The unknown Heir 364-368


Hu Huimin saw Chen Hao and ignored her at all, now somewhat anxiously calling out to Chen Hao.

What do you mean, see as if you didn't see.

"What for?"

Chen Hao to Hu Huimin is also a complex emotion, it's best to simply ignore her, and also understands that she's a bit unbalanced now that she's rich.

And also didn't please this no fun.

"Aren't you just rich, huh, but still pretend not to know me, I'm looking for you to want or not why, just want to know how your money are all Coming?"

Hu Huemin looked at Chen Hao and asked.

"I'm sorry, that's my privacy!"

Chen Hao coldly said.

"Just you still have privacy, huh, rich is different ah, look at that virtue of yours before, now look at your virtue again, tell you Chen Hao, you're just a rich man, understand? And the plutocratic mentality is too thick! Really, you also lack the maturity and steadiness like Wang Jian and the others!"

Vivian Hu said.  

"Whatever you say, Hua and I have to go pick the address of our new company, so excuse me!"

Chen Hao shook his head and laughed.

After all, it wasn't the first time he had been sprayed like this, but spray it as it was, he didn't bother to explain unnecessarily.

"Start a company? You're starting a new company?"

For some reason, watching Chen Hao get better step by step like this, Hu Huemin was really quite uncomfortable in her heart.

"Yeah, Chen Hao invest money and we'll partner up to open a travel company!"

Wang Xiaohua was so excited and excited for the first time.

Then he went in with Chen Hao.

It was true, yesterday afternoon, Chen Hao had called himself to tell him about this matter.

His own grandmother's recent health condition was also quite bad, and emotionally, Wang Xiaohua actually had a lot of pressure.

And Brother Chen's timely financing directly got Wang Xiaohua through all the crisis.

So now, Wang Xiaohua was almost dreaming of shouting Brother Chen's name, Brother Chen, shouting more than his own brother.

And looking at the back of the two going in.

"I don't know what kind of luck this guy has had!"

Shen Junwen looked indignant.

"Who knows, but, even someone like Chen Hao is starting a company, and he's so generous!"

Hu Huimin was stomping her feet in a hurry, apparently running out of options at all.

"Hmph, let's see him toss, when he loses his money, let's see what else he has!"

Shen Jun Wen sour, then said, "Don't think about Chen Hao, let's go, there's a Tae Kwon Do tournament today, among all the school activities. And it's just this competition that I'm somewhat interested in!"

Hu Huimin Road: "Yes, before you this police academy, you had won the high school division, the Jiangnan Province Taekwondo championship in front of you to carry out the This is the kind of competition where you get to critique the new junior again, right?"

As the two of them said that, they also walked in.

And after Chen Hao and Wang Xiaohua had reported to the class.

Since there was only one thought class this morning, the two of them simply took their leave to come out.

Chen Hao helped Wang Xiaohua, for one thing, because Wang Xiaohua had more or less his own shadow, and all this time, Chen Hao had also been treating Wang Xiaohua as a brother.

He's not doing well, so he can help out a little bit by himself, it doesn't matter.

Secondly, Wang Xiaohua was a very filial person, being filial to his parents, his grandparents.

This made Chen Hao also feel that Wang Xiaohua had a pretty good character and was willing to support him.

That's why he had the idea of co-founding a travel company.

The first thing that came up, naturally

It was the location of the company.

The location was set near the university city in the urban area, a large luxury commercial office building.

The place itself was built along the hillside, with many industries joining in, and the popularity was high.

The travel company, however, was to be able to get the right to organize and arrange for many other companies to run reunions and annual meetings, so naturally, it couldn't be chosen in a poor countryside.

The two of them came to the Merchants Center of the big business building.

"Wasn't it agreed on the phone, where is the person who received us?"

And after Chen Hao came in, he asked Wang Xiaohua.

"I'm not sure ah Chen Hao, I called that person, and that person's phone is busy!"

"Well, there are so many people in the Merchants Center, let's wait a while."

Chen Hao looked at the time.

He could not help but helplessly shake his head and smile.

Suddenly, Chen Hao saw Wang Xiaohua look at the doorway in a daze.

It also then looked up.

Just then, he saw that at this moment, several young men and women, one by one, came down from the car and also came towards the Merchants Center.

One of the girls, affectionately holding the arm of the young man who came down from the driver's seat, the two of them were laughing and talking with the two girls behind them as they walked inside together.

"Nuan Nuan, aren't you going to the group matches of each class this morning?"

