The Unknown Heir 396-401


"Third Miss, you really can't enter, it was specifically ordered by the Master!"

Outside the door, a bodyguard officer, said to a girl who was about twenty years old.

"Good, I didn't expect there to be a place in the Fang family that Fang Qian can't go in anymore, my elder and second sisters don't like me, and now even grandpa doesn't like Me? The more you don't let me in, the more I have to go in and see! Get out of my way!"

Fang Qian pushed the bouncer away, and now wrenched open the door and rushed in.

This room, the decoration was already incomparably luxurious.

Most of the furnishings in it are the antique style of the European aristocrats in the 1960s, which is the most luxurious aristocratic room in the Fang family, except for grandfather's room.

When there was nothing else to do, Fang Qian always liked to come in and take a look, and like most of the Fang family members, she was proud to live here.

I heard that this was the room where her aunt used to live.

Fang Qian, who was already lonely and lonely in the Fang family, was in a bad mood, plus she heard that someone else was living in this room.

Just wanted to come and have a look.

As a result, she was not allowed to enter.  

After rushing in.

It startled the Su Zyue and Aunt Xia inside.

"You are? You look familiar, who are you?"

After seeing Su Zyue, Fang Qian was shocked.

"My name is Su Zyue!"

"Su Zyue? I've never seen you at Fang's before, have I?"

Fang Qian looked Su Zyue up and down.

Aunt Xia didn't expect that Fang Qian would barge in.

"You are the third miss right, Miss Zyue was ordered by the master to stay here and she needs to heal..."

"Hmm, I know, I'm not sure why grandpa let you live here, but there must be his reasons... that, you go out first One down, I have something to say to Miss Zyue!"

Fang Qian said.

Aunt Xia Xia looked at Su Zyue, and Su Zyue nodded to Aunt Xia.

And only after that she went out.

Fang Qian hurriedly closed the door.

Turning around happily, she said, "I have one thing I want to ask you for, that, can you lend me this room for one night? You're moving to my room?"

Fang Qian bar, the purpose of wanting to sleep in this room has been long overdue.

Su Zyue didn't know how to answer her, and to be honest, she was now hoping that Chen Hao would come and save her from going out with Aunt Xia and then go to reunite with her family.

So there wasn't much energy for the people and things here.

Right now Su Zyue didn't say anything.

"What do you mean, we can't even move to another room?"

Fang Qian pinched her waist.

And at this moment, the bodyguard pushed open the door and came in.

"Third Miss, the master ordered me to take you to see him now!"

The bouncer snarled.


Fang Qian angrily looked at Su Zyue and then at the bodyguard.


A slap smacked the bouncer in the face.

"Don't you dare snitch on me, wait for me!"

After saying that, after glancing at Su Zyue, he left in anger....

"Qian'er, what's wrong with you again?"

At this time, in the middle of this room area, Fang Hanan and Fang Yi walked over.

However, Fang Qian didn't say anything and just walked away angry.

Seeing that Fang Qian had come out from the room that used to be her aunt's, Fang Hanan asked the bodyguard faintly.

"Is there someone in the aunt's room?"

"Yes! Missy!"

"What people?"

"His Lordship has instructed that it cannot be told to the public, so you should not ask your subordinates anymore!"

The bodyguard said.

Inan Fang took a deep breath and looked towards his former aunt's room, frowning slightly.

These days, Grandpa seemed to be hiding something from himself.


Only halfway through the investigation of Auntie's affairs, she ordered herself not to investigate.

But since she was a child, Fang Hanan hated this kind of half-truths.

So today, she originally wanted to come with Fang Yi to take a look at her aunt's room, to find some useful clues.

But the aunt's room, which she never let others get their hands on, who could be living in it?

"Hey, honey, let's sneak over and take a look."

Fang Yi couldn't help but be curious.

"Don't mess around, let's leave first, it's grandpa's birthday banquet soon, I don't want to make grandpa angry!"

Fang Hanran still left with curiosity.


Two days later.

Qing City, inside a hotel that was directly monopolized.

"Little Chen, have you bought all the materials I asked you to buy, wait until later, then go and order it again for me, we are going to set up this evening It's time for the ceremony, the materials must be complete, if we miss the big event tomorrow, we won't be able to eat our way out!"

A lady in her thirties said to the young man named Chen Hao.

"Okay Supervisor Li, I got it!"

The youth said.

"And there's more, the group of chefs from the South Seas will cook a supper out later, and that group of stars is also really hard to serve, so late at night There's still a card game to entertain, so you can send snacks over to them one by one."

"No problem!"

This young man, naturally, is Chen Hao.

Auntie Fang was Auntie Fang, and the doorway was indeed wide.

Chen Hao, Heavenly Dragon, Earth Tiger and the others, very smoothly blended into this team two days ago.

The Fang family's birthday banquet.

According to the custom every year.

It needed to invite famous local chefs from all over the world, as well as famous actresses from all over the world, as well as a ceremonial team.

The arrangement was naturally unprecedentedly large.

So this trip, Chen Hao's entire brigade had quite a few people.

The kitchen over there quickly prepared the evening meal.

