The Unknown Heir 417-425


"Cousin, do you know that Mr. Fang?"

On the way home, Yang Xiaobei looked at the silent Chen Hao and asked.

She felt so strange, why would a person of Mr. Fang's status come to personally give himself a car for no reason?

And their own identity information, others know very little ah.

Only this morning during the meal, cousin asked himself what his ID number was.

Moreover, just now, Yang Xiaobei could see clearly that that Fang, seemed to be extremely respectful to his cousin.

"Eh? I don't know."

Chen Hao shook his head, it was true that he didn't know him before.

"Then why did he give it to his car? It can't be your connection, can it?"

Of course Yang Xiaobei wouldn't look down on his cousin, but when he thought about his cousin's family situation was no better than his own.

But if not cousin, then who would it be?

"Guess what!"

Chen Hao smiled slightly.

Yang Xiaobei nuzzled his mouth and smiled.

For some reason, Yang Xiaobei had a feeling that the more he looked at his cousin, the more mysterious he became.

By the afternoon.

"Cousin, there's a party tonight, are you going?"

Chen Hao was thinking of what way to visit her grandmother when Yang Xiaobei changed her clothes and came out of the room.

"Is that the party of those cousins of yours?"

In the afternoon, Yang Xiaobei did talk to Chen Hao about this matter.

Those, that is, Chen Hao's cousins and cousins.

According to what Yang Xiaobei said, every year, when grandma's birthday was approaching, these juniors would hold a party to discuss what kind of birthday gift to buy for grandma.

In fact, it was just for fun.

Chen Hao is not a fan of parties and the like.

But this time, he came here to resolve the grudges between his mother and grandmother, to get to know his cousins, Chen Hao thought it was very necessary.

Nodding his head now, he said, "Yes, I'll go!"


Inside the most luxurious bar box in Yanjing.

At this moment, there was already a group of beautiful men and women sitting at the bar.

They looked to be around twenty years old.

"Have you heard, that country cousin of ours seems to have come to Yanjing! It's at Yang Xiaobei and her family's house!"

"Huh? Are you serious? My parents didn't tell me about this. Grandma's birthday is coming up. What's the cousin from the country doing here? It's not going to be a birthday wish for grandma, isn't it, and didn't grandma already announce that it has nothing to do with them?"

"Hmph, coming to wish grandmother's birthday is fake, I think it's only real if you want to take the opportunity to return to the family, you know, grandmother's eightieth birthday, this year over the After his birthday, he'll allocate the family resources to our descendants. Otherwise, why would he not come back sooner or later, but not this one? Back at the knuckle?"

A boy scowled and said.

"But the chances are slim, Fifth Aunt and the others received this matter of their country cousin, grandmother heard about it this afternoon, and called Fifth Aunt over this afternoon . She scolded Auntie 5! Looks like Grandma's anger hasn't gone away yet!"

Some of the girls said.

"By the way, that country cousin of ours, from what my dad said, it seems like his name is some kind of Chen Hao, it's said that when he was mixed up the worst, he was all in school Can't afford to eat, and when grandma finds out, guess what, just say let them go, and no one in our family is allowed to care!"

"I don't know, but I don't know. Think about it. Whenever my grandmother celebrates her birthday, she'll have rules for us grandchildren that she didn't have before. But since last year, haven't you noticed that Grandma mentioned Chen Xiao and Chen Hao?"

"Well yes, Grandma asked them both what they're doing now, country cousin we don't know, but some not that country cousins go to college again It!"

The people were discussing one another.

At this moment, the door of the compartment pushed open.

A youth was seen walking in with a few young girls.

"Brother Yang Ye, you're here!"

"Brother Yang Ye!"

A crowd of men and women stood up and said.

Yang Ye, the Yang family's first born eldest grandson, was also currently, the most beloved grandson of the redhead in front of Old Madam Yang's eyes.

So, naturally, he was the core of this group of people.

Yang Ye nodded: "All here, just in time, let me introduce to you, I brought my college classmates, with a few of my friends Come on! This is Meng Chan, a classmate of mine from college. You may know her. This beauty was Meng Chan's high school classmate at high school in Jinling. , Zhenya!"

As Yang Ye introduced himself, he smiled slightly at Qin Ya, who was even more elegant and poised next to the beautiful Meng Can.

Yang Ye also didn't expect that he, who was already used to seeing beautiful women and had no feeling for them anymore, would actually feel a thumping heart.

After exchanging pleasantries.

"Xiao Ya, hehe, you don't mind if I call you Xiao Ya, do you?"

Yang Ye smiled.

Qin Ya faintly shook her head.

To be honest, today, her high school classmate Meng Can said that she should accompany her to a party, Qin Ya had just arrived in Yanjing and didn't want to go anywhere.

It's not a familiar place, so it can be considered that Meng Can is the only one who knows her.

So in the end, I didn't bicker over her, so I came with her.

"Aigoo Xiao Ya, don't mope about it, you can all be from famous families, you should have a common language, hahaha, have a good time today! Cheer up, O!"

Seeing that Qin Ya had been out of sorts, Meng Can said.

"Then let's start partying!"

Yang Ye said with a smile.

"Wait a minute Brother Ye, there's still someone who hasn't arrived!"

"O? Who else?"

Yang Ye asked.

"Yang Xiaobei and his country cousin haven't come yet?"

A boy said immediately.

"Bev, O yes, and Bev, why is there a country cousin? It can't be Chen Hao, the son of the woman who was kicked out by grandmother back then, right?"

By all rights, Yang Ye should have called auntie.

After all, although their siblings looked down on the aunt who had been kicked out, as well as their cousins and cousins, they usually called aunt when they said it.

Now that Yang Ye directly said that woman, it also made the few people who were the juniors feel a little uncomfortable.

But none of them said anything.

"No wonder, this afternoon grandmother was angry at Auntie 5. So, Bebe and Chen Hao have a deal!"

Yang Ye sneered.

By the way, when she was a child, Yang Ye's mother used to have some feud with Yang Yuping, and the relationship between the two families was not good, which meant that the next generation of Jean had some innate small grudge.

"Chen Hao?"

"Chen Hao?"

And also at this time, Qin Ya and Meng Can spoke in unison in astonishment.

Let Yang Ye was stunned: "Meng Can Xiao Ya, how do you guys know him? Oh yeah, it's like he's right here in Jinling!"

Qin Ya didn't say anything, but she was a little excited.

But what Qin Ya was more curious about was how did Meng Can also know Chen Hao?

Could it be a renaming? Or is it a coincidence?

"Ya, you know Chen Hao?"

Meng Can was the first to ask in shock.

A complex emotion flashed across Qin Ya's face, "Maybe it's a renaming! Meng Chan, you know Chen Hao?"

"Well, of course I know him, but I don't know if it's the same guy, but my dad's job moves around, so I went to school as a kid. When I was a sophomore in high school, my dad was working on a project in Ping An County and I changed schools, so I met him. Poor Chen Hao!"


"Peace County, haha, that's him!"

A group of people began to laugh.

"I go, Poor  Chen Hao actually has relatives with you guys? Seriously?"

Meng Can, on the other hand, looked surprised.

"Of course this is true, but our Yang family never admits to having this relative!"

Yang Ye smiled bitterly.

As for Qin Ya, she didn't care about what Meng Can and the others said about how Chen Hao used to be.

Instead, she asked with an intense look of anticipation, "Prince Yang Ye, later, will Chen Hao come?"

Yang Ye nodded, "From what they said, Xiao Bei Yang might bring him! Look, that's coming, isn't it!"

The door of the box was open at the moment, just enough to see the porch outside.

Just saw Yang Xiaobei walking over.  

Qin Ya, however, looked nervous, but it was seeing only Yang Xiaobei.

"Yang Xiaobei, where is the country cousin? Why didn't you come?"

