The Unknown Heir 452-458


"What do you all need to learn, Uncle Chin?"

Chen Hao asked.

"I will, you have to learn it all, take your time, Little Hao, your constitution itself is not bad, these seven days, the herbs I specially picked for you, used to The bubble bath strengthens your physique, and with the acupuncture I gave you, don't worry, I'll soon train you to be an expert!"

"You've been picking herbs specifically for me these past seven days?"

When Chen Hao heard this, his heart was truly touched.

Thinking back to the first time he met with Uncle Qin, his attitude and how much he had helped himself when he was by his side, he didn't know how much.

Now, he was thinking of himself in every way.

Not his own grandfather, but making Chen Hao feel even closer than his own grandfather.

Now, in order to live up to Uncle Qin's hopes, Chen Hao nodded his head heavily.

Thus far, Chen Hao stayed in the village and kept following Uncle Qin.

In the blink of an eye, half a year had passed....

At this moment, the South Ocean Chen family, in the secret room.

"How is it? Still no word from Sonny?"

In the past six months, Chen Dongfang seemed to have aged a lot all of a sudden.

His hair was also white.

Yang Yuping, on the other hand, was almost in tears every day.

"Master, at first I escorted young Chen all the way to the southwest, but I was tracked by some forces in the southwest at the time, so I stayed behind to cover young Chen . Just know that he went to a village looking for an old man named Chin, and Miss si Zyue told me the address, but I went there several times in secret, and there It's long since emptied out and there's no one there!"

Li Zhenguo hadn't been idle for half a year and had been secretly searching for Chen Hao.

But unfortunately, for half a year, Young Chen was as if he had evaporated from the earth, with no news at all.

"It's all your fault, if you had been tougher, Little Hao wouldn't have needed to leave the family, and by now, we don't know if he's dead or alive!"

Yang Yuping said urgently.

Chen Xiao was also crying and consoling her mother.

"Little Hao has no ID card, he's lost all his bank cards, and he's being searched around by that bastard Mo Changkong, how do you want him to hide? Maybe it's already in Mo Changkong's hands!"

The more Yang Yuping said, the more scared she became.

"No, if Little Song falls into Mo Changkong's hands, that old man Mo Changkong, will definitely blackmail me at the first opportunity, these six months, He'd been looking for excuses, but hadn't found any, hadn't he, and if Little Song had fallen into his hands, it would have been his biggest blackmail bargaining chip, and At that point, he knows we won't be uncompromising. So, if we find it, he'll have already come to blackmail us!"

Chen Xiao said.

"Xiaoxiao is right, don't worry, I believe in our son, he will be fine, Rose, help your aunt back to her room to rest! "

Chen Near East said.

Si Zyue was standing by the side also falling into tears, nodding her head now, "Yes uncle!"

"Alright, all of you go down too, I want to be alone!"

Chen Near East said again.

When everyone had retired, Chen Near East had his hands behind his back and looked forlorn.

"Chen Hao ah, where the hell have you been hiding, should have known this, put rather with Mo Changkong jade marble tile whole, not let you risk so Big risk!"

Originally, the plan was for Chen Nong Yi.

Little Song was detached though.

But how could it be left unchecked.

It would definitely send the Chen family's strongest strength to secretly protect it, in short, just don't let Mo Changkong find an excuse.

This wasn't difficult.

However, he had far overestimated the strength of the experts he had cultivated over the years, and even more so, he had greatly underestimated those men of Mo Changkong's.

Six months ago on the night, in Qing City, if it wasn't for the men risking all of them ending up fighting to the death, Little Song would have narrowly failed to escape.

Chen Near East clenched his fists.

Although he had money, he had finally experienced the powerlessness that money wasn't everything.

There was no way out, no way at all!


At that moment, Alfred, the butler, walked in.

"What is it?"

"That Mo Jian of the Mo family, who is interested in the Genting Mountain villa that Young Master bought in Jinling, would like to ask Master how much he is willing to sell it?"

"That third son of Mo Changkong, Mo Jian?"

Chen Near East clenched his fist.

"That's him!"

"Oh, has he asked for anything less in the last six months, buy? Isn't his message clear enough, tell him, no sale!"

Chen Nearing smashed the table heavily.

The Mo family assisted the Chen family in tracking this matter of the Sun Alliance incident, and although Mo Changkong couldn't find an excuse to intervene, half a year ago, he had used the excuse of having his third son come out to train to join Mo Weiping's team.

But this Mo Jian, when he arrived, took it by force, and Chen Dong Yi was patient with him.

Right now, he directly raged.

"But Master, after all, that Mo Changkong has been staring at our Chen family for a long time now, and also, if that Mo Jian isn't satisfied with messing up anything And trouble again!"

The butler was also helpless.

"Fine, fine, give him to him, you go do it!"

Chen Near East impatiently waved his hand.

Eight hundred million wasn't even a thing in Chen Near East's eyes.

However, it was just indignation at Mo Jian's approach.

But again, right now... there was no way!

"Well? Did Chan Nimble agree?"

Outside, a broad young man was crossing his legs, lightly sipping tea.

"Hello young master Mo, the master said, Genting Mountain Villa is given to you since you like it, what to talk about buying it!"

The steward's mouth said, but his heart hated to eat the son of a bitch alive.

"Good, very good, count him as Chen Nearing sensible!"

"Brothers, let's go, leave this boring place in the South Pacific and go to Jinling for a few days of dashing!"

Mo Jian left with a few of his men in a swaggering manner.

At the same time.

In a restaurant in a small town in the southwest.

It was a restaurant similar to a farmhouse.

As it was next to a vast mountain.

On the other side of the mountain, there was another big river lying across it.

It could be called a beautiful mountain.

So there were often people from the so-called upper class who came to travel and explore.

"You damn well must give me an explanation today, do you know how expensive my clothes are?"

"That's right, get your boss here, rub, see if you're tired of living!"

A woman, who looked to be in her thirties and wearing heavy makeup, was grabbing a youth by the collar and wouldn't let go.

And she was yelling at him.

The thing was, their group of men and women added up to as many as seven or eight.

It didn't look like they were any good men or women.