After saying a word to Supervisor Li, Chen Hao took the midnight snack and went to deliver something to those big-name stars.

Inside, seven or eight actresses, divided into two tables, were playing mahjong.

"Your midnight snack!"

Chen Hao said.

There were many young stars inside, but Chen Hao had seen them all from TV.

"Whew! Where's this little brother from, he's not bad looking, come here and let your sister touch him!"

"Pfft, you're winning too many happy ones, watch out for this little brother!"

Another actress quips.

"How so? I'm not going to eat him! Hahaha!"

When playing mahjong, the winner is naturally happy and the loser is naturally impatient.

And when Chen Hao put a night snack for a female singer.

She didn't pay attention and directly touched the supper on the floor, splashing oil stains on her calves.

"Huh? How the fuck do you do your job?"

Directly at Chen Hao, he yelled at him.

Paralyzed, I really want to snap your face!

Seeing this female singer act like that, Chen Hao felt angry in his heart.

But now, for the sake of the greater good, Chen Hao didn't act that way.

He ate a dumb loss.

Afterwards, Chen Hao carried the supper and went into another room.

"Alright, help us put it here! Thank you so much!"

There were only two people in this room, the ceremonial staff of the group of stars next door.

They were both little girls about the same age as themselves.

Right now, they were both engrossed in removing their makeup from the mirror.

So they pointed to the side and asked Chen Hao to put it there.

But Chen Hao stood there and carefully stared at one of the girls for a while before he finally recognized the girl.

Fuck! This can't be a coincidence, can it?

Chen Hao was shocked.


This girl wasn't someone else, it was Zhao Yifan.

Chen Hao hadn't seen her for a long time, and after what happened, when she heard that Zhao Yifan had gone to the South Pacific, she was from the Broadcasting and Presiding Department, so naturally it was more appropriate for her to choose to study and intern there.

But I didn't expect that this time, the ceremonial team actually had her!

Chen Hao was surprised.

"Right little brother, can you help us clean up the ground? Thank you!"

At this moment, the other girl said without turning her head.


Chen Hao himself had come in as an odd-job man, and I don't know how Aunt Fang had arranged for the two of them to be an idle position, Tian Long Di Hu.

And he, Chen Hao, was an errand boy, was this his fate? Hehe.

It doesn't matter though, Chen Hao is used to it.

"Yifan, this time out, let's just take a break from it, alas, it's also true that you had a hard time leaving that sad place in Jinling, Ben I thought that I could have my own piece of the sky in the South Seas, but I never thought that something like that would happen again, alas! Actually, it should have been yours! If that's the case, we can follow along and dip our toes in the water!"  

The girl said as she removed her makeup.

Girls well, a day is not just two things it, daytime makeup, night to remove makeup.

"Don't mention it, although I surface hard mouth, but small Han you know what, I really regret in my heart, all the time regret, because In the beginning, I had a good impression of him, he was good-looking and honest and nice to people, but he was just too poor. So for a while, I didn't know what was going on, and I started to hate him!"

Zhao Yifan also doesn't take off his makeup, and is currently lying on the makeup remover, scribbling with an eyebrow pencil.

It was obvious that his heart was heavy.

"But Han, sometimes our girls feel just strange, and it's not just that after he got rich, I started to him slowly The transformation, how shall I put it, is like when he was slightly mixed up, and I didn't know he was rich, I just knew he wasn't like I was poor and starving like that before, so I started slowly trying to accept him and be friends with him!"

"Until the day I returned to class in our department with my housemates, and he stood in the doorway of the building with flowers in his hands, and wouldn't you know it, I The heart was actually touched and agreed to be with him, so I thought ah, we can have a good relationship for once!"

"But you know, he played me. Oh, I wonder why it's so hard for me to start a good relationship, I I was really outraged at the time and even wanted to kill him, he played with my emotions like that!"

Zhao Yifan was crying as she said that.

The other girl didn't take off her makeup either, and patted Yifan's shoulder, "Actually, we girls are often helpless, sometimes destined to I've been cheated by boys like them, especially rich ones like him! I reckon he's probably getting back at you!"

"Get back at me for what? To get back at me for looking down on him? Not with him? Little Han, who wouldn't want their other half to be richer, if not too rich, at least happy? Will you be able to feed yourself? After all, a relationship is only as secure as the economy is secure, and it's not that I'm a worshipper of money, but that's what I think is the reality of the situation !"

Zhao Yifan said, "I never regretted that I looked down on him before, because he was, indeed, characterless at that time!"

"Ugh, but Yifan, I have to say your hopes are slim, that Chen Hao, seems to be very dead set on Su Mu Han! Alas, it's uncomfortable for anyone to miss out on a lofty opportunity like this!"

The girl advised.

"But I still want to try my hardest, so how do you know you won't get a chance if you don't try!"

"Ugh, the more you talk, the more annoyed you get, Han, I want a drink, why don't you have a good drink with me for once!?"

"Well, I'd like to drink too, to celebrate our early departure from these damned youths! That little man, go get us a couple of bottles of red wine and three grams of oil!"

Little Han looked at Chen Hao and said.


Chen Hao didn't dare to speak ah, so he nodded his head and walked out now.