The two girls asked.

"The group competition is too low, haha, Nuan Nuan is a taekwondo expert, she can directly compete in the final competition in the afternoon, of course she doesn't need to participate I did! Isn't that right?"

The boy laughed.

"Also o, alas, Nuan Nuan is really too happy now, now that she has Li Xiang, she can even start her own training course to train students! "

The girls said with envy and jealousy.

"What's the big deal, it's just a training institute, I'll just do something I like to do, don't you think so Xiang?"

Qin Nuan smiled happily.

"Mmhmm, but Nuan, you also have to be prepared, had to take a shot first, there's too much competition from training institutions now . All kinds of fancy training, I don't know much about your Tae Kwon Do, but my sister trains with you too, listen to her. The competition is pretty fierce. I've used a lot of my family connections, but you and my sister will have to work hard once it's up and running! "

Li Xiang said.

"That's no problem, so it's because of the competition that I want to choose the location near the Zinda Grand Commercial Building, the traffic is too much here !"

"But here...okay, okay, let's not talk about it, let's ask my friend's brother first, he's the head of the business here!"



And at this moment, Wang Xiaohua arrived in front of Qin Nuan.

Some surprised to look at the scene in front of him.

And Qin Nuan, it was only a little embarrassed to let go of Li Xiang's hand.

Yeah, he told Wang Xiaohua some time ago that the two of them should be separated for a while, in the meantime, give Wang Xiaohua enough space for him to perform well.

At the same time, it also allows him to concentrate on training.

So Wang Xiaohua promised that the two of them wouldn't be together for a while.

But later on, Qin Nuan's attitude towards Wang Xiaohua was obvious to all.

Now, he actually got together with another boy.

Wang Xiaohua finally understood why this was, what Qin Nuan said was all a lie.

And it was because Qin Nuan was guilty, so she was quite embarrassed to see Wang Xiaohua now.

"So you've been lying to me!"

Wang Xiaohua's hands shook, and the investment application materials in his hands all but fell to the ground....


"Who lied to you? I don't know what you're talking about!"

Qin Nuan hugged his shoulders and said.

Because at this moment, many people from the Merchants Center were looking over towards this side.

It made Qin Nuan feel even more humiliated.

"So what's going on with you now?"

Wang Xiaohua took a deep breath and asked.

Qin Nuan, on the other hand, turned her face to the side and didn't speak.

"Hmph, you are that Nuan Nuan's childhood sweetheart, a piece of Wang Xiaohua who grew up, I know you, and do not look at what virtues you have, not yet Get the hell out of here!"

Li Xiang took the keys of the Audi A6 and pointed at Wang Xiaohua and cursed.

"Whew, Shoko, right? What took you so long, I've been waiting for you for a while!"

And at this time, a suit-wearing staff member trotted over and affectionately shook hands with Li Xiang.  

"Hello Ming, long time no see, sorry to keep you waiting!"

They exchanged brief pleasantries for a while.

"Okay, I've picked out some nice locations for you, come over and pick them out, don't worry, there's a discount on top of the price!"


"That's done, let's pick them out together!"

Then Li Xiang pulled Qin Nuan to the side.

And apparently Qin Nuan didn't want to talk more to Wang Xiaohua, so he followed to the side.

Wang Xiaohua sorted out his emotions, in fact, after Chen Hao's persuasion, he calmed down quite a bit, it was just that he was too sudden and didn't hold back.

Chen Hao patted Wang Xiaohua's shoulder and the two of them went to the side to sit down.

"I'm going Ming, have you got it wrong? I see on the online investment advertisements, bidding for a set of office space isn't this expensive, but now it's actually at this price ah?"

Not long after, Li Xiang, who was on the side, just shouted in surprise.

"Holy shit bro, you thought this was expensive, I'll tell you what, these sets are really the cheapest, and the location is relatively Nice!"

"A year, just the rent alone is over a million dollars, let's not even let people live!"

Li Xiang was scared out of his wits.

This was just too harsh.

He did have some money at home, but there was that little bit of asset, cast out more than a million, but also just a preliminary investment in rent, this is really killing the old man.

Qin Nuan, on the other hand, was apparently scared as well.

Because the online investment price, is 350,000 a year to start.

Roughly calculated, relying on the super popularity of the big shopping mall, and being around the school, this price was definitely possible.

But think about it no such good thing ah.

Originally it was 350,000 to start bidding, and now many areas, it's already at the million level.