One of the girls from the same clan couldn't help but ask.

Yang Xiao Bei was considered the most unpopular in their group, so everyone usually didn't think too highly of Xiao Bei.

"Cousin he's gone to the bathroom, he'll be right over!"

Yang Xiaobei said.

Actually, she didn't like to participate in such an occasion, after all, the difference with her cousin and the others was too great.

It's simply not a world away.

But it's not okay not to attend.

"Oh, that's hilarious, I guess it's the first time I've been to such a high-end place, I'm nervous!"

Some of the girls covered their mouths and laughed.

The whole room laughed.

At this moment, the door of the box pushed open.

A youth dressed in a casual outfit was seen walking in.

The youth had one hand in his pocket, tall and thin, and white and clean.

And also as he came in.

The atmosphere inside the compartment was instantly frozen.

Even a few of the girls were somewhat stunned, as the youth in front of them was extremely clear and exceptionally graceful.

Giving a glance, he was somewhat of an attractive kind.

"Cousin, come over and sit down!"

Yang Xiao Bei smiled sweetly and trotted over to pull on Chen Hao's arm.

"He's... the country cousin?"

A few girls were surprised.

Yes, we all thought that Chen Hao, who came from the countryside and had been poor and inferior since childhood, must be a frustrated and low image.

And it should be like Lou Lou's entrance into the Grand View Garden, very reserved.

But I didn't expect, actually still penetrate a few mature meaning.

It really impressed a few cousins.


And at this moment, Chen Hao, who was about to greet these cousins, suddenly had his head smacked.

"Damn, it's really you, Chen Hao, what are you pretending to be, you didn't expect me to be here, right?"

It was Meng Chan, who came running over as soon as she saw Chen Hao, but the way she greeted him was indeed a bit unique.

"Fuck! It's you!!!"

And Chen Hao was suddenly shocked to see a familiar face.

But he couldn't really remember who this was.

"Do you still remember me?"

Monchan suddenly felt amused as he held his shoulder and asked.


Chen Hao casually lied, it was indeed a familiar face, and it used to be the same class, but Chen Hao really couldn't remember the name.

"I didn't expect to see you here after such a long time, I didn't expect to run into you, Chen Hao, you still have one hand in your pocket, what are you pretending to be . Take your hands out! People don't know what you're all about, but I do!"

Meng Can said.

Chen Hao shook his head with a helpless, bitter smile.

Had to take his hand out. But it also came to mind that this classmate seemed to be called Meng Can, who had been a classmate for half a year before.

And this scene, also made Yang Ye and the others shook their heads and laughed.

This Chen Hao was also really, making it seem like he was so powerful, who here didn't know the details of him.

"Meng Can, then you changed schools, it's been years since we've been in contact, I didn't think you knew my cousins and their cousins!"

Chen Hao was not pleasantly surprised.

"Okay you, don't talk about the scene, speak as if I'm rare enough to contact you, quickly find a place to sit down!"

Monchan was disgusted.


Chen Hao smiled helplessly.

"Chen Hao!"

He was just about to sit down, and at that moment, another voice thought up.

Chen Hao looked up and was really surprised.

"Qin Ya? What...what are you doing here too?"

Fuck, Chen Hao really didn't expect to run into his classmates everywhere he went, but even more so, he didn't expect to run into Qin Ya here.

By the way, since that incident, it had been a long time since contact with Qin Ya.

And it was embarrassing for Chen Hao.

Qin Ya hadn't sent messages to herself during that time, and Chen Hao hadn't even gone to reply.

Thinking that they wouldn't see each other again...but things were often so coincidental.

"It's really you, I sent you a message, why are you ignoring me!?"

Qin Ya, on the other hand, her eyes just turned red.

She told herself countless times to forget about Chen Hao, forget about Chen Hao, the two of you are simply impossible.

However, as soon as she closed her eyes, one scene after another appeared in front of her.

At first, she broke her foot, and Chen Hao carried her to the infirmary in the rain.

Later, when she was in trouble many times, it was Chen Hao who came over to help her.

Qin Ya knows that from a certain moment onwards, this boy is like a brand, deeply engraved in her heart, no matter how hard she tries, she can't get rid of it.

So as soon as she saw Chen Hao, Qin Ya was just full of grievances.

"I'm sorry Qin Ya!"

Chen Hao lowered his head slightly in embarrassment.

Qin Ya, it was sort of a girl that he had let down.

But it couldn't be helped.

And the crowd was all a bit dazed as they looked at the scene in front of them.

Especially Meng Can and Yang Ye.

Because even a fool could see that Qin Ya seemed to have more than just a simple acquaintance with Chen Hao, and even the way you looked at Qin Ya, the two definitely had a complicated relationship ah.

This could not help but cause a surge of jealousy in Yang Ye's heart.

Originally, I thought that this goddess was something that I would aspire to win.

"Xiao Ya, what's going on here? You two really do know each other!"

Meng Can said.

Qin Ya wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes and stared grudgingly at Chen Hao, then sat down somewhat exasperatedly.

Chen Hao sat down as well.

"Since we all know each other, there's no need to meet each other, come on, Chen Hao, have a cigarette!"

Yang Ye looked at Chen Hao with a cold smile.

Then he took out a cigarette and handed it to Chen Hao.

"Thanks, smoke mine!"

Chen Hao himself doesn't smoke, but when he comes out to a party, he always likes to have a box in his pocket.

Right now, he took it out and put it on the table.

"Fuck, X-ONE!?"

And at the sight of the cigarette pack, everyone was shocked.

Some of the cousins stared at them and said, "Fuck, you smoke this?"

Yang Ye, on the other hand, was also a bit embarrassed.

"Huh? What kind of smoke is that? Why does it look so strange, I've never seen it before!"

Some girls curiously said.

"Not only have I never seen it before, it's fucking the business cigarettes of those top tycoons abroad, this kind of smoke is not harmful to the human body, but has the The lung function is a new product that was just developed this year, but it's not for sale to the public, it's exclusively for sale!"

A boy with a cigarette case looked shocked.


"Chen Hao, you smoke this?"

Everyone's faces felt a little raw.

Especially Yang Ye.

In fact, the cigarettes that Yang Ye brought today were brought by a friend from the M country in tow, and were very expensive.

Prepare to send a circle, and then harvest some admiration.

After all, the boys go out, the first look at the dress, the second look at what watch to wear, the third well, smoking, then, to see what you smoke, in order to lay those so-called grade.

But I didn't expect that Chen Hao would take out a cigarette and directly hit Yang Ye in the face.

"I don't usually smoke, but when I go out, I'll take a box!"

Chen Hao explained.

I didn't expect that I would casually take a box of cigarettes out and cause some stir, but Chen Hao was helpless.

"Hmph, I guess it's fake, if it's as powerful as you say, how could Chen Hao's kind get it!"  

Meng Chan was also incredulous at the boy.

"What do you mean, it's definitely a lie! Chen Hao has been cheated and doesn't know it, really, Chen Hao, tell you what, just pick up a box of Nanjing Liqun for $10 or so when you go out. Isn't it a joke to people to take this kind of smoke!"

The boy's cousin also stopped shouting, and at the moment sneeringly threw the cigarette to the side.

Yang Ye, on the other hand, was also trying to perform more in front of Qin Ya.

It was to also say, "Chen Hao, it's not me talking about you, you know your own situation, and we know you well, no You have to pretend in front of us. You're a college graduate now, right? Have you found a job yet?"

Yang Ye acted like a social person.

As he said that, he also looked towards Qin Ya at the side.


Chen Hao shook his head.

"Don't work after graduation, what are you still thinking about, people still have to be realistic, don't think about those empty things, seize the present, get down to it Work, Chen Hao, although you're poor now, if you work hard, you may become rich later on, but don't go to these occasions. Sellout!"

