The Unknown Heir 433-438


"Grandma, you haven't been feeling well lately, so I bought you some supplements!"

After Chen Hao came in, he put the gift he had prepared aside.

"Hmph, it's hard for you to be so thoughtful!"

The old lady, on the other hand, said with a serious face.

After all, today on her own birthday, Chen Hao came empty-handed.

Actually bar, although the relationship with Yuping was severed.

However, how could the bloodline be severed.

Especially since Chen Hao and Chen Xiao were both their own grandsons.

The old lady also wanted to get in touch with Chen Hao as a grandmother.

But the sight of Chen Hao's downtrodden appearance reminded the old lady of that country boy Chen Near East back then.

Father and son were simply too much alike.

The personalities were also very similar.

They were both the kind of honest countryside virtues who could not fight back.

"Chen Hao, your mother, how have you been all these years?"

After a long silence.

The old lady suddenly spoke up and asked.

"It's been going well, in fact, my mother has been missing my grandmother too!"

Chen Hao sat endlessly and said.

"Hmph, having a good time? How can you live with someone like your father? Actually, I know what you're trying to do here, the Yang family's property has never been in the habit of being divided outside the family, don't even think about it. After more than twenty years, this girl is nowhere to be found, and I'm afraid I thought her mother was already dead!"

The old lady raged.

Chen Hao smiled, "You mustn't say that, in fact, Little Song didn't come this time for the Yang family's property, more so, to ease the The enmity between you and your mother!"

"Mitigation? I don't have long to live. Does the reprieve help? Besides, this girl's flight from marriage back then made that Li family madly target the Yang family, causing the entire Yang family to go from being the head of the four great families. To the end of the present! It's even withering away! That time, the Yang family suffered a great loss of energy!"

The old lady was furious.

"But wasn't that Lee family quickly done away with?"

Chen Hao suddenly raised his head and said.

The old lady was startled.

From Chen Hao's eyes, she suddenly found a hint of a different meaning.

"Lou Lou, I just want to say one thing today, what happened back then is not all on my mother, don't you have the slightest responsibility? Moreover, thirty years in the east, thirty years in the west, you just think that Chen is a poor country boy, it's been more than twenty years! Is he or is he not?"

Chen Hao said, "Grandmother, rest first, in a few days, I'll see you again!"

After that, Chen Hao got up and left.

The old lady, on the other hand, was really surprised today.

For the first time, she had a formal conversation with Chen Hao.

She realized that Chen Hao wasn't as compliant and weak as he appeared to be.

Moreover, was this child hinting at something in his words?

After the housekeeper sent Chen Hao away.

Only then did he return to take away the gifts Chen Hao had sent.

As a rule, whenever someone sent a gift, what they sent and who sent it, the butler would carefully record it.

However, when the housekeeper opened it, he was instantly stunned.


He glared at the old lady, then held the gift in both hands and knocked directly on the old lady's door.

"Chairman, look, Young Master Chen Hao sent this gift!"

The butler was excited.


And the old lady looked at it and asked in amazement.

"If Ah Sang looks at it right, this seems to be the Tianshan Snow Lotus that Mr. Tang from Yanjing bid down some time ago, and if you pair it with the The thousand year old ginseng that that young man Chen gave away today can definitely ward off all diseases and prolong life!"

"What? Tianshan Snow Lotus?"

The old lady trembled with wide eyes.

"How could Chen Hao get such an expensive item?"

The old lady was surprised.

Butler Ah Sang, on the other hand, bowed his head and thought carefully for a while before saying.

"Chairman, there's something I don't know whether to say or not!"

"You tell me!"

"I observed Young Master Chen Hao, it seems like he's not just an ordinary person, he gives me a kind of aristocratic temperament, and just now Young Master Chen Hao's The conversation makes one feel that he is extraordinary. And most importantly, have you ever considered that mysterious Chen family's Young Master Chen..."

Speaking of which.

The old lady was even more surprised.

"You mean, Chen family Young Master Chen, is Chen Hao?"

Butler Ah Sang pointed to the Tianshan Snow Lotus sent by Chen Hao.

The old lady's heart thudded.

"How is this possible? You've seen the virtues of Chen Dong Yi back then, with him?"

The old lady was incredulous.

"That's exactly what I'm saying Chairman, despite the many misfortunes over the years, the Yang family's business is getting worse and worse, but in truth, it's the emergence of our family's internal There's a problem with the internal gangs, especially since you've been decentralized, there's a lot of infighting! And it's not the first time Grand Duke Yang Yuting has caused big trouble for the family!"

"The Young family business, however, has not collapsed, and from a few years ago I wondered if someone was secretly helping us The Yang family, every time, always averts danger! There wasn't a major problem."

"And also, a few years ago, our Yang family's great enemy, the Li family, such a powerful family, actually went completely bankrupt overnight . The Li family is nowhere to be found, and what really happened that night is still a mystery!"

Butler Ah Sang is talking more today.

I didn't say it before because I was afraid the old lady would be angry.

But now.

The old lady frowned.

Thinking back to this birthday banquet, the Chen family's Young Master Chen sent a heavy gift worth one billion.

She let out a long breath.

Looking suddenly gloomy, she didn't say a word.