Came in to eat, and as a result, one of the young waiters responsible for serving them, accidentally splashed a bit of vegetable soup onto the woman's body.

And then there was the current scene.

Mainly bar, it was also a good bully to see this restaurant opening.

"Excuse me! I'll rub it for you!"

The youth hurriedly apologized and was about to wipe.


The woman slapped the young man in the face, "Damn it, get your dirty hands off me, look at you, you want to touch it too! Me, Bill, look at their attitude!"

The woman was brutal.

At the same time, she looked to the side at a large man with a tattooed dragon painting style and an inch head.


The big man went up and kicked the youth in the stomach again, and the youth fell straight out, bumping into several tables and chairs in succession.

Many people in the house were eating at the moment, staring blankly at the scene in front of them....



And then, a girl with a ponytail came out from the back kitchen with food.

As soon as she saw the youth was beaten.

Hurriedly put down the dishes and ran over.

"Why are you guys hitting my brother?"

The girl pounced on him, red-eyed, and said.

"Why did you hit him? Well, look at that. You've got my clothes all dirty. And you're a restaurant, too. You've got a stupid waiter who doesn't know what he's doing. Fight, damn it! What do you guys think about this? If you don't compensate me for my clothes, I'll smash up your shop!"

The woman snarled.

"Don't smash the shop, don't smash the shop!"

And the youth at once cried with fright, and sat on the ground and begged.

"Brother, don't beg them!"

The girl is also in a hurry.

Girl **, looks like she's in her early twenties.

But obviously a pretty hardworking and sensible kind of girl.

And also the more it looked like this family was easy to bully, the more this group came on.

A few men behind Biaoge were shaking their heads and shaking their arms and legs, making a clattering sound.

The people around them were also nervous, it seemed a smash was inevitable, pity the brother and sister.

"What's going on? Why are we still fighting?"

Just at that moment.

A young man wearing a cap outside, riding an electric tricycle, came back with a woman, apparently out shopping for food.

The woman saw that there was a fight inside and hurriedly jumped off the bike and came towards the house.

Instead, the youth wearing a cap outside looked calm, just glanced at the house, then withdrew his gaze, with a cigarette in his mouth, unloading outside.

"Mom, it's them, they beat up my brother!"

The girl rushed.

"Mom, they hit me!"

The youth also sat on the floor and cried.

"Don't be afraid tiger, mom is here!"

"By what right do you beat people?"

The woman became anxious.

"By what, by the fact that your silly son soiled my clothes!"

The woman held her shoulder.

"It's just clothes, I'll pay for it! How much? We'll pay for the hit on my son later. Why don't you ask around? Although I'm a widow, I'm Mei. But it's not fucking easy!"

The woman bellowed.

"Well, look at this, I'm a Hermes luxury and it's new, I just wore it today and it costs ninety thousand dollars!"

The woman said.

And Li Mei's anger went down most of the time when she heard this.

"How... how much? Over 90,000? What clothes are so expensive?"

This farmhouse, a year's income is only 50,000 to 60,000, and now you sprinkle a little vegetable soup on it, to pay for 90,000 more?

"Oh, the countryside is so unseen, have you heard of Hermes!"

The woman was proud of herself.

Li Mei, on the other hand, was also unable to speak at once.

Look outside these people listening to the Land Rover G500 and so on, also does not seem like good stubble.

It was really hard to be embarrassed right now.

The surrounding watchers also showed a sympathetic look.

This can't be helped ah, can only dry admit bad luck ah.

And just as the two sides were facing each other.

The caped youth who was just unloading outside walked in at an unknown time.

Came to the woman's side, due to the fact that she was wearing a long dress.

The youth directly grabbed the skirt from his thighs and touched the material of the dress.


The woman screamed in fear.

"What...what are you you doing?"

And Bill was furious, too, and now shook his neck and made a clicking sound, apparently trying to do something.


The caped youth shook his head and said, "You're screwed!"

At the same time, the cap youth took off his hat and put it aside, flicking out the cigarette butt in a smooth manner.

And only after taking off the hat did the people in the room see that this youth, whose figure seemed to be a bit thin, but gave an intimidating appearance, had an even clearer face.

When the woman heard this, she became even more anxious.

"Blind your dog's eyes, I'm real, you actually say it's fake, just don't want to pay for it, it seems not to give you a little bit of color . You guys don't know what I'm capable of!"

The woman eyed Bill.

And Bill's group gathered around.

"Okay, okay, I know you guys are good, but really, I never lie!"

After saying that, the youth grabbed the woman's skirt and ripped it open.


The woman screamed again.

"Believe it or not, authentic Hermes luxury goods are made with special care and attention to raw materials, but look at you, the material inside is cotton fiber from the It's somewhere else, isn't it? Two thousand dollars to hold up!"

The youth said.

And the woman wanted to curse again.

But as soon as she heard it, she froze.

Bill, who was about to do it, also froze.

The two of them looked at each other.

Because the youth was right, it was indeed a counterfeit bought at a discount sale in 1999.

"So, at most, I'll accompany you for two thousand!"

The youth laughed.

"Aunt May, bring over two thousand dollars!"

"Well come on!"

Li Mei nodded.

The youth handed the money to Biao.

As for Biao, he was publicly embarrassed by the youth, and most importantly, he actually ate his own girl's tofu, and the skirt said to rip it open.

He also pointed out in public that the woman was wearing a fake.

If he just walked away, then he, Biao, would simply go out and die!

"OK, kid, there are two things, even if this is fake, but you fucking pull my woman's skirt what's going on, on this one, I'm wasted. Got you!"

Biao was now furious.

He threw a punch directly towards the youth's face.


A sound.

Bill's fist was directly squeezed by the youth.

The youth then pushed a little harder.

"Ow! Ouch! It hurts!!!"

Bill shouted in pain.

At the same time, his heart was horrified.

This youth, he could have fit himself to go, but his hand strength, it was so strong!!!!

"Want to fight? That's a different story!"

The youth smiled slightly.

With a shake of his wrist, he heard Brother Biao's arm click and bend upwards at a very peculiar angle.

The youth then lifted his leg and Billie was directly kicked over.

