The Unknown Heir 459-470


"Big Brother?"

The crowd, hearing this, all opened their mouths wide.

Hallowed Grandmaster Zuo Zhongtao actually addressed this young man as Big Brother?

The Liu family was even more startled on the spot.

Even Ma Xiaonan was a bit surprised.

"Ummm, I didn't mean to come today, I just wanted to borrow your place!"

It was neither if Chen Hao promised nor if he didn't, and now with a bit of helplessness.

"Yes yes yes, big brother please go ahead!"

Zuo Zhongtao was respectful.

The few people from the Wei family on the side looked at each other, startled.

This young man was truly not simple.

Half an hour later.

Outside the door of a guest room.

Ma Xiaonan was anxiously pacing back and forth outside.

Sweat dripping from his head.

And with Ma Xiaonan who had been waiting, there were the four people from the Wei family.

"Hmph, I just don't believe in evil, that Mao brat, he can actually cure a disease?"

Wei Qingshu wrapped his arm and said at this moment.

Yes, also all the same age, first he was humiliated by Chen Hao, now what, Chen Hao has other talents.

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"Shut up!"

The Wei family's old master Wei Fu said in a cold voice at this moment.

The young man just now, who said that his illness Master Zuo could not be cured, originally the Wei family's old master Wei Fu did not believe, and thought that Chen Hao this is Insolence.

However, it was even Master Zuo addressing Chen Hao as Big Brother that really made Wei Fu afraid.

Presently, he also waited respectfully outside the door.

Right at this moment, the door opened.

"Little Hao, how is my mother?"

As soon as Chen Hao came out, Ma Xiaonan hurriedly came up and asked nervously.

"It's almost done, take the matching herbs for three months and you'll be completely healed."

Chen Hao smiled.

"Ah! When did you learn how to read a doctor, Song?"

Xiaonan was shocked and delighted at the same time.

At the same time, it felt like the current Chen Hao was really so strange.

"It's a long story, I'll explain it to you slowly when I have the chance in the future, you go in first to see your aunt!"

Chen Hao said.

And Zuo Zhongtao was now holding a needle bag and followed Chen Hao out.

Apparently, this treatment was Chen Hao's main one, with Zuo Zhongtao assisting beside him.

"Big Brother, please!"

Zuo Zhongtao was respectful.

Chen Hao looked at him and was really a bit helpless.

By the way, he and Zuo Zhongtao did not know each other before.

That was still five months ago.

He had followed Qin Bo to learn arts, and his medical skills, martial arts, all of them were taught to Chen Hao.

He even gave Chen Hao a book for Chen Hao to memorize.

Chen Hao was an excellent student, so it wasn't difficult to master a book in a short time.

However, it had only been a month, and although Chen Hao had memorized the contents of the medical book, his basic skills were very poor.

It was also at that time that Zuo Zhongtao came to beg Qin Bo.

It seemed that Uncle Qin had some connection with Zuo Zhongtao before and had taught him some medical things.

This time, Zuo Zhongtao clearly wanted to come for further study.

He also really had the willpower to kneel at Uncle Qin's door for a day and a night.

Later, when Uncle Qin couldn't bear it anymore, it was to let Chen Hao teach him some of the contents of the medical code.

At the same time, it was also for Chen Hao to become more proficient in basic skills so that he could fully grasp the medical dictionary.

So, he stayed with Zuo Zhongtao for nearly a month.

Uncle Qin did not accept Zuo Zhongtao as his disciple.

However, Zuo Zhongtao had always called Chen Hao as his big brother.

So it made Chen Hao very helpless.

"Mr. Chen, Grandmaster Zuo, you have worked hard!"

Wei Fu made a salute at this moment and said.

"Oh, Master Wei, you know what Big Brother has just said, you've been shown your illness, and I can't do anything about it!"

Zuo Zhongtao said ashamedly.

"Yes, yes, I understand, but since Mr. Chen was able to see the old man's illness at a glance, I'm sure Mr. Chen has a solution! "

Wei Fu smiled slightly.

"I'm not a doctor, how can I treat people indiscriminately!"

Chen Hao wasn't completely in touch with the external dangers yet, so he didn't want to be too high-profile.

What's more, he didn't expect that Wei Fu had actually chased himself all the way to here.

"Hey, hey, hey, give you face before calling you Mr. Chen, when did my grandfather ever beg, what kind of virtue do you think you are, peeing Look at yourself!"

Wei Qingshu coldly drank.

Chen Hao frowned and looked at him.

"Qingshu, no rudeness!"

Wei Fu reprimanded.

"Mr. Chen, I'm really sorry, but if this grandson of mine has offended you by being too rude today, I'm willing to apologize to you!"

Wei Fu said that he was going to bend down.

The high cold beauty and Wei Qingshu couldn't even imagine that grandfather would be like this.

However, it was Chen Hao who stopped them.

"Forget it Wei, since we know each other, it's a fate, I can try your illness!"

Chen Hao said.

Now it was inconvenient for myself to find the Chen family.

And yet, if he wanted to develop further in the future, he couldn't do without these big families.

It would be a good idea for himself to take this opportunity to befriend some nobles.

To reserve some strength for the future against the Mo family.

"Mr. Chen! Thank you so much!"

Wei Fu was pleased.

"However, I have two conditions!"

Chen Hao said.

"Mr. Chen can say whatever he wants, I will do it one by one!"

Wei Fu was resolute.

"It's not too difficult, first, it's my identity, it's not convenient to disclose it to the public right now, you have to help me keep it a secret!"

"Sure sure sure!"

"As for the second one, in a few days, I'm going to make a trip to Jinling, and I want to find a smart and capable person to be at my beck and call."

Chen Hao said.

"Hmph, it's just that I want to find a dog's leg to serve you, our Wei family still lacks this... As long as you can help my grandfather get well, I'll send A set of mansions, and then give you fifty maid servants to command!"

Wei Qingshu sneered.

"I don't want a mansion and I don't want dozens of servants, I think this fellow Qingshu is very good and shrewd, I just don't know if Master Wei Fu can Can't agree?"

Chen Hao looked at Wei Qingshu and smiled faintly.

"What? You want me to serve you? What's wrong with you? Who am I, but I'm the Grand Duke of the Wei family!"

Wei Qingshu looked at Chen Hao ridiculously.

"That's perfect, this grandson of mine is reckless, but he does have to be smarter, and that's exactly what I mean!"

Wei Fu laughed.

"What? Grandpa? Sister!"

Wei Qingshu wilted at once.

"Qingshu, from now on, you stay by Mr. Chen's side, Mr. Chen tells you to go east, you can't go west, and what he tells you to do, you'll What the hell! Even if it means being a cow!"

Wei Fu said.


"What? How dare you even disobey your grandfather?"

Wei Fu was furious.

Wei Qingshu gritted his teeth, "Fine, I'll just listen grandpa!"

After saying that, Chen Hao nodded his head, and that was when he brought Wei Fu to another room.

"Master Zuo, can this young man really cure my grandfather?"

And the high cold girl asked at the moment.

It always felt like this person was too young.

"Oh, Miss Qingyin is overly worried, my big brother says he can cure it, he can definitely cure it, not to mention, what kind of person is our master also . To tell the truth, I was just a gangster, but I've been with my master for only a month and I'm a new man. Eventually learning a medical skill, it was just some external medical skills taught by Master his old man!"

"And what Big Brother has learned, all of it is the essence of my master's body, the inner door of the inner door, and Big Brother has been with Master for over half a year! It was taught daily by Master himself!"

Zuo Zhongtao lamented, his eyes showing a great deal of envy.

"Then who is your master?"

Once Wei Qingyin came down to her thoughts.

"No comment!"

Zuo Zhongtao shook his head and said.

And after waiting for another two hours.

The door to the room, opened....



Wei Qingyin hurriedly ran over.

"Mr. Chen please!"

Wei Fu was full of smiles as he came out with Chen Hao.

And in just an hour, Wei Qingyin also noticed that grandpa's complexion had changed too much.

"Qingyin don't worry, Mr. Chen is confident that he can cure grandpa's illness, after some time, according to what Mr. Chen said, there is hope for grandpa Completely healed!"

Wei Fu became more and more respectful.

"Then congratulations in advance to Elder Wei, but if my elder brother can help Elder Wei, I wonder if Elder Wei can also do Elder Brother a favor?"

Zuo Zhongtao said.

"O? What is it that Mr. Chen still needs me, Wei Fu?"

"It's like this, it's rumored that a Ginseng King grows at the southern border of the Wei family, something that's rare to find in a hundred years, my big brother I've been searching for this object for a long time, so if Mr. Wei is willing to help find it, that would be the best!"

Zuo Zhongtao said.

And Chen Hao's eyes were slightly raised.

To be honest, after befriending this Southwest Wei family, Chen Hao intended to cure Wei Fu, and indeed had the intention of asking the Wei family to help in the search for the Ginseng King.

After all, he had headed to the southwestern border to look for some time, and on his own, he was weak.

That was why he had this idea.

And that Ginseng King, from what Qin Bo said, once he had the chance to take it, it would drastically nourish his bloodline, and at that time, the Mo Family would not only be nothing in Qin Bo's eyes, but also in his own eyes.

Chen Hao didn't have to be so forward-looking and fearful that the Mo Family would be unfavorable to the Southern Ocean Chen Family.

After all, although self-preservation was fine with the current strength, if he got the Chen family involved, then he would be somewhat incapable.

Zuo Zhongtao was also present when Qin Bo said that at the time.

What made Chen Hao somewhat moved was that he was still remembering this to himself now.

"It turns out that Mr. Chen is also looking for that Ginseng King, before I was seriously ill, I even had the idea of this Ginseng King, but I also searched for a long time without success . Plus it's been said that if the average person takes it, it can easily rise up to break the blood! It was only two years ago that I gave up the idea of searching!"

Wei Fu said.

"But since sir is in need, then this is not considered a help to my Wei family, and I will immediately prepare men and horses for sir when I return . Find it for me!"

"Then thank you, Wei!"

Chen Hao was grateful.

"Well, in that case, I will take the prescription and rush back to the southwestern border first! Prepare this matter for Sir, and from then on, Green Book will stay with Sir for the time being!"

"Chen Hao, are we going back to Jinling together?"

Afterwards, Xiaonan held her luggage and prepared to check out at the hotel.