In the blink of an eye, it was the next day.

"Xiao Bei, what are you planning to do for your birthday tomorrow?"

Chen Hao looked at Bebe.

"All these years, I haven't had much of a birthday!"

Bev said.

"Well, this year is different, your cousin is giving you your birthday!"

Chen Hao smiled.

Bebe nodded with a touched nod.

But, Bebe actually always had a question she wanted to ask her cousin.

Opening her mouth now, but then swallowed it.

"What's wrong? And you want to ask your cousin how he met the Sinofound Group?"

Chen Hao smiled.

Yang Xiaobei shook his head.

Said, "Cousin, I want to ask if you've graduated for so long, have you found me a future cousin's wife? Why do I never see you on the phone with your cousin's wife or anything if you're so well off?"

"I think that sister Qin Ya is especially beautiful and nice!"

Yang Xiaobei is quite attentive and observant.

Chen Hao laughed bitterly, "I don't know how to mention this to you, but Xiao Bei, I want to ask you, do you hate people who miss appointments? How would you feel if it was your boyfriend, who made a promise to you, and then he didn't go?"

"Of course it's disappointing, and it's going to be sad, but actually, no matter how high-strung a girl is, they do take dating most seriously, They prepare for a long time for a date...and if they botch a date, of course they're especially disappointed!"

"What's the matter cousin, you broke your promise?"


Chen Hao pondered for a long time, and touched Xiao Bei's head: "Cousin will talk to you more slowly later, right, tomorrow is your birthday, in advance with the You said yes, cousin will prepare a big surprise gift for you o!"

Chen Hao chuckled.

"Huh? What gift?"

Bev threw up her tongue and asked.

"We'll just have to wait and see tomorrow!"

And then, Chen Hao went back to his room.

And seeing her cousin's figure, Xiao Bei suddenly felt that her cousin was a bit lonely.

Yes, he had been playing the role of a caring big brother in front of himself though.

But the attentive Xiao Bei also found out that cousin was actually unhappy and had a heavy heart.

In particular, cousin didn't know what had happened with his cousin's wife.

The cousin doesn't say, and Xiao Bei is not going to ask further questions.  

But being a cousin, Bev thought to herself, something has to be done for her cousin.

The easiest way to bring people out of the shadows was definitely to distract cousin.

Cousin didn't seem to have too many friends to play with in Yanjing.

Right now, Xiao Bei already had a plan in mind.

Soon, it was the next day.

Today was Xiao Bei's birthday.

Originally, he planned to book a hotel in advance.

But early in the morning, he received a notice from the family.

Today, the Yang family, was going to hold a celebration party for the landing of a project, and asked all the executives from the same family to be there.

Similar to this kind of project signing celebration banquet party, the Yang family had never held it again except a few decades ago.

So this time it was exceptionally grand.

It was made even more solemn than the old lady's eightieth birthday banquet.

This time, still, all the guests that could be invited were invited.

Xiao Bei didn't dare not to go.

He had to arrive early with Guo Caifeng.

As one of the general managers of the project, Xiao Bei arranged with Yang Ye at the entrance as a welcome.

"Whew, Young Master Yang, congratulations, you've become the head of the project!"

"Young Yang, young and promising at a young age, good, the future hope of the Yang family lies with you!"

"Yang Shao, no, I should be shouting for Mr. Yang, congratulations!"

This time, many VIPs came by on the wind.

After all, signed five large projects, really, just this operation, the Yang family is not what it used to be.

And as the biggest contributor, Xiao Bei, stood on the side, much neglected.

"Oh, Yang Xiao Bei, don't think that you've signed so many projects that you'll be on top, let me tell you, with me, Yang Ye, you'll always be in the Below me, forever!"

Yang Ye looked at Yang Xiaobei with a cold smile.

Yang Xiaobei was angry and didn't say anything.

"By the way Yang Xiao Bei, today seems to be your birthday, right? Oh, it looks like we won't be able to get through!"

Yang Ye laughed again.

Bebe glanced at Yang Ye with a fierce look.

Soon after, the old lady led the family out.

"Bebe, I see why you have a cold expression, what day is it today? You see, with so many VIPs here, isn't that look unwelcoming to others?"

As soon as she saw that Yang Xiaobei's face was not right, the old lady was another person who wanted to save face, she could not help but reprimand her now.

"Grandmother, you may have forgotten that today is Yang Xiaobei's birthday, surely, she was called here by you to greet the VIPs here and didn't make it to her birthday It's not happy!"

Yang Ye said.

"Whew! So it's Xiao Bei's birthday today. I'm sorry, but it's a family matter, and it's dragged our capable Xiao Bei into it. It didn't make it to a birthday!"

Guo Rou promptly added.

"I didn't!"

Yang Xiaobei hurriedly argued.

The old lady, on the other hand, frowned, "Whether there is or isn't, there's always the attitude that you're standing out there with Little Ye as the person in charge right now . Look at how Yeh did it, and look at you!"

"Bev, when your aunt said you lacked experience as an executive, I thought you'd adapt quickly, but really your aunt was right, some of the You really can't handle anything above the occasion!"

"Tell you what, you don't have to be the receptionist here, go inside and see where you can help."

