The Unknown Heir 369-379


Li Wentao's side is supporting Shen Junwen.

Seeing a conflict on this side, or his own sister was beaten up.

At the moment, he was so furious that he rushed straight up.

Originally ah, Shen Junwen was beaten up like this by a girl, and as the recognized good player in the school Li Wentao just didn't dare to go on the field to fight, it was already humiliating enough.

Now that his own sister was being bullied, if he didn't come forward, it would be truly humiliating to be humiliated.

"Dare to hit my sister, I see that you kid has lived enough!"

Li Wentao flew over and kicked at Chen Hao's chest.

"I'm going, see, Li Wentao is in a hurry!"

"Of course he's anxious ah, now the boy is insulted and he doesn't dare to fight, now this boy is miserable, he even dares to fight Li Wentao's sister! "

"Definitely going to take it all out on this kid!"

Just as the crowd held their breath and watched the foot fall.

Suddenly, one could see Li Wentao's figure, as it made contact with Chen Hao, directly accelerate.

Even more so, like a kite with a broken string, it flew straight backwards!

It hit the ground heavily.

Li Wentao just felt like his whole body was all falling apart, and he didn't even have the strength to get up.

And this scene.

Wang Xiaohua, who had been worried about Chen Hao, was muddled with his mouth wide open.

And the exceptionally excited Xu Yangyang was also stunned.

Even everyone on the sidelines were incredulous as they looked at Chen Hao.

Because just now, it was too fast for everyone to see clearly.

Li Wentao's entire body fell out from in front of Chen Hao.

How was this possible?

Hu Huemin had obviously seen the scene before her and was incredulous.

Li Wentao's skills, Hu Huimin had also heard of them, fighting and all, Chen Hao would never be his opponent.

But to say that it was Chen Hao who had accidentally thrown him out, this was obviously a bit far-fetched.

"Inan! He..."

And Fangyi threw up her tongue and ran to the side of Fangyan.

"I saw it!"

Inan Fang frowned slightly and looked at Chen Hao rather curiously.

As for Chen Hao, this was the first time he used it after learning it from Qin Yifan.

Just now, it was really a reaction made in a rush, and he didn't consider the force.

However, what Qin Yifan taught was indeed practical.

It was also at this point that everyone's look at Chen Hao's eyes all changed.

"It's really amazing, a good fighter like Li Wentao was directly seconded by a single move!"

"Yeah, it's similar to the goddess beating Shen Junwen just now, all in one second, it looks like the goddess has met her match!"

"That's right, Brother Chen Hao, go on the field and earn back our boys' face!"

At this moment, someone was shouting.

After all, the goddess was beautiful and powerful, but what about the scene just now where the goddess swept down a group of boys and all the boys, including Liang Fei, didn't dare to engage in battle, it also really made all the boys present feel ashamed.

If you can't even beat a girl, you're still not a man!

The crowd was ashamed and angry.

"Brother Chen Hao, get on the stage! Knock her down!"

"Knock her down!"

"Knock her down!"


The boys shouted.

The girls, on the other hand, were not willing to be weak and shouted support for Fang Hanran.

"Brother Chen, go for it, I didn't know you were so good!"

Wang Xiaohua excitedly rubbed Chen Hao's shoulders.

And Fangsan, who was obviously also very interested in looking at Chen Hao, was ready.

But Chen Hao was embarrassed.

Inan was really powerful and particularly ruthless in her strikes.

He was no match for her.

"Come up here if you're a man, you coward.


Fang Yi shouted at Chen Hao.

To be honest, she really wanted to see the scene where Fanny was fighting with Chen Hao.

"Yeah, if you're a man, come up here!"

The girls shouted at Chen Hao.

Chen Hao shook his head and laughed bitterly.

It was really hard to ride a tiger now, so he nodded his head.

Honestly speaking, Old Man Qin had handed himself a total of five moves in these three days.

They were the fist blocking, the leg blocking, the long blade blocking, the short blade blocking, and the counterattack method for himself being held hostage from behind these five.

It was meant to be used in an emergency when you were in danger.

But fighting with others, it just didn't seem possible.

And just as Chen Hao was thinking of what to use to ward off Fang Clanan.

She saw that Fang Hanan had rushed over at high speed.

She was a girl, but she was very fast.

It was obvious that she thought of herself as an expert.

"Finished finished, the goddess came up so fierce!"

"It's even tougher than hitting Shen Junwen just now!"

"This is wonderful, I don't know how Brother Chen Hao is going to fight it."

The crowd looked on in dismay.

"Definitely can't overwhelm, I don't think Chen Hao looks like he has much explosive power!"

"I just don't know how he got Li Wentao to fall like that, could it be a coincidence?"

Someone discussed it.

And soon, inan rushed to the side in front of Chen Hao, and swiftly turned around, coming up with a standard magnificent air spin kick.

The movement was swift and fierce.

It was as if it had been rehearsed thousands of times.

But Chen Hao had just one sentence in his mind, don't care what tricks the opposite side is using, you just use the second method of blocking the leg when she makes a move.

Chen Hao quickly squeezed an acupoint on Inan's calf, then gently moved his hand to the side, and saw that Inan's center of gravity was unstable, similar to that of Li Wentao just now.

In a single glance, she flew out like a kite with a broken string!

The weight was thrown off the field.


The crowd was even more confused now.

Damn, the goddess is so strong, but she was also killed by a single move?

Shen Junwen and Hu Huimin, both looked astonished, while Xu Yangyang and a group of other girls who were originally cheering were also unbelievable.


Fang Yi was even more excited and shouted out Inan's name directly.

Then she ran over and helped Fang Hanann up.

And Fang Hanan, who should have been severely traumatized by her shoulder just now, was now covering it and looking at Chen Hao with a complicated look.

Since she was young, she had always tried to be the strongest, and had paid a great price for it.

Among her peers, she knew that she was no longer in the same world as them long ago.

But she didn't expect that the skill she was most proud of had failed, and this was the first time she had failed.

And this person had only used one move.

Not to mention Hu Huimin's shocked expression at the moment.

Immediately following, a thunderous roar resounded throughout the arena.

At night, in a room of the Fang Manor.

"Hiss... lighter!"

Fang Yi is carefully wiping Fang Qunan's shoulder.

"It's all so red and swollen, hmmm, I'm really angry, we're all classmates, but Chen Hao is so cruel, look at your Shoulder drop!"

Fang Yi said angrily, "Hmph, if you make me mad, don't blame me for not thinking of my classmates and looking for someone to fix him!"

"You don't mess around, a fight is a fight you lose!"

Fanny said.

"What's lost, it's clearly Chen Hao's speculation!"

Inan Fang put on his clothes, then looked at Fang Yi with some helplessness: "Well, whether it is opportunistic or not I understand, I will rub the medicinal wine myself". , you go and call the twelve teachers in for me, I have something to tell them!"


Fanny went out.

But came back quickly.

"Inan, all twelve teachers are not here, and some elders of the manor are also all absent, it seems that they have gone to the meeting room for a meeting, you forgot to Ah, every year when our family gets to this day, we have to have a big meeting!"

Fang Yi said.

Inan Fong sat on the bed and nodded, "I just remembered, well, let's talk about it tomorrow."

Afterwards, but looked at Fang Yi as if she wanted to stop talking.

Fangyan asked, "What's wrong?"

Fang Yi very mysteriously jumped next to Inan, biting her lips slightly: "Inan, you said that every year the family opens this kind of special mysterious family Meetings, and as long as those men go, what exactly is being said?"

How could Fang Hanan know what to say.

Now shaking her head, "How should I know." Looking to Fang Yi, "What do you want again?"

"Ahem, what do I want you know, oops, which time we have been told to duck, making us grounded for some unknown reason, the family We don't know what's going on here. Besides, inan, you have been working so hard for so many years, you are already better than... All those boys in the family are stronger, right, but what, you still don't know anything!"

Fang Yi You sighed.

Inan's gloomy look, these words poked at Fang's heart.

Yes, I have worked so hard to prove that I am better than those boys and better able to take up the family's responsibilities.

But after all these years, grandpa has turned a blind eye.

"Why don't we go eavesdrop, you want to know something about the family anyway!"

Fang Yi said softly.

If it was before, Fang Hanan would have refused because she didn't want Grandpa to lose his temper.

But a few words from Fang Yi just now made Fang Hanran not say anything.

If it continued like this, would she and Fang Yi be kept in the dark for the rest of their lives?

You're going to be like this forever?

Fang Zhuang shakes her head.

No! Absolutely not! I absolutely cannot live like this for the rest of my life.

It was this voice that stirred up the rebellious heart that Fang Hanan had buried for many years.

Immediately it was to Fang Yi, and the two of them nodded to each other.

When they secretly arrived outside the conference room, the meeting inside had already started.

"Old Two and Three, how are you all prepared for your work? It is very important to be able to deal with this behemoth, and the weapons you prepare!"

On the first seat, an old man, leaning on his crutches, looked at the two middle-aged men and asked.

"Dad, we're almost ready, it's just a pity that the most difficult task, we haven't completed it even when we join forces, if my brother is still alive, he should be..."

One of the middle-aged people said no further at this point.

When the old man heard this, he couldn't help but raise his head and listen over even more intently.

The old man's eyes became even more hazy after hearing this: "Yes, if your big brother was here, our Fang family wouldn't be in such a state! It was passive, but he, by contrast, was killed, and God is jealous of him."

