The Unknown Heir 380-389


Wang Wen Liang Meng and the others were all drawn towards the Genting Villa on the display!

"Jinling actually has such villas? Matilda, how come I've never heard of it?"

Hou Xiaoxia said in surprise.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. It's close to a billion!"

"A billion?"

Hou Xiaoxia bit her lip, "How earthy this must be!"

"This is the Genting Villa in Jinling, as you can see, in fact, the purpose of organizing this party, I'll just state it clearly, our Hong County The people are great, the mountains are beautiful! Our group intends to build a Hung County Genting Villa!"

Mr. Guo said.

The words were met with an uproar offstage.

"If Hong County can also have such a spectacular cloud-top villa, that would be really awesome!"

"I don't know how much, but it must be more than five or six hundred million!"

The crowd said.

Guo smiled and said, "It's embarrassing to say, but we are actually planning to, give you a close up shot of the Genting Villa of Jinling Spectacular place to be, but alas, it's not something you can just approach there! Therefore, we have chosen a few angles for a multi-directional shoot, so you can see it first!"

Mr. Guo is a master marketer, though.

First of all, this kind of villa can only be purchased by luxury families, and the strongest publicity channel is also the sons of these luxury families.

Their word of mouth will definitely bring great public opinion and popularity to the upcoming Genting Villa project in Hong County.

This was also the biggest purpose of the gathering organized by Mr. Guo today.

Mr. Guo looked at the surprised expressions of the crowd and was still very satisfied.

Now cut to another front main map above.

From this location, leading up to the top of the cloud, there was a long flight of stairs that progressed through the levels.

And it was a bit surprising.

This picture is shot with people.

Just below the foot of the hill, you see luxury cars parked all over the place.

A team of black-clothed bodyguards, standing with their hands down, on either side.

This kind of scene was definitely a scene that only existed when those luxurious families appeared on movies.

And Hou Xiaoxia was obviously very concerned about this kind of pulling cool and dazzling Genting Villa.

Even more so, she carefully looked towards the people inside the picture.

Because the black-clothed bodyguards on both sides, at this moment, all of them will be looking, respectfully, at a young man who is walking slowly towards the top of the cloud.

Unfortunately, because of the shooting angle, all that was seen was the back of this youth.

Apparently, this was what Mr. Guo had specifically gone to photograph when he was celebrating Lin Yi's birthday.

"Who is this youth?"

"There's no need to ask, this row must be the owner of Villa Genting!"

"Tsk, tsk, that's life, life should be lived like that, it's so enviable!"

The people were praising each other.

And Hou Xiaoxia, after gazing at them for a moment, was just stunned.


However, Hou Xiaoxia seemed to be quite scared and didn't say anything.

Rather, at this time, Wang Wen pulled Hou Xiaoxia's arm: "Xiaoxia Xiaoxia, you quickly look, the broad young man in the middle, how the more you look like! Chen Hao? Have you found it yet?"

"Huh? How could it be him, it's just some resemblance at best, how could Chen Hao afford such an expensive villa!"

Hou Xiaoxia said.

Really, Hou Xiaoxia wasn't prepared at all, what if this person was Chen Hao? Guess I'll go to hell, haha, but unfortunately how!

"No, I look like it really! I'll ask Chen Hao!"

Wang Wen was somewhat inexplicably excited.

Now, she turned back towards Chen Hao's side.

And Hou Xiaoxia also looked over towards Chen Hao's side.

However, both girls at the same time

A shocked, "Huh? Where's Chen Hao?"

"It was just here, where did he run off to?"

Hou Xiaoxia said.

"Hmph, I see, it must be because Chen Hao is particularly constrained by staying here, so he simply hid out, in the end, he's still afraid! "

As if Hou Xiaoxia had found a venting point, she said directly.

Wang Wen just shook her head helplessly.

She was quite tempted to call Chen Hao now to ask where he was going, but when she saw Liang Meng's face, which was already about to turn green, she didn't make the call.

Let's say Chen Hao again.

Not bad, when Mr. Guo said something about the Jinling Cloud Villa.

Chen Hao knew what the theme of Mr. Guo's party today was.

It's quite awkward to continue staying here.

It wouldn't be good in case someone recognized it.

Especially in front of Hou Xiaoxia.

So Chen Hao walked out early.

After all, he had originally come over to play just to see Wang Wen's face.

But there was still a lot to do, so obviously he couldn't stay long.

Just prepared to go back to his room.

At this time, Chen Hao received a call from one of his men.

"Young Master Chen, it's our bad, we had already found out where that maid was and rushed there, but in the end... in the end That old servant, however, has been picked up early!"

Since there was a clue, it would naturally not be a problem for the men to follow the vine and find the maid.

But what Chen Hao didn't expect was that even though he had been extremely cautious and sent out his men as soon as he got the news, he was still one step ahead of the others!

It made Chen Hao hate in his heart.

"What kind of person picked them up?" Chen Hao asked.

"At the moment, we are still investigating, but it has been confirmed that there is a group of people other than us who are stealing time from us to find this maid Man!"

"I know, I'll quickly deploy additional manpower, you guys should investigate as soon as possible too!"

Chen Hao hung up the phone with a bit of a headache.

I don't know what's going on, finding someone is actually such a hassle!

"Chen Hao?"

And just as Chen Hao was about to go upstairs.

Behind him, a girl called out to him.

The voice was somewhat unexpected.

When Chen Hao turned back, he was also a little surprised.

It was because in the lobby of the hotel, many people were already here at the moment.

They were all the kind of clean-cut, black-clothed bodyguards, wearing sunglasses, and they were all imposing.

There were less than thirty people.

If it wasn't for seeing the two girls in that group, Chen Hao would have thought that it wasn't one of his own men who had arrived!

These two girls are Fang Hanan and Fang Yi!

"It's you guys!"

Chen Hao smiled.

If I remembered correctly, this should be the second time I had seen Fang Hanran in and out of such a big row!

And Chen Hao was instantly sensitive.

It didn't make sense, Fang Hanan and Fang Yi, two girls who usually loved studying so much, didn't miss a single lesson, so why were they rushing to Hong County today with such a big party?

But Chen Hao soon understood something.

Yes, Fang Hanan and Fang Yi, themselves were from the Fang family.

And so was Fang Mengmai.

The group that had come to find the whereabouts of Fang Mengma's maidservant would be Fang Hanni and the others, right!

"I didn't expect to see you here, what are you doing in Hong County?"

Fang Yi asked in puzzlement.

But soon, Fang Yi frowned and looked at each other with Fang Lunan, who was suddenly staring up and down at Chen Hao.

And being stared at by the two girls, Chen Hao was suddenly a little hairy.

What's the situation, he's just revealed himself? No way.


"I see, Chen Hao, is it tomorrow morning, the two of you are coming over early for the two-day trip to Hong County organized by Fatty?"

Fanny said.

"Huh? Ao, yes, it's just that Fatty didn't come, so I came here first to book a hotel. I didn't know you guys would be here beforehand. Over for a trip, right?"

Chen Hao swept a glance at the bodyguards brought by Fang Hanan.

"Fatty told me that you guys are quite fond of traveling!"

Chen Hao thought that Fang Yi and Fang Hanan found out at once that she was also looking for that maid, so she was a nervous wreck, but only after hearing this did she let out a long sigh of relief.

Down the slope.

"Che, what are you talking about, the two of us aren't that useless, we are..."

Fang Yi gave Chen Hao a blank look, then wanted to explain.

And Fangsan quickly gave a warning look to Fang Yi, just to say before.

"Fanny, what's wrong with you? So much talk!"


Fang Yi, on the other hand, was only fiercely aware that she had lost her temper.

Actually, Fang Yi was not entirely to blame.

First of all, although Fang Yi and Fang Hanan usually maintained that kind of cold attitude, the two of them knew each and every student in the class quite well.

On the surface, they don't show it, but on the way home from school, the most discussed topics are similar to those of other girls.

The funniest thing in the class, which boy is handsome, which boy is not handsome but nice, and so on.

It's almost like gossiping about each and every one of your classmates.

No matter how different the experiences were, in the end, they were still two girls.

Now, the two of them discuss more about Chen Hao, plus Fang Yi and Fang Hanan are not less to understand Chen Hao.

They were already more familiar with Chen Hao.