Yang Ye laughed bitterly.

"Wow, Brother Ye is Brother Ye, do you hear me Chen Hao, look how reasonable Yang Ye is, you have to take it to heart!"

Meng Can poked Chen Hao's head with his finger again.

Damn it, if the occasion wasn't inappropriate, Chen Hao really wanted to smack Meng Can a few times.

"You should understand what I mean, don't think about that nonsense, now the Yang family is more complicated than you think, you'd better be pragmatic! "

Yang Ye thought that Chen Hao was here to divide the family fortune.

Moreover, by talking to Chen Hao in this preaching form, he naturally stepped on Chen Hao's feet, allowing Qin Ya to just see that in front of true strength, there was no shine on Chen Hao at all.

Just at this moment, the door of the compartment pushed open.

A foreign girl with curly blonde hair walked in.

There was also a bottle of high-end red wine in her hand.

"Young Master Yang, you didn't miss a beat, this bottle of wine is a gift for you!"

The girl said in a broken Chinese voice.

"Thank you, then, Sister Tusa!"

Yang Ye now smiled bitterly and stood up.

"I'll go, the Yang family's eldest youngster is the Yang family's eldest youngster, everywhere you go is face!"

Meng Can was a little excited.

He also shook Qin Ya's arm: "Xiao Ya, do you know, this is the top bar in Yanjing, and this sister Dussa, is this The owner of the bar, there are too many foreigners who come here with respectable people, and Sister Dussa actually gave Young Master Yang a drink, what kind of concept must this be? !"

Hearing Meng Can say that.

The remaining few ladies of the same clan also felt quite honored.

Presently, they said, "Hmph, it's not all about our Yang family's face! Plus, Ye is strong!"

All of them could tell that Yang Ye seemed to be very cold to Qin Ya.

So, of course, the cousins and cousins did their best to praise Yang Ye's goodness in front of Qin Ya.

"Hmm?x-one?This...I've never seen anyone smoke this kind of cigarette in Huaxia!"

And Miss Dussa was exchanging pleasantries with Yang Ye.

Her eyes inadvertently glanced at the cigarette case that Chen Hao threw on the table.

It was deeply fascinating.

"I'll go! It's so embarrassing ah, should have known to let the countryside cousin put away the cigarettes, people Miss Tussa before M's husband is particularly powerful, can be Saying that we've seen all the scenes, and now, what an impression it must be to have her know that we smoke fake cigarettes!"

A few of the boys were suddenly embarrassed.

Even the girls felt bad about their faces.

"Excuse me, can I smoke one, then again, I haven't tasted this kind of smoke for half a year since I came to Warsaw!"

Miss Tussa smiled slightly.

"Huh? The fact that Miss Tussa wants to try it again means that she used to smoke it when it first came out!"

"It's over, the humiliation has gone abroad this time!"

Finally, one of the girls couldn't help but say, "Wait a minute Miss Tusa!"

"What's wrong?"

Tusa smiled sweetly.

"You can't smoke this cigarette because we just found out that it's actually fake, too!"

It's much better for a girl to simply tell the truth than to be found out by someone herself.

And then, everyone was all looking at Chen Hao with a disgusted face.

A country bumpkin is a country bumpkin, so unproductive!

"Fake? I just want to smoke one cigarette, don't be so reluctant. It hurts a cigarette yet, for you to make up such a lie to deceive me!"

Miss Dussa took the cigarette and looked at it carefully, and even put it to her nose and sniffed it, and now said with a bitter smile.

"How could I lie to you Miss Dussa, it's really a lie!"

Another cousin also said.

"I'm not going to lie to you, my ex-husband was the head of the R&D department at this cigarette factory before, huh, even though there are imitations on the market . But I'm not even close to being able to tell if it's real or not, and this cigarette, of course, is real!"

Tusa chuckled.


The whole crowd was a bit dumbfounded.

Dussa's words were reasonable, so naturally, she wouldn't lie to them.

However, how could Chen Hao afford to buy the real thing?

"Chen Hao, where did you buy this cigarette?"

The boy asked.

"It's not as if I bought the cigarettes, I don't know where I got them from, from home!"

Chen Hao laughed bitterly.

"Hmph, with that condition of your family, you still want to buy this?"

Meng Can barked up like a rat that had stepped on his tail.

"Young Master Chen, is it alright for me to smoke one of your cigarettes?"

Dussa, on the other hand, fawned over Chen Hao a few times and said with a delicate smile.

"Be my guest!"

Chen Hao laughed bitterly.

"Miss Dussa, what are you calling him Young Master for, he still doesn't know where he got this cigarette! His family is pretty poor, the kind that can't eat!"

And at the sight of Dussa actually treating Chen Hao with so much respect, and not even taking care of herself anymore.

Yang Ye could not help but ridicule him.

"He's poor? Mr. Yang Ye, not to mention the value of this cigarette, but the classic French tailor's handiwork on Mr. Chen's body... The costume of the youngest is not something an ordinary youngster can compare to!"

Dussa said as she slowly sat next to Chen Hao, "Do you think I'm right, Young Master Chen!"


"What French classical? What's going on?"

And the whole crowd was all stunned.

Yang Xiaobei saw that this Yanjing's number one socialite was actually so respectful to his cousin.

Yang Xiaobei was quite happy anyway.

"Young Master Chen, it's my honor to get to know you today, no matter how much you spend tonight, I'll pay the bill!"

Dussa stood up and politely extended her hand to Chen Hao.

Chen Hao extended his hand to shake hers as well.

"Then thank you, Miss Dussa!"

Obviously, in Dussa's eyes, if she was able to befriend such a divine young man, it would be worth far more than this one spending bill.

And after that, Dussa left.

The crowd all remained silent.

Only Yang Ye was left with an embarrassed face.

It was obvious that he had been hit in the face, the kind that hurt.

"Cousin Chen Hao, I'll smoke you a cigarette and try it!"

At this time, a boy couldn't help but take one over and light it up.

Yang Ye's eyes narrowed, and he looked at Chen Hao with a gloomy glance, then pretended to make a phone call and walked out.

Since childhood, who didn't act in obedience to him, Yang Ye, and this poor from the countryside actually dared to stand up to him.

Let yourself get down in front of the goddess.

If in Yanjing's own territory here, let you give play, then he Yang Ye simply died.

Now, Yang Ye walked out and lit a cigarette.

He found a phone number and dialed it.

"Brother Bao, what are you busy with?"

Yang Ye said as he smoked.

"Let's play, hehe,Young Master Ye, why did you suddenly think of me, what do you want to order?"

A playful voice came from the phone.

"It's nothing, I'm just in a bad mood and I'm being distracted!"

"Oh, here in Yanjing, who would dare to interfere with you, Mr. Yang? Who is it, sir? I'll do him for you!"

"No need to do it, just let him be embarrassed!"

Yang Ye said, then gave the address.

"I'll go, it's quite a coincidence, it just so happens that I'm having a drink with a few of my younger brothers around here, I'll be right over!"

After Yang Ye finished making the call, he smirked and waited outside smoking a cigarette.

Something similar to this whole thing was clearly not the first time he had done it.

At this moment, inside the box.

"Sister Xuanxuan, which one of you is going to the bathroom? Shall we go to the bathroom?"

Several girls went to the bathroom together.

Yang Xiaobei went along with them.

Qin Ya was on the side, secretly staring at Chen Hao, trying to wait for when Chen Hao would take the initiative to talk to her.

But this guy, just over there eating fruit, didn't make any noise at all.

Qin Ya's heart wanted to be anxious but couldn't, not to mention how embarrassing it was.

"Are you and Tongxinokay?"

Qin Ya couldn't help but ask.

Although the crowd present didn't know Chen Hao's identity, Qin Ya was clear about it.

However, Qin Ya clearly didn't fancy this point and asked instead.

