The Unknown Heir 471-480


The sound of the ambulance was getting closer and closer, and Fangyi, for one, felt her consciousness getting fuzzy.

"Ah San..."


"What's wrong?"

On a general express train.

Seeing a young man by the window, he suddenly covered his chest and shivered.

The girl was presently concerned and asked.

"Nothing, just a few heart palpitations just now, strange!"

The youth laughed bitterly.

Then turned to the girl: "Right, you take this, back to Jinling, you settle down, first find a job, the money inside the card . Naturally, it's also enough for a lifetime of food and clothing!"

The youth handed the girl a bank card.

"Chen, I can't take this, you need money the most right now, I'll find a job and life will be good!"

The girl, not a bystander, was naturally Ma Xiaonan.

Now, Ma Xiaonan hurriedly gave the card to Chen Hao.

"Right Little Hao(Song), you need money more than us, you saved my life, to give it, it's also us giving you money!"

Ma Xiaonan's mother also said.

"Heh, it's fine, I won't be able to use much money in the future, having done so much... heh!"

Chen Hao laughed bitterly.

"What's wrong Little Hao? And, you still haven't told me why you don't have anything to do with the Chen family anymore?"

Ma Xiaonan said worriedly.

"It's fine, it's better that you don't know about this Xiaonan!"

Chen Hao patted Ma Xiaonan's head.

This time back in Jinling, Chen Hao didn't just want to see his former stalwart, but also, to do one more thing....

Money, on the other hand, is a burdensome thing for you.

Think about it, life is such a wonderful thing.

In the past, I also took a green car to Jinling, thinking that I could treat the brand-new college life with another attitude when I arrived at Jinling.

I don't have to live in an inferiority complex like I did in junior high and high school all day.

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that.

At that time, their own desire to have money, such as with money, they must live out a personal appearance, go everywhere, are complimented.

But later on, he was suddenly rich, but Chen Hao found himself unable to go around showing off his wealth like that.

Because that desire is gone, he still wants to live an ordinary life, get along well with Su Tongxin, and then get married and have two children. Children, preferably a boy and a girl. Live a carefree life.

Now that Tongxin has left, the life of the rich man is gone like a dream.

But strangely enough, the current Chen Hao wasn't so eager for money now.

"Little Hao, you've changed!"

Ma Xiaonan suddenly said.

"Huh? Have I changed?"

Chen Hao withdrew his thoughts.

"Mmhmm, as soon as I saw you, I realized that you were so different from before! But one thing you haven't changed is your friendship for me, you're still good to me!"

Ma Xiaonan.

"Of course, you're my best friend, all of them!"

"So, Hao, if you consider me a friend, can you tell me if something's happened to you, you've got too much on your mind! I know you're not the glamorous rich kid you used to be, and you'll feel different when you're back in Jinling, but, whether you're Richie, I've got you as my best friend, you don't say, I don't ask, but we're good friends, both of us!"

Ma Xiaonan laughed.

"So, I can't take this money, you can take it and make a comeback in Jinling! I'll be your assistant!"

Ma Xiaonan slapped the card into Chen Hao again.

"I really can't use this money, and in the future, I don't know if I'll be able to come back!"

Chen Hao laughed bitterly.

"What do you mean? What are your future plans?"

Ma Xiaonan lost her mind for a moment.

"It's okay, I said you're scared, don't ask!"

And Ma Xiaonan wanted to say something, but in the end, she didn't say anything.

Soon, the Jinling station arrived.

Chen Hao stopped a taxi and let Ma Xiaonan sit on it, and as for the bank card, Chen Hao had already slipped it into Ma Xiaonan's pocket without a trace, and the password, Ma Xiaonan also knew, college she knew her own bank card password, was her own birthday.

"Chen Hao, aren't you coming with us in one piece?"

Ma Xiaonan rolled down her window and shouted at Chen Hao.

"No, goodbye Xiaonan!"

Chen Hao waved his hand.

The car started.

And Ma Xiaonan stuck her head out again and shouted.

"Hao, we're together, right? It doesn't matter if we have money or not, we can get married and work in Jinling for the rest of our lives!!!"

"If you don't like Jinling, we can go to the countryside! Find a little place, settle down, live a quiet life, you hear?"

"What did you say?" Chen Hao shouted, "Slow down and live a good life!"

Chen Hao waved his hand.

"I said, we're together? May I? I don't picture anything!"

"Driver you stop!"

Ma Xiaonan shouted urgently at the driver.

But the driver didn't listen, covered the money Chen Hao gave him in his pocket, and slammed on the accelerator and drove away.

Chen Hao waved his hand.

Listen, naturally.

But Chen Hao knew that he wouldn't be able to live an ordinary life from then on.

As long as Tongxin couldn't be found, he definitely didn't have the heart to start another life.

And this farewell, why was Chen Hao so reluctant.

Because this farewell, many deceased people, may never see each other again....

Chen Hao was dressed in a black sweatshirt, putting his hat on at the moment and putting on a mask.

He stopped a taxi.

"Where to?"

"To the hospital first!"

He soon arrived at the hospital.

Through the glass of the hospital room door, Chen Hao saw Han Siyu, who was still lying in the hospital bed with a ventilator and a pale face.

Thinking about how lively this girl Han Siyu was at first.

If she hadn't run into herself, she might have lived a good life, perhaps, with her pretty face, by now, she could have become a net-red herself.

How great to live happily every day!

But in order to find out where she was, she was caught and thrown down from the building.

Chen Hao imagined the scene of Han siyu searching for herself that day, with Xiaonan and the two of them downstairs, looking worried.

I thought I had seen hope, but it turned out to be the beginning of bad luck.

How ruthless was this person, Mo Jian.

Chen Hao stood in the doorway, and could not help but press firmly on the door of the ward.

Five fingerprints were now deeply imprinted on it.

"Hey, hey, hey, you man, blocking the door, are you going to enter or not?"

The little nurse was carrying a tray and was not angry at the question.

This man really, standing at the door shedding tears, just won't go in.

And the youth turned back at this moment.

The tears of tears are instantly swept away.

He was wearing a mask.

But those eyes were as if they could speak, and they carried a regal air.

It actually made the little nurse tremble.

The tray almost didn't even hold it.

"Here you go, it has the specific line of needles on it, along with a recipe for herbs, whether it's you, or the doctor, read it and save her! "

The youth finished and threw the secret recipe onto the little nurse's tray.

Then, with both hands in his pockets, he left....


Chen Hao made his way to the hospital hall.


At that moment, the girl who hurriedly came running from the side suddenly broke her foot.

She was about to fall down.

Chen Hao was quick-eyed and held her up.

"Oh my god, that was so close, thank you ah handsome!"

The girl stood still, straightened her somewhat messy hair, and hurriedly thanked him.

At the same time, the girl also felt in her heart that this boy, gave her a strange feeling.

He wore a mask and hat, a very mysterious look.

And that gaze, déjà vu bar, felt especially strange at the same time.


The youth didn't reply, but just nodded his head.

Of course, but his gaze couldn't help but rest on the girl for a few seconds.

Because this girl, Chen Hao knew.

"Do we know each other?"

The girl also asked with a smile.

Chen Hao shook his head.

"Well, thank you anyway!"

The girl had to smile.

"Ran, how's it going?"

Just then, a handsome boy in a suit came over.

"Already finished my medical checkup, I was just about to come to you and almost fell over!"

The girl coquettishly took the youth's arm.

"Whew, if Jiang Ran Ran falls down, then I won't be able to explain to Uncle Jiang!"

The boy smiled.

Not bad, the girl was naturally Jiang Ranran.

"It was this handsome guy who saved me!"

Jiang Ran Ran looked at Chen Hao and smiled.

"Thank you, brother, I'm the attending doctor at this hospital, I don't know what I can do to help you."

Jiang Ranran's boyfriend laughed.

Chen Hao shook his head and then walked away.

Oh, I remember when I was a kid, and I liked Jiang Ranran for a long time.

Just think that she wears well, so beautiful.

As for after that, although there was an ambiguous relationship with Jiang Ranran.

But now half a year has passed, and Kang Ran Ran has her own life, it's quite good.

"This brother is so strange!"

And looking at Chen Hao's back, the youth couldn't help but mutter.

"Not only is it strange, I also feel that he looks familiar, like I've seen him somewhere before!"

Gingerly, Ranran frowned.

"Ranran, what are you guys doing?"

"Gillian, what took you so long to get out?"

