The Unknown Heir 481-490



Blue cried out.

"Sir? You know him?"

Shen Wanshan asked.

"Well, of course we know each other, not brothers, but more like brothers!"

Chen Hao.

"Ah! Then sir, you must save Tiger, you're a great doctor, you must save Tiger!"

Lan'er cried out.

I never thought that the tiger that Lan'er was talking about was the Earth Tiger.

Had I known that, I would have sent someone to search for it.

Why stop there.  

"Blue, get out of the way, didn't you hear the gentleman say that he and Tiger are brothers!"

Jade pulled Lan'er away.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, quickly checked the injuries of the Earth Tiger.

The injuries were very serious, and if it was delayed for a few more hours to find out, I'm afraid that it would be difficult for Uncle Qin to return to the sky even if he came.

"Quick, take the Earth Tiger back to the manor first!"

Chen Hao said.

A full two hours later.

The Earth Tiger's fingers moved slightly.

Then his eyelids lifted slightly.

Into the eyes.

It was Lan'er who was clutching his hand tightly.

"Lan'er? I...I'm not dreaming, am I? Am I already dead?"

The earth tiger was weak.

"No! No! Tiger, you're not dreaming, it's Mr. Mister, who healed you!"

Blue cried.


Earth Tiger wondered, "I know my injuries, even if that Southwest Left Master comes, I can't return to heaven, I insisted on running over here, Just to see you one last time, how can you heal me?"

"Really Tiger, Mr. Ben is powerful, he really healed you!"

"By the way, I was so happy I forgot that the gentleman said to let him know first thing when you woke up!"

Blue wiped her tears.

Hurriedly, she ran out.

"Earth Tiger, are you awake?"

And Chen Hao ran in quickly.

And heard this voice.

The Earth Tiger, who was still lying on the hospital bed, suddenly shook wildly all over his body.

Raising his eyes, his mouth twitched even more, "Chen... Young Master Chen??"

The earth tiger looked surprised and happy, and violently tried to sit up.

"Don't move, you're still just in time!"

Chen Hao came over to help him.

And the ground tiger held onto Chen Hao's hand tightly, Young Master Chen it's so good to see you, it's so good to see you, people rumored that you... that you're dead, I never expected to see you here, it's great!"

The Earth Tiger was filled with tears of excitement.

And Chen Hao didn't even expect to run into the Earth Tiger when he was unfamiliar with life here.

"I'm not dead, I'm fine!"

Chen Hao said with a smile.

"Brother Tiger, it was Sir who fought hard to save you!"

Lan'er said.

"Chen... Young Master Chen.  You saved me?"

The earth tiger was surprised, "When did you learn the art of healing?"

"More than six months ago, don't ask so many questions yet, I'll tell you about it later, but you'd better tell me what happened to you? Almost got killed, and where's your brother?"

Chen Hao asked.

A touch of bitterness flashed across the face of the Earth Tiger, and then recounted what had happened to their brothers during this period of time.

It turned out that....

Ever since that night when they fought to escort Chen Hao away.

The two of them returned to the Chen family.

However, the Chen family was afraid of exposing this matter of the Heavenly Dragon and Earth Tiger helping them, so they gave the brothers a sum of money and let them leave the Chen family as well.

Originally, Tian Long Di Hu wanted to return to their overseas mercenary base.

But on the way, they heard about Chen Hao and Li Zhenguo's accident that night in Qingcheng.

Young Master Chen's whereabouts were unknown.

So it was to the southwest, secretly investigating, but three months have no results.

Also let the Situ family's people have discovered, no choice, the two had to leave the southwest, came to the heavenly city triangle here.

Originally, they wanted to establish a foothold here, use the money to form a force and kill their way back to settle scores with the Situ family.

However, the brothers underestimated the power of Heavenly City.

In another annexation battle, they were defeated by the powerful overlord of Heavenly City, Vincent's forces.

What's more, they captured the Heavenly Dragon.

The Earth Tiger was also hunted everywhere.

It had to go into hiding everywhere.

In the midst of hiding, he saw a housekeeper named Liang Er whipping dozens of girls.

So in a fit of rage, Dihu killed Liang Er.

Also in those days, got to know Lan'er.

Soon, established a love affair.

And promised to get married after rescuing the big brother.

But I didn't expect that three days ago, the rescue operation failed, and I was defeated by Vincent, almost died, and escaped all the way here!

That's what brought us to this scene today.


Chen Hao frowned.

The few brothers from Shen Wanshan at the side were also a bit scrupulous, "Sir, Vincent is a major overlord of Heaven City, not just a huge power . He himself, however, was a self-proclaimed evil dragon, so strong that even strong men who had trained hard for more than a decade were no match for him, and the Earth Tiger Brothers' It looks like he's a trainer too, and he's bound to be strong, but it's not surprising that he lost at the hands of Vincent!"

"So powerful!?"

Chen Hao asked.

The strength of the Heavenly Dragon and Earth Tiger brothers was clear to Chen Hao, possessing a superb physique and talent.

It was indeed rare for someone to beat the brothers without any strength to fight.

Shen Wanshan's strength, however, was not inferior to that of the Heavenly Dragon and Earth Tiger, and his scrupulous look at the moment was enough to explain the terrifying nature of this Heavenly City Overlord, Vincent.

"Yes, but sir, our brother's lives are yours, and we're not even afraid of death, so if you say one word, do it with Vincent, we'll do it!"

Shen Wanshan sternly said.

"Yes sir, we are not afraid of death!"

The rest of the brothers stated their positions.

Chen Hao raised his hand, "This matter needs to be deliberated slowly, Wan Shan, I need all the information on Vincent's forces, find it for me immediately! "

Chen Hao wasn't afraid of a single person, but if he was as powerful as they said he was.

Wouldn't it be a waste of these brothers' lives!

However, the relationship between the Heavenly Dragon and Earth Tiger brothers and himself was extraordinary.

If the Heavenly Dragon was in trouble, Chen Hao would definitely sacrifice his life to save them.

Soon, it was evening.

"Young Master Chen, when you go to Sky City, make sure to bring me along!"

The Earth Tiger weakly walked out into the courtyard, facing Chen Hao who was standing with his hands in the negative.

"Earth Tiger, why did you get out of bed? And I told you, I'm no longer Young Master Chen! Don't call me that!" Chen Hao smiled.

"Well, I know Young Master Chen."

"Ahem, and also, my brothers left the Chen family, it's not like Miss gave the title of Heavenly Dragon and Earthly Tiger anymore, you can call me Zhang Hu!"

The Earth Tiger also smiled bitterly.

Chen Hao patted him on the shoulder, "The matter of rescuing Tian Long, I will act immediately in the next few days, you recuperate well! Don't worry, I'll bring the Heavenly Dragon to you properly!"

"But Young Master Chen..."

"No need to say more!"

Chen Hao raised his hand and interrupted Zhang Hu.

And at this moment, Shen Wanshan came in from outside.

"Sir, the five parties of forces in Tagou Town, have sent an invitation for Sir to attend their rally tonight, and, the person who sent the invitation said that Gotta go!"

Shen Wanshan sneered.

"What is this? The Hongmen Banquet? Or is it coercion?"

Chen Hao asked coldly.

"Hehe, I understand what these five parties are thinking, it's just that they see us standing stick here and want to give us a run for our money, in the future, it's It's time to pay them protection money! Sir, don't bother with them, I'll just turn them down and go!"

Shen Wanshan said.

"No need to decline, let's leave for Tiancheng tomorrow, I don't want to have any worries, since they are so well prepared, if we don't go, wouldn't it be Not to be too disrespectful, tell them, let's go over there tonight!"


"Sir, I still don't think this matching shirt for you is the right one, so why don't you stop up front and I'll get you another one ?"

On the way to the caravan.

Yu'er sat next to Chen Hao and asked with a smile on her face.

"No need, I feel like this one is quite appropriate!"

Chen Hao looked at it and smiled bitterly now.

Only, Chen Hao glanced towards the front of the merchant mansion at the moment, but then he looked up towards it sharply.

Because there was a young man who was walking into the merchant mansion at the moment.

"What's wrong sir?"

Jade asked.

"I think I saw my classmate, I really do look like him, well, stop the car in front and let's go to the mall!"

Chen Hao said presently.  

The car was directly parked in the middle of the road.

And even if it blocked the road, in Tagou Town, the general forces knew at a glance that it was a convoy of big people traveling, and no one dared to provoke it, and drove around it from both sides.

Chen took Yu'er and went straight into the commercial building.