"Tongxin is missing!"

When Chen Hao thought of Su Tongxin, his heart just couldn't help but ache.

I don't know if I can persuade my grandmother's birthday the day after tomorrow and ease the relationship between the two families so that she will be willing to ask for the Mo family.

"What's going on?"

Qin Ya, however, was shocked.

"I'll talk to you later when I have the chance!"

Chen Hao faintly said.

"Hey, hey, Xiao Ya, who is Mu Han? She's not Chen Hao's girlfriend, is she? I'll go, even a guy like Chen Hao can find a girlfriend?"

Meng Can said in surprise.

Qin Ya saw that bringing up Chen Hao's sadness had put him in a bad mood.

She herself didn't respond to Meng Can's words.

"You two say something instead, huh? Who is Tongxin?"

Just as Meng Can was anxiously shouting.

The door of the compartment was violently pushed open.

It was that cousin named Yang Xuan who hurriedly pushed open the door.

"No, no, no, there's a couple of drunks who insisted on dragging Bev to their box for a drink!"

Yang Xuan shouted.


As soon as Chen Hao heard this, he hurriedly rushed out.

At this moment, there were her cousins running towards her.

Obviously, she was just frightened.

"Where's Bebe?"

Chen Hao asked in a cold voice.

"They dragged him to room 103!"

A girl said.

And then, it was seen that Chen Hao rushed straight over.

The rest of the boys, on the other hand, were torn in place.

First of all, as the Yang family's dudes, they definitely weren't afraid of trouble.

But they were afraid of directly causing trouble ah.

Those guys should all be socialites, and it wouldn't be appropriate to be beaten up by them after going over.

So, simply prepare to make a call outside.

Qin Ya, on the other hand, saw Chen Hao rushing over alone, and also ran after him with a worried face.

"What should we do? What to do?"

The girls said.

They just came out to go to the bathroom, and then they ran into some drunken youths who insisted on pulling them to drink with them.

They said they were going to do something to pull Xuanxuan.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at this.

When Xiao Bei and the others walked back, the men caught up with them again.

With one hand, they grabbed Bebe by the hair and pulled her towards their box.

"Only Chen Hao is going now, I see, there's seven or eight of them! And now Ye is nowhere to be seen!"

Mavis was also touched by the fact that Bev was trying to save her after all.

So worried.

"What else can I do, call the family right now ah, dare to mess with our Yang family, huh?"

A boy said.

"Wait a minute, no need to fight! Don't worry, Bev's fine!"

At some point, Yang Ye stood behind the crowd.

He stopped the boy who was going to call.

"Huh? But Yeh, Bev has been captured!"

Yang Ye sneered, "Anyway, don't worry guys, Xiao Bei is definitely fine, but someone might be in trouble!"

Seeing that Qin Ya had just run over to Chen Hao in a desperate rush.

Yang Ye was jealous.

Now, it was even more gloomy.

The crowd, on the other hand, seemed to have understood something.

Now all of them stopped talking.

Instead, they all went back to their own compartment.

"Let her go!"

At the same time, Chen Hao kicked open the door of the compartment.

A few drunken men, were forcibly cradling Bebe in their arms.

Chen Hao raged.

Fifth Uncle's family has deep roots with his own family.

And Xiao Bei was extremely good to this cousin of his.

How could Chen Hao let Xiao Bei be hurt in the slightest.

"Damn it, with you, brat, yow! And you brought a beautiful woman with you? Haha, is this a double salvo for me?"

A youth at the head of the group laughed loudly.

Because Qin Ya was worried about Chen Hao, he followed in.

"Brother Bao, you're so lucky, after you're done with your pleasure, can you let your brothers have a piece of it too?"

The crowd laughed.

"Okay, okay, someone, get that girl over here too! It would be irrational of me to refuse when I've been sent to you myself!"

Brother Bao waved a hand.

"Po is it, you better keep your hands to yourself or don't blame me for not warning you!"

A coldness flashed across Chen Hao's face.

"O? Hahahaha, still trying to scare me? If you want me to let the girl go, come on, get over my crotch and I'll let you go, okay? ?"

Bao laughs.


"Come on over here you!"

At this moment, a five big and three thick henchman tried to grab Qin Ya from the side while Chen Hao was talking.

Only, his hand just reached over.

The wrist was directly grabbed.

Then there was a crisp cracking sound.

This person's entire wrist was bent over at an extremely twisted angle.


Let out a pig-killing scream.

Then, Chen Hao grabbed the man's hair and made it consistent!

The entire head came into close contact with the marble wine table in front of him.


With a sound, the marble wine table was smashed to pieces by the man's head.

It was bloodied and lay on the floor in convulsions.


And Bao's alcoholic mind was suddenly awake for three minutes.

I didn't expect the hairy kid in front of me to be so powerful, this was considered one of his more powerful thugs.

But he was playing with him like a chicken, instantly seconds.

And this hairy brat, he was too ruthless in his strikes!

"Ah! Chen Hao!"

And Qin Ya was scared to death, especially seeing the man's face covered in blood and his nose crooked!

Since when is Chen Hao so ruthless!

Qin Ya's heart thumped.

"Your name is Zhou Bao, right, and Li Jun is your big brother?"

Chen Hao asked coldly.

"You... who are you?"

And Zhou Bao's heart thudded as he listened.

Brother Jun was someone with a big background, and he used to be the driver of Big Boss Hou Ping, the CEO of the Yanjing Xinfeng Group.

Therefore, after the debut of Brother Jun, that is, in Yanjing without any disadvantages.

I was also taken care of by Brother Jun and got some jobs.

Brother Jun's background is peculiar, so no one dares to call Brother Jun by his name.

And this kid, he actually knows the roots!

By the way, it was still last night, and I don't know how Hou Ping knew about that incident where Xiao Bei was almost blackmailed.

Just called over to ask about it, and said that that person's patron was one of his driver's younger brother's younger brother in the past, and naturally it was Zhou Bao.

Asking if Chen Hao was going to do Zhou Bao and that couple to take it out on Chen Ge's cousin, Xiao Bei.

Chen Hao just said it didn't matter if it was a trivial matter.

"You don't deserve to know who I am! If you have a chance, go ask around with Li Jun!"

After saying that, Chen Hao greatly fell down and walked over, pushing Zhou Bao away.

After pulling on Xiao Bei's hand and giving Zhou Bao a warning glance, he directly left.

As for Zhou Bao, let it be a ruthless person, but at this moment, he actually didn't dare to breathe out.

One was that he was frightened by the ruthlessness of Chen Hao's beating just now.

The other was that he seemed to be ignoring Jun.

It made Zhou Bao feel as if this person was extremely uncomplicated.

After all, what did they mix, what was it that they mixed? Is it a turf? No, it's not. It's just a bunch of connections, that's all.

A layer of pressure.

Usually it's fine to pinch a bit of no-backstory pretending, but if they really ran into someone with a background, they wouldn't dare to breathe.

"Brother Bao, he beat our brother like this, and just let him go?"

A little brother said.

I was scared when this kid mentioned Brother Jun, it's okay, Yang Ye told me, this kid is a poor guy from Jinling. but just to be on the safe side, I'll ask Jun. If this kid cheats on me, I'll make sure he doesn't see tomorrow's sun. !"

Yes, this was exactly the game Yang Ye had just called to set up.

Preparing to humiliate Chen Hao from the countryside.

Right now, Zhou Bao, still with the mindset of sailing with caution, made a call to Brother Jun.

Briefly give Chen Hao's information.

Then the group of juniors saw Zhou Bao's face grow whiter and whiter!

"You don't deserve to know who he is, and if you want to live now, chop off the hand of anyone who touches Miss Bev, maybe, if you want to still Alive!"

The Jun inside said the last sentence and hung up the phone directly with a sympathetic tone.