Two lines of muddy old tears flowed down the old man's face.

"Yes, after the death of the eldest young master and your old age, there is no one left in the Fang family who can break bread with that family head on, it's really It's a pity, but fortunately, my daughter is very good in every aspect, even more so than the young master.

It would be wise to train inan to resist the Great Beam!"

An old man of the family said.

"Alas, I have never thought of involving Inan, but she is, after all, Zhenghua's only daughter, and the only bloodline in Zhenghua's family I was so afraid of melting when I grew up without the love of my father and mother, so how could I bear to let her come forward?"

The Fang family patriarch shook his head and sighed.

"What can a girl's family be capable of when she has to marry sooner or later, besides, even the Fang Zhenghua Grand Young Master is no match for that family , both parents were killed because of that, not to mention a girl piece!"

On the side, a middle-aged man who was also eating greasy food said.


The second young master Fang Zhengye slapped the table and said angrily, "Situ Hong, what do you mean by that, could it be that your Situ family has hardened its wings over the years and doesn't Putting the Fang family in the eye of the beholder?"

"How is that possible? From the time I was born, my fucking dad told me that the Stuarts would always be one of the vassal families of the Founder's family and that they must all listen to the Founder's. All these years, I've been very obedient ah, helping the Fang family stabilize the southwest, I don't have the credit or the hard work, right?"

The middle-aged fat Situ Hong stared at Fang Zhengye and said.

In today's meeting, besides the Fang family's own family, there were several vassal families like the Situ family.

But whenever there was a large family, there must be many vassals underneath.

Even if Chen Hao created a group, a lot of Chen's vassals could come, similarly.

"Yes, Ah Hong has done a great job in establishing the Fang family in the past two years, even us other vassal families have followed suit Quite a bit of light!"

Many people began to whisper.

And it was only at this time that the old master of the Fang family poked the ground viciously with his cane, and the scene quieted down again.

"Ah Hong, I see that you have something to say, if you have something to say, you can say it if you want..."

Old Master Fang took a deep breath.

Situ Hong smiled faintly: "Master, it's nothing, this is not big young master accident has been many years it, before, we have mentioned him those But you said we have to wait until Inan Fong grows up, and now she is... Growing up, hehe, do you have to honor the promises you made back then, after all, Fang Zhenghua no longer has an heir!"

"Hmph, I've known what you Situ Hong had in mind for a long time, although it's been many years since the Great Young Master's accident, but so far his revenge hasn't been avenged, you Just want to divide the estate?"

Fang Zhengye raged.

"Oh, it hasn't been reported yet? I guess you don't dare to report it, right? Besides, his estate was given to you two brothers and you didn't see what you two brothers made of it, but it made the Fang family more and more lame! Might as well share it with us to have a chance!"

"Hiro is right!"

Many people said.

And just when the two brothers Fang Zhengye did not know what to do.

There was a bang.

The door of the meeting room was directly pushed open.

Inan Fang walked in with red eyes, coldly sweeping across everyone's faces and finally stopping on Situ Hong's body: "Uncle Situ, you You can tell me who the murderer who harmed my parents is, who the enemies of the Fang family really are, and this revenge, I will take!"

And as soon as Old Master Fang saw that Fangyan had barged in, he also guessed that Fangyan might have heard it all.

Now a ghostly sigh.

Everyone didn't continue, even Situ Hong turned his head to the side, as if he hadn't heard.

Old Master Fang, on the other hand, after taking a deep breath, glared at Fang inan, "Adjourn for now, inan, come over here with me!"


"You heard it all?"

As soon as he entered the study room, Master Fang said, "Inan Fang nodded his head heavily.

Inan Fang nodded heavily.

If being grounded from the younger generation could still keep Fang Hanran from being depressed every day, then the matter of her parents could be said to be an eternal pain for Fang Hanran.

Because she was grounded, she could at least complain, but no one had ever mentioned the matter of her parents to her since she was a child, and asking was a beating.

"Do you hate grandpa? Grandpa kept it from you all these years?"

Old Master Fang said.

"No hate, I know it was for my own good that Grandpa kept it from me!"

Inan Fang said.

"Inan, I've seen everything you've done over the years, and to be honest, grandpa is very proud to have a granddaughter like you, Your parents' spirits in heaven will be proud of you as well."

The old master patted Fang Qunan's shoulder.

"Then grandfather, who have been the enemies of our Fang Clan all along, and also, my parents, were they the ones who did this to us?"

Fang Hanran asked.

The old master took a deep breath and looked towards the corner of the study, then nodded his head.

"I know that you can't hide these things from me, now, you have become very good and extremely capable, grandpa can tell you some of the Things up!"

The old lady paused and said.

"That's right, our Fang family has always had a powerful enemy, the Chen family!"

"The Chen family? Why have I never heard of this family?"

Fang Hanran was startled.

"Of course, although their family doesn't have to hide like we do, in the world, those who can reach their level are also Few and far between! What's more, I've grounded you for over twenty years and you've only seen as much of the world!"

The old man said.

"But why, why is the Chen family doing this to us?"

A flame of hatred flashed in Fang Hanan's eyes.

"It's a long story, in short, from grandpa's generation, including your parents' generation later on, the fight against them has never been Stopped by! And remember, always watch out for the Chen family! Get it?"

The old man took pity on him.

"I know Grandpa!"

"And inan, since you already know some things about the family, I'm afraid I can't hide you any longer, besides now. You have seen the internal form of the Fang family, grandfather has prepared, from now on, you are the heir to all your father's estates! And will be the only female of the family besides her to inherit the estate!"

The old lady said.

Fangsan looked agitated, and she also knew who the other female was.

At this point, the old master just looked gloomy.

"Back then, I was too impulsive, and your aunt is still hiding and refusing to see me now, Mengnian ah, this silly child, why is he so stubborn , although dad is hard on the tongue, but it's not your aunt who's always concerned!"

The old man cried.

"Inan, promise Grandpa one thing."

"Grandpa I understand, I'll find my aunt!"

Inanui said, "This happened when I was very young.

This incident happened when I was very young.

The family's old housekeeper once told her about it.

There was a particularly powerful woman in the Fang family, her aunt, Fang Mengmai, who broke the family rules and was expelled by her grandfather.

But then she violated the family rules and was banished by her grandfather.

In fact, all these years, grandpa had been looking for her, but as a result, he couldn't find her at all.

It was a big heartache for grandpa.

Now that Inan has inherited his father's estate, he is obliged to find his aunt.

At the same time, Fang Hanan also wants to see this aunt who is worshipped by the family to the utmost. Miss is very similar! The abilities and even the looks were somewhat similar.

What kind of woman was she then?

Who did she fall in love with that would make Grandpa take her away?

You're expelling her from the family?

And finally, Grandpa took out a photo and handed it to Fang Hanran, and the woman inside the photo was indeed beautiful, even so beautiful that it was breathtaking.

She's her own aunt, Fang Menghai!

As for the matter of his own forced inheritance, it was natural for grandfather to set things right.

Inan Fong doesn't have to worry about the Situ family, after all, although the Situ family is now powerful, they wouldn't dare to go too far!

Now, leaving Grandpa's study, Inan Fang put the photos away and prepared to go back to his room.

"Inan, I've been waiting for you for a while!"

Under the night, a young man was standing in the manor.

"Sturgeon, what are you waiting for me for?"

Inan Dan coldly said.

"I heard this afternoon that you let someone hurt you, I was worried about you, so I came over to ask you, don't worry Inan, I'll make him pay blood The price of it!"

Sturgeon said.

"What do you care! Let me tell you, if you dare to touch my classmates, I will never let you go!"

Inan became angry at once.

"Fine, fine, then I'll spare that kid, Inan, don't be angry!"

Sturgeon was busy.

"There's nothing else, is there? If there's nothing else? I'll be back!"

After saying that, glancing at Situ Yang in disgust, Inan Fang left directly.

"Inan, inan!"

Stuart Yang shouted.

But Fanny had already gone far away.

Situ Yang clenched his fist in hatred.

"Young Master, I told you long ago that she can't see that you're treating her so well!"

At this time, from behind a tree by the side of the road, an old man walked out with his arms folded.

Only in the darkness of the night, this old man's face was very frightening.

Because his face was half white and half black, kind of like the Yin Yang Man.

His eyes were also ghastly and sunken into their sockets, very terrifying.

And his entire body looked like it was skin and bones, like he could fall apart with a gentle gust of wind.

"What do you mean?"

Situ Yang said.

The old man smiled, "Opportunities are always created for yourself, not waiting for them to hit you, and the reason she was so interested in your Love doesn't care, and that's because all your help is so cheap!"

"The real tactic is to make her feel that she can't do anything without you, that she has to rely on you in every way!"

The old man's voice was even more like a crow.

Situ Yang nodded his head.

"I see!"

And the corners of his mouth quirked up in a playful smile.

And again, Chen Hao.

When it was the next day, Chen Hao came to class early.

Because the first two sections today were joint classes.

So Chen Hao called out to Wang Xiaohua, who arrived early in the morning.

At this moment, there were not many students in the classroom.

However, Fang Hanan and Fang Yi had already arrived.

When they saw Chen Hao, Fang Hanan and Fangyi also raised their heads to look.

