The Unknown Heir 408-416


"Shen...Professor Shen?"

Su Tongxin shouted softly.

"Well? Muhammad, what's wrong?"

Professor Shen laughed amiably.

"A pattern seems to have appeared on your neck?"

If it were any other situation, Su Tongxin would have thought that this was the redness left behind after scratching an itch.

But strangely, this redness was precisely what made Su Tongxin feel very familiar.

So subconsciously, he said.

"Pattern? Tongxin, what are you talking about?"

Professor Shen smiled bitterly.

Su Tongxin was now even more certain that this pattern was nothing else but that package, the little sun's pendant looked like.

"Really Professor Shen, it's exactly the same as this pendant!"

Su Tongxin felt a little creeped out at once.

The crowd at the scene all looked at each other as well.

They all pulled out the same pendant in their pockets.

"Huh? So everyone has one, huh?"

Summers said.


Professor Shen, on the other hand, turned pale, snatched that pendant from Su Tongxin's hands, and looked at the pendants in everyone's hands.

His face suddenly turned pale.

"Tongxin, the neck mark on the back of my neck is really exactly the same as this mark?"

Professor Shen was busy asking as if he had experienced something horrible.

Su Tongxin didn't know what was going on, but just nodded her head.

"Damn, I thought this was a sign for important members, I didn't think everyone had one ah?"

"Professor Shen, what the hell is this thing? I got it yesterday, someone mailed it to me!"

The crowd was looking at Professor Shen's wrong face, and they were also a little hairy.

After all, it was the middle of the night, hanging over the sea, and although there were many people, the atmosphere was quite strange.

"It appeared again, I didn't expect that this time, the target was actually us!"

Professor Shen's trembling hand said.

"What do you mean Professor Shen?"

Su Tongxin also said.

"I... I'm not good, I've harmed everyone!"

Professor Shen took off his glasses, his emotions suddenly out of control.

"This is the symbol of the Sun Alliance, also known as the Death Pact, it appeared once forty years ago, once twenty years ago, I never thought that the It's happening again this time, but anyone who gets this sign will strangely disappear within three days!"

Professor Shen looked extremely ugly.

"I've been secretly investigating it for decades, but, no clue!"

Professor Shen said so.

Everyone was all scared.

After all, Professor Shen rarely joked and was very knowledgeable.

Even though the words were a bit mysterious, Professor Shen's expression was very serious.

"Quick, turn around immediately, don't investigate, let's go back!"

Professor Shen stood up at once.

Someone had already told him to go down.

But not long after, the person who went out hurriedly came back.

"Shen... Professor Shen, it's bad! Not good!"

"What's wrong?"

"You should come out and look at the front... the front of the boat..."

The man was about to kick out of breath.

Professor Shen immediately ran out with a group of students, until they arrived on the deck of the ship.

Su Tongxin and Su Meng Meng snuggled together and followed out.

Only when they ran out did they see that Professor Shen and his students were all startled.

Upon closer inspection, Su Mumeng was even more frightened to scream.

It turned out that it was right in front of the ship.

A huge seawater vortex had appeared, like a large mouth that could swallow everything, deep and dark!

And though the ship fought hard to get back.

But it still couldn't escape the attraction of the huge vortex.

"Quick! Back to the cabin!"

Professor Shen yelled.


For a moment, violent waves rose up into the sky, seemingly able to cover the sky, and the waves were beating towards the deck at once.

The rolling sound of the waves was even more like rolling heavenly thunder.

This power was many times more powerful than a tsunami.

It swallowed up the terrified cries of a crowd of people.

Boom boom boom!!!

Screams and tsunamis mingled together.

The passenger ship was losing speed at a rate visible to the naked eye, hurtling towards the vortex.

The night sky was deep and the sea was even deeper.

When all was calm.

A huge object, quietly swimming quietly from under the sea, faintly, as if a strange sign had flashed, that sign, somewhat similar to the burning sun....

The next day.

"Is Chen up yet?"

On the island residence that Chen Xiao had chartered, Uncle Fu looked like he was in a hurry and came to the door of Chen Hao's room with a few documents.

"Already up, Young Master Chen is in a good mood today, he has already arranged for people to prepare the ships for a cruise!"

The maid said respectfully.

At this time, the door opened.

Chen Hao just happened to come out of the room, "Uncle Fu, good morning, I'm going to go out to sea today and see if I can catch up with Tongxin, let's tomorrow Go back to the South Seas, it's just as well, if you're free, let's go together!"

Chen Hao did not contact Su Tongxin yesterday.

It felt that Su Tongxin would not go too far even if it was an exclusive interview test job.

Just as well, he caught up with her and explained to her.

"Can't go Young Master Chen!"

Furber was now looking ugly.


"Last night, passenger ship #2 crashed in the South Seas, and the search is now closed!"

"Passenger ship #2?"

Chen Hao was startled.

"It's the one that Miss Tongxin was on, it seems like it ran into a tsunami last night and the ship sank!"

Fubert finally said very weakly.


Chen Hao was shocked as if struck by.

It was as if his heart had been violently pulled.

"Then where are they people?"

Chen Hao was nervous.

"It's still being salvaged, and no sign of the wreck has been seen so far!"

"No, I'll have to find it myself!"

Chen Hao said, and immediately ran out towards the outside afterwards.

Uncle Fu shook his head helplessly.

Presently, he took out his cell phone and dialed a number, "Immediately activate the family special maritime support, yes, that's what I told you guys in the early morning. All hands on deck! All out!"

After Uncle Fu said that, he also followed up.

Chen Hao was considered to have grown up watching Uncle Fubert.

He had a good understanding of Chen Hao's character.

Chen Hao was merciful, especially to the former Yang Xue, and now Su Mu Han.

And Su Tongxin was in such a situation where something happened, it was good that Young Master Chen didn't collapse.

It was also worried that Chen Hao was impulsively in trouble, so the first time Uncle Fu learned about this matter, he sent the family's forces.

However, search from morning to night, Chen Hao has been floating on the ship, are about to turn the entire South Ocean sea surface over.

However, no matter how hard they searched, they could not see the slightest trace of him.

In the evening, a large number of search boats were still being sent out.

Chen Hao sat dumbfoundedly on the harbor, not looking sad.

"It's all my fault, why did I let you come to the harbor island in the first place, if I didn't come, nothing would have happened!"

"If I hadn't missed my appointment yesterday, much less wouldn't have even seen the last of you!"

Chen Hao felt deeply guilty and blamed himself.

Tongxin took the rice and Fang Mengchu also accompanied Chen Hao.

Seeing that Chen Hao hadn't eaten all day, Rose was also heartbroken.

"What are you doing stinky girl, get away from me!"

Just as Tongxin came over to persuade Chen Hao to eat.

On the side, there was a loud noise.

It was followed by a black-clothed bodyguard running in front of Chen Hao.

"Young Master Chen, there's a girl who insisted on coming over to see you, she said she's Miss Tongxin's classmate..."


"Let her come!"

Chen Hao stood up from the ground.

At this moment, several bodyguards came over with a girl.

The girl was shy and was obviously scared by the battle in front of her.

Because throughout the port this, there was a collection of luxury cars, nearly a thousand of them.

What's more, there was an overwhelming number of thousands of black-clothed bodyguards.

Ordinary people, where would they dare to approach.

"Are you Tongxin's boyfriend, Chen Hao Young Master Chen ?"

The girl asked.

"I am!"

Chen Hao nodded his head.

"My name is Ma Nan, I'm a good friend of Mu Han's, I know you're investigating this matter right now, I do know a little bit about it, but I just don't Does knowing help you?"

Nan Ma said.