"Brother Bao, what's the situation? What does Jun say?"

Seeing that Zhou Bao's face was not right, the little brothers hurriedly asked.

"Shit! Yang Ye brat has ruined my life!"

And then, Zhou Bao viciously smashed the phone on the floor.

Plus, Chen Hao took Xiao Bei's hand and walked straight out, and Xiao Bei went to the box to tell her cousins that it was okay.

She, too, was really scared, so she didn't have the heart to play, so she was ready to leave with Chen Hao.

Qin Ya, on the other hand, wasn't in the mood.

Besides, Chen Hao had come and then left, so there was no point in her staying.

It was simply to follow Chen Hao and leave together.

Yang Ye was jealous, and his heart was even more alarmed.

"What's the situation?"

According to the agreement, isn't Chen Hao now coming out in a mess, and then bringing someone over to see Chen Hao's predicament together?

What the hell is he doing? How does it work?

Now, with a bit of exasperation, Yang Ye came directly to Zhou Bao's box here.

"What are you doing?"

Yang Ye asked in a cold voice directly to Zhou Bao.

After seeing one of his men lying on the ground, bleeding, he was stunned.

"What's going on?"

Yang Ye asked.


And in reply, it was Zhou Bao's red wine bottle that directly exploded Yang Ye on the ground.

"Yang Ye, let's settle this score later! Let's go! Let's go! And all of you, go to the hall tonight and enforce the law of the house!"

After Zhou Bao finished speaking, he left directly with cold sweat on his face.

It was only because Jun on the phone had said one sentence, and it was this sentence that caused Zhou Bao's mane to stab at his back, his three souls and seven spirits instantly losing two souls and five spirits!

"You and I don't deserve to know who he is, just remember that even the old boss of Houping has to bend over and speak when he sees him!"

After going back with Xiao Bei.

Because Qin Ya also followed herself, Chen Hao was the one who sent Qin Ya downstairs again.

The two of them too, no one would take the initiative to talk, so they just walked forward together.

"Chen Hao, you've changed!"

Qin Ya suddenly said.

"I've changed? No."

Chen Hao smiled.

Chen Hao felt that although he had returned to the family, he really hadn't changed, he wasn't as extravagant as his sister, he was still the same as before, preferring to live a somewhat uneventful life.

No change!

"It's just changed, you may not feel it, but I can feel it in your eyes, really, you're not the same as you used to be !"

"When Zhao Tong Tong and the others used to mock you, you just kept your head down, but not anymore! And the fact that you just hit someone really scared me and made me feel like it wasn't Chen Hao who was standing in front of me, but a Stranger!"

Qin Ya couldn't tell what the feeling was.

If she had to say it, the only thing that had changed the most for her was that Chen Hao had gone from letting herself find a sense of security in the past to feeling completely secure now.

"I really haven't changed, it's just that we used to get along so little!"

Chen Hao smiled bitterly.

Qin Ya, on the other hand, did not say anything and carefully raised her eyes to look at Chen Hao before stopping and whispering.

"Chen Hao, what exactly happened to Mu Han?"

Even though she knew that saying this would make Chen Hao feel down.

But Qin Ya followed, just to know....


"The Southern Ocean waters are so big, it's been so long, Tongxin she...?"

Qin Ya finished listening to Chen Hao's narrative.

Astonished and worried at the same time.

She didn't continue until she saw Chen Hao's gloomy appearance.

Qin Ya didn't know how to describe her current mood.

Although she had competed with Su Tongxin, Qin Ya had to admit that Su Tongxin was an exceptionally good girl and loved Chen Hao very much.

When something happened to her, Qin Ya's heart was also a little sad.

But aside from these sad emotions, Qin Ya actually had a hint of excitement.

She knew that she had other thoughts that were wrong, but she couldn't help but control herself.

Chen Hao also didn't stay with Qin Ya for long.

It was precisely talking about Su Mu Han that caused Chen Hao's mood to be lost again.  

Then it was back to the room.

Tomorrow at noon, it's time to go to the Yang family to visit grandma.

The next day, the conference room of the Yang family in Yanjing.

All the people of the Yang family were here.

The Yang family group was a family business, and the group's executives were all generated by the family members.

Therefore, family business meetings similar to this were held regularly.

"In recent years, the Yang family has become more and more lonely, the Yang family used to be the head of the four big families, but now? You guys take a good look at the Yang family's revenue figures, saying it's one of the three big families, but in fact, can it still be considered one of the three big families?"

An octogenarian's voice was resounding.

Her dying eyes, coldly sweeping over the children and grandchildren of future generations.

Tapping the cane in her hand vigorously.

"I'm getting older and older, I may not go someday, how can I feel comfortable leaving my family in your hands, tell me all about it!"

The old lady.

She was the Yang family's eldest and current chairman of the Yang Group, Mrs. Yang.

Mrs. Yang used to be a famous strong woman in Yanjing, but as she grew older, she had retired to the background over the years, and except for the major decisions of the company, she rarely took care of them herself like before.

It is also because of this, resulting in a generation of children and grandchildren of the family executives, serious internal struggles, distribution of separate gangs, the Yang family's way of life, is rapidly falling.

At this moment, the offspring's children and grandchildren were bowing their heads.

"All of you, speak up!"

The old lady slapped the table in anger, her face all purple.

"Mom, you mustn't get angry!" The eldest son, Yang Yuting, spoke up, "In terms of family matters, we are also working hard to catch up with the two great Long Qin families, but in terms of comprehensive In terms of connections, our Yang family is inferior to the Long Qin family!"

"We can't even bid on our three real estate businesses, which is the biggest reason why we've been overtaken so quickly by the Long Qin two!"

Yang Yuting said.

"Bid bid bid bid! If you all know our weaknesses, why don't you put in the effort to do so and expand your network! In the last ten years, Long Qin and his family have gotten a lot of indicators from the Sino-Fung Group by befriending it, so why not us? Did you send someone to do that?"

The old lady directly poked Yang Yuting's head and said.

The rest of the sons and daughters that made it, covered their mouths and snickered.

"What are you laughing at! Look at you one by one, big ones don't have big looks and small ones don't have small looks!"

Glancing at Yang Ye, who had a scarf wrapped around his head.

Old Mrs. Yang said angrily, "Look at you, you're so angry that I doubt I'll be able to make tomorrow's big birthday!"

That's when.

The door to the meeting room opened.

A middle-aged servant respectfully walked in.

"Chairman, the luncheon has been prepared!"

The old lady took a deep breath before she softened her tone and said, "If there's nothing you can do, think of something, it's useless to complain. Let's go have a reunion dinner!"

According to the rules, after every family meeting, it was necessary to have a family dinner.

The people said something to each other, and they all walked into the hall as well.

As soon as they came over.

They also saw that in the hall, there were two young men and a woman sitting on the sofa.

"Hmph, this is not Xiao Bei, a morning, the family meeting did not see you participate, come here ah, what, still follow a little boy Ah, looking for a boyfriend!"

When all these people came to the hall.

The aunt and uncle of Xiao Bei, these people are ridiculed.

And Xiao Bei's mother, naturally, stood on her feet and did not dare to speak.

It was just an ugly face.

How many times have I told you not to come with Chen Hao, but you didn't listen, and you still came with Chen Hao!

"Third aunt, sixth aunt, he's not my boyfriend, he's my cousin Chen Hao!"

Young Bev introduced.

"What? Chen...Chen Hao?"

"That's him!"

And once this was said, the entire hall was all quiet.

All of them stopped their gazes on Chen Hao's body.

Although they all knew that Yang Yuping had gone out to have a pair of children called Chen Xiao Chen Hao.

But this wasn't the first time in twenty years that they had seen each other.

"Unexpectedly, that woman is really quite a good fortune, but she has a son with a clear appearance!"

A woman smirked faintly.