Jiang Ran Ran looked to a girl who was dressed more fashionably.

"Forget it, I checked a few more things, isn't this going to be a wedding next month? Hehehe!"

Gillian was happy.

She also noticed Chen Hao who had walked out at once.

"Hm? He..."

Gillian's beautiful eyes couldn't help but drift slightly.

"What's wrong Lin Jiao? You don't think he's familiar to you, do you? Or are you just looking for a handsome guy because he has a good body? I've known you since I met you in Jinling, but I know you very well. I see a handsome guy. The kind that can't pull its legs out!"

Jiang Ran said with a smile.

"No, I really think he's so familiar, especially his back, like I've seen him somewhere before!"

Lin Jiao said.

"Ugh forget it, let's go, let's go to dinner together after my husband gets off work, shall we? And then shopping!"

Lin Jiao said again.


The people joked and left.

Chen Hao did not expect to run into Jiang Ranran at all, and he did not meet up with her so as not to cause any complications.

"Boss, give some food!?"

"Get out of here, you're too young to ask for food, and you won't even be fed to the dogs, get out of here far certain!"

A young man with a wooden stick, missing a leg and a beggar's face, took a broken bowl and walked to the roadside stall.

But the owner drove him away like a fly.

All the pedestrians on the road were also pointing at the beggar youth.

And Chen Hao just happened to pass by and saw this scene, so he shook his head helplessly and walked away.

But after taking two steps, Chen Hao stopped abruptly.

All at once, he turned back to the young man.


Chen Hao looked at the beggar youth.

"Sir, give some money and buy some food? Please?"

And all at once the beggar youth trembled with fear, not daring to look up, as he cried.


Chen Hao shouted softly.

And the beggar youth's entire body shook wildly.

He fiercely raised his head.

When he saw the gaze of the person in front of him.

Huang Yonghao's lips were trembling.

"You... you are? Chen?"

Huang Yonghao burst into tears.

Chen Hao took off his mask and looked incredulous, "I am, Yonghao!"

Chen Hao grabbed his shoulder.

"Brother! So you're not dead, you're alive!"

Huang Yonghao dropped his crutches.

"No, Yonghao, how did you become like this?"

Chen Hao was amazed.

Thinking about how glamorous Huang Yonghao was in the beginning, and how Chen Hao could not be distressed by his disastrous end now.

"Slow down and eat!"

At a small stall on the side of the road, Chen Hao ordered a large pile of food for Huang Yonghao.

The two sat opposite each other.

Chen Hao poured Huang Yonghao a glass of water and patted him on the back.

Huang Yonghao nodded, still stuffing food into his mouth.

"I can't believe that so much has happened in these half a year, it's my bad, I got you guys into this!"

Chen Hao chastised himself.

Based on what Yonghao had just told us, these past half a year could be completely described as things being wrong.

After his own accident, Mo Jian came to Jinling, and when Huang Yonghao heard that his death was related to him, he once brought someone to take revenge on Mo Jian.

However, how could he be Mo Jian's opponent.

Therefore, Mo Jian made all of his former friends and influential parties suffer.

The most miserable one was Yonghao, who had his leg broken and had to beg for his life in Jinling.

Uncle Huang's family was also assassinated by Mo Jian.

But all this, sister Chen Xiao is also too angry to speak out.

That's why we have this scene now.

As for Bai Xiaofei, also to escape from the bar, the family moved, and Xiaofei even went to join the army.

As for that girl Lin Ran, after the family was forced into bankruptcy by Mo Jian's men, she seemed to have gone to work as a nurse, and now she didn't know where she was going.

Changed, everything has changed.

And the source of everything was because of himself, the murderer, still this Mo family.

"The Mo Family! Mo Jian!"

In Chen Hao's eyes, a dense killing intent flashed.

"Brother, I've embarrassed you, I'm an invalid now, huh?"

Huang Yonghao smiled bitterly.

"What invalid, don't worry, I'll heal your injuries, and I'll give Uncle Huang and the others justice for what happened to the Huang family!"

Chen Hao coldly said.

And Huang Yonghao fiercely shook his head.

"Never, brother, you should leave Jinling tonight, now that Jinling has already changed, that Mo Jian, not Long Shaoyun, nor the What ordinary common young master, he's very powerful, we can't even fight him even if we have a previous identity background!"

"I know, don't worry about me."

"Then brother, you've been running away from the Mo family's pursuit, what are your future plans?"

"Oh, there's nothing planned yet, just take it one step at a time!"

"Brother, why don't I just follow you, we're together, even if we die, it's worth it, I don't want to live like this anyway, I'd rather die than live like this !"

Chen Hao hesitated for a moment.

Yeah, now the Yonghao family was also gone, and also tormented by Mo Jian without a human face.

Abandoning him like this, Chen Hao couldn't bear to do so.

"Good, since that's the case, you go to a place to recover first, in the future, you'll follow me, and we'll live and die together!"

Chen Hao said.

"Mmhmm, live together and die together!"

Huang Yonghao was moved.

And then, Chen Hao recommended an address for Huang Yonghao to travel to the southwest border to join the Wei family first, and also there, Zuo Zhongtao had been sent there by himself, and Yonghao's leg injury, naturally, was not a problem.

"What about you, brother?"

Huang Yonghao asked.

"Me? Oh, just wait until I'm done with this..."


After Wei Qingshu parted from the southwest, Chen Hao let him go with Zuo Zhongtao to the southwest border.

No don't want to follow him again.

Because the Wei family was now considered a barrier for himself at the moment.

It was also the only barrier.

If the Wei family was exposed again, and he killed four people from the Mo family in the southwest in a row, he would probably be chased by the Mo family then without even a place to hide.

Even though they couldn't kill themselves, the Mo Family was so powerful that they would be unable to even think of dealing with it.

Thus, Chen Hao had to think deeply about every step he took.

After settling down and leaving Yonghao.

Chen Hao headed straight for the Villa on Mount Genting.

On a sturdy branch of a large tree in the high mountain, Chen Hao reclined and closed his eyes to rest.

He waited until late at night before Chen Hao opened his eyes.

At this moment, the Genting Mountain Villa was already brilliantly lit.


Dropping a satchel.

Chen Hao leapt down from the tree.

Opened the satchel and pulled out a hooded black trench coat from inside.

Chen Hao put it on, and covered his face even more.

He then headed towards the Genting Mountain Villa.

"How's it going? What do the people sent to the southwest say?"

A youth, lying on his side on the living room sofa.

On the side, several men stood with their hands in the negative.

And in front of it, there were a few hurried-looking people standing.

"Haven't found out any clues yet, a big fire, the Situ family is in ashes, not even a *body*, not to mention not seeing Mo Qing Mo Tian The whereabouts of the two young masters!"

"What a jerk, our Mo family's bloodline is noble, how can it be compared to those mere mortals, Mo Qing Mo Tian is strong and is mine Left arm, if he gets into trouble in a place like Southwest, it's simply the biggest insult to our Mo Family, give me another go to investigate!"

"Yes, Young Master Mo!"

The crowd all went.

Young master Mo, on the other hand, closed his eyes, "Jinling, what a great place, hehe, one day when the Mo family completely swallows the Chen family, I'll be able to take the Jinling, as my base, this place, it's perfect!"

Mo Jian said in his heart.


Suddenly at this moment, there was a faint sound of footsteps outside.

Someone was walking towards this side.


One of the men's gaze flickered.

Then opened the door to the main hall.

Then with a startled look, "Eh? Who are you?"

"Is Mo Jian here?"

The person in front of him was a black man in a black cloak, with only one pair of eyes missing out.

And its voice, old and thick.

It gave one a strange feeling.

But in fact, if you were careful, you could find that this person's skin was much more white and soft, and he looked like a young man.

"Who are you? What do you want from me?"

Mo Jian, on the other hand, drank red wine as he stood up and asked.

The blade in front of him looked extremely extraordinary, and Mo Jian was not careless.

"I've come because I want Young Master Mo Jian to come with me to a place, you come with me!"

The man in black said.

"Oh, with you, do you know who I am, and how dare you ask me to follow you to a place?"

Mo Jian sneered.

And a few of Mo's men were furious.

Then a punch came directly towards the man in black.

With a lot of strength.

But it felt like the punch hit the black-clothed man, as if it hit a big mountain.

The arm was paralyzed from the shock.


Several people were wildly shaken.

Mo Jian, on the other hand, also had slightly jumping eyelids.

"Looking for death!"

Those people got angry again.