Fang Yi, in particular, carried a touch of hatred.

Chen Hao came to Fang Hangyi's side with an apologetic face: "I'm really sorry about yesterday, I didn't mean it!"

After all, Fang Hanran was a girl, no matter what, and because she was in a hurry, she took advantage of Fang Hanran's inattention and threw her out.

Chen Hao was upset, because he was really opportunistic, and if he really fought, how could he have beaten Inan Fang?

On the other hand, Fang Hanan was listening to Chen Hao's words, which had a great sense of provocation.

Now, in a rare cold voice, Fang Hanran said, "I'm relieved to still see you this morning!"

Chen Hao: "Huh?"


Chen Hao actually had the intention to talk to Fang Hanran with her a little more.

But after saying that, she turned her head to the side in disgust with herself.

It was obvious that she was not in the mood to talk.

Chen Hao didn't say anything more and ran to sit behind them.

Fang Yi, on the other hand, turned her head back and gave Chen Hao a blank glance from time to time.

Indeed ah, I had thought that Chen Hao was an honest person, but I didn't expect that he was not only quite rich, but he was also very good.

You know how powerful Inan was, but he was easily defeated by him.

If it wasn't for the fact that Inan said that she wouldn't let herself find out about Chen Hao, Fang Yi would have let Inan compete with Chen Hao again.

It was just normal to wait for the class, but after waiting for a while, I didn't see many students come in.

Only a few girls from the next class came in sporadically.

If it had been at this point in the past, it would have been overcrowded.

"Where are the classmates? Why isn't anyone here?"

At this moment, the teacher had already come and saw a few students sitting in the classroom, and couldn't help but ask the female students who had just come in curiously.

Fang Hanan and Chen Hao were also quite curious, and looked up at the moment.

"It's like this teacher, something seems to have happened to the class president of the third class, and now many people are blocking the entrance to their class, I don't know what because . Quite a few boys in my class were there watching!"

The schoolgirl said.

Chen Hao and Wang Xiaohua looked at each other.

They had come straight here early this morning and hadn't returned to class.

Emotionally, there was really something.

It was still Xu Yangyang's matter.

"Classmate, what's the matter?"

Once Wang Xiaohua heard that Xu Yangyang was in trouble, he was a bit gloomy.

"The specifics aren't clear, it seems like Xu Yangyang got into a fight with someone, and it wasn't her, it should be because she got into a fight with someone, anyway That's it, isn't she your squad leader, why didn't you know that?"

The schoolgirls asked.

"Oooh, we came straight to the Union classroom, of course we didn't know!"

Wang Xiaohua smiled and sat down directly.

He also made a special phone call to ask his classmates.

After putting down the phone, Wang Xiaohua slapped the table in excitement, "Haha, what a heavenly sight, finally someone can treat Xu Yangyang, let her Derp~!"

If anyone in the class was bad to Wang Xiaohua and Chen Hao, it was definitely Xu Yangyang.

Now that Xu Yangyang was in trouble, Wang Xiaohua was naturally very happy.

"What's going on?"

Chen Hao was purely somewhat curious and asked now.

"Brother Chen, yesterday, wasn't it Liang Fei who lost the match, it was originally Liang Fei who made a big splash, but you stole all the limelight, Xu Yang Yang herself had a bad temper, plus today she came to class with Li Wen Tao, and Shen Jun Wen, and the woman beside Shen Jun Wen. A few rich young men ended up pointing fingers at them! Mock them for embarrassing themselves yesterday!"

"Xu Yangyang is also really violent, without saying a word, over there is a big mouth on that rich young man's face."

"Hahahaha, then people definitely fight back ah, Shen Junwen and Li Wentao all went on, beat that group of rich young man quite lightly, and as a result you guessed hit to Who is it? He's the son of the Meng family of Shu Chuan! I'm not going to be able to do that. I'm not going to be able to do that, but I'm going to be able to do that. Seo Yang-Yang! They say a dozen cars came!"

Wang Xiaohua.

Chen Hao nodded his head.

Chen Hao hadn't encountered this kind of thing many times.

However, it wasn't necessarily that he had to lend a hand on every occasion.

Although this happened in his own class, but Xu Yangyang caused trouble, to be honest, Chen Hao was kinda anxious to let that Meng Chuan teach her a lesson and help himself to a bad temper.

If it wasn't for the fear of bad repercussions, Chen Hao would have wanted to go back and see the fun.


"Really planted, Brother Chen, the Meng family is said to be a vassal of one of our Shuchuan's super big families, the Situ family, and it's not at all easy to describe it as a one-handed cover-up Not too much!"

Wang Xiaohua told Chen Hao about the events in Shuchuan.

And Fang Yi and Fang Hanan had obviously heard them all in front.

In particular, when mentioning the Situ family, Fang Hanan even slightly side-eyed.

And waited for a short while.

A burst of footsteps suddenly sounded outside.

It turned out that it was the students all coming in.

And Xu Yangyang was the last to come in.

Lin Shengnan was holding her, and it was obvious to see that on both sides of Xu Yangyang's cheeks, there were two bright red slap marks, and she was crying very hard.

As she cried, she said, "I didn't notice that it was him at the time, I didn't mean to hit him!"

"Well, it's a good thing that our department head and advisor rushed over to stop you from coming to class, or else we'd be talking to those of them today The theory is planted!"

Lin Shengnan also had a sad face.

Indeed, the Meng family was too powerful, and although Lin Shengnan's family was rich, it was still incomparable to the Meng family.

Even Liang Fei's Liang family was not good enough.

Therefore when Xu Yangyang was smacked in the face by Meng Chuan front and back just now, everyone was watching and didn't dare to come forward to stop her.

If it wasn't for the department head instructor finding an excuse to go and theorize with Meng Chuan and let Xu Yangyang come to class first, I guess Xu Yangyang was really miserable this time.

It was actually for Xu Yangyang to take this opportunity to quickly initiate relations.

As for the teacher, he also knew that this lesson was not possible, after all, Meng Shao, not ordinary teachers dare to deal with.

After receiving a phone call, he didn't come back.

"What to do? What should we do? I just called my house and my mom was crying and told me that my dad was picked up by the Meng family directly at the office and beaten up A few mouths to feed, what are we going to do about that?"

Xu Yangyang was really experiencing what fear was this time.

Even his father had been beaten up, just because of himself, and he had been shouted away.

Now he was really shouting himself to the ground.

As for Lin Shengnan and Liang Fei, they were both silent at the moment.

Apparently they had all received a call from home, warning not to meddle in the matter.

After all, this matter, it was Xu Yangyang who had beaten someone first.

And by smacking him in public on campus, it could be said that he was hitting his face hard!

Afterwards, Meng Chuan and his few rich young men were beaten up again by Shen Junwen and Li Wentao and the others.

Although Meng Chuan provoked first, but on the whole, Xu Yangyang's side was somewhat justified.

Liang Fei also didn't dare to manage ah, simply sat to the side and lowered his head.

"Scum, so damn disgusting!"

Some girls looked at Liang Fei indignantly.

And now, it was too late for Xu Yangyang to care about Liang Fei, after all, she was terrified.

At this time, a few students came to the door of the classroom.

Chen Hao looked up, it was Shen Junwen Hu Hu Huimin and Li Wentao and the others.

At this moment, their faces were all unsightly, obviously something had happened to them as well.

They walked straight in.

"Brother Tao, Brother Jun Wen, what should we do? My house is being held hostage!"

Xu Yangyang was busy asking.

Li Wentao pinched his waist and lowered his head.

As for Hu Huimin and Shen Junwen, there was nothing more that could be done, Shen Junwen was also impulsive at that time, but this matter, it might make Shen Junwen pay many times the price.

After all, he and Hu Huimin....


Just when the crowd was at a loss for words.

"Inan, why are you calling me out?"

Fangyi asked.

Now it dawned on her again, "O...I see, you're not thinking?"

Fang Yi shook her head helplessly and said: "To be honest, that Xu Yanyang I usually look at her a bit unpleasant. The way it looks ah, and that Shen Junwen, he's also a two*, they've caused trouble so let them cause trouble, why do you have to do it ah?"

"I know what you're saying, but, well, we have no grudge against them, we were classmates after all, and they've never Having offended me, during yesterday's match, several classes of girls were trying their best to cheer me on, including this Xu Yangyang!"

"I'd be a little too upset if I just let it go, and besides, this Meng Chuan I've heard of, is Situ Yang's little brother . There's no guarantee that there's even a shadow of Situ Yang in this!"

Inan said.

"I'll go, inan, I found out that you're so sensitive that you could go write a novel, isn't this just a simple incident of conflict?"

Fang Yi was speechless.

Fanny shook her head: "I always feel that this matter is not so simple, perhaps, it's my intuition, of course, I also wish I wanted to More than that, but we should help if we're classmates."

Right now, Inan Fang reluctantly took out his phone.

Dialed it to Situ Yang.

"What's wrong inan, why are you calling me all of a sudden?"

Stuart Yang asked.

"It's nothing, there's something I might need your help with, Meng Chuan is your little brother, right, and now that he's in conflict with my classmate, I'd like to You persuade him to stop!"

Fang Hanran said.

"Huh? That's right, so you're at school now, I just happen to be here at the company near your school, I'll come over and talk to you!"

Situ Yang was busy.

Although Inan Fang didn't want him to come, but bar, he had a request to make now, so he didn't have the luxury of refusing.