Since Chen Hao also said that he had to go back there to settle things, Ma Xiaonan asked.

"Yes, let's go back together!"

Chen Hao smiled.

Not only in Jinling, but also in the South Ocean Chen Hao was planning to go back to take a look.

Because he had found out something, that Mo Jian, the third youngster of the Mo family who had harmed Fei'er, had been haunting Jinling recently.

Han Fei'er had gotten this far for herself.

If this bad breath didn't come out for a day, Chen Hao couldn't sleep all night.

"Good, so that's something to take care of!"

Ma Xiaonan was happy.

"Right, put these bags down you don't take them, let Wei Qingshu carry them down!"

Chen Hao pointed at Wei Qingshu who had both hands in his pockets at the side.

"You want me to take it?"

Wei Qingshu was unconvinced.

"What? Disobedience?"

Chen Hao gazed at it.

Wei Qingshu, on the other hand, strongly held his breath.

"Just take it, what's the big deal!"

Wei Qingshu exhaled and went down with his luggage.

Wei Qingshu's car stayed here.

Naturally, he was the driver for Chen Hao.

After a few people had gotten into the car.

"Wait a minute!"

"What now?"

Wei Qingshu was impatient.

Chen Hao looked towards one spot.

And I saw below Mount Meng.

A convoy came, and from above the convoy, two women came down.

It caused Chen Hao to be startled.

"Oh, Mr. Chen, you're so grown up, you haven't even seen a beautiful woman, have you? But I must say, these two women are really pretty!"

Wei Qingshu said with relish as he stroked his chin.

"Shut up!"

Chen Hao's gaze gazed.

These two beauties were naturally old friends with Chen Hao.

Chen Hao did not expect to run into them in this county town.

They were Fang Hanan and Fang Yi.

It had been more than half a year since they parted last time in the southwest.

It was later that my father told me about the beautiful woman, Fang Hanan, whom I had met.

It turned out that she was the doll's wife that grandpa had ordered for himself.

To say the least, this really made Chen Hao helpless.

But at that time, wasn't this popular, a strong alliance.

Of course, Chen Hao asked Wei Qingshu to stop the car, not to see the girl, or to go and say hello to Fang Hangshu.

Rather, it was because Fang Hanan and Fang Yi were being followed.

Chen Hao saw that not far away, there were two figures, furtively staring at them.

This was the point that made Chen Hao suspicious.

"Have you seen enough? Mr. Chen, the people are going up the hill!"

Wei Qingshu said.

"It's just waiting for them to go up the mountain, well, you wait here for a while!"

Chen Hao watched as Fanny and Fang Yi went up the hill.

Then he opened the car door and walked towards the sneaky duo.

"Damn, could it be that he's going to chase after two beautiful women to accost them?"

Wei Qingshu raised a sense of crisis.

"You guys wait! I'll see what he does!"

Wei Qingshu also followed Chen Hao out.

And as soon as Chen Hao saw Wei Qingshu come over.

He waved to him: "You're just in time, see those two people, see if they're trainers, you go over and pick on them, and then put the They're leading over to the alley over there!"

"What for?"


Chen Hao pushed Wei Qingshu.

Wei Qingshu cursed and went over.

There was a friendship with Fang Hanan and Fang Yi.

However, Chen Hao is not the kind of person who likes to interfere when things go wrong, and it's not because of any child marriage with Fang Hanan that Chen Hao gets involved.

The main reason is that his second aunt, Qiang Wei, is family with the Fang family after all.

As far as the Fang family was concerned now, it was also a family relation with the Chen family.

Therefore, Chen Hao was wondering if it was that once rival Situ family that was causing trouble again.

And Wei Qingshu was also a good hand at finding things.

It wasn't long before the two of them were being teased by Wei Qingshu towards that small alley to chase him.

"Wait a minute, be careful of transferring the tiger away from the mountain!"

And by the time they got to the alleyway, the two men were aware that something was wrong.

Just about to exit.

Just turned back.

Just saw a shadow flash before their eyes.

Didn't wait for a reaction.

There was pain in their chests.

Two people screamed and fell heavily in unison towards the inside of the alley!

"You...what are you? Do you know who we are?"

The two men covered their chests and couldn't even crawl, so they were too busy warning.

"I don't know who you are, but I do know that if you don't answer me honestly, you'll become a dead man later!"

Chen Hao squatted down with one hand in his pocket and said coldly to the two of them.

Making the two of them, at the same time, produce an inexplicable coldness....


And with two hands up, Chen Hao didn't give them any nonsense and shoved something into their mouths.

"What did you feed us?"

The two men were startled.

But then, an unspeakable pain appeared on their faces, and they covered their abdomens and rolled on the ground in pain.

Wei Qingshu at the side was a little scared.

"The parasite, right now this parasite is devouring your internal organs, and in a few moments, your death will be miserable!"

Chen Hao sneered.

"Spare your life... spare your life..."

The two of them hurriedly knelt down and begged for mercy.

"After answering my questions, you can be spared!"

"I ask you, why are you following the Fang sisters? Which side are you from?"

Originally, the two were killed not to say anything about this issue.

They would rather die than say it.

But this feeling now was simply begging for life and death.

"Yes... the Situ Family sent us, we are Young Master Situ Yang Da's people! Mercy...mercy!"

The two of them lay down on the ground.

"I guessed right, it's really the Szeto family, so let me ask you, what kind of conspiracy has the Szeto family been up to lately?"

Chen Hao asked.

"No... I don't know!"

"All right, Green Book, let's go!"

"Say! We say all!"

The two of them panicked: "We definitely don't know about the internal affairs of the Situ Family, but we just heard that the Situ Family has made big moves recently, plotting to Rebel against the Fang family and want to take the Fang family for themselves!"

"I'm afraid the Stuarts and those vassal clans don't have that kind of power, right?"

Chen Hao frowned.

"Yes, yes, this matter, with the help of the Yanjing Dragon Family, and what other people are involved, especially the Mo Family, came several people And especially awesome! The Fang family will definitely be turned to the ground this time!"

The two of them told me everything they knew.

It's no wonder!

Chen Hao heartily said.

"And what's the Situ Family's big move?"

"Now the old master of the Fang family is seriously ill and his life is on the line, so the Situ family wants to... after three days..."

Ten minutes later.

"Mr. Chen, I've taken care of the body, what's the next step?"

Wei Qingshu sent his hand out.

He had just looked at the two corpses that had died, and it was miserable.

At the same time, it also created a touch of fear in Wei Qingshu's heart.

To be honest, although Chen Hao was somewhat capable, a glance at his bar gave people an honest feeling.

That was why Wei Qingshu's words were very bold.

But only just now did he finally understand why his grandfather was so courteous to Chen Hao.

Chen Hao had tangibly given Wei Qingshu a touch of fear.

The means were too cruel!

"The Fang family has some history with our family, and since this matter has run into me, I can't ignore it, so let's stay here for three days first, you're in charge of the Take care of Hiu Nam and her daughter! I need to infiltrate the Fang and see what's going on right now!"

The Long family was now the Mo family's lapdog, and now the Situ family had apparently been the Mo family's lapdog as well.

And the three great divine families, if the Fang family was annexed again this time, then the Mo family would have annexed two of them.

No need to think about it, next would be the Chen family's assets in Huaxia.

The Mo Family's roundabout encroachment method was really clever to use.

Therefore, it was impossible for Chen Hao to let it go, both rationally and sensibly.

It wasn't the right time to break in directly with a clear identity.

Looking at Meng Shan and thinking of Zuo Zhongtao, a plan instantly rose in Chen Hao's heart!

Day Two.

In front of the southwest family.

"Different Fang Family Fang, with members of the Fang Family, welcome Master Zuo!"

Different Fang stood weakly at the door, leaning on his crutches, along with a group of clansmen of the Fang family.

Looking at Zuo Zhongtao who got off the car, he said with a little respect.

Zuo Zhongtao, the Fang family had actually been in contact for a long time, and a few years ago, the Fang family had also spent a lot of money to hire Zuo Zhongtao to become a full-time doctor for the Fang family, but they had all been rejected by Zuo Zhongtao.

"Master Fang is polite!"

Zuo Zhongtao smiled slightly.

Fang, however, was now looking towards a youth behind Zuo Zhongtao, who was carrying a medicine box, but the strange thing was that this youth was wearing a mask on the upper part of his face and was standing behind Zuo Zhongtao very honestly.

"Who is this?"

Fang differed and did not laugh.


The masked youth pointed to his mouth, waved his hand, and then pointed to Zuo Zhongtao, then placed his hand over his heart.

"Hehe, grandpa, Ah San he's Master Zuo's apprentice, he's mute and can't speak!"

And Fang Yi, who came with Zuo Zhongtao, was very warmly introduced at the moment.

"Fang Yi, how to speak!"

Inan Fang, on the other hand, looked helplessly at the straightforward Fang Yi.

"It's okay, today on Mount Meng, I've known Ah San since we met, the two of us are like old friends, although Ah San can't talk, but And we talked a lot! Don't you, Sam?"

Fanny smiled as if she was friends with San.


Ah San nodded hurriedly.

"Oh, Master Zuo is laughing, although my Xiaoyi is a bit reckless, she has been loving and very kind-hearted since childhood!" Fang different said.

"I can see, this apprentice of mine, he burned his face when he was young, so he's been wearing a mask since he was a child, but he's worked hard over the years, but he's nevertheless been a good student since I've learned some real skills on me, and I'm taking him with me when I go out now!"

"A master teacher makes a great disciple!"

Fang differently said, pulling Master Zuo's hand and walking towards the inner courtyard of the Fang family.

"Hmph, you heard it inan, Grandpa also praised me for being kind-hearted!"

Fanny pouted.

"All right!"

Inan Fang shook his head slightly and laughed bitterly.

The young man named Ah San, however, secretly gave Fang Yi a glance.

Kind-hearted my ass! That's how nice you've never fucking seen someone who speaks by sign language treat themselves because they're curious to learn it.

Not bad, Ah San, isn't that Chen Hao.

In order to act cheaply, Chen Hao had to take this next step.

"Ah San, let me help you with the medicine case!"

Fangsan nodded slightly at San.


Chen Hao hurriedly waved his hand.

In comparison, it was still Fang Hanan who was more gentle and considerate, and Chen Hao could not help but look at her a little more.

