The Unknown Heir390-395


"Xiaoxia, don't say that!"

Wang Wen said.

Although she also felt quite embarrassed to ride in this car, but bar, since Chen Hao wasn't afraid of being ugly, what was she afraid of.

And Hou Xiaoxia obviously couldn't take it anymore, "drunk drunk drunk, you are willing to sit you can sit, I can't afford to lose this person, I'll wait outside the venue! You. And Chen Hao, you don't want this crash today to end like this!"

After saying that Hou Xiaoxia reached out to stop a car, and rushed to the party in a hurry. After all, she had to rush to her boyfriend's side first thing now.

"I see, you also don't go, just in time, my sister this kung fu has cooked dinner, you go back with me to eat, right? Consider it a treat!"

Chen Hao said.

After all, Chen Hao still had classmate friendship with Wang Wen.

"No Chen Hao, I'd better go stay with her, after all, she's in trouble now, I'm afraid she'll be alone and suffer!"

Wang Wen was always so kind.

But well, it's really embarrassing for Wang Wen to ride this little tricycle on the street.

Although Wang Wen has a good character, all girls have a love of beauty.

But now, if she rejected Chen Hao.

It might hurt Chen Hao's self-esteem.

So it was a little difficult.

But there was nothing I could do about it, so I said, "Alright Chen Hao, just walk me to the door!"

"Gotta come! This little tricycle is pretty strong, it'll be here soon!"

Chen Hao said, already getting on the little tricycle.


He also honked his horn and greeted Wang Wen to the car.

Wang Wen straightened her hair, and there were many people watching, causing her to blush all over.

But in the end, she got on Chen Hao's little tricycle.

"Hurry over, Xiaoxia should have already arrived!"

Wang Wen said softly, lowering her head very low.

And Chen Hao didn't say anything as he looked at the blushing Wang Wen.

Chen Hao never felt that driving a four-wheeled one was more noble than driving a three-wheeled riding two-wheeled one.

When the next gas pedal.

He headed towards his destination.

The meeting venue was chosen within a large hotel in Shu Capital.

At the moment, the interior of the hotel was filled with long red and cannons.

There was also a red carpet at the entrance from the hotel's inner hall to the hotel's outer courtyard.

There were many rich and famous businessmen coming and going.

The organizers, on the other hand, were all outside to greet them and take pictures and such.

It looked like they wanted to hold a small ceremony outside the hotel first.

So there were a lot of people outside.

"Matilda, this is it, right?"

Chen Hao said.

A few rich dudes smoking outside in front of him.

And damned if they don't know how to get out of the way.

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that.

It's not just a matter of time, it's also a matter of time before you have a chance to get your hands on a newborn.

"Alright Chen Hao, you here quickly put me down!"

Wang Wen was also badly embarrassed.

She was now regretting asking Chen Hao to send her.

It was especially hard for Wang Wen to be looked at by the different eyes of her peers.

"Well come!"

Chen Hao stopped in front of the hotel with a brake.

And just in time, Hou Xiaoxia came out to pick up Wang Wen.

When she immediately saw that Wang Wen had actually come in Chen Hao's electric car, Hou Xiaoxia's eyes were about to fall out.

"Fuck! Matilda are you crazy, did you really let him send it over on a third wheel?"

Hou Xiaoxia's face was red.

"Xiaoxia you stop it, Chen Hao, why don't you go back first, some other day, I'll treat you to dinner!"

Seeing that more and more people were looking over this way, Wang Wen hurriedly said.


Chen Hao nodded.

"Mr. Lin and his team are here!"

At this time, the security guard at the entrance suddenly shouted to the rich merchants inside the courtyard and the others.

Immediately, many rich merchants were very excited and came out to greet them.

"Fuck, why is there a third wheel blocking the entrance, what are you doing, get out of here!"

The security officer came straight over and pushed Chen Hao.


Hou Xiaoxia covered her eyes, she wanted to die now.

"If you have something to say, what are you pushing me for, just go!"

Chen Hao left with a twist of the throttle.

And after the convoy stopped, many middle-aged rich businessmen and their thousands of young men and the like came down, obviously the most distinguished guests here.

The old bosses lined up to welcome them, and a pleasant greeting was out of the question.

"Everyone, welcome to be able to come to this party for my sake, it's just a slight pity that today there is a big man We didn't invite it, and I have to say it's a big shame!"

Everyone was all standing by the red carpet, listening to the organizer's CEO's speech.

The current discussion was: "Who is it?"

"What big man? Guo!"

The crowd asked.

And Hou Xiaoxia had already brought Wang Wen into the hotel compound.

At this moment, she looked at Mr. Guo on the stage.

For some reason, she suddenly felt a shock in her heart.

Some nervously pulled the arm of her boyfriend Li Liang on the side: "Brother Liang, who is the big man he is going to invite?"

"How do I know? Can't you see everyone's asking?"

Li Liang's attitude wasn't very good, after all, Hou Xiaoxia had caused so much trouble this time that her own father knew about it.

Hou Xiaoxia was aggrieved and did not speak.

To be honest, originally today to participate in this kind of big activities, she was quite excited, can meet a lot of rich people.

However, she felt unsettled in her heart.

Because just now, Chen Hao seemed to have received a phone call, and the one who called him was also Mr. Guo.

I don't know if it was the same person.