This time, they fought hard and attacked towards the man in black.

But the man in black was even faster.

Directly jammed the neck of the first two.

The wrists moved.

The two men spurted blood wildly and their necks were directly snapped by a handful.

A life was lost.

Then it was followed by a clean hand-to-hand finish off the several Mo family members who were coming up.

"Eh? Who the hell are you?"

Mo Jian's entire body shook wildly and directly stood up.

This person was extremely strong, his methods were even more skilled and terrifying, apart from his own father, Mo Changkong, Mo Jian had never seen anyone with such strength.

At that moment, his heart was extremely horrified.

Clearly, standing in front of him was an expert no less powerful than his own father.

"Don't ask so many questions yet, come with me!"

The man in black said.

"I'm sure you'll be able to tell me your name so I can follow my father's orders. Mentioning it is also convenient for me to know whether Senior is a friend or foe?"

Mo Jian's eyes gazed.

"No need, you'll know soon enough!"

Immediately, the black-clothed man directly took action.

Clasping Mo Jian's shoulders, then pulling his arms, he heard two cracking sounds.

The meridians of Mo Jian's arms were all broken.


Mo Jian yelled in pain.

The black-clothed man then kicked Mo Jian's knee, and the leg bone even snapped raw.

"You... do you know whose son I am?"

Mo Jian's eyes were red, not expecting this person's methods to be so ruthless.

"Follow me to a place!"

The man in black, however, spoke coldly.

Then lifted Mo Jian who was like a dead dog.

And pointed to the room, another one of the men who was scared to silence, "You, carry him all the way to me! Let's go!"

The black-clothed man tossed the immobilized Mo Sword to the servant, and then led them straight out of Cloud Peak Mountain.

Only, as they walked out the door, Chen Hao intentionally glanced towards the other corner of the villa and smiled slightly at the corners of his mouth.

Then, he brought the two of them all the way down the mountain.

And wait until after Chen Hao disappeared with the two of them.

A corner of the villa.

Crawled out was a man with a bloodied face.

He was covering his chest and his face was pale.

It was the same person that Chen Hao had injured just now when he had gone up the mountain.

It was also the only one alive.

With difficulty, he pulled out his cell phone and dialed a number.

"Third Young Master is in trouble, quickly inform the second elder and send someone over quickly, this person is a top expert, he should also be a member of the Mysterious Hidden Clan, age Probably over sixty, and he's got the third young master!"

The man reported.

"What? The same hermits? Think of a way to follow closely, I'll inform the Second Elder right away!"

The person on the other end of the phone said no more.

He was hurrying to a secret room.

"What did you say? Has the sword been taken? Who is so bold?"

And Mo Changkong's eyes widened in anger at the words.

"I don't know, but Third Young Master's men reported that that person is over sixty years old and his strength is not even beneath Second Elder you, Third Young Master and his men Not an opponent at all, grabbing Third Young Master and heading all the way to the Yungui region!"

"The Yungui region? Who could it be?"

Mo Changkong's mouth twitched.


With a furious sound, Mo Changkong smashed a stone table.

"Whoever it is, let me find out, I will definitely not spare him!"

Mo Changkong was furious.

That subordinate said, "Second Elder, do you think it could be the Chen family that did it?"

"No. First, Chen Dongfang doesn't have the guts at the moment, and second, even if he did, he doesn't have the strength for this matter, I'm afraid there's something else!"

Mo Changkong calmly analyzed.

Then he raised his head: "Now, inform down and immediately draw away those forces that are suppressing the Chen family and have them run to the Yungui region as soon as possible. Be sure to find me the sword!"

"Jian'er, you mustn't get into trouble!"

Mo Changkong sighed in his heart....


One night later.

Southern Ocean Chen Family.

"Family Master, good news, good news!"

The housekeeper hurriedly ran over.

Chen Near East was reading a book in his study, and as the butler came in, Chen Near East rubbed his eyebrows and put down his glasses.

"What's the good news?"

Chen Near East asked.

"It's Mo Changkong, for the past six months, Mo Changkong has been working against the Chen family at every turn, especially that Mo Jian, but we just got the exact news . That Mo Jian is missing!"

"Well? Mo Jian is missing?"

Chen Dong Yi could not help but stand up.

Honestly speaking, although Mo Jian was Mo Changkong's third son, he had even built up his power over the past half year and was opposing the Chen family everywhere.  Remember the website

Although Chen Near East doesn't put Mo Jian in his eyes yet.

But the fly is small, but it's disgusting na.

It also did provoke the entire Chen family to exhaustion.

It was a knife stuck in the Chen family.

And now, Mo Jian has actually disappeared?

"Yes, not only have they disappeared, but most of Mo Changkong's men and horses have also retreated and left last night. The Chen family can take a nice breather!"

The butler was delighted.

Nearby Chen also nodded with a smile on his face.


The housekeeper's brows furrowed again, "Mo Jian is Mo Changkong's most beloved son, now that he's in trouble, I wonder if Mo Changkong will be angry with us The Chen family, even suspecting our Chen family?"


Mo Jian is very strong, not to mention that our Chen family can't touch Mo Jian at all, even though Moved, now in this situation, our Chen family doesn't dare to do anything to Mo Jian, and Mo Changkong knows this in his heart, and now, Mo Long Sky has withdrawn his men and horses again, and apparently, there's a big problem on their own side!"

Chen Nearing smiled.

At last, his heart was relieved.

"My master is right, it was my subordinate who was overly concerned!"

The butler smiled.

"However, to be able to easily capture Mo Jian in Jinling, I'm sure this person must be an expert among experts, Ah Fu!"

Chen Near East suddenly looked serious.

"Homeowner, you said..."

"I'll give you a secret mission, that is, at all costs, go and investigate this matter for me, and it would be best to learn of this expert's power Down, if we can get this expert to help our Chen family again, Mo Changkong's difficulties might be solved, remember, it's Whatever it takes!"

Chen Near East slapped the table.

"Subordinates understand, this will be done!"

"Wait a minute, go and invite the eldest Miss and Madam A Lan and the others, it's been a long time since we had a family dinner, today, for once!"


The housekeeper was even happier when he saw how happy Chen Nearing was.

The Chen family feast, since Chen Hao's accident half a year ago.

It hadn't been eaten since.

Even Yang Yuping, in these half a year, said that she was rarely around Chen Near East.

He had gotten used to locking himself away in his study.

This family banquet, seeing how happy father was, Chen Xiao and Qin Lan were also in a different mood.

"Dad, what are you so happy about? It can't be that Chen Hao has a whereabouts, can it?"

Chen Xiao was busy asking.

Chen Dongfang dejectedly shook his head, "Little Song is still unaccounted for..."

The crowd looked dim.

"But today, and it is indeed a good day, I have received definite news that Mo Jian has disappeared, and the Villa on Genting Mountain, has happened A tragedy, all of Mo Changkong's men were killed!"

Nearby Chen said.

"What? Mo Jian he's missing?"

Chen Xiao stood up and laughed.

"Yeah, this mysterious expert who captured Mo Jian, I don't know if it was intentional or not, but it helped our Chen family a lot anyway!"

Chen Near East smiled.

"Then father, other than the Mo family, are there any other hidden clans?"

Chen Near East shook his head: "It's not known, in short, we are now, still in dire need of such experts to help the Chen family. If this master is found, I am willing to use a third of the Chen family's assets as a condition!"

Chen Xiao and the others all nodded their heads....

Southwest, Yungui region.

On a bus bound for Yungui Province.

At this moment, the bus was already traveling on a mountain road.

The highway was barren of people and surrounded by mountains.

"I heard that there are a lot of robberies on this stretch of road!"

A small fat man looked at the dull road and said.

"The last time I watched the news, it was said that a team of robbers, robbed a bus, and all the people on board were killed!"

Seeing that everyone was looking towards him, he added.

"No way. How come I didn't see this news?"

A middle-aged woman asked nervously.

"Not long after the news came out, it was gone, it's impossible to advertise such things indiscriminately and produce panic!"

Little Fatty said.

"Hmph, even if there are robbers, so what? We're so many people, we'll beat them to death!"

A brawny man sneered.

"But, they have *in their hands."

The little fatty was helpless.

This time, the people in the carriage were silent.

They were also made nervous by Little Fatty.

Then Little Fatty stopped talking too, pulled out a packet of cookies, and ate them.

"Hmph, you're still in the mood to eat after all the talk of robbers! You're so fat, they'll be the first to rob you!"

