come and participate in the bidding ceremony.

The most vociferous of them, aside from Qin Lan's mysterious forces, were the Wunai family and the Thunder Dragon Company from North M.

The scene was set up in the open-air forecourt of the Villa.

A large stage was set up, and underneath it, there were rows of seats.

Although the Yu family was the organizer, they were not qualified to sit on the high stage, and the members of the Yu family sat in the rows of seats below the stage.

The eighteen parties of forces sat at the front.

The rest of the forces sat at the back.

Around them, there were even tens of thousands of standing onlookers, crowding and bustling.

Su Hong was wearing a dress and was on stage to deliver the conference speech for the bidding meeting.

"Glasses, Condensation, you guys come quickly, I've saved some seats for you!"

At this moment, Tulip shouted to her classmates.

Glasses Curl and the others came over.

They also greeted the teacher, Chen Hao.

As a member of the Yu family, Chen Hao naturally made an appearance, but sat in a corner seat.

And all of Yu Jinfei's friends also came over.

"Princess Jin, you're not going to live with this product forever, are you?"

A few girls sat next to Yu Jinfei and looked at Chen Hao in the corner and said.

"That's right, Princess Jin, you've split up with him, there's no need to aggravate yourself so much, look at all the big names that came today, but I'm all I saw several handsome young majors, and expressed some meaning to you!"

"Why don't you take this opportunity to kick his ass and find your true happiness?"

The girls were persuaded.

And as Yu Jinfei was listening right now, if it was before, Yu Jinfei's heart would have no fluctuation, after all, she and Chen Hao were only in a fake marriage.

But now, especially after meeting many rich youngsters from all over the world today.

Their temperament was incomparable to even their own predecessors.

One's circle determined your horizons.

In the past, Tulip Princess felt that her circle was big enough, but today, she was still a frog in a well.

Now, she gripped her skirt tightly with one pair of palms.

She regretted her capriciousness, regretted being with Chen Hao, even if it was fake.

"I think that Young Master Li is just fine, look at the way he talks, and besides, he's secretly watched you many times, he seems to really like you . Hahaha, Princess Jin, you have to seize the opportunity, divorce Chen Hao before it's too late and find your own happiness!"

The girlfriends all advised.

"Alas, Princess Jin, if you're too embarrassed to tell him, I'll go and tell him that tomorrow, you'll just divorce the marriage!"

A lady friend said.

And Tulip Princess, at the moment, did not speak.

Quite by default.

"Okay, I'll talk!"

The girlfriends looked at it and were quite happy.

They came to the corner Chen Hao: "Hey, surname Chen, tell you something?"

That lady friend.

"What is it?"

Chen Hao asked.

"Do you think that you are worthy of our Golden Concubine? Humph, don't look at your virtue, where can you compare with Li Shao, let me tell you, Concubine Jin has regretted it, the special kind of regret, she made me I'm telling you, tomorrow, you're getting a divorce! How's that? You don't still want to pester Princess Jin, do you?"

The best friend spoke bluntly.


Chen Hao frowned, then smiled, "Fine, I'll just say yes!"

Chen Hao's marriage to Princess Yu Jin was to hit on the idea of the Ginseng King, and if he could successfully get the Ginseng King today, it wouldn't matter if this marriage was or wasn't.

"It's actually so quick? Oh, and you know what you're doing, good!"

The lady friend scowled, then came to Tulip Princess and said something to her.

Princess Yu Jin, however, only gently straightened her hair.

Her eyes couldn't help but look towards the back of that Young Master Li sitting in the front row.

This Young Master Li, she also knew something about him.

It was the son of a rich merchant from the neighboring country of Myanmar.

Extraordinarily popular.

And with Sky City's Tian Long Group, a cooperative alliance had been established.

If the two could really be combined, it could be said to be the best choice, both for himself and for the future Yu family in Tiancheng.

"Hmph, why are they here? It's disgusting to see!"