Secondly, that was the feeling that Chen Hao gave the two of them, which was obviously incomparable to other boys.

So Fang Yi was surprised and involuntarily talked to Chen Hao.

Now she hurriedly shut her mouth.

As for Fang Hanan, she just glanced at Chen Hao with a faint glance, and then brought a group of people straight upstairs.

Chen Hao was astonished.

Strange, if Inan Fang had found the maid before himself.

At this moment, she had already left, so why did she have to live in Hong County?

If it wasn't Inan Fang who took them away, then who was it?

I'm afraid that you'll have to wait until your own men come back to get a detailed understanding of the situation.

"Inan, I'm really sorry o, I was too excited just now, so I didn't stop, I actually talked to Chen Hao so much!"

When she entered the room, Fang Yi was the one who held Fanny's hand.

"It's fine, be careful next time, although we are now freer than before, but don't make too much noise!"

Fang Hanran laughed bitterly.

"I know, next time it will definitely not happen!"

Fang Yi threw up her tongue.

"It's just that this mission, apparently there's no danger, but I don't understand why she's so stubborn, that box is so important to her It? Where are we going to find her? Inan, what do you plan to do next?"

Fang Yi said.

And inan gave Fang Yi another warning look: "Fang Yi, I really regret bringing you out, why do you say everything to the outside world? Watch out for the walls!"

Fang Yi threw up her tongue again and hastily covered her mouth.

"From now on, I'm going to return to my old high and cold self and never say another word again!"

Fanny said.

"You don't have to, alas, to be honest, actually look for one thing to our clan.

Inan, it's not difficult for me, what I'm worried about now is that there is indeed a force that has the same purpose as us, and that Fang Yi The skills of that group are not below those of these experts we brought in this time. That's exactly what I have to worry about!"

Inan rubbed his brow, "For now, it's us who got the upper hand, but it didn't do much good, instead, it left us in the clear! If the opponent is in the dark, not only is it possible for them to sneak up on us, but even our Fang family might be exposed. You don't even know what you're up against! So, I've been sad about this!"

"Hahahaha, so ah, easy to do, I have an idea!"

Fanny said happily.

"You?" Inan laughed.

"Hmph, inan, don't look at me, I'm actually quite smart, it's just like the game I play to kill werewolves! !"

Fang Yi said.

Fangsan shook her head, "I don't understand!"

"Gee, that's too easy, what you're afraid of now is exposing yourself right? So why don't you just get yourself a cloak and hide yourself and obfuscate, that way you'll be in the dark? I did! Our Fang family is even more in the dark, usually, what you do, it's still the same, that's fine!"

Fanny said.

"You make some sense, you mean we don't have to rack our brains to confront that group, but find another person to , on our behalf, and maybe even tick off the people who were hiding in the shadows?"

Fanny was quick to understand.

Fangyi snapped her fingers, "Bingo, that's it!"

"Alas, but who should I call for this cloak? Whom would it be more appropriate to draw attention to?"

Fanny pondered.

And Fangyi pouted, also thinking.

But soon, Fangyi slapped her head.

"Hahaha, I know who to look for!"

Fang Yi said.

Fangsan was speechless: "You mean Chen Hao?"

"Yes, I'm looking for Chen Hao. He's the best choice. Look, inan, we've discussed Chen Hao before. Even though he's pretty and... Good looking, but a bit goofy and usually very low-key, Chen Hao is actually quite rich, and has some local celebrities in Shuchuan. I know! This really is Chen Hao's innate advantage!"

"Because then, once Chen Hao comes out, he might take the opposite side by surprise!"

Fang Hanran nodded.

"You're right, thinking about it, it's really Chen Hao who's the most suitable, but this matter might be dangerous, pulling Chen Hao into the water like this Does it fit? Besides, will Chen Hao agree?"

"Hehe, don't worry, I'll find a way!"

As soon as Fang Yi's eyes rolled, she immediately planned on it.

After waiting for the sky to get a little darker.

Fang Yi then quietly arrived at the door of Chen Hao's room.

It was naturally not a problem for Fang Yi to find out where Chen Hao was staying.

She knocked on the door.

Chen Hao opened the door and looked, "What are you doing here?"

Quite a surprise.

I didn't expect this same high and mighty goddess to come to herself!

"Hey, surprise, I came to see you, I came to ask for your help with something!"

Fanny said.

"Something I can help you with?"

Because Chen Hao knew the general identity of these two sisters, Chen Hao was quite surprised.

By all accounts, if it was really the Fang family, what she Fang Yi wanted to do couldn't be done ah!

"Well really, it's not convenient to talk about it here, so come with me to my room upstairs!" Fanny said.

"To your room? It's inappropriate this late, isn't it?"

Chen Hao was surprised.


"Go away, go away, what's inappropriate!"

Fang Yi directly dragged Chen Hao out of the room.

Chen Hao was also curious, what was it that Fang Yi was looking for him for?

And so on in.

Fangyi made a shushing gesture at Chen Hao.

"Fang Yi, you're back?"

At that moment, Fang Hanran's voice sounded in the bathroom.

Then Fang Han Nann pushed open the bathroom door and came out.

In the next moment, Chen Hao was dumbfounded.

He saw that Inan Fang, who had beautiful black hair, was only wearing a topless nightgown.

Her snow white, round legs were exposed.

She had obviously just finished taking a shower and was rubbing her hair with a towel while talking to Fang Yi.


And seeing that Chen Hao was actually standing in the house, staring at her.

Inan Fang's pretty face blushed and hastily hid back into the bathroom.

Yes, since she was a child, Fang Hanran had never stood in front of a boy like this before.

In fact, for that kind of romance, or ambiguity, Fang Hanran has always felt that it is an ethereal thing.

Because she has not met many boys.

At the moment, just like a deer that had lost its soul, she hid in the bathroom, her heart thumping non-stop.

"Fang Yi, why did you bring him into my room!"

In the bathroom came the shy and indignant voice of Fang Hanan.

"Hahaha! Of course, or else why would Chen Hao help us!"

The scene, though, is quite a bit less effective than you expected, but it's pretty good!

According to Fang Yi's idea, Chen Hao should have crashed inan's bath.

And even though she knew that Fang Yi sometimes did things without thinking, but Fang Han Nian would never have thought that Fang Yi would make such a joke.

"Hey stop it, Chen Hao, I've called you here, we really have something to ask you to help us, and you're the only one in our two classes who currently has a Strength can help us!"

Fang Yi said.

At this moment, Fang Lunan had already changed into a long skirt and came out of the bathroom.

After glaring at Fang Yi viciously, she glanced at Chen Hao somewhat grudgingly.

Chen Hao was also quite embarrassed.

He touched his nose and said, "What is it?"

"It's really simple, we're going to ask you to find one thing for us!"

Fongyi answered, "It shouldn't be hard for you, and ah, don't think I don't know what you just saw, if you can help If you don't help us, you won't do justice to your kid!"

"Fangyi, what are you talking nonsense!"

Fang Dan was speechless.

Chen Hao smiled bitterly.

To be honest, Chen Hao was really planning to help these two sisters.

This was the best chance to get close to the two of them, and that Fang Mengniu's servant could be in their hands right now.

This was an opportunity that Chen Hao was somewhat eager for!

Now ask, "Tell me, what are you looking for?"

"Well, tomorrow I remember all of our classmates are coming on a trip, so how about you bring a few reliable ones and then we'll go to a place Just do it! It's that simple! Of course, you're the one who went out of your way to find out!"

Fang Yi said.

Chen Hao paused, I'm afraid that it's impossible to find out anything.

Wait until you can really find it and see.

It was a nod of the head, "Yes!"

After waiting for Chen Hao to leave.

Inan twisted Fang Yi's ear: "You you, you're really mad at me, you dead girl! a moment ago

, I was lucky to come out in a blouse, if not, you!"

Inan Fang thought of it was a moment of fear, at the moment hated Fang Yi.

"All right, all right, it's not, things have been done, I guessed it was right, Chen Hao really likes you, you don't know, he just Look at you straightening your eyes!"

"And you say, "I'll kill you!"


At this moment, inside a manor.

A series of four or five luxury cars entered the manor.

The people who got off the cars then all walked towards the villa.

"Young Master Yang  all the manpower is already here!"

A butler-looking man led the group in.

