The Unknown Heir 426-432


"You mean the dress Chen Hao was wearing was also very expensive?"

Guo Rou was incredulous.

"No way, that's absolutely impossible! We know how his father, Chen Dong Yi, acted back then, how could his family be rich, so it's most likely that Chen Hao was hit! The lottery was just spent on impulse!"

Guo Rou said.

It seemed that the shock of 7.8 million brought them was still a bit too big.

"Cousin, now that Auntie and the others have left, let's go back and return this card, it's too expensive, what a waste of so much money!"

"No Bev..."

"7.8 million ah, how can you not use it, and cousin, you... where the hell did you get so much money?"

Xiao Bei was really frightened.

Chen Hao looked at Xiao Bei who was driving and smiled, "Cousin told you something, don't tell the public yet, including your fifth aunt!"


Bev asked.

"Actually, cousin, he's a rich, can't-live-without-any-money kind of guy!"

Chen Hao chuckled.


I didn't expect Xiao Bei to laugh out loud, "Well, well, Fu Er represents brother, if you really want to spend it all, just give it to your cousin!"

Apparently, Bev thought that her cousin was joking around on herself again.

"Ahem, you don't believe that shit!"

Chen Hao coughed.

"Right cousin, what are you going to give for grandma's birthday tomorrow?"

Bev asked.

"I don't know what to send, but we'll see tomorrow!"

The Yang family the next day was already looking extremely lively.

Today was Mrs. Yang's eightieth birthday.

Compared to previous years, the eightieth birthday was even more grand and lively.

Not only was the entire Yang family present, even some of the VIPs invited would also come to congratulate the birthday.

Outside the clan, there was a great deal of excitement.

"Every gift list of the VIPs has to be recorded clearly, and also checked one side again, no sloppy carelessness! There should be a lot of VIPs coming this year, and the seating arrangements will have to be taken seriously!"

In the morning, the old lady was dressed in a festive red robe, and she did not forget to instruct the housekeeper.

When the old lady was seated.

At the sign of the family's parent, the younger generation of the family had already started to come up to offer their gifts.

"Grandmother, this is the jade bracelet I bought for you, do you like it?"

A girl came up and said with a smile.

"Like like like, or Wada Seed Jade, it's rare for you to be so filial!"

Mrs. Yang couldn't stop smiling.

Just took the girls' hands and chatted a bit more.

"Whew, Bey ah, what took you guys so long!"

And at this time, Xiao Bei came with Chen Hao.

They just happened to run into Yang Ye and the others.

"Bebe, what gift did you buy for grandma again this year? Don't do what you did last year and send Grandma another one of your hand-made embroideries! Hahaha!"

Yang Ye and the others laughed.

Yang Ye, in particular, was now looking at Chen Hao with a somewhat gloomy expression.

"Grandma's birthday, I never thought you would come too! Heh, and you actually came empty-handed?"

Yang Ye suddenly laughed.

Then lowered his voice, "I'm warning you, you'd better not think about our Yang family's property! And don't even think about Grandma!"

As for Chen Hao, he listened to Yang Ye's provocative words.

Nor did he look at him, but smiled at Xiao Bei and said, "Come on, let's go in!"

It was straight away.

The angry Yang Ye couldn't help but clench his fist.

"Country bumpkin, I won't let you off lightly!"

Yang Ye's heart was indignant.

And putting aside the previous generation's grudges, which led to Yang Ye's own dislike of Chen Hao as a factor, the night before last at the bar, this country bumpkin seemed to be honest, but in reality, he had repeatedly stolen his own limelight.

In the end, he didn't know what he said to Zhou Bao, causing him to break his head in front of his cousins.

These things, in the end, Yang Ye depended on Chen Hao's body.

The main thing was that he had a hard time having a goddess of the heart, and this Chen Hao also had to come out and intervene.

"Grandmother, look, this is my birthday gift to you!"

At the main table of the birthday banquet, the dedication of the younger generation of the family continued.

Happy old lady Yang is really unable to close her mouth.

"Whew, isn't this Xiao Bei, why did you just come? Did you forget that it's your grandmother's birthday?"

And at this time, saw Yang Xiaobei and Chen Hao.

On the side, Guo Ru smiled coldly.

"How could I forget grandma's birthday? Great Aunt, you're too kind!"

Yang Xiaobei retorted.

"Hahahaha, let's see what gift Yang Xiaobei gets for his grandmother this time, shall we?"

Several girls said at the same time.

At the same time, Xiao Bei's mother was first angry at their words, then she looked at the gift in Xiao Bei's hand with a smile.

I'm afraid mom would be very happy to give out this gift.

"Bebe, show your grandmother the gift!"

Guo Cai Feng.

"Yes! Grandmother, this is the birthday gift Pei is preparing for you this year, a Dragon Cloud Jade Bracelet!"

Bebe carefully opened it.

"The Dragon Cloud Jade Bracelet?"

And Mrs. Yang was slightly stunned.

When she raised her eyes to take a look, can't it, it really is the Long Yun Jade Bracelet?

To be honest, the Long Yun Jade Bracelets had been bought by Chen Hao for Qin Ya before, for about a hundred thousand or so.

Although bar, Mrs. Yang did not lack these hundred thousand or so.

But Xiao Bei's family is not too generous these years she knows, in previous years could not give a decent gift.

So this hundred thousand or so Long Yun jade bracelets sent out, naturally it was a testament to Xiao Bei's filial piety.

"Good, it's quite good!"

Mrs. Yang smiled.

And it was this Long Yun jade bracelet that completely compared to the jade bracelet of Hetian Seed Jade that Chen Hao's second aunt's daughter had given her.

It made the faces of the second aunt and that cousin look a little bad.

"Xiao Bei, I heard that you've been interning in the group's project department for a few months this year, alas, in the blink of an eye, you're also so old, and you've excelled in your studies , in the future grandmother will find a bigger stage for you to learn and exercise!"

Mrs. Yang said.

"Thank you, Grandma!"

And Yang Xiaobei was happy at the news, and Guo Caifeng was also happy.