"Ow! My arm!"

Bill shouted in pain.

And a few of his men, directly looked stupid.

Just now, when the young man grabbed Brother Biao's fist, and squeezed Brother Biao's clattering, they all thought the young man was powerful.

Now look at the body, go up inevitably is a fracture operation ah.

Right now, several of them actually didn't dare to move.

"It's fine, the pain will stop after a while!"

The youth squatted down.

And the screaming Bill, at this time, looked at his arm, which had been clearly deformed, and then what, it really did not feel pain.

But the arm has been bent like this, it was scary to look at.

At the same time, looking at the youth faintly smiling at himself, only to feel this youth's smile, how oozing.

When first full of virtual sweat: "You... what do you want?"

The young man smiled and patted Biao's shoulder: "Biao, so many customers, I can't do anything to you, don't you want compensation? Come, lend a word!"


Bill swallowed.

The woman, on the other hand, was also a little afraid.

Afraid that this youth would break his arm like this as well.

Now followed behind the youth towards the backyard.

To a room in the backyard.


The youth heavily closed the door.

A shudder went through the two.

There was no way not to come in, because their own arms couldn't always be like this.

"You better fix my arm or I won't leave you alone, and you won't ask around..."

Bill didn't want to lose his momentum, and now he was cold-eyed.

"Okay, okay, I just said, I know you guys are good, so let's talk!"

The youth interrupted.

"Oh, heal my man's arm, and we can have no other compensation!"

The woman said.


And the youth, fiercely slapped out.

It directly smacked the woman to the ground.

The woman was directly blinded and dizzy.

Followed by the youth, the youth snapped Biao's other arm.

Finally Biao's arm was deformed in pain and directly lying on the ground screaming.

His face was full of fear.

"How do you want to talk?"

The youth's eyes flashed with coldness.

"No... no more talks, you let us go, we won't talk!"

Bill was afraid.

"What about the two thousand dollars in compensation?"

The youth asked.

"Give it back to you, I...we don't want it!"

In the hands of this young man, there was nothing to be done at all.

It wasn't the first time that Biao was out in the world, and he knew that he was getting into trouble.

"That's good, you volunteered for this, I didn't force you!"

The youth said.

"Voluntarily, voluntarily!"

Now, the youth took out the two thousand dollars from Bill's pocket from earlier.

"And ah, you guys just beat up the tiger outside, how come the medical bill is two thousand? As you can see, we're a small town, and the health center doesn't have this condition. We have to go to the county hospital to take pictures. Expensive!"

The youth.

"Compensation, two thousand dollars, we admit it!"


The youth said again.


Bill was gasping in pain this time, and said presently.


The youth went up for a mouthful, "I speak, and you dare to ask back?"

"Yes yes yes, you say!"

"Also, it's just that when you were beating the tiger, you broke our table, chairs and benches, and pots and pans, and this money, what the heck! Five hundred dollars, simply round up to the nearest dollar, and a thousand dollars, you have to pay!"

"We'll pay for it, all of it, brother, help me, I can't stand it, my arm feels like another thousand bugs are biting me!"

Bill lay pale and rolled on the floor.

"That's fine, if you'd had that attitude, we wouldn't have had to take our pants off and fart, and don't think being rich is great!"

The youth said.

Presently, he pressed down on Biao and tugged.

Miraculously, Biao felt that his arm had not only recovered, but it also didn't hurt anymore.

"I remember, brother, I remember!"

Bill sweated coldly.

"We'll go out now and make up the money! Not a penny less!"

Bill pulled the woman, who had only sobered up a little, to her feet and hurried out.

"Billie, just like that? I'm not happy!"

The woman was crying.

A face full of grudges.

Bill, on the other hand, tugged on the woman's arm, telling her to be quiet.

Then in his mind he said.

"Just leave? I'm Zhang Biao, who the hell am I? When I get back, I'll bring some men here, and then I'll swing the place at night. I'm not going to be able to do anything about it, but I'm going to be able to do something about it. Can't go hard with this kid, after all, there are so few people to bring!"

"Bill, wait a minute!"

The youth came out of the small room again.

He waved at Bill.

"Huh? Brother, what now?"

Bill said.

"Come back here for a minute guys, I forgot something!"

Youth Road.

Billie walked back again.

"I forgot just now, and I'm not sure I'm comfortable leaving like that."

"Brother, what do you have to worry about, I've seen your tactics, I wouldn't dare mess with you!"

Billie said.

Although the youth looked like he was only twenty-two years old, Billie had to shout brother.

"You don't dare to mess with me now, but what if you go back and call more people to come and smash up this shop of ours in the night? Besides, you'll let me off the hook then? I'm not going to get my hamstrings picked out. Then I'm wasted for life!"

The youth.

And Biao Bro's eyes are now wide open, looking at the youth are blinded.

Fuck, can this person read minds?

How come you're saying what you were just thinking?

Bill grew more and more frightened and looked at the youth as if he were looking at a devil!

"Brother, how? How dare I!"

Bill tensed.

"Just in case, you have to get on the road insurance!"

Afterwards, the youth cupped the jaws of Bill and the woman with both hands and broke their mouths open.

The index finger points towards the two men's mouths.

"This...this what? What did you feed us?"

They were both terrified.

"It's a parasite! Now do you feel a slight pain in your stomach?"


Both of their faces were green.

Sinking into their senses, as a result, they both covered their abdomens and really felt a slight pain.

"Brother, spare my life, spare my life!"

This time, both Bill and the woman panicked.

"It's fine, it won't kill you for now, on the contrary, there are still great benefits to your body from this thing getting into your body . You, for example, will be back to normal in less than a month with your kidney deficiency!"

The youth patted Bill's shoulder, "Do you feel a warm sensation in your kidneys right now?"

Billie had a burst of sensing, and now nodded sharply, "There is, there really is!"

"That's fine, but I'll be scandalous, water can carry a boat as well as overturn it, and if you really want revenge later, then this thing, anytime It would kill you, chew up your organs, all of them, and the healing arts won't even save you!"

The youth's face was tight.

They were so frightened that their legs were trembling.