As for the old man's illness, Chen Hao could actually see a few things when he opened his eyes just now.

It's not a problem to get a few sets of medicine, and a few days of continuous acupuncture and moxibustion will be enough to heal.

It's not a problem. And Chen Hao's message to Zuo Zhongtao is that it's best to stay in the Fang family for a few days.

When he heard this, he also asked for it.

As for Chen Hao, he also used this opportunity to keep observing the movements of the Fang family, and even the Situ family.

Only for Chen Hao to be speechless.

This girl, Fang Yi, was just like sick, coming to herself all the time for nothing, causing Chen Hao to simply be annoyed.

"Ah San, what are you doing?"

At night, Chen Hao was standing in the backyard, while his head was thinking about that so-called big move of the Situ Family.

There was also the Mo Family's side, how many people had been sent to help the Situ Family this time?

Just then, Fang Yi caught a glimpse of Chen Hao, walking towards Chen Hao with her hands behind her back and jumping.

Chen Hao was speechless for a while.


Chen Hao pointed around the garden.

"Ao-Oh, so you want to see the scenery, hehe, staying all day on Mount Meng to study medicine, I'm sure you've never seen such a nice garden Right?"


Chen Hao nodded.

"How about this, you're fine anyway, so why don't you accompany me here and talk?"

Saying that, Fang Yi directly stopped Chen Hao's hand.

Letting Chen Hao be startled....


Fang Yi's small hand was very smooth and warm.

It made Chen Hao feel a little strange for no reason.

Fang Yi pulled him along and sat down on a small stone bench in the flower bed.

"Ah San, I was thinking, why did the two of us see each other at first sight, maybe because I think we have a similar past? Don't look at me, I'm a wealthy young lady, I grew up in beautiful clothes and jade food, but you, from what your master said, you've suffered since you were a child, and you've met with such misfortune. But we both have very similar pasts, because we grew up, neither of us had any friends, neither of us had our own circle!"

Fang Yi said.

Chen Hao nodded.

"You know what, I've hated it so much since I was a kid, just because of one of the original families, I was grounded with Inan, alas, I'm actually a Idle man, as you can see, I haven't even been in a relationship since I was a kid, and in a flash, I'm almost 23, and I'm still not What it feels like to know all that so-called love on soap operas!"

Fanny held her gills.


Chen Hao pointed at Fang Yi and gestured.

"Hahaha, you said I'm pretty, it would be easy for me to find a boyfriend right?"

Fang Yi smiled.

Chen Hao nodded his head.

"Ugh, let's be honest, after not being grounded this time, I do have thoughts of trying love, and I've seen a lot of dudes' , but feeling this kind of thing you know what, I don't feel anything about them all!"

Chen Hao nodded.

"However, it's not all that bad, I had a friend's before, I have feelings for him!"

Fang Yi said.

"His name is Chen Hao, and although he's only been with me for a short time, he's quite nice, and I thought he was cute from the first time I saw him! He's nice, anyway, just a bit of a feeler!"

Chen Hao's eyebrows rose.

Presently he made a gesture.

"Oooh, you asked why I haven't revealed myself to him, ah?"

Chen Hao nodded.

"Hmph, that's a long story, because based on my observations of him, he seems to be a bit of a scum!"


Chen Hao was surprised.

"You know Ah San, this friend of mine, although he is nice and treats people quite well, the most annoying thing about him is that he treats everyone It's all good, especially the girls! Do you think that's not scum? So that little feeling I had for him, it's gone!"

Fang Yi said.

Chen Hao made another cheering gesture to her.

"Don't worry, I'll find the love I want!"

Fang Yi looked at Chen Hao and smiled slightly.

"By the way San, are you particularly concerned about how others perceive your looks?"

Fang Yi asked.

Chen Hao nodded.

He could only act helplessly.

Pointing at his face, he made another horrible face.

"You're saying that your appearance will scare people away and then no one will be friends with you, right?"

Chen Hao nodded.

"I won't be afraid, and I won't dislike you, Ah San, will you take off your mask?"

Fang Yi said.

Chen Hao fiercely shook his head.

"Alright, I won't force you if you don't want to, but we're good friends, so no matter what you look like, I won't dislike you!"

Fang Yi said firmly.

Chen Hao did not expect Fang Yi to say these words.

He nodded his head now.

"Mr. A-San, so you're here!"

Just then, a servant came over.


Chen Hao stood up.

"It's like this Mr. A-San, Miss her left shoulder has been aching again lately, so I would like to ask Mr. A-San to go over and take a look at it !"

The maid said.

Ah San nodded.

"Ah San, you go and see Inan first, she's been training a lot lately, so she must be having an old problem again! Wait until tomorrow night, I'll be here tomorrow night and we'll talk!"

Fang Yi said.

Chen Hao nodded again.

Then, under the guidance of the maid, Chen Hao took the medicine box.

He came directly to Inan Fang's room again.

At this moment, Inan Fang was wearing a strappy nightgown.

Long hair was draped over her shoulders.

The absolutely beautiful temperament also made Chen Hao startled slightly.

"Mr. A-San, I can't trouble you during the day when you follow Master Zuo around, so I can only want you to look at this old problem for me at night! "

Fang Hanran smiled slightly.


Chen Hao even waved his hand, indicating that it wasn't troublesome.

"This shoulder of mine, ever since I injured it that time, I've been having trouble with hidden pains, especially after I've been training extra hard this whole time . Sometimes it hurts so bad!"

Fang Hanran sat down.


Chen Hao gestured and asked her how she was injured.

"It was a friend of mine who accidentally hurt me, when a taekwondo tournament was held, I didn't think he was powerful and was careless and was thrown out at once, and fell and hurt his left shoulder, and there's been this potential problem ever since!"

Chen Hao was rubbing her left shoulder and her body shook at the news.

If she remembered correctly, she was the one who had injured her, right?

I never thought that it would leave her with a hidden problem.

Now that she was looking for herself to treat it, I don't know if it was God's will.

Chen Hao waved his hand and told her it wouldn't bother her, that after a few acupuncture sessions, she would be healed!

"Really? Then thank you Mr. San you, by the way, can I stop calling you Mr. San, it's always awkward, is it okay if I call you San?"

Inan Fong smiled slightly.

Chen Hao nodded.

"Ah San, would it be miserable for you to be around Master Zuo every day... I could see this morning on the mountain that you don't have many friends . You don't get many people talking to you like that, do you? Except for that bouncy Fongyi?"

Fang Hanran asked.

I don't know why, but the sight of Ah San made a girl like Fang Hanannan feel a little sympathy.

And the feeling that A-San gives to Inan Fang is that he is particularly down-to-earth.

He is in stark contrast to the other boys.

Although Fang Hanan is late in life, she thinks she is a good judge of people.

From Inan's eyes, she can't see any of those boys' dirty piggy looks when they see her.

It makes people feel especially comfortable.

Therefore, Fang Hanan also genuinely wanted to talk more with Ah San.

In particular, Ah San wouldn't be able to talk, unlike Fang Yi, who had a big tongue and would say everything that was on his mind.

Chen Hao nodded presently.

"Ah San, you've been living in the outside world until you grew up, do you know what love feels like? I didn't mean anything by it, I just wanted to ask..."

What's wrong with the sisters tonight? Why do you always talk to yourself about this?

Chen Hao shook his head.

"Alas, you've never been in love, A-San, and neither have I, but I'm not sure if I'm in love with someone, and I'm even less sure when I started liking him..."

Inan Fong softly said.

Chen Hao just listened.

"I was wondering if it could be the moment he fell and hurt me. Or was it the moment he saved me? I'm starting to feel something in my heart for him?"


And the sudden pain in the shoulder, let's Fang Renan slightly shouted.

Chen Hao hurriedly waved his hand in apology.

"I'm fine, Ah San, you go on!"

Fang Hanran smiled.


Chen Hao was indeed slightly startled after hearing the words of Fang Hanannan.

It was unthinkable that she had only been in contact with Fang Hanan for a short period of time, and to be honest, she had used Fang Hanan for certain things.

I never thought that she would actually treat herself....

"But then, when our Fang family went to the Chen family, we got the news that he had disappeared! I sent out many people to look for him, it's been half a year and he's nowhere to be found, so maybe, he's gone!"

Fanny looked a little sad.


At this moment, Fang Hanran turned back to Ah San.

Ah San nodded his head.

He made a gesture for Fang Hanran to rest well.

Then he was about to leave with his own medicine box.

Then, Chen Hao saw a handful of incense and a prayer basket in Inan's room.

He immediately frowned.

Pointing at the incense basket, he said, "Ahhhh?"

Does that mean you have something tomorrow?

Inan Fang smiled and nodded, "Aren't we going to the temple fair tomorrow to pray with Fang Yi and my aunts and uncles? Every year at this time, we all go secretly, Oh, you don't know, before Fang Yi and I can't go out casually, now... Well, you can take a stroll through the lively temple fair!"


Only, Chen Hao's expression was not much happier.

"Are you going, San? You look like you've never been to a temple fair for fun?"

Fang Hanran suddenly asked.


Chen Hao made a gesture.

"Fine, it's a deal, if you're not busy tomorrow, you can go with us!"

Fang Hanran smiled slightly.

I don't know why, but from the first moment, Ah San was very kind.

It was mainly because Ah San's gaze looked particularly comfortable.

Plus, he didn't know how to talk, so naturally he was used to listening.

So, Inan is willing to be friends with A-San.

Of course, that's all.


The secret room of Situ's villa.

This evening, the Situ family seemed to be bustling with activity.

A whole table of people were drinking and talking happily.

"Father, I'm afraid the situation has changed, Old Thief Fang has invited Zuo Zhongtao to treat him, our people said that after some treatment, Old Thief Fang's Looks a lot better."

At the wine banquet, Situ Yang couldn't help but worry.

"Younger Yang, you're afraid that you're overly worried, today's Long family Situ family is no longer what it used to be, now Situ Long family has joined hands, plus Mo family With the full support of several masters, are you still afraid of a different Fang?"

And at this moment, a middle-aged man sneered coldly.

And he was called Long Biao, the youngest son of the Long family's oldest son.

The several sons of Old Master Long could be said to have their own characteristics.

In particular, this Long Biao was very fierce, just like his name.

He commanded the underground forces under the Long family.