"Cousin, let me introduce you to this..."

Presently, Bev introduced the people present to Chen Hao.

Chen Hao also called out to each of them one by one.

Except for Fourth Uncle who looked at him and smiled and nodded, all of them, however, did not respond.

"Why are they all standing? Sit down!"

And then the old lady was being helped out.

"Mom, look who's here, your good granddaughter, Bebe, brought you a big gift before your birthday! Bring that woman's son to you!"

Auntie now trotted over to support the old lady while sneering.


The old lady immediately turned her head to look at Chen Hao.

And this was the first time Chen Hao had seen his grandmother since he was a child.

There was actually some excitement in his heart.


Chen Hao called out.

The old lady's hands couldn't help but tremble slightly at the sound of this grandmother's voice, and when she didn't make a sound, she just nodded her head.

"Your name is Chen Hao, right, where is that sister of yours?"

The old lady took a deep breath, then sat down.

"My sister is abroad right now, she hasn't come back yet!"

Chen Hao.

"Hmph, then what are you doing here? After all these years, do you still know you have a grandmother?"

The old lady frowned.

Although her mouth was indifferent, just as Chen Hao's mother had told Chen Hao when she arrived, the old lady would not be too harsh on Chen Hao.

Seeing that Chen Hao lowered his head and didn't speak.

The old lady also did not want to scare the child too harshly.

So there was a bit of a reprieve, "But you're still a bit filial, knowing to come and see me!"

And looking at the old lady wasn't angry at Chen Hao, in fact, both uncle and aunt were very surprised.

Particularly Yang Ye, because of yesterday's humiliating beating himself, speaks with Chen Hao has a relationship.

At the moment, with a grudge, he touched his mother's arm under the table.

Immediately, the great aunt sneered.

"Oh, Mom, you're too good to be true, think about it, they haven't come to visit us in 20 years, why are they here now, or To be frank, it's just to get a share of the Yang family's property before your birthday, otherwise they would have taken you away. Is it in your eyes!"

And after the old lady was so provoked by the great aunt, it seemed as if some of the original taste of affection was gone.

"Chen Hao, are you here to divide the Yang family's property?"

Presently, the old woman was unhappy.


"You've misunderstood grandma, I have no intention of attempting the Yang family's property!"

Chen Hao frowned slightly and said.

"Hmph, ever since that unfilial daughter of your mother left the Yang family, there has been no relationship with the Yang family, and I have also announced to the public that the severance of the A mother-daughter relationship with her, you have to understand that!"

The old lady sneered.

Chen Hao didn't make a sound.

And when Fourth Uncle saw the tense atmosphere, he coughed.

"Ahem, Mom, look, no matter what Little Song is also your grandson, it's good for the child to be filial, his first time in the house, don't be scared Little song! Come come little song, it just so happens that all the elders of the family are here today, come over here and toast a cup of tea to your grandparents, uncles and aunts!"

Fourth Uncle smiled.

At a glance, Chen Hao saw that her own Fourth Uncle was quite good.

I remembered that Mom had said that Fourth Uncle and Fifth Uncle were the best for her.

She nodded right away.

Take the teapot from the hand of the servant.

Started to pour a cup of tea for the old lady.


The old lady seemed to have remembered the sad past, plus she was a little angry after hearing her eldest daughter-in-law say that Chen Hao had come to visit her for the purpose of dividing her property.

She simply closed her eyes.

Chen Hao just poured another cup for his uncle.

The uncle did not drink.

Then came Second Uncle and Third Uncle.

When it was time to finish pouring for the great aunt.

Unexpectedly, the great aunt smiled coldly, "Che, fawning over nothing, either a traitor or a thief!"

After saying that, he directly poured the tea on the ground.

The men and women of the late generation that made it were all looking towards Chen Hao for a few moments.

It was fine if they didn't drink it, but they directly poured it.

Obviously, Auntie was intentionally stepping on Chen Hao's face ah.

Yang Ye, on the other hand, was smiling in his heart, thinking that it would be good if Qin Ya could see this scene.

In the whole room, only Fourth Uncle drank alone.

"Alas, I advise some people to stop messing around with their ideas, but they're quite good at finding the right time, coming sooner rather than later!"

Second Aunt now sneered.

"That's right, even a dog knows where the food smells good! What's the matter, enough of being poor and wanting to live rich for a few days?"

Great Aunt coldly said.

"Hmph, when that woman abandoned the entire family and pushed it into danger, and even more so, she almost made Mom angry, go back and tell the That woman, it's no use regretting it!"

So did the third aunt.

When this topic came up, it was endless.

They all rushed at Chen Hao to accuse Chen Hao's mother.

"Enough is enough, stop it!"

The old lady's blood pressure got up, when she slapped the table and drank.

Only then did the crowd all quiet down.

"Ah Sang, help me back to rest!"

"Yes, Chairman!"

And then the old woman left straight away.

"It's all your fault, you unlucky man, what are you doing back! Do you have to make your grandmother angry?"

Auntie scolded again.

"Will you guys stop talking about your cousin? Cousin just wanted to come back and visit you and grandma, why are you doing this?"

Yang Xiaobei was anxious to cry.

"Hmph, Xiao Bei, grown-ups talk you this girl poor what mouth, not yet said you're good, if not for your dead ghost father back then to help, he Can mommy escape a successful marriage!"

Auntie coldly snapped.

"I said sister-in-law, what do you mean, are you talking to a senior like that?"

Bev's mother, on the other hand, was not happy.

"What's wrong? Fifth sibling? Can't I teach the little one a lesson for not knowing the rules? Heh heh, you don't see what position your family holds in the Yang family now? Yang Xiaobei, you've just joined the group, right? It just so happens that you're in the project department. It's about getting the project, and I'll leave it to your project department for a couple of big projects this year!"

"Aren't you a girl with a great mouth? Let's see what you can do. If you can't contribute to the family, look at you ladies, you're just expecting a little share of the Yang family's property!"

Great Aunt Guo Ru's mouth is like a mouthpiece.

The fourth and fifth family used to have a cordial relationship with Yang Yuping.

Yang Yuping, on the other hand, had a very bad relationship with Guo Ru at first.

To tell you the story, that year, when Guo Ru was in the company, she was found out by Yang Yuping for making false accounts.

Yang Yuping personally reported her to the old lady.

Then Guo Ru was slapped by the old lady in public at the family meeting.

From then on, Guo Ru had a hard time with Yang Yuping.

Naturally, she also hates Old Fourth and Old Fifth's family.

Now she and Yang Yuting held most of the company's resources.

She is equivalent to the vice chairman of the board, and naturally has the right to speak.

It was also precisely the reason why Xiao Bei's family was not being used.

"Alright, alright, let's all cut the crap, mom just said that family unity is most important now!"

Yang Yuting said.

"What big brother said, Little Song, you don't have to stand, sit down and eat together!"

Uncle Four said.

"What? Let him sit down? On what grounds?"

Several aunts were not happy.

And Chen Hao saw that if he stayed any longer, it wouldn't be good for their relationship with Fourth Uncle to deteriorate.

Then he smiled bitterly and said, "No need Fourth Uncle, I'd better go back first! You guys eat slowly!"

After saying that, Chen Hao patted Xiao Bei's shoulder, signaling Xiao Bei to leave himself alone, then left.

"Hmph, I'm warning you, he has nothing to do with our Yang family, if I find out who is still dealing with him, see if I don't kick the She kicked out of the company!"

Great Aunt said to a group of juniors.

Specifically targeting Yang Xiaobei.

The crowd agreed.

Out Chen Hao did not expect the feud between the Chen and Yang families to accumulate so badly.

But Chen Hao wasn't afraid to ease the relationship between his mother and grandmother.

Chen Hao believed that as long as he was willing to do it, it wouldn't be a problem.