"Hello Young Master Yang, can you tell us now, what is the purpose of having Young Master Long call us here this time?"

The one who spoke was a foreigner, but his gaze was cold and emotionless in general, very cold.

"Oh, of course, Shao Yun has also explained to you that after you have arrived, all actions will be at my command, and I will be Straight up, I asked you guys to come here this time to help me kidnap a man!"

Young Master Yang was precisely Situ Yang.

At this moment, he was full of resignation and some anger.

The butler naturally handed the photo to the person at the head.

"Just a woman, Yang Shao, do you need to raise such a fuss?"

The head youth disdainfully put the photo aside.

"Don't be so careless, this woman, but an ordinary dozen or so powerful males can't even get close to her!"

Sturgeon said, "And, just to be safe, you'll have to use some other means of resourcefulness, but, of course, you'll just have to take her to the The designated place, and I'll do the rest!"

Several slayers looked at each other, then nodded.

"Fubuki, arrange for them to stay first!"

"Yes, Younger Yang!"

After the group left, in a dark part of the room, an old man with a face half white and half black crossed his arms and walked out.

"Ninth Uncle, would it be redundant for you to make me go through all this trouble to find such a few goods, although that girl Fang Hanran is powerful, I want to It's still a breeze to deal with her!"

Situ Yang said hatefully.

"Naturally, Fang Hanan doesn't need to bother too much, but if the Fang family finds out about this matter, it will be greatly detrimental to the Situ family, therefore, you It's most prudent to get someone else to do this for you!"

The old man said.

"That's right, I don't know what the Fang family is up to now, haven't they been grounded all along, and now they are actually letting her come to Hong County activity, and my men inquired about it and said they were looking for something, and they didn't know what they were looking for!"

Situ Yang said, "But my father told us to find out. Inan, you have never taken me into account, so don't blame me for being cruel! up, and this time, I'm going to make you my woman!"

Thinking of the day when Inan slapped herself in public, the humiliation swept over her whole body.

The feeling of humiliation swept through his whole body.

Now that he has kidnapped Fang Hanan, not only can he create some chaos in the Fang family, but also Situ Yang can find a breakthrough from both inside the family and from the rude Fang Yi.

It can be said to be a win-win situation.

Ninth Uncle was also right, so that by letting Long Shaoyun of Yanjing help, he could naturally hide behind the curtain and adapt to changes as they came.

Long Shaoyun and Situ Yang had known each other for a long time.

After all, both of them were considered to be famous young majors from all over the world, so naturally they had a lot of interactions, and similar things like this had never been done before.

And at this moment, another luxury car came outside the door.

Situ Yang looked towards the outside and smiled faintly, "It's Long Shaoyun coming!"

"Jan, long time no see, how are you?"

Soon, Long Shaoyun walked in with both hands in his pockets.


"Young Master Yun, it's really been a long time, you said you didn't know how happy I was when you came to visit me!"

Upon seeing Young Master Long yun, Situ Yang smiled and said.

"By the way, Uncle Long and the others at home, are they all well? My dad was still talking about it a while ago, asking me to go to Yanjing sometime and visit Uncle Long!"

"Thanks Jan, it's all good!"

Long Shaoyun said.

Situ Yang asked Long Shaoyun to sit down, "What's the matter, I heard that some time ago, you were taught a lesson by Uncle Long? Half a month of solitary confinement?"

"Oh, don't talk about that, it makes me furious to mention it, right Jan, let's talk about you, I've already brought you people, As you've seen, these guys are from North Africa, and they're all good at what they do!"

"I see, I'm very relieved that Shao Yun you found me the manpower!"

"Well, let's wish in advance for the success of our operation tomorrow!"


The next day.

Wang Xiaohua and the others all came.

Because last night, Chen Hao had arranged for Wang Xiaohua to call out for four or five reliable boys.

Wang Xiaohua naturally didn't dare to be careless.

He arranged for the other students to lead the tour, while the four or five of them, followed Chen Hao.

Inan and Fangyi had obviously discussed it in advance.

Because today, the two of them, just like in the past, did not talk to Chen Hao, or a cold look.

Xu Yangyang also came today, and she has changed quite a bit compared to before.

First of all, she didn't go pestering Liang Fei like she used to, but instead, she still looked at Chen Hao from time to time with a somewhat shy face.

I don't know what Chen Hao had talked to Hu Huimin and Xu Yangyang about last time that made her look like this.

But Chen Hao's attention was clearly not on her.

After greeting Wang Xiaohua, the four or five of them were ready to part with their classmates and head to a place called Clearwater Village.

"Stop, Wang Xiaohua Chen Hao, what are you guys doing? Why don't you come with us?"

Just as Chen Hao was about to drive, a girl chased after him.

A face full of puzzlement.

"Lin Shengnan, you're in charge a little too much, where are we all going, is there any need to greet you?"

Wang Xiaohua said.

"Hmph, I saw you guys sneaking around from the car, so it turns out that you guys are really going somewhere else, isn't it fun to be Don't you want to play with us?"

Lin Shengnan said angrily.

At the same time, he also secretly glanced at Chen Hao to see.

Wanted to see if Chen Hao was looking at himself.

As a result, Chen Hao had his hands in his pockets and was leaning sideways on top of a luxury Mercedes, his eyes already looking elsewhere.

Lin Shengnan couldn't help but be a little disappointed.

Sometimes a person's feelings were just strange, vague and unpredictable.

In the beginning, Lin Shengnan, like Xu Yangyang, also didn't put Chen Hao in his eyes, so he thought what are you?

If it wasn't for the fact that Chen Hao had offended Xu Yangyang and took it out on his own behalf, he definitely wouldn't have been willing to pay attention.

But then a few things happened, proving that Chen Hao was very rich and seemed to be very well-connected.

This gave a different feeling.

Chen Hao was still Chen Hao, but how he was before he had no feeling, but now, when he didn't take care of himself, Lin Shengnan felt a little strange and uncomfortable in his heart.

It was as if his life was flawed and unbalanced.

This morning when the students came also.

Chen Hao greeted a few of his classmates.

The only one who didn't look at himself.

So Lin Shengnan chased after him, having to ask Wang Xiaohua what he was going to do!

Hoping to get Chen Hao's attention.

But apparently, she miscalculated.

"What's not to play with you guys, we have

There's important business to be done, so go play!"

Wang Xiaohua is no better now than before, he used to be inferior and scared when he saw Lin Shengnan.

Now tough as nails.

As he said that, he also held a cigarette in his mouth.

"That's right, hurry up and go play your game, less questions!"

Several of the other boys chimed in.

"You guys...why are you guys talking like that! Chen Hao! Don't you know how to control them, look what they're all talking about now!"

Lin Shengnan glanced furiously at Chen Hao who was on the side.

Only then did Chen Hao turn his face sideways, "Alright Fatty, you guys stop talking, let's go!"

"Okay Chen!"

Wang Xiaohua nodded his head busily.

Then a few people got into the car.

Wang Xiaohua's driver's license hadn't been tested yet.

So there was no way, Chen Hao drove this Dash business by himself.

And Lin Shengnan is also stubborn a bit up.

Seeing that Chen Hao still ignored himself, he actually ran to the passenger side and pulled open the door to sit on it.

"I'm going, what are you doing?"

Chen Hao thought to himself, what's wrong with Lin Shengnan?

Why is it so evil today.

Didn't she also like to play with Liang Fei and the others, why did she come over to take care of herself?

It wasn't a big deal to say the least.

That was that ever since the Taekwondo tournament, the class had automatically split into two forces within it.

One was Liang Fei, who formed a small force with a few of his old friends, and the other was a large force headed by Chen Hao Wang Xiaohua.

And Lin Shengnan belonged to Liang Fei's small force.

Now, he actually came to his car.

"You want to be shameless, Lin Shengnan, what are you doing in the car?"

"That's right, deadbeat following, I've never seen you like this!"

Wang Xiaohua and the others directly opened fire.

And Lin Shengnan, suddenly the humiliation that was already there, the humiliation that pleasing Chen Hao brought her, suddenly exploded out.

Can't help but have red eyes and actually shed tears.

"Why are you guys talking about me like this, where am I going to play isn't play ah, what's wrong with bringing me along? What's going on?"