A woman was dissatisfied.

"I eat to decompress, and the only time one is most relaxed is when one's teeth are constantly moving!"

Humpty Dumpty.

"True or false?"

"Try it if you don't believe me! Nah! Here's a pack of cookies!"

Humpty Dumpty gave it to a few people.

"Me too!" Someone in the car laughed.

"No, my cookies are expensive, don't you guys ever buy snacks? If you want it, three bucks will give you a pack!"

Chubby hugged his luggage.


Everyone in the car laughed at the little fat guy, who was a cookie seller, and everyone could tell.

But nobody cared about a few bucks, they all took out money and bought some.

"A few of you, you guys didn't talk all the way, you must be hungry, why don't you eat some together and relax?"

Fatty distributed all the way.

When he reached the middle position, he saw a man wearing a hat and mask, and he couldn't see how old he was.

Behind him, however, were two very frail young men.

Already felt a little strange.

The man in black, however, was shaking his head at the moment.

"Make a friend, and I won't ask you for money!" Little Fatty said.

And the man in black, that is, turned his head towards the window.

What a strange fellow.

Chubby muttered.

Then he turned his head to the left of the black trench coat man, wearing a leather jacket and leather pants, kind of like a beautiful woman like the black widow on the movie.

This beauty had long hair, but a cold face.

It was closing its eyes.

"Pretty girl, you want some too?"

The little fat man smiled.

The beauty shook her head.

"The cookies are slightly sweet, just the right relief!"

Fatty said again.

The woman probably wanted to shut the little fatty up, and now said impatiently, "Get me a pack!"

After Fatty gave it to her.

It was waiting for the girl to pay.

But the girl opened the biscuit and was also about to pull out the money when she suddenly remembered something like.

Not a frown.

"I don't have any money!"

"What? You don't have any money? Who believes that, not even three dollars?"

Fatty was surprised.


"Really no!"

The girl couldn't help but frown.

"Forget it Fatty, it's only three dollars, she's a pretty girl too, so I'll pay the three dollars!"

Someone in the car laughed.

"Oh, really, there are girls like that who want food and don't want to pay three dollars!"

The little fat man pouted.

And the girl's brow furrowed even more.

An intense fierceness flashed in the pretty eyes.

"Well, if you want money, get off with me later, not to mention three dollars, I'll give you three thousand dollars, do you dare?"

The girl coldly said.

"Well, who wouldn't dare, you said, give me three thousand!"  

Fatty snorted.


The girl took a deep breath.

The man in black, on the other hand, glanced towards the girl and withdrew his eyes with a slight flutter of his eyelids.

"Driver, stop the car!"

Not long after, the girl suddenly said.

"Stop here? Beauty, this is the middle of nowhere, isn't it?"

The driver kindly reminded.

"Mind your own business!"

The girl snaps.

The driver had no choice but to stop the car.

After the girl gave Little Fatty a glance, she went down with a white box.

"Hmph, you said you'd give me three thousand!"

The little fatty also walked down with the cookies in his arms.

But what was strange to the driver was that behind them, a man in a black trench coat, with two pale youths, also stepped out of the car.

In addition to that, there were four or five other brawny men, carrying their luggage, who also got off.

"What's going on? Are they all getting off halfway?"

But the driver was also an old driver, so he drove off without asking any questions.

Several people, all of them came to a barren flatland.

"Hey, give me money!"

The little fat man said to the ladyboy.

The girl stood still, then laughed, "See, you've got your money, behind you!"

"Behind you? That's a person, where's the money?"

Little Fatty asked.

"Big brother, this beauty is waiting for us, this time we'll have some fun, hahaha!"

One of the brawny men said.

Then, four or five men threw their luggage away and walked quickly towards the stopped black-clad woman.

"How pretty? Lonely trip? Why don't the brothers keep you company?"

The brawny man.

Little Fatty was suddenly confused.

"A few big brothers, you're not robbing, are you?"

"Get out of here if you don't want to die!"

The brawny man set aside the little fat man.

And the black-clothed man, too, came over with two thin youths.

Standing on the side watching.

"Accompany me? How do you want company?"

The beautiful woman smiled flirtatiously.

"Hehehe! Stay with us as long as you want!"

After saying that, a few people wanted to jump over.

"Your big brother, is his name Li Hu?"

The girl suddenly asked.

"Well? do you know?"

Several brawny men looked at each other.

"Of course I know, because it won't be long before he dies at my hands, just like you pickles!"

The girl snickered.


And it was at this moment that the girl suddenly moved, very fast, white light flashed, and in her hand was an additional short blade.


In a flash of light and shadow, the throats of four people were directly slit.


The little fatty's whole body trembled in fear and screamed.

The black wind-clothed man, too, had a faint eyelid.

Then withdrew his gaze.

"You, if you don't want to die, give me the case and come with me to a place, afterwards, I'll give you a hundred thousand!"

The girl glanced at the little fat man.

Then? Then, she looked at the three people who were slowly walking towards the other side.

Her brows furrowed fiercely.

That man in the black trench coat, how strange!

The girl's mind surmised.

But she clearly had important matters to attend to.

When she squatted down, after removing the communication devices from the four men, she left with the silent little fatty as well.

"Master, Senior, you... where exactly are you taking me? If you want money, I'll give it to you. My family has plenty of money. We'll give you anything you want. Thirsty again!"

And one of the two youths, not the other, was Mo Jian and one of his men.

On the way, he didn't dare to speak.

Now that he had reached a deep valley here, he dared to speak.

"It's just ahead!"

The man in black spoke up.

"This?" Mo Jian was surprised.

"Now that the Mo family is looking for you, they should have gone crazy, and the overwhelming number of people are coming after you in this direction, and when you go missing . I'm afraid the whole of Warsaw will soon be turned upside down as well!"

The man in black said again.

Mo Jian nodded fiercely, "Senior, it's best if you understand, my father loved me the most before he died, he would have tried everything to find me . Use all of the Mo Family's experts, Senior, you don't need to offend the Mo Family, why don't you discuss it and make friends!"

"He won't stop for a day until he finds you!"

The man in black.

"Yes Senior! Why do you suffer..."


At that moment, the man in black fiercely attacked.

It directly locked the throat of the man.

Followed by a gentle break.


A blood arrow spurted out from the hand's mouth, directly killing him.

"Ah? Senior you!"

Mo Jian was shocked.

"Your men are smart enough to mark the whole way!"

The man in black sneered.

"Young Master Mo Jian San, do you want to know who I am?"

The man in black.

"Senior... you... who are you?"

Mo Jian asked in shock.

The black-clothed man took off his hat, then took off the voice changer he wore at his neck.

Then took off the mask.

What was revealed was a handsome face.

And it was this face that filled Mo Jian with horror.

"You... you're Chen Hao?"

Mo Jian was shocked.

Searching around for Chen Hao, Mo Jian had naturally seen all of Chen Hao's information.

As soon as he recognized it, he was naturally frightened.

"Yeah, you two, father and son, chasing me bitterly for half a year, didn't expect it, right? You'll fall into my hands?"

Chen Hao smiled slightly.

Just this smile made Mo Jian feel terrifying.

"Chen Hao, Young Master Chen, I didn't expect that you are also the owner of a bloodline, what a disrespect, the previous matter might have been a misunderstanding!"

Mo Jian Fear.

Because Chen Hao's skills were just too strong.

"Misunderstanding, all of my former friends have fallen into your hands, and also, the Chen family has been overwhelmed by you for the past half year, let alone I am pursued by you and your sons as if I were a lost dog, and these, are they not misunderstandings?"

Chen Hao sneered.

"You arrest me, but you don't kill me? So what do you want?"

Mo Jian swallowed his saliva and took two steps back.

"I just wanted to find a suitable time and place to kill you."

Chen Hao said.

"I see, you wanted to divert my father's attention and create a respite for your Chen family! But Chen Hao, do you really think you can get away with arresting me? You're strong, but don't forget that you're facing the entire Mo family, my father!"

Mo Jian sat in a final grimace, "My father caught up with me here soon, you killed me, you need to consider the consequences, you have no leverage at all!"

Chen Hao nodded, "So, how to let you die, I thought for a long time, set fire to you kind of, more or less will leave traces, and finally Only then did I come up with this solution!"

"The deep valley ahead is called the Valley of Wild Miasma, also known as the Valley of Poisonous Mosquitoes, it has hundreds of millions of highly poisonous mosquitoes, throwing you in there, I'm afraid that In less than half an hour, you won't even have any fur left, so it will take your father a long time to find you! So, let the mosquitoes bite you to death!"