Also finally let Qin Nuan know that there's no such thing as a free lunch! It's not that simple.

It's a million dollars. It's a dream!

"This won't work Ming, I can't afford it!"

Li Xiang was scared.

Turning back to Qin Nuan, he said, "Nuan Nuan, let's choose somewhere else otherwise, it's just too cruel!"

Qin Nuan, on the other hand, was full of regret.

Girls, who hasn't got some vanity.

Zhenda Mall, a nationally renowned traffic consumption center.

Simply put, 13 frames was too high!

And it was still next to the campus of the university city, opening an institution here, speaking out was excellent both in terms of face and publicity.

Qin Nuan really liked this place.

But... alas!

"All right!" Qin Nuan nodded his head in loss.

Then that Ming brother looked at them and his eyes changed a bit.

After a few brief chats, he directly took his information and left.

"Qin Nuan, let's go too, it's still early, let's go to another place, there are plenty of places with 70,000 to 80,000 rent a year!"

Li Shang said.

"I know, but I still want to look around here!"

Qin Nuan thought to herself, can't rent it, it's okay to have an eye addiction at the Merchants Center.

Then a few girls looked around.

"Manager Zhao, how are you?"

And at this moment, a commotion suddenly sounded in the hall.

It was a middle-aged man in a suit who walked over, and many of the customers of the Merchants Center greeted the middle-aged man.

Because this middle-aged man was not a bystander, it was the general manager of the Merchants Center.

Naturally, he was valued by people.

"He is the General Manager of the Merchants Center, Manager Zhao He! Quite an awesome one!"

At this time, Li Xiang gave Qin Nuan three girls said.

Qin Nuan secretly hated in her heart, what's the use of you just knowing people, they don't know you!

At this time, many people wanted to go over and greet Manager Zhao.

But Manager Zhao waved his hand at each of them, looking quite anxious, and then trotted around while looking for them.

Finally just then, he saw it.

It was a line of several young people.

Presently, they rushed over.

And Qin Nuan and Li Xiang, they were also fiercely excited.

Because the direction that Manager Zhao ran over was exactly them.

"Mr. Wang? Didn't that Mr. Chen come with you?"

Manager Zhao indeed came before Li Xiang, and at this moment, smiled respectfully.

And the crowd, also all quieted down and looked over towards this side.

"Mr. Wang? Mr. Li, you've mistaken me for someone else, haven't you? My last name is Li Xiang!"

Li Xiang's face was red with excitement, and he smiled now.

And Qin Nuan was also biting her lips slightly, obviously quite excited as well.


"I'm sorry, I've mistaken you for someone else!"

Right now Manager Zhao He looked embarrassed.

Because from the phone, he knew some information about Mr. Wang Xiaohua, who was still a student of Shuchuan University, and was a friend of Mr. Chen who was personally called by that big headquarter leader to order him.

So of course Zhao He respected Mr. Wang Xiaohua.

"Originally, I saw you guys look like college students and thought you were from Shu Chuan University, hehe, this important client of mine is also from your Shu Chuan University and accidentally misidentified!"

Zhao He laughed bitterly.

"Huh? What a coincidence, then Manager Zhao, tell me the name, maybe I can help you find it!"

Li Xiang did not expect to already be able to have a direct conversation with Manager Zhao of the Merchants Center, now busy saying.

Qin Nuan also nodded her head repeatedly, after all, she also had some connections in the school.

"Oooo, thanks then, I'm looking for Mr. Wang Xiaohua, I don't know if you've seen him?"

Zhao He said.

"Who... who did you say you were looking for?"

After listening to this sentence, Qin Nuan felt that someone put a bullet in his ear, and with a bang, his brain went blank.

Mr. Wang Xiaohua? Manager Zhao is looking for Wang Xiaohua? No way. How is that possible? What does Manager Zhao want with him?

"Mr. Wang Xiaohua, do any of you know him?"

Zhao He also knew that it looked like they shouldn't know each other.

He was also really foolish from excitement, so he simply gave Wang Xiaohua a call.

Being guided by this young man just now, I thought he had seen it before.

Right now, he pulled out his phone.

"Manager Zhao, no need to call! I'm here!"

And then Wang Xiaohua stood up and said to Manager Zhao.


Wang Xiaohua stood up.

He walked over and shook Zhao He's hand, "Manager Zhao, we communicated on the phone yesterday, but we didn't get through when we called you just now!"

Wang Xiaohua said.