Then turned her head to look at Chen Hao: "And Chen Hao, why are you ignoring me, I greeted you and you didn't even look at me, I met you in the cafeteria and you also Ignore me, I know I wasn't nice to you when you first got here, but I've humbled you before! You also said it's okay!"

"Huh? Do you?"

Chen Hao was startled.

"There, there have been several times in the past few days that you haven't greeted me! And ignore me!"

Lin Shengnan said.

Chen Hao scratched his head awkwardly, "Then I might have forgotten!" Chen Hao has a bunch of things on his mind during this time, so how can he have time to pay attention to that."

And Lin Shengnan was also the kind of girl who was too competitive.

To deal with this kind of girl, it's best to use the method of lusting for her, the less you pay attention to her, the more she'll want you to pay attention to her.

Of course, Chen Hao didn't think about it that much.

Seeing Lin Shengnan cry.

Chen Hao is also a little embarrassed, after all, there really is no deep hatred with her.

It was a nod, "Alright, one more is not too much, if you're willing to follow, just follow!"

Lin Shengnan doesn't cry this time: "OK, I can go buy you boys water and drinks!"

And Wang Xiaohua in the back, looking at Lin Shengnan's current attitude, he was getting goosebumps.

Damn, this attitude change is too fast.

Chen Hao set off.

And inan and Fang Yi looked at each other and also drove off with them.

But as soon as the cars of Inan and Fang Yi set off.

On the side of the road, seven or eight luxury cars sprang up one after the other, heading straight for Fang Hanran's car....


Qing Shui Village wasn't far from Hong County.

When a few people went there, they found the house according to Fang Yi's request.

When she opened the door, it was opened by a middle-aged woman, except that her face was full of scars left over from that kind of burns.

It looked extremely frightening.

"Who are you looking for?"

The woman was startled when she saw Chen Hao and the others.

Perhaps she was also afraid that her face would scare these few newcomers, the woman was embarrassed and lowered her head.

"Hello auntie, you are Aunt Xia's cousin, right? She said there was something in your keeping that we wanted to come and pick up, and she said you'd understand if you saw this letter!"

At this time, Fang Hanran also came over and said.

And handed up a letter.

The woman looked at the envelope, and especially looked at Fang inan a few more times, then nodded her head.  

"Well, I get it, you guys just take it away!"

The woman let Chen Hao and the others walk in.

It turned out that what Aunt Xia had told me to get was a large wooden box.

It had to be moved by several people.

And from what Chen Hao heard, it seemed that Aunt Xia should be the maid.

As for Lin Shengnan, he didn't think that Chen Hao and the others were just here to work.

Not at all to play at all.

So it was quite disappointing.

Also, that woman's face was so oozing that Lin Shengnan had goose bumps if he looked at it more.

So while Chen Hao and the others were moving things, Lin Shengnan walked out.

He was taking a boring walk outside the door.

Lin Shengnan suddenly saw that at the entrance of the village, there came a few luxury cars that were speeding towards this side.

Lin Shengnan, usually belongs to the kind of courageous and careful girl.

Just find these few cars very puzzling.

Because just on their way here, Lin Shengnan noticed these luxurious cars.

He didn't say anything at the time.

Seeing the cars filled with people from afar, Lin Shengnan was even more curious.

Immediately, he ran in.

"Chen Hao, there are a lot of cars coming outside! There are a lot of people on the car!"

Lin Shengnan said.


Fang Yi was stunned.

Then she hurriedly ran out to see.

"Inan Chen Hao, it's bad, there are indeed a lot of people coming towards us!"

Fang Yi's anxious jump.

Fanny's eyebrows furrowed.

She had been very careful, and to be on the safe side, she didn't even bring her own men with her, as if she was normally out with her classmates on a trip like this.

But she didn't expect that she was still being followed.

"What should we do?"

Inan is panicking.

Chen Hao also wondered, what the hell, even his own people didn't come, why are there several groups of people?

"Inan, come to the room with me!"

And at this time, the woman with burns all over her face suddenly pulled the arm of Fang Renan.

Leading Chen Hao and the others to an inner room.

Lifting the bed board straight away, they saw that there was a passage inside.

Fang Hanran looked at the woman in confusion.

The woman said, "My cousin used to often come to stay with me, because there were especially many people looking for her, so, in our sister's house, there is this kind of Passage, since my cousin sent you to me, I'm sure she trusts you, you come with me!"

Fanny nodded.

Chen Hao couldn't help but look at the woman a few more times, and felt as if he had seen the woman from somewhere, he looked familiar, but where he had seen her, he just couldn't remember.

Right now, he didn't know which immortal he had offended.

Had to jump in as well.

Soon, the group arrived and barged right in.

It was obvious that it was coming for Fang Hanran and the others.

"You're really prompt in reporting!"

Chen Hao shrank inside and now took a look at Lin Shengnan.

Listening to the movement outside again, the group apparently refused to stop and were looking around.

Inan's anxious forehead was covered in sweat.

This is no way to go on.

Chen Hao was squeezed in at the end, and Lin Shengnan was right next to Chen Hao.

At that moment, he saw Chen Hao pull out a delicate and compact instrument from his pocket.

And when she saw this instrument, Lin Shengnan was just greatly surprised and felt the extraordinary nature of this instrument.

Now Chen Hao quietly made a silent gesture to her.

Then he pressed the button of the instrument and directly dialed it.

"This... what is this? Can I call for help?"

Lin Shengnan said softly with wide eyes.

Chen Hao pressed her head and fell to her ear and whispered, "Forget what you just saw, don't say anything!"

Lin Shengnan nodded fiercely.

All the more curious what this thing was, and what did Chen Hao mean by pressing that bit?

And a few people stayed in this tunnel for close to ten minutes.

That's when they heard a buzzing sound coming from above the sky outside.

"What's that noise?"

"Boss, it's bad, we're surrounded, there's a dozen helicopters coming from above! It'll be too late if we don't get out of here!"

Just listen to the man outside shout.

"What? Shit, pull back!"

What followed was the sound of the group of people leaving the room.

Lin Shengnan's eyes were wide open, clearly frightened by the words of those people outside.


Chen Hao actually called for a helicopter?

Is this really fake?

Who the hell is Chen Hao?

Nowadays, ordinary rich kids don't have that kind of skill!

But Chen Hao instructed her not to talk nonsense, so Lin Shengnan didn't dare to speak.

And soon, the sound of the helicopter in the sky also gradually faded away.

"It's safe now, let's get out!"

The woman behind Chen Hao spoke up.

Only then did Fang Hanan walked out, filled with doubts.

Chen Hao also went out from behind.

And the woman was the last one.

Only at this time, she was about to come out, but something seemed to have gobbled under her foot.

When she picked it up, it was a jade pendant.

Yes, it was the one that the young man had accidentally dropped out when he was pulling that little instrument out of his pocket just now.

But after touching this piece of jade pendant.

The woman's whole body suddenly shook wildly.

It was dark inside the tunnel, and the woman just had two hands, stroking the jade pendant together.

"This this this..."

She shuddered suddenly.

"Well? Why didn't that aunt come out?"

"Yeah, Auntie, you out?"

Wang Xiaohua shouted.

Only then did the woman came out.

"Auntie, thank you so much, this is a sum of money, don't worry, after we find the person we are looking for, we will send Aunt Xia Come back."

Fang Hanan put a bank card on the table, "The password is Aunt Xia's birthday!"

"Inan, we shouldn't be too late. We'd better get out of here. It was really close. It's strange that a helicopter came to rescue us. What about us?"

Fang Yi was confused.

Fanny shook her head, "I'm not sure, let's just leave first! Chen Hao, let's go!"

It seemed that Fanny had indeed gotten hold of the servant's whereabouts.

Chen Hao nodded and prepared to leave with Wang Xiaohua and the others.

"Little brother, wait a moment!"

At this time, the woman suddenly became a bit emotional and shouted at Chen Hao....



Chen Hao pointed at himself.

"Young man, I see you're quite perspicacious, can you do some work for me?"

The woman was also able to collect herself in time.

"Okay auntie, just let Chen Hao stay and help you!"

Fang Yi said.

She really thought of Chen Hao as her maid.

There was no way to refuse, so Chen Hao had no choice but to helplessly agree.

And wait until they all left.

The woman suddenly clutched Chen Hao's hands.

It shocked Chen Hao.  