"Grandmother, is this going to be a real Long Yun Jade Bracelet? After all, there are too many fakes on the market!"

At this moment, Yang Ye walked over and sneered.

Yang Xiaobei's face changed slightly.

And Guo Cai Feng was also startled, "Yang Ye, what are you talking about, I'm telling you, this was given to me by my mother back then, and I gave it to Bev's, how can it be fake?"

Guo Cai Feng was telling the truth, this time she had really scared the blood out of her.

"Grandmother, when I was studying abroad before, I learned some basic appraisal techniques, let me take a look at it, right?"

Yang Ye said.

As for Mrs. Yang, once she heard Yang Ye say that, she also had some doubts about the authenticity of this Long Yun Yu.

After all, Guo Caifeng, the daughter-in-law, she knew, if it was really particularly valuable, would she give it to herself as a birthday gift?

Mrs. Yang handed it over to Yang Ye.

"Fake, absolutely fake!"

Yang Ye, on the other hand, shook his head after a few glances.

"Yang Ye, you're talking nonsense, what do you know?"

Guo Cai Feng was anxious.

"Oh, Fifth Aunt, what are you anxious about, fine fine, I won't say anything, just say it seriously!"

Then he handed the jade bracelet to Guo Cai Feng.

However, Yang Ye's hand suddenly loosened early.


With a bang, the jade bracelet fell directly to the ground and shattered with a sound....


"My jade bracelet?!"

The jade bracelet shattered.

Guo Cai Feng stared at it.

And Yang Xiaobei was also shocked.

This jade bracelet was the most precious thing in the family.

It was given to her mother by her own grandmother, and then her mother gave it to herself.

The reason why it was offered first to Xiao Bei's grandmother, Guo Cai Feng thought very simply.

It's not just a matter of time, it's also a matter of time.

It's just hoping that her daughter will be able to be competitive in the future and be used by the family.

As long as she was happy with the old lady, she would be able to make Xiao Bei go further no matter what.

Otherwise, if Guo Ru is completely in power in the future, then everything will really be over.  

But now, the jade bracelet has been broken!

Obviously, it was this Yang Ye who did it on purpose.

"You pay for my jade bracelet, pay for my jade bracelet!!!"

And Guo Cai Feng became red-eyed and went up and grabbed Yang Ye's collar.

And it was this scene that made the crowd of the venue all look over towards this side.

"Stop me, is there any more rules!"

Mrs. Yang was most concerned about her own face, and was now also angry.

"Mom, Yang Ye did it on purpose, he broke the Long Yun jade bracelet on purpose!"

Guo Cai Feng said urgently.

"Whew whew! I say fifth sister ah, it's just a piece of broken bracelet, don't tell me it might be fake, even if it's real, so what?"

"How old are you, but you're just like a senior, you have no rules at all!"

Second Aunt also added.

"Today is Mom's birthday, and you're actually fighting on Mom's birthday, you have no rules!"

Yang Yuting also said coldly.

"Alright, it's just a piece of jade bracelet, if it's broken, it's broken, I'm too old to wear it anyway! What Guo Ru said isn't bad, is it a crime to be so knowledgeable with this kid Yang Ye?"

Old Lady Yang said faintly.

Guo Cai Feng's aggrieved eyes were filled with tears.

And Chen Hao can also be considered to have seen that the grandmother is not generally partial to Yang Ye, she has bought the Long Yun Jade, this jade bracelet is naturally true.

To be frank, Yang Ye this one place, is just afraid of Xiao Bei favored.

And after that, everyone looked at Chen Hao again.

"Chen Hao, I see you're empty-handed, you just came like this?"

Guo Rou's gaze was cold.

Yes, in the family, Guo Rou hated Old Five's family the most, followed by Old Four's family.

And now, the most hated ones naturally included Chen Hao as well.

Especially after what happened yesterday.

"Hmph, sister-in-law, maybe you guessed right, can't afford to buy a gift anymore, hmph!"

The second aunt also did.

And the old lady saw that Chen Hao was indeed empty-handed.

It was also true that her heart was upset.

"Never mind, I'll take his gift at face value!"

The old lady faintly said.

Chen Hao was silent and did not speak up.

"I say mama, you need to talk more about Xiao Bei too, all day long the mind is not on work, I guess ah, just waiting for a share of your estate . That won't do!"

Guo Ru said again.

Guo Cai Feng said urgently, "Guo Ru, what do you mean, when did Xiao Bei not work hard enough?"

"Don't quarrel ye, and I dare not speak true or false of any of ye, but the Youngs never give any resources to the unearned, Bev. I'll investigate afterwards, and if you really don't have a track record, don't blame grandmother for being cruel!"

Mrs. Yang said.

"Oh, grandmother, don't bother with Bev, whatever auntie says is fine! Grandma, I'm not feeling well, so I won't eat, I'll go first."

Bev said with wet eyes.

After saying that, he stood up and left.


Guo Cai Feng went after them.

Chen Hao frowned, Guo Ru mother and son, it seemed that bullying the Fifth Uncle's family wasn't just a day or two ago.

Worried about Xiao Bei's mood, Chen Hao also followed out.

"Mom, did you see, this Yang Xiaobei is like this in front of you, let alone being mentioned in front of the company me!"

Guo Ru said.

"Hmph, go away go away, don't see the heart!"

Mrs. Yang said in a cold voice.

Turning to look at the birthday banquet.

"What's going on? Even last year, at this time of year, there were a lot of VIPs here, so why are there so many this year?"

Only then did Mrs. Yang found out.

Yang Yuting said, "Yes, it is indeed not right, why are there so few VIPs? But I've invited them all myself."

Mrs. Yang's face became even more ugly.

Now called out to the butler, Ah Sang.

Asking him what the situation was, the VIPs hadn't come full yet?

Ah Sang said.

"Mrs. Yang, I don't know what's going on today, but many of our invited guests and partners have called to say they can't make it. Congratulations on your behalf! As of now, more than three dozen CEOs have spoken to me on the phone!"