But then she thought about it and thought how could it be la la!

Who is Chen Hao? At best, he just met Mr. Guo through his childhood friend, and without his childhood friend, he's nothing!

Thinking like this, Hou Xiaoxia's heart was much more solid.

"Oh, speaking of this big man, there's something to talk about, today's distinguished guest from Jinling, Mr. Lin, and Mr. Lin's daughter, but Well acquainted with the big man!"

Mr. Guo said with a smile.

General Manager Lin smiled with a bit of pride.

But what about General Manager Lin's daughter, at the moment, but her face changed slightly, a little nervous with excitement.

"Oh my, General Manager Guo, don't sell out, quickly tell me who this big man is?"

Some people saw how mysteriously Mr. Guo was talking and came to be curious.

"Let's do this, I'll give you a heads up, you'll know who he is, he's the owner of the most luxurious villa in Jinling, the Genting Villa , the power mega-rich of Jiangnan Province, the CEO of the most powerful group in Jinling!"

Guo was a little excited.


The statement was met with an uproar.

"Fuck! I see, is it Jinling Chen?"

"How is it possible that Jinling Chen has come to our Shuchuan?"

"Although Mr. Guo is powerful, there's no reason why he can hire Jinling Chen, right?"

The crowd was talking.

Obviously more rich businessmen thought that Mr. Guo was bragging.

I'm afraid that Mr. Guo doesn't even have people's contact information, right?

"When Mr. Guo says this, it's just that he's using the Lin family in Jinling to climb up to Young Master Chen and wants to use his name to back himself up!"

And at this time, Li Liang who was offstage said in a fine analysis.

"But I've heard that Guo has undertaken some of Jinling Young Master Chen projects, could it really be related to Chen Shao?"

A few rich young men also came to Li Liang's side to discuss.

"Xiaoxia, Wen Wen, aren't you two from Jinling? You guys should know Jinling Chen very well, right?"

Li Liang didn't continue to give face to Hou Xiaoxia in front of the outsiders.

Hou Xiaoxia and Wang Wen both shook their heads: "We just heard from our classmates that he is very powerful, and everyone knows Jinling Young Master Chen, but Further understanding is not available!"

"Matilda, why don't you ask your former classmates, I was in a hurry just now and my phone broke!"

Since the rich young men were interested in chatting, it would be weirdly awkward if she, as a Jinling local, couldn't chat about Young Master Chen.

Wang Wen nodded her head.

Now she went to look for her phone before she was suddenly shocked, "Oh my, I forgot my bag in Chen Hao's car..."


Wang Wen also just remembered, just now, because she was feeling very awkward, and there were a lot of people there, so she was in a hurry. Get out of the car.

I'd left my bag on the side.

And forgot to take it.

"Damn, why are you being so careless, you still have a lot of cash in your bag, don't you?"

Hou Xiaoxia said.

"Xiaoxia what are you talking about, I didn't mean that, I was afraid that Chen Hao wouldn't pay attention, what if I dropped my bag, my phone, The papers and bank cards are all in there!"

Hou Xiaoxia said anxiously.

"Hey hey hey, that who, why are you back again, is this where you parked?"

Just then, there was a loud noise at the door.

It was a few security officers, blocking a youth out.

"My friend forgot her bag, I'll send it over to her!"

And this youth was no one else, it was Chen Hao.

"Don't you see what kind of place this is, just anyone can enter? Get out of my way!"

The security guards shoved Chen Hao.

It was just as well that Hou Xiaoxia and Wang Wen saw the scene because they were close to the door.

"Oh Wen Wen, look at this product, how humiliating, hurry up and bring the bag over and let him go!"

Hou Xiaoxia said urgently.

Because the few rich youngsters nearby, all bantered over towards the door.

After all, in front of peers, whose vanity is not strong ah.

If other people know that they know this kind of goods, I'm afraid they will laugh their teeth off.

Wang Wen ran over and said, "Chen Hao, I'm here, give me the bag!"

It was only then that Chen Hao handed the bag to Wang Wen.

And Wang Wen, right, actually had the heart to say something thankful to Chen Hao.

But how to say it.

Just like in high school, she liked Chen Hao, but never took that step for the sake of saving face.

It was the same now, and Wang Wen didn't say anything more to Chen Hao too much.

With a simple greeting, Wang Wen was ready to go in.

"Chen Hao!!!"

Suddenly at this moment, a high decibel female voice rang out from the stage.

The one who shouted was the Lin family's grand daughter from Jinling.

Chen Hao was also very familiar with this voice, and when he looked back, it wasn't anyone else, it was actually Lin Yi Yi, and Lin Yi Yi's father. As well as a few CEOs under his own group.

"Chen Hao, is it really you? When I was driving over just now, I saw a back that looked like you on a battery-operated tricycle, but my dad said it couldn't be, but I didn't realize it was really you!"

The girl wasn't just Lin Yi Yi, who was excited at the moment.

And this time, the crowd off the stage was all startled.

No one would have thought that the daughter of the Lin family would actually have a seemingly close friendship with a tricycle rider!

"Who's this kid? See how Miss Lin is not ordinary to him?"

"Yeah, holy shit! It can't be Miss Lin's classmate, right?"

The crowd was amazed.

And Hou Xiaoxia's breathing was quickened.

Lin Xiaojin actually knew Chen Hao?