At first, Chen Hao thought it was quite interesting to hear Zhao Yifan's story, thinking that Zhao Yifan had started a brand new romance.

But to Chen Hao's surprise, after talking for half a day, it was about himself ah.

To Zhao Yifan, at the moment, Chen Hao was more or less carrying a bit of guilt in his heart.

Blame it on the fact that he didn't make it clear at first, making Zhao Yifan misunderstand that he was chasing her.

As a result, after the two became one, he told her the truth again.

This was undoubtedly a very strong blow to a girl, especially one with a high self-esteem like Zhao Yifan.

And indeed, he had done something inappropriate.

Chen Hao shook his head and went to get two bottles of red wine for them.

Unexpectedly, when they drank it up, Xiaohan asked Chen Hao to help them pack their suitcases again.

It really owed them.

It was good that Zhao Yifan had something on his mind and his eyes weren't even on himself.

When they finished packing, the two of them had already drunk two bottles of red wine.

Zhao Yifan also came to the wine mood, a strong want wine.

Chen Hao had no choice but to take it to them.

However, Zhao Yifan soon drank too much.

Just as Chen Hao was about to leave.


Zhao Yifan was dry heaving for a while, then directly croaked on the ground.

Little Han, on the other hand, was already sleeping unconscious on the bed.

"I still want to drink, I still want to drink!"

Zhao Yifan said as he cried.

Chen Hao who had reached the door stopped.

Looking at Zhao Yifan, Chen Hao's heart surfaced.

"If it wasn't for his appearance, Zhao Yifan wouldn't know how happy and relaxed his life is?"

But just because of some things, although he lost his feelings for her, but seeing her like this, if he didn't give her a hand, Chen Hao really couldn't bear to see her.

Presently, he came over again.

"Alright, don't drink, you still have work to do tomorrow, rest early!"

Having said that, Chen Hao directly picked up Zhao Yifan and put her on the bed.

He was about to cover her with the blanket.

Chen Hao's hand was suddenly grabbed by Zhao Yifan.

"Chen Hao, is that you? Is that really you?"

Zhao Yifan's eyes were hazy with tears.

"It's not me, you're mistaken!"

Chen Hao snapped her fingers.

"You're finally willing to see me, I have a lot to explain to you, so don't go yet, just hear me out!"

I don't know if Zhao Yifan was talking nonsense.

At this moment, he was holding Chen Hao's arm in a death grip.

"I knew it was impossible for us, so I tried every possible way to forget you, even, I tried to find a new boyfriend to start a A new love affair to forget you, but, though I don't say it, I'm still thinking of you, and I so hope one day you'll come around! "

"I'm not the kind of girl you think I am, and I'm even less casual, and I'm still a virgin to be able to be with you in the future , really Chen Hao, give me another chance!"

Zhao Yifan pulled on Chen Hao's arm and said.

And when he heard that Zhao Yifan was still a ** body for himself, in Chen Hao's heart, even though he didn't like Zhao Yifan anymore, he still had a trace of emotion....


Waiting until the next morning.

Zhao Yifan woke up.

She drank a lot of alcohol last night and her head slightly hurt.

She just took a long breath and wanted to sit up.

But then she suddenly noticed something was wrong.


Zhao Yifan lifted the blanket towards his own body under the covers and was shocked.

"Little Han! Han!"

Zhao Yifan shouted fiercely.

Xiaohan also woke up, "What's wrong Yifan?"

"Look at that, I've changed my clothes into my pajamas, I remember last night when we were drinking and I was wearing mine. Why did you change into your pajamas?"

"Did you change my clothes for me?"

Zhao Yifan was busy asking.

"No, I fell asleep drunk early last night. You're hallucinating, aren't you, who would change your pajamas ah? I'll go, wouldn't I have to take off all the clothes you were wearing to do that?"

Xiaohan was also nervous and was busy asking Zhao Yifan if there were any other sensations in his body.

"Think about it, did you change yourself last night ah?"

Zhao Yifan rubbed his eyebrows, unable to figure it out.

"Last night, I think I had a dream, I saw Chen Hao, he helped me to the bed, I can't remember the rest! Oops, what a rush, what happened?"

Zhao Yifan was in awe.

But after carefully feeling his body, there was indeed no other strange feeling, which made Zhao Yifan feel slightly at ease.

At that moment, it was full of doubts that he got up and packed his things, preparing to rush to the conference site.

Chen Hao and Tian Long Di Hu, also accompanied the team to the convention site.

Last night, Zhao Yifan hadn't even finished his sentence when he started to vomit like crazy, not only vomiting all over himself, but also all over Chen Hao.

Soon after, he started to take off** himself.

Chen Hao was really drunk, so she quietly tipped the hotel attendant three thousand dollars to help change Zhao Yifan's clothes and clean the room.

It was also true that going to Fang's house was secretive.

In a short while, there is a special car to arrive, but also let everyone blindfolded, mobile phones are also all turned off to shield.

Obviously, they didn't want anyone to know where the Fang manor was.


And right now, the Fang Manor, morning.

Already, bits and pieces of luxury cars and giants had begun to arrive one after another.