The old lady was furious: "Humph, I understand, they are all negotiating, it seems that our Yang family has indeed fallen, decades ago. , whenever the Yang family has an event, the gatehouse is full of people, but now, inviting people can't even come!"

Yang Yuting and the others were not speaking.

"Yuting, have you caught the project I asked you to catch? Or is there simply no project to work on now?"

The old lady asked.

"Liquidity is also a challenge right now, Mom, I'm already working as fast as I can, I'll address the resource chain today and tomorrow, and then I'll Go for the project!"

Yang Yuting said.

"Alas, a business is not a business, and now it's not even like a family, so is it hard to lose to the two Long Qin families?"

The old woman declined.

And just at that moment.

Just saw the butler hurriedly run in from the entrance manor.

"Chairman! Chairman~!"

"What is it, Sam?"

The old lady asked.

"You... you come out and look na, there is a convoy outside, they have come to deliver congratulatory gifts!"

Ah Sang looked nervous.


The old lady was shocked.

If it was an ordinary VIP bringing a birthday gift, naturally, it wouldn't cause Ah Sang to react this way.

Who could it be?

The old lady was surprised at the same time.

Standing up, she walked out together with Ah Sang.

Yang Yuting and Guo Ru and their clansmen were also curious and made their way out.

Just outside, they saw a full dozen or so stretched Phantoms coming, each one costing 20 million.

A team of black-clothed bodyguards were standing.

Each held a box in their hands.

"Chen family Young Master Chen, sending a congratulatory gift to the old lady!"

A black-clothed bodyguard at the head of the group said.

And the old lady and the others were already filled with shock.

This convoy, absolutely luxurious top-notch ah.

Right now, the first bodyguard opened the box.

"One thousand years of ginseng!"

"What? A thousand years of ginseng?"

The crowd was startled.

"A Chinese white jade tripod!"


The old lady was filled with emotion.

Yang Yuting and Guo Rou even swallowed nervously.

"A pair of authentic Tang Bohu paintings!"

A third box opened.

"The real Tamboru?"

Everyone had gathered around.

"Chen family,Young Master Chen? Who is it? Why such a big deal?"


There were more gifts than that.

It simply made everyone in the Yang family, including the old lady, look overwhelmed.

It was not even an exaggeration to describe them as exotic treasures.

Every single gift was of great origin, simply worth a fortune!

Old Mrs. Yang looked excited.

Having already lived her entire life, Rao had never seen such a scene.

"Old Mrs. Yang, this is the gift list, please take a look!"

The head youth respectfully handed over a gift list.

"No need to read it, no need to read it, thanks to the congratulatory gift from Young master Chen, it's just that it's really expensive! By the way, the old man has not yet met Young Master Chen or become acquainted with the Chen family, I wonder if your master is?"

Old Lady Yang was smiling.

The haze left by the cold show just now was swept away.  

"If there's nothing else, old lady, we'll take our leave!"

Apparently, these people didn't want to talk much.

"Stay for a light drink?"

Mrs. Young said.

"Thanks, no need!"

After the youth finished speaking, the group of people went back to the car and left directly.

"How generous!"

"Even the bodyguard entourage is so easy going, what kind of family is this Chen family?"

The crowd of Yang family members looked stunned.

"Mom? The Chen's? We've never gotten to know each other, so why are we getting such expensive gifts, which I roughly calculate are worth, all together It's close to a billion!"

Yang Yuting's hands were trembling with excitement.

"Yes, more than a billion, the Chen family Young master Chen is really a big spender, however, it is true that our Yang family has never interacted with the Chen family, I lived It's been so long, but I've never heard of the Chen family ah, could it be that the friends that you juniors have made are not your classmates?"

Old Mrs. Yang said with an incredulous face.

The group of juniors looked at each other.

Even if they were the best classmates, they wouldn't send birthday gifts worth over a billion dollars ah, obviously this reason was too far-fetched.

"Mom, and regardless of who gave them to us, since people are interested in giving them, then these are ours, just take out any one of them and sell them all Solve our family's current economic crisis!"

Guo Ru's eyes turned and suddenly said.

"Shut up, this is nonsense, this is a birthday gift from the Chen family, it's so valuable, how dare you sell it, at least, then I didn't get it right No one is allowed to touch these things before the Chen family's Chen Shao identity, and if anyone dares to think about these birthday gifts, I'll drive her out! Family!"

Old Mrs. Yang said.

At the same time she looked at the departing convoy with a slight stare.

"Mom, what are you looking at?"

Yang Yuting saw that he couldn't hit on these birthday gifts, so he came up again and said.

"I'm looking at the people who just got off the bus, Yu Ting, can't you see, those servants are all well-trained, ordinary big families. All of them are unable to ask this of their servants, and it can be said that behind them, there's probably a top big family!"

"So, we need to find out who this Young Master Chen is as soon as possible, make contact, and try to get him to help us get through this!"

Old Mrs. Yang was far-sighted.

"Yes, Mom!"

"Sheesh, there's another possibility!"

Second Aunt then suddenly said.

"Well? What might?"

"Could it be that this young man Chen has a crush on one of our Yang family's girls, and this is a congratulatory gift given in advance for a future marriage proposal?"

Second Aunt smiled and said.

Within the crowd, there was only Second Aunt's daughter Yang Yan who was the most beautiful and had the most outstanding temperament.

She was just saying this to tell everyone, could it be that this Young master Chen had a crush on her daughter?

"Oh, penis, you're really thinking!"

And Guo Ru was not happy to hear this.

After all, among the three generations of the Yang family now, his son Yang Ye was the core of the family's future.

Now the second's words, is not just to give the old lady on the eye medicine.

Although they were usually one faction, when it came to matters of immediate interest, there were inevitably some differences.

"Eh? But what the second family said is not without reason, the real big family youngest do things, never tedious, and will not go to say explicitly, really could be This Young Master Chen has a crush on our Yang family's girl!"

"Yang Yan, over the years you have studied abroad and returned to the company, you have met many people and attended many occasions, but have you remembered to be this powerful? The Dasho?"

Old Mrs. Yang asked. She also knew that Yang Yan was the prettiest and Yang Xiaobei was considered outstanding, but Yang Xiaobei hadn't seen much of anything. The old lady naturally wouldn't think of her.