A young man was picking out a suit at the moment, but his shoulder was tapped sharply.

He was shocked and turned back at this moment.

First, he was startled, then he was delighted.

"Fuck!!! Old Chan?"

"Yang Hui, it's really you!"

Chen Hao smiled.

"Old Chen, are you... are you alright? I thought you were missing. So you've come to the sky city! I say, I can't even find out where you are no matter how much I ask!"

Yang Hui was excited.

He heavily patted Chen Hao's shoulder, "It's great to see you here!"

"By the way Yang Hui, why did you come here?"

After exchanging pleasantries, Chen Hao could not help but wonder.

This area was quite chaotic, apart from the local natives, where would normal people come to develop here.

"Ahem, forget about it, I'm currently running business in a large company in Warsaw, I have no choice but to travel here, alas! It's pretty chaotic here, and nine out of ten people walking down the street have a weapon on them!"

Yang Hui was helpless.

Chen Hao laughed.

"How about you old Chen? You haven't been heard from for six months. Have you been hanging around here? Let me see, you're not missing any arms or legs, are you?"

Yang Hui joked.

How to say it, old brothers meeting, all kinds of affectionate enough, as if not to damage you a few words, in vain the previous friendship.

"No, I'm still a perfect person at least, besides, I've just arrived here not long ago, I lost touch with everyone because of some things Six months!"

Chen Hao said.

"Alas, I've also heard that you broke away from the family, but it's nothing old Chen, anyway, a year ago, you should have enjoyed the If it's gone, it's gone, and it's worth it in this life."

Yang Hui patted Chen Hao's shoulder again.

An old friend reuniting, there were always endless words.

"Yang Hui, here's my contact information, let's get together when I'm done with these two days!"

Chen Hao gave Yang Hui his new phone number.

"Hey, what about this one? Is it your girlfriend?"

Yang Hui took note of it and then looked at Yu'er and smiled.

It caused Yu'er's pretty face to blush.

"I'll explain it to you when there's a chance later!"

Chen Hao smiled bitterly.

"Okay, you go ahead and busy Old Chen, I also need to buy a dress, I'm meeting an important client tomorrow!"

They hugged and were about to part.

"Well? Isn't this Manager Yang? What a coincidence!"

Right at this moment, a female voice sounded.

Yang Hui looked sideways and smiled, "So it's Mr. Qin and Mr. Li you guys are here, what a coincidence!"

Apparently, Yang Hui had run into his client this time.

And Chen Hao also indicated that Yang Hui was busy first.

He was about to turn around.

After seeing a man and a woman beside him, he was filled with surprise.

It turned out that this man and woman were not next to each other.

It was the Qin Nuan who was working at the construction site half a year ago when Chen Hao was in a downward spiral and humiliated himself behind, as well as Qin Nuan's boyfriend.

"I go, Chen Hao?"

Qin Nuan was originally still holding her shoulders, but now when she saw Chen Hao, she couldn't help but snicker a bit.

"What? Mr. Chen, you know Mr. Qin and Mr. Li? Mr. Li's uncle is the head of a large company. I am talking to them. Where's the project!"

Yang Hui.

Chen Hao nodded faintly, "Get to know each other!"

"Oh, Chen Hao, what are you pretending to be, still know each other, I'm Qin Nuan, can you forget? By the way, didn't you work at the construction site for a short time, why can't you remember, I also paid you? What? Forgotten?"

Qin Nuan sneered at her now.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, just glanced at her.

Actually, in the beginning, according to Fatty's description, Qin Nuan wasn't like this, but I don't know when this girl had completely changed her personality.

"Hmph, I guess she can't hang around in China anymore and ran here, let me tell you, just your kind, it's the same everywhere, in Here, at best, give a man a dog's job!"

Qin Nuan said.

"Mr. Qin, this is my buddy, I wonder if you guys have some misunderstanding? My buddy's pretty nice!"

Yang Hui saw that Qin Nuan was rudely ridiculing Chen Hao.

Now defended.

"Your buddy? Ao, I'm sorry, Mr. Yang. I think it's time to terminate the negotiation and cooperation between you and my husband's uncle. This project should be scrapped. What's the deal honey?"

Qin Nuan shook her boyfriend's arm.

"Of course!"

"Mr. Qin, you..."

Yang Hui was instantly speechless.

He had been here for more than a week, and he said to cancel the negotiations?

And that was when.

A staff member from outside the commercial building walked in.

He unceremoniously shouted, "Whose is that sh***y car outside? Get the hell out of here. Whose car is that, Marsh*****? Hurry up and drive away, if it's late, I'll just have it towed away!"

He yowled a few times.

Here, naturally, there was no such domestic etiquette to speak of.

Disagreeing and starting a fight was the main style here.

"Mine! I'm parked fine, what's up?"

And Qin Nuan's boyfriend was now cold at the moment.

"What's what? It's blocking the road, move out of the way, or you'll just get a tow!"

The staff was brash.

One was in front of Qin Nuan's boyfriend, and the other was also in front of Chen Hao Yang Hui, who didn't want to lose face.

Now sneered, "Brother, my uncle's name is Wu Gang! Nicknamed Fatty Wu!"

"Fuck you Fatty Wu and Skinny Wu, get the hell out of here!"

The staff scolded.

Qin Nuan's boyfriend, on the other hand, looked embarrassed at the moment.

"Well, I was just about to see whose way I was blocking!"

Qin Nuan's boyfriend was not willing to show his weakness.

Pulling Qin Nuan's hand, he walked out.

"That's right, I'm going to call my uncle right now, but someone dares not sell his face!"

"Sir, I've got the shirt for you!"

And at that moment, Yu'er ran over with her shirt.

"Yang Hui, it's fine, don't worry, in a few days, wait for me to contact you!"

After Chen Hao said something to Yang Hui, he went out with Jade....


In other words, Qin Nuan and the two of them walked out.

Originally, his car was leaning against the side of the road to listen.

However, now in the middle of the road, there was a line of motorcades parked directly.

This way, the vehicles that wanted to go around from the side of the convoy obviously couldn't pass.

It was only your own car that blocked the cars behind you.

"Look, it's not about our car at all, it's this convoy blocking the road, why should we be allowed to move our car?"

Qin Nuan was not convinced at the moment.

Just now being humiliated like this by this staff, it's strange not to be angry.

"What kind of car you guys have, can you compare to such a convoy, come from outside, don't know the rules, better listen to my advice, move the car away quickly . Otherwise, if something goes wrong, it's not something you can afford to do with some fatty Wu thingy you're talking about!"

The staff sneered.

"It is said that those who are able to travel using the convoy are forces that have a foothold in Targus!?"

Qin Nuan's boyfriend said.

"Good to understand!"

The staff said and left.

"Nuan, let's go move the car, if we offend the local giants, even my uncle will have enough trouble pocketing it!"

"All right!"

Qin Nuan threw out his tongue.

At the same time, he looked at a row of luxury motorcades.

The heart was envious.

Actually, it wasn't just Qin Nuan, even the surrounding passersby were also envious.

Yeah, who didn't want to be so glamorous, who didn't want the streets to be rampant.

Park a row of cars in the middle of the road and no one dares to care.

What kind of dominance.

And Qin Nuan had really seen it.

Right at this moment, the car door opened.

Just saw a row of dignified and solemn black-clothed bodyguards, standing down.

As if they were respectfully greeting the king of their hearts with the same solemnity.

The atmosphere was extraordinary.

"Is this the power of our Tagou Town?"

"It doesn't look like it, Tagou Town, even the forces of Heavenly City have never seen a team of men with such an imposing presence!"

"Could it be the new power we have here?"

"Gives the impression of being strong!"

As soon as the bodyguards stepped out, the crowd marveled.

The few leading figures, however, with their people, were coming towards the crowd.

And Qin Nuan and her boyfriend, at the moment, were so scared that they didn't dare to say a word, nor did they dare to drive.

And had to swallow a mouthful of saliva.

"Sir, please get in the car!"

The first few men came to a youth, now shouting in unison.

The door, however, had been opened by a few of the men.

"Sir? What? Their boss, and it's here?"

"Yeah, the leader of the pack is actually so young!"

The crowd was astonished and said.

And Qin Nuan was also suddenly stunned.

Because what they were waiting for was not a bystander, but actually Chen Hao?

"Well, let's go!"

Chen Hao nodded his head.

And passing by the two of them in front of Qin Nuan.

Chen Hao faintly looked at Qin Nuan.