"Father, I was hoping you could help me mention that matter!"

Inside the car, Situ Yang looked to his father, Situ Hong.

"Hehe, don't worry, this time, I will be courteous to the Fang family, if the Fang family agrees, it's just fine, if not, huh? Then we can't blame our Situ family!"

Situ Hong smiled coldly.

Then, driving into the manor, Situ Hong directly met with the old master of the Fang family.

"Ah Hong, what is it that you want to see me about?"

The study room of the old master of the Fang family, Fang different looked to Situ Hong and asked.

"Master, it's also nothing, I want to talk about the two people inan and Xiao Yang, as you know, they are childhood sweethearts . Growing up together since childhood, the relationship is also good, hehe, I wonder if my Situ family has the blessing to let Xiao Yang become the Fang family's son-in-law. If I really have this blessing, then my Situ family is truly the remaining yin of my ancestors!"

Situ Hong was respectful.

He also knew that his son had been in love with Fang Hanan for a day or two.

But unfortunately, that girl, Fang Hanan, was so high-minded and arrogant that she didn't even like his own son.

Just ask which of the Fang family members look at all these years when Situ Hong has done so much for the Fang family?

By all rights, how could Situ Hong, as an affiliated family, dare to take the initiative to ask for a marriage from the main clan, but Situ Hong did so, and look what Fang's old master said.

Fang, on the other hand, had a slightly furrowed brow.

"You mean inan's marriage to Xiao Yang?"

Fang differed with a bitter smile.

"I'm afraid this, I have to follow the opinion of the inan! Alas, let the young people mind their own business, Hong!"

Even though Fang was unhappy in his heart, he did not say anything at the moment.

However, this speech was declined.

His own granddaughter, Fang Inan, naturally doesn't like Situ Yang.

"Parents' orders, matchmaker's words, I believe that as long as you, Master, say a word, inan won't refuse!"

Situ Hong, however, pressed on step by step.

"Could it be that Master you think that our little Yang, who is simply not worthy of an inan, will humiliate the Fang family?"

Fang said differently.

"Oh, that's not true!"

Fang differed and smiled.

And just at this moment, the door of the study gently buckled.

It was Fang Hanan who walked in.

"Grandpa, this is the arrangement of the guests and activities that need to be present today, take a look!"

Inan Fong is mainly responsible for organizing the conference this time.

"Put it here, I don't worry about what you do, inan."

"Inan, you're just in time, I'm talking to the Master about you!"

Szeto Hong looked at Fang Hanran and smiled.

"O? Uncle Stu talking about me? That would be a real honor for me."

Inan Fang smiled coldly.

"Yes, I'm discussing with the Master about your marriage to Xiao Yang, inan, you're not young anymore, you should think about your own It's a lifelong event, you and Xiao Yang's childhood sweetheart, I'm afraid you're the most suitable couple!"

Stuart Hong chuckled.

"Sorry Uncle Stu, I wouldn't consider it now! Let your son go find someone else!"

Inan Fang is cold.

Seeing Fang Hanran doesn't give Situ Hong any face at all.

Situ Hong's face turned green directly.

Inan, even if you are in love with Ah Yang, the two of you are still in love. It won't be together, because Inan, from the moment you are born, you are already destined to be someone else's!"

This statement startled both Fang Hanan and Situ Hong.

"Master, what do you mean by this?"

Inan Fang was also surprised and looked at his grandfather.

"It's a long story to tell, Ah Hong Hanan, you should also know some of the grudges between the two families of Chen Fang, right?"

Fang said differently.

Situ Hong frowned gloomily, or nodded his head.

"Alas, even though the Chen and Fang families had a feudal dispute and secretly fought in my previous generation, there was a period of peace between them period, when it was Chen Dim Cang, the father of the head of the Chen family, who was in power, and when I was young, I had a brotherly relationship with Chen Dim Cang. Later, the two of us each succeeded to the position of head of the family, and because of this, the dispute between the two Chen families was stopped! And there is the gesture of alliance, and the only medium for alliance is..."

Fang said differently, as if remembering the past.

"The condition of the alliance is my marriage contract?"

Inan Fong was surprised.

"Well, it's a coincidence, Inan, you and Chen dim Cang's first grandson were born in the same year and month and on the same day, and at that time we made a marriage contract to let you Married to Dim Cang Chen's grandson!"

"Only, after a violent conflict with his son, he simply let go and never interfered with any of the Chen family's affairs again. He doesn't accept the alliance, instead he wants to make our family submit to him by himself! Chen family. At that time, the open and covert fighting began again, and then, after that, your aunt's incident happened, and the Chen family broke up completely..."


"But just because Chen didn't show up doesn't mean the engagement is over, in fact, from then until now, even though Chen was hostile to The Fang family, however, did not come to have the marriage contract torn up. As long as it wasn't torn up, then the marriage contract would remain! Whether the Chen family admits it or not!"

Fang said differently.

Looking at Szeto Hong again, "Hong, you understand what I mean, right?"

"I can't imagine that the Chen family still has such a past, but the Chen family is still fighting to this day, Master, this marriage contract, I think has been It's automatically over!"