How come Chen Hao knows so many people?

"Well? Yi Yi, and Mr. Lin, all of you are here, huh?"

Only then did Chen Hao move his gaze to the front of the stage and was surprised at the sight of it.

Especially after seeing Guo Xilin.

Chen Hao suddenly realized, before Guo Xilin gave himself a call, saying that he wanted to invite himself to a party.

However, he was struggling with Hou Xiaoxia, so he declined.

I didn't expect that Hou Xiaoxia and Wang Wen would come to exactly this party ah.

"This brat has too much breath, right? What do you mean there's still Lin, all of you. Can you talk?"

"Calling Mr. Lin and the rest of you, what a yellow-haired kid, not knowing the sky!"


"Xiaoxia Matilda, isn't this man that classmate of yours?"

At this moment, Li Liang also shook his head and laughed bitterly.

"No it's not, we don't know him!"

Hou Xiaoxia said.

And Wang Wen lowered her head at the moment, not speaking.

"Chen... Young Master Chen! You're actually here!"

Guo Xilin's lips were already trembling with excitement.

Originally, I thought that Chen Hao looked down on them as ordinary tycoons and wouldn't come, it was useless for him to stammer, but now, Young Master Chen had actually come to the scene.

"Meet Young Master Chen!"

And Lin and the rest of them also stepped forward and bowed slightly.


The entire scene suddenly became silent for a moment.

Many people were now opening their mouths wide in surprise.

Because so many big shots were bowing towards this third wheel riding?

There was also Mr. Guo, whose voice was trembling as he spoke.

As for Hou Xiaoxia, she was breathing rapidly at the moment.

It's like someone put a thunder in her ear, instantly blanking out her brain.

The mouth opened even more can be stuffed into the egg to go.

"What? They're calling Chen Hao, Young Master Chen? How is that possible? How is that possible?"

Wang Wen, on the other hand, was also in a state of shock, having no idea what was going on.

"Could it be that he's Jinling Young Master Chen!?"

The crowd, after a brief silence, was also suddenly uproarious.

They looked at each other, shocked.

"Mr. Guo, Mr. Lin, you are too polite, I didn't expect you to hold an event here!"

Chen Hao was a little embarrassed.

Especially now that the people on both sides were all looking at themselves with complicated gazes.

All the more reason for Chen Hao to be a little embarrassed.

However, Chen Hao was still generous enough to walk over towards the hotel.

And Hou Xiaoxia just looked startled as she watched Chen Hao walk towards the front from in front of her.

"Yes, Young Master Chen!"

Mr. Guo immediately gave up the middlemost seat to Chen Hao.

At the same time, he looked at the startled public and said.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is Young Master Chen from Jinling, the mega-rich from Jinling, and the owner of the Genting Villa!"


The whole arena immediately stirred.


Suddenly at this moment, a female voice that resembled a maniacal voice rang out untimely.

At once, everyone looked towards this girl.

"Xiaoxia, what are you laughing at?"

Li Liang was also startled by Hou Xiaoxia's laughter.

"What are you laughing at? Haha, I was laughing at how Chen Hao is so good that he can now fool everyone! And people really think he's Chenn! Isn't that funny?"

Hou Xiaoxia walked out as she smiled.

The rich businessmen on stage all frowned, especially Mr. Guo, who screwed up his eyebrows and looked towards Hou Xiaoxia.

"What do you think you are? Someone, get her out of here!"

Guo Xilin snapped furiously.

"Mr. Guo, don't misunderstand, I don't mean to offend you, I just hope, you won't be fooled by this guy, let's be honest, I It's this guy's high school classmate! I know exactly what he used to do! And Wang Wen knows it! He's a poor man, the kind of poor man who can't even afford to eat!"


As soon as this was said, everyone present sucked in a breath of cold air.

This Young Master Chen, it couldn't be a fake, right?

And seeing that everyone seemed to believe her words, Hou Xiaoxia was even more proud of herself.

This way, she would be able to show off in front of the rich merchant, hmmm.

Jinling Young Master Chen? Is it Chen Hao? It's simply impossible alright.

Then looking at Chen Hao with a scowl on his face, "Haha, Chen Hao didn't think of that, did he? You won't be able to act if I'm here today, so don't try to deceive Mr. Guo and the others!"

Hou Xiaoxia was not going to accept this reality.

Chen Hao looked at Hou Xiaoxia and shook his head and smiled bitterly.

"Oh, then it seems that this young lady you have some misunderstanding with Young Master Chen..."

Guo Xilin smiled bitterly.

"He is Young Master Chen! The CEO of the Jinling Dreamer Group!"


Looking at the rigorous attitude of Mr. Guo and the others.

Hou Xiaoxia couldn't laugh anymore?

Is it really true?

Way back then, Chen Hao's bitter look was something he hated once he saw it.

He was never put in his eyes.

But now, after several years of not seeing him, Chen Hao had actually changed so much.

So many rich and powerful businessmen complimented in front of him?

How is that possible?

And Chen Hao did not pay attention to Hou Xiaoxia, but interacted with Mr. Guo and the others.

Immediately all of them entered the hotel.

It was just over half an hour of participation, Chen Hao was in a hurry to return.  

He said goodbye to Mr. Guo and the others.

On the way out, a large group of people all came out to see them off.