He once participated in planning the Chen family's youngest youngster's siege, and almost captured Chen Hao alive in Qing City. Thus, in terms of ability, he was deeply trusted by the Mo Family.

"What Uncle Biao said is true!"

Situ Yang.

"Oh, Little Yang, you still need to learn more from your elders in the future, those talents of yours are simply not enough, right, tomorrow's first step The plan is about to start, how are you getting ready?"

Situ Hong asked.

"Don't worry, everything is ready and with the help of Mo Qing Mo Tian and his two brothers from the Mo family, it's sure to be foolproof!"

Sturgeon said.

At the same time, he looked at the pair of brothers who looked the same.

"Good, then I am completely relieved, Mo Qing Mo Tian is Young Master Mo Jian's own cousin, and is not much lower than his skills Ah!"

Szeto Hong complimented.

"The two of you are joking, compared to cousin, we're not even close!"

The two brothers shook their heads and laughed.

"Well, here's to the first step in our plan to flag tomorrow."


The next day, a county temple fair in the southwest.

It was very grand, and could be described as a sea of people.

"It's really lively!"

Fang Yi stood in the crowd, looking at so many people, and couldn't help but be excited.

"Fang Yi, can you be a little more reserved!"

Fang Hanran was speechless.

"What? You're really excited, don't you feel anything? So many people, so much fun!"

Fang Yi said.

Fangsan shook her head speechlessly.

"Alright, alright, let's walk around first, then we'll go to the temple to pray!"

Second Aunt said at this moment.

After saying that, she looked at the youth who was silently following behind the two.

Smiling, she said, "Mr. Ah San, I've made you laugh!"

Chen Hao shook his head.

In fact, even if Chen Hao was not allowed to come, Chen Hao would still follow.

After all, the Situ family had been eyeing the two sisters.

"Hey, inan you look, isn't that our classmate?"

Just at this time, Fang Yi suddenly pointed to a location and said.

And those classmates, men and women, five or six in all.

They were strolling around, and obviously, they had seen Fang Yi and Fang Hanan.

In the eyes of all the students, Fang Yi and Fang Hanan were very mysterious and cold existences.

No one dared to greet them.

But now, Fang Yi smiled at them and waved her hand.

Naturally, they came over to her.

After all, they were also classmates for several years!

"It's you guys!"

A girl at the head of the group came over and smiled.

"Yes, what a coincidence, inan and I just happened to be out for fun, just now I was wondering if we would run into our classmates, but we really did! How long have you been playing?"

Fanny laughed.

"Just got here too!"

A few girls.

"That's fine, let's go together. We've been classmates for so many years, but except for Shengnan, we haven't had a good chat yet, don't you think so, Rascal? Nui?"

Fang Yi said.

Inan Fong smiled and nodded her head.

They had brief contact with Lin Shengnan, who had helped herself and inan half a year ago, along with Chen Hao and the others.

"But even though we haven't spoken much, I know you all."

Fang Yi said again, "This is our next door class leader, Xu Yangyang, and as for this big handsome girl, her name is Hu Huimin. Shen Junwen is all new to our school, right?"

And Hu Huimin smiled slightly at Fangyi: "Yes! It's been six months! We just ran into Yang Yang and the others, so we're all in one piece!"

"Okay, inan Fangyi, since you're both young people, let's play together, shall we? I'll go somewhere else with your third aunt!"

The second aunt.

After saying that, the two of them also went shopping.

As for Chen Hao, he was sobbing in his heart.

I had thought that I shouldn't see them again, but I didn't expect that after half a year, I would still meet up again.

Only half a year ago, Xu Yangyang bar, less impulsive sense of the year.

And Lin Shengnan, changed the short hair, but still beautiful and sexy.

As for Hu Huimin, it has a touch of mature rhyme in it, more beautiful than before!

"Sam, these are all our classmates, let's play together, shall we? We're all young people anyway!"

Chen Hao nodded his head and didn't refuse.

On the other hand, Lin Shengnan Hu Hu Huimin as well as Xu Yangyang, at the sight of Ah San wearing a mask, and also not being able to speak, the scars on his face could be seen through the mask.

Walking together with such a person, they all felt a bit awkward.

But Fang Yi and Fang Hanan had brought him here, so it was hard for everyone to say anything, so they all nodded their heads.

But Hu Huimin still deliberately kept her distance from Chen Hao....


The reason why she keeps her distance is because Hu Hu Huimin is still a proud little princess and she naturally likes to be with Shen Junwen and Fang Qanyan. Fangyi stayed with such a high-ranking member of society.

It was understandable.

Chen Hao didn't pay attention to some of Hu Huimin and Xu Yangyang's disgusted gazes, at the moment his eyes were full-body infused with attention to the situation everywhere.

"Look, inan you look, those little candy men that the kids are holding, I love them so much, I just don't know where they are sold!"

A few people sat by the window, and Fangyi pointed out a few kids passing by.

"You still like these ah, I know where they are sold, just five hundred meters to the north, you like them, I'll lead you there!"

Hu Huemin at the moment.

"That's good!"

Fang Yi stood up excitedly.

Then she turned back to Chen Hao.

"Ah San, you can come with me, you have nothing to do anyway!"

Fanny smiled.

"He won't need it, we'll just go over there!"

Hu Huemin said.

The tone had a bit of dislike in it.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, was also glancing at Hu Huemin at the moment.

"Let's go!"

Fangyi pulled on Chen Hao's arm.

"Ah San, you just go with Fang Yi! It's just as well you're with her, I'm relieved!"

Fang Hanran was also smiling at this moment.

Only then did Chen Hao helplessly nod his head.

So he accompanied Fang Yi and went with Hu Huimin.

I had thought that Fang Yi would go back after buying the candy man, but I didn't think that this girl had seen too many goodies, and she had to buy everything, all of them Take a look.

The more you stroll, the longer it takes.


Chen Hao patted Fang Yi's shoulder, indicating whether or not it was time to go back.

"There's no hurry, we'll see!"

Fang Yi smiled.

"Since this Mr. Ah San wants to go back, let him go back first!"

Hu Huemin said.

"No, it's so boring to go back!"

Fanny shook her head.


And at that moment, Chen Hao, who was about to persuade Fang Yi to go back once again, his ears suddenly moved slightly.

Then his gaze gaped and looked elsewhere.

Just saw at least a dozen silhouettes coming towards them.

Hu Huimin and Fang Yi, however, were still oblivious now.

Chen Hao reminded Fang Yi again.

Suddenly, the dozen or so people suddenly increased their speed.

They ran towards Fang Yi.

And grabbed Fang Yi's arm at once.

Even more than a dozen people instantly gathered around.

Chen Hao's shoulders were also pressed down, while a hand* was placed on Chen Hao's waist.

"Stinker don't move! I'll kill you if you move!"

The man was vicious.

Actually, bar, it was easy for Chen Hao to resist, but now, this group of people was clearly planned and well planned.

Direct physical combat at the scene was simple.

But there was the fear that this group of people would open *no eyes and hurt someone else.

Also, it was still unclear what the situation was with Fang Hanan and the others.

So Chen Hao chose to still not act rashly.

"You... who are you guys? What do you want?"

And Fang Yi was also hijacked.

There was some fear at the moment.

"Trying to kidnap the mugger!"

And Hu Huimin, who had obviously experienced some occasions, frowned slightly at the moment.

"Hmph, you big beautiful girl is calm, but later, I'm afraid that you won't be able to calm down, hahaha!"

One of the men wearing a cap sneered.

"You guys are so bold, do you know whose place this is and who I am, how dare you hit on me, my sister is drinking coffee right next to me Wha!"

Fangyi was afraid of the warning.

"Hmph, how do I know, the Fang family's second miss Fang Yi, you're right, that sister of yours, Fang inan, is indeed drinking coffee, but already Invited away for coffee by one of our people! You're the only one left, get out of here!"

The head man ruthlessly used a handful of Fang Yi.

At this time, a stretch van rushed through the crowd and rushed towards this side.

"Get in!"

Saying that, he escorted the three of them and went straight into the car.

And Chen Hao was still wondering whether to do it on the road or what.

These guys, don't look like they have a *, but Chen Hao really doesn't care about them yet.

"Is it done?"

Just then, a voice sounded over the intercom.

"Done, easy peasy!"

The person who headed it said.

Then, from over the intercom, the voice of Fang Hanran was heard.

"They've really caught us!"

Chen Hao thought to herself.

Now ride in the car in peace and wait until you see Fang inan and the others, then make your plans.

"All of you, get in!"

Chen Hao and the three of them were hooded and pushed into a basement.

Only then did a few of the men open the three men's hoods.

And that's when Fang Yi saw that inside the room, Fang Han, and Xu Yangyang Lin Shengnan Shen Junwen and the others were all tied over!

"Fangyi, Sam, are you guys okay?"

Inan Fong was tied to the stool and was now worried and asked.

"Inan, I'm fine, they...who are they, how dare they be so bold?"

Fangyi hurriedly asked.

"What people? Oh, what else could they be, they, the dogs of the Stuarts, the ungrateful dogs!"

Fang Hanran scolded angrily.

"Stay well you guys! Later, there will be someone else to keep you company!"

One man said.

The group then went out.

"I can't believe there's a family that has built such a secret room!"

Hu Huimin at the moment.

"Yeah, well, it's no wonder the gang's got guys in their hands! Instead, it's the newest model in the Middle* Region, and it's got a lot of firepower!"

At this moment, Shen Junwen also frowned and said.

As Chen Hao listened, he also remembered that both Shen Junwen and Hu Huimin seemed to be going undercover to investigate cases at the school, right?

I didn't expect that this undercover was half a year.

At first, they were curious about what case the two were investigating.

"I'm sorry Shengnan Yang Yang and Huimin, it's us who got you into trouble, but don't worry, I won't let the Situ family hurt the Yours!"

Inan Fong apologized.

"It's fine Miss Fang, the most important thing now is to quickly find a way to escape!"

Shen Junwen was calm and took out his magnanimity as well.

"Alas, if only Chen Hao was there, he's the most capable, if he knew we were in trouble, he definitely wouldn't have stood idly by!"

Lin Shengnan cried.

Since childhood, Lin Shengnan Xu Yangyang had never encountered such a thing before, so of course he was afraid.

And mentioning Chen Hao, several girls were all slightly startled in their hearts.