Situ Hong was reluctant.

"Although Chen Nearing has had a great conflict with Dim Cang Chen, I think, lending him ten guts, he wouldn't dare to change Dim Cang Chen privately Set the rules!"

"Good, Master, then I'll forget about this matter, but the Chen and Fang families have fought for so many years, and that incident with Fang Mengmai back then, caused We don't know how many deaths and injuries our various families have suffered, and we won't forget the feud with the Chen family!"

Situhiro warned, then left directly afterwards.

"He's really getting reckless!"

Inan Fang coldly said.

But then ran over and rubbed grandpa's shoulder, "But no matter how good Situ Hong is at attacking hearts and minds, he's not as good as grandpa, but he actually came up with the idea of Something like that to trick him, haha!"  

"Hehe..." different Fang patted the back of Fang inan's hand, "inan, grandpa didn't lie to her, you are indeed engaged to the young master of the Chen family! !"


Fang Hanran was stunned.

"How is this possible? Are you serious, Grandpa?"

Inan would never have imagined that such a thing could happen to him.

"Of course it's true!"

"But grandpa, I just can't understand, if there was a marriage reconciliation between the Chen Fang family, why did the aunt and the then Second Young Chen What about the fact that peace is opposed by so many people?"

Fang Hanran said in confusion.

"You're not the same as your aunt yet, the time you were born, Dim Cang Chen was in power, and when you were a year old, the Chen Near East was in power and the Chen Near East sent Chen Pingan came to our Fang family to steal one of our family treasures, once we lose it, our Fang family will be The earth is falling apart, so Chen Dong Yi has sinister intentions. Grandpa doesn't want to lose his daughter and his family!"

"Huh? What's that?"

Fanny was astonished.

"Now you can't know! I'll tell you when you make it to the point your aunt did back then!"

Fang differed and smiled.

"But grandpa, that thing about my marriage contract, does it still count now?"

Fang Hanan asked the question that worried him most.

"Honestly, Grandpa doesn't know if it still counts. Alas! There are times when it's frustrating!"

"Then grandfather, why hasn't the young master of the Chen family heard from him in so many years?"

Fang Hanran asked.

"The young master of the Chen family, naturally, was poorly raised by the Chen Near East, leaving him scattered among the people, and despite the many cover-ups carried out by the Chen Near East, so I've found some clues. If I'm right, the famous Jinling Chen is related to the Chen family. The young master has a great connection!"

"Jinling Young Master Chen?"

Fang Hanran was surprised.

"That's right, but whenever I send people to try to investigate further, Chen Nearing will immediately give a reaction, and with that Young Master Chen, firmly Wrapped up so that I can't even scrutinize it!"

Fang Hanran heard this.

She has already understood many things.

It turns out that she and Jinling Young Master Chen, have a marriage contract.

Oh, this makes Fang Hanran have a strong sense of unreality in her heart.

I hate the Chen family and everyone in it.

Because of them, she killed her parents.

But now, it felt like the heavens had played a joke on her....

"Grandpa, what about Dim Cang Chen?"

Fanny asked again.

"He's gone into seclusion and hasn't been seen for a full twenty years!"

"The Chen family's affairs are quite complicated, not simpler than our Fang family!"

Fang explained differently.

The master and grandson talked for a long time in the study.

In the blink of an eye, many guests had already arrived at the conference.

Fang's second son was in charge of the reception outside.

"Mr. Situ, you're here so early!"

Most of the people who came, came over to say hello to Situ Hong.

Apparently, the two brothers of the Fang family were no match for Situ Hong in the eyes of the crowd.


The second, on the other hand, looked at the scene in front of him and threw up his hands in indignation.

Suddenly at this moment.

Someone shouted, "Yanjing Long Family, presenting a white jade idol!"

"Well? The Yanjing Dragon Family?"

The crowd was surprised.

How did the Dragon Family come to such an event?

Although the Fang family had a little friendship with the Long family, and the Long family had climbed on top of the Fang family, but after so many years, there was nothing for the Long family long ago.

Now that the old master's birthday was coming up, most of the people invited were the Fang family's first family.

The Long family, on the other hand, belonged to the outside line.

Everyone was talking about it.

The second and the third also looked at each other.

"The Yanjing Long Family, it seems like we haven't invited them before, right?"

The two were surprised.

"Oh, second and third young master, the Long family came with my Situ family, and as soon as they heard about the old master's birthday, the Long family sent a representative over specially . It shows the respect people have for each other!"

Situ Hong was speaking now with a bit of coldness.

"Situ Hong, how dare you, you are the only one worthy of bringing guests to my Fang family? What are you?"

Seeing Situ Hong's face to come, and the old master's face to come, naturally they are two different things.

"Second uncle and third uncle, don't be angry, since you're here, that's a guest, the Situ family is also an affiliated family of our Fang family, the person he invited , with our Fang family, they are all family, right Uncle Szeto?"

At this time, Inan Fang came out and smiled faintly.

"Hahaha, it's still my inan niece who understands, I see that some people, the more they live, the more they go back!"


The second and third oldest were indignant.

And as we spoke, the representative of the Dragon Family had already arrived.