"I'm really sorry Mr. Wang, some things about my daughter's school, I've just been calling her to handle, ten thousand apologies, ten thousand Sorry!"

Manager Zhao said evenly.

"Right Mr. Wang, you said you want to buy the office area, as well as the shops in the scenic 4D model display hall, I'm all ready for you here! Done!"

After saying that, Manager Zhao took out the information.

"Mr. Wang, I'll give you a brief introduction to the shop plus the company's office area, since you are buying directly, I'll help you avoid the Some other miscellaneous expenses, totaling thirty-five million dollars!"

"Okay no problem, let's sit down and talk!"

Wang Xiaohua made a gesture of invitation.

And Qin Nuan, on the other hand, was breathing rapidly for an instant.  

It even felt like my body was no longer my own.

How could this be?

Why Wang Xiaohua?

When did he get so good at it?

"Mr. Zhao, you weren't fooled by this fatty, were you? Just him? Can you come up with thirty-five million?"

Li Xiang said with an incredulous face.

"Yeah Zhao, we actually know him, he can't come up with thirty-five million, he's not worth it to you!"

As for Qin Nuan, his entire heart was torn out, and he was already suffering terribly.

Presently, she hurriedly added.

"Oh, then I think it's you who should be mistaken, Mr. Wang's Shudu Feihua Travel Company, just the tourism projects that are ready to be signed under It's over two hundred, and it's still growing, and we've looked at the financing information, and we've melted close to 80 million in!"

Zhao He looked at them and couldn't help but smile bitterly without words.

What did they take themselves for? Three-year-olds.

Can you even get this thing wrong yourself?


And watched as Wang Xiaohua finished signing the contract with Zhao He.

And Zhao He, even more respectfully bowed slightly to the side of Chen Hao.

Making Qin Nuan even more overwhelmed.

He just wanted to rent a location and directly had no money.

But Wang Xiaohua, directly bought two places in one breath.

Moreover, Wang Xiaohua had opened a tourism company, and the project had signed up more than two hundred of them.

What concept must this be na!

And Chen Hao was ready to leave after signing with Wang Xiaohua.

Li Xiang no longer dared to look up at Wang Xiaohua.

But Qin Nuan was extremely reluctant to chase after him.

"Xiaohua, you... you've started a company? When did this happen, why don't I know?"

Qin Nuan said with a hot face.

"It's only been open for two days! Officially operating in a few days, the project is still in the works!"

Wang Xiaohua looked at Qin Nuan, but he knew exactly what to do.

"Then you... how did you become so rich?"

Qin Nuan said.

"You don't have to worry about that!"

Wang Xiaohua turned around and left.

It was as if he had never raised his eyebrows like this before.


Qin Nuan, on the other hand, stomped her foot in anger.

In her heart, she was angry and anxious.

A breath was held in his chest, and he couldn't get it out.

How could this happen? How did that happen?

Qin Nuan even questioned himself.

Besides, Chen Hao, by the time he accompanied Wang Xiaohua to run through the other processes, it was already noon.

After lunch, the two of them went back to school together.

As for the matter of Wang Xiaohua opening a company together with Chen Hao.

The entire class already knew about it.

A lot of tourism projects had joined the company and it had spread.

In short, the sound was quite strong.

As soon as the two of them returned to the class.


There was just a fierce uproar.

"Chen Hao, Xiaohua, what have you been doing?"

A few pretty girls came around.

Talking to Chen Hao and Wang Xiaohua.

What's more, they were fawning and fawning over Chen Hao.

In fact, all the students in the class guessed that it was actually Chen Hao who helped Wang Xiaohua, even though the company's legal entity was Wang Xiaohua.

But the main melting resources, was from Chen Hao.

Therefore the girls all had a different kind of emotion towards Chen Hao.

Of course, Wang Xiaohua's status was also rising.

There were quite a few girl-boys who had chatted with Wang Xiaohua in the past.

Xu Yangyang, on the other hand, and Lin Shengnan were both a bit pale.

After all, they, all of them, had targeted Chen Hao.

Now, in the class, Chen Hao had established a very high prestige.

It made Xu Yanyang Yang Yang also very nervous.

And Xu Yangyang looked at Liang Fei's place.

In the past, after class, there were quite a few people who looked for Liang Fei to chat and get close to him.

But now, none of them were there.

Xu Yangyang walked over and gently patted the back of Liang Fei's hand, telling him to calm down.

