The Unknown Heir 402-407


As Situhiro's voice landed on the ground.

It was to see a few people, walking up with a girl.

The girl lowered her head and didn't say a word, but her exquisite face was enough to amaze everyone present.

"It's so similar, it's exactly the same!"

"Yeah, I thought, it's the Fang Mengniu from back then who's back!"

"We've all been deceived, perhaps Master Fang has known where Fang Mengniu is for a long time, it's just that for so many years, we've all been vassal families It's just ignorant!"

The scene was directly discussing.

And this girl wasn't a bystander, wasn't it Si zyue.

Si Zyue's face was ugly, she had just been injured and her body was weak.

"It really is auntie's daughter, so grandpa has found auntie's daughter!"

Fangsan was also suddenly enlightened.

"Si Zyue!"

Fang different also had a tight face.

Originally, he had sent someone to quietly send Si Zyue away this morning, but he had never expected that the Fang family now had an inside man for the Situ family, and was instead abducted by Situ Hong.

"Master Fang, now that the human and physical evidence is there, what else do you have to say, where is Fang Mengmai? Please also hand over Fang Mengmai as soon as possible!"

The entire group of families all huddled together.

At this moment, they looked angrily at Fang differently.

Fang differently had nothing to say this time.

His face was taut.

He wanted to save Si Zyue, but in the face of the Situ Family's provocation, he had to give an explanation to a group of vassal families.

And just when he was in a dilemma.

"Why do you need to embarrass the Fang family, I'm here!"

A voice sounded behind the crowd.

Then it was seen that a woman was walking towards this side from the door.


"Who is this? How did you get in?"

"I go, look at this woman's face, it's so ugly and bad!"

"I can't, I'm getting goose bumps if I look at it any longer!"

The crowd was in a commotion.

And Yang Xue's gaze just now had been on Si Zyue's body, she felt that Si Zyue was very familiar, but she just couldn't remember where she had met her before.

At this moment, when she saw this woman who had just arrived, Yang Xia glanced at her mouth in disgust.

Fang, on the other hand, his whole body even more violently shook wildly.

Because this voice was too familiar to him, he had waited for this voice for over twenty years.

But the person in front of him was really unbelievable to Fang different, this was his own original, nation-devouring daughter, Meng Ye?

"Monstress? Are you...are you Monstress?"

Different Fang asked with trembling hands.

The second and third oldest looked at Fang Mengniu in even more amazement, while going over to help Fang different.

"Father, it's been twenty years, Mengniu is back!"

Two lines of hot tears left in Fang Mengmai's eyes.


The second and third oldest were completely confused and looked at each other.


Rao Situ Hong and the others all couldn't help but suck in a breath of cold air.

"So it really is the Fang family's eldest Miss Fang Mengmai from back then, heaven forbid, no wonder the Fang family has searched for her for so many years but couldn't find her, she is as beautiful as a flower The Fang Mengmiao who made countless people fall in love with her has turned into this!"

"But, even if you see it on the street, it's not like anyone would recognize it!"

The crowd sobbed.

"Miss, what are you doing out here!"

Aunt Xia, the servant, on the other hand, ran over towards Fang Mengniu.

"Aunt Xia, in order to save Si Zyue, I can't not show up! Aunt Xia, I've also caused you a lot of pain over the years!"

Fang Mengniu said apologetically.

Then looked to her daughter Si Zyue who was looking at her in confusion.

"Si Zyue, I was the one who discussed this with your brother before, so I lied to you, I'm your mother!"

Fang Mengmai took up Si Zyue's hand.

As for Si Zyue, she finally understood.

Why was it that when she met Aunt Fang before, she felt intimate.

So she was the Fang Mengniu that she was looking for, her mother?

Si Zyue was in a complicated mood, she didn't know whether to call the woman in front of her who she felt extremely close to mother or Aunt Fang at this moment!

"I see! No wonder, we couldn't find out any clues about our aunt a while ago!"

Fanny said.

"Hmph, today is not your recognition meeting, Fang Mengmai, since you've come out, you have to give us an explanation for what happened back then! Right? You've been in hiding for over twenty years, and we've gone to a lot of trouble to find you!"

Situ Hong said coldly.

"Situ Hong, I know what you want, and you don't need to hold me hostage to the Fang family, that estate, even if it's not your turn, it's not your turn for several of you Attachment family to take charge, well, since you wanted to find me, now that I've shown up, I can go with you and do what you want with me!"

Fang Mengniu said.

Situ Hong was so angry that his face was going green.

Even though he had pursued Fang Mengmai in the beginning, but by now, the old love between man and woman had long been gone.

It would be fine if Fang Mengmare didn't come out, but if Fang Mengmare appeared, all of his plans would be ruined.

Even if I kill Fang Mengmare, I won't get the properties.

Situ Hong has been looking for Fang Mengniu for years, trying to find her and put her under house arrest.

But no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't find her.

It's like a time bomb.

But I didn't expect that it would explode at this critical moment.

Situ Hong and the others, suddenly became nameless.

"Hmph, you don't want us to let you go, someone, take her away!"

The heads of several vassal families were also annoyed.

They were directly angry.

Fang differently was about to stop them as well.

"Master, someone outside has sent up a birthday gift!"

At that moment, a butler-looking man came running over, panting and looking a little nervous.