Yang Yan pondered for a moment, "It seems like some grandmother!"

"Well, if that's the case, then it's a blessing for our Yang family, Yang Yan, if there's anything you lack or want in the future, just tell Grandmother Tee!"

Mrs. Yang said.

"Thank you, Grandma!"

Yang Yan was excited.

These words signaled that she already had the possibility of getting to the top.

Grandma pulled Yang Yan's hand and headed inside.

Just at this moment, Yang Yuting suddenly received a phone call.

"What did you say? You'll tell me again?"

Yang Yuting suddenly turned pale.

Only afterwards, did he hang up the phone.

The entire face, suddenly became somewhat pale.


Yang Yuting came to Mrs. Yang's face in some sixes and sevens.

"What's wrong?"

"Something's happened on the corporate side! "

"What is it?"

The old lady's face changed.

Yang Yuting swallowed his saliva: "These days, the enterprise's capital chain is tight, I'm not following my usual habit of taking a bridge loan, but I didn't expect that my men just called, there's a problem with the loan and the bank won't lend for a while!"


The old lady didn't expect this.

"So what have you pledged?"

The old lady said.

"I mortgaged the Yang family's existing piece of project land, and it used to be a ten-fold deal to do this, but now, the bank says they can't release the It's useless to come out and negotiate!"

"It's the Dragon family, it must be the Dragon family!"

Yang Yuting's face was pale.

It turned out that the third party that Yang Yuting walked away from was the Dragon Family.

It was still a high ranking member of the Dragon Family who had personally approached himself to talk.

Unexpectedly, this was the Dragon Family deliberately digging a hole for themselves.

They wanted that piece of land too.

Yang Yuting only reacted with the benefit of hindsight.

Old Lady Yang, on the other hand, was too angry and viciously slapped Yang Yuting.

The Long and Yang families were themselves in competition, and Yang Yuting was crazy for wanting to use money, but dared to engage in such cooperation with the Long family.

The Dragon family was monstrously powerful, it was nothing to settle a bank.

"You, you, you're really trying to piss me off!"

Mrs. Yang leaned on her crutches.

"Mom, what should we do? We're halfway through our project, is this Dragon family trying to pick up ready-made?"

Yang Yuting cried out.


"Useless thing, don't ask me!"

Old Mrs. Yang is another mouthful, and now, furious that she can't even celebrate her birthday, she just leaves the scene!


"Bev, are you okay?"

Yang Xiaobei came running back in tears.

Chen Hao also followed her back.

Unexpectedly, Xiao Bei ran straight to her fifth uncle's room, holding his hand, a girl, and crying in distress....


"Dad, I'm useless, and I can't speak up when I see mom being bullied by them, I'm the one who can't fight!"

Bev cried.

"Mamma's most beloved bracelet was to be taken out in the hope that grandmother would be pleased and let me go a step further, but instead of Young Ye It fell! He fell on purpose and everyone there saw it!"

"But dad, instead grandma said mom was too excited, it's just a piece of jade pendant, and anything is worse than Yang Ye in grandma's eyes Is it worth anything?"

Yang Xiaobei was really suffocating today.

Before, they sarcastically mocked themselves and their mother.

I have endured it all myself.

But this time, he didn't even have the least bit of fairness.

Yang Xiaobei couldn't endure it any longer and ran back in aggravation.

"Do you know, that Guo Ru hates you, and even mom and I hold a grudge! She'd hate for me to get out of the Yang family with my mother before, well, the Yang family, I'll never go there again!"

Yang Xiao Bei said, and after that, she cried on the bed.

Chen Hao stood right behind Xiao Bei and patted her on the shoulder.

Yes, although Xiao Bei was usually honest and kind, but she also had self-respect, no one would endure the repeatedly piercing taunts of others and get no half-fairness.

This kind of feeling, except for Xiao Bei, I'm afraid no one knows better than herself.

By the way, Xiao Bei's family, if they hadn't helped their mother back then, why would they suffer like this.

Since mother had given this matter to herself.

I will also give Xiao Bei, and Fifth Uncle, a new explanation!

"Cousin, I'm sorry to make you follow the worry, but you didn't finish Grandma's birthday party!"

Bebe, on the other hand, cried for a while, wiped her tears, and looked at Chen Hao and said.

"It's okay! Bev, don't be too pessimistic, you'll get better slowly, for sure!"

Chen Hao took Bebe's hand.


Bev nodded.

At that moment, Bev's phone suddenly rang.

Upon looking, it was from the housekeeper, Ah Sang.

"The family is holding an emergency meeting, everyone needs to arrive!"

Then Sam hung up the phone.

"Go wash your face and get going!"

Chen Hao said.

"I'm not going, I don't want to go into that house anymore, I finally know, back then my aunt was so good, or I don't want to stay in this silky Humanity's home now, really cousin, and sometimes it drives people crazy!"

Bebe pouted.

"How can I not go, you have to think more about your aunt, so as not to let your great aunt talk about it again, at least now you have to go!"

Chen Hao smiled.

Bebe thought about it and nodded this time.

Then he listened to Chen Hao go.

The meeting didn't end until two in the afternoon.

As for Chen Hao, he didn't go with Bebe this time, so he stayed at home to give his fifth uncle some wrist activity or something.

Xiao Bei came back together with his aunt and uncle.

But as soon as she came back, she heard Fifth Aunt scolding and grumbling.

"Guo Ru, I'm not done with you, is there such a thing as bullying! I'm not done with you!"

Guo Cai Feng scolded.

"Fifth Aunt, what's wrong?"

Chen Hao came out and asked.

Guo Caifeng didn't answer either, and went straight into the house with wet red eyes.

Xiao Bei was also obviously in a very bad mood.

But still said.

"Cousin, something has happened to the Yang family now, it's a mess!"

"Something happened?"

Right now, Bebe told the story.

It was nothing more than the fact that this time the Yang family was in a critical situation, but I didn't expect that Long family actually dared to brazenly rip their faces off and stabbed the Yang family again.