"It's okay, you tell me!"

Chen Hao was busy.

"The night before last, I had helped Tongxin Mengmeng and Wen Wen and the three of them pick up a courier once, and inside the courier, there were three identical pendants We thought it was a souvenir from the expedition, but, well, the locket felt spooky and creepy. At that time, we were all surprised as to why the expedition team would hand out such souvenirs."

"Yesterday, I attended the hosting of a certain project, and one of the guests happened to be a student of Professor Shen of this expedition, and in our free time, we chatting, so I asked about it and was surprised when he said they never give out such things on expeditions and never have souvenirs. I was already wondering about that delivery without a shipping address, so I described what the pendant looked like to this student!"

"As a result, he showed me a group where a few of the students who were involved in this expedition, and there was a discussion about it in the group, and it turned out that the All the students received these pendants too! I just don't feel right, who mailed it to Tongxin and the others?"

Nan Ma said.

"What does the pendant look like, Miss? Do you have any pictures, can I see them?"

At that moment, Fubert came over and asked.

"Oooh, I saved it!"

Nan Ma nodded heavily.

Hurriedly take out the phone to Fubert.

Chen Hao also looked at it.

Only when Uncle Fu looked at it, his whole body shook violently, "It's this thing again!!!"

Fubert said in horror.

"What is this Fubert?"

Chen Hao asked in shock.

Uncle Fu nodded, "Young Master Chen, this thing is very strange, it appeared once twenty years ago, I think, Second Lady, you should still have the Impressions, right?"

Fubert turned his attention to Fang Mengmai.

Fang Mengmai came over.

At first glance, she said, "I remember, when Heian first showed me this, I thought it was strange, and Heian thought. It is possible that our two plans to elope were discovered and someone mailed this to Peace, giving a warning, but at the time we were both Didn't care, but the next day, Heian disappeared!"

Uncle Fu said, "Yes, when Second Young Master disappeared back then, it caused a huge uproar in the entire Chen family... It was thought that the Fang family had secretly killed Second Young Master, So the family head was very furious, and the beam between the two families of Chen Fang was made from that time, but the family head investigated for more than ten years, when the The situation is such that it's not the Fang family that thinks the second young master can't be harmed in secret at all, who else could it be?"

"After all these years of investigation, in the end, the head of the family almost denied that the incident was the work of the Fang family, but rather had a strong connection to this symbol, which And that's why the head of the family has sent Young Master Chen out to find the second wife your whereabouts, instead of him personally, after all these years, the head of the family he The misunderstanding with the Fang family is too deep! This oolong is a bit too big to make a fuss about!"

Fubuki said, frowning, "I can't believe that after twenty years, this kind of sign is actually here again!"

"Who is this behind-the-scenes murderer, anyway? It harmed Ping An back then, and now it's harming Mu Han, what does it want?"

Fang Mengmai's eyes were spinning with tears at the moment.

"Let's put it this way, I'd rather ask the family master to decide this matter! Chen, why don't we go back to the South Seas?"


"Go ahead, and let me know at once if you hear anything! I have to stay here!"

Chen Hao said.

If he left like that, Chen Hao was not happy.

Next, Uncle Fu left with Fang Mengmai.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, stayed behind, still searching daily at the accident site.

In the blink of an eye.

Three days...four days...ten days had passed.

Despite Chen Hao's efforts and desperation.

Using any means at his disposal.

But he just couldn't find even half a trace of the passenger ship.

"Tongxin, where the hell are you? I can't believe you just left like that, I can't believe it!"

Chen Hao dejectedly tore at his hair.

In his mind, he still drifted through the scenes with Tongxin from time to time.

He knew that Tongxin had worked really hard to be able to be with him!

This morning.

Chen Hao was still sitting on the beach, dumbfounded.

Just then, Chen Hao's phone rang, it was from his sister, Chen Xiao.


Chen Hao couldn't help but smile slightly, "Sister, aren't you going back to the South Seas? How's it going, how's it going over there?"

In the past two days, when she heard that something had happened to Su Tongxin, Chen Xiao had returned to Hong Kong Island and accompanied Chen Hao every day.

Some of the things that Mu Han had done in Hong Kong Island were also told to Chen Hao by Chen Xiao.

Only yesterday, the family had something to do and Chen Xiao left in a hurry.

"Just leave me alone, the family is having a clan meeting tomorrow, you haven't returned to the family for twenty-two years, this time, father wants you to come over! And there are some things that Father wants to tell you alone!" Chen Xiao was helpless.

Chen Hao threw a stone towards the sea and nodded, "Alright, tomorrow, I'll go back!"


The South Seas, on a huge island.

Here, it's like a castle.

It is very magnificent.

Today, it was the day of the clan meeting of the island's owner, the Chen Clan.

At that time, people from all sides of the clan would return.

And the Chen family was a large clan with many veins.

Today's assembly had a few thousand people in attendance.

And this island city could accommodate tens of thousands of people without a problem.

Uncle Fu led Chen Hao inside.

This was Chen Hao's first time... back home, and it was indeed a bit intimidating.

The family in the South Seas, but it was much more magnificent than the sister's island.

There were quite a few people today.

Father is the head of the family again, all kinds of busybodies.

Young Master Chen had returned to the family, and Uncle Fu must have meant to be the first to inform his father and mother who were exchanging pleasantries with some internal family members.

"There's no rush, wait for the parents to finish their socializing! Furber, you go ahead and do your job! I'll go find my sister first!"

Chen Hao did not let Uncle Fu go to inform.

Uncle Fu even nodded his head, which was why he went .

And Chen Hao just called his sister, then she told him to wait and she would come over right away.

Bored, Chen Hao sat on the side, on the island, staring at the beach again .

"Hey, Sister Bing Bing, didn't you say you were looking for a ball picker? Look over there na, that little fool has been sitting there for a while now, let him come and fetch the ball for us, shall we?"

A few eighteen or nineteen years old, but also older twenty-six or twenty-seven or so, a few girls were getting together and playing tennis in pairs.

After all, this is the kind of conference where the elders of the family have a lot of opportunities to get ahead.

The juniors, should eat, should play!

"Fine, then bring him here!"

The girl named Bing Bing, who fought her tennis racket over her shoulder, pointed at the boy who was sitting there and said overbearingly....



As Chen Hao was stunned, a girl suddenly arrived in front of Chen Hao.

"What for?"

Chen Hao asked. The girl in front of him looked just seventeen or eighteen, ghostly and pretty.

"Ah you, doesn't anyone play with you?"

The girl said, pinching her waist.

"No!" Chen Hao shook his head.

"Yah, how pitiful, how about this, Bing Bing asked us to call you over to help us pick up the ball and we'll play with you!"

The Girl said.

I heard from my sister that the Chen family is very large and has a complicated lineage.

It's normal that some of the younger and younger generations don't know each other.

"So boring what are you doing, if you have something on your mind ah, sitting here by yourself the more difficult to think about, might as well pick up the ball for us, pick up the tired And forget everything!"

The girl said.

"Oh..." laughed Chen Hao bitterly.

For some reason, he suddenly felt that what the girl said made sense.

Yeah, only by distracting himself, he wouldn't keep obsessing over one thing.

"Alright, I'll go pick up the ball for you guys!"

Chen Hao promised.

"La la la, Bing Bing, he's here, he's picking up the ball for us!"

The girls were proud.

"Well, then, sisters, let's keep playing, someone's picking up the ball for us!"

Chen Bingbing said, and then played excitedly.

At this moment, Chen Bingbing and the others stopped.

It was because a woman walked over.

This woman, who looked to be around twenty-six years old, was very elegant, very demure, and extremely beautiful.