Qin Nuan's startled and startled wildly shocked expression overflowed in words, while her boyfriend, even more so, immediately let go of Qin Nuan's hand.

Because Qin Nuan, has already targeted Chen Hao more than once.

And he, actually, was a band of giants here? With so many men?

Only, Chen Hao didn't bother with Qin Nuan, and by now, Chen Hao didn't care to bother with a weak female stream either.

Get into the car, the car started all the way, and sped away.

Only Qin Nuan, who was in a complicated mood mixed with panic, was left stupefied and at a loss for words!


In the largest hotel estate in Tagou Town.

There was another large gathering at the moment.

The leaders of the five parties, along with the little brothers they brought with them, were nearly a thousand people.

Filling the manor to capacity.

The crowd was boisterous.

On top of the manor, a high platform was built.

Several seats were placed on the platform.

The leaders, on the other hand, were all sitting on the seats.

"Brother Jin is really resourceful, wanting to use this Wenwu meeting to give this new Tian Long Group a run for its money, haha, two birds with one stone ah! !"

"Yes, the herbal factory itself is our main source of income, and now it's been acquired by the Sky Dragon Group, whose boss, supposedly, is a The hairy boy? With him? Still want to set up a stick in Tagogo? Looking for death!"

"But in my opinion, it's just a yellow-haired kid, I thought this invitation, he would not come, to be honest, if he really does not come, I'm still high. One look at him, and now it's just a drunken sack of rice!"

Several bosses laughed.

The so-called Golden Dude, named Golden Eagle, was in his forties, had a pair of big gold teeth, and was a big man in Tagou Town.

He was the most powerful.

At this moment, "But all of you, this year's Cultural and Martial Conference, in addition to this little Tian Long Group issue, there is another one, which is our The issue of redistricting the five forces in Targus...once this is accomplished, I don't want, what happened four years ago, to repeat itself again! "

The so-called Cultural and Martial Conference was just a prestigious name, but in fact it was a conference for dividing their territories among several forces.

And the division criteria was even simpler, whoever was stronger had the most territory.

It was carried out every four years.

The contest of strength, that is, the five big brothers, each sent their own men to compete.

The winner is the king.

After the meeting, the five families would make an agreement.

Once it was signed, there was no going back on it.

Four years ago, there were forces that fought because the territory that originally belonged to them was taken away from them, thus they fought.

You know, although Tagou Town is called a town, it's worth several Heian County cities.

It's equivalent to a city in northern China.

Right at this moment.

"Mr. Tian Long Chen has arrived..."

Outside the door, someone shouted.

It also made the entire noisy meeting hall, suddenly quiet down.

Obviously, everyone wanted to see what kind of person the newly created Heavenly Dragon Group boss was.

Chen Hao, that is, walked in with his own bodyguards.

There were only sixty bodyguards.

But all of them were solemn and possessed a very strong aura.

Many of them felt a chill down their backs.

Chen Hao came directly to the high platform here.

"Greetings, several CEOs!"

Chen Hao smiled slightly.

"Hello, Mr. Chen, please sit down!"

The several bosses looked at each other.

Particular attention was paid to the bodyguards behind Chen Hao.

It seemed that this kid surnamed Chen didn't have a simple origin.

After exchanging simple pleasantries.

Golden Eagle's eyes narrowed and smiled, "I'm sure our Targou Town's Cultural and Martial Association Chen has heard of it, the sparring will start soon! I see that Mr. Chen's men are all fierce tigers, I wonder if Mr. Chen is interested in joining in, so that we can see what they are like! "

Golden Eagle's meaning was clear, this Heavenly Dragon Group was no better than the last herbal group CEO.

The appearance alone was not simple.

Therefore, Golden Eagle wanted to test the depths of the Heavenly Dragon.

"Forget it, all of my men are just middle of the road, how could they be a match for a few of the CEO's men?"

Chen Hao smiled bitterly and shook his head.

"You're too modest, Mr. Chen! How do we know if we don't compare?"

Golden Eagle laughed.

"Well, since a few of the CEO's have this in mind, well, Wan Shan, you guys will let a few of the CEO's men later teach You guys rule!"

Chen Hao said with a smile.

"Okay sir, we brothers, we also just want to learn the rules!"

Shen Wanshan moved his shoulders and smiled faintly.


The Golden Eagle and the others were all unexpected, but the group from the Heavenly Dragon Group was really rude.

It seemed that they had a very strong base.

If we don't give them a run for their money this time, it'll be much harder to tame them in the future!

Very soon, the Man-At-Arms meeting began.

In the center, a large field was set up.

The five parties also sent out as many of their strongest fighters as they could.

On Chen Hao's side, it was Shen Wansan and his brothers.

Chen Hao had given special training to Shen Wanshan and the others.

It was unknown how much stronger they were compared to before.

As soon as the fight began, it was astonishing to the four sides.

Hitting the opposite side in pieces, they had no power to strike.


And the Golden Eagle and the other five people, their eyelids jumped viciously.

Originally, it was just thought that the Heavenly Dragon Group, similar to the previous medicinal herb factory owner, belonged to the kind with a big shelf and little strength.

At best, there were a few special forces born underlings putting on a facade.

But now looking at it, it wasn't as simple as putting on a front at all.

Rather, these people were so strong.

"It seems that Brother Chen doesn't reveal himself, but actually has such strong underlings, it looks like this Wenwu meeting, the entire Tagou Town's The division of power, Mr. Chen is going to do a big job!"

The golden eagle smiled skin to skin.

After all, five people splitting a cake was different from six people splitting a cake.

Moreover, Chen Hao's men had the momentum to crush everyone.

This was not a good sign.

And Chen Hao was silent about it.

But the Golden Eagle and the five of them watched.

But they were getting restless.

Because after one fight, before that Shen Wanshan had even made a move, all of their men had actually lost.

On top of the entire banquet, there was instant silence and a pin drop.

"Boss Jin, thank you for your humility, this time, actually giving us five brothers such a courtesy, thank you!"

Shen Wanshan came over at this moment and said.

The golden eagle smiled awkwardly, "Where, where, where, it's just that I didn't expect a few of you to be so strong, but it's us, class!"

"That's not true Jin, it's not us who are really strong, it's our mister, and we, all of us, have trained with him!"

Shen Wanshan shook his head and laughed bitterly.

"O? So, Brother Chen, you're even stronger? We're a few, and we're really looking over our shoulders!"

The golden eagle smiled.

At the moment, there was indeed some confusion in the heart.

After all, Chen Hao had led people to sweep away their five parties, as everyone could see.

Originally, they wanted to eat the Heavenly Dragon Group today, but they didn't expect to be eaten by it instead.

"Then, Mr. Jin, I wonder if what you just said, that the winner will be able to divide the forces, still counts?"

Shen Wanshan asked again.

The Golden Eagle coughed dryly and laughed, "Counting, naturally, good, then we can discuss the division of forces after the banquet!"

At the present moment, the golden eagle didn't dare to say anything more openly.

It couldn't always go back on its word.

"Someone, tear down the plaque that says five-party Wenwu Hall and immediately replace it with six-party Wenwu Hall."

Golden Eagle instructed his men at this moment.

And for these, the remaining four big men all did not speak.

They each had their own thoughts in their hearts at the moment.

Some hated the Sky Dragon Group for interfering across the board, while others were in the mindset of watching the fun.

After all, the weaker forces were instead hoping that someone would come and break the original balance, so that if chaos ensued, only then could they take advantage of it.

In the middle of the conversation, there were a few men carrying ladders who wanted to go and remove the plaque.

"No need to be so troublesome!"

Chen Hao sneered.

Picking up a chopstick, he shook his wrist violently.


With a sound, the chopsticks flew right out, piercing through the center of the plaque.

Crack! The plaque directly cracked in all directions and crashed to the ground.


The hearts of the five big men were wildly shaken.

The cigarettes in their hands all fell straight to the ground.

"This man? Who the hell is that?"

" that possible? With manpower alone, you'll just break the plaque open?"

The five of them were horrified. Apparently, they had never seen such a tactic before, and if that chopstick had hit not the plaque, but their heads, the Still at this distance, what must that be like?

The several brothers of Shen Wanshan, on the other hand, looked at each other.

In their hearts, hmph, Mister made a move, and it's not going to scare you all silly.

And apparently, the reason why Chen Hao made such a move.

It was to tell the five of you that there was no mood to divide the forces with you five, and if you five were not honest, you would be shaped like what happened to this plaque, sweeping it all away in one breath!

Chen Hao sat down with a faint smile.

"Mr. Jin, Mr. Zhu, you guys sit down!"