"The birthday gifts are all worth a fortune!"

The butler seemed shocked.

"What? Who sent it?"

Today, all the right invitations had been extended to Fang.

The strength of these families was clear to Fang differently, and they were still unable to give a gift of great value.

Besides, even if they were ordinary, it was impossible for their butler to be scared like this.

The housekeeper swallowed his saliva and said, "He said they are old friends with you, from the South Ocean Chen family!"

"What? The South Pacific Chen family?"

Fang's different hands shook, and the cane fell to the ground.

And the entire crowd was all startled.

The South Ocean Chen family, anyone who belonged to the vassal or true lineage of the Fang family, knew it best.

The current Super Great Family.

It was also the South Ocean Chen Family that caused the Fang Family to not dare to raise their heads for decades.

An absolutely terrifying existence.

And the grudges between the Chen and Fang families were obviously known to everyone.

Inan Fong even walked to his grandfather's side at this moment.

The one who harmed the parents is the Chen family.

Now, is it finally time to meet this mysterious big enemy?

Situ Hong's face was slightly white, today's outburst, thought the timing was not right, now that the Chen family came, where there was still half a picture of him Situ Hong.

Usually, when they said something like taking the Chen family as an enemy, they were just saying that, who would dare to actually openly make an enemy of the Chen family.

Even though the Chen family had harmed many of them in the first place, in front of great power, Situ Hong, the head of these vassal families, wouldn't even dare to let out a fart.

And Chen Hao was watching from the side, somewhat confused.

Someone from his own family had come?

Yes, I did tell my subordinate where the Fang family was located, but I didn't expect it to be for the purpose of the South Sea Chen family?

Who's that again?

Chen Hao was curious.

And at this time the butler spoke again.

"It's the young master of the South Sea Chen family, Young Master Chen!"


"What? Young Master Chen of the Chen family?"

The crowd looked at each other.

"I've never heard of the Chen family having such a young master!"

"Ahem, you mustn't forget that the young lord of the Chen family is scattered to the folk by their Chen family, ordinary people can't get any news of him . Even if the Fang family had used a large amount of manpower to investigate back then, it was never found out!"

"I can't believe that Young Master Chen has returned to the family! Now, it has even found the Fang family! It's too powerful, no worse than the Chen Nearing back then!"

The people from the affiliated families were all talking about it.

Inan Fang was even more breathless, and there was an inexplicable excitement in her heart.

"Hello Young Master Yang, what is the origin of this South Ocean Chen?"

Now that the Chen family had arrived, these vassal families were naturally devoid of any picture.

Including the Long family.

Yang Xia was present as the second youngest grandmother of the Long family, and right now, she was also shocked by the different shocked attitude of Fang and was busy asking.

Mainly because when everyone shouted Young Master Chen, it made Yang Xia involuntarily think of someone.

"South Ocean Chen family, a very powerful hidden family, I heard that their weakest vassal family is about to catch up with the strength of the Fang family, moreover Don't mention us!"

Sturgeon said with a look of fear.

"Huh? There are still families like that in the world?"

After all, Yang Xia was midway to the top, and although she had gained a lot of insight, she was still shocked to hear Situ Yang's introduction.

"Of course there is, the Fang family has been fighting against the Chen family for so many years with their former heritage, but they simply can't fight it~! That's why they chose this way, to hide themselves from the Chen family in an attempt to take advantage of the opportunity to counterattack, hehe, and because of this, the Fang family Now that there's a great internal split, now that the Chen family has actually come to our door, of course we have to be afraid!"

Situ Yang took a deep breath and said.

"Then, then, then... how many assets does the Chen family have to own?"

Yang Xia was really shocked and was busy asking.

"I don't know, it's just rumored that half of the Earth's wealth has now been concentrated in the Chen family!"

As Situ Yang finished speaking.

Yang Xia's eyes completely widened.

Half of the Earth, what kind of concept this had to be.

And this South Sea Young Master Chen, what kind of existence must it be?

The crowd was all startled and talking about it.

"Yifan Yifan, come and listen na, it seems like a very powerful Young Master Da has come!"

A few girls pulled Zhao Yifan over.

"Huh? How awesome?" Zhao Yifan was surprised.

"Heavens, can't you see the faces of this group of absolute powerhouses are all white, they said that this Young Master Chen who came here has half of the Earth's O fortune! The South Pacific Chen family, that's awesome!"

The girls were excited.

After all, ah, the girls were already quite excited to see a rich and handsome man.

But they didn't expect to see such a powerful  Young Master Da.

When Zhao Yifan heard this, she directly covered her mouth.

But soon, she was nervous.

"You mean, the South Ocean Chen family, then this eldest young man is Young Master Chen?"

Zhao Yifan was also sensitive at once.

The heart suddenly became unspeakably uncomfortable. The reason for this was Chen Hao.

It was because she had already seen some things about Chen Hao before.

Her sister actually possessed such vast financial power.

Later on, she heard that Chen Hao's sister's family was in the South Ocean.

South Ocean, the Chen family?

Should I?

Zhao Yifan's breathing quickened.

If it was true, she really wanted to die! Now!

Rejecting Chen Hao, if Chen Hao was just an ordinary rich second generation.

Then Zhao Yifan would still be able to barely survive.

But then, what if it was of this level!

"They're coming!"