Lin Yi Yi whispered something to her dad and then threw out her tongue, apparently wanting to go to Chen Hao's place.

Of course her dad agreed.

Hou Xiaoxia, full of nervousness, came out with Wang Wen as well.

At this moment, Chen Hao stepped onto the electric tricycle.

And Lin Yi Yi was sitting right next to him.

But strangely, Wang Wen now instead of feeling embarrassed to sit on the tricycle.

Because Lin Yi Yi was such a beautiful, beautiful daughter, sitting on it was all cheerful and happy.

Not to mention herself!

Especially with the fact that Chen Hao was Young Master Chen, Wang Wen was really scared.

To this day, it felt like she was living in a dream.

Hou Xiaoxia, on the other hand, was even more anxious to cry.

And in looking at Chen Hao, the same clothes, the same look, the same appearance.

Looking just now, it was still a D-Silk look.

Why was it that looking at it now, it actually had an intimidating feeling? Why?

Chen Hao on his side drove Lin Yi Yi to prepare to go back to his place for dinner.

Now Chen Hao was in a good mood, after all, this trip was not in vain, the mission was completed, and he also helped Rose find her birth mother, and his cousin also found her.

The harvest was great.

But some people were happy and some were sad.


It was the sound of a teacup hitting the floor.

"Rubbish, what rubbish, the duck that got there can fly?"

Inside the villa, Situ Yang was shouting angrily at a few foreign men.

Long Shaoyun was standing by the side, and his face was also extremely unpleasant.

After all, this group of people themselves before the blow too strong, and as a result, not even a few students were able to catch, seemingly Situ Yang is roaring at this group of men.

In fact, this is to scold himself.

Long Shaoyun was also fuming in his heart.

"Yang Shao, Long Shao, really, we were already under siege, I'm afraid that we alerted the local armed forces!"

The head of the group said, "Please give us one more chance. If you provide us with the whereabouts of Fang Dan Nuan, we will bring her back. !"

"It's late, it's late, you really think the Founder's family is just going to move at the drop of a hat, if it wasn't for the fact that this is a sensitive time, my father and I would need to understand the I won't risk my life to kidnap Inan Fong. Now, I'll alert them. I just hope they won't suspect me. Head on I'll thank you!"

Situ Yang was going crazy.

He was afraid that this kidnapping would fail and cause adverse consequences.

And once it affected the family's major events, it would truly be more than worth the loss.

Long Shaoyun saw his men hanging their heads, and now asked, "Right, there's no reason for those helicopters to arrive so quickly, much less alert the Locally armed, you give me the details!"

The handlers told the story of the situation.

"Well? Was it him?"

Long Shaoyun's eyebrows furrowed after hearing this.

Situ Yang asked, "Who is it?"

Long Shaoyun said, "Don't you have sneak pics? Let me see who's in that crowd!"

The hands put in immediately.

"I know, it really is him! Jinling Young master Chen, Chen Hao!"

Long Shaoyun saw the Chen Hao in the photo and was now slapping the table in anger.

At first, he was humiliated multiple times by Chen Hao at his birthday banquet.

Moreover, after returning to the clan, he was directly grounded.

Let the prestige that he had accumulated over the years crumble.

Long Shaoyun really hated it with an itch.

"He's Jinling Chen?"

Situ Yang had apparently heard of it as well.

Right now, Long Shaoyun told about his grudge against Chen Hao.

"Oh, no wonder, even if Inan Fang doesn't use the Fang family, he does things smoothly, so he got Chen Hao, the eldest youngster It's no wonder that Young Master Yang doesn't even look at the few times you've shown favor to her!"

Long Shaoyun said.

And Situ Yang took a deep breath at the words.

"No matter who it is, if he dares to go against me Situ Yang, I'll let him leave Shu Chuan alive! Someone!"

Situ Yang was now angry and ready to shout.

"Don't be impulsive Yang!"

Long Shaoyun clasped Situ Yang's shoulder.

"I've dealt with Chen Hao before, he's very powerful, bigger than you and I could ever imagine, rashly taking action, big trouble will happen! After all, you heard about his sister forcing our Dragon Family away from Jinling back then!"

Long Shaoyun hurriedly advised.

After all, directly targeting Chen Hao, that was tantamount to complicating a simple matter.

It wasn't that Situ Yang didn't understand the reasoning, mainly because just now he felt that it was because Fang Hanran had Chen Hao that he was so jealous of himself and slapped himself.

It was much better now that he had calmed down.

"Then Shaoyun, what do you have in mind? Are we going to let him flaunt his power here in Shu Chuan?"

Long Shaoyun smiled coldly: "Of course not, on the contrary, I want him to stay in Shuchuan forever to avenge the insult in the beginning, this matter! I'll do it myself, by the way, Yang Shao, I also want you to lend me some manpower, I need to investigate who Chen Hao is bringing with him this time? "

"No problem!"

They talked until late into the night.

Three days later.

"Brother, Aunt Fang and I went out shopping, we'll buy you anything you want to eat!"

"All right! I love what you and Aunt Fanny make!"

Chen Hao looked at Su Zyue and Aunt Fang and smiled.

In three days, Su Zyue had already become very close to Aunt Fang.

Just as Chen Hao said, Su Zyue didn't dislike Aunt Fang's scarred face.