"Auntie, what's wrong?"

Chen Hao was busy.

"Little brother, I don't know who you are, but I see that you are very kind, can you tell me, where did you get this jade pendant?"

The woman said as she picked up the jade pendant she had just picked up.

Yes, it was the same jade pendant that Rose had given herself that was engraved with Meng Ye.

Chen Hao was somewhat frightened by the woman's emotions.

But still, she said, "It's my sister's, what's wrong auntie?"

The woman was busy saying, "That means she is your sister, she is still alive isn't she? Isn't it?"

The woman violently shook Chen Hao's shoulder.

Chen Hao nodded, "Sure!"

And the woman now had two lines of hot tears flowing straight down.

Even if she was stupid, she should have seen what was going on at this moment.

Because the woman was really too emotional.

And by now, Chen Hao finally understood why when he first saw the woman, he felt that she looked familiar, as if he had seen her from somewhere.

But now a thought drifted through Chen Hao's mind.

Because he finally remembered, this woman's face was completely destroyed, but her appearance and eyes looked like Rosebud.

Could it be that....

"Auntie, I don't suppose you're that Aunt Xia's cousin, are you?"

Chen Hao asked probingly.

"I... I am!"

The woman hurriedly wiped her own tears.

Hiding her emotions.

But how could it still be hidden.

"This jade pendant on top of the Dream Minute is you, right? Are you Fang Mengniu?"

Chen Hao asked directly.

"Fang... who is Fang Mengmiao that I don't know! I've never heard of it before, you've got the wrong person!"

The woman shook her head violently, "I'm just a rural woman who's been living here since I was a child, you've got the wrong person!"

"I'm not going to mistake you, because Rose is so much like you, you two are just exactly alike!"

Chen Hao also had a touch of excitement in his heart.

To be honest, what was the reason for coming to Shuchuan after all this trouble, wasn't it to find Fang Mengmai.

But Chen Hao also knew that in the current form, it would be difficult to find Fang Mengmai.

Because several groups of forces had appeared.

Even the only clue was in the hands of the Fang family.

Chen Hao was having a headache about what to do.

And now, Rosebud and her almost identical woman appeared in front of him.

And so excited to see the jade pendant, is there any need to explain this!

"You mean her name is Su Zyue? Does she really look exactly like me?"

The woman said again with excitement.

"Yes, she is the one who gave me this jade pendant, she dreamed of finding her mother, and for years she was all alone, poorly fed and clothed No! Growing up in an orphanage!"

Chen Hao.

Tears flowed from the woman's eyes.

And as she cried, she sat weakly on the chair.

"You still won't admit it? Are you Fang Mengniu?"

Chen Hao asked.

The woman, however, finally covered her face and nodded, "I am!"

She then stood up abruptly and pulled on Chen Hao's arm, "I beg you, let me see zyue, no matter what side you're on . In the end I'm all for going with you, if you'll let me see Rose!"

Fang Mengniu cried.

A boulder in Chen Hao's chest had finally landed.

Fang Mengmian, that's how she was found.

"Aunt Fang, don't worry, zyue I'll definitely let you meet her, and this time, I'm bringing her to Shuchuan as well!"

To be honest, Chen Hao was also very happy right now.

His own mission had been accomplished, and most importantly, Rose's mother had been found!

"Si zyue is here too, where is she?"

Fang Mengchao.

"At the villa where I'm staying, I asked her to wait for my news." As soon as Chen Hao saw Fang Mengmai, he also felt some unexplained kindness, and said presently, "But Aunt Fang, I know that you used to be famous for your of beauty, did something happen to you afterwards?"

Fang Mengniu touched her cheek, "You mean my face, don't you?"

Chen Hao nodded.

"I destroyed this myself, and you know that there are many people looking for me, so I can't help it in order to hide it better!"

"So twenty years ago, I destroyed my face with my own hands, and then I settled in the village of Clearwater in Shuchuan, and Xia and I have always been This fits, as soon as someone finds Kasumi, Kasumi will use this method to get out of the situation, Oh, no one would have thought that an ugly The rural woman is actually the Fang Mengniu from back then!"

"If I hadn't seen this jade pendant that fell from you, you wouldn't have guessed, would you!"

Fang Mengchao.

"Yes, I did not expect that!"

"I couldn't control my emotions when I saw the girl who came in with you. She's called Inan, right? She's my brother's daughter, isn't she? It must be, when I was a kid, I used to hug her, and just now, I almost couldn't hold back in front of her because I didn't want to see anyone from the Fang family again... ...until I picked up this jade pendant I left for my daughter and I lost daughter...I miss her every day...I miss her so much! Bitter!"

"I have hated God so many times for being so unjust to me, but now, God has been too good to me, and my daughter is alive and has come to the By my side!"

Fang Mengniu cried.

This was an emotion that Chen Hao could really understand too well.

"By the way little brother, what's your name? I heard Fang Yi calling you. Your name is Chen Hao? Are you a member of the South Asian Chen family?"

Fang Mengmai asked.


Chen Hao did not expect Fang Mengniu to be able to see so many things.

Presently hesitantly didn't speak.

"It must be, I know, you called those helicopters just now, this is your Chen family's unique satellite escort, right? How many generations are you from the Chen family, do you know Chen Pingan?"

Fang Mengniu asked a lot of questions in a series of questions.

Chen Hao really surrendered, it seemed that he had no secrets at all in front of her.

Presently, she said, "I don't know how many generations I am in the Chen family, and I've never heard of Chen Pingan, I just know that someone in the Chen family wants to see you! Auntie Fang, I'll let you reunite with Rose, but afterwards, you have to come with me. I only have this one condition!"

"Oh, you're from the Chen family, I understand, Chen Hao, I'll go with you when I see my daughter, some grudges, back then because of the The two of us rose up and it's time to end it now, isn't it?"

Fang Mengniu touched Chen Hao's head, as if she was stroking her own child.

Then she said, "But Chen Hao, I also have a condition. I don't know what kind of relationship you have with my niece, Inan, but I want you to promise me! , my identity must never be revealed to the public, especially the Fang family, okay?"


Chen Hao naturally agreed.

Now that the Fang family was also looking for Aunt Fang, Chen Hao would not be so foolish as to find trouble for himself.

At the same time, the matter between Aunt Fang and her own family, now Chen Hao had a great interest in wanting to know more about it.

What was the relationship between himself and Rosebud, exactly.

Seeing that Chen Hao asked, Fang Mengmu was downright knowledgeable.


The Chen Pingan that Aunt Fang spoke of was the Chen family's second son, young and handsome at that time, and also Rose's father.

According to normal logic, this Chen Pingan should be the second uncle that father had mentioned when he was a child, right?

That's when my father told himself that your second uncle was away working all year and didn't come back much!

No wonder I felt a sense of affection when I saw Su Zyue.

It turned out that Su Zyue was his own cousin.  

The feud between the Chen and Fang families is obviously not that simple.

What Aunt Fang meant was that the Chen family should have been trying to get the same thing from the Fang family in the first place, but, over the years, there had been some grudges with the Fang family.

So twenty years ago, the Chen family sent their second uncle over to hide his identity undercover in an attempt to get close to the Fang family and get what he wanted.

Aunt Fang smiled sweetly at that.

At that time, Aunt Fang was as beautiful as a flower, dumping the country and the city, and was already the CEO of a large listed group under the Fang family, definitely a strong woman.

And Second Uncle Chen Pingan had gone to great lengths to get close to Fang Mengmai.

First, he entered the company's sales department.

Then, with his superior ability, he gradually made it to the company's general manager.

In two years, he had become very familiar with Fang Mengmai.

But in that bout, although Chen Pingan was handsome and had great working ability, Fang Mengniu appreciated her second uncle.

But because of the strict family rules of the Fang family, occasionally, Fang Mengmou was somewhat tempted by her second uncle, and she quickly dismissed the idea.

But then, something happened.

After a company annual meeting, Fang Mengmiao was driving home alone.

On the way home, she was attacked by business enemies. More than twenty people surrounded Fang Mengma's car and tried to kidnap her.

Fortunately, Chen Pingan, the second uncle, rushed out of the car in the midst of the attack.

In the end, his uncle was injured, but he was able to fight off the twelve men.

He escaped with Fang Mengniu in tow.