In particular, Fang Hanran couldn't help but look gloomy.

"It's useless, even if Chen Hao knows, it's useless because something happened to him!"

Fanny Fang.

"Ah? Something's wrong?"

Lin Shengnan Xu Yangyang Hu Hu Huimin looked at Fang Hanran together.

"Yes, six months long, and now life and death are unknown!"

Fanny said.

"How come..."

Lin Shengnan was incredulous.

"I say, how could Wang Xiaohua's company suddenly collapse, it turns out that something happened to Chen Hao!"

Xu Yangyang also said somewhat glumly.

"Hmph, deserved it!"

Suddenly, Hu Huimin's voice rang out.

"Who made him so high-profile and show-offy in the first place, thinking that he could do whatever he wanted with the money he had, but then, the unlucky man It's the blameless!"

Hu Huemin remembered something from the past and got angry.


Chen Hao couldn't help but glance at Hu Huimin.

She had originally thought that she had changed her opinion of herself after helping her last time.

Now he could not help but smile bitterly in his heart helplessly.

"Forget about those useless things, right now, let's all think of a way to escape together!"

Shen Junwen said.

"Get in, all of you!"

Just then, another voice sounded.

Then the iron door opened.

A full thirty people, men, women and children, were hooded and shoved in.

When the hoods opened.

Fang Hanan was startled.

"How is it you guys? You guys got caught too?"

Fanny was startled.

"Miss, is that you? So these dog thieves of the Szeto family have captured you too!"

One of the old men couldn't help but say.

It was obvious that this group of people were all familiar with the Fang Clan.

Because they weren't bystanders, they were precisely the key figures of the vassal families of the Fang Clan, more than a dozen vassal families of all sizes, and now, a full half of them had been captured!

It was because they, were the most loyal of their own Fang Family.

"My lady, take a quick idea, I'm afraid the Situ family will be at the Fang family's disadvantage, they are going to revolt!"

An old man said.

"But now, what else can I do! I didn't expect them to have prepared so painstakingly for so many years!"

Fanny was sad.

At the same time.

The inner courtyard of the Fang family.

"So it's Mr. Situ you guys, sorry, Master has just taken his medicine and rested!"

Situ Hong brought a few colluding vassal families up to the door.

"This is a matter of great importance, and we have bothered to report to the steward, so we'll wait here!"

Situ Hong said.

And the steward frowned slightly, it was obvious that Situ Hong's action was very rude.

But there was nothing to do, so he could only go to report.

Soon, the old master of the Fang family met them in the study.

"Ah Hong, what is the matter?"

Fang differed and asked.

"It's like this, Fang, our Situ family, one of us, who works at the headquarters, was hospitalized due to a work injury, but the medical expenses that the headquarters should make up for Not in place!"

Stuart Horn.

"Well? Is this what you wanted to see me about?"

Fang different frowned.

"Yes, it was because the medical expenses were not timely that caused this employee of our Szeto family to pass away!"

Situ Hong coldly said.

And Fang differed in detecting some rhyme.

"Then what do you want to do?"

"Simple, punish those responsible this time! Otherwise, my Situ Family will not be convinced!"

"And who is responsible?"



Different Fang slammed the table, "Ah Hong, how dare you! What do you want? Did you bring these goods with you and try to rebel?"

"Hehe, my lord is overstating things, my Situ family has been loyal to the other family for so many years, and right now I just want an explanation! How about this, you just have to sign this agreement and I can leave this matter alone!"

Situ Hong handed up a paper agreement.

And when Fang different took a look at it, his face instantly changed.

"Situ Hong, you're simply dreaming, looking for death!"

Different Fang was furious with red eyes.


Fang different roared.

"Oh, old man, don't shout, those four demons you had guarding your safety have long since been crippled by our men, and now, you For your safety, for the safety of your two granddaughters and your two sons, I would like you to sign it and announce it in public. This matter!"

Situ Hong sneered.

And Fang different naturally knew what was happening now.

But definitely didn't expect, when did the Situ family possess such energy?

"Did you arrest Inan Fang Yi and the others?"

"Oh, old man, give you five minutes to think about it, and as for the board, I'm sure it won't be long before those old guys who follow you. It will also be signed off on together!"

Stuart Hong.

"You'd better not be wasting your energy!"

"Okay, it's okay to have me sign, but there's one thing I want to understand, you, Szeto Hong, did you do that Moji's lackey?"

"Walking dogs are too hard to hear! I just choose a smart guy to follow! In fact, it's all your own fault that you've come this far!"

"The Mo family intends to join forces with you to help them search for that Chen Hao in the southwest, but you refused, I had no choice, I had to use the Fang family The only way to find that Chen Hao is to have influence in the southwest, and as for the benefits, the Fang family will now be surnamed Szeto! My lord, don't blame me!"

Szeto Hong said.

"Someone, take the old man back to his room to rest and take good care of him, and never delay tomorrow's conference!"

After Situ Hong said that, he was just leading people out.


At this moment, the Stuarts' secret room.

More and more people were being arrested.

Most of them were the heart and soul of the Fang family.

"No, something might have happened to grandpa too, we have to find a way out!"

Fang Hangsan said.

"It's urgent, we can only unite a few good fighters and we'll break out!"

Shen Junwen.

"Miss Inan, you are the best in this, I can see that you can also use *, why don't we break in and give it a try, plus Huimin! It's just three people less!"

Shen Jun Wen.

"I know how to punch and kick too, so count me in!"

"Count me in, too!"

In a short while, more than a dozen people stepped forward.

No one was willing to obey Szeto Hong, the old dog.

Righteous indignation filled them now.

"But it will be dangerous to go out, this young man, I also know you want to escape, but you are not a member of the Fang forces, don't worry Bar, they won't be too hard on you guys, besides, how are you going to fight Situ Hong when you're all captured!"

Someone asked worriedly.

And Chen Hao gestured for him to take it easy and wait and see!

"Well, you cowards, you'd better keep your mouths shut!"

Shen Junwen looked at them speechlessly.

"Now, I'm also more inclined to your opinion, Jun Wen-san, I think we can break in and give it a try! It's better than sitting around waiting to die!"

After pondering for a long time, Fang Hanran nodded silently.

After all, as long as they could rush out, they could report the letter and invite assistants to deal with the Situ family.

"Good, just now I observed that their inner courtyard is loosely guarded and the outside is very strict, Miss Fang, I wonder if you are familiar with the terrain outside ?"

Inan nodded, "I am familiar with it! Later, you'll follow me and I'll show you how to try to break out."


And that's when Chen Hao spoke up.

That meant, bring him out as well.

"A-san, I know you're scared, but we're heading out this time, it's likely to be unsuccessful and dangerous!"

Fangsan fell concerned.

Hu Huimin, on the other hand, rolled her eyes and was speechless.

"Now that the family is like this, I can't stay here, inan, I'll run outside with you guys!"

Fang Yi also said through gritted teeth.

Fang Clan looked at the rest of the clan, most of them were scared by the Situ family and they all wimped out.

Now they also looked at Fang Yi and nodded.

"No, I don't agree, Miss Fang Yi, and this Ah San, it's really dangerous for us to go out, if you have to follow . It's inevitable that some kind of mess will arise!"

Hu Huemin.

"Let's not argue about that yet, let's wait until it's dark and then we'll see!"

Fang Hanran said promptly .

And also at this time, Chen Hao went to a corner and took out a jade-like object without a trace, but it wasn't a jade pendant, because there was an instrument button on it, and presently, Chen Hao pressed it....


Soon, it was late at night.


Suddenly a loud and shocking sound exploded in one of the Situ Family's warehouses.

Fire raged in the sky, and it seemed as if the entire Situ Family was trembling.

"What's going on?"

And in one of the meeting halls of the Situ Family, Situ Hong and Long Biao and the others were all trembling physically and mentally.

"It's not good Master, it's not good Master, it's our warehouse, it's been bombed!"

A butler looked like he was in a hurry and ran in, saying.

"What did you say?"

The corner of Situ Hong's mouth twitched.

The Situ Family's warehouse was not as simple as simply storing things, some of the Situ Family's information texts over the years could be in there.

"What kind of person dares to be so bold? Touching my Szeto family?"

Situ Hong raged.

"Someone has been sent to investigate now!"

The butler was busy saying.

"Check, and make sure you catch the man!"

Situ Hong said and also rushed out with a group of people.

Outside of Situ's house, a deep forest in the mountains.

A few tents were being set up.

More than a dozen silhouettes were moving through the jungle before finally arriving at the tents.

"Yiung Wei, everything's done!"

Several people said.

"Very well, then our mission is complete, the rest is up to Mr. Chen!"

Wei Qingshu lifted the tent and came out, nodding, "Alright, now send a second team over to meet Mr. Chen and the others for evacuation at any time! "

Ever since the last time Wei Qingshu had seen Chen Hao's methods with his own eyes.

There wasn't the same amount of disrespect towards Chen Hao as before.

Quite the contrary, Chen Hao had asked him to do something quite big this time, and Wei Qingshu loved that.

From those two men, after learning about some of the Situ Family's schemes.

It was to put Wei Qingshu in charge of taking over at any time.

The Wei family was a huge family on the southwest border, and Chen Hao was familiar with the Situ family's terrain from the mouths of the two underlings, so having Wei Qingshu send someone to infiltrate was naturally not too big of a problem.

"Inan, what's that sound, why does it feel like the ground is shaking and it's so chaotic outside! Now it's all dark again and you can't see anything!"

Fangyi asked at the moment.

"I don't know what happened, it seems like an explosion, but it's just right to take advantage of the chaos, it's our big chance to escape! Maybe, Grandpa arranged it on purpose, let's go!"

At that moment, Fang Hanan rushed out with Shen Junwen and the others according to their original plan.

Although there are a few men in the tunnel, it is not a problem for Inan to deal with them.

With the power outage, the basement is even darker.

It's chaotic outside.

With little or no effort, they all rushed outside.

"It seems fine!"

And the people in the house were all watching at the moment.

Fang Yi didn't follow either.

"Ah San, Sheng Nan, what do we do now? It seems like chaos outside, are we going to escape?"

Fangyi was in a hurry.

Just at that moment, Fang Yi's hand was grabbed.

At first glance, it was Ah San.

"Ah San, you didn't follow the inan and the others to rush out just now?"