At this moment, someone shouted.

Only then did the commotion quiet down, and the crowd all paid attention to look.

There was a group of nearly a hundred people dressed in black suits and neat workmanship walking over.

The head of the group was an old man who looked to be around sixty years old, and next to the old man, there was also a young man dressed in formal attire, this young man, around twenty-two years old.

The body type was on the chubby side, with squinting eyes.

"He's South Ocean's Young Master Chen?"

"Yes, it must be him!"

The crowd swallowed their saliva, not daring to speak out loud.

Soon, the group of people arrived directly in front of Fang differently.

The imposing aura was just too strong.

"Ah Fu, is that you?"

Fang differently looked at the old man, smiled and said.

"Brother Fang, I'm afraid we won't see each other for fifty or sixty years, so don't be surprised!"

The old man also smiled slightly.

"Yeah, it's been fifty or sixty years in the blink of an eye, that slug that was next to the dotted line back then, it's now made into this kind of shape, if it wasn't for your The eyes haven't changed for so many years, I'm almost afraid to recognize you, it's been so long!"

It seemed that he thought of the past, and Fang differed with great emotion.

Back then, Fang different and Chen Dotsang were brothers in arms, and this old man called Ah Fu was Chen Dotsang's younger brother, hehe, time has passed, and now it's no longer the same.

"Yes Brother Fang, it's been a long time!"

Ah Fu smiled steadily.

Even though the enmity between the two families of Chen Fang was deep-rooted, the so-called big brother's arm-wrestling was a secret rivalry, and in the open, everyone was polite.

The Young Master Chen beside Ah Fu, on the other hand, was looking around in a hangdog manner.


At that moment, this Young Master Chen saw one person.

"It's you?"

"So that was you?"

Young Master Chen and the man spoke in unison.

What he saw, naturally, was Yang Xia.

Very surprised that Yang Xia actually appeared here.

And Yang Xia was even more surprised, this person she had dealt with.

Wasn't it Chen Hao's godbrother, the son of the richest man in Suzhou, Huang Yonghao?

How is he?

For some reason, Yang Xia suddenly felt inexplicably nervous.

"Aren't you Young Master Huang? How come it's Young Master Chen from the South Pacific?"

Yang Xia's face was a little pale.

And Fang Hanan was also slightly shocked.

She thought that this was the young master of the Chen family that she had fingered, Young Master Chen?

And Yang Xia's big tongue clicked through.

It caused Huang Yonghao to look embarrassed.

Huang Yonghao said, "Who says I'm Young Master Chen, I'm just following along to play, okay?"

"So it's not him, what about Young Master Chen?"

The crowd was astonished.

"Oh, Brother Fang, I've made you laugh, today we've come, in fact, for two things, this first one is, on behalf of the Chen family, along with the Young Master Chen is here to present you with your birthday gift. For years, our master has been regretting it, so he expected to meet with the Fang family to talk, but... and for many years, we couldn't get any news from the Fang family!"

Ah Fu smiled faintly, "But Brother Fang, don't worry, with my Chen family here, I don't think anyone would dare to mess with the birthday!"

Situ Hong and the others swallowed their saliva and stood back a step.

"As for the second matter, that is, our Chen family is going to take back Miss Si Zyue and the Second Lady of Monmouth, the Lady is our Lord's sister-in-law and Si Zyue Miss is a member of my Chen family, I think Brother Fang should be able to understand!"

Fang differed and took a deep breath.

Things had already developed to this point.

And the Chen family must have been prepared for this visit.

Fang differently wouldn't be able to say much even if he was looking at the big picture.

After all, now that the Fang family was exposed, it was in great danger at any moment, but the Fang family held a card that was very important to Chen Near East, so I'm sure Chen Near East wouldn't go too far.

If the two sides could negotiate, it could be said to be the best option at the moment.

"This is certainly understood!"

Fang differed and nodded.

"But Ah Fu, our Fang family was once on equal footing with the Chen family back then, and now you say that the Chen family's young master has come to congratulate me on my birthday, and as a result, he didn't It's a bit unreasonable to come, but instead you want me to send my daughter and granddaughter right out, isn't it?"

Fang different gazed.

"Oh, who said that our young master is not here, and, for your birthday, Brother Fang, our young master arrived at Fang's house a day early !"

Alfred smiled.

"What? Are you saying that Chen has arrived?"

Fang was different and shocked.

"Young Master Chen is already here? Where is it?"

The crowd was also surprised.


Ah Fu, on the other hand, was currently observing towards the surroundings.

According to what Zhu Ming had said, Young Master Chen had indeed arrived.

Everyone was also all watching each other.

"Oh my gosh I never thought that this Young Master Chen would actually come, how did I not know?"

Fang Yi was astonished.

Fang Yi also wants to see who that person is. Harmfully, she and Inan couldn't go out to play when they were young.

Even the few actresses who were escorting Chen Hao were all excitedly looking around for him.

It's not easy to get to know someone of Young Master Chen's stature.

However, it's good to meet some of the real top rich second generation.

It would be worth the trip.

Chen Hao looked at the scene in front of him and couldn't help but shake his head and smile bitterly.

In this situation now, it seemed that he would not be able to keep a low profile while he wanted to continue.

According to the original plan, he just wanted Zhu Ming to make some noise by planning a trip outside.