After all, the shadow of Liang Fei's humiliation at the ceremony hadn't passed.

"Excuse me, is fellow student Liang Fei here?"

That's when a girl came looking.

"What's wrong?" Xu Yangyang asked.

"It's like this, for the afternoon match, Director Yang asked me to call Liang Fei over! And let Liang Fei student, perform a performance show!"

The girl said.

"Huh? All right! Did you hear that Fei, the school is inviting you!"

Xu Yangyang shouted happily.

Liang Fei nodded his head.

Xu Yangyang patted the table and said: "In the afternoon taekwondo competition, our class, Liang Fei, will participate. Let's shout and cheer!"

"Oooh, well, congratulations O Fei!"

The students all agreed.

After all, in terms of popularity now, Liang Fei couldn't compare to Chen Hao anymore.

But it was also influential, and everyone was like to see Liang Fei's taekwondo performance.

Right now, they all agreed and then went to the school's gym together.

"Chen Hao, let's go too, several classes are going together!"


Chen Hao also quite wanted to see it.

After all, since childhood, everyone had a martial arts dream.

For the fighting kind, although Chen Hao's thoughts of this kind faded quite a bit after he grew up, he still liked it ah.

At the same time, he also wanted to see Liang Fei's performance show.

What to say, although Liang Fei didn't look good to Chen Hao, Chen Hao didn't have any special feelings towards him.

So he went along.

By the time they arrived at the stadium, there were already quite a few people gathered here.

And it was with the help of Liang Fei that Chen Hao and his two classes were the ones who could watch and shout for Liang Fei up close.

After all, this kind of big scene needed an expert to perform a little show and liven up the atmosphere.

Liang Fei was the provincial runner-up.

And Chen Hao walked in and saw that not only many taekwondo contestants, but also Hu Huimin and Shen Junwen were here.

It was worth mentioning that Shen Junwen was actually wearing a taekwondo uniform at the moment.

It had attracted the intense attention of others.

As for Li Mundo, he was standing right next to Shen Junwen, also wearing a competition dojo uniform.

But apparently, some of the girls in that class of Li Wen Tao Shen Jun Wen's were all holding up their signs too loudly for Shen Jun Wen.

Apparently, their own class was aware of Shen Junwen's strength.

Liang Fei, however, was warming up, and his eyes couldn't help but jump slightly when he saw Shen Junwen.

"It's him?"

Liang Fei was surprised.


And Shen Junwen also saw Liang Fei.

His eyes were also slightly peeking.

Presently, the two walked over to each other.

"Are you Shen Junwen, the winner of the Jiangnan Province Junior Taekwondo Championship? I saw you play last year when you went to nationals!"

Liang Fei's eyes surprisingly carried a touch of respect.

"I also know you, Shuchuan Province Junior Competition, you were the runner-up this year, and the winner narrowly beat you this year!"

Shen Junwen was also doubly surprised.

Both of them, they were specially invited by the organizers to perform.

The conversation between the two of them had obviously attracted the attention of many taekwondo players as well as the audience.

They all looked over towards the two.

"Yeah, you got a very high group ranking in the national competition as well, but I've been hoping that I could fight you, and today, it seems that It's a great opportunity!"  

Liang Fei looked towards Shen Jun Wen Dao, with a strong battle intent in his eyes.

Hu Huimin, on the other hand, looked at Shen Junwen and smiled.

There was a smug look through it.

Yes, Shen Junwen was indeed excellent, not to mention Shen Junwen's fighting ability, but his reputation in the Taekwondo world was also extremely strong.

That was why Hu Huemin worshipped Shen Junwen.

"Yes, today is indeed a great opportunity!"

Shen Junwen shook his head and laughed bitterly.

The two of them's proposal was quickly adopted by the organizers as well.

The duel between the two experts was also the main event of the event.

The champion of Jiangnan Province vs the runner-up of Shucheon Province was naturally very interesting to watch.

Even many of the Taekwondo competitors were going to be excited and at the same time motivated, and they were all working extra hard in the current match.

"Brother Chen, Brother Chen, look, who's that over there!?"

While Chen Hao was watching the match, the fatty suddenly pounded Chen Hao's arm.

Chen Hao looked in the direction of the fatty's finger.

It was there that he saw that on the bleachers on the side, at an unknown time, there were two more silhouettes, also watching the match.

It was Fang Hanan and Fang Yi.

"They're here too?"

Chen Hao was in awe.