Although this group of girls were beautiful, if they were to compare to this woman, they were still a few points behind.

Even those individual actresses would have to be eclipsed by a few points.

Many of them nodded respectfully to this woman when they saw her.

"Sister Barbra, you've come!"

Chen Bingbing and the others shouted.

"Well, what time is it, you guys are still playing, Bing Bing, the meeting is about to start, why don't you lead Niu Niu and the others in?"

The woman named Elyssa said gently.

"Okay Elyssa!"

Chen Bingbing and the others nodded and now hit the last ball to the side and then left.

Chen Hao saw the ball roll to the side.

Subconsciously, she walked over to pick it up.

Who expected the ball to be within a prickly grass.

Chen Hao was walking and his feet were unsteady, and he fell right in.

His clothes, arms, and face were all cut.

"Oops, that kid fell into the grass?"

The chick who just called out to Chen Hao said.

"Falling in, huh, let him pick up a ball with a reaction half a beat slower than the others, he deserves it, let's go!"

After Bing Bing finished speaking, he then smiled at Barbra and left with a few of his sisters.

Chen Hao took the ball out and sat down with a bitter smile.

It really was, the more unlucky you were, the more unlucky you were.

Touching his scratched face, it was cool and still somewhat painful.

Quite a few people passing by were laughing at Chen Hao, laughing at his wretchedness.

But Chen Hao felt it didn't matter, if being laughed at could make him feel a little better, then laugh at it.

"Your face is scratched, wipe it quickly!"

At that moment, a woman arrived in front of Chen Hao.

She squatted down and handed him a tissue.

"Thank you!"

When Chen Hao looked up, the woman was the one whom Chen Bing Bing and the others called Lan.

Quite pretty looking, they looked at each other.

Chen Hao somewhat embarrassedly lowered his head.

"And this! Your arm's bleeding too!"

Barbra pulled out another tissue and gently wiped Chen Hao's arm.

"Why are you so careless? What's your lineage? Just yourself, where are your brothers and sisters in that lineage?"

Elyssa gently wiped Chen Hao's face again, while asking gently.

"I...I don't know which lineage I'm from.


Chen Hao.

Lan smiled bitterly, "I'll call a few doctors over for you later and have them clean your wounds, or else watch out for infection!"

"Thanks, no thanks!"

I don't know why, but as soon as Elyssa saw this boy, she had a feeling of wanting to love him.

This feeling was really strange to say the least.

"Young lady, the conference is about to start, let's hurry over as well!"

At that moment, the maid behind Arashi reminded her.

"Well, we'll be off then!"

Elyssa greeted Chen Hao and then left.

"Young lady? So she's married to our Chen family!"

Chen Hao said as he wiped his face.

But Chen Hao thought to himself, whoever has a wife as gentle and attentive as her is really blessed!

At that moment, Chen Hao's phone rang just then.

"Hey brother! Where the hell were you when I came looking for you? Why can't I find you anywhere?"

"Huh? I just ran here to pick up the ball for someone else!"

Chen Hao laughed bitterly.

"Fuck! You're picking up balls for other people? Drunk, drunk, drunk! The meeting is about to start. Father asked me if you were here. I said I couldn't find you, but I was in the main hall. Come here!"

My sister was speechless.

"O, I know, I'll follow them!"

Chen Hao spoke up.

Father, mother, and sister they are all the main characters today.

Naturally busy.

It's not good for you to give them too much trouble.

It was just as well to see Niu Niu and the others still there not long after they left, so Chen Hao followed them over.

"Sister Bing Bing, do you see that little fool following us na?"

Niu Niu looked back and suddenly said.

"This kid, is it hard to believe that he's coming to a clan meeting for the first time? You're not lost, are you?"

Chen Bingbing said.

Now standing still, "Do you not know the road?"

She asked Chen Hao.

Chen Hao nodded his head.

"Hmph, I told you so, then follow us, get in the car and go, I'll take you there! But you can't have a car with us, so take the last one, with my servant!"

Chen Bingbing said.

It's not just a matter of time, it's also a matter of time before you get a chance to see what's going on.

Like Chen Hao, who gave people a feeling of being in the city for the first time, honestly, he naturally didn't look good.

"All right!"

Chen Hao nodded his head indifferently.

Just squeezed into a car with a few servants and headed to the Chen family's main hall.

This kind of gathering was seated in their own groups, and apart from the core members of the family, the rest of the family members would not be seated.

Arriving at a large open-air venue.

In the center of the venue, there was a high platform.

Those on the high platform were naturally the core members of the Chen family.

As for Chen Bingbing and the others, they could only sit in the corners.

Chen Hao now, too, just found a random spot to sit down first, and then called his sister.

At this moment, on the main table of the family's main banquet.

With the appearance of a middle-aged couple, thunderous applause resounded.

Behind the middle-aged couple were two women, one of which, naturally, was Chen Hao's sister, Chen Xiao, while the middle-aged couple was naturally Chen Hao's parents.

"Barbra, come over and sit next to me!"

The woman affectionately took Barbra's hand and sat beside her.

"Okay mom!"

Barbra nodded.

"Alas, Barbra, all these years in our Chen family, it's really been hard on you, having to learn everything, and still having to cover for that indisputable brat in our family In fact, you should have been allowed to see each other, but as you know, he couldn't reveal his identity before, now he can. Instead, it hasn't come over yet!"

The woman apologized.

"Mother, don't say that, I've grown up in the Chen family, I'm content with this!"

The woman smiled and nodded, while turning to Chen Xiao, "Xiao'er, go get your brother!"


Plus after Chen Hao sat down.

He just sent a text message to his sister.

"Really, when did your Chen family's family meeting become so imprecise, how can anyone be seated, look at this person It's a mess!"

The one who spoke was a woman next to Chen Hao.

The one who was rubbing rouge and powder.

Couldn't help but give Chen Hao a blank look.

"Hmph, I thought that when I married into the illustrious Chen family, all I would see would be people, executives and dignitaries, but I didn't expect that I would actually be with such a person The same table!"

The girl was whining softly.

Apparently, she was married to the Chen family, but she was just a little disdainful of Chen Hao and felt that Chen Hao sitting next to her made her a little embarrassed.

She was deliberately speaking to Chen Hao.

"Alright, let's cut the crap, although everyone in the family is a great tycoon, there is no shortage of people who are insightful and vulgar, and some of them are even It might be a grumpy mentality, so don't take it so personally!"

Her husband explained.

Apparently, this Chen's husband also felt that Chen Hao was a little embarrassed to be at the same table as them.

A few people were saying to each other, sarcastic about Chen Hao.

Because Chen Bingbing and the others were right next to Chen Hao.

Plus, the couple was speaking loudly again.

Frowning now, he said, "A lowly actor who also paired up with our Chen family to tell us what to do, and didn't look at his own virtues!"

"What did you say? Who are you calling lowly?"

The woman, on the other hand, knew as soon as she heard this that Chen Bingbing was talking about her, when she directly coldly said.

"Says who doesn't have a count in mind? Don't pretend!"

Nuiya snickered as well.

It looked as if there had once been some accumulated grudges.

"Alright, don't argue with them!"

At this moment the man promptly discouraged his wife.

"Hmph, you, look at you in the big Chen family, you have no status at all, they are just girls, last time we went together In foreign countries, the two of them are given the highest treatment, but we are only given a super VIP reception, which is a step below them! Now they say that about me, you wouldn't dare contradict either of them!"

The woman was dissatisfied.

"Alas, I can't help it, who let their lineage be one level bigger than mine, our Chen family has a lot of rules, and the lineage level hierarchy is very distinct, because The lineage is a sign of seniority!"