This could be considered a typical example of a hero saving a beautiful woman, but it was a very real example.

From that moment on, it seemed that Fang Mengmai had found a man she could trust for the rest of her life.

Later on, the two of them developed feelings for each other and got together.

Because of this, it set the stage for Su Qiangwei's abandonment, Fang Mengmai's expulsion from the Fang family, Chen Pingan's unknown whereabouts, and the escalation of the feud between the Chen and Fang families!

After Fang Mengniu was pregnant, she had wanted to hide it, but how could she hide a thing like pregnancy?

On that day, it was still an explosion of paper that couldn't cover up the fire.

Chen Pingan's identity was also exposed, and the old master of the Fang family was so furious that he sent his family men to kill Chen Pingan.

In order to save Chen Pingan, Fang Mengmai went so far as to give three high fives to the old master of the Fang family and automatically left the Fang family, taking only her personal maid with her.

Chen Hao listened to Fang Mengmai's narrative.

He felt that what he was doing now was similar to what Second Uncle had done.

It was a pity that Second Uncle was a sexually active man who fell in love with a rival daughter of a thousand dollars.

It was also destined that the relationship would not reach the end.

"Then what happened later? If it's only because of you and me... our family Chen Pingan's union, the feud between the two Chen Fang families wouldn't be so confusing, would it?"

Chen Hao asked curiously


Subconsciously, Chen Hao could not yet announce that he was the Chen family's young master.

"Yeah, if that's all it is, it wouldn't be enough to make Chen Dongfang attack the Fang Family so wildly!"

Fang Mengchao.

And Chen Near East, is the name of his own father.

Chen Hao's heart thudded, and he didn't speak, listening quietly.

"That's because later on, something else happened..."

"After that, the head of the Chen family, Chen Near East, put Ping An under house arrest, but Ping An still missed us, mother and daughter, so one night, the Peace then said she was going to elope with me, when Su Zyue, had been born, and we were going to hide out somewhere where no one could find us. Have a good life!"

Chan Dreamhouse preached....

The night in question was the same night that Fang Mengmaw was in a hurry to take her servant, Xia, out to find an inn.

Because although the relationship with the Fang family was severed.

But because of some matters, the Fang family always sent someone to supervise her.

So that night when it was raining heavily, Fang Mengniu still held her daughter in her arms and followed the agreed upon route to round with Pingan Chen.

After all, she had to avoid the Fang family.

Because she left in a hurry, Fang Mengniu pledged this personal jade pendant of hers at that time.

And the next day, the one who came to deliver the money was actually a personal driver sent by Chen Pingan.

Originally all was well, and they rendezvoused in Qing City.

But there was an accident on the way there.

Something happened to Ping An!

There hadn't been any word from him since then.

The driver had made sure that Pingan had indeed arrived in Qing City, but he couldn't be reached.

It was as if he had vanished from the earth.

Chen Nearing believed that the Fang family had harmed his brother, so he began a series of revenge against the Fang family, and the feud between Chen and Fang escalated, plotting against each other.

At that time, I thought that Chen Near East had deliberately captured Ping An in order to bring down the Fang family.

But later I vetoed it.

Your head of the family, Chen Near East, although cunning, but he loves his brother Ping An very much, he would never ignore Ping An's opposition and forcefully target the Fang family.

So, that's what really happened to Ping An!

"The two families were at odds at the time, and despite your Chen family's power, our Fang family, was once a great family no less than the Chen family . As the saying goes, a skinny camel is bigger than a horse, but back then, we were still barely able to wrestle with your Chen family."

"And it was at that time that my elder brother and his wife, left because of an accident!"

"Chen Hao, you are a child of the Chen family, I believe you should know that the children of the Fang family do not go out and are grounded from generation to generation, the children of the Chen family are not famous The term for generational poverty, right?"

"This is related to the long-standing feud between the two Chen families, but in recent years, the conflict has completely intensified because of my affair with Ping An And already!"

Chen Hao nodded his head.

It was only now that he finally understood something.

It was no wonder why his father had also instructed him at that time to keep a low profile, or else he would bring himself back to the family.

It turned out that the Chen family also had enemies.

It was just that it was unknown how the Chen Fang family's generational enmity had been caused, this Chen Hao did not know.

Fang Mengniu obviously didn't continue to talk about it either.

It was only said that she later, in order to prevent Su Zyue from living a displaced life with herself, she asked Xia to find a place to settle down, while she, on the other hand, carried Su Zyue to an orphanage in Jinling and placed Su Zyue there.

Only then did she herself return to Shuchuan.

"Chen Hao, can you take me to meet Su Zyue now? Think of it as Aunt Fang begging you!"

Fang Mengmiao obviously still remembered Su Zyue.

Of course Chen Hao would fulfill it and nodded, "Okay Aunt Fang, come with me."


"Wait a minute!"

Fang Mengmai suddenly said.

"Chen Hao, I'm so ugly now, do you think I'll scare Zyue if I go there? And besides, after all these years of never raising her and abandoning her, will she hate me for being such an ugly mother? ?"

Fang Mengniu said again in fear.

"She will never recognize me, not a cruel and ugly mother like me!"

"And it's so sudden, will Rose accept it?"

Fang Mengniu touched her face.

Chen Hao scratched his head, "If you tell Rose directly that you're her mother, she'll be thrilled, you don't know how Rose is . She's extraordinarily kind-hearted!"

"Still no, how about this Chen Hao, can you arrange for me to go over there and babysit for Su Zyue first? I knew that babysitting Zyue might be a turn-off, but I really wanted to do something for Zyue! I'd be willing to be a cow for her even if it meant giving her a horse!"

Fang Mengchao.

"Well then, I can arrange that! When you have a chance later, tell Zyue the truth!"

That was all that could be done right now.

Now that Fanny and Fang Yi had left, only Wang Xiaohua and the others were left waiting outside in the car.

Chen Hao wouldn't let them in, and they didn't dare.

Now it was inconvenient to take Fang Mengmiao with them, so he let Lin Shengnan leave with Wang Xiaohua and the others first.

Only then did Chen Hao find another car and bring Fang Mengmiao to the villa he lived in.

"Let's go Aunt Fang, this is it!"

Arriving at the front door of the room, seeing that Fang Mengmiao had stopped stopping, Chen Hao smiled bitterly.


Pushing open the door.

"Su zyue! Su zyue?"

Chen Hao shouted twice.

Seeing no one in the room either.

He knew that Su Zyue must have gone out to buy something.

"She's not here, Aunt Fang, wait a moment!"

Fang Mengniu nodded, "Chen Hao, I want to go to Su Zyue room, I don't know if it's convenient?"

"Of course it's convenient, I'll take you there!"

Chen Hao opened the door to Su Zyue's room.

However, he himself did not go in.

Instead, Fang Mengniu walked in with red eyes.

The room was meticulously cleaned up, almost every corner was cleaned.

In the wardrobe, there were neatly arranged clothes that Zyue usually wore.

Then go to Zyue's desk.

On the desk, there was a picture frame, and on it, was Zyue's current picture.

Seeing this, Fang Mengniu's tears could no longer be controlled, and like a flood that broke the dam, they flowed straight down.

The Su Zyue in the photo was almost exactly the same as when she was young.

Daughter, it really was her own daughter!

She looks just like herself!

Nothing could make her feel happier than to be reunited with her daughter again at this moment.

She felt that God still loved her.

Placing it on her chest, she cried for a while.

Suddenly, Fang Mengmiao's eyes glanced at the desk and saw that there was a notebook.

Flipping it open.

It was Su Zyue's neat and graceful font.

This was her diary.

For so many years, Zyue had always had the habit of writing in her diary.

Turning to the first page, this was before she met Chen Hao.

"Today, I became a kindergarten teacher, every day I see the children happy, I'm really so satisfied, since I was little . I don't have a mother, and perhaps, only with these happy, happy children.

I can only feel that I'm not alone!"

"Today, I overheard a teacher secretly talking to someone about me, saying that I grew up in an orphanage, that I was abandoned by my parents when I was a child, and that I Pretending I didn't hear it, but I feel really bad, and I wish I could find my parents someday and ask them why they don't want me anymore. Why can't you just give me a good childhood! Why?"


"I was working in a restaurant, and I was reprimanded by the management for doing something wrong, and a young master helped me, and I don't know why, but I saw He, there was just a kindness about him."