As for Fang Mengniu, she felt both happy and satisfied looking at her sensible and well-behaved daughter, who was with her every day.

As for Su Zyue, she felt a natural sense of security and intimacy when she was with Aunt Fang, as if Aunt Fang was one of her own family members.

The two of them came hand in hand to a shopping mall this.

Aunt Fang, on the other hand, looked at the side of the mall, where there was a small stall selling ice-candy gourds.

Zyue, on the other hand, looked over there twice from time to time.

Then she headed forward again.

Aunt Fang's heart was sore, according to Zyue's story, if she hadn't met Chen Hao, she would have had to live a life of poverty.

Ever since she was a child, I'm afraid that even eating a bunch of glacial gourds was an extremely luxurious thing, right?

"Zyue, wait for me for a moment, I'll be right over!"

After Aunt Fang finished speaking, she walked towards a place.

Zyue thought to herself, "What is Aunt Fang doing in such a mysterious way?

The present waited in place.

And suddenly this time.

Su zyue suddenly heard the sound of a rapid motor.

Turning her head, a van was speeding towards her.


The passersby squealed at once....


Immediately following, several people skilfully jumped down from the car.

Swiftly they grabbed Su Zyue and tried to pull her into the car.

"Su Zyue! Su Zyue!"

And Aunt Fang over there was already on high alert when that car rushed over.

Presently mad as hell and ran straight over.

Su Zyue also kept struggling.

In a rush, she fiercely bit down towards an arm.


The masked man screamed in pain.

Very violently, he pushed Su Zyue away.

With great force, Su Zyue fell heavily to the ground.

The back of her head, even more so, knocked into a bump on the side of the road.

Let Su Zyue directly fainted.

Fang Mengniu has rushed over, and saw that this group of people still want to carry the unconscious Su Zyue away.

Naturally, Fang Mengmai tried her best.

But in the end, Fang Mengmai was only a female.

How could this group of people fight for it.

And just when Fang Mengmai was in despair.

Suddenly, a human figure directly flashed by.

Then, one could see the lead robber's entire body shake, and he directly froze in place.

Just saw a young man with a cold and frosty face flying away.

A few of the masked robbers still wanted to fight.

But where was the youth's opponent.

"Retreat, retreat quickly!"

Someone shouted.

And Fang Mengniu was in a hurry, and with all her might, she rushed towards the man in the passenger seat, tearing his mask open with all her might.

The man panicked and hurriedly covered his face with his hands.

He roared and drove away.

And the youth was going to chase after him, but when he saw that Su Zyue was seriously injured, he didn't care about them~!

"Thank you, thank you so much!"

Fang Mengmiao hugged Su Zyue as she thanked the youth.

"Auntie Fang, you don't need to thank me, I was originally sent by Young Master Chen to secretly protect Miss Su Rosewater, it was my responsibility! I didn't think anyone would dare do it in broad daylight!"

The youth was full of self-reproach.

Su Zyue's face was pale, already unconscious, and then she heard the sound of the ambulance, from far and near.

And this youth was not a bystander, it was the Earth Tiger.

The two brothers, Heavenly Dragon and Earth Tiger, were specifically responsible for Chen Hao's well-being.

But before coming to Shuchuan, Chen Hao felt that one Heavenly Dragon was enough, there was no need for the two brothers to follow him.

Therefore, he had already instructed the Earth Tiger to secretly protect Su Zyue.

After all, many kidnappings of people close to Chen Hao had happened in the past, so Chen Hao had to keep an extra eye out for them.

But what, what could happen to Su Zyue.

So the Earth Tiger was usually very idle.

But I didn't expect to see that Su Zyue was being watched through the observation instruments today.

Hurry up and hurry up, or be a step too late.

Chen Hao knew the news the first time.

Immediately, he hurried to the hospital.

"Have you found out who did it yet?"

Su Zyue was still in a severe coma, and Chen Hao's entire body was trembling with rage.

Fang Mengniu, on the other hand, had already cried her tears dry.

"I contacted Zhu to investigate, that group of people, they're not locals, so there's no clue, but Young Master Chen, one of them, I think You are very interested."

Tian Long also came over and said presently.

Then, it showed Chen Hao the screenshot of the scene where Fang Mengmiao lifted the mask of the man in the passenger seat.

As soon as Chen Hao saw the man.

The eyelids jumped slightly.

"Long Shaoyun? How is he?"

Chen Hao was surprised.

Although the picture was a little blurry, Chen Hao confirmed that Long Shaoyun definitely hadn't run away.

After all, he had almost fallen into his hands.

"That's right, it's him, after our investigation, he had arrived in Shuchuan about a few days ago, Young Master Chen you had a grudge against him before . But Long Shaoyun took the trouble to chase all the way to Shuchuan to take revenge, my subordinate can't understand!"

Sky Dragon frowned.


Chen Hao slammed a heavy punch into the wall.

"I don't care who he is, I don't care what he wants, and what Zyue did wrong, because of me, it almost cost Zyue her life! Tian Long Di Hu, Long Shao Yun should not have left Shu Chuan yet, I told you to join forces with Zhu Ming, make sure you catch him! No matter what method you use, you must not let him leave Shuchuan like this!"

Standing outside the door, looking at Su Zyue who was still unconscious in the hospital room, Chen Hao said furiously.

"Yes! Young Master Chen!"