The two girls were always like this, sitting in the side corner wherever they went, and not communicating with the people next to them.

And as Chen Hao looked at them, he seemed to have been noticed by Fang Hanran and now looked at Chen Hao.

The two of them looked at each other.

After frowning slightly, Fang Hanran moved her gaze to the side.

Chen Hao didn't continue to look either.

"Brother Chen, I don't know if you've noticed."


"The two goddesses haven't missed peeking at you, especially Fang Yi, two days ago in class, although she was secretly talking to Fang Hanran, I I can tell that Fanny glances at you from time to time out of the corner of her eye!"

"Also, hasn't Xu Yangyang been looking for you for the past two days, and when you were fighting with her, Fangyan and Fang Yi were looking at you too! Even just now, I saw Fanny and Fang Yi looking at you, Brother Chen, is it possible that the two goddesses have fallen in love with you?"

Fatty analyzed.

"Bullshit, how is that possible!"

Chen Hao shook his head speechlessly and laughed.

And now, the fatty was also silent.

Because right now on stage, Qin Nuan had already entered the stage and started the match.

The fatty stared at Qin Nuan.

Although it could be seen that this morning, the fatty was quite cold towards Qin Nuan.

But to be honest, the fatty also had feelings for Qin Nuan in his heart.

It's like himself and Yang Xue, although he quite hated her at first, but when she was in a crisis, he really couldn't do anything by doing nothing.


The battle lasted about seven or eight minutes.

Qin Nuan was accidentally defeated and was kicked out of the arena, just falling not far from where Chen Hao and Fatty were.

Qin Nuan covered his chest, biting his lips slightly and looked at Wang Xiaohua, seeing that Wang Xiaohua didn't pay any attention to him, a touch of disappointment appeared on Qin Nuan's face.

It was as if she had lost something.

Time passed by minute by minute.

The tournament had also entered its end.

But the more time that passed, the more students could be seen, the more they gathered towards the competition site, apparently, the battle between Liang Fei and Shen Junwen was about to start, many people came over to watch.

It was obvious that Liang Fei and Shen Junwen were about to fight, many people came to watch.

And both Shen Junwen and Liang Fei had already started to warm up.

"Both Shen Junwen and Liang Fei are very powerful, Liang Fei needless to say, the runner-up of our province, this Shen Junwen, is said to be the champion of Jiangnan Province . Old cow!"

"I'll go, that's brilliant, but I'm rooting for Liang Fei! I hope that Liang Fei can win face for us in Shuchuan!"

"I'm more optimistic about Shen Junwen, after all, Shen Junwen gives one the feeling of being very seasoned!"

There was much discussion around.

Even Chen Hao's fellow classmates had begun a heated discussion.

"Chen Hao, who are you more optimistic about?"

Several girls all gathered around Chen Hao at some point, curiously asking.

"Meh, they're both pretty good, it's really hard to say if you're looking at anyone in particular!"

"Come on, don't you seem to know Shen Junwen as well?"

The girl shook Chen Hao's arm.

Actually, Chen Hao knew who Shen Junwen was, and he was definitely more powerful than just Taekwondo.

And don't even think about what he did for a living.

To be honest, Shen Junwen was definitely awesome.

But Chen Hao definitely wouldn't tell it like that.

"Why are you asking him? He doesn't know shit! He doesn't know how to do Taekwondo, hmmm, it's just a few stinking dollars, watch others critique you too, you're nothing!"

Xu Yangyang turned her head to look at Chen Hao at this time and said.

She was like a sick person these past two days, dislike Chen Hao more than once or twice.

Chen Hao looked at her as a little girl, most didn't bother with her.

Indeed, Chen Hao also knew that she had stolen Liang Fei's limelight during the charity ceremony, but it was too much to keep dislike herself, right?

What was even more annoying was when the war between Shen Junwen and Liang Fei started.

Xu Yangyang deliberately turned sideways to block Chen Hao line of sight.

When Chen Hao sidestepped to the left, she sidestepped to the left, and when Chen Hao went to the right, she went to the right as well.

To put it bluntly, she didn't want Chen Hao to have a painful view of the match.

Chen Hao harbored a lot of anger.

But as time passed, the match was reaching a white-hot point.

Liang Fei's initial attack was very swift, and his movement skills were particularly good.

Shen Junwen, on the other hand, didn't have many effective attacks.

It had always been mainly dodging.

But in the later stages, Liang Fei's attacks began to become very weak.