But how father knew about it and how he would send someone from the Southern Ocean family, these things were unclear to Chen Hao.

But it was just as well for the family to come.

His own mission was considered complete.

Right now, Chen Hao directly stood up.

Fang Yi's mouth fell open: "Chen Hao, what are you doing?"

A few actresses, however, were also a bit surprised.

"People are looking for Young Master Chen, what are you doing standing up as a handyman?"

"Hahaha, if you don't know, you'd think it was him!"

The actresses sneered and mocked.

The crowd was even more shocked by Chen Hao's actions and looked over towards Chen Hao.

"Chen Hao!"

Zhao Yifan, who was on the side, naturally recognized Chen Hao with a glance.

The current breathing was a bit shaky.

Unexpectedly, Chen Hao had really come, and it looked as if he had come with their group.

Huh? So last night, when she was drunk, the person who carried herself to bed and even changed her clothes was really Chen Hao?

I vaguely remembered that I seemed to have seen Chen Hao's.

And, was Chen Hao really...?

Reluctance, remorse, shame, and anger, all at once, all the emotions came flooding into Zhao Yifan's heart.

What if it was true?

What kind of existence did you reject in the first place?

And Yang Xia.

Unbelievably wide-eyed.

There was an instant feeling of fear of what was to come.

It was as if Chen Hao was a ghost that wouldn't go away, and he had come to Shu Capital to participate in an event that was out of the limelight, but he hadn't expected that it was here that he would still run into Chen Hao!

Yeah, who's most afraid of that outcome.

That would definitely be Yang Xia.

But never thought that Chen Hao would actually appear here.

Is he really some kind of Young Master Chen from the South Seas?

The South Sea Chen family, that was not at all comparable to the Dragon family.

Moreover, looking at Young Master Chen again after a period of time, Yang Xia felt that Chen Hao was more mature and stable.

This sense of growth also made Yang Xia very uncomfortable.

"Chen Hao... you!"

Inan Fang looked at Chen Hao who was walking over, his pretty face blushed slightly and he was surprised.

Could it be that he was the young master Chen whom she had fingered?

Not to mention Fang Hanan, Fang Mengmai was also surprised.

It had always been thought that Chen Ge was just the son and grandson of the Chen family, but I never thought that Chen Hao's father was actually Chen Near East.

"See Young Master Chen!"

Ah Fu looked at the young lord, full of smiles, you know that Ah Fu has always been Chen Near East's personal driver, as a child was hugged Chen Hao.

And Chen Hao's poor upbringing and educational journey had always been Ah Fu's responsibility.

So even though he had no direct contact with Chen Hao, he knew Chen Hao's character very well, and Chen Hao was mature, steady and introverted, more like the Lady in personality.

"Young Master Chen!!!"

The group of people behind them also shouted in unison.

Chen Hao nodded, "Uncle Fu, I didn't think you guys would come..."

"Master is worried that you can't handle the situation here alone young master, so he sent me over to assist!"

"Hey old man, I've really missed you too, so I came to see you!"

Huang Yonghao was also laughing.

The crowd all opened their mouths wide, especially the actresses, who could almost stuff their eggs.

"Impossible, this is absolutely impossible!"

Yang Xia, on the other hand, kept shaking her head in shock.

Honestly, although she had indeed been hurt and difficult when she learned that Chen Hao was a Jinling divine hero, everything had waited until she had entered the Dragon Family and disappeared.

At best, she was on equal footing with Chen Hao.

The heart was a little more balanced.

But now, Chen Hao was actually the South Ocean Young Master Chen, the world class level Great Divine Young Master, heaven forbid.

The Long family was like ants in front of Chen Hao's face.

Yang Xue was strongly stimulated.

"Grandpa Fang, now on behalf of the South Ocean Chen family, I will present the birthday gift, this is always fine, right?"

Chen Hao smiled.

Fang different sucked in a breath and nodded slightly.

Fang Yi, on the other hand, ran to the side of Fang inan.

"Ah? Inan, I can't believe that Chen Hao she is..."

Fang Yi was really surprised.

Fanny nodded her head with a red face.

Neither of them had thought that Chen Hao was really the young master of the Chen family.

The next thing would be simple.

Fang different could only go to negotiate with the Chen family.

After all, the Fang family had been exposed.

And what about Fang Mengmu and Si Zyue, Chen Hao would naturally take them with him.

After the birthday banquet ended.

Chen Hao's large group of people left.

Only a resigned Yang Xia and a complicated Zhao Yifan were left behind.

"Chen Hao!"

Yang Xia chased after her in shame and anger.

Immediately there was a bodyguard to stop Yang Xia.

"What is it?"

Looking at Yang Xia, Chen Hao asked with a little bitterness.

"Chen Hao, I'm asking you, what's going on here? You you're actually the Eldest Young Master of the South Pacific Chen Family? How is that possible?"

Yang Xia was out on her own.

She was quite calm, after all, there were things she had to carry behind the Long family's back.

However, if she let Chen Hao leave like that, Yang Xia was too unhappy.

Yeah, when she talked about it, Chen Hao was a famous poor, but after not long, he actually became so rich? It seemed like it was still the CEO of the Jinling Group.

This in itself made Yang Xia surprised.

Yang Xia wanted to know the answer, but Chen Hao just wouldn't tell him.