"Brother, I understand, I understand!"

They both nodded at the same time.

"Okay, let's go!"

This was the youth.

They came to the front desk in fear, dropped five thousand dollars directly, and ran away with their men in a flash.

"Don't go, isn't it quite horizontal?"

Li Mei pinched her waist and stood in the doorway and cursed.

While counting the money, the old music was happy.

"Chen Hao ah, thanks to you ah, hahaha, I made another five thousand yuan! You're the one who has to take care of such people!"

Aunt Mei looked at the youth and smiled.

"Brother Chen Hao, tell me quickly, how did you make this Biao brother afraid this time?"

Not bad, this youth, not someone else, was the former Young Master Chen... Chen Hao!

Only now did Chen Hao reveal his original plain smile and tell the story.

"Pfft, you didn't really feed them parasites, did you?" The girl asked.

"Nope, I just pressed a few of their acupuncture points and bluffed them!"

Chen Hao lowered his voice and said with a smile.

"Alas, there's no way to deal with such people, you have to treat them like this, or else chatter and retaliation will follow!"

Chen Hao laughed bitterly and shook his head, then sounded like something, "Right, I forgot something, I have to go to something like that, I'll be right back!"

After saying that, Chen Hao ran out and slipped away on the electric tricycle....


And looking at Chen Hao's departing back, the girl's eyes had a somewhat different look.

"Erma, what are you looking at?"

Aunt May said as soon as she saw that her daughter was distracted.

"Huh? What didn't I see?"

Erma pouted and shook her head, saying.

And when Aunt Mei was young, she was also considered a master of love affairs in the Ten Mile Countryside, so how could she not know her daughter's psychology.

Yes, Little Song is handsome, not to mention handsome.

He is handsome, handsome, and good to others.

Indeed, not many girls are able to resist such a boy.

It was inevitable that her heart would ripple.

But, Aunt Mei sighed and said.

"Erma, Mom advised you that you and your brother Chen Hao are not going to be together."

Erma wanted to say which was what mom thought.

But seeing Mom's resolute attitude, she now said, "Why ah? Brother Chen Hao doesn't have a girlfriend!"

"Why no, it's just that something happened to your brother Chen Hao's girlfriend, I don't know what exactly, anyway, you Chen Hao My brother used to be a great big shot and he loves his girlfriend, and Mom is only saying that because she doesn't want to see you hurt!"

Aunt Mei said.

And when Erma heard this, a look of loneliness flashed across her face, and without saying anything, she turned around and went back.

Plus, Chen Hao, Chen Hao's trip was to get one thing.

For half a year, Chen Hao had been following Qin Bo's side.

Spending his days soaking medicinal herbs to train his physique for various studies and training.

Plus, Chen Hao had also been sent out by Qin Bo to carry out some missions.

Therefore, although it was only half a year, Chen Hao had changed tremendously.

And as for the matter of relocation.

It was Qin Bo who had moved to the town to facilitate Chen Hao's training on the mountain.

As for Aunt Mei, she didn't have any relatives in the village, so she took Chen Hao's old age pension that she had given to Uncle Qin and opened a farmhouse.

Usually, it's Aunt Mei who takes care of it.

In the past six months, as his skills have grown, Chen Hao has thought countless times of going back to see his parents, sisters and friends.

However, although Mo Changkong wants to kill Chen Hao now, it is not easy, or even difficult to kill Chen Hao.

But after all, Chen Hao was now alone, alone and alone, and was still slightly inadequate against the huge system of the Mo family.

Therefore, Chen Hao was all but hiding it.

Currently, raising his own strength was the most important thing.

As for Uncle Qin, other than the first three months of detailed guidance to Chen Hao, the rest of the time was spent out more often, and Chen Hao was practicing on his own.

And three days ago, Qin Bo left without a word because he had received a token.

For this, Chen Hao was used to it.

It was only after talking to Uncle Qin that he realized that Uncle Qin was indeed mysterious, and mysterious to the point of being frightening, because some of his relationships were just too powerful!


A violent sound of brakes sounded.

Chen Hao rode his electric tricycle and stopped in front of a youth.

"Fatty, where are the things?"

Chen Hao asked.

"Don't worry Brother Chen, I, Wang Xiaohua, am doing things steadily, it's in the bag!"

The fat man is none other than Wang Xiaohua.

Chen Hao met him later and was being bullied, so Chen Hao rescued him.

It just so happened that sometimes when he went out on missions, he would fish for some external oil and water, and Wang Xiaohua, was the one who specialized in helping Chen Hao deal with this oil and water.

Right now, Wang Xiaohua patted the bag while jumping onto the tricycle.

"Gotta make a move as soon as possible!"

Chen Hao said.

Then in a flash, he went directly to the Antique Street.

Inside the bag, was an overseas antique that Chen Hao alone had snatched directly from an overseas rich merchant.

Of course, this overseas rich merchant was definitely not a good thing.

And Chen Hao's late exercise, playing this kind of black and white.

It couldn't be helped, the Chen family could not be contacted by Chen Hao now, and the lack of money was all that could be done.

Two people approached an antique shop.

There was a tall, tall girl with long hair standing in front of the counter.

"Look, how much can this jade bracelet be worth?"

The girl asked.

And as soon as Chen Hao heard the voice, his eyebrows rose slightly.

But a thought couldn't be possible, right?

Plus the girls now had their backs to the two.

Chen Hao didn't say anything and simply went to the side to sit in the waiting area.

The shopkeeper, a middle-aged fat man in his fifties, had a moustache and looked a bit nasty.

Holding the jade bracelet for a while to watch.

Shaking his head, he said, "The jade is not bad, but this kind of jade is somewhat common and has a low circulation rate on the market, if you really want to get your hands on it, Tell you what, I can pay up to three thousand dollars."

The boss said.

"What, only three thousand? But... but I've inquired online and this kind of jade can be sold for over 300,000! It's our family's ancestral heritage!"

The girl rushed.

"Pfft? What did you say? Three hundred thousand? I said Miss, see you are quite peaceful, how to speak so baseless, in my place, is 3,000 days, and you still believe in the Internet. The words!"