Because even though the movements were made, they no longer shaped up to be effective kills against Shen Junwen.


On the other side of the stand, at this moment, Fang Hanran said faintly.

"Ah? Who loses? Shim Kwan Man? I see Liang Fei's offense is awesome and his moves are awesome! But look at Shim Kwan Man, he's so easy to move, is he the champion or not? Water's right?"

Fang Yi said, after all, although she had never spoken to Liang Fei, and there was no friendship, but Liang Fei was after all a classmate of her own Union Hall class, compared to that, Fang Yi's emotions were more on Liang Fei's side.

"Oh, the road is simple, although Liang Fei's moves are cool, but, the offensive ideas are also exposed very quickly, in the end, he is the provincial champion, indeed very Brilliant, so just you wait and see!"

Fang Hanran said.

It was really fast.

As Liang Fei organized another attack, Shen Junwen suddenly made an aerial turn and kick back, a move that was at once very cool and at the same time very cool.

It directly kicked Liang Fei out of the arena.


And it was precisely this scene that caused the entire stadium to go straight into G-tide, resounding with deafening cries.

Only Xu Yangyang's face was full of anxiety.

Originally, when Liang Fei had attacked before, Xu Yangyang had been shouting, but now, one move down, of course Xu Yangyang was a little unhappy ah.


Chen Hao was also watching wonderfully, and at this moment, he couldn't help but shout goodbye.

But when Xu Yangyang heard it, he stood up sharply and looked at Chen Hao angrily.

"What good is good, do you understand!"

It was so loud that almost many people in the arena heard it .

At this moment, they all cast their gazes, towards Chen Hao's side....


"Are you sick?"

Chen Hao scolded.

"Hmph, isn't it just that Brother Fei lost, are you so excited about it? Don't you see what kind of person you are? If you have the guts, go up and compete!"

Xu Yangyang cursed.

And it seemed like he wanted to vent all the anger and indignation in his body onto Chen Hao's body.

At this moment, he picked up a bottle of mineral water and splashed it directly towards Chen Hao.

Chen Hao dodged, and now the angry Chen Hao wanted to smack Xu Yangyang's mouth.

Fortunately, a group of students gathered around and pulled Xu Yangyang away.

That's why there was no conflict.

As for Hu Huimin, she glanced at Chen Hao, who was being disowned, and then set her eyes on the scenery-rich Shen Junwen, and indeed, Shen Junwen It doesn't disappoint every time.

And that's when a referee took the field.  

He came in front of Shen Junwen.

To Shen Junwen, he said, "I've never seen anyone young enough to make such a standard and aesthetically pleasing movement . Worthy of being the champion of the Jiangnan Province Youth Division!"

The referee looked close to forty years old, so he should be a well-known figure in the industry.

Shen Junwen just shook his head and laughed bitterly.

"Oh, just like that is considered a standard beauty move, certain people are afraid that they have never seen what a standard move is, right?"

At this moment, a disgruntled female voice rang out.

It was with the sound of this voice that the entire scene quieted down.

They all looked towards the girl.

This girl was not a bystander, it was precisely Fang Yi.

Originally, after watching the duel between the two, Fang Yi and Fang Hanan were preparing to leave.

But unexpectedly, Fang Yi just happened to hear the referee's compliments to Shen Junwen, as well as the crowd's cries for Shen Junwen.

Originally, when Liang Fei lost, Fang Yi would not dislike Shen Junwen for him.

But bar, after hearing this, Fang Yi was a bit disgruntled.

Even if it was a compliment, this compliment was obviously a bit too much, right?

Those who knew the two goddesses in the school were all silent at the moment as well.

Quietly looking at the scene in front of them.

"Alright, stop it!"

Inan gently pulled Fang Yi's arm, gesturing for her to leave.

"So then, have you ever seen a standard action? Some people, what's the acid?"

The one who spoke was Hu Huimin.

Seeing someone talking about Shen Junwen, of course she was not happy. And she didn't know what kind of strength these two girls had.

"Of course, what provincial champion is nothing more than an elementary school student in front of her!"

Fang Yi pointed at Inan Fang.

Then she whispered, "Inan, compare with him and let him get a better memory!"

Fang Yi also said as if she was pouting.

Naturally, Fang Hanan would not come to fight with others, after all, this kind of competition or whatever, if Fang Hanan wanted to take part in it, she would have done so long ago.

However, she had never had a suitable opponent.

Presently shook her head.

Preparing to leave.

"Don't leave, let's compete if you can!"