Now, I had thought that it was already comparable to Chen Hao, but as it turned out, he was actually the son of a global level divine hero, the top youngest.

Global level, what concept must that be!

And Chen Hao was also seeing that she wouldn't stop until she asked for clarification.

It was a bitter smile.

"Actually, at first, I felt quite surprised, I went back after that night and was very sad, but that time, my sister transferred 10 million to me as pocket money, I was scared to death when I saw so much money, and told me a secret that had been hidden for years, I turned out to be raised poor..."

Chen Hao told Yang Xia about the events of the time.

The more Yang Xia listened, the more her eyes widened.

This way, all of Chen Hao's things were clear.

"Alright, now that you know all about it, it's time for me to go!"

Chen Hao nodded his head.

"No, wait for Chen Hao!"

Yang Xia suddenly shouted anxiously.


"Chen Hao, why don't we make up? Even if it means being your concubine I'm willing to do it!"

"What did you say?"

Chen Hao stared at Yang Xia with wide eyes, incredulous.

"Huh? I...what did I just say?"

Yang Xia was also panicked, and due to her nervousness, she actually said what was on her mind.

Presently, she looked embarrassed.

"I...I'm talking nonsense, but Chen Hao, are we still friends?"

Chen Hao smiled bitterly and didn't say anything.

"There's nothing else, I'm leaving!"

After saying that, Chen Hao turned around cleanly and left.

After so much time had passed, the kind of romance with Yang Xia had been broken long ago.

Chen Hao also didn't have any feelings for her anymore.

Naturally, he wouldn't dwell with her too much.

At this time, Chen Hao who got into the car received a phone call.

Picking it up, it was actually a call from Su Tongxin.

Su Tongxin hadn't contacted her for almost half a month, but instead, Chen Hao was sending her a text message or something every now and then.

"Tongxin, what's wrong?"

Chen Hao asked with a smile.

"Have you... have you finished your busy work?"

Su Tongxin said.

All this time, Chen Hao had been sending Su Tongxin his updates, so Su Tongxin understood what Chen Hao was doing.

"When I'm done, I'm going back to the South Pacific today, I'll go to Hong Kong Island to look for you first!"

Chen Hao said with a smile.

"Okay, by the way, try to come over to me before tomorrow morning, tomorrow, I have received an assignment to interview an overseas expedition team, I I missed you! Especially want!"

During this time, Su Tongxin didn't tell Chen Hao about her grievances.

It was because Sister Chen Xiao's meaning was already clear, that Su Tongxin could barely enter the Chen family.

It also meant that she and Chen Hao wouldn't end up getting together.

But what? As long as there was a slight chance, Su Tongxin was willing to work hard.

Working hard to prove herself that she wasn't a vain flower vase, but rather tangibly able to stay by Chen Hao's side and help him.

It was this period of hard work that also allowed Su Tongxin to have the opportunity to lead her own team for an interview.

However, the more she did this, the more she missed Chen Hao.

"Alright, then, I'll see you tomorrow!"

Chen Hao smiled.

After chatting for a few moments afterwards, the two hung up the phone.

"Tongxin, how's it going? Is Chen Tongxin coming or not?"

As Su Mumeng packed the things she needed to prepare for this interview out, her roommates also smiled as she asked Su Tongxin.

After all, the last time we met, Chen Hao was only a Jinling's major youngster.

But since then, it was discovered that Chen Hao was actually a world-class youngster, and a very rich kind.

The so-called price is different, and the person has been transformed.

Su Mengmeng and the others are as if they have never seen Chen Hao and are eager to see him.

For this sailing interview, as the main reporter, Su Mumeng had the right to bring along two assistants.

These two assistants must be Su Mengmeng and Wu Wenwen.

Although Wu Wenwen was secretly fighting with Su Tongxin before, she was very close to Su Mu Han after the last TV Station Festival incident.

"He said he came!"

Su Tongxin smiled sweetly.

"Wow, that's great, brother Chen Hao personally came this time, I can imagine what it was like! Our boyfriends will also come to see us off then, Tongxin, why don't you introduce them to each other?"

Summers smiled.


The three of them were laughing happily.

Knock knock!

There was a knock at the door, and then the dormitory door opened.

It was Ma Nan.

"Tongxin, I saw your delivery just now when I was downstairs, so I brought it up for you three!"

Nan Ma said, bringing over three small packages.

"Hmm, thanks!"

Wu Wenwen snorted coldly.

The last time she helped Yang Hua Hua frame Tongxin, everyone was angry.

But Su Tongxinapparently didn't bother with her.

"Thank you Nan Ma, give it to me!"

Su Tongxin picked up on it.

"Tongxin, thank you this time for letting me get a chance to do a show on TV, thank you so much!"

"Don't mention it, we're all good friends! By the way, unwrap it and see what's inside the package!"

Su Tongxin said with a smile.

There were only three people in the dormitory Su Tongxin, and now Ma Nan was added.

Obviously, Ma Nan wanted to be closer to Su Tongxin and didn't leave.

"Heavens, how could a package be mailed to the three of us, couldn't it be our boyfriends, haha, definitely not!"

Su Meng Meng was brainless.

"I suppose it's from the expedition, after all, all three of us are considered part of the expedition's entourage!"

"Yes, yes, yes!"

Said the three men, each opening the package.