"It's like the young lord, even my grandfather has to bend over and bow when he sees him!"

The man explained helplessly.

"What about Young Master Chen? Do you know them? You need to get to know Young Master Chen more, Young Master Chen will be the heir to the Chen family in the future!"

The woman was busy saying.

"Alas, it is today that the young lord will return to the family, this clan meeting is largely for him, how can I possibly make his acquaintance !"

The man said dejectedly.

"Well, useless, useless, so useless!"

The woman said proudly.

Apparently, she had seen it when Chen Bingbing had just brought Chen Hao with her.

Now that Chen Bingbing had driven this guy to her table, she was deliberately insulting herself.

The more the woman thought about it, of course, the angrier she became.

"Hmph, give me a new seat, I don't want to be next to him, look at what he's wearing, an outfit that adds up to no more than ten thousand dollars, I guess it has to be The Chen family's outer vein now, it's disgusting and humiliating!"

Glancing at Chen Hao, the woman said.

Then she stood up.

But at that moment.

The woman suddenly gave an ah.

It turned out that she had just been dancing and fighting with Chen Bing Bing.

The long skirt skirt that she was wearing under her feet couldn't help but all fall on Chen Hao's side.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, was really not paying attention, as if he had lightly stepped on a throw of her skirt with his foot.

It would have been nothing.

But the woman was extremely furious.

"You bastard, I think you did it on purpose!"

The woman suddenly shouted at Chen Hao.

"I didn't mean it!"

Chen Hao helplessly laughed bitterly.

"Bullshit, it was Chen Bingbing who sent you here to deliberately disgust me, mocking you like this, can't you even feel it yourself? Still drinking water at our place, get out of here!"

The woman furiously pushed the cup of tea directly in front of Chen Hao's body.

The tea was covered all over Chen Hao.

"Ding Xiang'er, you're too bold to be so rude to the Chen family!"

And when Chen Bing Bing looked at it, he immediately stood up and drank.

"What's wrong with being rude, what can you do?"

Tinkerbell was not happy about it.

The two of them were probably completely oblivious to their surroundings as they fought.

Because right now, the surroundings were already silent.


It was only because of the arrival of a woman.

As this clear voice sounded, Lilac and Chen Bing Bing were all quiet.

It was because this woman was the Chen family's eldest miss, Chen Xiao.


Chen Hao said helplessly as he wiped the tea stains from his body.


And this scene also made some of the people around them all freeze.

He actually called out to Sister Chen Xiao, so who was he?

"Who did this? Even the young master of the Chen family dares to insult, I think she's tired of living!"

Chen Xiao gave a cold shout, causing all the surrounding Chen Clan members to shiver.

And Ding Xiang'er, Chen Bingbing, their eyes all stared at each other.

A face of incredulity.


Young Master Chen?

He... he was actually the young master of the Chen family?

Lilac's scalp even exploded.

"I...Miss, I'm sorry, I...I didn't know!"

Tinker shook her head violently.

"You? Get the hell out of here!"

Chen Xiao said coldly.

"Fine, fine, I'll leave now!"

Tinker knew she was in big trouble and didn't dare to stay and hurriedly turned around to leave.

"Stop! I said roll, do I have to repeat myself?"

Chen Xiao said again.

As soon as this word roll came out, Ding Xiang'er instantly understood what it meant to her.

Get out of the Chen family and never be a member of the Chen family again.

Although remorseful, Ding Xiang'er's biggest thing right now was panic.

In the end, in front of everyone, Ding Xiang'er got down on the ground and when really rolled out.

"Come on Little Song, let's go up!"

Only then did Chen Xiao smile and look at Chen Hao.

And Chen Bingbing and the others, without exception all covered their mouths, not daring to breathe.

Just now, they thought he was honest, so Chen Bingbing bullied him and made him pick up the ball for himself for twenty minutes.

But his true identity was just too scary, too!

"He is the Chen family's young master, Chen Hao!"

And as Chen Hao walked towards the high platform, below, there was also an instant discussion.

It was followed by thunderous applause.

Young Master Chen had returned to his clan!

Mr. and Mrs. Chen Dong Yi also stood up happily, there was nothing, that could make them happier than seeing their son.

"Dad! Mom!"

And Chen Hao saw Mom and Dad who hadn't seen each other for close to a year, and now with tears rolling down her eyes, she ran towards them.

"Son, you're back, our family, in the future, can finally reunite properly!"

Chen Nearing patted Chen Hao's shoulder heavily.

Talking about the family, naturally it was not a problem.

"Right Little Hao, all these years Mom and Dad have been putting you outside for poor education, and there's one person that I've never introduced to you!"

At this time, her mother, Yang Yuping, took Chen Hao's hand and looked to the side at a woman whose pretty face was red and said.

"Mom, we just saw each other!"

As for Barbra, she was now looking at Chen Hao, standing up and saying softly.


And when he heard this Barbra call herself Mother Mother, Chen Hao was stunned....


"Song, we have never mentioned Barbra to you, this is Barbra, who has been in charge of your financial affairs for so many years and was also raised by Mom and Dad!"

Although Mother didn't directly point it out, the meaning of her metaphor was already clear.

Because Chen Hao had just heard, those people, calling Barbra a young lady.

Now looking at his parents' expressions, Chen Hao had understood.

"Mom, we just met!"

Lan Shen looked at Chen Hao and smiled slightly.

"Have we met? Haha, that's good that's good, Song, Barbra she's your fiancée!"

Chen Dong Yi was obviously very happy today and said directly.

Mother Yang Yuping, on the other hand, stretched out her hand to poke Chen Dong Yi, after all, Chen Hao had a little girlfriend outside, and the things that happened to his little girlfriend, they were clear.

It seemed a little premature to say this directly now.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, was still shocked.

I didn't expect the gentle and dignified Elyssa to be his fiancée, no wonder everyone else was calling her young lady.

Moreover, it was as if Elyssa was the child bride of their Chen family as it was staged on TV in the past.

As for her age, she was about four years older than herself.

Chen Hao never thought that such a thing would happen to her.

And by the looks of it, the family had gone to great lengths to cultivate Lan.

"Little Hao, sit down!"

Blushing slightly, Lan Shen asked Chen Hao to sit down and grabbed a paper towel to help him wipe some tea stains off his body.

"No Lan, I'll do it myself!"

Chen Hao felt strange in his heart and hurriedly brought over the tissues.

Yeah, he had never had any basis of affection with Elyssa.

Moreover, Sister Lan was three or four years older than himself.

Even though Sister Barbra looked alluring, this strange feeling still couldn't make Chen Hao feel relieved.

Especially after the Ancestral Hall Meeting.

Chen Hao had his own room.

Then again, her own room, Sister Lan had been living there for several years.

It was her mother who had arranged for her to live there.

A few days ago, when her sister told herself about some of the things that happened to Tongxin in Hong Kong Island, she said that her union with Tongxin was difficult.

The hurdle of her parents wouldn't be passed.

At that time, Chen Hao still couldn't understand.

But now it was clear, it turned out that her parents, had already found themselves a wife.

"Sister Lan, I'm going to sleep in another room, you're used to being here, it's better if you stay here! Today's Ancestral Hall Meeting, you've labored all day, rest well, don't be busy!"

Facing Lan Shen, Chen Hao didn't know what to say.

But when she saw that Lan had the intention of making her bed, Chen Hao was shocked and hurriedly said.

"Little Hao, I know what you mean, our marriage, you may find it hard to accept at the moment, and also, the things you do outside, I also listened to The servants have told me that I know you are looking for her and I will help you!"

Lan Shen said.

I never thought that Sister Lan could say such words.