If it was a direct showdown at the moment, Chen Hao was afraid that it would lead to the opposite result.

It all depends on tomorrow's grandma's birthday.

Thinking of this, Chen Hao dialed Hou Ping's phone.

Asking Hou Ping to prepare some congratulatory gifts.

Then, it was the afternoon.

Xiao Bei came back, looking sullen, apparently having been counted by Guo Ru.

For her own sake, Xiao Bei didn't know how much she had been wronged, and although Fifth Aunt didn't say anything, she was looking at herself with some mischief.

"Xiao Bei, let's go, cousin will buy you a dress!"

Chen Hao looked at Xiao Bei.

Xiao Bei, on the other hand, was quite a nice girl, but due to being targeted by Guo Ru, she hadn't had a good life in the past two years.

Compared to those cousins, she was a whole lot worse dressed than them.

Apart from that car, you haven't shown anything to Xiao Bei yet!

"Huh? No cousin!"

Bev was busy saying.

"Come on, it's just as well, you'll go for a walk with me too!"

I said, is to let Bev drive the 7 series, to a brand-name clothing business building.

The car was parked in the parking space.


Put a lock on the car.

"Xiao Ya, don't mope around, hey, it seems like there's a lot of new models on every house today, let's go up and have fun shopping, Haha!"

Two girls got down from the car.

It wasn't anyone else, it was Meng Can, and Qin Ya, who she had to drag here....


Meng Can pulled Qin Ya straight to the third floor.

"The clothes on the third floor are very expensive, are you sure you want to come here?"

Qin Ya said with a smile.

If the clothes in the entire shopping building were brand names, then the third floor was the name brand of the brand.

This place, however, was a place that many girls loved to come to.

To buy or not to buy, there was always a mix of faces.

"Go up there and stroll around first, if there really is something suitable, I'll buy it once even if I'm cruel enough!"

Meng Can said with a smile.

Then strolled on the third floor.

At this time, walked into a popular made big super brand store.

"Wow, Xiaoya, look at it, this dress is really beautiful! I'm going to try, hey!"  One second to remember to read the book

Meng Chan fell in love with a dress dress.

He was too busy to take it and change.

Qin Ya, on the other hand, saw a men's clothing store next to her at this time.

Very cool and handsome.

Suddenly, she thought of Chen Hao's dressing style, all of which were of a very bland style.

So it occurred to me to pick out some clothes for Chen Hao that at least the girls looked good in.

While Meng Chan was trying on clothes, he talked to Meng Chan and went out for a walk by himself.

As for Meng Can, he quickly tried on the clothes and came out, looking left and right, and the mirror was beautiful.

"Miss, this dress really suits you, buy it, this is the latest this year, officially listed the day before yesterday, now there are new products What about promotions!"

The shopping guide woman came over and said.

"Hey, yes, I already saw this one on the official website, by the way, isn't there a purple one? Can you bring it so I can try it on, I love that purple one!"

"Sorry beautiful, that purple one is being tried on by someone else because it's sold out and that's the last one!"


Meng Can regretted.

Honestly, such a beautiful self, if she were to pair it with that purple dress, the turn back rate would definitely be two hundred percent.

At this time, the door of the other fitting room opened, and a girl took the purple dress she had changed and walked towards another customer waiting area.

And Meng Chan took a look, it was the one he wanted, so he immediately followed her.

"This one is quite suitable for you, buy it!"

In the waiting area, a boy was sitting.

"No Bro, it's too... too expensive, what am I wearing such an expensive one for? Look at the price, a dress actually costs over 80,000, let's go to another shopping mall and buy it!"

The girl said.

The boy laughed bitterly and shook his head.

"Chen Hao? So it's you guys, huh?"

Suddenly, a voice sounded in his ears.

When Chen Hao looked up, he didn't know when, but there was actually a Meng Can following behind Xiao Bei.

And it scared Chen Hao a bit.

"Hahaha, that's great, just right, I've got my eye on this purple dress, you guys can't afford it, just right I'll buy it! Guides, don't try it, just wrap it up for me, they can't afford it!"

Meng Can was relieved when he saw that it was Chen Hao.

Yesterday, though, Chen Hao was very surprising.

But then, Meng Can thought, maybe Chen Hao was deliberately pretending to save face, and even that outfit was a rental.

Anyway, Meng Can didn't believe that Chen Hao could really afford it.

"Good beauty!"

The shopping guide took a look at it too, and Meng Chan wore it all as a brand name.

And Yang Xiaobei is wearing an ordinary brand.

The boy, on the other hand, can't even name the brand.

So, the subconscious thought that Meng Can possessed purchasing power.

"Wait a minute, who said we can't afford it?"

Chen Hao sneered.

"Just you?"

Meng Chan looked scowling.

Then flipped through the price of the skirt and was shocked himself.

"Fuck, it's actually 89999?"

Meng Can was amazed.

This price was indeed a bit unexpectedly expensive.

There was only fifty to sixty thousand on himself.

"What? 89999 is too expensive for you?"

Chen Hao suddenly looked at Meng Can and smiled.

Yesterday, this Meng Can poked himself in the head and mocked himself again.

This small grudge, Chen Hao really wanted to be bothered with her today.

Now poking fun at her, she said.

"Put your pouting words, how can I not afford it?"

Meng Can thought to himself, "It's still not enough to make you a poor look down on that.

"Fine, but guide, we'll have to buy the last one later, so this one, you can just give it to us!"

Chen Hao smiled.

The shopping guide was surprised and delighted.

"Bragging, it's good that you're the only one who can afford to buy one! Well, shopping guide, if he buys two, I'll buy three, I'll just have one more than he wants anyway!"

Meng Can got into a fight with Chen Hao.

"Mom, come over here and take a look!"

It was at this time that five more people walked in.

It was five women.

Two were young and three were middle-aged women.

Obviously, looking at their dressing temperament, they were the ones who could afford to buy clothes here, and a shopping guide had already immediately welcomed them.

"Mrs. Guo, Miss Yang, it's you guys here, huh? Welcome, there are many new styles in the shop and I can help you pick out a few!"

"No, we can just see for ourselves!"

Mrs. Guo said at this moment.

Just then, her daughter frantically pulled at her clothes.

"Mom! Auntie, Third Aunt, look, isn't that who?"

The girl pointed towards Chen Hao Yang Xiao Bei over there.

"Huh? It's really Chen Hao. Yang Xiaobei came here with him? Oh!"

Madame Guo sneered at this moment.

Yes, Madame Guo was Chen Hao's great aunt Guo Ru. The remaining two middle-aged women were Chen Ge's second aunt and third aunt respectively.

The two girls were Chen Hao's two cousins.

Apparently, this shop was the most expensive shop in the commercial building, and the people here were all respectable people.

Chen Hao was here with Yang Xiaobei, which naturally made Guo Rou feel shameless.

"Chen Hao, don't tease people, you can't afford to buy it, just say you can't afford it!"

Meng Can was already so angry.

Because Chen Hao actually said that he was going to buy ten pieces for Yang Xiaobei.

Even the shopping guide wanted to open his mouth to scold Chen Hao.

"Is this shop guide new to your store, why would she also be stuck with this kind of customer for such a long time?"

At this moment, a voice with ridicule sounded out.

Chen Hao and Yang Xiaobei turned their heads to look.

It was the great aunt and the others.

"Hmph, I guess you can't even afford a cuff here, I'll have to speak to your manager later, don't let any misfits in! It lowers the taste of the whole store!"

Guo Ru looked at Chen Hao and Yang Xiaobei and said rudely.

"Auntie, how are you talking?"

Yang Xiao Bei gasped.

"How else do you talk? How dare you question me? I'm asking you, Yang Xiaobei, how much do you earn a month? You dare to come here and look at clothes? With that kind of money, why can't you serve your father well? You're not happy about me saying you. Besides, you forgot what I said about lunch today, right after I said it?"