"And, look at this jade bracelet of yours, it's got polishing spots on it, and I now, don't think it's worth three thousand dollars. I happen to have a jade bracelet in my shop made of the same material as yours, and it's this one! Look, I'm selling it for $10,000 to the public, but they're a little better than you at this!"

The girl brought it over and looked at it, and it was exactly the same.

Now anxiously said, "But boss, I'm in dire need of money, my mother is seriously ill! Can you take this from me for $8,000?"

"From your accent, you don't seem to be from our southwest, are you from the south? What, are you here to ask Mr. Zuo to see a doctor?"

The girl nodded heavily.

"Ugh, you're pathetic too, but I'll lose a lot of money if I collect eight thousand, so I'll add two thousand and five thousand, or else I'll also Can't help you!"

The boss said.

The girl pondered for a while and finally bit her tongue, "Okay, five thousand dollars it is!"


And then, the girl whose heart was in turmoil was suddenly tapped on the shoulder.

Subconsciously a turn back.

When she saw the boy standing behind her.

The girl's beautiful eyes jumped fiercely.

Surprised and delighted at the same time.

"Chen Hao?"

"It really is you...Chen Hao!"

The girl jumped up excitedly.

"Xiaonan, I almost didn't recognize you!"

Chen Hao, on the other hand, touched Xiaonan's head.

This girl wasn't a bystander, it was Ma Xiaonan.

Only, Ma Xiaonan's hair at the moment was clearly much longer than before.

It seemed to have grown a little taller as well.

I felt familiar from hearing her voice just now.

But Chen Hao didn't dare to recognize it at once.

By the way, ever since he had left Jinling, he hadn't seen Xiaonan again.

It had been more than half a year in the blink of an eye.

When she was in school before, Ma Xiaonan was her best friend.

Including now as well.

"Long time no see!"

Chen Hao smiled.

"Yeah Chen Hao, I had heard from Faye that something had happened to you and your whereabouts were unknown, but I never thought that I would actually see you in the southwest now!"

Ma Xiaonan's eyes were a little red.

She came up and hugged Chen Hao.

Chen Hao patted Xiaonan's shoulder, "I'm fine, isn't this fine, right, didn't you open a company with Han siyu? Why now...?"

Chen Hao asked curiously.

Ma Xiaonan wiped her tears.

Only then did she choke out, "Chen Hao you don't know, siyu she... Siyu she's in trouble!"


"Something happened to Han Siyu? What's going on?"

Upon seeing Xiaonan's expression, Chen Hao was busy asking.

Xiaonan covered her mouth as she cried and recounted an incident that had happened half a year ago, shortly after Chen Hao's accident.

It turned out that....

This matter of Chen Hao's separation from the family was first blocked by the Chen family at that time.

And the so-called paper couldn't wrap fire.

Although the real situation was blocked.

But it couldn't withstand the blackmail.

Some said that Young Master Chen had been killed, others said that Young Master Chen had been kidnapped and disappeared, and so on.

In short, the rumor spread to Han Siyu and the others, who have direct relationship with Chen Hao.

Think about it, Han Siyu was raised by Chen Hao, so she naturally belonged to Chen Hao's faction.

At that time, Han Feier already liked Chen Hao in her heart.

When they heard about it, both Ma Xiaonan were particularly anxious.

Well, how could such a thing happen to Chen Hao!

Both of them were panicking at the time.

But in the end, Han Feier decided to go to the South Seas with the two of them, along with Xiaonan.

Then ask someone to find out more about the specific situation.

Because since Chen Hao's accident, Li Zhenguo Li had also returned to the South Seas.

After arriving in the South Seas.

Han Siyu and Xiaonan two girls found Li Zhenguo's company.

Only then did they learn that Mr. Li Zhenguo had gone on a business trip.

With no other choice, Han Siyu tried her best to get another relationship with him.

But on that day, Han Feier and Ma Xiaonan were waiting for an executive of Li Zhenguo's company.

They ran into a young man in the first floor lobby.

As soon as that young man saw how pretty Siyu looked, he plotted against her.

The next thing you can imagine.

The young man asked siyu out with Ma Xiaonan on the pretext of asking her out.

Then they sent someone to forcefully drag siyu and Ma Xiaonan to the hotel.

He wanted to force Siyu and Ma Xiaonan to go out.

But the two were unwilling to die.

In a rush, Han Siyu viciously bit the youth's arm, blurring the flesh.

And the youth was anxious.

Put siyu from upstairs and threw down.

This matter was so big at the time that it alarmed your Chen family.

Even General Manager Li Zhenguo Li rushed back.

However, that youth is too strong, he did not get any punishment, that is, pity siyu, only after several nights to rescue, but became a vegetable, a lifetime in bed.

As for siyu company, it was dissolved....

"Who's that guy?"

Chen Hao lifted his head and asked coldly.

Because when he heard this, Chen Hao had a dense wedge of self-recrimination in his heart.

Ever since being Young Master Chen.

He could be said to have let down and neglected too many people.

Han Siyu was one of them.

But I didn't expect that after his accident, both Xiaonan and Han Siyu would remember him so much.

Han Siyu, on the other hand, had even met such bad luck in order to find out about herself.

Ma Xiaonan wiped her tears and said, "That person, I heard people call him Young Master Mo Jian, but I asked Mr. Li, this Young Master Mo Jian Why would I not have to be responsible, but Li told me everything and told me to hurry back to Jinling!"

"Mo Jian?"

Chen Hao's eyelids jumped viciously.

He had snooped around before and Mo Changkong had three sons.

One of them, it seemed, was called Mo Jian.

"Another one of Mo Changkong's Mo family!"

Chen Hao clenched his fist tightly.

If he hadn't been forced by Mo Changkong to have a home to return to, and how could Han Siyu have become like this!

A whiff of hatred surged into Chen Hao's heart.

But looking at the sad and lonely Xiaonan, Chen Hao was also distressed, forcing down this hatred.

"What about you Xiaonan, what's going on with you? What's wrong with your mother?"

Chen Hao asked.