"Well? Why a woman?"

The crowd was amazed, the Long family had about a dozen people in their party, but the one who hit the head was a girl about twenty-two years old.

"She should be the fiancée of the Long family's second young master, right?"

"I have been to the engagement banquet of the second youngest son of the Long family!"

That's when someone said.

It was only then that the crowd realized.

It was also true that this kind of occasion, Long family's second youngest youngster's kind of situation, was definitely not going to be able to attend.

"Miss Yang Xue, welcome!"

Situ Yang and the others walked up, with some respect.

"Hello Yang, hello Uncle Situ, slightly thin courtesy, not respectful!"

The person who came was, naturally, Yang Xue.


There was a sudden sound of a wine glass crashing to the ground.

Chen Hao had been busy running around here.

When he heard the Dragon Family coming in, Chen Hao was stunned.

And when he saw the head Dragon Family member walk in, Chen Hao was even more shocked that he didn't hold the tray.

Yang Xia, why is she here too?


Drunk, first I ran into Zhao Yifan, and now, I ran into Yang Xia.

Originally, I wanted to take advantage of this Fang Family Meeting to quietly take Su Zyue away.

But now, there were too many complications.

If Zhao Yifan and Yang Xue, even any of them, recognized her, it would be too hilarious.

Holy crap.

Now that Chen Hao had broken his wine glass again, many people were looking over towards him, so scared that Chen Hao hurriedly lowered his head to pick it up and then scampered off to the back.


But despite the fact that Chen Hao was running fast, he still caught the attention of a girl.

This girl was standing next to Fang Qunan, who else could it be if it wasn't Fang Yi.

"How come you look so much like Chen Hao? It doesn't make sense, our Fang family is having a meeting, what's this silly boy doing here?"

Fang Yi thought to herself.

Then with a curious face, she chased after him.

"That was close!"

Chen Hao arrived at the backyard here and couldn't help but let out a long breath.

"Chen Hao!"

A female voice suddenly sounded at this moment.

Chen Hao subconsciously turned back.

Not to be outdone, his eyes widened.

Fuck, Fang Yi!

"Oh my god, I just fucking thought my eyes were blurry, but I didn't think it was really you, you you you... why did you come to our Fang family? How did you get in here?"

Fang Yi was greatly surprised.

Grandpa had held birthday banquets in the past.

Although Fang Yi had always been the kind of character who didn't listen to anything outside the window, she still knew more or less about some of the hidden secrets of the Fang family.

Chen Hao was just a small rich second generation, how could he be qualified to attend grandpa's birthday banquet?


"Oo, I'm here on behalf of our family to attend Master Fang's birthday banquet! Just trying to find the bathroom!"

Chen Hao casually lied, "Just now, I was trying to text you two!"

"Huh? How come your family is also a vassal of our Fang family?"

Fang Yi was surprised, "But our Fang family, we don't have any power in Jinling Pingan County~!"

Chen Hao looked nervous, thinking about the scene when Yang Xue and the others had just arrived, then explained, "I'm not a direct vassal of the Fang family. , the Stuarts made us come!"

"Huh? That's weird!"

Fang Yi suddenly realized.

But then, angrily raised her slap and smacked Chen Hao's head.

"What are you doing?"

"Hmph, then you should know that the Situ family is at odds with our Fang family, I can't imagine that your family is actually a vassal of the Situ family, this Situ Home is really getting unruly!"

Fang Yi was indignant.

"Alas, I can't get involved in the family's affairs!"

Chen Hao said.

Just as Fang Yi was about to teach Chen Hao a lesson.

"Sister Li, look, the kid who scalded you last night is over there!"

A few gorgeously dressed women are heading out of the arena.

The few of them were the female stars of this event.

"So you're the odd-job man here! I said, "I can't find you anywhere. Damn you, you're making it impossible for me to wear a dress. You know it's making my performance less effective. How many points?"

The actress from last night rushed over and pointed at Chen Hao's head, just poking around.

After all, she was a big sister, just very imposing.

That incident last night really made her feel indignant.

"Hey, hey, hey, stop it, what kind of status do you have, how dare you talk to him like that?"

It was fine for Fang Yi to beat Chen Hao herself, after all, Chen Hao was several generations shorter than herself, but then, this actress actually dared to beat her up like this.

This made Fang Yi feel so ashamed of herself.

Just teach that actress a lesson.

And when the actress looked at Fang Yi's unusual dress, she knew that she was someone from this big brother's family.

And didn't dare to be too bold, when the paragraph smiled: "Beautiful lady you don't misunderstand, this goods, is for us to do odd jobs!"

"A handyman for you guys? You guys are worthy? Chen Hao, what's going on here?"

Fang Yi was confused.

A hallowed, wealthy second generation actually had to look at the faces of this group of actresses?

"Ahem, I'll explain this to you later, I'm in a hurry to use the bathroom, I'm leaving first!"

Chen Hao's scalp was about to explode, Aunt Fang's plan might be ruined in her hands.

"Don't go! Stop!"

"No go!"

And Fang Yi and those actresses, in unison.