Guo Ru mocked.

"That's right Xiao Bei, we understand that girls love beauty, but we also have to look at our own situation ah, look at what your family is like, you How can you even come to such a shop and try on people's clothes, and how are you going to pay for it if it's broken?"


Several of the cousins also said.

A speech that made Yang Xiaobei cry.

And the shopping guide also looked at Yang Xiaobei and Chen Hao with a despicable look, "Hmph, pretending to be something big! Get yourself told by a client!"

"Hey guys, are you going to buy it? If you don't buy it, other customers will have to try it on?"

The shopping guide's tone was bad at the moment.

As Yang Xiaobei cried, she wanted to return the clothes to the shopping guide.

"I just said buy ten pieces, are you deaf?"

And Chen Hao, who was now coldly looking at the guide, said....


The shopping guide was directly shocked by Chen Hao's tone of voice.

Even the great aunt and the others were also scared at once by Chen Hao's tone.

Although their voices weren't loud, there was a touch of fierceness in Chen Hao's tone that had a chilling effect on them.

"Hmph! You're the one who needs to buy ten more, and the minimum amount of clothes here is more than 40,000 to start with, so if you have ten more, it would be hundreds of thousands of dollars, just you? "

Great Aunt and the others hated the feeling of being shocked by Chen Hao.

And he actually wanted to buy ten of them?


The current sneer sneered at him.

Yang Xiaobei also pulled Chen Hao's arm, "Cousin forget it, Auntie is right, we can't afford the clothes here, let's just Let's go!"

"It's okay, I'll buy it for you when I say I'll buy it for you! Just as well, I see that many of the pieces you just tried on fit you quite well, so let's just buy them all! Guides, calculate how much it costs, I'll swipe my card!"

Chen Hao immediately took out his bank card.  The first website

The shopping guide immediately nodded like a garlic.

"Wait a minute, I'm not calling you, I'm shouting at you, go wrap my clothes for me!"

Chen Hao pointed to the other side, where an usher standing there said.

"Yes sir!"

The shopping guide immediately went to wrap the clothes, ten in all.

The total price was at 760,000.

"Hahaha, this idiot, 760,000, will he die or not!"

"That's right, even pretending to be ** isn't so pretentious, 760,000 for clothes, first time in a thousand years!"

Meng Can on the other hand was happy.

Chen Hao's cousins, on the other hand, couldn't help but scowl.

"Hmph, I'll see how this Chen Hao ends up!?"

And Auntie and the others looked at each other, holding their shoulders and sneering at Chen Hao.

The BOSS machine was quickly brought over.

Chen Hao pressed the password with ease.

But when Chen Hao pressed the last digit, the guide suddenly exclaimed.

"Wait a minute sir, I've lost the wrong one!"

Guide it, just now is really nervous, after all, ah, 760,000 sales, a day light bonus themselves have three or four million, can not be happy it!

And you didn't even have to move your mouth to get the big order.

Plus there were a lot of people watching around, all just a little excited.

Accidentally pressed an extra zero.

However, by the time she finished shouting, Chen Hao had already finished entering her password, and the BOSS machine showed that it was reading....

"I'm sorry sir, but I lost 760,000 to 7.6 million."

The shopping guide bowed repeatedly.

"It's fine, there's no need to apologize, even if you lose one less zero, 76,000, he can't afford it!"

Third Aunt smiled.


Suddenly the BOSS machine sounded a soft chime.

It showed that the transaction was successful.

And the bill, then typed up!


Auntie and her cousin, as well as Meng Can, were all shaking wildly.

The deal was successful?

In Chen Ge's bank card? I can't's 7.6 million?

Fuck! I'm not dreaming, am I?

Meng Can's mouth was wide open, looking incredulous.

The great aunt and the others even looked at each other, their faces were all ugly right now.

This Chen Hao grew up poor, but now, how could he have 7.6 million in his bank card?

The shopping guide was even more frightened, "I'm sorry sir, I'll give you the extra money back right away! I'm really sorry!"

"Forget it, no need to refund, you guys have a membership card here, get a membership card for my sister and flush the rest of the money inside!"

Chen Hao retrieved his bank card and could not help but smile helplessly.

If Auntie had just mocked Tie-Heart herself, she wouldn't have said anything, Chen Hao still had this point of resistance.

However, to put Xiao Bei in such a way, that would not do.

Because just the kindness that Fifth Uncle had shown to his mother back then was not something that could simply be measured with money.

Therefore, Chen Hao was trying to vent his anger on Xiao Bei's behalf.

But I didn't expect that it would be a direct brush of 7.6 million.

But it didn't matter, 7.6 million and 760,000, to the current Chen Hao, other than the difference in numbers between the two, there was no longer any other unnecessary meaning.

"Cousin, this... this is too expensive! You've got to give the money back!"

Bebe jumped to her feet in a hurry.

"What's the refund, since he's flushed your card, let's flush it, hahaha, this fool, so much money has been flushed, I'll see you What about the future?"

And Auntie, though surprised and shocked.

But more than that, there was some vengeful titillation.

Because this money washed into the membership card, except for buying clothes, there's nothing to do.

Let you, Chen Hao derring-do!

But the heart was still quite stimulated and even more surprised, when did Chen Hao become so rich?

Right now, even the mood to go shopping for clothes is gone.

Meng Chan also, he bought a more than 80,000 clothes, have to consider tangled for a long time, but he despised Chen Hao, people directly rushing 7.6 million!

Meng Can went out in a very lost mood.

At this time, Qin Ya also happened to walk out from the next shop.

Seeing Meng Can's depressed mood and disoriented appearance, she couldn't help but smile.

"Whew, what's wrong with our Cancan this? Are you in a bad mood for clothes shopping?"

Meng Can took a deep breath.

"Maya, do you believe in fate?"

"Huh? What fate?"

"It's the kind where a person who was very, very poor suddenly becomes rich, extremely rich!"

Meng Chan said urgently.

"What's going on?"

"I just... saw Chen Ge!"

"You saw Chen Hao?"

Qin Ya's heart was tense.

"Yes, Chen Hao! Xiao Ya you don't know, Chen Hao he' seems like he's different now...he used to be the poorest in our class, at that time Everyone bullied him, and I bullied him, but now what, he's like rich? Did you know that? He's not that poor ** from high school anymore!"

Qin Ya looked around and didn't see Chen Hao's figure.

Only then she nodded her head and subconsciously replied, "Chen Hao his money, it's not something you can imagine!"

"Huh? What did you say, Maya?"

Monchan didn't hear.

"Huh? I...I didn't say anything!"

Qin Ya came back to her senses and shook her head.

"Don't think too much, just be nice to Chen Hao in the future, after all, you guys are also classmates!"

Qin Ya said.

"Mmhmm, Xiao Ya, indeed, just now Chen Hao let me see another side of him at once, especially when he swiped his card, so well Manly, it seems that from now on, we really need to be nicer to him!"

And when Qin Ya saw Meng Can's mouth was overflowing with a smile, her heart was suddenly a little bit not feeling good....

"It's really pissing me off, it's really pissing me off!"

On the way back, Guo Ru smashed the steering wheel hard.

"How did that woman's son get so rich, 7.8 million, where did he get it? Did you win the lottery?"

Guo Rou muttered this all the way through.

As with most people, no one wanted their opponent to become powerful.

"Yeah, 7.8 million, that's a lot of money even for us, sister-in-law, but did you see that kid . Spend money without batting an eyelid!"

The second aunt also said.

"Great aunt, mother, third aunt, originally we thought the first time we met Chen Hao, he that was deliberately pretending, speaking of the row, so go renting Something, but now it seems that what happened at the bar last night could really be true!"

That's when a cousin spoke up.

"What do you mean? What happened last night at the bar?"


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