After all, there were some things that the Fang Clan would not normally come forward.

Moreover, although now that Inan Fang had inherited his father's estate, it wasn't that the Fang family would appear in the open.

At least not now.

Immediately, Fang Hanran gave a hmmm and hung up the phone.

Soon, Situ Yang arrived at the school.

He was still holding a bouquet of flowers in his hand: "Inan, if I remember correctly, this is the first time you took the initiative to call and ask me out!"

"Cut the crap, have you done your business yet?"

Inan Fang hugged his shoulders.

Situ Yang's face was startled, then laughed, "I did make the call, but Meng Chuan, this little pup, this time, was beaten hard, anxiously red-eyed. It doesn't listen to me at all, you say there's nothing I can do, I can't just beat up Kogawa who's been with me since I was a kid, can I?"

"Besides, it seems like your classmate started it this time, right? I stepped in and didn't care!"



Fang Hanran's face was slightly startled.

"Fine, then I won't look for you, I'll arrange for the other families to show up!"

Inan also didn't expect that Situ Yang wouldn't even help this much.

Right now, pouting like a pout, he called the other few vassal families.

Asked them to step in and squash the matter.

As a result, they all found various reasons to refuse.

Situ Yang was laughing on the side.

And Fang Hanran also understood at once.

This matter, as expected, was not so simple.

And these vassal families were now clearly following the Situ family's lead.

"Inan, don't always be so stubborn, in fact, you tell me well, not to mention Meng Chuan, even those several vassal families, I Situ Yang Nor in your eyes, I can do anything for you, anything, inanimate you understand?"

Sturgeon Yang.

At the same time, when Fangyan wasn't paying attention, Situ Yang pulled Fangyan's hand.

"Get out of my way!"

Fang Clan reacted and immediately shook off Situ Yang's hand, meanwhile, because of some force, all the flowers in Situ Yang's hand were directly dropped on the ground.

Situ Yang looked at the roses scattered all over the ground, his face stiffened.

And in the campus, many girls passing by stopped to look at the scene in front of them.

"Wow, is it a failed confession?"

"Hahaha, did the man look so well dressed that he was rejected directly by the goddess?"

"That's right, where's a goddess for just any guy to chase after?"

Girls can't help but cover their mouths and scoff.

Even though the girls look at boys, usually regardless of their ugly and handsome looks, but look at the boys' clothes, well-dressed and expensive, even if they are a little ugly, they are still very stylish boys.

The one who wears low quality clothes, no matter how good he looks, he is LOW.

But now, the boy failed in his confession, even if he dresses well, he is despised by a few girls.

So have discussed whispered laughter.

And all of these laughter also reached Situ Yang's ears.

It filled his face with shame and anger, if it wasn't for you, Inan Fang, when would I have suffered such humiliation.

"Inan, what do you mean? Can't you see that I love you at all? You won't respond to me at all?"

Situ Yang suppressed a mouthful of anger in his heart and finally burst out.

At this moment, he shouted at Fang Hanan.


Fang Hanran glanced at Situ Yang in disgust, whirled around and left, not wanting to hear any more from Situ Yang at all.

Because what kind of person Situ Yang was, Fang Hanran knew too well, to their father and son, it was nothing but loathing.

"I've loved you for so long, and you didn't even give me the chance to hear me finish my sentence, so stop right there!"

Situ Yang was also red-eyed, feeling that he had been powerfully insulted.

In the past, insults hadn't been like this, but now, in front of everyone, Fang Hanran simply didn't take himself seriously.

Now, he ran over and directly held Fang Hanran's hand, "I'll let you listen to me!"

"You let go, you're crazy!"


Inan Fang was also in a hurry and slapped Situ Yang's face with a direct subconscious slap.

Many of the surrounding girls saw the scene in front of them and looked with their mouths open in astonishment.

And Situ Yang was directly confused.

"Fang Yi, let's go!"

Fang Hanan pulled Fang Yi's hand and left straight away.

"Inan Fang, you are so cruel, how many girls do I, Situ Yang is loved by, I never do this to girls, now for you, I am willing to put down the Everything, and even dignity, but you... don't give a damn about me!!!"

Watching the back of Fang Hanran leaving, Situ Yang clenched his fists so tightly that his eyes were turning red!

"Inan, it's not good for you to beat him up over such a trivial matter, is it?"

Fang Yi was also quite considerate of the Situ family, and reminded her now.

"Hmph, a small matter, do you really think it's a small matter? I know Stuyvesant's been pestering me, but do you know why I hate him so much? Because, as he always likes to make everyone else look like a fool, it was obvious that this whole thing was actually Stuyvesant's doing, and not only did he want me to read him The kindness, but also want me to see the strength of their Situ family now, the other vassal families, already take their Situ family as their head! !"

"Gracious, but I hate a man, I just hate a man, I can't lie to my heart!"

Fanny said.

"I go, I see, no wonder, when I saw you on the phone he was standing around smiling confidently, what an old cunt dog! What should we do about this, honey?"

Fang Yi said.

Then her eyes widened, "Look at Inan, isn't that Meng Chuan, he has brought so many people into the school building!"


On this matter, Fang Hanran is really powerless.

Although she wanted to take charge of it, she couldn't come out as a member of the Fang family.

Let's go back to Chen Hao's side.

At this moment, seeing another large group of people pouring into the joint classroom, Xu Yangyang was already scared to death.

Honestly speaking, even Shen Junwen was now a bit hairy in her heart.

Apparently, this time, things had gone a little too far.

"What to do ah? The department head probably won't be able to stop them for long!"

Xu Yangyang cried out in fear.

Finally, Shen Junwen looked at Hu Huimin, "Huimin, didn't Yang Yufei leave you contact information for each other last time? If you really can't, you should look for Yang Yufei, she said you can call her if you need anything in the future!"

Hu Huimin said, "But I'm worried that Yu Fei was just being polite at first, after all, what kind of status is she, how could she really care about us? And?"

Yang Yufei's matter was not something Hu Hu Huimin hadn't thought about.

"Ahem, never mind that right now, right now, we only have one chance with Yang Yufei!"

Shen Junwen.

And Li Wentao and Xu Yangyang also put all their hopes on Hu Huimin.

"Alright, then I'll try!"

Hu Huimin nodded her head.

Now, she hurriedly dialed the contact information Yang Yufei had left for her.

To Hu Huimin's surprise, this time when she dialed, Yang Yufei soon answered.

Hu Huimin didn't have time to go to the pleasantries, so she hurriedly said the matter.

"Sister Yufei, thank you so much, it would be best if you could ask for me!"

Apparently, Yang Yufei's side was promised, Hu Huimin was a little excited.

And soon after, Yang Yufei also returned the call.

"Huimin, this matter is different from last time, I asked for you, with Young Master Huang appearing, but this time, what exactly do you do, you have to meet with Shuchuan's Mr. Zhu, he had to know everything before he could decide to come out or not! Alas, I can only help you so far!"

Yang Yufei sighed.

Indeed, when she called Huang Shao just now, Huang Shao did agree and asked General Manager Zhu as well.

 Young Master Huang was Young Master Chen god-brother, so naturally, General Manager Zhu didn't dare to be careless.

So, this matter would have to personally go and find General Manager Zhu, at least let him finish understanding all the circumstances.

After hanging up the phone.

Hu Huimin and the others hurriedly went.

"What good luck, there's actually someone helping them!"

Wang Xiaohua was indignant.

Chen Hao shook his head with a bitter smile.

If you want to say that you're helping, you're also helping them.

In fact, sometimes Chen Hao really wanted to be generous and disclose his identity, that way, at least he would have less trouble.

But as father once warned, once your identity is exposed, the other pile of trouble you'll stir up will be no less than now.

So some things, no way.

The next time Meng Chuan couldn't find anyone, naturally, he wouldn't make things difficult for the other students.

It was time for classes to begin.

Once the four morning classes were finished, the afternoon would be fine.

Chen Hao was then ready to go back.

It was at this time that Chen Hao received a phone call, it was from Zhu Ming.

"Young Master Chen, after all these days and nights of us investigating all night and day, we finally have some clues about Fang Mengniu's matter!"

As soon as Zhu Ming came up, he said excitedly.

"O? Well, I'm ready to go to your place now!"

Chen Hao was also excited.

From the other side of the phone, Zhu Ming's side seemed to be quite busy.

Chen Hao didn't say much and hung up the phone.

Now, drive straight to Zhu.

Outside the large villa where Ming was.

And when Chen Hao arrived, there were already many vehicles parked outside of Zhu Ming's villa.

Zhu Ming's interpersonal relationships were very complicated, and it wasn't at all unusual for Chen Hao to see a lot of people coming to see him.

He had to park the car to the side.

Only after walking over did he see that Zhu Ming was really busy here, and the people looking for him had to line up outside the door.

It's almost the same as Li Zhenguo.

There were a bunch of people standing at the door, so they probably had to meet one by one.

Chen Hao gave a bitter smile.

Then he walked towards this.

"Sister Huimin, how long do we have to wait? So many people, and my dad isn't back yet, I'm worried sick!"

On the side, Xu Yangyang and the others were actually still there.

At this moment, they were waiting anxiously.

"Don't worry, since Sister Yufei said that Zhu will definitely meet us to see us to understand this matter!"