But Chen Hao still nodded, "Thank you, Sister Lan!"

After that, Chen Hao stood in the room before walking out.

Tongxin had just had an accident, and Chen Hao was filled with guilt.

He really didn't have the heart to face another girl.

And as long as Mu Han couldn't be found, the boulder in Chen Hao's heart wouldn't let go.

Besides, is this fair to Lan?

It was nice that the Chen family had raised Elyssa, but Elyssa also had her right to choose.

Why spend all day facing a guy who once had no basis for a relationship and was so much younger than her?

Chen Hao found a random guest room this night and coped with it.

When she woke up the next morning, she opened her eyes.

When she opened her eyes, she saw that on her bed, she had neatly placed a good small suit, three shades, and shoes and so on.

Today was the first day of the family reunion, and after Chen Hao returned home, he didn't have to go low-key like before.

He did want to dress generously and somewhat dandyishly.

But yesterday, he was really tired in mood and body, so he didn't have time to arrange for servants.

Unexpectedly, someone had already prepared it for him.

Wearing pajamas, Chen Hao came back to the bathroom.

Inside, the toothbrushes and other things were also already prepared.

A family was a family, and the servant was indeed attentive.

However, he was still sleeping, so he prepared these by his side, which made Chen Hao feel a little strange.

Could it be that the maids would come in even when she was sleeping?

Chen Hao's sweat hairs stood up a bit.

Knock knock!

There was a knock at the door.

"Who is it?"

Chen Hao asked.

"Young Master it's me, Ah Hong, I wanted to ask, what kind of clothes are you wearing today, Young Master? Ah Hong so go get ready!"

Chen Hao opened the door.

Maid Ah Hong was waiting outside.

"No need, the clothes in the house are just fine, just what I want, what? That's not what you prepared?"

Chen Hao was confused.

Ah Hong shook her head, "We cannot enter the room without Young Master's permission, ah! I know, it must have been prepared for you by the young grandmother, and when Ah Hung got up at five o'clock, he saw that the light in the young grandmother's room was already on. And only the young lady can enter your room!"

"It's Elyssa!?"

Chen Hao somewhat understood, and presently let Ah Hong go to work first.


Sighing, Chen Hao wondered if he should find a chance to make it clear to Barbra.

The two of them were simply impossible.

Lan is also twenty-six or twenty-seven years old, she should go find her own happiness!

For the sake of the Chen family's upbringing, there was no need for this.

After washing and scrubbing, Chen Hao changed his clothes.

But awkwardly, he couldn't tie a tie, and it was crooked several times.

"Little Hao, let me help you!"

At some point, Barbra stood in the doorway and looked at Chen Hao and smiled.

Chen Hao looked at the mirror, he was playing crooked, so he didn't refuse.

Sister Lan came over with a smile and very carefully helped Chen Hao first straighten his collar before helping him meticulously tie his tie.

"Father is going to invite you and Sister Rose to a banquet today, it's our first reunion dinner, let's go over early."

Chen Family Residence.

Naturally, it was a large villa view for one person.

"Well, it's just as well, my father asked me for something to talk about!"

Chen Hao said.

Then Lan Shen drove, and they came to Father's place together.

After going there, the mother dragged Lan to chat.

It was obvious that she liked Barbra very much.

As for Chen Hao, he followed his father to the study.

"Little Hao, I already know about Su Tongxin's matter, don't be too sad, and this matter is not as simple as you think..."

Chen Dong Yi got straight to the point and said to Chen Hao.

"Dad, what do you mean?"

Chen Near East took a deep breath and said, "Before Tongxin's accident, I received that sign, I saw it, it's the same as the one your second uncle received back then! It's exactly the same, and Tongxin and your uncle's accidents are also very similar, they both seem to have disappeared from the face of the earth. A spider trail."

"But after seven or eight years of painstaking investigation, I've got some clues, Little Song, Tongxin and your second uncle and the others, they might not be dead yet. !"

Chen Near East suddenly lowered his voice.

"Really Dad?"

Chen Hao's eyes lit up.


"The main thing I'm looking for you to talk about today is this matter, you're so old, you should know about many of the secrets that the Chen family holds!"

Chen Near East patted his son's shoulder.

"This sign is like a magic spell, some people call it the Sun Alliance sign, but anyone who gets this sign, within three days . Something will definitely happen!"

"Twenty years ago, your second uncle was like this, and twenty years later, this matter of Mu Han is also like this!"

Near East Chen.

"Fubert said that this kind of spell appears once every twenty years, and as soon as it happens, someone is bound to disappear, and as long as they get it, all of them are No one is spared!"

Chen Hao said.

Chen Near East shook his head: "Ah Fu he is only half right, indeed, the people who got this kind of logo, should be all missing without exception! of, but Dad found out later that someone had received such a sign, but ended up returning alive!"

Chen Hao's eyes lit up.

"That person was saved by someone who provided me with some clues, and it was these clues that I judged that your second uncle, as well as Tongxin They, more like, were taken!"

"Arrested? What kind of person would be so powerful?"

It was as if Chen Hao had seen hope again.

"There's no way to know, but since this kind of thing has happened again, and without a trace, to investigate, we alone I'm afraid the power of the Chen family is no longer available!"

Chen Hao nodded, "I understand father, are you looking for the person who survived back then?"

Chen Near East shook his head and laughed bitterly, "No, actually that person only lived for fifteen years after he survived, he died six years ago. To find a competent assistant to help us, we'll have to hire the family that rescued him from the tiger's mouth back then!"

"As long as they're willing to help, it's like adding wings to a tiger!"

After saying that, look to Chen Hao and say.

"Son, which is the first big family now, you say?"

"The Fang family used to flourish, but I heard from Uncle Fu, and now our Chen family is the first big family!"

"Mmhmm, good, but our Chen family, only the number one economic family now, but when it comes to overall strength, it's better than our Chen family The, and a few other places!"

"For example... the Yanjing Mo family!"

"The Yanjing Mo family?"

The Yanjing Long family, the Qin family Chen Hao had heard of, but the Mo family, never before.

Chen Hao was astonished.

But it was precisely this conversation with his father that allowed Chen Hao to know a lot of things that he had never thought of before.

"That's right, that person back then was also saved by the Yanjing Mo Family, and the Mo Family, the most powerful thing about them is that they possess a lot more than the People of the family bloodline that an ordinary person could imagine, the Mo family, with a stronger physique than normal humans, their Mo family, most of their activities in the military world. And the most mysterious dragon team in Warsaw! This is unmatched by any economic family!"

"Because if they wanted to, they could totally do the killing, including our heavily guarded Chen family! All these years, the Chen family has been caging the four corners of the world's masters in an attempt to get rid of this kind of family threat, hehe, but the gap, but the gap is getting bigger and bigger! !"

Chen Hao was jaw-droppingly surprised, if it hadn't come from his father, Chen Hao wouldn't have dared to imagine that it was actually true.

But Chen Hao wasn't too surprised.

Like the Heavenly Dragon, Earthly Tiger that he had encountered, and Uncle Qin Bufan, both belonged to that realm of people that normal people couldn't imagine.

"Then how do the two Heavenly Dragon and Earth Tiger brothers compare to the Mo Family?"

Chen Hao asked.

"A titanic dragon and tiger? Hehe, pick a random twelve or thirteen year old child from the Mo family and they can abuse them both single-handedly!"

Chen Hao couldn't help but swallow his saliva.

I wonder, then, how would Uncle Qin compare to the Mo family?

But this issue was clearly not something that Chen Hao wanted to dwell on, if this powerful Mo Family could come forward to assist, it would indeed be a great strength.