Chen Hao smiled.

"Okay Mr. Chen... Chen!"

Right now, although the golden eagle was trying to put on a calm appearance, the virtual sweat on his forehead betrayed him.

If Chen Hao was going to kill someone, wouldn't the chopsticks on the table be the strongest weapon in his hand?

The current appellations all changed.

"I can't believe that Mr. Chen has such strength, I, Zhang Tao, didn't say anything, if Mr. Chen is willing, my original territory is all Mr. Chen's, I Willingly, to become one of Mr. Mister's horses!"

At this moment, one of the five big men.

Ponder a little and immediately said.

And as soon as he opened his mouth, someone also immediately committed.

Chen Hao and Shen Wanshan looked at each other, except for the Golden Eagle who did not open his mouth.

The rest of them were unconvinced, but at least their faces were softened.

But this trip over, I believe that the five parties of their Tower Gou Town should have a good idea of what they were doing.

And that, was Chen Hao's purpose tonight.

The entire Cultural and Martial Meeting ended with a different kind of mood.

After returning.

Shen Wanshan excitedly told Chen Hao that many of the wealthy merchants of Tagou Town had come to join them.

And several big bosses, who were also fawning after the meeting, also wanted to join the Tian Long Group.

Just the gift money alone, they had all collected quite a bit this night.

Chen Hao didn't care about these matters, and directly handed them over to Shen Wanshan to handle in detail.

But by today, the Heavenly Dragon Group that he had created could be considered to be truly based in Tagou Town.

The Heavenly Dragon Group, too, was finally starting to have a territory of influence of its own.

When the next day arrived, the next thing Chen Hao did was to rescue the Heavenly Dragon.

Heavenly City had a variety of forces, and no one force could be underestimated.

This was what Zhang Hu, the Earth Tiger, had told Chen Hao.

Because the two brothers, Zhang Long and Zhang Hu, had also used their money to start a power in Heavenly City in order to go to the southwest to find themselves, but soon, they were crushed by the other local strongman, Vincent.

And Heavenly City, I wonder how much bigger than this Tagou Town again.

It was even more all-encompassing and redundant in power.

There was no telling how many more great powers like Vinson there were.

But Chen Hao couldn't manage so much right now, because one more day and Zhang Long would be in danger.

It was really hard to wait for everything to be ready.

"Wan Shan, order down, we're leaving for Heavenly City today!"

Chen Hao.

"It's Mr. Chen! I'm going to get ready!"


According to the information provided by Zhang Hu, according to Vincent's habits, he would normally go to the largest underground casino in Sky City at this time.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, led people straight there.

At first, Chen Hao was just casually sitting at a gambling table.

Of course, after winning a dozen rounds in a row.

It was the dealer's attention that was attracted.

Taking advantage of Chen Hao's lack of attention.

One of his men secretly ran to the office.

"Brother Sam, there's a corner outside, he's won a lot of money, and he's brought a lot of his men with him, so it doesn't look like he's a good person!"

The hand said to the big man who was sitting on the boss chair and was playing with a Japanese samurai sword in his hand.

This big man, from the top of his head to his forehead, had a very clear scar that looked extraordinarily oozing.

And he was the boss here, Vincent.


One of the jade pedestals in front of him shattered with a single slash by the polished Japanese warrior sword.

It startled the man.


He blew on the blade.

"Is it a horn? If you're a number, you should know the rules of my Vincent here, okay, I'll go out and take a look!"

Vincent said with a sneer.

And outside, it was still very noisy.

However, by the time Vincent came out with his men.

The entire scene was instantly silent.

"Brother Sen!"

The crowd shouted in unison.

Vincent brought the people with him and walked directly in front of Chen Hao.

"Who am I supposed to be, but it turns out to be just a yellow-haired kid, what? Don't you know the rules here at Sam's? Winning dozens of games in a row and not having to spit out points?"

Vincent said.

"The rules, I really don't know much about them, I'm new here, so bear with me!"

"If you don't know well, you can learn, or we'll play a couple of games, but I don't know if you dare to bet on something."

Vincent smiled grimly.

"You tell me, what's the bet?"

As Chen Hao spoke, he was also looking Wen Sen up and down, this Wen Sen, apart from his fierce face, Chen Hao couldn't see any strong scent in him either.

Unlike that Mo Jian and the others before, their strength and weakness were put aside, but Chen Hao could at least see some martial scent in them.

If Vincent was really strong, how come he didn't have any on him?

And that's when Vincent spoke up, "Bet your life!"

The entire arena was shaken by this statement.

Shen Wanshan and the others also looked at each other.

"Yes! I'm willing to serve!"

Chen Hao nodded his head.

However, a single round of this gambling craft, even if Vincent was an old fart, how could he be Chen Hao's opponent.

In just one round, Vincent was defeated.

"Mr. Wen, humble, I won!"

Chen Hao shook his head and smiled.

Vincent, on the other hand, was touching his watch.

Suddenly, many of the surrounding men moved.

They all took out their guys and pointed them at Chen Hao and the others.

"Brothers are really good at two things, it's just a pity, I'm afraid you can't take this life of mine, but instead, you can store your life with me first!"

Vincent stood up and sneered, "Do it!"

But then, one saw Chen Hao's figure shake.

In an instant, he was in front of Vincent.

What's more, he was quick-eyed and grabbed Vincent's neck.

The rest of them were trying to move, but they no longer dared to move.

And Chen Hao slightly pushed on it and directly lifted up Vincent.

"If you don't want to die, let all your men get out!"

Chen Hao sternly said.

"Get out! Everybody out! Brother, don't mess around, you know, this is my territory!"

Vincent hurriedly waved his hand and told all his men to withdraw.

"So do your words count, but you've lost your life to me!"

Chen Hao.

"Don't! Don't friend, spare my life, I'll give you anything you want!"

Vincent hurriedly begged for mercy.

"It's simple, a life for a life, a while ago, did you capture someone, his name is Zhang Long, nicknamed Tian Long, where is he being held? ?"

Chen Hao asked.

"So you're here to save him, brother, in... he's in my hands, I'll let him go, you have to keep your promise and let me go!"

Vincent hurriedly said.

"Cut the crap and hand over the man!"

Chen Hao added a little more energy.

"He... he's locked up in the basement of the underground casino, if you want to save him, you can do it now, I'll give my men a word and just let him go!"

And this Wensen was downright painful.

Soon, Shen Wansan rescued the heavily wounded and already heavily unconscious Sky Dragon.


When Chen Hao saw how miserable Tian Long was, in a fit of rage, he kicked Vincent away, who was spitting blood and was terrified.

And Shen Wanshan and the others were all looking dumbfounded.

Such a strong Wen Sen could actually be worthless in front of Mr.? It's not scientific!

"Take him with you and let him escort us all the way out!"

Chen Hao personally carried the Heavenly Dragon on his back, and now pressuring Vincent, the crowd drove off directly.

"I'm just a low life, you mustn't kill me!"

And to a deserted riverbank.

Vincent knelt straight down.

"Hmph, I never thought that the rebuke Heavenly City's Vincent would look like this!"

"Yeah, shit, so many people listen.

To the extent that his name is heard, he turns out to be a dog bear!"

Shen Wanshan and the others laughed bitterly.

And Chen Hao stared at him coldly, faintly at this moment.

"You answer me an honest question, where is the real Vincent? What are you to Vincent?"

It was only after this statement was made that Shen Wansan and the others were all stunned.

"Sir, spare my life, my name is Wenlin, Vincent is my brother-in-law, he went out a week ago, I was just helping to check out the scene while he was away And already, sir, have mercy, if you seek revenge, seek my brother Vincent!"

The man cried.

"What? So he's not Vince?"

The crowd was stunned.

And sir, I'm afraid, saw this coming early on.

"Son of a bitch, so you played us, where's Vincent? Where is he?"

Shen Wanshan grabbed him.

"He just told me that he took someone to find one thing and came back later, but other than that, I don't know anything ah!"

Wenlin cried out.

"We'll take the man, and we'll get our hands dirty even if we kill you, get out!"

Looking at Wenlin, Chen Hao cursed coldly.

"Thank you, sir!"

Vincent fled when he was too busy to do so.

"This bear..."

Shen Wanshan cursed, and now, he also followed Chen Hao and went straight back.

"Fuck, I'm a hero of Wenlin's life, I never thought that today I would fall on the head of a yellow-haired kid, it's really unlucky, but this person is really ruthless! It's no match for my second brother! Looks like we'll have to get my brother back and waste this kid!"