"I saw him again, and he helped me, but I was a little nervous in his presence, because he had money, and I was a poor girl, but he was with the I said that he had a similar experience to me and for some reason I still felt close to him and that I felt safe as long as he was around me !"

"These days, I miss him, I want to see him again when I see him, and today, I want to follow him around and always take care of the All of him, but I know that he has the girl he loves, that sister is very pretty and generous, Chen Hao brother will not like me, but I still want to do anything for him."

"If I had a family of my own, I would tell Brother Chen Hao that I love him, but I have nothing, I'm an orphan, I'm not even Not even of affection, let alone love."


Fang Mengniu flipped through the diary one page at a time, and before she knew it, each page was covered with Fang Mengniu's tears.

"For more than twenty years, I don't know how many grievances and sorrows my daughter has endured, but she is still a child, yet she has suffered all the hardships of the human world."

Fang Mengmiao held the diary and cried.

"Brother Chen Hao, you're back! I went out to get some groceries, and this is cooking!"

Right at this moment, a clear and beautiful female voice sounded from outside.

And hearing this female voice, Fang Mengniu's entire body shook.

Presently, she walked out from the room.

The person in front of her was precisely Su Zyue.

"You... are?"

Su Zyue saw Fang Mengniu walk out of her room and asked now.

"I am..."

Fang Mengniu's hands were trembling.

"Zyue, she's Aunt Fang, she'll be at our house, cooking for us, so you can accompany Aunt Fang to buy food and cook for us from now on!"

Chen Hao hurriedly said.

Fang Mengniu nodded.

And when Su Zyue saw Aunt Fang, who had scars all over her face, a feeling of empathy suddenly rose in her heart.

And upon seeing this Aunt Fang, Su Zyue had a strange feeling in her heart, a sense of affection that had been missing for a long time.

Now smiling and nodding, "Hello Aunt Fang, my name is Su Zyue! From now on, the two of us will be in charge of Brother Chen Hao's food and shelter."

Actually, of course, Chen Hao wouldn't let Zyue serve herself.

However, Zyue was a laid back person, so Chen Hao didn't try to persuade her after a long time.

Fang Mengniu was also her second aunt, so she would definitely not be able to serve her.

But right now, Chen Hao didn't say anything.

Then the two of them went to cook.

Chen Hao's heart was happy.

And at this time, Wang Xiaohua suddenly called.

"Brother Chen, bad food!"

"You're the one who spoiled the food, what?" Chen Hao's was speechless.

"I go, a thousand no's and don't's, you shouldn't have let the female driver drive either, my god, we're all walking on a ghost's door!"

Wang Xiaohua was so scared that he came out crying.


Chen Hao is helpless, indeed, among the boys, only Lin Shengnan has a driver's license, and it's not convenient to tell them about Aunt Fang. , so Chen Hao let Lin Shengnan drive back.

"Is everything alright guys?"

"It's fine, except we rear-ended a car and now that crazy woman has grabbed us like crazy and won't let us go, saying she wants to Let the owner come!"


"Let me tell you, this is also a Mercedes Benz, and it's more expensive than your business car, so don't even think about ending this today without 300,000. !"

"And there's more, $300,000 for the car repairs and my emotional distress, I'm rushing to an event today and I missed this Campaign. Do you know how much I'm losing again? Two hundred thousand is more than that, huh?"

This woman, she doesn't look like much, just like Wang Xiaohua and the others.

But she looked like a rich mother rampaging around the world.

The dislike of Wang Xiaohua and the others couldn't say a word.

"We were just tailgating, you don't need so much, right? Where are we going to raise that much money for you?"

Lin Shengnan said urgently.

Half a million is definitely not a small amount.

Just now, Lin Shengnan was driving a little nervous, dodging a large car and accidentally rear-ended this imported Dash.

"Hmph, I didn't ask you for it either, didn't you say you were driving someone else's car? You don't have any money, the owner of this car must have money, I'm waiting for him to come, and I'm telling you, none of you are going anywhere!"

The girl said.

And then the girl's companion, a girl, came up to her, "Forget it, we're all out to have fun, let them pay for it Let it be!"

"Forget it? No way! I've had a rough couple of days. It's not that easy! It's hard to run into a wrongdoer, I'm sure I'll slaughter it hard!"

The girl said softly.

Then she dialed the phone and stood on the curb to make the call.

"Fatty, have you called yet?"

Lin Shengnan now asked Wang Xiaohua.

"Beat it, it's close to his house, he said to come over right away! Well, you really are, you'll be at home soon, what are you so excited about?"

Wang Xiaohua scolded Lin Shengnan.

"I've already said I didn't do it on purpose, and you're still yelling at me!"

Lin Shengnan said with wet red eyes.


Wang Xiaohua cursed and stopped talking.

They all squatted by the side of the road and waited.

And at this time, a lot of onlookers came over.

"Oh my, this is a serious collision, this luxury car, it looks like a new one, tsk tsk, pity for the little girl!"

A few of the men looked at the pretty, voluptuous-looking kind of female driver who was hit.

Just knew it was the kind of rich woman who played stop and drive.

So they all have some small ideas, so get close to the girl, stand to the girl side.

The girl at this time also finished the phone, "is, I this car is still new buy it, 300,000 maintenance fees with 200,000 of the Moral damages, that's a small fortune. It's a new car! By the way, is the owner here yet? Didn't you say you lived in this area, you should be arriving soon!"

"Right away!"

Wang Xiaohua said.

"I said Miss, you're not going to be fooled by them, are you?"

That's when the passerby said.

"Huh? What do you mean?"

The girl was surprised.

"This area is all the rich people living in Shucheon, how to say, living here are worth more than a billion billions of dollars, if not this side of the park It's a nice view, we wouldn't be skating this way, and the big car that hit you guys looks like it's 40 or 50, and the neighborhood is Boss, where does one look at this kind of car?"

The passerby said.

"Yeah, it's not like you're playing me on purpose, right? Well, let me ask you, your boss lives in a neighborhood, huh?"

The girl asked.

"Shudu Liangchen Villa, ah!"

Wang Xiaohua Road.

"Hahaha! Fuck, this guy.

It's simply nonsense, Liangchen villa is the most expensive villa in Shudu, a set of villa is close to 80 million dollars, the people who live in it. No Dash!"

"I know, it must be these few brats who want to scare Miss you, you know, the people inside Villa Liangchen are not nice to mess with!"

Several passersby coaxed laughter into a ball.

The girl had obviously heard of Villa Liangchen, and now said angrily: "You guys are sick, I tell you, the longer you delay, the more I want with you guys! The more you pay for the emotional damages! I'm also trying to scare me, Liangchen villa inside, my boyfriend also has people who know, who is your boss, I'll make a phone call to find out. Up!"

Wang Xiaohua harbored a lot of fire.

And at that moment, Wang Xiaohua's excitement stood up and pointed to a spot: "Here it comes!"

At this, the girls as well as the crowd of onlookers all looked over.

"Who are you kidding? Which one is your boss?"

The girl.

"The one with the hat and riding the electric tricycle!"

Wang Xiaohua said with a black face.

I thought to myself why did Brother Chen come on a tricycle.

"Fuck, that's your boss? You're not lying to me, are you?"

The girls were thunderstruck.

The crowd of onlookers were also laughing with their bellies.

As for Chen Hao, while riding his electric tricycle, he looked over there and saw a group of people holding their bellies and laughing, and it was quite hilarious.

Alas, it couldn't be helped.

Chen Hao itself didn't bring a car out, and trips were all arranged cars.

Now something is happening temporarily, and it's not too far from the villa.

It's also not good to call the driver to make a special trip.

It happened to be next door to the villa, and there was an old couple.

Usually Chen Hao is quite familiar with them.

The old man was picked up by his son from his hometown, and he was used to using an electric tricycle, so his son gave him an electric tricycle for the elderly.

Chen Hao has something to do here, so he borrowed it from him.

Not to mention, the electric tricycle is quite powerful.

Chen Hao stopped at the scene of the accident with a sharp brake.

The actual time you'll be able to get a good deal more than just a few of the time.

The girl is also thinking that she has finally picked up a soft persimmon, but not according to the dead pinch.

But when she saw Chen Hao's face.

Only then was a fierce shock: "Fuck, Chen Hao? It's you!"