"Well? What's this? A pendant? It's not like that, it looks really weird!"

Summon took out like looking at something like a pendant.

It seemed to be a sun-like symbol of a large burning ball of fire.

"The expedition is too different, what's the point of giving us a pendant like this?"

Matilda Wu was puzzled and said, "And how come this pendant looks so uncomfortable?"

"It is a little strange!"

Su Tongxin was also surprised.

"Forget it, no matter, tomorrow is a great time for us to show off our skills, let's do this, my treat, let's go out tonight for a good The food!"

Summon said with a big smile.

"Well, by the way Nan Ma, you're coming with us! Let's go together!"

Su Tongxin invited.

Ma Nan nodded.

Meanwhile, late that night, a plane flying from Shudu to Hong Kong Island arrived without incident.

Then there was a special car that transported a group of people to a port location.

At this moment, the port location.


"Get out of my face, bitch!"

A young man smacked a girl hard in the face.

The force was used so hard that the girl was directly smacked to the ground.

Next to this, was the entrance of a seaside hotel.

"Damn, now that you remembered me and found me here, go to hell!"

The man said, and kicked the girl hard in the abdomen.

The girl was hurt and cowered on the ground.

And it was a sight for the man who was about to board the ship.

"If my new girlfriend misunderstands this, I'll throw you into the sea and feed you to the fish!"

The man said he would hit again.


Suddenly, his hand was firmly grasped.

"You...who are you?"

The man raged.

And the boy, gripping his hand slightly harder.


The man in pain immediately begged for mercy.

"Get out~!"

The boy's kick passed him a few meters away.

And the man, looking at the team behind the boys, didn't dare to talk much and hurriedly ran into the hotel.

Only then did the boy squat down and help the beaten girl up.

He was startled.

"It's really you!"

The boy was surprised.

When he was just now at the port, he thought the girl looked familiar.

He hadn't wanted to care, but the guy had obviously hit him too hard.

So he was very intolerant.

And the girl had been beaten so badly that she couldn't stand up, and now when she saw the boy, she looked surprised as if she had caught a straw.

"Chen Hao, is that you!?"

The girl cried.


"Well, I never thought I'd run into you here again!"

Chen Hao nodded his head.

This girl was not someone else, it was Zhao Yifan.

Originally, Chen Hao thought that he should not see Zhao Yifan again.

But I didn't expect that I was preparing to go to my sister's place first, but I ran into her here.

Zhao Yifan's matter, after following up Chen Hao understood some of it, he was quite upset.

Just felt that if she hadn't met her and she hadn't struck her like that, she should have lived a good life.

Moreover, just now, she was beaten by that man in such an abusive manner.

Chen Hao looked like it produced a slight feeling of heartache.

After all, Chen Hao didn't have any hatred for her.

"Are you alright?"

Chen Hao asked.

"I'm fine, hehe, I'm just a lost dog right now, you let him beat me up, Chen Hao, I'm Zhao Yifan, I'm a girl who loves money . I'll do anything for money, I'm such a bitch, you let me pass!"

Zhao Yifan cried as he crawled inside.

The more Chen Hao watched, the more he couldn't stand it.

"Zhao Yifan, why are you doing this?"

Chen Hao shook his head helplessly.

"Chen Hao, leave me alone, I don't deserve to be in charge of you, I did that to you before!"

Zhao Yifan sat on the ground and cried.

Now in this situation, if Chen Hao left her and walked away, he wouldn't feel good about it.

"Let's go, I'll lead you to your room first, it's so late, you should rest first."

Chen Hao returned and greeted a group of his men, who would naturally be impressed and arranged for a boat to wait for Chen Hao first.

And then, Chen Hao helped Zhao Yifan onto a nearby seascape hotel.

Let her rest first.

"You rest, I'm leaving!"

Chen Hao said.

"Chen Hao, don't you go!"

Unexpectedly, Zhao Yifan hugged Chen 
Hao tightly from behind all of a sudden.

"Chen Hao, don't go, please, I have so much to say to you, I didn't expect that in the end, the best person for me would still be you, it used to be I'm not okay! I know I'm not good enough for you right now, but just take pity on me and keep me company, okay? Just a moment!"

Zhao Yifan hugged Chen Hao quite tightly.


Chen Hao sighed, so he nodded his head and agreed.

However, Chen Hao still kept his distance from Zhao Yifan.

Even though Zhao Yifan was very much a goddess and extremely beautiful, Chen Hao wasn't so beastly as to take advantage of the danger.

There was red wine in the hotel.

Zhao Yifan walked over, opened a bottle, and poured two glasses of red wine over.

"Chen Hao, will you have a drink with me? Don't worry, I won't pester you, oh, I did care about your identity in the past, but then, I learned about your identity It was only after that that I realized how ridiculous I was, and I certainly won't pester you! And you have nothing to fear!"

Zhao Yifan said.

"You're injured, you'd better rest early."

Chen Hao shook his head.

"The wound I suffered is a wound in my heart, haven't they all said that the only cure for a wound in the heart is wine!"

"Fine, but I don't drink much, I have to leave when I'm done, and my men are waiting for me!"

Chen Hao received a glass of wine.

Listening to Zhao Yifan's story, Chen Hao drank three glasses of red wine in succession.