The Heavenly Dragon and Earth Tiger immediately got orders to go.

At this moment, a rather secluded villa.

"Quickly, quickly, pack your things! Let's leave in two directions!"

"Huh? Mr. Long, why are you in such a hurry? Don't you need to say hello to Sturgeon?"

One of Long Shaoyun's personal drivers said.

"Say hello to your sister, I'm afraid that if it's any later, we won't be able to leave even if we wanted to! Hold on tight and arrange for that group to leave first!"

Long Shaoyun was in a hurry.

This kidnapping incident today, he had already plotted with Situ Yang three days ago.

The only person by Chen Hao's side was a Su Zyue.

And Chen Hao and Su Zyue had a very shallow relationship.

So it was like this, Long Shaoyun was going to kidnap Su Zyue and then lure Chen Hao into the pit, and then do away with Chen Hao when the time came.

It was even all ready for this group of men to die with Chen Hao.

Anyway, he, Long Shaoyun, had always been behind the scenes and wasn't afraid of anything.

But now it was different, and I believe that if Chen Hao wanted to investigate, he would soon be able to find out about it.

It would also definitely send someone after him.

The original intention was to use Situ Yang's knife to kill Chen Hao, but the wishful thinking had underestimated Chen Hao's current defensive capabilities.

Long Shaoyun, who was sensitive, hurriedly packed his things.

"Long Shaoyun, it's all arranged, as per your instructions, I found an off-road, but I calculated the distance, to leave Shuchuan, how It's got to be dark!"

"Well, get out of here then! Also, have someone meet us in Qing City!"

After Long Shaoyun said that, he took his suitcase, put on his sunglasses, and left directly with a hurried look.

And today during the day.

Shu City is also unknown.

Just see the streets, all kinds of luxury cars, in a mad rush.

A convoy of more than five hundred luxury cars.

There was an endless stream of them, driving in every direction.

"I go, what's going on here?"

"How spectacular is that?"

"Is it hard to believe that something's wrong?"

"It's not on the news either, but to have a fleet of these luxury cars? What kind of existence does it have to be?"

Many people were shocked.

And the outskirts of Shu City.

There were also many passersby.


At this moment, a roar could be heard in the sky.

Passersby looked up.

"Oh shit, so many helicopters?"

"Oh my God, what's going on here?"

Passersby were all taking pictures.

Being shocked their mouths were closed.

It was because, after a full hundred helicopters rose up, they were heading in different directions.

Over a hundred of them, rising at the same time, one could imagine how spectacular the scene was.

And so, the land and air still searched for a whole day.

Only then did they determine the final target.

And now the target had run to the main road connecting Qing City with Shudu.

At this moment, the night was late, as if a ghostly night wind was howling through Long Shaoyun's car window....


"Where are we?"

Long Shaoyun asked the driver. His face was pale at the moment.

"Long Shaoyun, I don't know where I'm at. We don't dare to drive on the main road now. It's full of Chen Hao's men. They've already found us! But looking at the surroundings, it looks like a wilderness area!"

The driver was even more scared and his legs were shaking.

Although they had run in time.

But they didn't expect that, in the blink of an eye, the main road between Shuchuan and Qing City would be besieged by Chen Hao's convoy.

The battle was nearing night.

This driver was also an expert in the field.

It was hard to get around.

But bar that, it was almost lost.

"Bastard! What do we feed you for? Bastard!!!"  

Long Shaoyun roared madly, it was far away from the city, and the area around it was as gloomy as it was going to be seeping.

And then the sound of a swift motor poured into the two men's ears through the icy night air.

Then they saw behind, lights flashing.

I wondered how many cars were catching up to them.

On the other side, there were cars catching up as well.

"Run, run!"

Long Shaoyun shouted.

Now, hurriedly took out his phone to call his mother.

"Shao Yun, are you driving? It's mom's birthday tomorrow, so make sure you make it back!"

"Mom! Help me, help me, help me! I'm stuck in Celebration City!"

"Son, what are you saying, is it a bad signal, why can't I hear you clearly?"

The woman on the phone.

"Mom! Can you hear me? Help me! Help me!!!"

"Hey, hey, hey!"

Long Shaoyun shouted a few times and saw that there was no sound there.

Picking up the phone and looking, the phone signal had been blocked by someone.

"Young Master Long, why don't we stop the car, it's pitch black ahead, and we're not familiar with the road conditions."

The driver was really wimpy.

Right now, it was just impossible to run away even if you wanted to.

"Stop an ass, if I fall in Young master Chen this time, I'll still be good! Drive on, reopen this road, and meet up with our men!"

The driver now slammed on the accelerator.


Suddenly, the body shuddered violently.

It was followed by a violent shaking sensation.

By the time Long Shaoyun reacted, the body rapidly began to descend.


The driver and Long Shaoyun all let out terrified screams.

But the screams, as they descended, had become more and more blurred.

Until there was a loud, startling thud.

In the depths, a burst of fire burst out.

All sounds, only then did they return to silence.

And by this time, the convoy had all arrived.

Only under the illumination of the lights did the crowd finally see clearly that in front of them was a sheer cliff!


It's late at night, Yanjing Long Family.

"Master, I've been anxious about this, just now Shaoyun called me, I heard him sounding very nervous, as if something was Gave a scare, do you think he's okay in Shuchuan?"