The Yang family's current main business, which is also the largest remaining development project, was secretly plotted away by the Dragon family.

Although the Yang family's financial power is also very strong now.

However, each family, the industrial stalls laid out are particularly large, and the need for capital is even greater.

Especially this kind of business which is similar to the family's leading business is naturally considered the lifeblood of the Yang family.

Such a large project lost.

Of course it would be painful.

As for Guo Ru, while being reprimanded and scolded by her grandmother, she did not forget to dump the pot.

Pressuring Yang Xiaobei to talk about new projects.

The grandmother is also angry, so she says to get rid of the incompetent person.

The grandmother is also furious and says that she wants to get rid of the incompetent people, and then directly targets Xiao Bei and the fifth aunt.

This only made the mother and daughter angry to death.

"Oh, is this the matter ah? That's pretty easy."

After hearing this, Chen Hao couldn't help but laugh bitterly and said.

"Cousin, it's already this time, the family is in chaos, so don't make jokes about Bebe! Alas, my mother and I are also angry, it's obviously uncle who made the mess, why blame it on us~!"

Xiao Bei was a little grumbling.

"Cousin how would you joke, in fact, grandmother is not anxious about this project, after all, the Yang family is not short of this money, but anxious Yang family No new projects anymore, the Yang family's main business is engineering development, there are projects, like a constant stream of advertising and promotion, virtuous cycle, no The project, it just gets worse and worse, vicious cycle, grandma's anxious point here!"

Chen Hao said.

"You're right cousin, but although I'm in the project department, I can't do this kind of work on my own, I can't do it at all, it's all Guo Ru's responsibility! Yes, I understand. She's just trying to take advantage of the situation to eliminate family dissidents! Throw me and my mother out!"

"Then talk about some big projects to show her, cousin help you!"

Chen Hao laughed.

"Cousin, you're making fun of me again!"

"No kidding, really!"

Chen Hao shook his head, then took out the phone.

After saying a few words.

Just said to Xiao Bei, "Alright, this afternoon, you go to the headquarters of the Xinfeng Group, there will be someone there to conduct a project handover with you?"

"Cousin, do you know anyone from the Sinofound Group?"

Actually, Bev had always found her cousin to be mysterious.

"Oooh, meet, one of my classmates is there!"

Chen Hao beat a sloppy retreat.

After all, it wasn't time to be completely exposed yet, and although there were no secrets to be kept from Xiao Bei, there were some things that would be troublesome to explain, right?

"Don't worry, when has cousin ever lied to you, when you go there, just look for one called Zhao Kang, he's in charge of the project!"

Chen Hao said very seriously.

Xiao Bei also saw that her cousin didn't seem to be lying to herself, so she nodded her head.

In fact, Chen Hao, who was now in control of all the family businesses in Huaxia, what would be so difficult to get him.

Right now, Xiao Bei also did not slack off.

After packing up a bit, she really went to the Xinfeng Group because she believed that her cousin would not play such a big joke on her.

The Xinfeng Group was a super group in Yanjing, not a family business, but yet, it was regarded as the god of wealth for many business families.

The strength of the group could be imagined.

"This lady, there are a bit too many customers today, please wait in the VIP area!"

When Yang Xiaobei went, a customer service agent led Yang Xiaobei respectfully to the VIP waiting area.

And also just went in.

As soon as Yang Xiaobei looked up, he saw several acquaintances were there.

And at the same time, these few acquaintances also all saw Yang Xiaobei.

"Yow yow, isn't this Xiao Bei? Surprised to be here?"


"Is that you?"

Yang Xiaobei frowned as soon as he saw them.

It wasn't anyone else, it was the three members of uncle's family and the three members of uncle's family.

Everything that had happened today had already made Xiao Bei hate Guo Ru and the others a bit.

"Okay ah you Yang Xiaobei, you don't even say hello when you see them, you're really capable ah, do you still have some basic manners ah?"

Guo Ru coldly said.

Yang Yuting also glared angrily at Yang Xiaobei.

Then said, "What are you doing here?"

"I want to come talk about the project!"

Yang Xiaobei took his bag, and when he took a look at the VIP area, it was either a boss, or a local tycoon, or a second-in-command CEO of a company like his uncle.

The only one dressed like a small staff.

The moment was also out of breath.

"Poof! What did you say? You want to come here to talk about the project?"

Guo Rou laughed directly.

Looking at Yang Xiaobei like a fool.

"Do you know that this is Xinfeng! Look again, who are the people waiting here? You're the only one who wants to come here and talk about projects?"

Second Aunt laughed bitterly.

"Mother, Second Aunt, perhaps your words this afternoon have frightened Yang Xiao Bei, knowing that she is the one who has done nothing in the family and is about to be Our grandmother drove out the family, so that's why she broke the bank and came here to try her luck!"

Yang Ye shook his head and laughed bitterly.

"That's right, I've never heard of anyone as a junior staff member daring to come to someone's Xinfeng to talk about cooperation, Yang Xiao Bei, you'd better not say that you are Our Yang family is simply disgraceful!"

Yang Yan even despised a smile.

And Yang Xiaobei, furiously not wanting to pay attention to them, sat on her own in the corner of the VIP area.

"Okay, leave her silly girl alone, Xiao Ye, didn't you say that your M classmate works here, and that your classmate's father knows the Manager Hu here, why hasn't he come over yet?"

Yang Yuting said at this time.

They, naturally, had also come to ask for help.

If Yang Ye could really take the project back this time.

Then Yang Ye is the future heir definitely didn't run away.

That's why the family came.

As for the second family, they were a Grinch and followed in deadly earnest.

But Yang Yuting wasn't worried about them stealing Little Ye's thunder.

"I've just made a call, Manager Hu is in a meeting, my classmate's father has also made a greeting, and learned that it's our Yang family I'm sure Manager Hu won't be slacking if you come personally!"

Yang Ye said at this time with an air of superiority.

"That's good!"

At this moment, a beautiful front desk lady came over.

"Are you Mr. Yang Yuting Yang?"