"Chen Hao!'re vicious! Son of a bitch, my father will cut you into a thousand pieces!"

Mo Jian was so frightened that his face was fierce, and his red eyes roared...


An hour later.

Chen Hao emerged from the valley and quickly changed into ordinary human clothes.

This windbreaker was custom-made specifically to enter the Poison Mosquito Valley.

Thinking of the miserable appearance when Mo Jian died just now.

But Chen Hao had a touch of revenge in his heart, so that even if Mo Changkong's people tracked here.

For a moment or two, they wouldn't be able to think of Mo Jian's whereabouts.

Just as Chen Hao thought, Mo Changkong would definitely go crazy and continue searching.

This way, both for the Chen family and for himself, he was given a whiff of respite.

As for Huaxia, I'm afraid that Chen Hao would not be able to go back for the time being.

It was necessary to find himself a place to land.

With his shoulder bag on his back, Chen Ge gave the impression that he looked like a freshly graduated college student.

The face, too, had reverted back to its old unpretentious expression.


Suddenly this time.

This deserted area suddenly resounded with the sound of a violent motor.

Then, Chen Hao was able to see that an off-road vehicle was rapidly chasing after the exhausted two people.

It was a man and a woman.

It was running towards them.

And Chen Hao instantly recognized that they were none other than the little fatty selling biscuits on the bus and the beautiful woman wearing a black leather jacket and pants.

"It's them?"

Chen Hao put on his hat and lowered the brim.

"Help, help! Someone is trying to kill us!"

Little Fatty shouted.

The woman in black, however, seemed to be badly injured at the moment, with blood flowing down her leg.

As for her white case, it had been replaced with black at the moment.

"Big brother, save us! They...they have *!"

Fatty cried out.

The girl was now pale.

Seeing that the buggy was about to catch up.

Plus, this ladyboy had just killed four robbers in one breath.

By the looks of it, it didn't look like that kind of vicious person.

Instead, the few people who were driving over in the distance poked their heads out, all of them bald and tattooed with dragons and phoenixes.

"You guys follow me into the valley!"

Chen Hao said.

Then, it was with the two of them that he charged straight into the valley.

It was precisely at this time.

Crack, crack, crack, crack!

A fierce* noise followed, striking the stone walls around the valley and sending stones flying.


The SUV pulls up.

Five bald guys with guys in hand jumped out of the car.

"Shit, run pretty fast, don't be afraid, that girl got hit by me, she can't get far, guys, check your weapons, let's chase them in! "

The first bald head coldly said.

"Big Brother don't, this valley is called the Poison Mosquito Valley, once attacked by a poisonous mosquito, it can be instantly ashes and smoke, not even skin and hair left, don't ever Get in!"

A youngster said.

"But that whole box of money..."

The head bald hesitated.

"That's fine, even if they go in, I'm sure they'll come out on their own before long, call some more men over and take out all the valley entrances. I'll surround you, all of you, with your weapons!"

Baldy commanded.

"Yes! Brother!"

"Oh shit, what's with all the mosquitoes? Brother, what is this place?"

Besides, in the valley, Little Fatty was carrying the black-clothed woman who was already about to pass out, and he was nervous.

"This is the Valley of Poisonous Mosquitoes, naturally there are many mosquitoes!"

"Poison... Poison Mosquito Valley? It's the Valley of the Deathly Forbidden Mosquitoes?"

Fatty was amazed at how knowledgeable he was.


Chen Hao nodded.

"I'll go, big brother, let's not go, we might as well go out and let them kill us with *! It is said that once you are besieged by poisonous mosquitoes, you won't even have any fur left!"

Little Fatty was afraid.

"Then why are you running towards me, isn't that getting me killed as well?"

Chen Hao smiled bitterly.

If it was close range, Chen Hao ignoring could sub*.

But at such a distance, a volley of *bombs would hit, and even if Chen Hao could dodge, he would be injured!

Look at the little fatty scared to death.

Chen Hao smiled, "Come with me, there's a cave inside the valley, you can hide for a while! She's lost too much blood, or she could easily die!"


Little Fatty surprised.

Chen Hao shook his head and went forward.

Taking them with him, they reached a cave.

In this vicinity, the poisonous mosquitoes had become much less.

"What a miracle, the poisonous mosquitoes are actually gone here?"

Little Fatty put down the unconscious girl and said.

"Those green plants outside the cave specialize in poisonous mosquitoes, and with them, poisonous mosquitoes don't dare to approach!"

Chen Hao was familiar with medical science and Chinese medicine and other knowledge, so naturally he knew them.

"Who are you? How do you know so much?"

And Chen Hao came over to inspect the ladyboy's injuries.

At this moment, the woman's brow furrowed and asked.

"You don't have to care what I am, if you don't treat your injuries, you'll soon be a dead man! What's happening to you guys? Why are they after you?"

Chen Hao seemed to have heard that the woman was going to assassinate someone.

Now it seemed that the mission had obviously failed.

"That's right, if I had known it was something like this, I wouldn't have followed you to death, you're screwing me over you know that?"

Fatty grudgingly asked the girl.

"Oh, we shouldn't be alive for long anyway, so there's no harm in telling you some things!"

The woman said.

"The one I'm going to kill is a boss on the southwest border who screwed over my friends, only I escaped!"

"By the looks of it, do you come from a family of trainers and have been trained for this kind of killing since you were a child?"

Chen Hao asked as he tore the gauze to bandage her.

And this question was what made the lady look at her differently again.

She kept staring at Chen Hao.

"Hey, hey, hey, I don't want to hear about your feud with those people, why did you say that we won't live long?"

Little Fatty said anxiously.

"Oh, according to what Li Hu did, the outside must be full of them now, we hide here, even if we don't get bitten to death by the poisonous mosquitoes They'll starve to death! However, if we all die together, I'll save myself some loneliness on the way!"

The girl said.

"I'll go,'re too cruel! You're trying to drag us into giving you a backing!"

Little Fatty's eyes widened.

"You were so badly injured and you didn't forget to scare him, hehe, as you said, since everyone is going to die anyway, I see that Little Fatty he If we've never enjoyed a woman, we can still be a fun-loving ghost!"

Chen Hao shook his head and laughed.

"You... you dare!"

The girl looked at it furiously.

Then Chen Hao looked to Little Fatty, "Little Fatty, go inside and get some water over here, there's an undercurrent stream in there, I want to purge her of the poison!"


Fatty nodded and took a water bottle.

"Your arm is only a minor injury, but the injury to your thigh is serious and will be very infectious, I need to get the blood off the surface of your skin Suck it out!"

After Fatty left, Chen Hao said.

"How do you suck?"

The girl asked.

"With my mouth, of course!"

Chen Hao's face was also slightly red, "You took it off, right?"


Unexpectedly, the girl hit her with a slap.

"Bastard, don't you dare!"

Her pretty face was flushed and shy.


Leng Rushan slapped Chen Hao in shame and indignation.

From childhood, the environmental causes she had been exposed to made her particularly sensitive to matters of men and women.

It could not just be said that she was sensitive, it should be extremely disgusting.

Those things of men and women made her feel disgusted, disgusted to the core.

And seeing boys also made Leng Rufeng feel disgusted.

That's why just now, she would say the kind of words that everyone would die together.

And Chen Hao didn't expect that this cold, cold girl was actually so big anyway.

"I'm saving you pretty girl, you won't be able to recover from your injuries, we'll definitely be a burden when we escape afterwards, once they catch you, your I don't have to tell you what happens next, do I?"

Chen Hao.


Leng Ruofang was startled.

The two hands clenched tightly.

It was obvious that there was another intense struggle inside.

"Fine, but you have to close your eyes, otherwise, I'll kill you!"

Cold as Frost coldly said.

"Speak as if I'm looking at you sparingly!"

"Then you turn around first! Close your eyes!"

Leng Ruofang said again.

Chen Hao shook his head, just as his back was turned.

Behind him, there was also a quick rustling sound of rustling and undressing.

Although Chen Hao had his back turned.

But this girl bar, although cold, her looks were indeed stunning.

To say that there was no reaction at all, then Chen Hao was definitely not a normal person.

But Chen Hao didn't have any other thoughts other than that.


Then, cold as frost whispered.

"Don't you move, I know the place, I'm holding your head..."


Five minutes later.

"Brother, the water's here!"

"Holy shit, what's the deal, Vicious Beauty why is your face so red?"