Hu Huimin.

"Ugh, really, I don't know what Zhu is busy with, he's been waiting for two hours!"

There were also people who were impatient.

And then, Hu Huimin's eyes suddenly glazed over and glanced at a youth who had just come in from outside.

In fact, when the youth walked in, many people looked over as well.

After all, most of those who came here were looking for Zhu to do business and talk about projects.

Afraid of running into a competitor at a time like this.

As soon as the next person appeared to be a brat, many people were contemptuous.

How can someone like this come to work with General Manager Zhu? Hehe.

And this youth, if not Chen Hao, who else could it be.

Chen Hao naturally saw Hu Huimin and Xu Yangyang at a glance as well.

It just didn't occur to me that they were still waiting here after so long.

Chen Hao did not avoid anything.

Presently, he walked over, "Still waiting here, huh?"

Chen Hao said.

"Hmph, what are you doing here?"

When Hu Huimin saw Chen Hao, it was the thought of Chen Hao hitting her face several times, and right now, it was full of uncomfortable feelings.

Xu Yangyang, on the other hand, not to mention, looked at Chen Hao with an angry face.

If it wasn't for him stealing Liang Fei's limelight, making him sad, and following himself with a few days of moodiness, if it wasn't for him kicking yesterday's How could he, himself, be so angry that he didn't eat well that night and then lose control of his emotions the next morning and hit someone.

To be frank, this culprit was Chen Hao.

At least that's what Xu Yangyang thought.

"What else could he have come for, he must have seen our joke! I didn't know you were like this Chen Hao, it's disgusting, momma pissed me off!"

Xu Yangyang was fierce.

Hu Huimin was even more disgusted, it was obvious that Hu Huimin also agreed with Xu Yangyang's statement, "Chen Hao, I know you're rich now, but You don't think you have what it takes to come here and watch the fun, let me tell you, I, Hu Hu Huimin, won't let people like you watch the fun!"

Hu Huimin said urgently.

Hehe... Chen Hao shook his head and laughed bitterly.

Actually, when Chen Hao saw them just now, he also felt that he had seen enough of the fun before, but anyway, they had found a relationship to find Little Yellow With Mr. Zhu's body.

For the sake of his past classmate love, Chen Hao didn't mind giving Hu Huimin a favor and helping out a bit.

But now, Hu Huimin didn't miss the old classmate friendship in the slightest, as if no matter what she did, she looked down on herself with cynicism and sarcasm.

So Chen Hao smiled helplessly.

"You're wrong, I'm not in the mood, nor do I have the energy to follow you every day, nor would I chase you here like I'm full of food to see your Hot!"

Chen Hao looked at Hu Huimin .

Then with one hand in his pocket, he walked straight towards the entrance of the large villa....


"Who's this guy? Why so rude, no rules at all!"

"That's right, the door to Zhu's office is something he can enter whenever he wants? Can't you see we're all waiting for a summons!"

For a while, many people were whispering.

As for Hu Huimin and Xu Yangyang, they were all looking at his jokes as well.

Because Zhu Ming was no better than the next person in Shu Chuan, he had too much power, and Zhu Ming was a person who particularly cared about tradition, so once someone overstepped their manners, just wait and see.

And just as Chen Hao was knocking on the door.

The door to the living room was also opened by a butler.

"This brat, wait for his death!"

"Think you can get away with anything? Haha!"

"At a young age, you love to make a fool of yourself and are not destined for much success!"

The crowd looked and smiled.

"Chen...Young Master Chen, it's you!"

But at that moment, the butler was a bit confused.

Hurriedly, he bowed gently.

"Ummm, I looked quite busy, so I waited outside for a while!"

Chen Hao laughed bitterly.

"Yes, yes, Young Master Chen, please come in!"

The butler was busy inviting Chen Hao in.

If Chen Hao wasn't already a noble guest, then there were no noble guests in the world.


And this scene made the crowd outside the door all startled.

"What kind of a young master is this? Chan Siu? I've never heard of it, but I've never seen Butler Mo like this before!"

"Yeah, what exactly is his status?"

The crowd was startled.

Even Hu Huemin's mouth was incredibly wide open.

Heart thumping straight.

It even gave Hu Huemin an illusion of fear and powerlessness.

Yes, Hu Huimin had despised Chen Hao in her bones from high school, even up until now.

Even though Chen Hao studied hard in high school, Hu Huimin knew that there wasn't much of a future for him.

In life, everyone knows that Hu Huimin is a straightforward person who sometimes speaks rather straightforwardly and can hurt people.

But to be frank, Hu Huimin has always had a sense of superiority in the circle she is in.

It's like in front of Shen Junwen, Wang Jian, how subtle Hu Huimin speaks.

Just looking down on Chen Hao.

But now, she found that the person she had always looked down on was actually rich, different from before, richer than herself.

For a moment, Hu Huimin really found it hard to accept.

Convincing herself with various reasons that Chen Hao probably won the lottery to have the money, she believed that this money would be spent in a few years.

Moreover, even if Chen Hao was rich, it would be useless because he didn't have any connections, hehe, isn't that what this society needs nowadays, connections.

Therefore, Hu Huimin's mind was finding a certain balance these past two days.

But now, she came to beg General Manager Zhu to do something, and Chen Hao, in fact, could come and go freely in General Manager Zhu's courtyard.

It would seem that Chen Hao is not simply related to General Manager Zhu.

"I really didn't expect that Chen Hao would even know General Manager Zhu!"

Xu Yangyang was even more anxious.

But being anxious was still anxious, there was really no way out now.

Without anyone to help her, the only chance of survival was on Zhu, and Zhu wasn't necessarily willing to do it.

"Huimin, why don't you give Chen Hao a call, with him putting in a good word, we'll have an easy time this time!"

It was Shen Junwen who said this.

"Me?" Hu Huimin was as anxious as if she had been slapped in the face.

"Yeah Huimin, this kid used to like you after all, you're all classmates ah, you talk much better than us! Otherwise, I don't think we'll be able to see Mr. Zhu even if we wait till the afternoon. This situation is going to expand!"

Shen Junwen said anxiously.

"Yeah Huimin, go beg Chen Hao, he'll definitely help!"

Xu Yangyang also admitted to it.

Hu Huimin was torn for a while.

Now said, "I'm not really good with him, even if I ask him to help, he may not be willing, so I'll try!"

Hu Huimin Dao.

Only with great difficulty did she take out her phone to dial Chen Hao's number.

Inside of course torn, hehe, let whoever goes to beg a person who once looked down on and frankly hurt, also does not have that face.

But offhand, this matter really has to be helped by Chen Hao.

Chen Hao did not expect Hu Huimin, the arrogant peacock, to actually call him.

Presently, he smiled bitterly.

"What is it?"

Chen Hao asked.

"Chen Hao, do you... do you know Zhu?" Hu Huemin's voice was small.

"Know each other, if you have something to say!" Chen Hao faintly said.

"If you know each other, you know that we've gotten into a lot of trouble, so I hope you'll introduce us and help mention it to Mr. Zhu on his behalf!"

Hu Huemin said, and her face began to roll.

"It's fine to mention it, the question is what do I get out of it? Why should I help you?"

Chen Hao laughed.


"Let's say you and Xu Yangyang come in and talk, it's just the two of you!"

Chen Hao.


Then Chen Hao's side hung up the phone.

Apparently Xu Yangyang and the others had also heard the content of the call just now.

"Ah? Wai Man, why do you think Chen Hao called us in alone? You know, I've fought with him, argued even more times, and I'm really worried that when he lets me in..."

Xu Yangyang seemed to have thought of some possibilities, blushing with shame and turning her head to the side.

"He dares... I don't believe what he can do, I know him, I'll just talk to him when I go in later, you'll just follow my Back!"

Hu Huimin thought to herself, "Isn't it just that you Chen Hao has got it made, and you still don't believe it, what can you do?

Then, with a special escort, Hu Hu Huimin walked in with Xu Yangyang.

Master Zhu's villa was really too big.

Just the maids downstairs, there were a dozen of them.

The special person led the two of them up to the second floor.

A large conference hall.

"Young Master Chen is in there!"

The maid was respectful.

"Yes, thank you!"

Hu Huimin said with some nervousness.

When the door was pushed in, it was to see that there were more people throughout the conference hall.

Most of them were some middle-aged people, and the secretaries of this group of middle-aged people and so on.

It was thirty to forty people.

And all of these middle-aged people were all well-known existences in the business world of Shuchuan.

Even Hu Huimin had read about them in the newspapers and knew a few of them.

Not to mention the local Xu Yangyang, these people, they were all big shots.

So the atmosphere became tense.

What made Hu Huemin and Xu Yangyang even more nervous was the fact that Chen Hao was sitting at the first seat of the conference table.

CEO Zhu Ming, on the other hand, was sitting next to Chen Hao.

"You guys go out first, I'll chat with them alone for a while, CEO Zhu, just come over after you're busy later!"

Chen Hao said.

"Yes, Young Master Chen!!!"

The group of people stood up in unison.

This scene, however, was even more shocking to Hu Huimin and Xu Yangyang.

It wasn't until after everyone had left that Hu Huimin and Xu Yangyang came back to their senses.

Chen Hao smiled and looked at them, "You two sit down! What are you standing there for!"

"Chen Hao, he... why do they all call you Young master Chen?"