Just then, the tulips on the other side of the room wondered how they were angry again.

Everyone turned their heads to look.

It turned out to be a youth, who was bringing a few women with him, who had also arrived at the convention.

And this youth was no one else, it was Yu Jiang from Tagou Town, along with that Shen Meng, and the two female teachers from the biology group.

It was because of them that Tulip was angry.

"Keep your voice down Jinxiang, Yu Jiang seems to have come with his father, his father is a member of the Tian Long Group, be careful that they hear you!"

Lee curled up and said.

Tulip didn't say anything this time in her nest.

"Teacher Shen Meng seems to be with Teacher Yu Jiang already, right?"

A girl.

"Yeah, they've been seen walking hand in hand on campus and I heard a funny thing about it, haha! It's about our Teacher Chen Hao and Teacher Shen Meng!"

Li Ning suddenly lowered her voice.

"Huh? What's the funny thing?"

Tulip and the others came instantly interested.


"That's when Teacher Yu Jiang and Teacher Chen Hao first came here before, Teacher Shen Meng seemed to be interested in Chen Hao, but it didn't work out Yes, after learning about Yu Jiang's background, Shen Meng got into a hot fight with Yu Jiang's teacher! By now, it has become a stranger to Teacher Chen Hao!"

Li curtsied.

"Hmph, siren, what's the big deal!"

Tulip was dissatisfied.

Shen Meng and Yu Jiang were arm in arm and had also come over at this time.

Of course, Yu Jiang didn't greet Tulip, but here today, they were here as guests.

Instead, Shen Meng, at a glance, saw Chen Hao sitting in the corner.

Previously, she had heard about Chen Hao's marriage to the eldest daughter of the Yu family.

It also really made Shen Meng nervous in her heart.

But then hearing about Chen Hao's status and treatment, Shen Meng could only shake her head with a bitter smile.

With just a glance at Chen Hao in the corner, Shen Meng withdrew her gaze.

On an occasion like today, she wouldn't be able to afford to greet a door-to-door dog from the Yu family.

After everyone had taken their seats.

The meeting was also proceeding in an orderly manner.

And with the Sen King's entrance, the atmosphere of the whole room was brought to a small climax.

Looking at the Sen King in the glass case.

Everyone's eyes lit up.

Even Chen Hao couldn't help but look a little more towards this Ginseng King.

"Not bad for having the divine effect of cleansing the marrow and replacing the bones, the Ginseng King's aura is compelling!"

Chen Hao sighed in his heart.

At the same time, his heart was itching.

Like most of the people present, he hated not being able to go up and take it away right now.

"Ginseng King, a priceless treasure, but even if it is expensive, today, I, Tai Du Ma Hong, will take it, and anyone who dares to take it from me is not giving me face !"

A dark-skinned middle-aged man stood up at this moment and said loudly.

"What a coincidence, this Ginseng King, I'm bound to get it today! 

Another side of the force shouted.

"You dare to fight me? Do you believe I'll let you leave the Celestial City alive?"

"I don't believe it!"

As soon as the two sides were about to strike.

At this moment, a young man from M country lightly walked up to the high platform:"You two, there is no need to be anxious. position, none of them lacked the money, but since none of them lacked the money, it wouldn't have helped even if we'd called for more. It's no use arguing with you!"

He preached in English.

And beside him, followed by his translator.

"Well, blue-eyed boy, who the hell are you, so what do you say?"

Tai Du Big Brother Ma Hong Dao.

"If you ask me, let's just have an open fight between our major powers, since money can't be a criterion, then let's simply fight ruthlessly, and the winner is king !"

The young man smiled.

"Fighting tough? You kid is also worthy, if you fight ruthlessly, who dares to fight with me Ma Hong, M, get off!"

Mahon drank coldly.

"What did you say?"

And the young man's gaze gazed, one pair of eagle eyes at a time, locking towards Ma Hong.

The pair of blue eyes turned bright with blue intent.