Fang Yi see Chen Hao hiding himself, and she is a person who does not like to feel confused, the more Chen Hao wants to go, the more she prefers not to let Chen Hao go.

And what about those actresses, seeing as Fang Yi was the main family.

Plus just now this lady seemed to have some misunderstanding with herself a few, because of this odd job.

When the heart naturally developed a desire to stammer.

What's more, it was only aimed at the odd man out.

Not only did they shout, the five actresses ran over and blocked Chen Hao.

"Chen Hao, this is our Fang family, where do you think you can run to ah, hurry up and say, you are both the eldest and the handyman, what exactly The situation? If you don't tell me, I'll call my kid over!"

Fang Yi grabbed Chen Hao's collar and didn't let go.

These girls, although Chen Hao could beat them with one hand.

But bar, it would really make things worse if they really fought.

So Chen Hao could only stall as long as he could for a while.

"Yeah, this handyman brat is also too dishonest, I think there's something wrong with him, definitely can't let him off lightly!"

Actress Leigh said.

Although Fang Yi didn't like these actresses, what they said seemed to make sense.

Anyway, Chen Hao is sneaky and not right.

Fang Yi suddenly family honor sense of justice all in one.

Had to investigate clearly.

Now a hand twisted Chen Hao's ear: "Haha, I know you're good at fighting, but this is our Fang family, I tell you, if you dare to If you do, I'll let my servant beat you to death. Don't blame me for not remembering our friendship. If you're so unfaithful, stay with me. I'll be busy with my daughter later. Over. I'll let her ask you! Follow me!"

After saying that, pulling Chen Hao towards the front hall, he ran.

At this moment, two young men came face to face.

Their eyes were cold.

There were even silver needles caught between their fingers.

They were about to strike.

These two were precisely the Heavenly Dragon and Earthly Tiger.

They were looking everywhere for Chen Hao, and they found him with great difficulty, but Chen Hao was in trouble.

In order to save Chen Hao, the Heavenly Dragon and Earth Tiger decided to take a risk.

But they were immediately shaken by Chen Hao.

Tell them to stick to the original plan, leave this place to me!

It made even the Heavenly Dragon and Earth Tiger confused.

"Still moving around, behave yourself!"

Fang Yi grabbed Chen Hao's ear and walked forward.

Four or five female celebrities followed right beside her and even grabbed Chen Hao's arm.

Each had an excited joy on their faces.

I'm afraid that this time, it would be a merit for this big family, right?

And it was true that Fang Yi wanted to ask Inan to ask Chen Hao.

But when the crowd came to the front of the venue.

But they saw that many guests were standing up at the moment.

The scene also became very quiet, and inan, who was standing in front of the field, seemed to be confronting something with this group of guests who had stood up.

"What's happening?"

Fanny was startled.


Chen Hao was also wondering, just now it was fine, but now it's like this, it looks like a conflict has started.

The moment suspicion looked over.

It was to see that in the middle of the crowd, there was a middle-aged woman kneeling.

The old master of the Fang family looked embarrassed.

The vassal families of the Fang family, however, were all filled with righteous indignation.

"That's her, back then, she was the personal servant of the Fang Family's sinner, Fang Mengmai, quick! Tell us the whereabouts of Fang Mengniu, and we can spare you!"

"Hmph, back then, because of a Fang Mengmai, the two Chen Fang families fought and lost almost all of our vassal family, pitying my newly It's all because of Fang Meng-min! Master Fang, if you've hidden Fang Meng-min from us, please give her to me. Hand it over!"

"Yes, hand it over and give us a few families an explanation!"

Many people gathered around and rushed at the old master of the Fang family.

Situ Hong, on the other hand, was smiling coldly.

Just now, there was a small conflict.  

That was when Fang differed and directly reprimanded Situ Hong in public because of this matter of Situ Hong taking the law into his own hands.

For so many years, Situ Hong has been self-proclaimed as the head of several big families.

Plus in the morning with Fang different to ask for some assets as well as the marriage of his son, Fang different to let Situ Hong very down.

There were already accumulated grudges.

First rites before arms, since the rites do not work, then Situ Hong simply take advantage of today to expose.

So he told the matter that the Fang family had already found the servant of Fang Mengmu back then.

Because ahead, Situ Hong had already sent people to monitor the Fang family's every move.

And the Fang family also had a large number of Situ Hong's eyes and ears, so this matter, naturally, could not be hidden from Situ Hong.

What's more, he now had an ace in the hole that he had personally delivered to different hands of Fang.

Internal conflict, let it erupt today!

Fang, on the other hand, was now looking at a crowd of people, and he couldn't help but burn with anger.

So many years of secret fighting.

Although the Fang family was still a giant, it was like a tall building that had lost its skeleton, seemingly majestic, but in fact, it was already in jeopardy.

The ambitions of Situ Hong's father and son were not unseen by Fang differently.

But he thought that although he was an old man, he should still be able to suppress this father and son in his lifetime.

But he didn't expect that this father and son would actually openly take action on his birthday.

The grudges accumulated back then had been pressuring, Situ Hong and his son, this was an intention to intensify the conflict.

Otherwise, his own daughter, ah, how could Fang different be willing to cut off the father-son relationship with her with three strikes of the palm.