"The Mo Family belongs to the Hidden Clan, and Dad doesn't want to be involved with them unless he has to, but your second uncle, there is something about our Chen Family's qi lineage If something happens to your uncle, the Chen family won't prosper for long. It may end in your generation. I did! So, there's nothing Dad can do about it!"

Naturally, Chen Near East has his own concerns.

It wasn't just the motivation of kinship that had kept Chen Near East from giving up the search for so many years. The matter of the Chen Family Qi Vein was also one of the reasons.

"The Chen Family Qi Vein?"

Chen Hao was confused again.

"Well, but let's leave this matter aside for now, I heard this from what your grandfather originally told me, now, the priority is to find the Mo Family's Help!"

"Dad, you want me to run?"

Chen Hao asked.

"If it was as simple as just running away, father would have run away long ago, there would be no need to wait so many years, I told you, the Mo family is a hidden clan, in reality They never interfere in the matter, but there is one person who might be able to invite the Mo Family out!"


"That's your grandmother!"

"My grandmother?"

Chen Hao was stunned, since childhood, Chen Hao also knew that his parents seemed to be particularly sensitive to the topics of his grandparents and grandparents' generation.

It was even easy to get beaten up for asking too many questions.

The last time I was beaten up was when I was seven years old, and I remember Chen Hao asked if everyone else had grandparents and grandparents, how about my own?

The mother, who had always been particularly gentle with herself, was immediately slapped in the face so that she couldn't ask any more questions.

After that, it was like a shadow, no one, including sister Chen Xiao, would mention anything about the previous generation.

"Yes, she is now at the helm of the Yang Family in Yanjing, in the past, your grandmother had some interactions with the Mo Family, if your grandmother can this time Appearing is the most likely way to convince the Mo family!"

Chen Jindongdao, said frowning, "Your mother and I are not convenient to see her, but you are different, our enmity, I believe, will not reach the It's on you, so it's up to you to convince her!"

Then, dad called his mother, Yang Yuping, in.

It could be seen that mom seemed to be extremely sensitive to grandma as well, and once she heard that, her face was just a bit gloomy.

However, this time, Chen Hao hardened his nerve to ask, what was going on in the first place, and also, from what Uncle Fubuki said, it seemed like grandpa was still alive as well, what about grandpa?

What really happened back then?

Mother, on the other hand, didn't get angry this time, but her eyes were a little wet and red as she told some of the things that happened back then.

"It's all because of those damn rules of the Yang family!"

The mother said with a godly face.

It turned out that back then, when father was still at the end of his poor upbringing and education, the equivalent of Chen Hao's previous period, the period when he was rich but couldn't just expose his identity.

At that time, father met his mother who was the Yang family's eldest daughter in Yanjing....


Mom thought Dad was pretty strange and mysterious at the time.

Because looking at him dressed in rags, but he always did unexpected things.

And at that time, Dad looked so weak that he wouldn't say anything if people beat him or scold him.

At first, mom had sympathy for him, but then slowly well, just like himself and Su Tongxin, fell in love and came together.

But in the beginning, the Yang family was the head of the four big families in Yanjing.

The grandmother, Mrs. Yang, was also the kind of person who ruled the family particularly strictly, otherwise she wouldn't have been able to make the Yang family so strong after her grandmother's death.

And the grandmother had a flaw that most angered her mother.

That was that the concept of preferring sons over daughters was particularly strong.

In the Yang family, even to this day, the female members of the family are not valued, and even if you are working hard, you must give the most beneficial family property to a male to look after.

This is not uncommon, even if you're a woman with strong traditional values, to value men over women!

According to the way things were going at the time, Mother was definitely going to marry the male son of her alliance partner as the price of a business alliance.

After all, Dad was very low-key at the time, and no one knew he was the richest man in the Chen family if he didn't say anything.

So mother fled the marriage and ran away with father.

Of course, if it was only because of this matter, it wouldn't have caused the two families to form such a big feud.

Because the one who helped Mother escape the marriage was Fifth Brother, who had been good to her since childhood, but unfortunately it was also because of that incident.

Fifth Brother carried all of it, and was first punished severely by his mother, who drove Fifth Brother out of the family.

Then, it also left a grudge against the then alliance partner family.

Not long afterwards, my father's poor upbringing and education ended, and he was ready to return to the Yang family to vent his anger on behalf of the original Fifth Brother.

But just a few days later, Fifth Brother was assassinated and became a vegetable, still lying in bed.

The murderer is none other than the original alliance partners, who believe that Fifth Brother is the one who brought shame to their family.

As a result, the grandmother blames the mother and announces in the media that she has severed her mother-son relationship.

The mother, on the other hand, thinks that the grandmother is too cruel and throws Fifth Brother out.

Anyway, the two mothers were branded with conflicts because of this incident.

That's why Dad and Mom didn't visit the Yang family.

Instead, they came back and destroyed the family that had harmed Fifth Brother.

Because of this, the original four big Yanjing families became the current three big families.

"Then what happened later?" Chen Hao just realized that what Mom and Dad had experienced when they were young was much more than what they had!

"Later, it was your father and I who have been secretly taking care of your fifth uncle, but ten years ago, your grandmother took your fifth uncle back to the Yang family!"

Old Mother said, all of them dropping tears.

"So son, this time for this matter, only you can run away, as long as your grandmother can persuade the Mo family, this can be considered as for the Our Chen family has made a tremendous achievement!"

Chen Nearing said.

"Well, I got it!"

"And Little Song, you can look for your cousin Xiao Bei first when you go to Yanjing this time, Xiao Bei is your fifth uncle's daughter, after all these years, I She's been secretly sponsoring Bev, she knows you, and with her help, you should be a little smoother. Your grandmother has a very strong temper, but I believe she won't be too cruel to you. And Song, Mom is warning you that no matter how your grandmother used to treat Mom, you will never be allowed to treat your grandmother with any disrespect!"

I can hear that Mom still misses her grandmother, even if mother and son have a great feud, they are still a family after all.

"I understand!"

At that moment, the door pushed open and it was Sister Barbra who walked in.

"Mom and Dad, Song, Si Zyue is here with Second Aunt!"

After saying that, with a glance at Chen Hao, Lan walked down the stairs.

"Little Hao, Lan is the one I watched grow up, absolutely a good girl, you can be nicer to Lan, when you find a suitable day later..."

Mom said again.

"I know, I'm not thinking about that right now Mom!"

Chen Hao knew what Mom was going to say and promptly interrupted.

"Okay, let's not talk about that, let's just finish the matter in front of us, right Little Hao, this time you go back to Yanjing in China, don't worry and boldly Go ahead, I've informed Uncle Fook that from now on, all the family estates in Warsaw will be yours, including your sister's! "

Three days later, at the exit of Yanjing Airport.

There were two women, one large and one small, waiting in front of a black Passat.

The older one was a middle-aged woman, wearing a professional suit and with extremely well maintained skin.

The younger one, a maiden, was just out of the university campus, and her face was still a little young, but her looks, definitely considered a beauty.

The two of them stood at the exit, also attracting a lot of people's attention.

"It's what time is it, why isn't it here yet, and this weather is so hot today, it's really annoying, there were already enough things going on, and we still have to wait for What damn relatives!"

At that moment, the middle-aged woman flipped her wrist and looked at her watch.

"Mom, can you be patient, my cousin is coming for the first time, and besides, aren't delays normal for planes?"

The girl, on the other hand, was exhorting.

When she got a call from her aunt that her cousin was coming.

The girl was really quite happy.

She knew that her aunt and uncle had been working abroad all these years, but they secretly supported themselves, including finding the best teachers for themselves, as well as the best schools and so on and so on.