"Hello Mr. Yang, Manager Hu has finished his meeting, wait here and have a cup of tea, I'll take you to Manager Hu's office later Talk!"

"Okay, thanks really!"

Yang Yuting Guo Ru was also extremely happy when she saw that the appointment was successful.

But in her heart, she also sighed sorrowfully, and had to bow her head under the eaves.

This Manager Hu, in fact, said to be Assistant Hu is almost the same, is just a manager of the secretary department.

But there was no way around it.

Yang Yuting did need a lot of projects to solidify his absolute position in the Yang family.

After all, with the two big families of Long Qin together, there were too many options for people to choose from for the Xinfeng Group.

"You are Miss Yang, right? I just checked and you didn't have an appointment?"

And then the lady at the front desk walked towards Yang Xiao Bei, who was sitting in the corner.

"Huh? Do you need an appointment? My cousin said for me to just come and find someone!"

Yang Xiaobei was a little nervous.

"Your cousin? Who's your cousin? Let you come to who?"

And the lady at the front desk was obviously very elegant and specially trained, so naturally she wouldn't look at people with tinted glasses.

"My cousin's name is Chen Hao, and he told me to come find a man named Zhao Kang!"

Yang Xiaobei had to tell it like it was.

The receptionist shook her head with a bitter smile, "I'm sorry, we don't have anyone named Zhao Kang here, nor have we heard of Chen Hao, so make sure you're sure. Is it a mistake!?"


Yang Xiaobei became even more nervous, especially now that everyone was looking at him, and his face turned red.

"I go, what did I say, what a shame! She sure is just silly like that and here she comes!"

Yang Yan covered her face speechlessly.

"And she said who got her the relationship? Chen Hao? This girl is not crazy, Chen Hao is finding her a relationship? Haha, people haven't even heard of this guy!"

Guo Rou even mocked a smile.

Yang Xiaobei nervously clenched her pink fist, not knowing what to do.

"Ah Ye, Uncle Yang, it's already done, Manager Hu will be over in a moment, you guys drink water first!"

At this moment, a youth came over and smiled.

It was obvious that he was Yang Ye's classmate.

"Sister Liu, what's going on here?"

Yang Ye students looked at the situation on the front desk lady's side and couldn't help but smile bitterly.

The front desk lady said: "Miss Yang said to trust her cousin's relationship, to find a person named Zhao Kang, Li Tai, our group does not seem to have a Zhao Kang Right?"

"I've never heard of it either!"

Li Tai shook his head and smiled.

Now, taking the posture of a master family member, he said, "Beautiful girl, do you want to find that cousin of yours to make sure that you haven't entrusted the wrong company! Right?"

As soon as this was said, the crowd present laughed.

"Shame shame shame, what a shame!"

Yang Yuting was angry.

"You silly girl, that Chen Hao lied to you, but you are still not ashamed enough, later Manager Hu will come, let people laugh at our Yang family to death Bar, I'll definitely go back and tell the old lady about this!"

Guo Ru directly ran over in anger and poked Yang Xiaobei's head.

"Don't you see what kind of virtue that brat has, you just believe whatever he says?"

"Cousin he wouldn't lie to me! He's not like that!"

Yang Xiaobei retorted.

"Well, you're the only one who takes him as a cousin, he's a fool and so are you!"

Yang Yan was speechless.

"Hey! Manager Hu is here!"

At this moment, I don't know who shouted.

A middle-aged man in a suit was seen walking from the elevator to the lobby with a group of etiquette ladies.

And the etiquette ladies, they all stood in two rows.

There were as many as forty of them.

It was a gesture of lining up to welcome them.

And not even hair some department heads were there.

Manager Hu was running forward and backward to arrange their standing problems.

"I'll go! Sister Liu, are you expecting someone big today? Could it be that another company executive is coming?"

Li Tai was directly surprised, "Even this kind of ceremony is made!"

"I don't know, but we can't touch the company's senior management, it's Manager Hu and the others who have access to them!"

The lady at the front desk also said.

Yes, the Sinofun Group is too big and is divided into three tiers: junior high and high.

The front desk can only touch the middle school level, and the senior level doesn't understand at all.

And often this kind of formation, that is no less than the senior level to come ah....


"Who is it?"

Everyone looked at each other.

"Manager Hu!"

At this time, Manager Hu also took advantage of this gap and came here to the VIP reception area.

Yang Yuting immediately smiled and said.

"I'm sorry Mr. Yang, there are really too many things going on today, and the hospitality is not good enough, so bear with me!"

Manager Hu said.

"You're joking, Xinfeng is so busy every day, you still took the time to come over, I really appreciate it!"

Yang Yuting said.

"Alas, but Mr. Yang, the thing you said, I also gave the question, if the bid proposal, our head Zhao from above has no time to look at these days The, I'm afraid, will have to wait!"

"Okay, everything is up to Manager Hu!"

Yang Yuting had to bow and scrape.

Manager Hu, on the other hand, looked at his watch.

Not surprisingly, he said, "Strange, Mr. Zhao said that he should have arrived long ago by this time, why hasn't he come yet?"

Manager Hu looked towards the doorway.

"Manager Hu, who are you waiting for?"

Little Liu, the front desk lady, asked.

"Also, I'm just looking for you, so help me go to the front desk right now and check if Miss Yang Xiaobei has arrived?"

Manager Hu suddenly remembered, could it be that Miss Yang had already arrived?

That's why I asked.

"Miss Young Bev?"

The receptionist Xiao Liu was stunned, then looked at Yang Xiaobei who was standing on the side.

And Yang Yuting and Guo Ru and the rest of them, is astonished, I go, Manager Hu looking for Yang Xiaobei why?

"Manager Hu, she...she's called Yang Xiao Bei!"

Xiao Liu said as he pointed at Xiao Bei.


Manager Hu's face instantly changed and hurriedly walked in front of Yang Xiaobei.

"You are Miss Yang, General Manager Zhao Kang is with you...?"

"Ummm, yes, I'm here to see Zhao Kang Zhao!"

Yang Xiaobei nodded and said.

A boulder in her heart finally fell to the ground.