Hu Huemin swallowed her saliva, and now asked incredulously.


"That's a long story! I can't even explain it to you in a sentence or two!"

Chen Hao smiled.

At this moment, several servants respectfully walked in and served tea to Xu Yangyang and Hu Huimin.

"Chen Hao, although I don't know what your relationship is with Zhu and the others, but you know very well that we are indeed in great trouble right now . If you can help, I'd like you to help us!"

Hu Huimin said.

Xu Yangyang also nodded fiercely, "Chen Hao, I apologize to you, afterwards, you can do whatever you want to me, just please help us!"

"Well, I can mention this to Zhu, but I don't want to get nothing after it's done!"

Chen Hao looked at them and smiled.

Indeed, if it was the very beginning, even if Hu Huimin was cold and indifferent to her, if she saw that they were really in trouble, Chen Hao would definitely help if he could.

But now, well, Chen Hao was indeed a bit chilly towards them.

Especially Xu Yangyang.  

It was only that they had found Zhu Ming's head, which was the same as finding their own.

Chen Hao wouldn't reject it outright.

Only if they wanted Chen Hao's help again, they would have to have conditions!

"Tell me, what do you want?"

Chen Hao snapped his fingers.

After a while, Xu Yangyang went out with Hu Huimin.

And after going out, he didn't say a word to Shen Junwen and Li Wentao, and left after taking a look at them.

It caused Shen Junwen and Li Wentao to have a foggy head, but they still followed and left.

When all this was done.

Zhu Ming also came to look for Chen Hao.

This matter of Xu Yangyang's bar, saying it's a matter is a matter, and saying it's not is not a matter.

Even if the Meng family had the Situ family behind them, but not looking at the monk's face and the Buddha's face, they still had to give Zhu Ming face.

And Chen Hao came today, obviously there was another more important matter.

"Young Master Chen, major discovery, we have found the whereabouts of Fang Mengmai's personal butler back then! According to our costly investigation later, we learned that Fang Mengniu had left the Fang family more than twenty years ago, supposedly producing the A great contradiction!"

"At first, even her housekeeper, including her housekeeper, left all together, and with an infant who was just a month old!"

Zhu Ming said.

Hearing this, Chen Hao sat up straight.

This was really a major clue.

A baby that had just turned a month old? Could it be Su Zyue?

Now Chen Hao asked Zhu Ming to elaborate more.

It turned out.

When Chen Hao was in Jinling and asked Li Zhenguo to investigate this matter, Li Zhengguo had informed Zhu Ming and asked him to assist in the investigation.

Of course, Zhu Ming took it very seriously.

Almost moved a hundred million dollars of assets, all of which were thrown in, and used to extensively search for this person called Dreamhouse.

In the end, it was only to find out some things about the Fang family.

As for the whereabouts of Fang Mengma's personal butler, it was an old man who contacted us yesterday and told us the whereabouts of her.

This old man, once owned a hotel.

He clearly remembered it.

That night twenty-two years ago, lightning and thunder struck, and the rain was pouring.

The scene when the two women came with a baby in their arms.

They looked as if they were in a hurry, and the woman holding the baby was soaking wet, but the baby's clothes were dry, and the woman was beautiful.

After all these years, the old man now remembers it all the time tsking, saying he had never seen such a beautiful woman.

And beside her, there was a thirty year old or so.

The woman.

Always called her Miss.

They left quite hurriedly, saying they wanted to live in a shop, just need to open a room, but the old man was surprised, the woman said they do not have money yet, but at most until tomorrow afternoon, someone will send money, so that the old man should not worry.

But the old man was a shopkeeper, it was only forty years old at that time, and he was considered to be a socially sophisticated person.

The actual fact that you can't find a lot of people who are not in a position to get rid of it.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the company's website.

It's a good thing that the old man was half an antique lover at the time, and the jade was worth a lot of money.

It was the first time I've ever been to a school.

It made him think that the two women might not have simple origins.

He didn't dare to offend them to the death.

So he agreed.

Zhu Ming said the old man explained very clearly yesterday, because that night, after taking the jade pendant, he had contacted a few friends to come over and look at it together, and was thinking of hogging it.

But his friends reminded him that the owner of this kind of valuable jade, can not offend or not to offend.

The old man was willing to give up.

And so it waited until two o'clock in the afternoon of the next day.

Sure enough, a young man came.

He sent a lot of money to Fang Mengniu.

It was also at that time that Fang Mengmiao got her jade pendant back and the two women left together.

It wasn't until seven days later that the old man didn't expect the women to come back.

Only this time, the beautiful woman holding the baby didn't come.

It was the woman beside her.

This time, the goodbye was a direct shock to the old man.

Seven days ago, the woman's face was quite red and moist, but now she was looking, skin and bones and pale, just like a ghost.

She said she was staying here for the night.

And asked the boss about a place called Hong County.

Of course the old man knew there, his daughter-in-law's home was in Hongxian.

Nodded presently.

The woman gave the old man so much money that the next morning, the old man himself sent the woman to Hong County.

She also asked her on the way, but she said she had come to join a relative.

The old man then dropped her off at that relative's house.

And because of this, the woman gave him 100,000 yuan to thank him.

One hundred thousand was not a small amount of money at that time.

This incident was still fresh in the old man's mind.

Being able to recall every detail of the original incident.

As for the jade pendant that Zhu Ming showed him, he was even more certain that it was the jade pendant given to him by that great beauty back then.

He cuddled and slept with it all night, and he would never forget it.

"Young Master Chen, he already told us the address of the relative that the maid threw herself at back then, and I sent someone over to search for her last night, except that household The person has already moved, and that area was demolished long ago, but don't worry, I'll make sure to find that family within a day!"

Zhu Mingdao.

Chen Hao nodded, "Mr. Zhu, this matter is really troublesome for you!"

To be honest, Chen Hao was extremely confident in Zhu Ming's ability to do things.

Chen Hao felt that he was getting closer and closer to finding Fang Mengmai, and that Rose's birth mother was about to be found as well.

When that time came, he would have to get to know her as well, what was the relationship between this Fang Mengmai and his father?

"One more thing Young Master Chen, I don't know what you are looking for or what she has to do with Fang Mengmiao, except that there is a situation where I Must report to you!"

Zhu Ming suddenly looked cautious.

"What is it?"


"The old man said that before we looked for him, a group of people also came looking for him, asking the same thing that happened twenty-two years ago. And the whereabouts of that maid!"

Zhu Mingdao.

Chen Hao was confused by this.

Who could it be?

I had thought that father was just making it so simple to simply find someone, but I didn't expect that this matter looked complicated ah.

But Chen Hao didn't think too much about it, thinking was useless.

What needed to be done now was to quickly find that servant.

Immediately, Chen Hao made arrangements, preparing that he had to travel to Hong County today, and at the same time, made a phone call, asking Tian Long Di Hu to bring his men over as soon as possible.

And also at this time, a message rang out within the class group, sent by the guide.

Chen Hao looked at it....

At the same time.

Among a luxury car.

"Miss, although we haven't found the whereabouts of the former big miss, we have finally gotten an important clue, that is, the original big The whereabouts of Miss's personal servant, Kasumi! Back then, Missy and Aha once borrowed a hotel..."

Fang Hanran listened carefully to the report of his men.

Nodding now, he said, "Did you send someone over?"

"We've already dispatched more people, and Miss, there's one thing I need to report to you. It seems that we are not the only ones inquiring about Miss's whereabouts. We, too, have a group of people looking for it, and they are very generous!"

"Who is it?"

Now, Fang Hanran frowned slightly.

"I'm sorry Miss, we haven't found out anything yet, but I think it's better to be cautious!"

Inan Nan nodded, "Good, then let's hurry up, right, this time bring along my twelve teachers from the family. There are quite a few people who have been offended, and even if we were to look for them, it should be our Fang family that should be looking for them!"

"My subordinates understand!"

After Fang Hanan had finished making arrangements, a message suddenly came to the class group, which was sent by the instructor.

Although Fanan doesn't usually interact with her classmates, she does add them to the class group.

However, the class group was added.

Immediately looked at it.

It turned out that the guide was talking about an outing organized by the department tomorrow morning, which, coincidentally, was going to Hong County.

There were quite a few people going.

And the specific person in charge was Fatty Wang from the next class.

"This little fatty, it's getting into scale!"

Looking at the message, Fang Hanran gave a bitter smile.

Only then did she get off the bus and return to campus.

And then back to Chen Hao, Chen Hao did not go back to school, but after speaking to the school authorities.

He hurriedly rushed to Hong County in Shuchuan.

Hong County wasn't too far from Shu Chuan.

It was now engaged in project development.

As for the manpower arrangements, Zhu Ming had already sent some of his men to look for them.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, was in a hurry, so he hurriedly brought a few people over first.

Su zyue, Zhu Ming and the others, on the other hand, waited for Tian Long Di Hu to arrive with their manpower before rushing over.

What kind of outing the school organized, Chen Hao did not have the energy to attend.

After arriving in Hong County and finding a hotel to settle down in, Chen Hao sent a few of his men to contact the group.

"Chen Hao?"

In the underground garage, Chen Hao took his wallet and was just about to take the elevator back to his room.

At this time, a female voice suddenly shouted.

Looking back, Chen Hao couldn't help but be surprised.

It was Wang Wen.