"Later, I was protected by Li and returned to Jinling, but my mother was soon diagnosed with a strange disease, and we all took her around to seek medical treatment and spent all the family fortune, a month ago, having no other choice, I came to the southwest to join a cousin, and I heard that there was a famous doctor in the southwest, Zuo Master, but we don't have any money, we can't even get into Master Zuo's door!"

Ma Xiaonan did it for a reason.

"Alas, when you get into trouble, the people who used to follow you are also bad one after another!"

Chen Hao blamed himself in his heart.

Now he said, "It's fine, this jade bracelet doesn't need to be pawned, this guy is cheating you anyway, this jade bracelet of yours is worth three hundred and fifty thousand less, you I'll just help you with your mom!"

Ma Xiaonan didn't know why Chen Hao would say that, but Ma Xiaonan knew that Chen Hao never lied to her.

And after Chen Hao finished speaking, that boss quit.

"Fuck brother, do you know that you broke the rules and smashed my stall?"

The boss raged.

And Wang Xiaohua, snorting coldly, leaned in to whisper something in the boss's ear.

Just saw the boss solemnly.

Hurriedly shut up.

Chen Hao then left the matter here to Wang Xiaohua, while he pulled Ma Xiaonan's hand and walked out.

"Where's your mother?"

Chen Hao asked.

"In the northern part of the county, in the hotel below Montezuma! Little Song, do you know Master Zuo?" Ma Xiaonan asked.

"Uh...sort of know each other!"

Chen Hao couldn't help but laugh bitterly.

"And Chen Hao, half a year ago, what happened to you? What's this all about? Do you know that all have been worried about you!"

Ma Xiaonan asked.

"Come on, get in the car first, let's go find your mother, I'll talk to you on the way!"

Chen Hao didn't have any taboos about Ma Xiaonan.

It was nothing to tell her something.

When he left the house, Chen Hao rode a tricycle.

And Ma Xiaonan sat directly on Chen Hao's other side.

The two of them rushed to Mount Meng together.

The relationship between herself and Ma Xiaonan was unusual, and if something happened to her, it was impossible for Chen Hao to let go of it.

"Whew, isn't this Xiaonan, how come you're traveling to sit on this?"

And when Chen Hao drove Ma Xiaonan to the entrance of the hotel.

A few young men and women were being seen coming out of the hotel and were about to open the door of the Audi A6 to leave.

Seeing Chen Hao and Ma Xiaonan, a few of them couldn't help but cover their mouths and laugh.

"Little Hao, they're from my cousin's family."

Ma Xiaonan said in a low voice.


Chen Hao nodded faintly.

"What are you guys doing here?"

Ma Xiaonan stepped out of the car with Chen Hao and asked.

"How else did you get here? We're here to check out. We were going to call you. My dad said you can't afford to call Master Zuo for your mom, so... Why should the hotel give your family a place to stay for the sake of the Liu family? Don't end up not being able to pay for your lodging and lose our Liu family's face!"

A gorgeously dressed girl snickered.

"That's right, I say Ma Xiaonan, if you really can't do it, take your mother back, look at all the people who come to beg Master Zuo, all over the country A respectable person, with you, that money isn't enough to walk halfway up the mountain!"

A boy was also despicable.

The Liu family is the home of Xiaonan's cousin, before, Xiaonan's family is also considered rich in Jinling, with the Southwest Liu family often.

But then, that's how it was.

You can come here and beg for a day or two, but after a long time, it will inevitably be exposed.

By now, the Liu family is afraid that Ma Xiaonan is relying on their Liu family.

"That's right, before my dad was kind enough to find an in-law for you here, but he's still not happy, it's just that the man is a retard, what's the point . At least people have money!"

The girl scowled and said.

"Yeah, no wonder I don't agree, so there's a boyfriend ah, tsk tsk, travel on electric bikes three wheels, I fucking grew so big really First time I've seen it!"

The other girl was speechless.

As for Chen Hao, listening to their taunts, if it was before, he would have already hit his face, but now, he just shook his head and laughed bitterly .

There was no need to be common knowledge with them....


"Tuan Tuan, Silent, you're still here, your grandmother is getting ready to go up the mountain, come and help!"

Just then, in walked a middle-aged couple.

At this moment, the woman said.

"Okay Mom, we're coming over!"

The group silenced the two girls, saying.

"Uncle and Aunt Cousins!"

And as soon as Ma Xiaonan saw the two of them, she called out respectfully at the moment.

"Hmph, you're here too!"

The woman held her shoulders and looked disgusted.

Ma Xiaonan nodded, "Aunt Cousin, is Grandma going up the mountain to see Master Zuo? Grandma's illness is no big deal, right?"

"Whew, what are you doing?"

And the cousin aunt was shocked as soon as she heard this.

"Let's put aside whether it's a serious problem or not, I'll tell you Ma Xiaonan, Master Zuo's consultation fee is only for one patient. The idea!"

To be clear, she was afraid that Ma Xiaonan would say to bring her mother along by the way.

Ma Xiaonan, on the other hand, really didn't mean it on that level.

"Also, if you really can't afford to cure her, then simply take your mother back, the worst case scenario is that we'll pay for your hotel accommodation. Up!"

The woman held her shoulders.

"Okay, okay, stop it, Xiaonan, you'd better go up and take care of your mother."

The cousin said faintly at this moment.

And after that, he turned around and left with his children.

"Hello, this gentleman, this is Mongshan, where Master Zuo is, right?"

And just at that moment.

From on top of a stretched limousine, a dignified and polite middle-aged man came down.

Looking at Liu Jiale, he asked.

And Liu Jiale, in the southwest was engaged in a furniture factory.

It was an old boss.

Naturally, he has seen some big scenes.

At a glance, this middle-aged man is an extraordinary person.

When he respectfully said, "Exactly this!"

"Okay, thanks!"

The middle-aged man nodded slightly.

"Daber, how's it going? It's here, isn't it? Why aren't there any parking spaces?"

At that moment, another young man and woman walked down from the car.

The male, wearing a small suit, walked over at this moment and asked a light question.

And it was also this handsome boy that made a group of girls feel their breath quicken when they saw it.

Because this boy, he was just too handsome.