Vinlin rubbed his throat and cursed as he ran.


In the face, it hit one person.

Immediately, it fell straight to the ground.

"Damn it, no eyesight!"

Wenlin cursed furiously.

But, in the next moment, he stopped cursing.

Because standing in front of Wenlin's eyes was a black man in a black robe that only missed two eyes on the outside.

One could tell from this person's eyes that it should be an old man.

His eyes were somewhat cloudy, but they were penetrated with an essence and fierceness.

It was as if it was ingesting, so cold that it chilled people several times, and Wen Lin was too frightened to curse after just one sentence.

"You... who are you?"

Wenlin asked.

The old man in black, however, slowly walked over, lifted his pale hands, and gently patted Wenlin's head.


Next second.

Wenlin spat blood, so he lay on the street....

And the black-clothed old man slowly lifted his hands behind his back and gave a meaningful glance in the direction Chen Hao and the others had left.

Then, a slight frown creased his brows....


And then Chen Hao returned to the manor with the crowd.

From afar, it was to see a fleet of cars parked at the entrance.

"Who are these people?"

Shen Wanyama couldn't help but be surprised.

"It's the Wei family's prince, Wei Qingshu, who's here, it seems that what I've been looking for has finally come to light!"

Chen Hao smiled slightly.

The bandaged Tian Long was sent back to his room to rest.

Wei Qingshu was drinking tea in the living room at the moment.

He was also holding a file bag.

Letting such a major youngster be so and so was obviously impossible in the past, that is Chen Hao face, right?

The money for Chen Hao's standing stick in the southwest was funded by Wei Qingshu, so he naturally knew where Chen Hao lived.

"Qingshu! How long have you been waiting?"

Chen Hao walked in and the two greeted each other.

Although Wei Qingshu had been a bit arrogant and domineering before, from their first meeting, Chen Hao could see that if he could tame it, he would have no problem at all becoming a capable assistant.

"Not long!"

After some warm pleasantries were exchanged now.

Wei Qingshu directly stepped into the main topic.

"Mr. Chen, the matter you asked grandpa to look into is finally not in vain, we've found out where the Ginseng King is!"

Wei Qingshu was thirsty and took another big gulp of water.

"Ahem, but it was investigated, but half a year ago, this Ginseng King would have been dug up, if it wasn't for my grandfather casting a wide net . I'm afraid that if you get a clue from a small trader, you'll never find it for the rest of your life if you keep looking like this!"

Wei Qingshu continued.

"According to that peddler's account, half a year ago, because he was familiar with the mountains, he was hired as a guide by a group of forces, and it was to go in search of the The Sen King's, finally found in the deep mountains of the Valley of the Fallen Dragon, where the Sen King was, and the group, paid the peddler a large sum of money to keep his mouth shut, but this The small trader was too small for his mouth, but he was dissatisfied. My grandfather sent out a lot of people, strung together a lot of strings, both the lower and upper classes, everything that was relevant, checked one out. , so the peddler told the story!"

"That Ginseng King, he's already in the hands of the Yu family."

Wei Qingshu lowered his voice.

"The Yu family?"

Chen Hao asked in shock.

"This is another wealthy merchant power in the Tiancheng District besides my Wei family, which is relocated here, and this Yu family, which is here Indigenous heroes!"

Chen Hao nodded, "Is the news accurate?"

Wei Qingshu took another sip of water: "Exactly, and my grandfather also found out that the Ginseng King fell into the hands of the Yu family, not only we know about it. Some local and foreign forces seem to have noticed that many have hit the Yu family three months ago. Lord willing, three months ago, the kidnapping of the Yu Family's two thousand gold tulips was thought to be related to the Sen King!"

"This Yu family, it's really able to hide, but whoever takes the Ginseng King is like taking a ticking time bomb, they'll be instantly targeted And that's normal!"

Shen Wanshan smiled bitterly.

Chen Hao frowned, "No matter how many forces compete for the Ginseng King, I have to get it anyway!"

In fact, as Chen Hao had said before, although the Ginseng King was rumored to be miraculous and could extend a person's lifespan.

However, if an average person ate it, they would just explode and die.

It couldn't withstand the energy of this Ginseng King.

But one could completely withstand it.

To deal with Mo Changkong, one couldn't do without the Ginseng King's help anyway.

"It's enough for the Yu family to drink now anyway, he's holding the Ginseng King in his hand now, it's just priceless, I don't know who to sell it to! Because too many forces are watching."

Wei Qingshu said, "Sir, if we want to get it, I'm afraid it's not easy to rob it openly, I have a solution, I don't know if it's feasible or not!"

Chen Hao asked, "What's the solution?"

"That's a roundabout tactic, start on top of the Yu family's daughter, and if you can trick the Yu family's daughter, then proceed to trick out the Sen. Wang Lai, it's not hard anymore! It also saves having to fight with so many powers openly and secretly!"

Wei Qingshu finished.

Chen Hao is not a good look at him: "Pick up girls this is what you are good at, right? Well, how about you take care of this task?"

Wei Qingshu hurriedly waved his hand, "I can't, but she knows me, and it's not necessarily a bubble, even if it's close! After all, the tulips are being watched by many targets right now, and we absolutely can't let them fall into the hands of someone else, and we know everyone in the Wei Yu family . So, what grandpa means is for you, sir, to send out a suitable henchman!"

"Tulip is now a freshman at Sky City University, and on my side, I can assist your people, sir, to blend in as teachers!"

"And who would be appropriate to let go?"

Chen Hao frowned.

He scanned the crowd.

Shen Wanshan does want to go.

But you can see he's five and three, so being a security guard is more or less the same.

Zhang Hu is younger, but Zhang Long Zhang Hu is injured.

Besides, they are all too indifferent.

It's not suitable to be a student or a teacher.

Everyone shook their heads as you looked at me and I looked at you.

Instead, in the end, everyone was looking at Chen Hao.

"Sir, not to mention, among all of us, you're the only one who went to college, and you're the one to say the right person for this matter!"

Shen Wanshan smiled.


Chen Hao was stunned.

"How can you guys do this, mister he has a lover, how can you let mister go and get involved with other girls?"

Yu'er was now carrying tea over, and on her pretty face, a touch of dissatisfaction flashed across her face.

"Yu'er, what are you thinking, Wei Shao was just joking just now, how could he really let mister go to pick up girls, but wanted to protect the tulip Up, let her be just under the care of our side of the power!"

Shen Wanshan smiled bitterly.


Jade pouted.

And Chen Hao pondered for a while.

Now that the two brothers Zhang Long and Zhang Hu were recovering from their injuries, and Shen Wanshan was in charge of looking after the industry, it seemed like he would be the most suitable.

Chen Hao finally nodded, "Alright, I'll do this, Qing Shu, you can help me arrange this!"

"No problem, sir knows medicine, just go there and be a substitute biology teacher, lectures at that university are simple, just read from the textbook That's where I graduated!"

Wei Qingshu laughed bitterly.


"Teacher chen, you just reported here today, let me introduce you, this is Teacher Shen Meng from our biology group. And this, is Teacher Yu Jiang."

The next day, Chen Hao put on a small suit and dressed like a scholar, and came to be the substitute teacher.

The deputy head of the biology group, with a man and a woman and two young men, was waiting just outside the school gate.

At this moment, the deputy head introduced, "This is Mr. Chen, who has just come to be a substitute teacher, just like Mr. Yu Jiang, from now on, we all It's a colleague now, Shen Meng, why don't you show the two teachers around the campus first today?"

The deputy team leader said.

The one named Shen Meng was a beautiful woman with long hair, handsome appearance and tall figure, she looked about 24 years old and had an outstanding temperament.

Dressed in a black professional suit skirt.

It even added a bit of a seductive air.

"Teacher Yu Jiang, Teacher Chen Hao, let's take a walk together, shall we?"

Shen Meng smiled sweetly, and at the same time, even more so, she couldn't help but look a little more towards Chen Hao....


Chen Hao is handsome, and now that he's in a suit, it's naturally easier for girls to be attracted to him.

And this colleague, Shen Meng, looked like she had just graduated from university.

Chen Hao nodded to her.

Yu Qiang, who was also a young man at the side, seemed to have some interest in Chen Hao at the moment when he saw Shen Meng, a great beauty. The core of the conversation had been on Chen Hao.

Unable to help it, his brows furrowed with jealousy.

Originally, the two newcomers were equally professional majors and had come at the same time.

It had a certain level of competition.

And now, isn't Shen Meng showing him kindness by belittling herself.