Fang Yi's heart was suddenly solid.

Chen Hao shook his head, indicating that Fang Yi should take the opportunity to take everyone with her now!

"Can we go? Inan and the others are nowhere to be seen."

Fang Yi asked.

Chen Hao instructed her again, don't worry, I have everything!

"Then let's head out as well, and run out the back door of the Stuarts!"

Fanny shouted.

"Fine, fine, just take advantage of the moment, the black light and the open* can't hit it!"

Apparently now, everyone agreed.

More than thirty people, following behind Chen Hao, began to run out.

"Damn it, where do you want to run to?"

There was a pop.

A bright flashlight suddenly illuminated at the exit of the basement.

Five or six bodyguards were seen, with weapons in hand, blocking the doorway.

They were staring viciously at the crowd.


Some of the women just screamed in fear.

"Sam, what should we do? They have* in their hands."

As for Fang Yi, she was now pulling Chen Hao's arm in fear and hiding behind him.

"If you don't want to die, then get back to my house!"

Four or five people approached towards the crowd.


Chen Hao's figure moved.

It was very fast.

And the fingers directly pierced several people's vitality.

In a flash, five people fell to the ground together, bleeding from seven orifices.

"Ah! San, it turns turns out you're that good?"

Fang Yi stared at the scene in front of her with wide eyes, incredulous.

Even Lin Shengnan and Xu Yangyang, although they had come into contact with many boys who practiced Taekwondo and such.

But compared to this dumb Ah San, the difference was simply too far.

This ugly bastard was really something!

The crowd behind them also marveled.

Then there was finally a mastermind in their hearts.

Chen Hao waved his hand now and rushed out with the crowd.

Until they rushed to the backyard here.

At this moment, the Situ Family's warehouse was already seen on fire, and even the other room areas were on fire.

Situ's house was already in chaos.

But Chen Hao shot very quickly, and now, the main bodyguards of the Situ family were obviously not here, but like to chase after Fang Hanran and the others.

This was just the right time for Chen Ge and the others to divert the tiger from the mountain.

Even if there were a few guards at the entrance, they were no match for Chen Hao.

Soon, everyone was brought out of the courtyard by Chen Hao.

They ran northward for five or six hundred meters.

When they passed a forest.

It was only when they passed by a forest that they saw many cars waiting.

Chen Hao signaled Fang Yi and the others to get on the car and leave.

And Fang Yi also finally landed on the ground.

"No, where is Shengnan?"

"Yang-Yang, didn't Sheng-Nan run with you just now? Why don't you see her?"

Just about to get into the car, Fang Yi suddenly asked in shock.

And it was only then that Chen Hao discovered that Lin Shengnan seemed to have run away.

What's the situation?

Chen Hao let Fang Yi get into the car, then he ran straight back down the road to search for her.

Until he found Lin Shengnan's trail in the basement doorway.

This girl was shrinking in the corner, crying all the time.

Seeing Ah San come back.

Only then was she overjoyed, "Brother A-San, I... I just tripped and I fell on my knee!"

"Here, I'll carry you!"

Chen Hao suddenly spoke.

Then he carried Lin Shengnan up.

Lin Shengnan, on the other hand, was astonished, "A third brother, how are you able to speak? You're not dumb?"

"Crap, what? Can't even hear my voice?"

Chen Hao helplessly smiled bitterly.

Lin Shengnan stared at once, "You... you're Chen Hao?"

"Yes, you really are Chen Hao, from the time I saw you this morning, I thought your eyes were so familiar and your body was familiar too!"

"But Chen Hao,'re in trouble, aren't you?"

Lin Shengnan was full of doubts.

"It's a long story, let's wait until we get you out of here first! By the way, keep my identity a secret for now! I don't want anyone to know that I showed up in the southwest!"

Chen Hao told Lin Shengnan at the same time.

Lin Shengnan nodded his head heavily.

Time passed by, two hours later.

Inan Fang's side.

The situation was even worse.

When a group of people rushed out in the chaos, they just happened to run into Situ Yang leading people after them.

At once, they could only run towards a mountainous area to the south.

And Situ Yang even led people, all the way in relentless pursuit.

Inan Hu Huemin and the others did not know how many mountains they ran.

Only then did they finally find a highway at the bottom of the mountain slope.

But now, they couldn't tell the location long ago.

"Inan, where is this? How come there's not even a village, that makes it hard to make a phone call!"

Hughie Min asked.

"It's been running so long I'm not sure where this is! Anyway, we can't go down the highway!"

Fang Han said.

A crowd was preparing to run down towards the highway.


Suddenly, a motor sounded all around.

Followed by that, the headlights opened wide.

Right in front, there were more than fifty cars.

Blocking the front of the highway to the brink.

And beside the cars, there were teams of black-clothed people standing one after another.

"It's over!"

The hearts of Fang Hanan and Hu Hu Huemin and the others were fiercely cold.

"In front, but Miss Fang Hanan?"

At that moment, the leader of the group, a young-looking man, came over and asked with a smile.


"Who are you guys? Did Sturgeon send you here?"

Fang Hanan was puzzled.

Although it was nighttime, Fang Hanran could see clearly.

This group of people were all imposing and stood solemnly.

They were obviously family bodyguards who had received rigorous training.

And only a few big families could reach this level.

At this late hour and with such a big battle, if it wasn't Situ Yang's men, who else could it be?

Now, a crowd of people were also all standing together nervously.

"Oh, Sturgeon? Sort of what?"

Unexpectedly, the young man who headed it laughed disdainfully.

"Miss Fang, I've been instructed by my husband to come and take you out of danger, there's no time to lose, come with us!"

The first young man said.

"Your husband? Who is he?"

Fang Hanan did not ask.

And the youth didn't say anything, but got into the car on his own.

Two bodyguards approached.

"Miss Fang, please get in the car and we'll get you to safety!"

The few people in Fang Qunan looked at each other.

If they had any malicious intent, they would have done it long ago, and there were so many of them that Fang Hanran couldn't handle it.

She chose to believe them.

After nodding, they all got into the car.

The car sped along.

It didn't stop until it reached a large warehouse in the outskirts of the city.

"It's already safe here, Situ Yang's people, they can't find this place!"

Taking them inside, food was already prepared, and the youth leading them lit a cigarette and said.

"Thank you for saving us, I wonder how this young man is called?"

The youth's untamed demeanor was also what made Hu Huimin's heart flutter.

Now gratefully asked.

"Oh, you're welcome, no need to thank me, I'm just doing what our gentleman tells me to do, you guys have something to eat and rest . Tomorrow, send you back to the Fang family!"

"This young master..."

Fang Hanan was about to ask something.

The youth threw his cigarette on the ground to extinguish it, turned around and walked straight out.

In the warehouse, only a dozen of them remained.

"Inan, do you know who the person who saved us is? Your Fang family is so powerful, are they your grandfather's friends?"

At this moment, Hu Huimin asked.

Inan Fong shook his head, "No, not to mention that our Fang family's lineal vassals have already been arrested by Situ Hong, even if the family really has some origins Out of the blue, it definitely wouldn't be this mysterious, but I really can't think of any other families with this level of power!"

Fang Hanran frowned.

"But now it seems that they don't mean us any harm and are here to help us!"

Hu Huemin said.

All of them nodded.

And Fang Hanan now looked at Hu Hu Huimin and Shen Junwen.

"Huemin Junwen, I see that you are also professionally trained, and you are not transfer students, right?"

Inan Fong asked.

Hu Huimin smiled, "Yes, it is true that we are not transfer students, but inan, our true identity needs to be kept secret, I hope you can Understand!"


"Go home early, get a good night's sleep, and when you wake up in the morning, it'll all be over!"

Chen Hao put Lin Shengnan in the car and instructed the driver to take Lin Shengnan home, and said to the shocked Lin Shengnan.

"Chen Hao, it's too dangerous, why don't you come with me and stay at my house for a night! They're awful!"

Lin Shengnan worried.

"No, I have something important to do tonight!"

"But it's thundering, and it's going to rain hard soon, and we're saved, so where else are you going to go?"

Lin Shengnan was still uneasy.

"Don't forget our agreement, just don't tell the public about you seeing me!"

He patted Lin Shengnan's shoulder.

Chen Hao gave the driver a wink and the driver immediately drove away.

And Lin Shengnan turned around from the car and looked through the back window at Chen Hao who was still standing in the same spot.

Suddenly, a bolt of lightning crossed and for a moment, illuminated Chen Hao's face.

Watching from afar, Lin Shengnan saw Chen Hao's face, and a coldness actually rose up in his back for no reason at all.

At this moment, it seemed that Chen Hao was no longer the Chen Hao that he knew!

How awful!


With a thunderclap that overturned the sky, dark clouds, completely enveloped the entire land.

"Wow!" The rain and wind then swept in.

That night, the rain was torrential and the lightning thundered.

And Chen Hao's figure had disappeared....


"What? All gone? The people who blew up the warehouse were never caught, and we lost all our hostages?"

Situ Hong was angry at Situ Yang.

At this moment, the representatives of the two Long Mo families were also present.

"Originally, I was already close to catching Fang Hanran and the others, but I don't know what happened, but they suddenly disappeared as if they had vanished from the earth and It's gone, but don't worry father, I'll catch them sooner or later!"

Stuart Yang wiped the rainwater from his body and said.

"Hmph, a duck to the mouth can fly, Ah Yang, how do you want me to feel at ease in the future to hand over all such a large estate to you?"

Situ Hong was furious.

Having lived most of his life, the first time he let someone smack him in the mouth.

It was a loss of face.

"Mr. Situ, don't blame young master  Yang, this time, it's obvious that someone is secretly helping the Fang family to come inside and out, but even if you save the It's useless to run away because we have control over Fang now. We'll send more men to keep them at bay. And absolutely no chaos can arise!"

The two Long Mo families stood out at this moment and said.

Situ Hong nodded his head: "A few of you have a point, alas, this matter, I still hope that the Long Mo two families will help more, forget it, at last there is no! Causing fundamental damage, but a few of you didn't even have the pleasure of drinking wine, come, come, I've re-prepared the food and wine, let's drink and talk!"

At that moment, a servant accidentally knocked over a wine glass because his hands were busy.


Stuart Hong's anger went up to his mouth, "Damn it, don't want to live?"

"I'm sorry Master, I'm sorry Master!"