The old lady said seriously.

It was off to look elsewhere with the family again.


Yang Ye laughed coldly.

"Yang Ye, don't get cocky, a mouth that's too damaging is a recipe for retribution!"

After Yang Xiaobei said something, he was about to leave.

Suddenly, she saw her cousin coming.

And he was carrying a six-inch cupcake in his hand.

Only then did Yang Xiaobei's heart finally feel a slight sense of solidity.

"Cousin, why did you just come?"

Bev was happy.

"I went and ordered you a cake, it's your birthday today!"

Chen Hao raised the small cake in his hand.

"Oh, really from the countryside, who eats cake on their birthday, vulgar!"

Yang Ye despised a smile.

"I like cake, what's wrong?"

Yang Xiao Bei said.

"I'm not going to bother with you!"

Yang Ye snorted coldly.

"Hey! Bev!"

And at this time, a car stopped in front of Yang's house.

Down came four or five girls the same age as Xiao Bei, all extremely good-looking and tall.

"Mei Mei, Yang Yang, you guys are here?"

Bev waved his hand.

They, all of them, were Xiao Bei's good college classmates.

Today, the old lady said that the more people who came to the family's celebration banquet, the better.

So some of the family's juniors also all called out to some of their friends.

For example, the one standing beside Yang Ye right now had some of his male classmates accompanying him.

"It's so lively, Xiao Bei!"

Four or five girls came over and laughed.

"I'm fine now anyway, come on, with my cousin, let's walk around!"

Oh, Xiao Bei called his roommate classmate to come, also has another layer of meaning.

That's so that cousin can get to know more friends.

It's also to avoid cousin loneliness.

Although I don't know what happened between cousin and cousin's wife, what if some of these beautiful classmates of hers are fond of cousin?

After all, who can tell such things as destiny!

"Oooh, this is your cousin ah, quite sweet, holding a small cake, know that it is your birthday, that's why he bought it specially for you, right? ?"

Even though a few of the girls were talking nicely.

But bar none, they couldn't conceal some of the slight contempt in their eyes.

After all, they were also all powerful and influential in the Yanjing family.

Usually birthday gifts, as long as they are friends, anything less than five thousand is elsewhere, okay?

And now, her cousin had actually bought her a six-inch cupcake.

I heard Bebe say that her cousin was quite nice, and her family was from the rural part of the county.

At the next glance, it was hard to avoid contempt.

On the other hand, the other handsome man was beside him.

Standing three or four tall, handsome handsome men dressed in particularly trendy clothing.

Naturally, they attracted the attention of these girls even more.

"Hello beautiful girls. It's just as well, it's our first time in the Yang family, how about walking around with you guys together?"

A few handsome men.

The beauties ignored Chen Hao and instead looked at a few handsome men and smiled, "Yes!"

And Yang Ye also smiled and said, "It's so nice of you to follow a few beauties around, how about this, I'll arrange for a family member to take the You, you guys, keep these beauties company!"

"Hurrah hurrah hurrah!"

The beauties jumped at the chance to say....


Of course Bebe was not happy to hear this.

Yang Ye was doing this on purpose.

After all, her own classmates were shouting to introduce her to her cousin, not those fox friends of Yang Ye's.

"No, no need to hang out with them, I'll just take you guys for fun!"

Bev was angry.

At the sight of Bev's anger, a few of the girls pouted, so they had to stop.

Following Xiao Bei inside, the crowd came to the backyard.

Chen Hao, in his heart, also understood what Xiao Bei was thinking.

It's to introduce a girlfriend to himself ah.

Oh, Xiao Bei's painstaking efforts Chen Hao understood.

However, Chen Hao really didn't have the heart to make any female friends right now.  Remember the website

After all, there were too many things that had gotten into trouble in the past because of this.

That incident with Zhao Yifan was the best example of that.

Therefore, Chen Hao mostly acted like a big brother to get along with this group of little beauties.

But apparently bar, this group of little beauties didn't look down on themselves and didn't have any intention of chatting more with them.

So, the atmosphere was somewhat dull.

"Hey, beauties, we ran into each other again, huh?"

A few of Yang Ye's fox and dog friends were strolling here at the moment.

They greeted the beauties.

"Yeah, what a coincidence!"

The beauties laughed.

"This shows that it's all our fate, how about adding a WeChat, we'll introduce you guys to some fun places in the future!"

Several boys laughed.

Then with a mean look at Chen Hao.

"I said this cousin, right? You see you're holding this cupcake so the pretty girls can't share it, so you can't buy a bigger one!?"

A few boys struck Chen Hao again.

On their side, they also finished WeChatting with the beauties to each other.

Seeing Yang Xiaobei looking at them with hostility, they didn't stay long and winked at the beauties and left.

"Sorry, had I known you guys were coming, I would have gotten a bigger one! Oh!"

Chen Hao laughed bitterly.

The few beauties, on the other hand, rolled their eyes speechlessly, not paying any attention to Chen Hao's words.

"Hey, Mei Mei, did you guys just see that one of the boys seems to be handsome Wang Kun from the Wang Clan?"

"Yeah, I looked just like him, and there was, like, another handsome one with glasses, like from Leapfrog Infotech. Zhang Lin, their family's company is about to go public!"