Wang Wen was accompanied by Liang Meng, and the other two girls.

"I go, it really is Chen Hao, what a coincidence!"

Once she saw Chen Hao turn back, the other girl also said.

Apparently she was quite surprised to see Chen Hao here.

And this girl.

At first, Chen Hao didn't recognize her until she spoke up.

"Hmph, Chen Hao, do you still recognize me?"

The girl said. Only in a tone that carried a strange sense of superiority.

"Of course I know you, you're Wait Xiaoxia!"

Chen Hao smiled.

Hou Xiaoxia was also a member of the high school competition team at the time.

I remember that she should have been in the same class as Wang Wen, and her academic performance must have been very good.

Her personality, well, how to say it, belonged to the kind with very strong youth characteristics.

There were some similarities with Hu Huimin.

But it was also different.

Hou Xiaoxia played well with a lot of boys, of course, those boys, either the gangly type with bad studies but social connections, or the ones with money or power at home.

Just the kind that are quite social and play crazy, but are partial to excellent academic performance.

It's easier to be emotional for people.

By the way, Chen Hao and her had a few arguable episodes at that time.


Now, Hou Xiaoxia should be one with Wang Wen, both of whom had come to Shudu University.

When she met Wang Wen a few days ago, Wang Wen even mentioned it to Chen Hao.


Hou Xiaoxia looked Chen Hao up and down a few times.

It couldn't help but be somewhat contemptuous: "I heard from Wen Wen that you've come to Shu Capital and haven't left yet ah? And are you staying in such a nice hotel?"

"Uh-huh, I'll be gone in a few days!"

Chen Hao saw Hou Xiaoxia speak, a little bit that kind of prickly feeling, could it be that that year's little misunderstanding, she still remembers ah?

Not so much.

However, Chen Hao didn't talk to her much and turned to Wang Wen, "Wang Wen, what are you guys doing?"

"We're planning to attend a big party here, and Xiaoxia's boyfriend has an entrance ticket, so we came over for a piece of fun!"

Wang Wen was still quite nice to Chen Hao.

She smiled now.

"Oooo, Xiaoxia has a boyfriend too, ah!"

Chen Hao echoed.

Hou Xiaoxia proudly looked at Chen Hao and rolled her eyes.

"Oh, do you know who Xiaoxia's boyfriend is, the son of the CEO of a listed company!"

Liang Meng, on the other hand, said speechlessly.


Chen Hao nodded his head as if he was surprised in order to match Liang Meng's tone.

"Is he the Chen Hao that you guys were talking about in high school?"

At this time, a girl on the side of the room also asked.

She should be Wang Wen's classmate with Hou Xiaoxia.

She's quite pretty looking though.

And apparently, Hou Xiaoxia should have told her about what happened when she was in high school.

Because Chen Hao saw that this girl was also looking at herself with a somewhat lazy look.

And it wasn't clear if she had blisters on her face.

When this girl saw herself, she actually left her mouth open and looked like she couldn't look at her.

Wang Wen definitely wouldn't say anything else, but Hou Xiaoxia wouldn't necessarily.

"Ummm, I am, we were all on the competition team in high school!"

Chen Hao still smiled.

"Right Chen Hao, I haven't had a chance to ask you yet, do you have a girlfriend, if not, I can introduce you to Ou!"

Wang Wen smiled.

It seemed like Chen Hao also had one, but to be honest, it didn't look like Chen Hao had one either, Wang Wen didn't mean anything else, just thinking that Chen Hao might have lied to everyone to save face, so she thought of finding him a girlfriend.

"Come on, definitely not, hehe, why don't you ask Chen Hao to consider Yafei, Yafei ah, Chen Hao is not rich some, but he is quite Honestly, didn't your mother say, introduce you to an honest one who can listen to you after marriage, and never find one like your ex-husband!"

Hou Xiaoxia poked fun at the situation.

"Geez, Xiaoxia, I'll get mad if you keep saying that, ah, you're so bad!"

Princess Wang Yafei and Hou Xiaoxia fought for a while.

Apparently, the second-married Princess Wang Ya, also did not look up to Chen Hao.

When Chen Hao heard that, he just smiled bitterly and shook his head.

And at this time.

"Xiaoxia, what are you guys doing? Why aren't you up here yet?"

A cheerful voice rang out, and a handsome man in a suit was seen walking over....


"Li Liang, didn't we run into a classmate here?"

The first time I was in the room was when I was in the room with my wife.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the photos of the two men. After so many years of not seeing each other, it's a good time to sit together and catch up!"

"Well..." said Hou Xiaoxia with a twinkle in her eye, "Fine, then let Chen Hao go, and by the way, bring Chen Hao to see the big scene!"

"Here's one for you Chen Hao, you're coming with us too!"

Hou Xiaoxia said.

"Yeah, let's go, it's fine again!"

Wang Wen pulled on Chen Hao's arm.


Chen Hao nodded his head and agreed.

If Hou Xiaoxia had simply invited him, Chen Hao really wouldn't have gone.

But Wang Wen it, the relationship was quite good, plus Chen Hao now had to wait for news, indeed idle, and was ready to go over to see.

A few people took the elevator together and went directly to the third floor of the hotel.

There was a hall inside.

It was specially used for party PART.

It's considered a very high-class hotel in Hong County.

Everyone showed their admission tickets and walked in.

A lot of people were already here.

This seems to be a party that was developed before the start of some big project.

According to Hou Xiaoxia's introduction to Chen Hao.

That is, you don't have the money or the power, you don't even have the chance to come and show your face.

As for Hou Xiaoxia's boyfriend, Li Liang, it's obvious that he's quite a contact on this occasion.

Knowing quite a few people, after greeting each and every one of those friends of theirs, they sat down at a table.

"What are you doing?"

And Chen Hao was sitting next to Wang Wen Liang Meng.

At this time, Hou Xiaoxia said.

"What for?"

Chen Hao shook his head and laughed bitterly.

"You! Get over there and sit down! Is this a place where you can sit?"

Hou Xiaoxia is like a pervert, since she came into this venue, her attitude towards Chen Hao has changed too obviously.

This whole thing, the admission ticket was also given by you.

And Chen Hao turned his head and glanced at the direction of Hou Xiaoxia's finger, that table in the corner, there, should be the driver's secretary or something like that who came to the venue for a tour today.

Apparently, Hou Xiaoxia was thinking that she wasn't qualified to sit at the same table with her.

And Hou Xiaoxia this voice bar, also let the surrounding people all focus their attention over, in public being embarrassed, obviously quite embarrassing.

Wang Wen was a little anxious to persuade Hou Xiaoxia.

But Chen Hao bar, also didn't want to see Wang Wen embarrassed, simply smiled bitterly and walked over.

"Hou Xiaoxia, what's wrong with you? You were quite nice to Chen Hao before, now why are you doing this to him in public, aren't you making him look bad in public?"

Wang Wen was a bit anxious.

"That's right, I'm just going to make him look bad in public and give him a good taste of this!"

Hou Xiaoxia suddenly stared at Chen Hao with a cold gaze.

"Why ah? Chen Hao hasn't offended you either, so don't tell me it's because of that little incident in high school!"

Wang Wen's head was big, after all, Chen Hao was the one who shouted for her to come, now what, the two best friends were having a disagreement, of course Wang Wen was anxious.

"A small matter? Matilda, do you really think that high school thing was a small thing?"

When Hou Xiaoxia thought about it, she seemed to be quite angry.

"At first, you also remember that after we participated in the competition and came back with the ranking, the school invited us twenty students to have dinner in the provincial capital, and after eating When the time comes, we'll be the only students left, so we'll play Truth or Dare, and I'll lose and have to choose the one person on the scene to confess! Did you forget that one?"

Hou Xiaoxia.

"Of course I remember, I know you didn't like Chen Hao at that time, but you wanted to be on the safe side, so you were interested in giving the teacher something that had just been moved Come back Chen Hao confesses, and you say, "Chen Hao, I like you!"

Wang Wen was also reminded of that incident in the first place.

"What was the result? I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do this, but I'm not sure if I can. That day, the whole class laughed at me, saying even Chen Hao didn't like me. The person I really had a crush on was right next to me at the time, and you know what, I was humiliated at that moment!!!"

Hou Xiaoxia.

"Aww, do you know why people Chen Hao says it's inappropriate, it's Chen Hao who thinks he's poor, he's not good enough for you! You're thinking too much! And he also thought you weren't really into him, so he said that when he got nervous! Didn't you always think that people were poor, you wouldn't even take the bus next to Chen Hao, he was afraid of you!"

Wang Wen hurriedly defended.

"What ah, this D Silk, I'll make him regret it, and it's not just me who thinks he's poor, don't you dislike it, Wen Wen? Don't think I don't know that you liked Chen Hao at the time, but it was because Chen Hao was too poor that you two couldn't go any further, right? ?"

This mouth of Hou Xiaoxia's was really a mouth that once it was opened, everything was said outwards.

These words caused Wang Wen's pretty face to blush, right in the middle of Wang Wen's heart.

And Liang Meng's face was also instantly unpleasant, no wonder he had pursued Wang Wen at that time, Wang Wen did not agree, so she liked Chen Hao at that time?

This, and then look at Wang Wen's attitude and level of concern for Chen Hao now.

Liang Meng got a little jealous.