"Chen Hao?"

The girl on the side of the girls, who had just persuaded her, also shouted in surprise.

"Wen Wen, Hou Xiaoxia, is that you guys?"

Chen Hao was also stunned.

I didn't expect Lin Shengnan to have crashed Hou Xiaoxia's car! It really is an injustice!

Hou Xiaoxia, on the other hand, was excited.

Thinking that she had finally gotten a chance, and Chen Hao a three-wheeled one riding an electric car, Hou Xiaoxia also confirmed her suspicions of yesterday even more.

"Oh, Chen Hao, although we know each other, but this luxury car of mine, is my boyfriend's, quite expensive, if it's mine, maybe I'll give you some face, but this is my boyfriend's, so I'm sorry, according to what I just said, half a million, not a penny less! "

"Oh my, Xiaoxia what are you doing, Chen Hao is a classmate with us!" Wang Wen hurriedly advised.

"I don't care about that, you have to pay for the crash anyway! Oh, besides, who is Chen Hao? Even Mr. Guo wants to toast him, and Chen Hao's childhood friend is from a car dealership, so powerful! Does Chen Ge still care about the money? Isn't that right Chen Hao?"

Hou Xiaoxia scoffed, "And, but they said that Chen Hao is staying at Villa Liangchen, what concept is that?"

And just as Chen Hao was looking at the mouthy Hou Xiaoxia for a while, the phone suddenly rang....


"Hello Chen, I'm Guo Xilin!"

Guo Xilin is the Guo General Manager, last time I met him at the Genting Villa celebrity promotion meeting in Hong County, that time, I also left my phone number for him.

"Hello Guo, what can I do for you?"

Chen Hao smiled.

"It's something, we have a banquet here, we invited all the rich merchants from all over the world, originally we didn't dare to invite you, hehe, we these Small businessmen, and it's not convenient for you to attend, but this time, many of your Jinling's wealthy and famous businessmen rewarded you with their presence, and several of the CEOs said that they all It's under your banner, that's why I dared to ask if you had time for a quick visit!"

Guo Xilin said.

In fact, at Guo Xilin's level, doing business to make money was already secondary, for them, personal connections was business.

It was far better to run and develop contacts than to run and develop a project.

That's why, rich businessmen like to pile up gatherings.

It was because an opportunity might be to meet a lot of new CEOs and new connections, and new connections represented new opportunities.

Chen Hao had also attended many such occasions.

Faced with Guo's generosity, Chen Hao was not in a position to refuse.

But right now, look at this matter before you, you definitely don't have the time.

Immediately, he also declined.

After hanging up the phone.

Hou Xiaoxia had been listening to Chen Hao's speech with her ears perked up.

"Oh, who invited you to dinner ah? Which Director Guo? It can't be that Guo from last time, can it?"

Hou Xiaoxia asked with concern.

After all, Hou Xiaoxia didn't want Chen Ge to get too close to Mr. Guo.

"No one!"

Chen Hao smiled bitterly, "I just took a look at the injuries on your car's butt, Xiaoxia, asking for half a million is a bit harsh, isn't it?"

Although Chen Hao was rich, he wasn't a wrongdoer.

"Tough? Bullshit! The damage inspectors from the 5S shop will be here later, and then you'll see, maybe even more! I see you can't come up with an excuse!"

Hou Xiaoxia.

Then she waited with her shoulders in the cold.

Yesterday, she was worried that Chen Hao would become very rich after meeting Mr. Guo.

She was quite scared, which was why Hou Xiaoxia was in a bad mood today.

But seeing that Chen Hao was now riding over on an electric tricycle, half a million would have to be bargained for.

Hou Xiaoxia was relieved.

And not long after, the 5S shop's forensic damage personnel came.

But a few people were firm for a good while.

Then a few whispered exchanges of something.

Only afterwards did they take their tools and stand up.

"How about it, how much will the repair cost? It's got to be hundreds of thousands, right?"

Hou Xiaoxia held her shoulder and asked a few damage forensic employees.

"Yes, if it's all repaired, it's conservatively estimated to cost around 450,000!"

The staffers said.

"I go, $450,000?"

"That's too harsh,"

The crowd screamed.

And Hou Xiaoxia was also scared and threw up her tongue, she wanted 300,000, completely relying on her own experience.

But in reality, she is just a little girl piece, relying on her boyfriend chick turned phoenix, which has any luxury car experience ah.

The actual fact is that you will be able to find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time.

The actual reason for this is because of the fact that it's a lot more than just a few years ago, and the fact that it's a lot more than just a few years ago. Do the math, I'm telling you, half a million of this will never be solved!"

I just asked you for half a million. Now, half a million is definitely not enough.

Shame on you. Hmph! Go ahead and cry!

Chen Hao just shrugged his shoulders helplessly and couldn't say anything more.

"Alright, you guys have worked hard, give me a repair order out, just go back, na! Here's your tip~!"

Hou Xiaoxia said as she pulled out a few hundred dollars from her wallet and gave it to the staff.

But the staff members were shaking their heads.

"Ma'am, hear us out, the cost of repairs on this car aside, we're going to say it's not our car!"

The staff.

"Nonsense, I imported it, my boyfriend's father commissioned it, of course it's not your car!"

"You misunderstand me, what I'm referring to is that this isn't even a model in circulation at our headquarters and isn't listed or sold in the Wah* market. It was discontinued after only one batch was produced, but recently, some foreign criminals, who copied the car, circulated it. I think you know exactly how you got it! So, it's not even our car!"

The staff said.

"Fuck, what do you guys mean, it's a walk* buy? What are you talking about?"

Hou Xiaoxia was anxious.

The staff had no choice but to then take out some internal announcements to show Hou Xiaoxia, and this kind of waterwheel, has also been filed.

"Rolling, rolling, what the hell ah, I just let you guys identify a damage, give me the whole thing, I don't need you guys to read always okay?"

When Hou Xiaoxia looked at it, she was also a little scared.

After all, this was her boyfriend's car, and not her own.

After getting into such a big trouble, of course Hou Xiaoxia felt guilty.

"This lady, as we said, this car has been filed, and our staff will come to tow it away later, we also hope that you will cooperate with us Survey. If you are not the owner, you would also like to ask the owner to come over for a moment!"

A staff member had already finished the call.

"Holy shit, what are you guys doing?"

Hou Xiaoxia was anxious.

Now, there was also no mood to ask Chen Hao for money.

Now scared and hurriedly called her boyfriend Li Liang.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, didn't expect things to be like this.

Standing on the side just shook his head and laughed bitterly.

Wickedness has its own grind ah!

And seeing Chen Hao on the side actually laughs.

The one who is on the phone, Hou Xiaoxia, took down her high heels and smashed them towards Chen Hao.

But it was dodged by Chen Hao at once.

"Bastard, what are you gloating about? I'm telling you, you're going to pay me back, not a penny less! It's your fault. I want $700,000! You can't escape!"

Hou Xiaoxia was mad.


Chen Hao helplessly shook his head.

This Niko was in trouble now, and it was not good for Chen Hao to be down on her.

"Sir, this one of yours is our shop's car, I called for two tow trucks, let's tow it away together later!"



Chen Hao nodded his head yes.

Then, the staff went to pester Hou Xiaoxia.

Chen Hao saw nothing else, so he was going to let Lin Shengnan and the others go back first.

This matter will be left to yourself.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the company's website.

Wang Wen looked at Chen Hao, and Chen Hao also looked at Wang Wen.

The two of them laughed awkwardly at each other.

"Wen Wen, where are you guys preparing to go? I'm so sorry for the delay, but I'll take you there!"

Chen Hao said.

"Okay, we're going to a party, and Xiaoxia shouted for me to accompany her!"

Wang Wen Dao.

"Hmph, if you guys have something to do, just go find my boyfriend tomorrow, he'll contact you guys tomorrow!"

"That's good lady!"

At this time, Hou Xiaoxia and the staff there seemed to be almost done negotiating.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the car and see if it's a good idea to use it. The!"

Hou Xiaoxia was indignant and warned Chen Hao once more.

"Xiaoxia, let's go over first, you can't handle this matter anymore, Chen Hao just said that he can send us over!"

Wang Wendao.

"What? He's giving us a ride in this old tricycle? Matilda, do you have a fever?"


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