This feeling made Yu Jiang a little unhappy.

But he wasn't a brainless person, and when he didn't say a word, he just followed along and watched Shen Meng speak to Chen Hao.

"Teacher Shen Meng, these are the two new teachers in our group ah? They're all quite handsome!"  

Just then, a few young teachers walked over together.

They greeted Shen Meng.

They were all girls and looked about the same age as Shen Meng.

"Yes, this is Teacher Chen Hao, this one..."

"Uh sorry, I forgot your name..."

Shen Meng suddenly looked embarrassed.

Yes, just now Shen Meng felt that Chen Hao was dressed in a suit and had a handsome appearance.

So she couldn't help but pay attention mostly to Chen Hao's body.

As for Yu Jiang, he smiled faintly, "My name is Yu Jiang!"

At the same time, a touch of jealousy emerged even more in the heart.

As for these young female teachers, they all spoke to Chen Hao as well.

Suddenly at this time.

A luxury car suddenly drove over.

It stopped directly in front of several people.

It caused Shen Meng and a few other girls to be a little shocked.

And at this time, several black-clothed bodyguards walked down from the car.

"Young Master, today the boss said that it's your first time in Tiancheng, tonight, to pick up the dust for you!"

The black-clothed bodyguard bowed slightly to one man.

Yu Jiang, on the other hand, gently rested his golden glasses: "Alright, tell cousin, I'll just go over there at night!"

"It's Young Master!"

Several bodyguards bowed again.

Only then did they leave.

The few young female colleagues who surrounded Chen Hao were instantly confused and directly opened their mouths.

Astonished, they looked at Yu Jiang.

"Teacher Yu Jiang, why are they calling you Young Master ah?"

Some female colleagues asked in shock.

"Oooh, they're my cousin's people, my cousin owns a couple of bars and hotels in Lucknow!"

Yu Jiang faintly said.

Shen Meng, on the other hand, couldn't help but look a little more towards Yu Jiang.

"That Teacher Yu Jiang, but you don't seem to be from Tiancheng, I never thought you would have such a powerful cousin!"

Shen Meng smiled and asked.

"Well, I'm from Tagou Town, you've heard of the Five Forces, right?"

Yu Jiang faintly asked.

"I've heard that Tagou Town is controlled by the five parties! It's powerful, and it has a high status in Heavenly City!"

A female colleague asked in shock, suddenly coming to great interest.

"My father is the steward of the Cao family, one of the five forces!"

Yu Jiang chuckled.


The crowd was even more startled.

They were all locals in Tiancheng, influenced by their environment, and preferred those who were so-called muddlers.

It was because only the good ones could live in Heavenly City with better scenery.

This was the yearning of all the girls.

Just like the row of cars that came just now, it had already made several girls envious, and this Yu Jiang, was actually a member of the Five Parties!

"So you don't work for your group, then?"

The girls asked.

"Oh, don't want to do it, it's pretty chaotic over there in Tagou Town too, the five parties, now that they've all taken orders from the newly-emerged Tian Long Group, My dad's idea was to let me get out on my own first!"

Yu Jiang shook his head with a bitter smile.

Shen Meng smiled slightly, never would have thought that this Yu Jiang, was so mature and stable.

"That's just fine, Teacher Yu, you're so young, if you make your way more, you might open up a new world!"

Shen Meng came to Yu Jiang's side and smiled.

"I was thinking the same thing!"

Next, the crowd listened to Yu Jiang talk about some of the major events that had happened recently in Sky City as well as Tagou Town.

They were chatting endlessly.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, just shook his head and laughed bitterly on the side.

Such a scene had long been commonplace.

Yu Jiang, at this moment, faintly glanced at the snubbed Chen Hao, and a touch of pride flashed across his face.

There was no audition in the morning.

Chen Hao had been sitting in the office.

Soon it was noon.

Chen Hao looked to the side and smiled at Shen Meng and said, "Teacher Shen, let's go to the cafeteria together at noon, I'll buy you!"

When we chatted in the morning, Shen Meng had told Chen Hao to take Chen Hao to the cafeteria for lunch together, after all, Chen Hao had just arrived and wasn't familiar with it yet.

So, Chen Hao simply took the initiative to say it, other than that, Chen Hao had no extra thoughts.

"No Mr. Chen, I still have things to do at noon, sorry ah!"

Shen Meng slightly straightened her hair.

Chen Hao nodded with a smile, "Then I'll go look for it myself!"

And then it went.

Although Sky City has always been chaotic, but it has all the organs, medical and health institutions, education and training institutions are all there.

This school, aside from the fact that the students were all like punks, there was nothing different about it.

They were all students.

Chen Hao ordered a portion of rice with one meat and one vegetable and two dishes, and then found a place to sit down and eat.

It had been a long time since he had enjoyed such a life.

Being the boss of Shen Wanshan and the others was really not as good as being a quiet teacher at school.

Chen Hao could not help but smile bitterly in his heart.

But, how long could such a quiet and cozy life last? Alas!

It was while Chen Hao was eating.

"Xiao Meng, let's stay over here, I look more spacious!"

A male voice rang out.

"No, it's a VIP section there, you have to charge for seats!"

"Hahaha, it's fine, it's just that we have a meeting this afternoon, we're in a hurry, or I'll take you out!"

That male voice laughed.

And when Chen Hao looked up, it was a man and a woman, not a bystander.

It was Shen Meng and Yu Jiang.

So Shen Meng said that she still had things to do, she was coming to dinner with Yu Jiang ah, Chen Hao laughed bitterly in his heart.

Chen Hao smiled bitterly. Yu Jiang and Shen Meng obviously saw Chen Hao.

Because Chen Hao is sitting on the side of the VIP area, because the VIP area to eat, are a symbol of status.

The reason why it was deserted on Chen Hao's side was because it was easy to form a stark contrast, so no one would usually be here.

Yu Jiang, scowled and glanced at Chen Hao who was eating with his head down.

Shen Meng, on the other hand, was a little embarrassed.

Apparently Chen Hao had just seen herself, and she had asked to come to dinner with him before, but then at noon she said she had something to do, so she came with Yu Jiang.

This would be more or less embarrassing in any girl's heart.


Shen Meng quickly tidied her hair and withdrew her gaze, smiling slightly and nodding her head.

"Isn't this Teacher Chen Hao, why is he sitting here!?"

Just then, several female voices rang out again....


Chen Hao looked up and saw that it was the same group of young female colleagues.

They were obviously looking for a place to eat as well.

They happened to see Chen Hao.

And when Chen Hao saw them, he smiled at them and nodded his head.

"I go, I'm really drunk, I don't know anything, it's bad where to eat, I have to eat here!"

On the contrary, they did not pay attention to Chen Hao's laugh.

Instead, they each covered their own mouths in a very funny manner.

Then they turned around and left without looking back.

"Hey, look guys, it seems to be Teacher Yu Jiang and Teacher Shen Meng, hi!"

A few girls saw Yu Jiang and waved their hands with a smile now.

"What a coincidence, I should have known to call you all together, come over and sit with us, right?"  

Yu Jiang smiled cheerfully.

"Is this good?"

A few of the girls laughed, but ended up sitting through it.

The group of people were joking and laughing.

Chen Hao was also clear that he was indeed nothing compared to Yu Jiang Yi, but at the same time, Chen Hao did not want to have too much to do with these colleagues.

After all, this wasn't his main task.

Chen Hao just wanted to see that tulip as soon as possible.

By the time the afternoon meeting was over.

Chen Hao won his first class, and there were a total of more than thirty students in the class, and the most conspicuous one would have to be Tulip.

Because this beautiful girl was clearly the older sister in the class.

Since the first class, was a lab class, it was necessary to go to the lab and take the students to observe some specimens.

This was considered a major subject in the biology department.

And hearing that they didn't have to stay in the classroom, the students were apparently quite excited, taking their notebooks and following Chen Hao.

"Hey, Jin Xiang, have you noticed that our somewhat little handsome teacher seems to be interested in you?"

On the way, a girl pulled Tulip over and said.

"What are you talking about, dead girl?"

Tulip was speechless.

"Really, from the time he came in, to the time he introduced himself, the whole time, I noticed that his eyes, from time to time, would land on your On the body, and he just glanced at you again when he was out, guaranteed, he was attracted to your beauty!"


Tulip laughed bitterly, "And just don't let me find out, if I find out he's really spying on me, I'll gouge his eyes out for Big Yellow! I don't like him much, quiet and honest, and I hate him the most, no blood at all!"