A beautiful woman said.

"Well, what can it be! Shuchuan has the Situ family, so don't worry!"

A middle-aged man with cold eyebrows and a sword said.

"But Shaoyun's phone has been disconnected, and you know that Shaoyun has offended quite a few people in the past two years!"

The beautiful woman worried.

"Well, I'll call Situ's family later and ask, even if it offends a lot of people, but it's always been the case that only my Dragon family touches others, and others Who dares to touch my Dragon Family? Hmph, the Chen siblings are arrogant now, but I will make them pay the price in blood sooner or later!"

The middle-aged man snorted coldly, then picked up the phone and called Szeto.

Listened to the phone speak for a long while.

Just saw the middle-aged man's face getting whiter and whiter.

"What? Thank you, Brother Szeto, I'll send someone over!"

The middle-aged man paled and stood up in a panic, "There's news from the Situ family, Shaoyun is in Shuchuan and has gone missing!"


"What about it?"

"I'll immediately send someone to Shuchuan, let Lao Er lead the way!"

The middle-aged man was also preoccupied.

"But Lao Er he..."

"I can't pull away from the boss, there has to be a family to shake up this matter, just go with the second, I'll have Uncle Bear follow him!"

The middle-aged man commanded.

Only then did the beautiful woman nod .


Cliff Scene.

Chen Hao had also arrived by helicopter.

This cliff was too deep, and according to the report of his men, they couldn't even find a piece of the body intact, let alone a person.

Chen Hao smiled bitterly.

This is really God's own undoing, self-inflicted destruction!

And just at that moment.

Chen Hao's phone suddenly rang.

Picking it up, it was a call from the Earth Tiger.

On Su Zyue's side, it was natural to keep someone specifically to protect her, and this person was the Earth Tiger.

"What is it?"

Chen Hao asked.

"Young Master Chen, Miss Su has awakened, just a mild concussion, no major problems! And..."

The Earth Tiger's voice faded considerably at that.

"What else?"

Chen Hao asked.

"Young Master Chen, I'm really sorry, I've been guarding Miss Su's side, but just now, the hospital suddenly came with four strangely acting Doctor, I got suspicious and didn't let them get close! But these men, they suddenly attacked, and I didn't hit four of them, Miss Su, and they took them away!"

Earth Tiger spoke up.

"What? Even you were wounded?"

Chen Hao's head was sweating.

"Wait until I go to the hospital, and then you can immediately send someone to search!"

If anything else happened to Zyue, she would really have to feel guilty.

At the same time, Chen Hao felt more and more that it was not an easy task for his father to send himself to find Aunt Fang.

Now he hurriedly rushed back to the hospital.

"Aunt Fang just happened to go out to get porridge just now and was spared, this group of people look very strange, their weapons are short blades, I feel that they have suffered from the Very rigorous combat training, and every top one of them is a master!"

In the hospital, Gehu was ashamed of what had happened.

And Gehu's body was also wrapped in bandages.

The let's Tian Long face was also tight.

"Where's the hospital's surveillance?"

Chen Hao paced back and forth and asked.

"It's been pulled, I checked the traffic records of several streets one after another, and finally they disappeared at a mountain pan!"

Earth Tiger said.

Chen Hao patted the Earth Tiger's shoulder, "My sister said that it's very rare for those who can be your brothers' opponents, and having such four masters like this The, definitely the big families no doubt, Earth Tiger, can you see their genre of paths? And so you can investigate what family they're from?"

"Song you don't have to look it up, I know who those four are. And we know who Zyue was taken by!"

At this time, Aunt Fang stepped forward, saying with tears in her eyes.

And Chen Hao was also hindsighted.

Yes, here in Shuchuan, it should be the Fang family without a doubt.

Because Chen Hao hadn't exposed himself and hadn't fought with the Fang Family for the time being.

The Fang Family had been hidden again, so Chen Hao didn't think about the Fang Family.

But now, it was only the Fang Family, right!

"The four of them, if I'm right, should be my father's four personal bodyguards! My father, has found me!"

Fangmund said.


As the most promising daughter of the oldest son of the Fang family, Fang Mengniu was once the second most important person in the Fang family, and was even more important than Fang's father.

One can imagine how smart Fang Mengmai was at that time.

Therefore, sensitive as she was, even though she didn't know how her father had found out her whereabouts, she was certain that it was undoubtedly her father's people who had done it.

"Little Song, I know the Fang family well, the internal factions are complicated, if my father was the one who captured them, I believe that my father would not make things difficult for Zyue . But the rest of the Fang family, I'm not sure!"

"Oh, I've been pouting with my father for years, and he regrets it, but his temper hasn't changed at all, and this is to make me Do you go to the door and apologize to him?"

Fang Mengmai smiled bitterly.

"Then Aunt Fang, what's our next step? I never feel safe with Rose on their side!"

Chen Hao shook his head.

After all, Su Zyue was considered a member of the Chen family, his own cousin.

He had also brought Zyue along with him in the first place, and now that so much had happened to Rose because of him, how could Chen Hao let it go.

"I see it this way Young Master Chen, let's just break into the Fang family and rescue Miss Chen Er!"  

The Heavenly Dragon and Earth Tigers said in unison.