It was still to stabilize a few vassal families!

"Today is my grandfather's eightieth birthday, are you guys here to congratulate my grandfather on his birthday, or are you here to rise to the occasion?"

Inan Fang was cold at the moment.

"Niece inan, we are naturally happy about the Master's birthday, but our family lost so many first cousins back then, and the Master has always said that he will Now, after more than 20 years, we still can't see Fang Menghe, the one who started the trouble. It was only a mosquito-sized estate, but now the Master has hidden the servant of Fang Mengniu in the Fang family. I'm afraid we've been kept in the dark if Mr. Szeto didn't break it to us himself."

"We've been attached to the Fang family for generations, but how can we convince the public if you do this, Master?"

A middle-aged man said indignantly.

"That's right, I think we should all stop talking so much, arrest this Aha and torture her, I don't believe she won't reveal Fang Mengmai's Come down!"

"Somebody, pull her up!"

Immediately after saying that, a few vassal family bodyguards tore Aha apart.

"You guys are simply insolent! Don't think I don't know that your search for your aunt's whereabouts is a lie, it's only real if you want to acquire that asset that your aunt had in the first place, right?"

Fang Hanran shouted coldly.

This time, only the several big families all quieted down.

"Inan niece, you can't say that either, but since you've spoken to such an extent, it's impossible for us Situ family not to set an example . That's right. Peña Fang's share of the assets was only given to us in bits and pieces, and we paid a lot more than that. So it's only right that we share equally for that!"

Situ Hong said.

In the beginning, Fang Mengniu, along with the two youngest siblings of the Fang family, controlled almost half of the Fang family's power.

Fang Mengniu's power was obviously even greater than that of Inan Fang's father.

If they were to divide it equally, then these vassal families would not simply be able to be on equal footing with the Fang family.

And I'm afraid, this is what Situ Hong's father and son really want, right?

"You guys are thinking pretty..."

Fang Clanan was angry.

"Inan, back off, you don't need to be in charge of this matter!"

At this time, the gloomy-faced Fang different finally spoke up.

Fang Hanan didn't dare to disobey his grandfather's words and stood aside right then.

And Fang Different, personally went to negotiate with Situ Hong.

"Inan, inan! Come here!"

At this time, Fang Yi shouted.

Fanny frowned and came over.

Presently, seeing Chen Hao who was being carried by Fang Yi.

Fanny was doubly surprised: "Why are you here?"

"Forget about it, honey, tell me what's going on? Are these big families going to revolt?"

Fang Yi pulled Fang Hanannan's hand and said.

Fang Clan nodded: "Grandpa told me a long time ago that he wanted me to be on the lookout for the Situ family at every turn when grandpa finished his birthday, because the Situ family has been plotting something all these years..."

Glancing at Chen Hao, Inan Fang continued, "But I never thought that he would cause trouble at grandpa's birthday. No wonder this morning, he would be so strong to make some demands to grandpa!"

"Huh? What's the request?"

Fanny asked.

"I see, it must have been an offer of marriage to you, right?"

Fang Hanran nodded.

"Hmph, toad wants to eat swan meat, I know, grandpa must have rejected him! By the way, how did Grandpa turn him down and make him dogged?"

Fanny asked again.

"I...I actually had an engagement with someone else when I was a kid!" Fang Hanran's beautiful pretty face blushed slightly and said softly.

"Ah? With who? How come I've never heard of it!"

"Never mind, let's not talk about it!"

Fang Hanran shook his head.

At this moment, will look at the scene.

"Master, I have shown mercy in every way, in fact, as long as you give us back the compensation that you should give us, we will still die in the future Following the Fang family, there's no need, I have to tell you all about it, right?"

Situ Hong was cold.

And Fang different wrinkled his eyebrows.

He finally knew why Situ Hong had uncharacteristically told himself that day that he had discovered the matter of Meng Ye's daughter, and thought that he had come back to his senses.

He thought he would change his mind, but it was an ingenious plan.

Poor Fang was different and heroic, but Lin Lao was in disarray because he loved his daughter so much!

However, in the end, ginger was still old, and the sensitive Fang differed with an extra layer of protection.

"Oh, Ah Hong, I don't know what you're talking about, indeed, I found Ah Ha to find out the whereabouts of Dream Peasant from her, but Ah Ha I took her in because I couldn't bear the thought of her wandering off on her own. We've just been through this. What else is there to say?"

Fang was different and quiet.

"Hahaha, my lord, I really admire you, but this morning, my men were occasionally outside the mountain villa and stopped a car from the out of the car, and in the car, coincidentally ran into a girl again, tsk tsk, the girl is so pretty, Master Lee. You don't know how beautiful it is, Master Wang? She looks exactly like Peña Fang! If you don't believe me, I'll have my men bring her up here!"

Stuart Hong smiled as well.

" captured Su Zyue?"

Fang differently now finally couldn't hang on to his face and said with a slight tremor in his whole body.

"Is her name Su Zyue? I asked her but she wouldn't say a word to me, so I thought, let's all ask her together, someone bring that girl up here!"

Sturmhon shouted.



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