Hu Huimin, however, smiled proudly.

"Huemin stop it, I'm not going to compare myself to a girl, and you know that I never hit a woman!"

Shen Junwen smiled bitterly.

However, Fang Hanan stood still for a moment.

Then, she turned back to look at Shen Junwen.

"Fine, I can fight with you!"

All because of Shen Junwen's words, do not hit a woman, can some boys is like this, think girls are destined to be weaker than boys, what Not even as good as the boys?

And that's exactly why neither she nor anyone else with Fang Yi is qualified to participate in family events.

And since she was a child, Fang Qunan hated that the most. So, she agreed.


Fangyi, on the other hand, shouted excitedly.

"The goddess is going to do it?"

"Wow, that's a real sight to see!"

The atmosphere was suddenly lively again.

Shen Junwen helplessly shrugged his shoulders at the audience, signaling that everyone should just play.

Soon, Fang Hanan came back after changing into her Taoist uniform.

Inan has a ponytail on, but she has another style.

All the boys were infatuated with her, and even many girls were jealous.

Chen Hao is also still looking at Inan Fang.

I didn't expect that Fang Hanan knew this too.

As for Shen Junwen, an action at this time caused even more boos.

It was because Shen Junwen found a piece of black cloth and actually blindfolded himself.

Too domineering! That's tough!

Now, Shen Junwen beckoned to Fang Hanran, "Make your move!"

And Fang Hanran, faced with this obvious slight, didn't say anything.

Speedily rushing over, a swift whiplash kick was directly kicked out.


A sound, a direct kick to Shen Junwen's face.

Shen Junwen, however, didn't have the time to resist, and directly spun in the air, hitting the ground heavily.

The speed was fast and fierce.

And it was this scene that caused everyone in the arena to suck in a breath of cold air.

Shen Junwen wretchedly climbed up from the ground and removed the cloth that was blindfolded over his eyes.

He looked at Fang Qunan in horror.

Even Hu Huimin was dumbfounded because this girl, was really too strong.

And Fang Hanan, at this moment, hooked her hand at Shen Junwen, whose legs were almost unsteady, and signaled him to attack.

In his heart, Shen Junwen was furious and charged straight up.


However, faster than that, a spin side kick from Inan Fong sent Shen Junwen flying backwards out of the arena like a kite with a broken string.

Everyone opened their mouths wide in disbelief at the scene before them.

Even Chen Hao was shocked.

It was too strong.

Shen Junwen was already very powerful, yet he couldn't even block a single move in front of Fanfan!

And you've gotten yourself into this mess!

"Brother Jun Wen!"

Li Wentao and the others came over to help Shen Junwen, who was covering his chest and could no longer stand up, up.

Shen Junwen's painful forehead was dripping with cold sweat.

A face full of admiration.

Even Liang Fei was filled with admiration.

"Good fight, you're amazing!"

Xu Yangyang saw that Shen Junwen, who defeated Liang Fei, was instead humiliated by the girl from the next class.

Although Shen Junwen was good friends with his brother, he still got up and clapped.

The whole arena was sensational at once as well.

"Hmph, even the most powerful one is no match for her, it feels like you boys are like this too! It's boring!"

Fanny was proud of herself.

"Which one of you boys can challenge her if you're not convinced?"

Fanny said again.

However, the boys lowered their heads one by one, clearly wimping out.

Li Wentao also didn't dare to go up, after all, Shen Junwen was so powerful, none of them were opponents.

"That's right, doesn't Chen Hao know quite well? Why not?"

Xu Yangyang turned his head at this time to look at Chen Hao behind him and said with a sneer.

"Some people are just stupid, just now they also gave Shen Junwen applause and shouted, now they don't even dare to applaud, right?"

Xu Yangyang said.

Moreover, it was not known whether she was doing it on purpose or not, but at the moment she moved her foot and stepped right on Chen Hao's foot.

She was wearing the kind of shoes that were on the high side, with solid soles, and when she stepped on them, Chen Hao grimaced in pain.

"Get out of the way!"

In a rush, Chen Hao raised his leg and kicked Xu Yangyang's PG, and Xu Yangyang fell right in front of him.

"Chen Hao, you... you you actually dare to hit me?"

Xu Yangyang didn't expect Chen Hao to make a move and now he was directly kicking himself down in public, of course Xu Yangyang was mad.

"Brother Tao! He...he hit me!"

Xu Yangyang shouted at Li Wentao.


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