The girl at the side, on the other hand, had a tall figure and a touch of heroism between her eyebrows.

Even though she was incredibly beautiful, the faint indifference on her face made the air seem to cool down a bit.

"Yeah, the location is here!"

Daber nodded.

While Liu Jia Le looked at the youth, he nodded and smiled.

Tuan Tuan and Mo Mo behind them, on the other hand, also sent a secret message, but unfortunately, the youth didn't move his eyes to take a look.

"Whose third wheel is this, give a push aside, let's park the car here!"

The youth loosened his tie, looked around, and pointed at Chen Hao's electric tricycle.

The security guard at the entrance of the hotel, on the other hand, looked at it and came over in a busy trot, pushing the car aside.

Finally the tricycle hit a rock before stopping.

And this scene made the group silent and several of them sneered.

"You guys!"

Ma Xiaonan, on the other hand, was anxious, what did that mean.

And Chen Hao pulled on Xiaonan's arm and shook his head at her.

"Daber, let's help grandpa up first!"

At that moment, the cool girl spoke up.

They were seen coming to the car and helping an old man with a waxy face up the hill.

"Come on, let's go over there together!"

Liu Jiale said.

"I'm sorry Little Song, for embarrassing you with me too!"

Ma Xiaonan was mortified.

"What are you talking about, come on, let's go up and get your mother down!"

Chen Hao.


"What for?"

"Let Zuo Zhongtao give your mother a medical treatment!"

Chen Hao smiled bitterly.

He just didn't take some herbs himself, and besides, the environment of seeing a doctor in a hotel was not good enough, so it would be better to settle down conveniently at Zuo Zhongtao's place.

Otherwise, Chen Hao would have seen it himself.

"You mean, looking for Master Zuo? But Song, didn't you just tell me that you're not Young Master Chen anymore?"

Ma Xiaonan didn't mean anything else, just curious.

I didn't expect that Chen Hao really had this side of the relationship.

"Oh, what, it's not the rich second generation young master Chen, so I don't even have some connections anymore?"

Chen Hao smiled and said, "Alright, let's go!"

By the time Chen Hao Ma Xiaonan assisted Xiaonan's mother to the mountain.

The mountain was already crowded with people.

After all, this Master Zuo was very famous, and it was said that a certain big family had wanted to poach Master Zuo and offered a sky-high price, but Master Zuo had simply refused.

"Ugh, how long do we have to wait in line? I've spent half a million dollars in line!"

A rich merchant said anxiously.

"Don't be anxious ah, those who come here to see the doctor, the registration fee alone is over a hundred thousand, take your time and wait!"

Someone's Way.

It was a medical hall built on a hill, similar to the ancient kind.

The lobby was also built in the ancient style.

The staff inside was even dressed in Republican era tang clothing.

It breathed an extraordinary air.

"Dad, it cost three hundred thousand dollars, and we're ranked forty-five!"

Just then, Liu Mo came over with the registration slip.

"Three hundred thousand on it, alas!"

Liu Jiale smiled bitterly.

Three hundred thousand, it's just a registration, and after the diagnosis later, there will be an even more exorbitant diagnosis fee.

"What? Do you need money to stand in line? Why are there still 100,000-300,000-500,000 grades?"

Just then, the cool girl who had come up with Liu Jiale before asked.

"Yeah, it's kind of like bidding, whoever pays the highest registration fee gets the diagnosis first!"

"Oooh, so what's the highest?"

The cool girl asked.

"Hey, beautiful girl you see the top three rankings displayed over there, the back is their registration fee, now the highest I help you see, I Go, it's actually at a million and a half!"

One of Ma Xiaonan's cousins offered his hospitality.

"Thanks, Qing Shu, take five million over to the register!"

The beauty nodded faintly, then looked to the handsome young man and said.

"Five million?"

And it was this faint sentence that made the entire lobby seem to explode.

All of them quieted down, all of them startled to look at the woman.

And the young man named Qing Shu, who directly swiped five million and took the ticket list over.

Naturally, he became the first.

"So rich!"

The crowd shouted in alarm.

And after the alarm, Liu Mo's eyes looked around.


"Mom, look, they're really following us up here!"

Liu Mo pointed at the three Chen Hao who came in and was surprised.

"Oh my god, Ma Xiaonan, you're not finished are you, do you know what place this is, but you actually followed us up here!"

Aunt Cousin was directly anxious.

Why did it feel like this Ma Xiaonan family, like a dog's skin, had stuck to themselves?

Just as Aunt Cousin was about to say something more serious to ridicule Ma Xiaonan.

A staff member stepped out, "I'm sorry everyone, but the home doctor can only diagnose two more patients today, after that the clinic will be closed, except for The first two, please go back until tomorrow!"

"What what? Come back tomorrow?"

And Liu Jiale was stunned.

The rest of them all froze as well.

"No, we're not leaving!"

The wealthy merchants said, "We're waiting here for Master Zuo to open his clinic!"

"Please understand, it's not like we have to kick you out, it's just that there's too many of you, some of you are too noisy, and the backyard is all sedentary. Patient!"

"Then we just won't argue, and besides, we've paid so much for registration!"

Wealthy businessmen are coming around to grievance.

The staff couldn't help but feel a bit embarrassed.

"Yes little brother, we all paid to queue up, anyway, we are VIP customers ah, how about this, you put those who didn't pay the registration fees Just blow it out! We'll cooperate with your work, just don't speak!"

That's when Ma Xiaonan's cousin said.


And after the cousin's aunt finished speaking, she glanced towards Ma Xiaonan and the others, giving a little hint.

The staff would immediately say, "A few of you, would you please show me your registration list?"

"Sorry, we don't have a registration slip!"

Ma Xiaonan looked embarrassed and shook her head.

"Then come over here and pay your fee!"

The staff's eyes went a little colder now.

"We don't have any money either!"

Ma Xiaonan bit her lip.

"What what? Feel like blending in, huh?"

"Hey, don't even look at what kind of place this is, but you're trying to blend in, what are you doing here without money!"

"That's right, what's wrong with such a beautiful girl!"  

Some of the rich merchants shook their heads and laughed bitterly.

"Little Song, Xiaonan, let's go otherwise!"