But, because of some reasons, girls can't visit their aunt and uncle, and their own cousins and cousins.

"Hmph, pretend what big tail wolf, still have to make an airplane, make a car to come on the line is not it, really, I really owe you Yang family . Your father your father is like this, and as a result so is this indiscreet sister of your father's!"

The middle-aged woman said coldly.

"Mom, my aunt hasn't stopped funding compensation for our family all these years, you know that, why do you say that?"

"Well, your father wouldn't have been like this if it weren't for your uncontroversial aunt who ran off with a D Silk in the first place, and our mother and I You have to know, you are the eldest Miss of the Yang family, you must not go out with those cousins of yours who are so voluptuous! Bitch-like, they all need to have a fleet of cars, look at us, we're driving a Passat!"

"Besides, it's you, your grandmother has expressly forbidden anyone who dares to associate with that woman from being expelled from the Yang family. Simple, by then, mom will have to lose her job with you crazy girl, alas, anxious as hell!"

Looking at Mom's impatient look, the girls didn't say anything, but looked expectantly towards the exit.

I wonder what cousin looks like, auntie is so beautiful, cousin will definitely be handsome too.

"Yang Xiao Bei?"

At this moment, a youth pulling a suitcase walked over towards this side.

Looking at the girl's hand with Chen Hao's sign written on it, the youth smiled and asked.

The girl, on the other hand, bit her lips and nodded, dumbfoundedly looking at the extremely clear-looking boy in front of her.

"You're Chen Hao?" She smiled sweetly.

"Uh-huh, I am!"


"By the way Chen Hao, where are you staying when you get here? How long are you planning to play, let Bev walk you around today, I'll just bring you to the airport myself tomorrow, and you're welcome!"

On the road, Guo Cai Feng said as she drove, looking at Chen Hao who was sitting quietly behind her.

In particular, Chen Hao pulled the suitcase to come, making Guo Cai Feng's heart thump.

When the face was very enthusiastic like said.

It meant for Chen Hao to leave tomorrow.

"Ah? Auntie, I didn't say I was leaving ah, I might have to stay in Yanjing for a while, it's really troublesome for you during this time!"

Chen Hao smiled bitterly.

The reality is not like this, poor in the downtown no one asks, rich in the deep mountains there are distant relatives, if people are poor, go to anyone's house who is afraid.

Guo Cai Feng looked ugly for a while and didn't speak.

"Hehe, cousin, just live here at ease, in a few days it will be grandmother's birthday, if you can go to celebrate her birthday, I want to She'll be so happy!"

Yang Xiaobei, on the other hand, was very close to Chen Hao.

Before she came, her mother had told her that, for those reasons, even though she had often helped Xiao Bei over the years, she had not revealed her true identity to her.

So Xiao Bei didn't know about it.

But Chen Hao thought to herself, that was good.

"Hmph, it's good to see him, don't make your grandmother angry when you see him!"

Guo Cai Feng coldly said.

"Mom, why are you saying this, although grandmother doesn't have a good relationship with her aunt and uncle, but didn't she also used to ask about her cousins like a human being Things?!"

Young Bev looked at her mother to explain.

"Ugh! Chen Hao, I know why you came to see the old lady this time. You can't go on, right? You want to go back to the Yang family for a share? Oh, I advise you to die of this heart before it's too late, even our family can't get much of a share, let alone you!"

Apparently, Guo Cai Feng had a different point of view than normal people considering things.

However, Chen Hao didn't explain too much and shook his head with a bitter smile before chatting with Yang Xiaobei about her recent situation.

After all, they were cousins, and once they saw each other and talked, they naturally became familiar with each other.

Although the Yang family was now one of the three major Yanjing families.

But its lineage was many.

Plus, the Yang family's old lady was an old tradition, so she treated her children quite harshly, but all those who could please her and give credit to the family were supported with great resources.

But like Yang Xiaobei's mother and daughter, her fifth uncle has become a vegetable and is now lying down, so her status in the family is very low, almost so low that she can't see.

It was only arranged for Guo Cai Feng to a very ordinary position in the family.

Naturally, Xiao Bei's family didn't live in a very good place.

It was a very ordinary kind of neighborhood.

Chen Hao also felt that Old Mother said that the Yang family's situation was particularly complicated and the water was particularly deep, and at first, she didn't care, but now Chen Hao sort of understood.

"Bebe, wait, mom will tell you something!"

After arriving home, Xiao Bei was going to buy food, Guo Cai Feng shouted at her to stop her, and the mother and father did not know what to go out and say.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, went to his room to first visit his vegetative Fifth Uncle.

Fifth uncle's matter, the old mother is also regretful, the family's medical power is so strong, still can't help Fifth uncle to return to normal person.

When it came to Chen Hao, naturally, he was also powerless.

I wonder, does Uncle Qin have a way, where is this old guy now?

Xiao Bei had gone to buy food, and it was quite reluctant to leave Chen Hao alone to face the chattering Guo Cai Feng.

After all, Chen Hao hadn't heard half a decent word from his aunt since he arrived.

Therefore, he just said to go down for a spin and made an excuse to go out.

Just in time, Chen Hao's phone rang as he went downstairs.

It was a call from an unfamiliar number.

"Hello young master, this is the head of the family's Yanjing district, Waiting Ping, you've come to Yanjing, I wonder what I can do for you?"

The Chen family's industry was divided into many districts in Warsaw.

Like the old Jiangnan District, Southwest District, and the current Yanjing District and many others.

Now Chen Hao was in control of all the family's Warsaw properties.

These people, naturally, took Chen Hao's horse as their leader.

"Not at the moment, I'll contact you when I need to!"

Chen Hao.

"Yes Young Master!"

"By the way, you can help me with a car!"

Chen Hao thought of the previous time when Xiao Bei home only have a Passat, and Xiao Bei, also can drive a car, but just like just went out to buy food, Xiao Bei usually go out to work are riding an electric bike.

It's a good thing that you're here, to give Xiao Bei with one.

Right now, he said to Hou Ping.

"Okay young master, what kind of car do you match? If the Phantom can't be driven, I'll have one of the latest models custom-made for you from overseas as soon as possible!"

Hou Ping was busy.

"Don't bother so much, just help me with a BMW 7 Series!"

"Huh?" Hou Ping was stunned.

Then Chen Hao just told him the address, so he hung up the phone without saying anything else.

His own need for a car was relatively small.

Chen Hao turned around and prepared to go upstairs, so he couldn't stay out for too long.

As a result, as soon as he turned around, he saw Guo Caifeng rushing down from upstairs with her phone.

"Auntie, what are you doing?"

Chen Hao asked.

"Humph, also do not know who owes, really to the eight lifetimes of bad luck, but also why go, Xiao Bei buy food back, carelessly rubbing Got someone's car, really, what are you doing here!"

Guo Cai Feng glanced at Chen Hao with a very ugly face.

It was clearly an angry scolding of Chen Hao.

Chen Hao now listened and followed suit, running towards the entrance of the community.

"Let's assess the situation, this woman has scuffled our car and still wants to play a rascal!"

The one who spoke was a man who looked to be thirty years old, a young couple.

At this moment, looking at Yang Xiaobei with a sneer, he said.

"I'm not cheating! I didn't touch it, I've stopped the car, your wife drove up and rubbed it up!"

Yang Xiaobei was anxious.

The thing is, isn't Xiao Bei's heart thinking that her cousin is coming, must cook a good meal.

The man just bought a new car, and his wife was practicing, and when she was nervous, she rubbed herself against Yang Xiaobei and knocked him down.

The result was a bite back at Xiao Bei.

And then the scene before us happened.

"What happened what happened?"