It was completely different ah, before Wang Wen was nice to Chen Hao, Liang Meng didn't interfere much, but he just felt that Chen Hao deserved to be his competitor too? How could Wang Wen like Chen Hao?

But now, it was straightforward to make Liang Meng's heart pound.

There was still this matter of emotion.

Liang Meng looked towards Wang Wen and saw that Wang Wen was blushing like something right now, and was also more certain.

Hou Xiaoxia's words had indeed poked at Wang Wen's heart.

She was right, she did quite like Chen Hao at that time.

It was also true that because Chen Hao had no money, even though Wang Wen tried, but when she thought about it, what if she and Chen Hao really got together.

What would the classmates think of her? What would you say about yourself?

Still, she didn't get past this hurdle and eventually gave up on going further with Chen Hao.

But that didn't stop Wang Wen from wanting Chen Hao to get better.

With a relationship like this, once either party had concerns, a rift would appear in the relationship, right?

The atmosphere in the current scene became more and more delicate.

Chen Hao did not hear Hou Xiaoxia's conversation with Wang Wen.

Rather, a driver beside her said, "Isn't that next to the son of General Manager Li Li Liang, my old boss said, today Li Liang came on behalf of General Manager Li. Let's go over there and show our appreciation. After all, we got the project from Mr. Li. After all* Bigger is better!"

"Yeah, our head honcho Wang has also specifically explained that he should at least toast a glass of wine to show it!"

Several driver secretaries discussed.

Li Liang's family ran a company, and the attachment of cooperative alliances between some companies was too normal.

So, Duo Duo indicated that this was always fine.

"Well, since we're all accounted for, let's go over there together, so that we won't have the chance to toast the drinks when the banquet is held later!"

A female secretary.

Immediately the group got up straight away.

"Brother, why don't you go over there with them?"

At this moment, a driver next to Chen Hao tapped Chen Hao on the shoulder .

It was obvious that he thought of Chen Hao as the driver....


"I won't go!"

Chen Hao shook his head.

"Hmph, what's the point of pretending if you don't go and pull it off?"

Some female secretaries were dissatisfied.

Then everyone went to Li Liang's table to make a toast.

And watched as everyone came to toast their boyfriends.

Hou Xiaoxia coldly glanced at Chen Hao who was sitting alone.

It was as if she wanted to see the shame and shamelessness from Chen Hao's face.

Back then, you actually dared to reject me, look at it, how big is the difference between you and me!

And how big is the gap between you and Li Liang compared to the others.

Do you really think that you let you come here to see the world?


Hou Xiaoxia was deliberately trying to humiliate Chen Hao, because the bigger the scene was, the more that shame in Chen Hao's heart would only grow, right!

This thrill of revenge was something that wasn't usually there.

And Wang Wen saw that Chen Hao was alone, and Hou Xiaoxia was obviously calling Chen Hao to embarrass him again.

So she wanted to go over and keep Chen Hao company.

"What are you doing!"

As a result, Liang Meng pulled her arm very roughly.

As for Wang Wen, she didn't expect Liang Meng to be like this.

Knowing that Hou Xiaoxia's words just now might have affected Liang Meng.

So Wang Wen didn't say anything else!

At this time, there were also quite a few people from the neighboring table who came to toast drinks towards Li Liang and Hou Xiaoxia.

Hou Xiaoxia, while overwhelmed with the response, looked towards Chen Hao.

The more you look at the heart, the happier you are.

And it was at this time.

"Young Master Chen!"

Suddenly, someone shouted.

The one who shouted was a middle-aged man, who, himself, had many people clustered around him and looked to be a very influential person as well.

As he shouted, the entire scene also instantly quieted down.

Everyone looked towards him.

"It's really Young Master Chen!"

At this time, another middle-aged man on the side of the middle-aged man also shouted.

Immediately, there were about a dozen or so unusually dressed people who ran over to the end seat position.

And the person rushing was Chen Hao.

"Whew, isn't that Mr. Guo!"

"Yeah, it's Mr. Guo and the others, why did they run there?"

"Yes, and you see, not only Mr. Guo, Mr. Li, Mr. Wang, Mr. Qin and the others, they all went over there and looked quite happy!"

Naturally, many people on the scene knew CEO Guo.

To be honest, these CEOs were considered the top existences in the entire party.

What did it mean?

Just like earlier, when they opened their mouths, everyone had to shut up and listen to the ground.

Now, the crowd was even more looking away.

And Hou Xiaoxia's table was also befuddled.

Especially Hou Xiaoxia, because she had been staring at Chen Hao, so when the crowd ran over, she could see the most clearly.

A mouthful of red wine almost choked her to death alive.

"Young master ? What's going on? Who the hell is Mr. Guo? How is it possible to know a D-Silk like Chen Hao?"

Hou Xiaoxia thought in amazement.

The thrill of revenge just now was not there at all at the moment.

What was there was a touch of tension in her heart.

And Wang Wen also looked away, inexplicably a little excited in her heart.

As for Liang Meng, the jealousy in his eyes became even stronger.

The group of toasts were also looking at what was going on.

"You guys are?"

And this group of people stood in front of Chen Hao, who was so confused that he didn't even know them!

"Fuck, what's going on here, Guo went over to greet him, and this kid doesn't even know who Guo is?"

"How infuriating, have you no manners? Who educated it?"

"I'm wondering if Guo and the others are mistaken about the wrong person. Or is that guy a driver for some big shot? How is that possible? The most powerful person here today is Mr. Guo, right?"

The crowd was discussing.

"Young Master Chen, your nobleman is so forgetful, you may have forgotten, you don't know me, but I know you, haha, here's my business card!"

Mr. Guo smiled happily.

In the past, right, Young Master Chen couldn't even be approached, but now, it was clearly his home turf, and Young Master Chen had actually come to his home turf.

Chen Hao received the business card and looked at it, Guo always engaged in real estate development.

The name of the company looked a bit familiar.

"Young ,Master Chen the last time we met, it was at Miss Lin's birthday banquet, and we were there too! The development of Pine County, when we took three projects! Oh!"

Mr. Guo said.

"Oooh, I remember, hello Guo!"

Chen Hao still didn't remember, but it would obviously be a bit awkward if he continued to dwell on the issue.

Presently, he struck out.

"Young Master Chen, I'll drink a toast to you!"

"Young Master Chen, I'll drink to you too!"

Now, this group of CEOs had brought their glasses to clink with Chen Hao.

After Chen Hao had finished his drink.

Mr. Guo invited Chen Hao to sit at the front of the table, but Chen Ge refused.

Chen Hao refused, saying that it was fine to sit here.

When he saw Chen Hao's reluctance, Mr. Guo didn't try to persuade him, although he felt a little regretful.

Chen Hao let Mr. Guo be busy with their business first, and if there was anything else, he could communicate with them later.

Naturally, Mr. Guo was willing.

Only after a round of toasts did they leave.

And Hou Xiaoxia was looking silly.

"How is it possible? How is that possible? How come Mr. Guo still knows Chen Hao? And you're quite respectful to Chen Hao?"

Today Hou Xiaoxia, originally wanted to take advantage of this big scene to humiliate Chen Hao.

To avenge the shame that Chen Hao had brought upon herself.

But now, Hou Xiaoxia had clearly been hit in the face.

And the stronger the revenge, the harder the face hit!

Whoever Mr. Guo and Mr. Wang, Li Liang was at most the one toasting them on behalf of his father, but now, they were collectively toasting Chen Hao!

This kind of feeling, it really is whoever experiences it knows ah.

Wang Wen, on the other hand, was bright, and it was obvious that this surprise Chen Hao had given her was somewhat too big.

Even in Wang Wen's heart, a somewhat complicated emotion arose.

Now Hou Xiaoxia also had no desire to drink and sat down very depressed.

"What the hell is going on? Matilda, did you hear what Mr. Guo and the others said to Chen Hao just now?"

Hou Xiaoxia was anxious.

Wang Wen shook her head.

"I did hear something, like some kind of Pingan County project or something, and that's where we're from with Chen Hao, engaging in big development . Maybe Chen Hao was acquainted with Guo and the others at that time?"

Liang Meng said with great displeasure.

"But, there's no need for Guo to toast Chen Hao?"

Hou Xiaoxia was anxious.

As anxious as if Chen Hao had stolen something from her.

"I'm not sure, I'll ask any of our high school classmates if they know. I'll ask!"

Presently, Liang Meng asked in their class group.

Hou Xiaoxia waited anxiously.

"I go, someone really knows!"

Liang Meng also suddenly came to his senses.

When he was busy saying, "It turns out that Chen Hao has a pretty good hairdresser, and that hairdresser of his is very powerful in Pingan County, engaged in a large auto trade And the connections are extensive!"

"Huh? So that means that Chen Hao relied on that childhood friend of his to meet Guo?"

Hou Xiaoxia said.

"It must be, because some of my classmates have heard that Chen Hao's hair is really cool!" Liang Meng said.

"Damn, that really scared me to death, and damn, how did Chen Hao have such good luck?"

Hou Xiaoxia was still quite angry.

And at this time, above the venue, by the host on stage.

And the big screen on stage showed a very majestic large villa.

Everyone didn't know what the display of this large villa meant, but they were clearly shocked by it.

Hou Xiaoxia also covered her mouth, "I go, this villa is too handsome, it's actually on top of a mountain"

Continuation of the story "The Unknown Heir"


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