Xiaonan's mother also knew that it was really difficult for her daughter and Chen Hao, and hurriedly pulled her daughter's arm.

"Auntie no, just leave it to me!"

Chen Hao said.

Then he turned around and looked coldly at the staff member.

"By the looks of you, you're new here, right? Let Zhongtao Zuo out! Let's say a young man named Chen is looking for him!"

"What? dare to call Master by his name? What surname is Chen surnamed Dog, you you you... you're too powerless!"

The staff was startled.

The wealthy merchants present were all also startled as they looked at Chen Hao.

"I'll go, look at this guy, once he angers Master Zuo because of his rudeness, then we won't be able to see anyone today!"

Liu Mo said with the mindset of watching the fun.

"That's right, where's the kid from, that's rude!"

A crowd of rich merchants were instantly angry.

Even the cool woman, along with the sickly old man, took a glance towards Chen Hao.

"What a death wish!"

And the youth named Qing Shu snorted coldly and walked straight up to him.

Knowing that he was going to go after the youth, the old man and the cool beauty didn't stop him.

Perhaps, it was time to teach this fearless youth a proper lesson.

"Hey, hey, hey, stinker on a tricycle, if you don't have money, get out, don't delay the big guy's visit to the doctor?"

The youth sneered.

At the same time, a hand clapped on Chen Hao's shoulder, his palm slightly hard.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, took a glance towards the back of the youth's hand pressed on his shoulder.

"You better take it away, or you'll regret it later!"

Chen Hao's original quiet and plain look instantly disappeared, replaced by a touch of coldness.

"Regret? Oh, you're afraid you don't know what I do for a living, are you?"

The youth snorted coldly.

It was about to push again.

Unexpectedly, Chen Hao only shook his shoulders slightly.

There was a bang.

It seemed to be mixed with the crunch of something breaking.

Just listened to the youth scream.

Then covered his palm and fell backwards one after another.

"Ah! My hand!"

The youth's painful cold sweat was dripping, and on taking a look at the back of his hand, the red veins protruded on it, like an earthworm lying on it.

"I'll fucking waste you!"

The youth was disgraced and now roared, about to pounce towards Chen Hao.

"Qing Shu, stop it now!"

It was stopped by the sickly old man.

But didn't realize that the old man, at this moment, after looking at the back of Qing Shu's hand, his eyelids jumped fiercely.

A scrupulous face.

Not bad, Qing Shu's strength wasn't bad.

It could be said that, in terms of the ability to fight alone, three special*s attacking together would definitely not please.

However, just a slight shoulder shaking motion had shaken Qing Shu into such a state, the strength of the youth in front of him could be imagined!

"Stand down!"

The old man said again.

The cool beauty, on the other hand, also looked at Chen Hao and frowned slightly.

"This young friend, I'm sorry, my grandson is rude, I'm much offended just now! Cough cough..."

The old man said, then coughed violently.


Qing Shu and the cool beauty were suddenly nervous.

"It's not a problem, little friend, if it's alright, I'm willing to give you the number one spot and let Master Zuo treat your people first!"

What was even more unexpected was that the old man actually said this.

"Grandpa, why should I let him have it, who is he?!"

Qing Shu raged.

"Fine, you're already terminally ill, even if you get Zuo Zhongtao to see you, it's useless! He can't save you!"

Chen Hao said, but he was not polite.


Qing Shu and the beauty were all angry.

Even the old man was a bit embarrassed at the moment.

"Little friend is extremely strong, but you also need to be careful with your words ah, this old man of mine is fine with it, if this speech is said to others, I am afraid that Easy to get into trouble!"

The old man was expressing his dissatisfaction in disguise, after all, being cursed like this was unbearable for anyone.

The two sides had some rattling momentum.

And when the staff looked at this situation, they rushed to the backyard.

"Little Song, let's not watch, let's go, we can't afford to offend them!"

But Xiaonan's mother was afraid and hurried.


The inner courtyard.

A room with a burning incense burner.

After sending away a guest.

A middle-aged man over half a hundred years old was wiping his hands with a towel.

"Master, Master, it's bad, it wants a fight outside!"

"Well? What's the situation? If you dare to make trouble here, blow them all away!"

The middle-aged man said indifferently.

"No, because one of the parties, I paid special attention to them, their surname is Wei, and their offer is even more generous, the registration fee is five million!"

"Last name Wei?"

The middle-aged man was Zuo Zhongtao.

At this moment he heard the generous offer, and his surname was Wei.

It was already a few points clearer.

The current face somewhat revealed some caution.

"Oh, I'm going out, so who's so unenlightened that they've messed with their Wei family?"

Wiping his face, Zuo Zhongtao said.

"I don't know, is a brat poor boy, a penny registration fee did not go out, but still can't blow away, and also have the audacity to let you go to see him. It seems to say his last name is Chen!"

"What? Surname Chen!!! But a youth?"


Zuo Zhongtao just threw away the towel and asked.

There was an unspeakable emotion on his face.


The staff was shocked.

"Could it be him?"

Zuo Zhongtao looked tight.

Then he excitedly ran straight out.

"He's finished he's finished he's completely finished, not only did he offend Master Zuo this time, he also offended a rich man of this level, humph, look at him How to die!"

Liu Mo sneered.

"That's right, I'm afraid we'll never see Ma Xiaonan in the southwest again!"

Yuan Yuan also sneered.

"Master Zuo!"

"Master Left!"

At that moment, the rich and powerful people in the lobby shouted loudly.

It turned out that it was Zuo Zhongtao who came out.

And, without turning his eyes away, Zuo Zhongtao walked directly towards the young man called Qing Shu and the others, walking quickly with an agitated face.

"I go, what kind of family are they? I can't believe you can make Master Zuo like this?"

"Yeah? How strange!"

The crowd was astonished.

Only what made everyone even stranger was that Master Zuo directly passed by the young Qing Shu and the three of them, but came to the poor boy's front.

The next scene was even more shocking to the crowd, and they could stuff eggs in their mouths.

And saw Master Zuo bow deeply to the poor boy.

"Zhong Tao has met Big Brother!"


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