"I'll go, but for the few of them to be together, they're definitely not panhandlers that's all, the family must have a background!"

"What's wrong? Have feelings for which handsome man?"

Mei Mei they discussed said.

Especially when discussing their worth, it was even more heated.

Bev took a deep breath and looked at her cousin.

"Cousin, thank you for the cake, it was given to me by someone other than my mother who had taken it seriously since I was a child It's a birthday, come on, let's find a place to share it!"

Bev took her cousin's hand and said with some emotion.


Butler Ah Sang was busy at the moment.

It was true, when a family had the signal to rise, the ones who knew it and those who didn't would flock together.

Right now it was.

And then think about the cold event of the eightieth birthday banquet the day before yesterday, it was really sobering.

Looking at the time, it was almost ten-thirty.

Most of the VIPs had arrived, so Yang Ye returned to the front hall to receive them.

Ah Sang stood at the door in place of him.

Nothing came, and Ah Sang was ready to go in.


Just then, he suddenly saw a convoy coming not far away.

"And VIPs?"

Ah Sang stood up straight.

When the convoy was seen up close.

Ah Sang was surprised.

A clean-cut luxury car.

What a cool thing to see!

I'm afraid that all the luxury cars for the VIPs here today must add up to a hundred, but it's not worth the price of ten for this fleet.


Ah Sang was shocked.

At that moment, a family of four came down from the convoy.

It was a middle-aged couple, and they were holding their son and daughter.

"Hello, thank you for coming to the Yang family's banquet,'re Mr. Zhang?"

As soon as Ah Sang got a good look at this person, his shock was immeasurable!

"Hello, I am Zhang Bo Nian!"

"Recognize! I know, Zhang's name is like thunder, you are the head of the four richest men in Jinmen!"

Ah Sang's hands were trembling with excitement.

The richest men in Jinmen were here!

You know, the Yang family and them, but can't even try to suck up to them.

Of course, they were surprised and delighted.

Then, another convoy came.

And this time, it was a middle-aged man in his fifties who came with his family.

Ah Sang was even more eye-popping.

"Yang **? Is that you?"

My goodness, the head of the Yanjing* district! He's actually here? My goodness!!!!

Followed closely by the arrival of the great and the good.

All the rich and famous tycoons of the Tetung Province and the northwestern provinces were here!

A full twenties, and all of them with their families.

If it wasn't for Ah Sang pinching hard into his thigh, the bursts of pain told him that these were real and not a dream.

He already felt unconscious.

"Quickly please!"

Ah Sang's waist never straightened up from start to finish.

"Don't be busy this housekeeper, we're not here for the Yang family banquet!"

At this time, Zhang Bo Nian said as he coaxed his youngest daughter.

"Ah? Those CEOs?"

Ah Sang was surprised.

"May I ask where Miss Young Bev is, we're here for her birthday!"

"Huh? For Miss Bev's birthday?"

Ah Sang was completely dumbfounded.

When did Miss Bev get to know so many of the godly bigwigs!!!

But Ah Sang didn't dare to ask more questions, nor did he dare to slow down a bit.

"Miss Bev is in the backyard, I'll take you over there!"

Sheng bowed his back and led them all the way to the backyard.

And when Bebe saw so many big men, like a few of her own classmates, she was all confused.

"Hello Miss Bev, happy birthday to you, we're here to celebrate your birthday!"

All of them laughed.


Bev was shocked.

And Mei Mei and the other girls were all shocked as well.

"I go, what's wrong with Bev, isn't that Zimmerman Zhang? Isn't that the Yang family from our Yanjing district? I go, what's going on?"

A few girls also stopped discussing boys, so at the moment they were so frightened that they couldn't speak anymore.

"Haha, Miss Bebe, we've come all the way over to celebrate your birthday, we won't be unwelcome, right? Not even a seat for us?"

Zhang Bo Nian laughed cheerfully.

"Ah! Arrange arrangements, Mr. Zhang, Yang** and...I'll arrange it now!"

Bev was overwhelmed and was eating her cake and didn't know where to arrange it.

Her face was sweating with fear.

"Several CEOs, you are the biggest guests today, how can you arrange for you to be in the backyard, please follow me to the front room?"

Ah Sang was excited.

"No, isn't this pretty good in the backyard, give us a few tables with some food and wine on them, we'll drink the same, hahaha!"

After saying that, Zhang Bo Nian took out a piece of jade bracelet, "Miss Xiao Bei, this is a birthday gift for you, I hope you will give me more help in business in the future! Ah!"

Jade bracelets, naturally, were even more valuable.

Although Ah Sang was excited, he still remained calm.

Seeing that people's CEO was unwilling to go to the front hall, he immediately arranged his family members, moved tables and chairs, and complied with the orders of a few big shots to arrange a banquet nearby.

Ah Sang even saw that Miss Xiao Bei was nervous, he still had some stability, so he was there to carefully help Miss Xiao Bei serve....

Any one of them could be a big existence that the Yang family couldn't afford to mess with!


"Thanks for the gift from Uncle Shen!"

Yang Xiao Bei brought over another gift from another big man.

Mei Mei and the others were all silly and came around to watch.

Jealous to death of them all!