"What a gas! By the way, where is Madame? Wasn't she there just now? All the noble guests are here today, go call your wife and come over to toast!"

Situhiro shook his head in anger.

This family member immediately covered his face and ran out.

He walked out from the secret room.


The family member spat at the door of the chamber, "Old thing, sooner or later you'll die a horrible death!"

"Ah Hong, go and invite Madam!"

Presently he angrily called out to a maid, Ah Hong.

As a result, no one answered him even after shouting several times.

What responded to him was a thunderclap that tore through the sky.

He was so frightened that he almost sat on the ground.

"What's going on? Where are the people? Why is there no one in the living room?"

The family member is suspicious.

Looking around, there was none.

Outside in the courtyard, it was dark, not knowing when the lights had been turned off as well.

"Holy shit, the bodyguard is eating shit, right? All let down by lightning?"

The family member walked to the door of the villa in confusion.


A bolt of lightning crossed.

It instantly illuminated the entire courtyard.

And the family member was able to see the courtyard clearly at once.


The family member instantly let out a hideous scream of terror....


* Body!

The entire courtyard was full of *bodies*.

It was raining heavily, as if the entire ground was red and full of bright red.

These people, both men and women!

And it was through this lightning that the family member also saw a tall figure, standing in the middle of the storm.

He was walking slowly towards the villa with one hand holding the umbrella and one hand in his pocket.

In the family member's heart, it was as if a demon was walking towards him.

He wanted to run, wanted to shout, but at this moment, he couldn't even make a single move.

He couldn't even move his legs.

Finally, he was able to see this person's face, which seemed to be a handsome face.

But those eyes were as if they were condensed from blood.

There was a solemn aura of death through them.

And it was this aura of solemnity that caused the family member's breathing to freeze in an instant.

He walked into the villa.

The youth slowly lowered his umbrella and shook the top, not knowing whether it was rain or blood stains.

"Everyone's inside, right?"

The youth asked amiably.


The family member nodded.

"Hold it for me!"

The youth handed the umbrella to the family member.

"Good...good good!"

The family member's entire body was trembling....

"Come, cheers, from now on the three Long Mo Si Tu families are one heart, there is no rival in the world, hahahaha, have a good celebration, by the way, tonight There's still a discussion to be had about the next step in tracking down that Chen Hao!"

Situ Hong laughed openly.

"Actually, Mo Qing and Mo Tian, the two brothers, ever since the Long family asked for Situ's assistance in helping to find that Chen Hao's whereabouts, my father had never There was no carelessness, if it wasn't for someone fighting to protect him, I believe Chen Hao would have fallen into my father's hands half a year ago! Uncle Bill knows about this as well!"

Situ Yang at this moment.

Long Biao nodded his head heavily.

"That's right, two, Yang is right, the people I chased after Chen Hao in the first place were all from the Situ family!"

"We know this, and we have already reported this credit to Cousin Mo Jian, but Cousin Mo Jian, he misses everyone's good fortune!"

The Mo Qing Mo Tian brothers said.

"That's good, in the future, I expect the two of you, in front of Young Master Mo Jian, to say a few more nice words! Come on, cheers!"

Situ Hong stood up to make a toast.

At this moment, from within the secret room, a footstep was suddenly heard in the tunnel outside the secret room.

It was very hollow, from far and near.

"Could it be that Madam is here?"

A guest laughed.

"It doesn't sound like it!"

Stuart Hong laughed bitterly.


Then, the door of the secret room was seen to be slowly pushed open.

Then a silhouette appeared in front of everyone.

"You are...?"

Situ Hong's eyebrows furrowed slightly.

Then reacted at once.

There was even more joyful excitement on his face.

"You you you... you are?"

"Haha, Father, he's Chen Hao!"

Sturgeon was also excited and stood up.

"What? Chen Hao?"

Mo Qing Mo Tian and his two brothers were stunned.

"Not bad, I recognize him, my two nephews, both fell into his hands, I also know him when he turns into ash, I didn't expect that he would actually dare to himself Delivered to your door?"

Long Biao was even more furious and stood up.

"Looking for death, catch him for me!"

And Mo Qing Mo Tian now commanded the other two Mo family members.

The two of them immediately led the order to rush over.

But as soon as they reached the front, Chen Hao exploded the two men's skulls with a divine dragon swinging roundhouse kick.

Their eyeballs all exploded out at once!

Hit the corner hard and you won't be able to get up!

And they, however, were the children of the Mo family.


Mo Qing and Mo Tian stared at each other.

A son of the Mo family would actually be defeated by an outsider with a single move, and it was this rich second generation Chen Hao?

If one didn't see it with their own eyes, they would not believe it to death.

And this bloody scene also made Situ and his father and Long Biao's eyelids jump hard.

Chen Hao... was actually this powerful?

"It's just the four of you Mo family members this time, right? You four, you should go together!"

Chen Hao smiled slightly.

"Someone! Someone!!!"

And Situ Hong, seeing how raw Chen Hao was, cold sweat dripped from his forehead, yelling for his subordinates to come over.

But after shouting for half a day, no one answered.

And a look at the teasing smile on Chen Hao's lips.

Situ Hong's heart cooled most of the way.

"Chen Hao, do you know that what you just *was*, was the Mo family! You Chen family, don't you want to live, my uncle, will slay your Chen family!"

Mo Qing Mo Tian was also a bit scrupulous.

After all, who could have such strength other than those of uncle's level?

Right now, move out Mo Changkong.

"Indeed, now I do still have some scruples about Mo Changkong being unfavorable to our Chen Clan, but it's not like he'll know that I'm the one who slaughtered him this time A couple of nephews!"

Chen Hao laughed.

"Bastard, you better restrain yourself, otherwise, I will report to my uncle, your Chen family, just prepare to suffer the Mo family's vast wrath! !"

Mo Qing raged.

Chen Hao shook his head, "You're wrong, none of you present here today will get out alive!"

Long Biao and the others' liver and guts were split.

And Mo Qing Mo Tian bit his teeth.

"Bastard, my Mo family is a hidden clan, and the power of my bloodline is not comparable to a commoner like you, and this time, my brothers and I will take the You corpse back!"

The two brothers pounced directly at Chen Hao.

The strength of Mo Qing and Mo Tian was naturally not comparable to those two Mo Family sons just now.

They were considered to have inherited the Mo family's fine bloodline.

But Chen Hao, how could he be the same Chen Hao from that day.

For half a year, Chen Hao had been bathed morning and night by Qin Bo's extremely special potion.

For the first three months, it just felt like his strength was soaring.

And the next three months, Chen Hao just felt as if he was transformed, half a year ago, the first time he used the power on his body, Chen Hao himself was frightened by his own strength.

It was also through this that Chen Hao had long been fearless towards the Mo family, because it wasn't that easy for Mo Changkong to kill himself.

If it wasn't for the fear that he wasn't able to completely save the Chen family now and implicate the Chen family, Chen Hao would have been looking for Mo Changkong to put up a fight a long time ago.

However, there was also one thing that made Chen Hao very suspicious over the past half year.

That was Uncle Qin.

Because Uncle Qin would spar with Chen Hao every half month.

And every time they fought against each other, Chen Hao was always close to winning a move against Qin Bo.

Thinking that with his hard work and hard training in the deep mountains.

He could win even one move, or half a move, against Uncle Qin.

But half a year had passed, and as he grew by one point, so would Uncle Qin, and it turned out that every time he compared, he was always that close!

Later on, Chen Hao also understood that Qin Bo's strength was simply not something he could watch.

And right now, although the two brothers Mo Qing Mo Tian had joined forces.

But how could they be Chen Hao's opponents.

A few rounds down.


The crunching sound of a broken neck came out.

Mo Qing Mo Tian and the two brothers' eyes opened wide.

Subsequently, blood spurted out from both of their mouths and they directly knelt on the ground....


Ding ding ding ding ding....

The wine table was trembling, and the wine glasses and plates on top of the shaking clashed back and forth.

That was the trembling of Situ's father and son and Long Biao's three.

Just now, they were still hot and lively, talking about wine.

And now, terror descended!

The three of them had all seen the Mo Family's superhuman strength.

However, they were simply no match for Chen Hao!

And Chen Hao, coming towards the wine table.


Long Biao directly knelt down in fear.

"Young Master Chen, spare my life... spare my life!"

A hundred and eighty pound strong man was now so scared that snot was running into his mouth.

"Half a year ago, I fled to the southwest, you were the one who led the men to chase me down, my thirty-odd brothers, all of them were ruined by you, they were in Jinling, and they all It's my friend!"

Chen Hao patted Long Biao's head and said.

"I was wrong...Young Master Chen! I...I was wrong!"


Chen Hao, on the other hand, seemed as if he hadn't heard a thing.

Slap with force.

Let out a muffled sound.

Immediately following, Long Biao's eyes bled and quickly fell on the ground.


And the Stuarts, father and son, were as pale as paper.

They shrank back into the corner in fear.

It felt like the person standing in front of them was not Chen Hao, but the devil!

Chen Hao took a look at the frightened father and son.

Then cast his gaze onto the wine table.

Sitting down, he poured a glass of red wine and grabbed an abalone to nibble on at random.

"I heard that you two, father and son, have been looking for me in the southwest for the past half year, and have spent a lot of money and manpower, and now that I'm here, you're looking for me What is it?"

Chen Hao looked to them and asked.

"No... It's fine, Chen...Young Master Chen, it's fine!"

Stuart Hong shuddered.

"Nothing what are you bothering to find me for? I thought you two father and son had something important to do, or I wouldn't have kept you two until now!"

Chen Hao sneered.

Finished nibbling an abalone and drank the red wine in the cup .

Chen Hao walked over towards the father and son....


The thunder outside was getting louder.

But after a tight downpour, it stopped again.

And the Situ family, was suddenly in flames.

The entire area where Situ's house was located was illuminated by the rushing fire as if it were daylight.

And a silhouette, wearing a hat and carrying a bag of things, slowly left the Situ's house and eventually disappeared into the vast night....

The next day, early in the morning, the air was particularly fresh after last night's heavy rain.

A suburban warehouse.

There were a dozen bunk beds.

It was Fang Hanan and the others, still asleep.

Fang Hanan's eyelids moved slightly.

It seemed that she woke up when she heard the sound of footsteps coming from outside.