The main thing was that Zhao Yifan was alone in the field, already so pitiful, himself as a former classmate, she was also a good friend of Ma Xiaonan, if not to enlighten a little, it was really too much.

And looking at Zhao Yifan's drinking habit gradually came up.

Chen Hao hurriedly stopped.

"Alright, just drink these, Zhao Yifan, you rest early, have a good night's sleep, until the next day will also be fine, I really have something to do first Can't stay with you!"

After Chen Hao finished speaking, he stood up.


Suddenly my legs felt a little weak and my head felt a little dizzy.

"Is this wine so strong?"

Chen Hao thought to himself.

And then, Zhao Yifan hugged Chen Hao again at once.

Chen Hao wanted to break her hand, but he no longer had the strength.

Until it felt like the sky was spinning before his eyes, and finally, Chen Hao's eyes went black and he directly fainted on the bed.

Zhao Yifan covered his abdomen and wiped his tears.

Taking out his phone, he sent out a text message.

Immediately, someone came and knocked on the door.

When he opened the door, it was the man who had just beaten Zhao Yifan.

"Whew! Miss, it's done, I thought you had been picked up by this young master?"

The man smiled heedlessly.

"Here's your money, disappear immediately, and besides, I told you to be real, you're punching too hard, aren't you?"

Zhao Yifan said furiously.

"You don't say act like it, otherwise how would this rich young man believe it, hehe, I see this rich young man is unconscious, this night you It's free, or else?"

"Get out of here right now!"

Zhao Yifan glanced at the man in disgust and immediately closed the door.

Not bad, this was a play, a bitter play.

To be able to gain Chen Hao's trust and gain his sympathy.

Zhao Yifan was gambling.

After learning Chen Hao's true identity, all the illusions Zhao Yifan had had were shattered.

She knew that after saying goodbye to Shudu, she was afraid that she would never see Chen Hao again.

As such, there would be no possibility of having everything that she should have had on her own.

In the first place, she was one step away from the top-tier gentry.

She was unwilling.

So in order to seize the last chance.

Zhao Yifan went so far as to leave the service group herself and run back to Hong Kong Island.

Because of some things at the conference, Zhao Yifan also heard about it.

Chen Hao was supposed to bring people back.

She didn't know where the Nanyang Chen family was, but she knew where her sister was ah.

That's why she came here to put on this show.

She had thought that Chen Hao wouldn't come here.

But in the end, Chen Hao really did come.

No one knew Chen Hao better than Zhao Yifan, because she had studied it.

Chen Hao was the kind of person who had very soft ears, especially for girls, any girls.

And this was Zhao Yifan's breakthrough.

That's why we're at this point.

"Chen Hao, don't blame me, I really want to have you!"

After saying that, Zhao Yifan slowly* lowered his clothes....

The next morning.

The main harbor of the South Pacific port island.

A large passenger ship was ready to depart.

It was the expedition team's exclusive ship preparing to go to sea.

Many members of the expedition team had already boarded the ship one after another.

"Meng Meng, I'll see you in three days, I'll miss you!"


"Of course it's true!"

Summon is flirting with her subject.

So is Matilda Wu.

Her boyfriend had also come to see her off personally.

Only Su Mumon was standing at the port, waiting anxiously, dialing out from time to time with her phone.

"Sorry, the number you have dialed is off..."

Since morning, Su Tongxin had dialed more than two dozen times.

"Tongxin, why isn't Young Master Chen here?"

Su Meng Meng took her boyfriend's arm and walked over.

"Hmph, really think the golden tortoise is so easy to catch, I guess people don't pay attention to her at all, and I don't know which tender place she's in yet!"

A girl sneered.

"Hmph, Yang Hua Li, what are you talking about, and this time, you're just the one you've entrusted with the relationship to accompany us on our odd jobs, odd jobs understand? Shut the fuck up!"

Matilda Wu directly refuted.

Angry Yang Hua Hua was red in the face.

"Look guys, here comes a luxury car!"

Just then, a few boys standing on the boat excitedly pointed in one direction and shouted....


"A limo?"

Su Tongxin heard the words and hurriedly looked over there.

There was a sports car that was racing towards the port location.

Su Tongxin's heart was thumping.

Chen Hao? Is that Chen Hao coming?

Su Tongxin took a step forward.

At this moment, the car had stopped.

A young man held a bouquet of flowers in his hand and walked down from the car.

Such a romantic scene, the entire crowd that was made, couldn't help but squeal out in envy.

"Lili, I'm sorry I'm late!"

The youth took off his sunglasses and smiled.

"My dear, it is not too late to rejoice that you have come from so far away to see me!"

Yang Gorgeous excitedly jumped towards the boys.

When she reached Su Tongxin, Yang Hua Hua also sneered and said.

"Why are you standing so close to the front when my boyfriend is here? Still think it's your golden boy coming for you?"

Yang Hua Li was really satisfied with her vanity now.

Because she felt that the main event of the day should be Su Tongxin, after all, her husband was really too powerful.

But just as she had imagined.

A rich second generation like Young Master Chen, how could a girl like Su Tongxin be the one to reach up to?

How about in the end, people Young Master Chen didn't even pay attention to him, still want to come, dream on.

Now Yang Hua Hua had lost to Su Tongxin in his career, but emotionally won over her, of course happy.

"What are you talking about golden turtle son-in-law?"

The boy took Yang Gorgeous's hand and said.