"Miss Bev, these are all your friends, right? It's really beautiful, but I didn't bring in many gifts this time, so I'll send some over later for you guys. Beauty's meet and greet!"

Mrs. Zhang, Mrs. Zhang's wife, smiled at the moment.

"Ah? too?"

Mei Mei and the others were badly surprised.

"Sure, huh?!"

"Yay! Thank you Mr. Zhang, thank you Mrs. Zhang, and...thank you..."

Anyway, when a few of the ladies stated that they also gave them gifts, Mei Mei and the others were so excited that they couldn't thank the whole family.  

After all, when a big brother makes a move, it is extraordinary.

"Bev, hurry up and pour water for a few CEOs!"

Mimi and the others were excited.


"No, no, no, we'll do it ourselves!"

Mr. Zhang and the others said.

"Here, shout uncle, I'll give you a mouthful of cake!"

Chen Hao, on the other hand, was smiling slightly, teasing a little girl of a few years old.

"Hello Su Su!"

The little girl blinked her big eyes and was good.

"What a good girl!"

Chen Hao fed it into the little girl's mouth.

"Su Su, we want it too!"

Also, a few kids have been shouting.

"Okay, okay, all in!"

Chen Hao laughed.

"I'll go! He's too much of a dick, isn't he?"

"That's right, people's thousand sons are all pampered, and he's feeding them this?"

"Ma yay, isn't that a shame?"

Mei Mei and the others hurriedly said.

Right now, all of them glanced at Chen Hao after a fierce glance.

They pulled Xiao Bei aside.

"Bebe, get this cousin of yours out of here! Please, so many big shots are here, we'll just have some company!"

Mei Mei stomped her foot in a hurry.

"What for? Why did you get rid of my cousin?"

Bev was unhappy.

"Don't you think he's too dropped here?"

"That's right, so many big names, don't let anyone see us laugh!"

The other beauties were also in a hurry.

"No, my cousin can't go, and besides, I have something to ask my cousin!"

Bev said.

Then, she came to Chen Hao's side.

She whispered, "Cousin cousin cousin, these big bosses, why are they coming to celebrate my birthday?"

In fact, to say the most likely, it would be his own cousin, after all, he knew too many people.

Besides, cousins were always mysterious!

"Uh-huh! This is the first gift from your cousin, do you like it?"

Chen Hao laughed softly.

Xiao Bei's eyes, on the other hand, widened.

It really was cousin!

"How, cousin? How can you get all these big guys to celebrate my birthday?"

Bev was really excited.

Indeed, the surprise of this gift was a bit big.

"Oh, I didn't make them come, they came spontaneously, didn't I hear them say that they will have to cooperate with you more in business!"

Chen Hao laughed bitterly.

"Business? But I..."

"What are you doing here, dead nipper? I've been looking everywhere for you, you don't pick up your phone when I call you, your grandmother is getting antsy out front, but you're down..."

And at this time, Guo Cai Feng angrily ran over.

As soon as she saw that her daughter had actually set up a table in the backyard.

Immediately furious.

"Bev, can't you fight a little, didn't mommy say that this birthday of yours is for you in the evening, you have to do it now or in the Backyard, aren't you deliberately giving Guo Ru's family a handle!"

Guo Caifeng was anxious.

She was about to come over and pull her daughter away.

But when she saw the people on the table.


Guo Cai Feng suddenly covered her mouth directly in shock.

Obviously, she knew all of the big shots present here.

"This is Miss Xiao Bei's mother, right? Hello there! We're here to celebrate Miss Bev's birthday!"

Several big men smiled.

And seeing Ah Sang busy pouring tea at the side, Guo Cai Feng instantly reacted to what was going on.

"Celebrating our daughter's birthday? This this this...this this..."

Guo Cai Feng excitedly rubbed her hands back and forth, not knowing what to say.

Now, suddenly, her face was set.

A hand grabbed Chen Hao's ear, "Give me up, see me coming, and don't give up your seat!"

In one fell swoop, he grabbed Chen Hao to one side.

"My God!"



This scene, moreover, made everyone present, all of them were astonished.

Especially Mr. Zhang and the others, the teacups in their hands did not hold steady and fell to the ground.

They all stood up as well.

Their faces were all a bit frightened.

"Aigoo, I'm really sorry for scaring you, don't even stand there, sit down, sit down!"

Guo Cai Feng's face was red and nervous.

And as Chen Hao rubbed her ears, she nodded to Mr. Zhang and the others, who then dared to sit down.

Bebe, on the other hand, hurriedly pulled her mother's sleeve and whispered something in her ear.

"What did you say?"

Guo Cai Feng was once again shocked.

When she looked back at Chen Hao, her expression changed again.

"That what, chen... Chen Hao, sit down!"

Guo Cai Feng was shocked and pulled out a seat for Chen Hao.

Only then did Chen Hao sit down.

At the same time, the front hall.

The old lady this, someone had already come over to take turns to offer tea.

As for Yang Ye, he was accompanying behind the old lady.

The old lady was really happy to see so many people giving face today.

The Yang family, it had been many years since they had this kind of glory!

The old lady's face sank as she waited for the round of toasts to pass.