Guo Cai Feng and Chen Hao came running over at this time.

Guo Caifeng was busy asking.

Then Yang Xiaobei told the matter.

"Oh, what's with riding around on an electric bike, really!"

The woman was now holding her shoulders and sneering.

Apparently, the car she was driving was a BMW 5 Series, and it looked like she was very superior.

"Exactly who hit who, let's just have the property pull up the surveillance!"

Guo Cai Feng said.

"Fine, then access the surveillance, honey, you accompany them to access the surveillance, I'll go give Bao a call!"

The woman was cold.

"Bao? Which Bo?"

And when Guo Cai Feng heard it, she was stunned....


"Our piece of the week, Brother Po!"

The woman looked like she was going to call.

Guo Cai Feng panicked a bit at the sound of the name.

Brother Bao, who was very famous in their area, owned several nightclubs.

And if this woman was related to Brother Bao, then she would be in big trouble.

It was reasonable to say that as a member of the Yang family, one shouldn't be too wishy-washy.

But there was no way, if something really came to the Yang family, although the Yang family gave it a go, it would undoubtedly be scolded by the old lady, causing trouble for the family and so on.

So sometimes, one had to be a head shorter.

After all, Guo Cai Feng now, doesn't have the courage to hold the Yang family to make a show of strength.

But now, it's obvious that they first bumped into their own daughters, and then they want to blackmail them.

There was nothing more on Guo Cai Feng's side.

"Then you fight, let him come!"

At that moment, Chen Hao stepped forward and said.

The woman was startled.

"What do you mean? Don't believe me, okay, I'm calling!"

The woman actually dialed the number.

Guo Cai Feng, on the other hand, got nervous when she heard this.

"You shut up, what do you know, stand aside!"

After yelling at Chen Hao.

Guo Cai Feng promptly dissuaded the woman, "Let's talk, let's talk! Just tell us how much you guys want to pay, and we'll pay for it!"

The woman said, "That's more like it! In that case, let's pay ten thousand dollars!"

Guo Cai Feng gritted her teeth, "Okay, we give!"

"By what right ah mother, can't give them!"

Yang Xiao Bei was on the verge of tears in a hurry.

"No give, right, I'll call right now!"

The woman took hold of Guo Cai Feng, when even more complacent.

After all, you're a motorcycle rider, how can you compete with me, a BMW driver?

"Give, give, give now!"

Guo Cai Feng was helpless.

Right now, she wanted to start transferring money with her phone.

"I'll go, look guys, this new car is too handsome!"

At this moment, the surrounding crowd of onlookers pointed to a brand new BMW 7 Series outside the entrance of the community, and they all shouted out in alarm.

"This looks like an overseas version, or a top luxury pairing, it's got to be 800,000 to 900,000!"

"I go, that's so cool this car!"

The crowd discussed.

Chen Hao also took a look at the car and couldn't help but think to himself, that Hou Ping is quite efficient.

It was delivered so quickly.

The car arrived at the entrance of the community this stopped.

From the car, down came a forty-something year old, suit-wearing middle-aged man.

Seeing a lot of people blocking the entrance to the community.

It was immediately asked, "Hello, how do I get to Building 12, Unit 2?"

He asked a passerby.

"Building 12, Unit 2, we're right here!"

Guo Cai Feng said.

"That's great, I'm here to deliver the car, if it's convenient for you, help me with the way!"

The middle-aged man was polite.

"Are you Fang?"

And then, the young couple looked at the middle-aged man in surprise.

"I am!"

Fang nodded his head and smiled.

"What? Do we know each other?"

Mr. Fang asked.

"You don't know us, we know you, Mr. Fang you are the general agent of the BMW line in Huaxia District ah, we this 5 series, is Tor Bao got it from one of your assistant store managers!"

The woman hurriedly smiled and said, after all, ah, this Mr. Fang is too powerful, he is definitely considered to be number one in Yanjing, with Brother Bao's level, he probably can't reach him, but the woman still mentioned it, what if she knows him?

"Well thank you for your support!"

The middle-aged man nodded slightly.

Obviously he hadn't heard of any Bao or anything like that, not to mention the deputy store manager, but even the store manager he was afraid he didn't know who he was.

"Did Hou Ping send you here to deliver the car?"

And at this moment, Chen Hao asked faintly with one hand in his pocket.

And Mr. Fang was immediately stunned.

Then looked Chen Hao up and down, and with a respectful look said, "Yes yes yes, it says that I have to send a car to a lady named Yang Xiaobei, and all the I've taken care of all the paperwork for you!"

When you listen, this young man actually said the very mysterious Mr. Hou to his face, which must be what Mr. Hou told himself on the phone, you did not. Qualified young man to know who he is now, right?

Now he was busy laughing with her.

"Huh? Xiao Bei Yang? 12th floor, unit 2, isn't it our house?"

Guo Cai Feng, on the other hand, was even more taken aback.

"O? Are you a family member of Yang Yuxing?"

Mr. Fang asked.

"That's my dad!"

Yang Xiao Bei Dao.

"That's right, hello Miss Yang, someone asked me to give you this car, here are all your paperwork and documents, I've done it all . Do you see if it's your message?"

Mr. Fang handed over the keys and a bunch of documents to Yang Xiaobei.

Yang Xiaobei took a look, and it was really himself.

"Ah? What's going on here, who gave our family such a luxury car?"

Guo Cai Feng was too excited.

Mr. Fang didn't say much, but looked at Chen Hao and came over, "Hello sir, this is my business card, if you need any Help, just greet me!"

Mr. Fang could see that Chen Hao was no ordinary person.

Naturally, he had a desire to befriend him.

It was only afterwards that he left with a fight.

"Oh my god, it's really ours, great!"

Guo Cai Feng was excited.

The couple, on the other hand, were looking at each other, their faces a little pale at the moment.

Originally wanted to blackmail people today, didn't expect that people knew big people ah.

Right now, they wanted to open the car door and leave.

"Wait a minute!"

Chen Hao, on the other hand, looked at the couple with a sneer.

"You guys just want to leave, huh?"

"What else do you want, we don't need you to pay for it!"

The voluptuous woman said.

"Don't we have to pay for it? How does that work? It has to be paid for, but for a change, you're the ones paying us!"

Chen Hao stepped forward and said.

"It's not much, you guys scuffed our electric car, let's do this, pay a hundred thousand!"

"A hundred thousand??"

The people around them were all startled.

The couple all stared at each other as well.

"Oh, of course, you can choose not to pay for it, but I don't think that Mr. Fang has gone far yet, I'll give him a call, you Find your Po, I'll find him, and we'll judge together!"

Chen Hao sneered and took out his phone.

"No, no, let's discuss, let's discuss!"

And the man immediately wimped out.

The woman's face was also pale.

Yes, Mr. Fang is a man who can only cover the sky and has just treated this family so well, if he comes back this time, he will definitely not be spared. The two of them.

Then, I guess Bao would only get a lecture when he came.

"Can we have less, we..."

"Call it!"

As soon as Chen Ge heard this, he immediately started dialing numbers.

"Here, we give!"

Yes, the kid across the street was obviously blackmailing them, but what could be done about it?

Now, extremely awkwardly played 100,000 to Guo Caifeng's account, and had to say sorry to Yang Xiaobei.

Only then did Chen Hao let them go.

"Xiao Bei, go put the electric car downstairs, I'll go drive it downstairs!"

As for Guo Caifeng, she was so happy today that she took the car keys and had to drive.

Beforehand, she even snatched General Manager Fang's business card away from Chen Hao's hand.

"Hmph! Fang is always a relation of our family, don't you dare bring it to show off!"


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