"Haha, it's someone who got a particularly extraordinarily rich boyfriend and said that his boyfriend would come to see him for her, and then people Not coming at all!"

Yang Hua Hua deliberately said very loudly.

Su Tongxin's was so anxious that she wanted to cry.

It wasn't because of Yang Hua Li's words, but because Chen Hao didn't pick up his phone and also forgot about his agreement with him last night.

Did Chen Hao really not love himself anymore?

At this moment, Su Tongxin thought a lot.

"Hand over all the phones, all personnel verify their identities to board the ship!"

At this time, the staff of the expedition said.

Su Tongxin and the others boarded the ship one after another.

When the passenger ship started, Su Tongxin was all thinking that a miracle would happen.

Chen Hao would show up at the last minute, after all, he had promised himself that he would come, he had never lied to himself.

But as the coastline drifted away in front of his eyes until it became a line, Su Tongxin couldn't help but shed tears....

The port, and many people had all gone back.

Just at this moment, a limousine came speeding towards this place.

The value of the luxury car attracted the attention of many people in the port.

Then, a rich young man and an old man stepped out of the car.

But at the port, where there was still half a passenger ship.


Chen Hao smashed the body with exasperation, he was late.

On the way, Chen Hao had also called Su Tongxin, but what, prompting Su Tongxin's phone to turn off, if he could arrive early, he would definitely be able to see Mu Han.

It was mainly because he had promised Su Tongxin and broken his promise.

This morning, as soon as Chen Hao opened his eyes, he saw Zhao Yifan on top of him.

Chen Hao knew that he had been counted out last night, so he scolded Zhao Yifan.

Then he hurriedly came over.

Uncle Fu, naturally, waited for himself all night at the port.

Now, Chen Hao's heart was filled with guilt.

If it wasn't because he was sympathetic up, he wouldn't have fallen for Zhao Yifan's trap.

In front of Chen Hao's eyes, it was as if he could see the disappointed and expectant eyes of Su Tongxin as he boarded the ship, and the more he thought about it, the more his heart just ached.

In the end, they simply sat down here at the port, exasperated.

There was no choice but to wait for Tongxin to return a few days later and explain this incident last night to her clearly.


The day passed quickly, it was night, and the passenger ship was moving into the ocean hinterland.

This night, the sea was very calm, only the vague whistling of the sea breeze could be heard.

"Tongxin, don't think about what happened during the day, it's been a tiring day today, have something to eat!"

Su Meng Meng brought some food for Su Tongxin, who was in a very low mood today.


Su Tongxin nodded.

"Gee, that's boring, why did the expedition take our phones away?"

Su Meng Meng said that losing the phone was like losing her soul.

"Oh, this is still true, it must be afraid that we will leak expedition secrets chanting, alas, the inspection of this is called a strict, my watch is taken away from me Up!"

Matilda Wu also said.

"By the way, they say they're here to examine the quality of the ocean, but I feel as if they're not here to examine that, and the people who are, There seems to be a few hostilities in particular, like *people*!"

Summon discussed, also trying to distract Summon's attention.

"Huh? How so?"

Matilda Wu was surprised.

"My brother is *human*, so I can see that there's no need to be so grand if it's just an investigation into the quality of the ocean, right? And I went to their conference room today to move things around, and guess what I saw?"

Summers lowered his voice.


Su Tongxin and Wu Wen Wen looked up and asked.

Yes, they also found the expedition a bit mysterious today, half of the morning, they were urgently researching some topic.

"I saw a drawing they used for the meeting, it looks like there's something like a building drawn on it, hahaha, the expedition team won't be looking for The Dragon Palace, right?"

Su Mumeng finished laughing.

Su Tongxin and Wu Wen Wen looked at each other, the more Su Meng Meng said, the more evil it became.

"Really fake ah?"

"Of course it's true, I won't lie to you! And their people, they gave me a very stern warning and scared me so much that I ran away right away!"

Summon threw up her tongue.

"This is none of our business, let's just do our job!"

Su Tongxin smiled bitterly.

Wu Wenwen and Su Mumeng nodded in unison.

At this time, a sound of footsteps suddenly sounded outside.

Then Su Tongxin's room door was rattled.

Opening the door, she saw Yang Hua Hua standing outside with her shoulders in her hands.

"What are you doing?"

Su Meng Meng said.

"Professor Shen is having a meeting, I'll let you know!"

Yang Hua Hua was a little unconvinced.

Su Meng Meng smiled proudly, "Fine, then tell Professor Shen that we'll be right there!"

Yang Hua Hua rolled her eyes and then left.

Professor Shen was the captain of this expedition team.

Already seventy years old, he had pulled in sponsorship to form the expedition team this time, and was a very strict old scholar.

Su Tongxin especially respected him because he knew too much.

At that moment, everyone gathered in the conference room for a meeting.

The ones who came this time, along with Su Tongxin and the others, were a total of 32 members.

This meeting was nothing else, it was supposed to be a simple meeting to emphasize the precautions of the trip.

But halfway through the meeting.

Professor Shen Wenhua suddenly coughed violently.

And scratching his neck from time to time.

Since Su Tongxin was sitting right next to Professor Shen Wenhua, she inadvertently glanced at the back of Professor Shen's neck.

At this glance, Su Tongxin was just stunned....


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