Rhubarb was a Tibetan mastiff raised by Tulip.

A few girls burst into laughter.

Only to wait for Chen Hao to bring them.

The time.

Only then did I discover that in the lab, there were already two classes in there.

The lab was usually two classes of students from neighboring classes together, but today, it was Chen Hao's class, along with Shen Meng's class.

But now, Yu Jiang was in there with students from their class.

"Teacher Chen?"

Shen Meng saw Chen Hao and was a little embarrassed.

"This class, aren't our two classes together? Why did Teacher Yu bring someone over?"

Even though Chen Hao didn't have much of a sense of belonging here, it still made him a little upset.

"I'm sorry Mr. Chen, Mr. Yu told me that it was his first time with a student and he was inexperienced, he wanted to come over and join me in the joint classroom together, I thought that he I've already told you, so it's a yes!"

Shen Meng blushed slightly.

"Ahem, teacher I think we should forget about it like this from now on, why don't we just have our two classes in joint class? We like to go with Mr. Shen and Mr. Yu!"

A few students from Yu Jiang's class shouted.

"By what right, it's all arranged, can you guys give it to whoever you want?"

Tulip was dissatisfied and now brought a few girls to argue back.

The eye is about to argue.

Think about it, it's like having your old face poked in here and coming in high spirits with a notebook, only to be greeted without being greeted and just taking over the lab.

Think of the shame.

"Ahem, Mr. Chen, we're already ready to do our experiments, so why don't you take your students back?"

Yu Jiang put both hands in his pockets and smiled coldly.

"What's wrong? Why is it so noisy, and are we still allowed to teach?"

Right in the next lab, two young female teachers came out.

When dissatisfied.

Then Yu Jiang said to them, "It's Teacher Chen, it's not, I was in class with Teacher Shen Meng and wanted to learn from the experience, and I accidentally rammed into Mr. Chan's class! Alas, my bad!"

"Teacher Yu it's not your fault, it's Teacher Chen who's being unkind, at worst you'll just have the next class?"

The two female teachers said together.

Shen Meng slightly straightened her hair, "Teacher Chen, why don't you go back first?"

It wasn't good to make a scene like this after all.

Chen Hao frowned slightly.

It really wasn't worth it to have a general knowledge of them.

Now, he faintly said, "Let's go!"

After that, he turned around and went back with his students.

"Yeah, get out of here!"

The students in the class raised their voices.

"Shit shit shit, that's really pissing me off!"


Jin Xiang slammed the notebook down.

The two pink fists waved.

This incident was considered an episode that happened after Chen Hao came to school.

The students had also given Chen Hao a nickname, Teacher Softball.

Rather, it was not Chen Hao's mind.

This did not affect Chen Hao's observation of the situation around Tulip.

Chen Hao found that there was really a bit of an undercurrent in the school.

There were several parties of forces that had already started to hit on the tulip.

But even though this Tulip had been kidnapped once a while ago, she was still unaware of the situation.

It was still the older sister's way of doing things at school.

"I'll go, what should I do? Oops, Jin Xiang ran out again!"

The first class apparently ended with a different kind of atmosphere.

When it was time for the second class, Chen Hao went to the classroom again.

As soon as he entered the classroom, he heard a few female students anxiously discussing.

"What's going on?"

Chen Hao frowned and walked over to ask.

"Hmph, mind your own business, a piece of trash, said to be kicked out just like that, to be your student and follow the wimp shame! Jin Hyang didn't want to take your class and drove herself out to play!"

One girl was full of complaints, "Jin Hyang's father told me repeatedly to keep an eye on Jin Hyang, and now even I have to be scolded, The culprit, that's you, huh?"

The girl said and pushed Chen Hao away.

Then exhaled and tried to run out to find Tulip.

The tulip is this kind of character, unrestrained habit, a kind of heaven and earth let me fly momentum.

One doesn't go as planned, and you want to go out and play.

But just at that moment.

A boy wearing glasses came running back.

Just in time to run into Tulip's best friend.

He was breathing heavily, "Sister Condensation, it's bad, I saw Jinxiang driving her sports car directly towards the direction of Bapu Ling, she said she went out to have some fun, let me tell you to wait for Softball's class..."

The man with the glasses said that he didn't speak again after seeing Chen Hao, looking embarrassed.

"I go, running the eight paces? If uncle finds out she's gone to play there, he'll kill my dad too! It's too dangerous. What should we do? One of you come with me and go get Jin Xiang back!"

Lee curled her anxiously to jump to her feet.

"I'm going!"

"I'm going too!"

A group of boys volunteered.

"The Eight Paces, what's that place?"

It was at this point that Chen Hao could not help but ask.


"I go, also fucking teacher, do not know the eight paces, it is a lot of young people on the road, special gatherings to hold a party car racing dashing. The place is a mess!"

Some of the students were speechless.

"Geez, what's the point of talking to him, Jinxiang she'll go anywhere if she gets mad, that's what happened last time, let's go . Let's go and get her back!"

Li Curd was on the verge of tears in a hurry.

Li Ning Bar, although she is good friends with Yu Yu.

But Li Ning Ning's father, is actually the housekeeper of the Yu family.

Li Ning Ning, on the other hand, is usually in charge of watching over Yu Jinxiang.

You know, the second miss of the Yu family is famous for being crazy.

This time, she doesn't want to run out of class and play even more ruthlessly.

More than thirty students are also quite righteous, when all of them followed and ran out.

The good thing is that this group of people rich and young many, all have a car, three or five to get on the car and go.

"It can't be this evil, right?"

Chen Hao was helpless.

"Don't really have an accident, if something happens, did you make this trip soon for nothing!"

In the back of my mind.

Plus, now that Tulip was being watched by so many forces, it was not at all reassuring, so now he rode his own electric bike and followed them as well.


Tulip regretted it after driving all the way to Eight Paces. It wasn't just a racing track, it was more like a colosseum.

The Bapu Ridge Race Track was located on the outskirts of Cloud City, at the foot of a piece of mountain.

Since it was circled and intertwined, people who were interested in building a racing ground here.

Originally, it was a deserted field, but now it was filled with all kinds of cars, not to mention top-notch sports cars like Ferrari and Maybach.

There were a lot of young men and women there.

There were many young men and women, and the sound of their voices cracking and their instruments beating furiously was deafening.

Tulip was shocked by this hormone-filled place, with her mouth wide open, looking at all of this with an incredible face. In this world, there was such a class of people that existed. This was something she had never encountered or imagined before.

Bapu Ling, she had already heard of it, but she hadn't wanted to come because her dad had ordered it forbidden.

But Tulip was in too much of a bad mood lately, first she was bothered by her sister at home, and before she got over it, today she had a wimp to harbor her.

Some of these things came to mind, and geez, it was really about to get mad.

As soon as she got annoyed, all orders were left behind, and Tulip wanted to come to the Bapu Ridge for a bit of fun.

Right now, Tulip was sitting in the car a bit overwhelmed and was about to leave the place. At this time, the exploding head with a row of silver studs staring at his left ear walked up to her car and said, "Hey, is the chick new here? How's that? Let's run a race, and if you beat me, I'll host a PART for you here tonight!"

"Never mind, I didn't want to compete, I just wanted to come and see!" Tulip shook her head.

"No comparison? You don't look like a student. You don't dare to compete, do you? You're wasting your sports car!"

"Fart your mother!" Tulip cursed.

"Let's fight, who's afraid of you!"

But after saying that, Tulip regretted it a bit.

She just wanted to come see what the long-rumored Bapu Ridge Circuit was like and run the Pan Mountain Highway once. But she didn't expect this place to be such a scene, she really couldn't adapt.

Explosive Head also knew what Yu Jinxiang had scruples about and pointed at the crowd around her, "This is a bunch of fucking animals, don't put them Just be human. If you really don't want to see it, just close your eyes."

Tulip hesitated, but seeing the exploding head standing next to him in a vowed state, with the idea of dying sooner rather than later, said, "Since It's all compared, so let's cut the crap, so let's hurry."

"No way. We'll have to wait for the next match. Someone's already ahead of us now." Exploding Head said, pointing at the two cars in the clearing that were ready to go.

As Tulip smashed the steering wheel in some small rage and waited anxiously.

"Look, Flora's car!"

Li curdled and they arrived.

A dozen cars stopped.

Li Condensation and the others ran towards Tulip.


And as Li Ning Ning came running with her classmates, on this side of the scene, hundreds of men and women gathered around to howl and whistle.

After all, ah, they had never seen, students dressed up to come here before.