"What's going on? Is the banquet coming up? There's no sign of that girl Xiao Bei yet. Didn't her mother call her there? Why didn't he come back? Ah Sang! Ah Sang?"

The old lady shouted subconsciously.

"Grandmother, the butler is not here!"

Yang Ye said.

"Hmph, no rules, one by one, they're all too unruly!"

The old lady at once placed the teacup heavily on the table.

"Mom, I told you a long time ago, Xiao Bei this girl, good luck, but, right, can not be of great use, I said you still do not believe it, said too much! , and think I'm jealous of her achievements or something, but look what you're doing now?"

"Yeah, just now, at the door, and brought some of her classmates with her, and maybe went off somewhere to play, where they're taking the family business to heart, Grandma, we have so many distinguished guests here today, it means they won't mind, but if word gets out, the Yang family will have to... Fall into a reputation as a slow traveler, then we didn't have a wasted day?"

Yang Ye also said.

"But people Xiao Bei has pulled so many projects this time, and is the core of our Yang family, it's nothing to be capricious, maybe It will all be up to Bev in the future!"

Yang Yan also added fuel to the fire.

"Hmph! Who says she's the core of the core? Who says it's all about Bev? I'm not dead yet!!!! This girl, really has no rules at all, her mother is also like this, hmm, when this banquet is over, I'll make her project manager as well. If you can't, just work at the company honestly!"

The old lady was angry.

As for Guo Ru, she looked at Yang Ye, and mother and son smiled at each other...


"What a hoot!"

Suddenly at this moment, an extremely out of place voice sounded outside the door.

A line of people were then seen, led by a young major, swaggering in.

"You are not invited, you cannot come in!"

A family member kept stopping them.

"Get out of the way!"

It was directly pushed aside by someone.

The entire scene, instantly quieted down.

"Long Shaolei?"

And Old Lady Yang now stood up with a frown on her brow.

The entire Yang family clan also all stood up and looked coldly at Long Shaolei.  

Young Master  LongLei, the eldest son of the Long family.

He is young, but is extremely sophisticated, and is nicknamed Mianli Pin.

He is now the number two person in the Long family, other than the oldest son of the Long family.

He is also the number one vanguard of the Yanjing Long Family against the suppression of other families.

Since four years ago, when Long Shaolei returned to the country, in four years' time, he had helped the Long Family annex nearly a hundred large and small conglomerates around the world.

And the Long family, with his help, had once again reached its peak unchallenged.

"Oh, Old Lady Yang, you're wrong, aren't you? Such a lively celebration banquet, and you didn't even invite our Dragon Family?"

Long Shaolei smiled faintly.

Eyes narrowed slightly.

"The Long family is now the leader of Yanjing, how can we, the Yang family's small temple, invite you Buddhas!"

Old Mrs. Yang spoke back to her.

"Tell me, Young Master Long, what brings you here today? The loan incident that Little got involved with you a few days ago has been dealt with, right?"

The old lady asked.

"Of course, in fact, even if Brother Yang returns it a few days late, he will be fine, after all, the Long Yang families have been friends for generations! Our Dragon Family isn't above taking this little loan!"

"But this time, it's for other loans, too, and this one's a lot more than a small amount!"

Young Master Long lei smiled.


The old lady frowned.

And with this statement, several of the old lady's sons and daughters, as well as the family's clansmen, could not help but look nervous.

"Surnamed Long, what do you mean? We do take loans, but mostly through Mr. Zhang, Mr. Miao, Mr. Li and the others..."

Yang Yuting raged.

"Oh, it's true that it was before, but these CEOs have completed some agreements with us a few days ago, and your loan partnership with them . It's been transferred to our Dragon Family's hands!"

"I calculated that over the years, your Yang family, the heads of the various group companies, but successively from more than thirty CEOs. Quite a lot of flowing water, tsk tsk, tens of billions of dollars, and that doesn't cover the banks!"

Young Master Long lei laughed.

"You... you're talking nonsense, my Yang family is a big family, how can I have so many loans?"

When Old Lady Yang heard this, her face instantly paled.

The implication of Young master Long lei's words was already clear.

If he pressured the loan for a short period of time, the Yang family simply wouldn't be able to raise this much in time.

The only way to do that was to mortgage a large area.

And when the time came, by implication, the banks would definitely apply pressure along with it.

When that time really comes, the Yang family is not as simple as losing all their assets.

"Oh, you'll have to ask these sons and daughters of yours!"

Young Master Long lei sneered.

"You guys... say it!"

The old lady struck the cane hard.

Yang Yuting Guo Ru and the others were all too frightened to swallow their saliva, not daring to speak.

"Oh, no one said anything? I'll tell you what then!"

Young Master Long lei smiled bitterly and shook his head.

"The thing about the Yang family is that it's different, the sons and daughters are in power separately, and in the end, only the line that can bring the most profit to the family is You can inherit the Yang family, right? I'm not sure if I've ever had a problem with this, but I'm sure I've never had a problem with it before. Loans!"

"Am I right?"

Young Master Long lei.

Old Mrs. Yang was extremely angry.

It was also only at once that she reacted to why at the time of her birthday banquet, her eldest son Yang Yuting had said to immediately contact the loan to solve the problem of the financial chain.