Yeah, how could cousin play such a big joke on himself when he said there was a doorway, surely there was a doorway.


Manager Hu patted his thigh, "Miss Yang, I can't believe you've already come early, I was specifically ordered by Zhao Kang to come and greet you!"

At this, the crowd was all stunned.

Guo Ru's mouth could even be stuffed with eggs.

"Manager Hu, are you sure there's no mistake, there really is someone named Zhao Kang in the group?"

Guo Ru was incredulous.

Yang Yan and Yang Ye were also jealous and looked at Yang Xiao Bei.

"That's one of our CEOs, he's not usually high profile, besides, Mrs. Guo, I'm afraid it's not a good idea to call our CEO by his name, right?"

Manager Hu's face was startled.

There were several CEOs of the group, and they definitely wouldn't casually reveal their identities to the lower level employees.

That's how the so-called behind-the-scenes bosses came about.

"I'm sorry, I'm really sorry! I just want to remind you, don't be mistaken, this Yang Xiaobei, is just a small employee of our company, why should Manager Zhao Kang specializes in Receive her?"

Guo Ru said.

"That's something to ask Zhao, Miss Yang, you're here to talk about the project, right?"

Manager Hu smiled respectfully.

Yang Xiaobei nodded heavily.

"Oh, that's fine, Mr. Zhao Kang has prepared the signing ceremony for you upstairs, if you're fine with it, let's go up and sign the contract Right?"

"Huh? Sign the contract now?"

Yang Xiaobei was also a bit dumbfounded.

Originally, well, it was because my cousin had a classmate relationship like Yang Ye, and I had to work hard to elaborate on the negotiations after coming here.

But I didn't expect that it actually went so smoothly.

And cousin's relationship is actually one of the CEOs of Xinfeng?

A Miss Manners had already come over to pick up Yang Xiaobei's bag, and then a group of people went straight upstairs.

"Mom, they made a mistake, didn't they?"

Yang Ye was incredulous.

"That's right, and they say that Chen Hao is the one who entrusted him with this kind of relationship? How is that possible?"

Yang Yan was also jealous.

Obviously ah, the eyes of the crowd now looking at their two families were all a bit jocular.

Because this face, it's too hard to beat!

Guo Ru, on the other hand, was instantly reminded of the incident where Chen Hao directly took out 7.6 million yesterday.

And some of the things that her son Yang Ye said.

Chen Hao's dress problem.

And now, Chen Hao was able to directly prop up the relationship to Xinfeng.

Even an idiot would feel that Chen Hao was definitely not simple at this time ah!

"Wait a minute!"

Guo Ru interrupted the mother and daughter Yang Yan who were barking like their tails had been stepped on.

"You guys, is it possible that the Chen Hao we investigated was wrong, is he not poor, otherwise, how could he be so generous? , and what about such strong connections?"

Guo Rou was serious.

At this sentence, the crowd all stopped talking as well.

Despite not wanting to believe that this was true, the truth could be right in front of them.

"It's unlikely, I don't believe it anyway!"

Aunt Two shook her head violently.

"Yeah, we don't believe it either!"

Yang Ye Yang Yan said.

And Guo Ru bar, belonged to the kind of people like a sperm.

At the moment, she didn't know what she was thinking about.

Anyway, after thinking for a long time, she suddenly covered her mouth all of a sudden, as if she was scared by something.

It also scared Yang Yuting Yang Ye and the others.

"Mom? What's going on?"

Yang Ye was busy asking.

"Yes sister-in-law, why are you so alarmed, maybe Chen Hao might have been kind to someone, and he's repaying him, it's possible right Right?"

Second Aunt.

"No!" Guo Ru fiercely shook her head, "You must never forget the incident that happened today, the old lady received close to a billion dollars in gifts for her birthday banquet! This thing!"

Guo Ru's eyelids jumped fiercely and said.

"The mysterious Chen family's Young Master Chen delivered the gift?"

Several people suddenly stopped talking.

"Yeah, Chen family Young Master Chen, Chen Hao is also surnamed Chen, is it possible that if Young master Chen is Chen Hao, everything can be explained?"

Guo Rou was precisely frightened by this conjecture.

The crowd was silent once again, their faces ugly.

"Impossible, absolutely impossible!"

Second Aunt said.

"But Yang Xiaobei definitely knows something, I think great aunt you should not guess, guess Chen Hao is so powerful, in case this Yang If Bev can't talk it down, then it's clear!"

Yang Yan said.

"Good, then we'll wait for Yang Xiao Bei to come down!"

Forty minutes later.

Yang Xiaobei came out.

Only compared to before he went up, there were five more document bags in his hands.

"Yang Xiaobei!"

And at the door, her aunt and the others were still waiting for her.

When they saw that Yang Xiaobei was actually holding five contracts in her hands, they were directly stunned.

" signed all of them?"

Guo Rou was incredulous.

"Mmhmm, a total of five major projects of the Sino-Fung Group for this year and next were won!"

Yang Xiaobei was also excited.

I thought to myself, let's see how you will still bully us mothers and daughters in the future.

After saying that, ignoring the surprised aunt and the others, Yang Xiaobei wanted to leave.

"You stop right there!"

Guo Rou.

"What for?"

"Heh, don't think you're fooling around just because you've won so many projects, let me ask you, where did Chen Hao get such great connections? How could he know Cho Kang Sr.?"


"I don't know, I'd have to ask my cousin!"

Yang Xiaobei said.

Then Yang Xiaobei left straight away.

"It's over, it's over, Yang Xiaobei has made the biggest achievement this time!"

Yang Ye hated.

"What's the hurry, I don't believe that this Yang Xiao Bei can still turn the tide, the biggest problem now is not Yang Xiao Bei, but that lowly A woman's son, Chen Hao, must find out what strength he is!"

Guo Rou had just finished.

A notification suddenly came within the family group.

It was the family meeting notice issued by the steward, one hour later, the family meeting room was assembled.

"See, Yang Xiaobei is taking credit for this right away, it's definitely about this project!"

Second Aunt said.  