And more than thirty people came, more than half of them were tall, pure and lovely looking girls.

Simply all!

Exploding Head was also excited and jumped out of the car, his eyes looking straight.

"Condensation, what...what are you guys doing here?"

Tulip couldn't help but ask.

"Still talking about us, isn't everyone worried about you, go away, if you dare to come here, be careful to let uncle know that you don't want to live!"

Lee curled up and took Tulip's arm.

Tulip also wanted to go back.

"Don't be in a hurry to leave, finish the run, right? How's that? It's not easy to come here for once, and you're afraid of your parents and stuff, so is it hard to believe that you're a good student at school?"

Exploding Head sneered.

"Wimpy wimpy wimpy!!!"

The people around him shouted.

"Bullshit! Curl up and wait, I'll race him around and make him shut up!"

Tulip said.

"That's fine, by the way pretty girl, according to our rules here, but for all the racing, the car must carry a member of the opposite sex, you so many boys All of your classmates are here, so pick one of them, or else you'll pick one of the handsome guys we have here?"

Exploding Head added.

In his car, there was already a woman in heavy makeup.

"Me me me! Pick me, beautiful?"

The men who were watching shouted.

"Who cares to choose you, glasses, come! Get in the car!"

Tulip rolled her eyes.

Called out glasses.

"Flora, I...I wouldn't dare!"

Glasses shook his head violently, "I'm car-sick Flora!"

Glasses swallowed.

Tulip driving who doesn't know that when someone drives someone to a place, the passenger usually says thank you, I'm here!

And if you ride in a tulip, you'll usually say thank you Hyung, I'm alive!

It's largely that crazy.

Glasses don't want to, and neither do the other boys.

None dared.

"Useless, all useless!"

Tulip saw that Explosive Head was laughing and slammed the steering wheel in a hurry.

"Oh shit, isn't that our teacher? Why is he here?"

At this moment, Li Ning pointed at a place of surprise.

It was to see the biology teacher, Chen Hao, pushing an electric car, while running towards this side.

This appearance was as comical as it was going to get.

"Hahahahaha, I'm going, you guys look, that one!!!"

The crowd at the scene was also laughing.

After all, this kind of place was already funny enough with the appearance of a battery-operated car.

And now, there was actually someone pushing a battery powered cart all the way over.

"Him? Curl! What's this loser doing here? Who told him to follow?"

The tulips are simply speechless....


"I don't know, I didn't think he'd come along!"

Li curdled speechless.

"If he tells the school, and the school is talking to my dad, then I'm screwed, aren't I!"

Tulip is going to freak out.

"Fragrant sister you do not rush ah, I have a way to make him honest, you car but not a heterosexual it, simply let him on, on the end of your car Who's not afraid of you, Heung!"

Glasses presently.

"Fuck..." the tulip was about to scold the glasses, but on second thought, that might be the way to go.

It was just as well that he was annoyed by this wimp, and he was all to blame for the early morning humiliation.

Why not just let him get into his car and play dead shabby enough, look at him like a dork, and be afraid that he can snitch?

It's done!

"I mean, do you guys have no regard for the school at all with this mass truancy?"

Chen Hao put the battery car away and came over to say.

All the way this far, Chen Hao's battery car ran out of battery, and simply pushed on.

"Shut up, now, you get on my car right now!"

Tulip ordered.

"Get in your car? What are you doing in your car? You're all going back to school now!"

Chen Hao said.

"Alright, alright, your battery should be dead, now you get in my car and I'll take you back to school! All right?"

Tulip said.

"Yes teacher, you came all the way here, let Flora take you back to school...we'll try to get you back your battery car!"

A bunch of students also do.

Since the race was about to start, everyone had the attitude of running early and finishing early, and no one wanted to stay here any longer.

"Alright then!"

Chen Hao nodded his head.

Of course it was clear that Tulip would not be so kind, just to see what trick she was trying to pull.

Chen Hao got into the car.


There was a noise and the doors locked right up.

"What for?" Chen Hao asked with a look of astonishment.

"Hahaha, you dullard, you've fallen for it, you really think that this lady is so kind as to let you, a wimp, get into my car, I am going to bring You race, huh? Tell you what, don't puke on my car when you're done running, or I'll waste you!"

Tulip warned.

And the side was ready.

Both sides honked their horns to signal.

Then the big screen on the side.

The sound of a countdown rang out.


When the time came, the two cars galloped out like wild horses out of control.


I don't like the atmosphere here, but it's quite enjoyable to really run.

Excited Tulip shouted.

"Look at the road look at the road, look at the road!"

Chen Hao also shouted.

He was genuinely frightened, and his hand gripped the handle tightly.

The sweat stood up.

Tulip's driving was too crazy.

But the driving skills were still there.

The car with the exploding head was far behind her.

It didn't make sense, did it?

Chen Hao looked through the rearview mirror at the exploding head that clearly had many chances to overtake, but did not overtake.

His eyebrows furrowed in disbelief.


Just at this moment, Tulip suddenly shouted.

Chen Hao looked towards the front.

There was actually a blockade band appearing across the sky.

A steel spike, shining brightly and piercing his eyes.

But it was clearly too late to slow down now.

Tulip's eyes closed.

It charged straight up.


The result was that both tires blew out.

The car stopped in the middle of the road.

"Shit, who's so badass that they put blocking tape here!"

Tulip cursed in anger.

Chen Hao's eyes, on the other hand, were instantly alert and looked around.

The car behind, stopped in time to block the entire back road.

Something's up!

A voice immediately rang out in Chen Hao's heart.

Exploding Head was now walking off the car with the girl.

"Hey, you guys on this side are too bad, get a blockade and bring it over, this doesn't count, let's start over!"

Tulip was unconvinced.

"Okay, Miss Tulip, you're the Second Miss of the Yu family, you can start over any way you want, hahaha!"

Exploding Head laughed.

" do you know my name?"

It was only then that Tulip reacted to something amiss.

"Well, hurry up and get off Second Miss, save us the trouble!"

The exploding head turned pale and ripped his hair out and tossed it aside, revealing a bald head.

At the same time, pulling a handful* out and pointing it at Tulip.

"Get out of the car, now!"

He bellowed.

Tulip's face turned wildly pale, her pretty face frighteningly white, and she realized that she'd run into another kidnapping.

Now with her hands in the air, she stepped out of the car.

The girl, on the other hand, also took out a *gun*.

"yan dance, go! Take care of that kid, and tell Old A that the man has arrived, so he can take over quickly!"


The girl nodded and now came toward the passenger side of the car.


The girl was suddenly startled.

Looking up to Baldy, "Lone Wolf, why is there no one in this... car?"

"No one? Were you in the car just now?"

Baldy escorted Tulip towards the car.

At first glance, there was no one there.

"Evil, where's the man in broad daylight?"

Baldy was also horrified.

This... this was the blink of an eye!

"Ah! I'll fight you!"

Just then, a voice sounded behind Baldy.

Looking back, he saw a large rock, zooming in on him...zooming in! Zoom in!!!!


There was a loud bang, and Baldy's eyes rolled over, straight into unconsciousness.

And the girl subconsciously tried to open*, but I don't know what happened, but her own arm was halfway up, and suddenly she couldn't lift it.


The youth shouted again and staggered towards the woman's head with a large rock.


The girl also fainted.

And this youth, who else could it be if not Chen Hao.

However, Chen Hao couldn't reveal his identity, so he could only act a little.


And Tulip turned to be saved, shouting excitedly, "Teacher, you... you killed them all! You're done, you killed someone!"

Chen Hao rolled his eyes.

"Not dead, just unconscious, now their people are rushing here, let's go!"

"Oui, go!"

Now in the bald car, Tulip hurriedly turned around and ran toward the back.

And they had just left.

By the side of the road, a few off-road speeding over.

Seeing Tulip they have gone far, on the road, comatose Lone Wolf with yan dance.

The first one smashed a car shell hard.

"Damn, the duck that gets to the hand can fly! Who the hell saved her?"

"Then brother, are we still chasing after them?"

"Chase Nima, the mountain is full of people, you don't want to live, take these two losers and leave!"


"I'll be damned, you were too hard on yourself, teacher!"

Tulip said with a little reverence at the moment.

"No way, if we're not ruthless, we're all going to die there!"

Chen Hao was also thinking to himself, thanks to the fact that he had followed to check it out, or else something really bad would have happened.

"No teacher!"

Tulip said again as if remembering something.

"What's wrong?"

"You were in the car when I got off earlier, so why did you suddenly run behind them?"


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