"No, Sky Dragon and Earth Tiger, I know you two brothers are powerful, but with all due respect, you're not even four of my father's men, The Four Devils of Xiangxi are rivals, and the Fang family's heritage was comparable to the Chen family back then, with us, how can we just break in? Break in!"

Fang Mengchao.

Tian Long Dihu lowered his head.

"Is it, just let Second Miss Chen go?"

Earth Tiger was ashamed.

"Of course not, the way, and not without,, three days from now, is my father's birthday, and according to the custom of previous years, when it would be held The Fang Family Assembly, where all the wealthy merchants belonging to the power of the Fang Family as well as friends of the Fang Family would attend! And this could be our one chance to save Su Zyue!"

Fang Mengmai said.

"Aunt Fang, you mean we'll blend into the Fang Assembly that day and create chaos before rescuing Zyue, right?"

Chen Hao did understand.

"That's good, because every year, the Fang Clan Conference uses a very large number of people to do odd jobs, and for the sake of secrecy, most of them are chosen from the north, or even the Foreign chefs as well as personnel come in. And this is an opportunity for us!"

Chen Hao nodded his head.

Aunt Fang's meaning was already clear to Chen Hao.

When the time came, he would bring the Heavenly Dragon, Earthly Tiger and many other experts to mix in, and then have Zhu Ming send someone out to meet him, although fighting against the Fang family right now Chen Hao's strength was far from enough.

But creating chaos would be no problem.

When the time comes, we will be able to bring out Su Zyue without a trace.

"Then Aunt Fang, how should we blend into the ranks among these outsiders?"

Tian Long asked.

"The procedure for screening these outsiders is very strict, they will be concentrated in Qing City, we have to hurry to Qing City, and when I There is a way for you to blend in, and I have some henchmen in the Fang family, and I will ask them to find out exactly where Su Zyue is!"

Fang Mengniu laid out.

She was very anxious, always worried about Su Zyue's situation, and the bottomless pit that was the Fang family, once she fell into it, it would be hard to get out.

It was precisely because she understood this truth that Fang Mengmai was very emotional.

However, years of experience still made her mind very clear.


At the same time, the Fang Manor, within a secret hall.

"Master, Miss Zyue still refuses to seek medical treatment or eat, we really can't persuade her anymore!"

In came a couple of old Chinese doctors, now facing the Fang family's old

The Imperial Prince was respectful.

Fang different this year was already almost seventy years old, and right now, a touch of anxiety swept over his wrinkled face.

"Alas, this girl, Zyue, is just as stubborn as her mother, right, wasn't Dreamhouse's servant Xiaoxia found back by Inan, let Xiaoxia Go persuade them... Also, don't tell anyone about Su Zyue, including inan. Death is no funeral, get out!"

Several old Chinese doctors trembled in fear and hurriedly walked out.

And Fang different leaned on his crutches and slowly stood up.

Looking towards the wall, some of the events of these years were tossed around in his mind.

In particular, at that time, three high fives in front of the public hall, broke the father-daughter relationship with the most beloved baby daughter, Fang Mengniu.

Drove her out of the Fang family.

Although Fang was quite strict in enforcing the family law at first, he regretted expelling her the same day.

He tries every possible way to find Dreammallow.

He didn't necessarily have to let Dreamhouse come back, just to let him know that his precious daughter was still alive and well.

Fang is contented with that.

However, after so many years without any news, Fang, who has been cultivating his body and cultivating his character for so many years, is now older than most people who work hard every day.

I'm afraid this is my punishment.

I thought I would never see my daughter again.

Yesterday, Situ Hong suddenly reported that he had found a girl who looked exactly like Dreamhouse, and that the Fang family had no control over her.

The Fang family has no control over anything. It would be easy to find out who or what is involved.

Naturally, it wouldn't be hard to find out where Fang Mengmu and his granddaughter's Su Zyue were.

"Meng Peña, I know you hate me, but in three days, father's birthday, I want you to come back to see me..."

Fang different read, both eyes already hazy.

And on the other side.

A maid holding a box, pushed the door into a room.

Inside the room, a girl was sitting on the bed, crying and wiping her tears.

And after the maid saw the girl, her whole body trembled violently, and all the boxes in her hands fell to the floor.

"Ah? How can it be so similar!"

The maid got excited.

"It's exactly like Missy was in the beginning!"

Yes, seeing this girl instantly made the maid think of the time when she was with Missy many years ago.

And this girl, is exactly Su Zyue.

When Su Zyue looked at this kind-eyed maid and saw herself shedding tears, she asked softly, "You are?"

"Miss Su Zyue, I'm Kasumi, the personal servant of Miss Fang Mengniu!"

Aunt Kasumi cried out.

"Huh? Fang she my mother then?"

When Su Zyue heard these three words, she was also excited.

Aunt Xia Xia cried and nodded her head, "Miss Zyue, you are simply identical to Miss Da, she is your mother ah!"

"So, she really is my mother! Aunt Kasumi, then where is my mother now?"

Su Zyue cried.

"Miss Zyue, don't be anxious yet, there's a lot going on here, and I can't explain it all at once, but don't worry, your mother also often Remember you, your grandmother doesn't know where she is right now, and when I get the chance, I'll take you away to meet your mother!"

Aunt Xia Xia affectionately touched Su Zyue's head, looking heartbroken.

"Why won't you let us in, get out of my way!"

Just at this moment, a voice suddenly sounded outside the door....


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