Fatty asked.

And at a glance, the vicious beauty was unkempt.

Little Fatty was even more surprised, "You guys... you guys wouldn't just now?"

"Bastard, keep talking and I'll cut your tongue out!"

Leng Rufrost pulled out the blade.

Frightened, Fatty immediately covered his mouth.

The night passed quickly....

"Hey, hey, hey, wake up, wake up, it's time for us to go!"

Chen Hao patted Leng Rushan and Fatty's faces.

The two woke up with a start.

"Brother, it's still dark, it's probably just early in the morning, all those people outside still set up their tents last night, where are we going ah?"

Fatty rolled his eyes and asked.

"But I just went out to look, it's empty outside, no one's there, I guess, they've all gone, or died from poisonous mosquito bites too I don't know. Let's take this opportunity and get out of here!"

Chen Hao.

"Huh? No one?"

Little Fatty asked in shock.

Leng Rufeng also stood up in some shock.

"Make sure it's correct, let's go, it'll be too late if we don't!"

Chen Hao slinged his backpack.

Apparently, both Little Fatty and the arrogant Leng Rufang were taking Chen Hao to be the center of attention at the moment.

Right now, they also hurriedly left.

Waiting out of the valley, Leng Rushan was surprised to find.

Sure enough, there was no one around, and the tents were empty.

And it was as if Li Hu's men had mysteriously evaporated overnight.

"Doesn't make sense, huh? If there had been a violent fight, I would have heard it!"

Leng Rushan surmised in her heart.

At the same time, he looked at Chen Hao in surprise.

At this time, Chen Hao had already gotten into an SUV, and he said, "Gentlemen, this is goodbye, I have important business! There are a couple of cars next to it that you can use for transportation if you want to leave!"

"Where...where are you going?"

Leng Ruofang struggled for a while and opened his mouth to ask.

"I don't know, let's keep going southwest anyway, until we reach the end of the sea!"

Chen Hao smiled.

Li Hu and these people, naturally, Chen Hao came out in the night to kill them one by one, this place also can't stay for a long time, naturally can't be too delayed.

Saying that, Chen Hao started the car.

"Right, still don't know what your name is? My name is Cold as Frost!"

Leng Rushan's pretty face was a little red.

After all, growing up, it was the first time that a boy had been intimate with him.

And he was also different from other boys, although he spoke with his mouth, he didn't have too many dirty thoughts in his eyes, this, Leng Ruofang could see.

"Erm... I'm called A-San!"

Chen Hao.

After saying that, without waiting for Leng Rushan to speak again, he waved his hand, stepped on the accelerator, and the car directly ran away.

"Ah San? Where is anyone with a name like that?"

Leng Ruofang was angry.

I wanted to ask again, but that man, he's long gone....

Chen Hao sped along through the southwest and arrived at the southwest border region.

According to Wei Qingshu's previous introduction.

The southwestern border bar, for many years, had belonged to the triangle of several* family gaps.

That is, a place where no one was in charge.

And this area, there were many cities, villages and towns, and it also had a different name, also known as the Heavenly City Triangle.

Because it didn't belong to any one country, it was simply as free as the Celestial City.

The lack of control also led to the domineering and lawless nature of the people here, thus making it the source area for major underground forces.

There were many forces.

The Wei family, however, was just a wealthy merchant here.

And Chen Hao wanted to come here, apart from finding the Ginseng King.

There was another important reason.

That was that Huaxia couldn't go back for the time being.

Instead, this place was a mix of fish and dragons, and it was difficult for the Mo Family to entangle, so it was both a place of refuge and a place to gain a foothold.

And with the Wei family, Chen Hao planned to, and would never just come and go openly.

Because the Wei family was now, after all, the only bargaining chip he had.

It wasn't a long-term bargaining chip yet.

There were many mountain ranges here.

After driving for a while, the car could no longer be used.

Chen Hao had to lose the car and trek through the mountains.

If you were thirsty, drink from the mountain spring. If you were hungry, get a pheasant or a rabbit and roast it to eat.

In the meantime, there was a rainstorm, so Chen Hao had nowhere to go, so he found a cave and moved some tents into the cave to stay for a while until the trail got easier.

That evening, Chen Hao stood in front of the stream outside the cave to wash his face.

Suddenly, a fierce *sound* was heard.

Coming from just a short distance away, it was clear that two forces were *fired*.

"It's truly the Heavenly City Triangle, you have to be careful wherever you go!"

Chen Hao washed his face and shook his head without smiling bitterly.

Sha Sha Sha Sha!

The sound of a tread on the grass was heard.

It was followed by the sound of shuttle footsteps.

Someone, was rushing towards Chen Hao.

When Chen Hao glanced at it, it was a line of five people, dressed in camouflage and full of equipment.

They were fleeing in a mess.

"Big brother!"

Suddenly, one person fell to the ground wounded and looked extremely weak.

The other four people stopped and came around.

"I'm not going to make it, leave me alone, you guys run away, run away!"

"No! Brother, we're not leaving, we're brothers, if we want to die, we'll die together, worst case scenario, we'll fight them!"

A human.

"Bastards, promise me you'll live well, I'll stay and hold them off for you, and you'll go!"

The one in the lead smacked one of the crybabies in the mouth.

"You kill me brother, I won't leave even if you kill me!"

"Yeah, we're not even leaving!"

The rest of us wept as we wiped our tears.


"Brother, there's a cave over there, let's go in and hide, anyway, we won't leave you behind?"

A few little brothers said in unison.

After saying that, carrying this wounded soldier on their shoulders, they ran straight into the cave.

"Eh? Why does this place look like it's inhabited?"

A few people came in and were surprised.

"Yeah, but let's just stay here for now and bandage big brother's wounds."

One said.

"In this situation, it's good to leave more blood instead, once it's bandaged up, it will die even faster."

Just at this moment, a voice suddenly rang out at the cave entrance.

It startled the crowd.

They all raised their guns and pointed them at a young man in front of them.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, only raised his eyes to look at these black holes in the muzzles of the guns.

With a freshly roasted wild rabbit in his hand.

Just faintly sat on the side.

The big brother in this group of people, however, was now looking at the young man with a cold glance.

In his heart, he greatly felt that this person was extraordinary.

After all, he was now heavily injured, but his vigilance was much higher than that of normal people.

There was no reason for a young man to be nearby and he couldn't detect it.

And what's more, the brethren had just pointed *at him*, but he didn't even lift his eyelids.

How could this be the quality an ordinary young man should have?

Moreover, roasting hares in the deep mountains was no longer a commoner.


The man at the head of the group waved his hand, smiling now and asking.

"Little brother, this is supposed to be your place, sorry we took the liberty of barging in!"

"Your place lives in a cave, huh? I'm just staying here to avoid the rain, so you can stay as long as you like."

Chen Hao sneered.

"Hmm big brother, what's the point of asking him, by the looks of it, he's just a donkey! And boy, you better keep your mouth shut, or don't blame the guy in our hands for not looking!"

One raged.

Then rushed to bandage the boss's wound.

He pulled out a short blade and cut off a piece of gauze.

And when Chen Hao saw this short blade, he instantly concluded.

This group of people should be in cahoots with that Leng Rushan, right?

It was certain from their similar short blades.

Yes, Leng Ruofang had said that her friends had been trapped by Li Hu and were still alive or dead, and she wanted revenge on Li Hu.

Now that the group was in such a mess, it should be them.

It was also true that at this moment one person was angry.

"Damn this Li Hu, if we get out alive this time, we won't let them go, want to use someone else's hand to get rid of us, not so. Easy, this thing isn't over!"

"Now, I don't know how Sixth Sister is doing, but I'm afraid she's been caught in Li Hu's trap!"

The boss coughed.

Chen Hao said in his heart, it wasn't like he had fallen victim to someone's trick and almost lost his life.

"Then brother, what's our next step? Li Hu has designed it to make us look like dogs in a house, and we have no other place to go!"

Someone asked.

"Now, we'll just have to take it one step at a time, or worst, wander around! Anyway, you can escape, don't die here for me, it's too lame to die that way!"

The next step was nothing more than the boss urging the rest of the brothers to hurry up and leave, the brothers had to stay away.

And it was at this time that a rush of footsteps caught up with them.

A full dozen of them.

"Hurry up!"

"Fight them!"

The crowd gritted their teeth and prepared to fight for their lives.


"Put them all down*!"

The group arrived in flames, raising* to point at the cave.