Guo Ru held her shoulders and sneered, "Let's go back first, I'd like to see what kind of waves this girl, Yang Xiao Bei, can toss up!"

Yang family family meeting room.

Usually this kind of meeting, initiated in the name of the old lady, was not allowed to take leave.

So soon the family clan members were all here.

Old Madam Yang was sitting at the head seat, and was now beaming.

"I'm sure you've all heard what the purpose of calling everyone here this time is, good, here to focus on praising Xiao Bei, I said this morning that In the afternoon, Xiao Bei immediately put her heart into it and completed it, bringing five construction contracts to the Yang family and a contract with Xinfeng. The group has entered into a deep partnership agreement! This time, Xiao Bei has done a great job for the Yang family!"

Old Mrs. Yang was smiling with wrinkles all over her face.

The crowd was also all looking at Xiao Bei with an incredulous gaze.

"Below, I would like to announce one thing, that is, Xiao Bei Yang will be the general manager of the five projects, as well as the company's General Manager of the Project Division and part-time Vice President of Young's Construction Group!"

Mrs. Young said.


There was a direct commotion below.

Yang Ye, in particular, received a slap on the wrist.

Because long before the birthday, grandmother had already announced that she was about to become the vice president of Yang's construction group, and would be announced after the birthday banquet.

But now, it was directly replaced by Yang Xiaobei?

Guo Rou was even more of a mouthful, Yang Xiaobei was directly about to be on par with herself!

"Bev, keep up the good relationship with Nobuhiro, Grandma believes in you!"

Mrs. Young said.

Many other things were said during the meeting.

Only then the meeting was adjourned.

And Yang Xiaobei left.


Guo Ru, on the other hand, stayed behind.

At this moment, she said in a low voice, "Bebe is indeed powerful and worthy of encouragement, but do you really intend to have Bebe as the general manager?"

Old Mrs. Yang said, "The project was pulled by Bev, so naturally she was put in overall charge!"

"That's right, even promoting Xiao Bei as a vice president I also agreed, but mom have you thought about it, no matter how powerful Xiao Bei is, she is still a girl after all, not to mention whether she can handle it or not, Xiao Bei is how old, these two years is definitely going to be married, once married, she can be someone else's family, so when the time comes......"

And Old Mrs. Yang was a bit calmer once she heard this.

"Also, Xiao Bei has been working out at the bottom, and hasn't had any experience at the top like Yang Ye, some just promote her to the top, I'm worried that Bev can't handle it, at least not yet!"

"Alas, look at Yuting, usually so shrewd, he's still being schemed by the Dragon Family! And that Bev guy is just so kind!"

That said, Old Lady Yang pondered a little.

Then she said, "Ah Sang, go and call Bebe back!"

"Yes, Chairman!"

As for Guo Ru, she proudly eyed each other with her son Yang Ye.

"Angry really!"

Bev comes home.

Quite furious.

Chen Ge, however, was on the balcony with a pair of scissors trimming the flowers and plants.

"What's wrong?"

"Ah Guo Ru, she's so sneaky, originally grandmother said that she would put me in total charge of the project, I thought I'd get a chance to exercise, but Well, I don't know what Guo Ru said to grandmother, but instead she put me and Yang Ye in charge of this matter in general. Yang Ye he did that to me and mother, what right does he have!"

Xiao Bei was furious.

"Just for this ah, don't you forget that you hold the initiative now, people Xinfeng Group is working with you, not with Yang Ye Cooperation!"

Chen Hao reminded Bebe.

"Right O, then I'm not afraid!"

"By the way cousin, I see you have a gift box ready over there, what are you going to do with it?"

Bebe on the couch looked at Chen Hao.

"I'm going to go visit my grandma again after your meeting!"

After saying that, Chen Hao wiped his hands and brought up the gift.

Originally, Chen Hao had plans to go this afternoon, but he was caught up in a meeting.

Chen Hao didn't want to see his aunt and the others, so he didn't go.

"What? You thought it was my birthday present to you, huh?"

Two days later it was Xiao Bei's birthday again, Chen Hao remembered it in his heart, when he smiled bitterly.

Yang Xiao Bei threw out her tongue, "Which one!"

"Okay, I'll go visit my grandma first, she's been resting early lately!"

Chen Hao's heart was also anxious to make peace with his grandmother about this matter.

So he went.

"Chen Hao, what are you doing here so late?"

And as he went, he happened to run into Yang Ye who was walking with his mother Guo Ru.

At that moment, both mother and son were extremely scrupulous.

"Come find grandma!"

Chen Hao.

"Hmph, the old lady is resting, what do you want to discuss with me?"

Guo Rou held her shoulders.

"No discussion with you!"

Chen Hao said coldly.

He directly left.

"You stop right there, how do you you you talk?"

Guo Ru was furious when she saw that in front of her servants, Chen Hao didn't give her any face at all.

"What's wrong?"

Chen Hao turned back and asked coldly.

And when Guo Rou looked at Chen Hao's eyes, she had the feeling of being tongue-tied: "Not much..."

Then, they watched Chen Hao go in.

"Mom, this country boy is getting unruly, why were you scared of him?"

Yang Ye was dissatisfied.

"What? Am I intimidated by him?"

Guo Rou was incredulous.

Yang Ye nodded.

Yes, when Chen Hao stared back at her just now, Guo Rou's heart did thud.

People's emotions are just strange sometimes ah.

You said that when you met Chen Hao a few days ago, he also had this indifferent look.

At that time, when I didn't like the way he looked at him, I stepped on him whenever I wanted to, ridiculed him whenever I wanted to, and didn't take him seriously at all.

But now, it's only been a few days.

Chen Hao was still the same Chen Hao, still the same aloof look.

But now that he was ridiculing him, even abusing him, he lacked a great deal of strength, and even just now when he was looked at by Chen Hao, he actually felt a bit afraid.

Why was this?

Guo Rou can't believe it!

"Chairman, Young Master Chen Hao is here!"

Mrs. Yang was trying to rest.

Hearing Ah Sang say that.

Mrs. Yang was startled, then thought for a moment before saying, "Let him in!"


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