Immediately sat up vigilantly.

Seeing that Hu Huimin and the others were still resting.

The outside of the warehouse was already bright, and what was even more suspicious to Fang Hanran was that there was no one outside.

It was empty.

"Wake up, everyone, wake up!"

Fang Hanran shouted.

Then everyone woke up.

"What's wrong, Inan? I'm so sleepy! I didn't think I'd actually sleep through it!"

Hu Huemin yawned.

"Look guys, the warehouse is empty!"

Fang Han said.

Only then did the crowd respond.

"Yeah, where is everyone? They were all still there last night, so there's no reason why we can't hear anything at all when they're gone?"

Shen Junwen stood up at once.

And Fang Hanran frowned, and only now could he see that all around the warehouse, at some point, there were burning short incense sticks.

"It's this kind of incense, it's making us all *dizzy*!"

Fanny said.

"Who the hell are they? Saved us, but didn't tell us who they were!"

Hu Huemin.

Then someone shouted, "Look, you guys, there's a cardboard box here! There seems to be a bag in there!"

All the people immediately gathered around.

"Hu Huimin Private Launch!"

There was a seal on the top of the box.

"Miss Hu, it looks like this was left specifically for you by someone!"

One said.

For no reason, Hu Huemin actually felt a little excited in her heart.

Her head was full of thoughts.

And when Shen Junwen looked at it, her heart was also tense.

"Hmph, what can it be, open it and see!"

Shen Junwen said poutingly.

"What are you doing? It's reserved for me, not to be opened!"

Hughie Min got angry.

"Who knows what's in there?"

As soon as Shen Junwen saw Hu Huimin's appearance, he wanted to argue with her.

After all, he was also extremely worried if Hu Huimin liked someone else.

And right at this moment, Fang Hanan drank.

"Keep quiet, someone's coming towards us!"

Then, they ran towards the warehouse entrance.

The crowd was also nervous at once.

"Inan, Huimin, are you guys in there ah?"

Just when a few people thought that it was Situ Yang coming after them.

A sweet female voice instantly dispelled everyone's worries.

"Fang Yi?"

Fang Hanran heard it right away.

When it came out.

It was true, Fang Yi was walking over with the Fang Clan's clan family members and bodyguards of sorts.

"We are here!"

Fanny waved her hand happily.

"Ah! Nanny, it's so good to see you're safe and sound!"

After last night's night, it's safe to say that we've all experienced the most terrifying thing in our lives.

The joy of being reborn and reunited after the robbery was inexpressible.

"Miss, it's great that you're alright, the old man was worried to death!"

The family executives also laughed.

"I'm fine, I'm fine, by the way Fang Yi, didn't you guys not run out at that time? How?"

Fanny was astonished.

"We were saved later, it was Ah San, Ah San he saved us all!"

Fanny was crying as she said.


Inan Fang was first shocked and then saw that Fang Yi was crying sadly, "What's wrong? Why are you crying?"

"Sam he seems to be in trouble, he went back to save Shengnan after he saved us, but, the Sturgeon's burned down and everything It's gone, and Sam is gone!"

Fanny looked sad as well.

"Fang Yi, don't be anxious yet, Ah San he's blessed with a great life, he's sure to be fine, besides, we haven't even started looking for Ah San yet!"

Fanny advised.

"Mmhmm, you're right, Ah San he's had a hard life since he was a child, but he's blessed with a great life, I'm sure he'll be fine, I'll find him!"

Fang Yi nodded her head heavily.

But the attentive Fang Hanran, at this moment, saw something else in the eyes of the grinning Fang Yi.

However, when she was filled with doubts, she didn't say anything more.

At that moment, she was still worried about grandpa's safety: "Then is grandpa all right now? The Szeto family didn't harm Grandpa, did they? And how did you know we were here?"

"The Stuarts? I don't know which gods have been offended by the Situ family, but last night there was a big fire and everything! There's no more left, Stu, there's no more!" A senior family member said.

"What? The Stuarts are gone?"

"Yeah, all of it, it's all gone, the fire that burned all night long, and I couldn't even find a *body*!"

Fang Yi wiped her tears and said.

"Miss, let's go back first, the old master is holding a family meeting and has something important to announce!"


The Fang family had really turned a corner this time.

Because of different carelessness and negligence of Fang, the result was almost annihilated by the vassal family in one fell swoop.

The Fang family never existed again.

Naturally, Fang was mainly responsible for this.

After this disaster, Fang found that he was no longer the old man that everyone relied on, but he was no longer the head of the family.

At the critical moment, he almost buried the family, not to mention protecting them.

Therefore, this time, the Fang family meeting was very different from the past.

All of the clan members all bowed their heads.


Fang differed and coughed, breaking the uncomfortable silence.

"Next, I'm going to announce something, and it's my last decision as the head of the Fang family!"

Fang was different.

The crowd all raised their heads.

"That is, the next head of the Fang family will be inan! I'm getting old, I'm no longer useful, although the second and third are mature and steady, but unfortunately, I'm stuck in a rut. Thoughtfully considered, the most suitable person to lead the Fang family to further development and recovery in the future is Inan!"

Fang different finished speaking.

The whole meeting exploded and everyone was talking about it.

And Fang Hanan also really did not expect that today's meeting would be like this.

Immediately stood up: "Grandpa, I can't, I'm still young, there's still a lot to learn, I can't be the head of this family at all, and , the Fang family has never had the tradition of having a female stream as the head of the family!"

Inan really doesn't dare to take over the mastership of the family.

Fang differently raised his hand, signaling everyone to shut up.

"Let's not discuss it, I've already made up my mind on this matter, Inan, I know your worries, don't worry, you can still marry and have Your own marriage, and besides, the third and fourth generation of your second and third uncles, there is still talent to be made, from now on, you have to step up. Three or four generations of training for the other family! Grandpa, it's not like you're just going to be the head of this family!"

Fang was different.

And it was precisely these words that dispelled the worries of the whole clan.

Yes, sooner or later, Fan Dan will have to marry, and once he leaves an heir, then in the future, the Fang family can change their surname, which was exactly the point of concern for the crowd.

And with these words from the old man, the crowd was relieved.

"Eldest Miss as the head of the family, I'll be the first to support it!"

Some of the clan.

"Yeah, I'm all for it too!"

The top brass of the vassal family then echoed loudly.

"The public expects it!"

Different Fang smiled slightly, "Inan, you have seen it, so don't make any more excuses, this candidate is none other than you!"

Fang differed with a hammer.

He returned to the room with the butler's help.

All the people came to congratulate Fang Hanannan.

After Fang Hanan responded with a hard scalp, she then remembered.

Then she remembered.

The entire family meeting, it seemed that there was no sign of Fang Yi.

In the past, the family meeting, this girl loved to get together.

"Have you seen Fang Yi?"

After the meeting, Fang Hanan asked the housekeeper.

She remembered that Fang Yi had come back with her.

"Oooo, Miss Fangyi drove out before the meeting!"


"Looking for someone?"

Fang Hanan was startled.

Only then did she react, and now she secretly said, "This girl Fang Yi, she's not going back to find Ah San, is she?"

Fang Hanan is sad that Ah San has disappeared, especially because he has saved many people from his own family.

Inan also thought of Ah San as a good friend.

However, she could also see that this girl, Fang Yi, seemed to have more than just friendship for A San.

After shaking her head, "Prepare the car, it's too dangerous outside, I have to go and get her back!"

She said.

"Yes, Mr. Fang!"


At the same time, a police cordon had been set up high up on the perimeter of the Szeto family.

"This friend, have you ever seen a young man who isn't very tall and wears a mask with severe burns on his face?"

A girl asked an onlooker passerby.

"It wasn't..."

"Why not, he said he'd come to us when he went, and now, Montan he hasn't come back, and he hasn't come back here, so where can he go? ? I also called Shengnan, but he can't find them. They seem to have moved. They're not in the southwest anymore. Can anyone tell me where San went? What happened?"

Fangyi asked to the passerby.

The passerby was startled.

Sizing up Fang Yi for a while.

I thought such a beautiful girl, why is she like a psychopath.

Now shook his head, very scrupulous and then dodged.

"Where could Ah San have gone, he said he would be back! He never breaks a promise he made me!"

Fangyi murmured to herself.

"San, you're my only friend and my best friend, you mustn't have anything happen to you, we agreed that every night we would be at the Where have you been chatting in the park at home?"

Fangyi said.

As she said that, in her mind, Fang Yi remembered this pristine Ah San, who was gentle and treated people well.

Every time she talked to him, he listened attentively and advised and encouraged herself.

Indeed, at first, I found Ah San because I saw that he was easy to bully and wanted to learn sign language from him.

But then, slowly this feeling changed.

It's only been a few days, and a dependency has slowly formed.

Especially last night, A-San gave up his life to save her.

What's more, Fang Yi could never forget this youth again.

"A-san, where are you?"

Fang Yi couldn't wait any longer, so she simply sat down from where she was.

She came back today, first she went to Mount Meng to look for Master Zuo, then she went to look for Lin Shengnan.

Master Zuo said that Ah San didn't come back.

And Lin Shengnan's family had moved away.

Whether Shengnan was saved or not, Ah San didn't know what was going on.

"Ah San, you can't have an accident!"

Fang Yi muttered to herself.

After waiting for a while.

As if Fang Yi's soul was not in the right place, the car didn't drive and left again.

She was going to look for another place.

To look for this young Ah San who was the only one who had given Fang Yi a direction in her life for more than twenty years.

She had lost so much in her childhood, she had no friends, no friendship, and no love.

But ever since she met Ah San, she feels like she has all of that back.

She doesn't dislike the fact that San is ugly or dumb.

None of that mattered.

What was important was that every time she was unhappy, Ah San would be by her side, and when she saw him, she would feel good and solid.

Fang Yi thought as she came to the road.


Suddenly, a violent motor sound rang out.

Only then did Fang Yi retrieved her thoughts.

Turning her head, a large truck that was speeding along.

The driver was napping, and upon seeing the person, braked hard.

But it was too late.

"Boom!" A sound.

Fang Yi's entire body instantly flew out, hitting the ground heavily.

The phone even flew out more than ten meters away, and the screen fell to pieces.

And there was a small pendant hanging from the phone.

The little pendant was very cute, and on it, was a little man wearing a mask, resembling Ah San....


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