"Hmph, what a runner, causing us to chase the mountain for so long! Shen Wanshan, you really can!"

At this moment, a man who was also in camouflage walked in and sneered.

"Black Panther, kill if you want to kill, scrape if you want to scrape, you cut the crap!"

Shen Wanshan drank.

"Spirited, really spirited!"

Black Panther sneered.

"Panther, there's actually another one here!"

Some of the men at the moment.

"Well? Shit, it's just a donkey friend, brat, get out of my way if you know what's good for you, or I'll let you die here!"

Black Panther raised his hand* and aimed it at Chen Hao's head.

Chen Hao turned his head to look at him.

"Bastard, what are you looking at?"

Black Panther raged.

"I've been out and about for a while, but no one has ever dared to point this thing at my head!"

Chen Hao laughed.

"Looking for death!"

Black Panther was about to pull the trigger as he spoke.


Just listened to a crunch.

In the next moment, everyone was startled.

And the black panther, full of cold sweat.

Not even daring to breathe.

Shen Wanshan and the others, even more so, opened their mouths wide and looked at the scene before them in disbelief.

Because just a moment ago, a light flashed rapidly.

A tree branch, at an extremely fast speed, went straight through the black panther's hand*, through the belt speedily inserted into the side of the cave stone wall, fully sunk into an inch deep.

The Black Panther's cheek, however, was even scratched with a faint blood mark.


What kind of strength and speed is that?

If it hits your throat or chest, you'll die instantly!

The crowd was startled.

The person who had just said that Chen Hao was an ass, now swallowed with difficulty, "Awesome!"

"I'll be staying here for another night today, so you can either go out and fight, or stop here first!"

Chen Hao.

Pulled off the rabbit meat and put it in his mouth.

And the black panther's gaze slightly glazed over, all fear in his eyes.

"Let's withdraw!"

Black Panther.



Black Panther waved his hand and directly led the evacuation.

"Brother Panther, there are more than a dozen of us, why do we need to evacuate?"

After stepping out, the men questioned.

"Oh, a dozen men? I've gotten definitive word that a few days ago, Li Hu went out with dozens of men and horses, all killed and dumped in the wilderness overnight. There's not a living soul left!"

Black Panther.

"What? All killed?"

"Well, and they all die the same way. They all die with a single shot, and before they die, they all pull the trigger. The sharpest weapon to kill them a twig! This thing has been making the rounds in the Triangle recently!"

The panther broke out in a cold sweat.

Speeding up the pace.

What did this speech mean, and the men all understood.

Li Hu was also considered to be a big man, but he was killed in one fell swoop.

And that young man's skills just now everyone had seen.

Could it be that he was the murderer who swept away Li Hu's men?


That was a close one!

Plus the cave.

Shen Wanshan got up with difficulty, "I never thought that there was a hidden power in the world, I am Shen Wanshan, thanking you sir for saving my life!"

Shen Wanshan was full of respect.

"Thank you, sir, for saving my life!"

The rest of the five of them, too.

"You're welcome, I have no intention of saving you guys, just now, it was self-defense at best."

Chen Hao shook his head.

"By the way sir, just now you said that my wounds cannot be bandaged, I wonder why?"

Shen Wanshan asked.

Chen Hao glanced at him.

The reason why he had secretly saved them just now was because he saw that these brothers were very merciful.

If it was just a simple fight between the two forces, Chen Hao wouldn't bother with such idle matters.

Right now it was, "You lie down on your side, I'll take out the sub* for you first..."


"I didn't expect that not only is Mister's skill exceptional, even his medical skills are this superb, Wan Shan admires it!"

Shen Wanshan was respectful.

Chen Hao shook his head slightly and did not speak.

And Shen Wanshan now looked at each other towards the group of brothers.

Then Shen Wanshan respectfully shouted, "I wonder what sir wants to do in the future, can he use our brothers? Mister has saved all of our lives, and we, the brothers, are willing to follow Mister around and serve him."

Yes, the gratitude for saving our lives was hard to express, and Shen Wanshan and the others were merciful people.

Besides, now that Shen Wanshan and the others had no other place to go, if they could follow behind this young but powerful man, they might have a good future.

And apparently all of the other people were also thinking the same.

"Me? I'm afraid I'll have to stay in this triangle from now on, I've got nowhere else to go~!"

Chen Hao laughed bitterly.

"Sir also has no place to go? That's good, we're more familiar with the Sky City Triangle, we might be able to help you if you stay with us. Busy, sir, will you just take us in?"

Shen Wanshan.

Chen Hao pondered for a moment.

What he lacked the most now was manpower, his own forces, and he didn't know when he would be able to pull together a force of his own to assist him against Mo Changkong.

And Shen Wan Shang and the others had an extremely good foundation and valued righteousness, if they were trained in the future using a part of Professor Qin Bo's methods, it would not be a problem at all to deal with Mo Qing Motian's type of people.

"It's too much to say that I'm taking in, I'm also from all four seas, if possible, it would be excellent for us to make our way together!"

Chen Hao laughed and said.

"That's great sir!"

Shen Wanshan and the others were delighted.

Chen Hao nodded.


At that moment, the clouds were dark and thunderous.

It was followed by heavy rain pouring in.

Chen Hao and the others stayed in the cave.

A crowd of people, however, had a rare peace of mind as they looked out of the cave together.

"Sir, this is no way to continue, if we want to survive in the Heavenly City Triangle, we need to have our own industry and influence!"

Shen Wansan Said.

Chen Hao nodded.

Now, everyone didn't have a place to stay, and they had to hide in caves when it rained heavily.

It's hard to survive in Sky City just like this!

"Do you have any idea what to do?"

Chen Hao turned back to ask.

"The largest city in the Triangle is called Sky City, it has a thriving economy and is a place to establish oneself, but Na Na, there are so many forces there that it is too Mixed up, it's hard to get a foothold there if we just enter!"

"And ten kilometers ahead, there is a town outside of Heavenly City called Tagou Town, which is relatively prosperous, we can Start there! Sir, I have some money left over for a small estate! Stand up first!"

Shen Wanshan Road.

Chen Hao waved his hand: "Small industries do not need, I can give you a sum of money, you go to set up some large industries out, right, Tagou! What's in town?"

"The one that can be mentioned is a herbal processing factory, it's a bigger factory, but it will take a lot of money to take it down!"

Shen Wanshan said.

"Herb factory?"

As soon as Chen Hao heard this, he became interested, it's just as well, not only will he have to find the Ginseng King, he will also have to use herbs for exercise in general, this is just convenient!

In his mind he said.

"I can borrow the money, and when the rain stops, we'll head over there!"

Chen Hao said.

A day later.

Tagou Town, inside a small hotel.

"Sir, it's done!"

Shen Wanshan pushed open the door.

He walked in together with the third and fifth oldest.

"So soon?"

Chen Hao smiled.

"Ahem, never mind, the owner of this herbal factory has also been harassed by several local forces for a long time and has long been unable to sit still, I used the smallest of Consideration, took the factory with the company, and now we have a small portion of our money left over, by the way, since the owners of the company have changed. How about a new name, sir?"

Shen Wanshan.

"Let's call it the Heavenly Dragon!"

Chen Hao said indifferently.

"Sky Dragon? Sky Dragon Corporation, Sky Dragon Group? That's good. I'll get to work on it right away. And sir, we'll raise the money to take over the area where the herbalist used to live. You've got the estate! You will, in the future, have to live there!"

Shen Wanshan smiled.

"No coercion, right?"

How much money does Chen Hao know about Shen Wanshan's ability to dish out a piece of the estate?

"No...absolutely not! That boss totally volunteered!"

Before leaving, Chen Hao instructed that buying a company can't be coercive, and although Shen Wanshan was hot-tempered, he wasn't to this extent.

"Then I'm relieved, in addition Wanshan, you guys also move to the manor together, so that I also have a companion!"

Chen Hao said, "Let's go, let's go to the manor and take a look!"

"Well come on!"

Shen Wanyama and the others were all happy.

Walking down from the hotel, there were already two big black cars waiting, and I don't know where Shen Wanyama got them from.

But these two days of interaction, Chen Hao also discovered that Shen Wanshan was not only somewhat skillful, but also similarly thoughtful as Li Zhenguo.

Soon, he arrived at the manor.

Tagou Town, although it was a town, it was definitely not small.

Top two peaceful county towns it is.

And the town is also quite prosperous, with bars and restaurants and everything.