In the next moment, Ma Hong suddenly turned pale, his forehead filled with cold sweat.

The eyesight became even more dull.

A poof.

Actually kneeling straight down.


The men behind him were all stunned.

Ma Hong, on the other hand, kept one expression unchanged, as if he was stupefied.


And this scene instantly caused a huge stir throughout the scene.

"What? Taidou Ma Hong, who has always been known for his fierceness, is actually kneeling right down at the sight of this man?"

"No, no, no, have you noticed that this M guy is very evil, look at his eyes just now, it's like he can take your heart. Same!"

"It's hard to believe that this guy can do magic, that's too evil, isn't it?"

The crowd was talking.

"Gentlemen, how do you feel about this proposal of mine? The best things in the world always belong to the strong, don't they?"

The young man swept down.

Many big shots, were too frightened to speak .

"Lei Long Company's Lei . Mu Long, Young Master Lei, is truly extraordinary, no wonder Lei Long Company has dominated many underground powers! It's evil!"

Someone whispered.

"Yes, I agree, victory, always belongs to the strong!"

In the end, the people agreed.

It was agreed that whichever side wanted to get the Samurai King would have to send someone to fight, and if they lost, they would automatically withdraw.

"How can this be!"

And Qin Lan was also sitting in front of him, and now he couldn't help but be nervous.

On this trip, Qin Lan didn't bring any decent family experts out with her.

Once she heard about the competition, what would she fight with.

These people weren't panhandlers.

"Sister-in-law, don't worry, let's just pay for it, later, someone will contribute, we'll just help the Tian Long Group to shoot down the Ginseng King!"

Bev smiled slightly.

"Sky Dragon Group? Bev, since today you've been telling me how the Sky Dragon Group is, you've been in contact with their people, why do you keep thinking of helping them?"

She was not surprised.

"Oh, don't ask, anyway sister-in-law, you'll help too, and not for nothing, trust me, really!"

Bebe gripped Qin Lan's hand tightly, slightly excited.

"This girl of yours, is there something you're hiding from me?"

She felt that Bev was so strange today.

"Hehe, I can't tell you right now, but anyway, it's a great thing!"

Xiao Bei Said.

She shook her head helplessly, not knowing what this girl Bev was talking about.

And in the middle of the conversation, the competition on stage had already started.

Lei Long Company, Young Master Lei directly went out to stand on the stage as a representative.

This action alone was what caused many of the people who were on stage for the competition to instantly lose their energy.

This Young Master Lei, however, was truly an expert, and no one could go three rounds in his hands.

It caused many powers to back off and give up bidding for the Ginseng King.

"This time, the Sen King must belong to Lei Long Company, right?"

Tulip and the others discussed.

Because, most of the forces were defeated and the small half gave up.


At that moment, Young Master Lei on the stage threw out a whiplash kick, instantly kicking a big five or three man off the high platform and lying on the ground, foaming at the mouth, having lost his intuition.

"Ouch, another one! After Vincent's group is gone without Vincent, it sure is a big deal! This is already the last force, isn't it?"

Someone said.

"Bullshit, the Sky Dragon Group and the Wunai Family haven't even sent anyone yet!"

"Miko-san, let's...?"

Right now, next to Munemiko, a young man with an indifferent expression was requesting.

And Munemiko, with a look of Sook-quiet, took a glance towards the nearby Tenryu Group.

Seeing that they had no intention of acting.

Only then did she nod her head.

"Ichijou, when you get on stage, try to be more restrained, we don't have to fight to the death, we just need to repel the Thunder Dragon Company!"

Munemiko smiled.

Another glance towards the Heavenly Dragon Group.

Munemiko, who had been waiting for the Heavenly Dragon Group to make a move, wanted to see what kind of strength the biggest power in this part of Heavenly City, the one that leapt up for a short period of time, was, but had they, like, given up already?

This was not a disappointment to Munemiko.


Munai Ichijou nodded.

Then stood up.


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