It turned out that this had been the norm for them all these years!

"Mr. Miao, Mr. Li, you've transferred your rights to the Dragon Family, why didn't you tell us?"

Yang Yuting's face was pale with urgency.

Because many of the cooperative CEOs were on the scene at the moment.

He hurriedly asked.

"Do you guys know? You're harming our Yang family, aren't you?"

"That's enough Yuting, by today, don't you see? Did they, Mr. Miao and Mr. Li, discuss this with the Long family already?"

The old lady waited for a glance at Yang Yuting.

The CEOs, on the other hand, also looked at each other and couldn't help but shrug their shoulders and sneer.

"A skinny camel is bigger than a horse, in the worst case, we give up some of our industries, and we will never owe your Long family a single point, don't worry about that!"

The old lady's hands were trembling.

That being said, the Yang family would definitely be greatly injured this time.

The Long family's move, however, also apparently made the Yang family's upper and lower clansmen, not react.

After all, ah, ever since the old lady got older and shared power.

Each family was considering the interests of each family.

Like pitching a project?

If you invest with your own money, it's your own if you lose it.

If you invest in a loan in the name of the Yang family, it doesn't matter to you whether you lose it or not.

There's no telling who will inherit the family in the future anyway.

There's no need to save money for the Yang family.

"That's good, with Mrs. Yang's words, Shao Lei will be relieved!"

Young Master Long lei laughed loudly.

And the old lady was angry and just sat down.

Just felt a little dizzy.

"Family misfortune, family misfortune!"

The old woman cried in remorse.

And it was at this moment.

Just in the backyard, a sound of salute flowers suddenly rang out.

Apparently, someone was putting out salute flowers there.

Originally, this matter had already made the old lady about to die.

Now, in the family, someone was actually putting out salute flowers to celebrate?

"Yell? The Yang family is indeed strong ah, all of a sudden there are tens of billions gone, and there is still a celebration?"

Long lei laughed.

"Ah   Sang!"

The old lady's eyes were red with anxiety.

"Grandmother, Ah Sang is not here!"

Yang Ye said.


The old lady raised her hand to smack Yang Ye's face with a mouth.

"Then go get him for me, go to the backyard and see who it is!"

Immediately a family member ran over towards the backyard.

It turned out that there were a few kids in the backyard playing with those small ceremonial flowers.

"Aigoo, Butler-sama, Little Miss Bey, so you're really here, the chairman has been looking for you everywhere!"

"What's wrong?"

Xiao Bei saw that the family member's face was not right and was busy asking.

The family servant said, "Something big has happened, the Dragon Family, they have come to collect the debt!"


Bebe and the housekeeper were both in a hurry.

Then they looked towards Chen Hao.

Chen Hao nodded and said, "Then let's go to the front and take a look, it's this Dragon Family again!"

And the front hall.

A family member had already come to report.

"How was it? Did you find Bev and Ah Sang?"

The old lady asked with a gloomy face.

"I found the chairman of the board, Lord Butler, and Young Master Chen Hao, and it seems that there are a few other people dressed up as the old boss, all of whom are back there for Miss Bev. It's a birthday!"

Homeboy Way.


The old lady smashed her teacup right on the floor.

"Backwards! It's all backwards!!!"


"Birthdays! She Yang Xiao Bei just knows how to have a birthday, what birthday can be more important than the Yang family's party!"

The old lady was about to pass out.


And then, once Bev saw that the scene was very quiet, the dragons were confronting the grandmother.

It was also understanding what was going on.

Hurriedly ran over.

And the few CEOs who had given Bebe a birthday party also all came over.

"I ask you guys, you"

The old lady was about to get angry.

Suddenly her gaze gaped. Because just seeing the people standing behind Bebe, it gave the old lady a feeling like a world away.


And the whole party was there, two hundred people.

It also started a commotion.

"Isn't this the richest man in Tianjin, Mr. Zhang?"

"I'll go, it's really Mr. Zhang!"

Some of the guests directly stood up at this moment and said.

"Isn't that, isn't that Yang ** of our Yanjing* Region? Even someone of Yang**'s level is here?"

"And there's that one, the mega-rich Guo from the north!"

The crowd was startled.

And these people, without exception, Old Lady Yang naturally knew them as well.

All of these people were people that she couldn't even suck up to on a regular basis!

How? For Bev's birthday?

The butler was also quite excited.

"Chairman, it's true, Mr. Zhang and the others, they came early in the morning, specifically to celebrate Miss Bebe's birthday! I was worried that the ordinary family members weren't taking care of it properly, so I kept serving there!"

Ah Sang was excited.


Old Mrs. Yang's eyes were moved.

And Guo Ru Yang Ye and the others were all incredibly wide-eyed.

"Several CEOs, please sit down quickly, quickly!"

The impact of this scene was unexpected for the old lady.

Where was half of the decadence just now!

"Oh, the old lady is very kind, I didn't want to disturb your party today, but since Miss Bev has brought us here, we'll take it as A handful of noble guests, and I hope that everyone here will give us guys some face!"

Yang** smiled faintly.

"That's that's that!!!"

Miao and the others immediately stood up and nodded their heads repeatedly.

And Young Master Long lei's eyes gazed.