Only, it was worthy of being a fish and snake heavenly city.

On the main street, there were people with tattooed dragons painting style everywhere.

Just the gangs smashing shops, Chen Hao had seen several of them all this way over.

What chaos!

Chen Hao shook his head slightly.

Soon, we arrived at the manor Shen Wanshan had bought this.

The place was really not small.

Only, before Chen Hao even walked in, he heard a burst of cries coming from inside the main villa of the manor.

"All of you be damned honest, what are you crying for, when the new master comes later, all of you have to give me a smile, if you displease the new master, I'll damned live! Scratch you!"

A middle-aged voice came out, reprimanding someone else.

Shen Wanshan pushed open the door.

"Whew! Mr. Shen, you're here, this..."

"Could this be our new lord? Such magnanimity, that must be it, I am Liang San, see your lordship!"

The middle-aged man named Liang San, but with thieving eyebrows, was now bowing deeply to Chen Hao.

"Greetings, old...Master!"

Behind Liang San, however, there were more than twenty maids of all sizes, all quite pretty, but at the moment they were all warily speaking.

"Sir, these are all the maids of the previous herbal boss, this Liang San, is the housekeeper, I saw them all pretty good, and gave them all to you as well Stay!"

Shen Wanshan said.

"Yes Master, don't worry, these maids are all trained by me, if you let them go east, they would never dare to go west!"

Liang San smiled.

"They... were all abducted by you?"

Chen Hao slowly walked towards a girl.

Pulling up her arm, he lifted her sleeve, which was already bruised and purple on top, obviously no less whipped.

"Hehe, it's the one I bought back then, very cheap, a maid, not as expensive as a pack of cigarettes I smoked, the key is that the looks are all handsome . And don't worry, Master, I've left more than 20 of these, they've just been bought, not yet unpacked, and the ones that were unpacked have been driven away. ! Are you satisfied, my lord?"

Chen Hao's eyebrows furrowed, seeing this Liang San, was a moment of nausea.

Then he coldly said, "I don't need to, Wan Shan, ask for their home address, think of a way to send them home..."


"Send...send them home?"

Liang San was surprised.

"Can't hear you sir?"

Shen Wanshan coldly drank.

"Yes yes yes, send it immediately, send the Master immediately!"

Liang San nodded his head repeatedly.

And the group of girls nodded gratefully to Chen Hao, "Thank you, Master!"

"Well, you guys should go home now!"

Chen Hao said with a slight smile.

Chen Hao himself was not a domineering person, not to mention that he had experienced what it was like to leave his home, and that kind of heartache was not something that ordinary people could experience.

What's more, they had been bought as servants and subjected to humiliation.

All of the girls from the brigade had left.

But in the end, there were two left, standing in the same spot, constantly shedding tears.

"Why don't you guys leave?"

Chen Hao asked.

" parents were murdered by thugs here, I...I have no home Master!"

A girl said softly.

"Master, leave us here, we will serve Master well, as long as he gives us food!"

The girl said again.

"Well, since you're willing to stay here, I won't kick you out, but don't worry, no one will bully you from now on!"

Chen Hao smiled slightly.

"Yu'er thanked the Master!"

"Blue thanks the Master!"

The two of them expressed their thanks.

Especially the girl named Yu'er, who was now slightly raising her head to look at Chen Hao.

Chen Hao's handsome face was also the one that made Yu'er, her heart to jump around.

Yu'er had seen too many malicious and obscene people with evil hearts here, but this new Master was different, not at all like the others.

He had a good heart.

Just like that, Chen Hao was sort of settled in here.

And, the rest of the money was used by Shen Wanshan to recruit a full hundred or so youths who were physically overqualified and loyal in character to come over.

Acting as bodyguards for the Tian Long Group.

And in the early stages, they were trained by Shen Wanshan himself.

In the latter two weeks, it was Chen Hao who personally trained them.

In less than a month, the quality of this group of people's strength had grown significantly.

It was already comparable to the Chen family's team of bodyguards.

This day.

Inside the manor.

"Jade up, you've been picking out silver ears for so long, are you tired?"

Lan'er lay down on the bed, and couldn't help but look at Yu'er, who was carefully selecting, and smile bitterly.

Less than a month had passed, and Jade's Lan'er's temperament looked much better than before.

Especially Yu'er, now that her temperament had gotten better, she had even emerged as a sweet-looking and handsome model that made people feel sorry for her at first glance.

"Not tired, sir he's training those bodyguards too hard these days, and also managing the company, I'll make him a bowl of silver ear soup and send it over to him !"

Yu'er smiled sweetly.

"Yeah, Mr. He's really nice, but you're even better as a personal girl, you think of almost everything for Mr. He thinks of getting things done for him! Hehehe!"

Lan'er smiled.

This period of time, Yu'er had followed Chen Hao around.

From eating and living, to dressing for travel, Yu'er took care of everything.

"Right Yu'er!"

Blue sat up as if remembering something.

"A month ago, sir said he'd let us go and give us a sum of money. You always wanted to go back to your country, where you came from, didn't you? Even though your aunt and uncle are dead, you have other relatives, don't you? Why don't you go?"

"No, you don't like our husband, do you?"

Lan'er covered her mouth and laughed.

"Lan'er, you're talking nonsense again, I...where do I have any family relatives, it's just that as soon as I saw Mr. Safe, so want to stay, how am I entitled to like Mr...?"

Jade's pretty face flushed and hurriedly said.

"Rather you Lan'er, you want to return to your hometown more than I do, why haven't you left?"

Jade asked rhetorically.

"I, ah, have two reasons, the first well, is that sir is a good man, he doesn't mistreat us like the other lords, he respects us Stay close to him. Get down! As for the second and most important point, that Tiger had promised to come and pick me up and leave in less than a month, I didn't want to run around, I Wanted to wait for Tiger to pick me up, and Tiger would get his brother out of there, and he said we'd get married as soon as he got me out of here!"

Blue's happy reverence.

"But Bluer, do you really believe what those men say? Yes, Tiger did save us, but I still don't believe he'll come and take you away. You need to be prepared! Of course, saving our tiger, I trust him, but..."

Jade was trying to persuade Blue not to get her hopes up so much to avoid being hurt.

"I know what Jade is trying to say, but I believe that Tiger, who saved his brother, will come to me, and we are all set to be married Up, anyway, if I can't wait a day, I'll wait a year, if I can't wait a year, I'll wait my whole life, I'll wait for him!"

Blue smiled with two hands on her little cheeks.

"Well, it's rare for you to be so infatuated, come on, let's go make a spoon and then bring it to the gentleman!"

The two of them joked and left.

At this moment, the north side of the Sky Dragon Group.

Against a big mountain.

On top of the big mountain.

There was a team of people walking through the jungle.

Over a hundred people, divided into five teams, led by Shen Wanshan's five brothers.

Yu'er and Lan'er walked over with their thermos boxes.

From afar is to see, sir is sitting on the sun chair drinking tea.

Behind him, there are two bodyguards in suits, wearing sunglasses.

One of them is standing with his hands behind his back.

The other one, on the other hand, was giving the gentleman an umbrella to shade the sun.

"Sir, I made you a silver ear soup! You taste it!"

"Next time, don't go to so much trouble!"

Chen Hao put down the tea and smiled slightly.

And looking at Chen Hao, Yu'er smiled sweetly.

I don't know what's going on, but it seems like mister's physique is changing every single day.

For front-end time, the muscles on Mr. Mister's body were not that huge yet.

But a few days ago, it suddenly skyrocketed.

And it was only during this time that his body was back to its original size.

Just like that, Jade had already seen it twice with her own eyes.

And just at that moment.

There was a sudden sound of hurried footsteps.

It was seen that Shen Wanshan was leading his squad, running towards this side.

There were a few people behind him, and he was carrying a man.

"Sir, we found this man on the mountain, and it looks like he has been unconscious for a few days, with serious injuries, and still has a breath left, I Just take him back!"

Shen Wanshan said.

Saying that, several men placed the dying youth on the ground.

And seeing this youth.

Chen Hao's eyebrows furrowed tightly and his heart jumped even more.


And Lan'er, who was carrying the tray, suddenly shook all over, and the tray all fell to the floor.

"Earth Tiger?"


Chen Hao stood up sharply.

Lan'er, on the other hand, ran over in tears.

This dying young man was no bystander, it was the Earth Tiger of the two Heavenly Dragon brothers .

Chen Hao, on the other hand, also hurriedly ran to the side of the Earth Tiger....


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