Indeed, these people, it was grandpa who could only break bread with them, and he wouldn't have enough weight in front of them.

"Young Master Long lei, today is our Yang family's big day, are you staying here, is there anything else you want to do?"

Yang Xiaobei asked coldly.

"Nothing, nothing, it's not Uncle Zhang and Uncle Yang and the others..."

Young Master Long lei laughed and was about to come up to the table to make a toast.

"Nothing's wrong yet you're not leaving?"

Zhang Bo Nian coldly said.

"Huh? Okay, okay, go!"

Young Master Long lei looked embarrassed.

At this moment, he was also in a cold sweat.

Thousands of calculations had not expected the problem to appear on the Yang family's unheralded Yang Xiao Bei.

Not daring to stay any longer, he left with his men in disgrace.

"Xiao Bei, you were so powerful just now, but he's Young Master Long!"

Mimi and the others took Bev by the arm.

"My cousin doesn't like them, and I hate them, and besides, there's my cousin!"

Yang Xiao Bei smiled happily.

"Huh? Just him? Tell me, what did you two secretly talk about just now?"

Mei Mei and the others also felt that Chen Hao was a bit mysterious at the moment.

Right now, they did not wait for Yang Xiao Bei to speak.

Guo Caifeng hurriedly said, "Mom, today so many CEOs came to congratulate our Xiao Bei on his birthday, all for the sake of my nephew, Little Song! , Little Song even said that there are three gifts for our little babe, Little Song, don't you think auntie is right?"

Guo Cai Feng affectionately pulled Chen Hao's arm again.

This nephew, the more I see today, the more I simply like him!

And it was precisely these words that caused the old lady to look up at Chen Hao in shock.

Although she suspected that Chen Hao was extraordinary.

But seeing it for the first time today, made the old lady suddenly feel that Chen Hao was somewhat strange.

As for Yang Ye Guo Ru, her cheeks were even more painful as she watched from the side.

"Yeah, there are two more!"

Chen Hao smiled bitterly.

Right at this moment.

"Eh? Why is Young Master Long lei back again?"

Someone shouted in alarm.

They saw Long lei and his group, retreating all the way back towards the front hall.

And after that.

Only then did they see a woman, walking in with an imposing team of people.

This team of people, each and every one of them had an extraordinary aura.

Every single one of them seemed to be able to intimidate people.

This... who was this?

Old Lady Yang's mouth couldn't help but twitch a bit.

Yang Xiaobei, on the other hand, was also surprised to see towards this young and beautiful woman.

In particular, everyone saw that Long lei was scared back.

"What a coincidence, Little Thunder, we meet again!"

The woman chewed her gum and looked at Long Shaolei and said.

"Sis, yeah, long time no see, long time no see!"

Long lei's face was dripping with cold sweat.

"Mr. Chen!"

And as soon as Mr. Zhang and the others saw the woman.

They all got up and directly bent ninety degrees and called out respectfully.

"Chen... General Manager Chen?"

Old Lady Yang saw that so many big men were bowing to the young woman.

She herself also bent her waist slightly.

Because just by looking at the momentum, one could tell that this woman was extraordinary.


And Chen Hao stopped her in time.

"Cousin, who is she?"

Bebe also blushed a nervous pretty face.

"Sis, this is our cousin, Bebe!"

Chen Hao patted Bebe's head again and said to the woman.


"Huh? Is she cousin Chen Xiao?"

Bebe reacted at once, covering her mouth with some excitement.

She knew her, cousin Chen Hao and cousin Chen Xiao's since she was a child, she just had never seen the chant.

"Well, Bebe, you look so pretty!"

Chen Xiao, on the other hand, walked towards Bebe.

Pulling on Bev's hand.

"Chen Xiao?"

And the old lady's eyes widened.

This was her own granddaughter, Chen Xiao?

"Bebe, first time we meet, I have nothing to give you, today is your birthday, so I'll give you one of these!"

After saying that, a subordinate immediately came over with a small box.

Opening it, it instantly glowed brightly and a remarkable atmosphere was revealed.

"This is... the Night Pearl? God!!!"

Someone recognized it at a glance and couldn't help but shout in shock.

And the girls, Mei Mei and the others, were even more envious!

So the Chen Hao family, so awesome!

There was all a bit of remorse in my heart right now.

By now, there wasn't even a micro signal.

"Hey Bebe, if your sister gives it to you, just hurry up and take it!"

Guo Cai Feng was dead excited.

On the side, Guo Ru Yang Ye Yang Yan and the others, all of them were dumbfounded.


And it was only at the end that Chen Xiao looked at the old lady, who was now faintly calling out.

"Hey! Hey!"

The old lady was excited and nodded her head in agreement.

But the old lady had also discovered that the two siblings, Chen Xiao and Chen Hao, were clearly two different personalities.

I don't know how, but this person who had lived her entire life was slightly nervous at the sight of Chen Xiao?

Then, as Chen Xiao looked around, no one dared to look Chen Xiao in the eye, all of them lowering their heads.

Finally, they landed on Xiao Bei.

Chen Xiao smiled slightly.

"Bev, your cousin and your cousin, have three gifts for you, and now there's the last one!"

Chen Xiao said.


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