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Then, under the astonished gazes of the crowd.

The car door slowly opened.

But what came out of it was a little fat white man in a gorgeous costume with small eyes and a somewhat chubby figure.

Waving his hand at everyone together.

"Is he Young Master Chen?"

"No way, right?"

"Of course not, I know him, he's the son of the richest man in Sioux City, Huang Yonghao Huang Shao!"

"Huh? So it's Huang Shao, it looks like he's replacing Young Master Chen, right?"

There were discussions in the crowd.

And when they saw Huang Yonghao, the faces of all the leaders were quite disappointed.

But it was also quite important, after all, Huang Yonghao was one of the VIPs now.

Su Tongxin, on the other hand, didn't know this Huang Yonghao and was just surprised plus disappointed.

How come Chen Hao didn't come?

He could hide in a corner and not meet him, but it would be nice to let himself meet him.

Although Su Tongxin wasn't the type of person to show off.

But on such a scenic occasion, her own boyfriend was making a big splash, and as a girl, she was extremely happy.

But to her surprise, it wasn't Chen Hao!

The result was also taken for granted, Huang Yonghao he didn't know Su Tongxin either.

It was with the tour group to the top of the stairs.

"Ah? What's going on? Why doesn't your boyfriend say hi to you?"

Yang Hua Li was really scared just now.

But now, with a gleeful face, she said.

"Oh my gosh what a rush, he's not Chen, Chen didn't come!"

Su Meng Meng regretted.

In that case, Yang Hua would have to be proud again.

"What are you pretending to be 13, and talking about how great your boyfriend is! It's disgusting, I see you got a light slap on that one!"

Yang Hua just felt like she was being played.

It was still said with a bit of anger in the present.

However, after the venue was briefly uproarious, there was a thunderous roar shortly after it was just silent.

"Heavens! Jesus! Gosh!!!"

Someone shouted hysterically.

"What kind of car is that?"

"My God, this seems to be Lamborghini's exclusive, home-built luxury car, designed for the most exclusive clients, which was launched three years ago at the It's been revealed online that a car is worth a billion dollars, is equipped with superior artificial intelligence, and that this car, more than any ordinary bulletproof car, is Sturdy many times over, not to mention the configuration models!"

"Mum, a car is over a billion, this is... one, two, three, four, five... a full two dozen cars!"

"Twenty billion dollars for the fleet! Ah!!!"

Not to mention the young men and women present, right now even some of the rich businessmen couldn't resist, the veins on their faces were showing in excitement.

How much money can you make ah, and this big brother, actually has a fleet of tens of billions of dollars.

Many of them were so excited that their faces were directly as white as paper.

This was definitely an unprecedented scene.

And the person who was leading the welcoming group, at this moment, looked at the stage manager.

Just saw the stage manager take several deep breaths and try to calm himself down.

"Stage Manager, this is the big man from today, right?"

Someone excitedly asked.

"It's her! Tell all of you to give me your best shot at this moment! Don't make any mistakes, or else wait for death!"

The station manager shuddered.

Then stepped toward the stopped car door.

"Who is it?"

And Su Mumeng and Yang Hua Hua and the others couldn't care less about fighting because the girls, all of them, were shocked and frightened.

Even Su Mumeng was feeling a bit incredulous.

Chen Hao was already quite rich, but there were still plenty of people who were richer than him.

For example, this kind of multi-billion dollar fleet, this was just a fleet of cars!

What about the house she lives in, and the others?

God, that's extravagant!

It was so extravagant that it was simply unbelievable.

Su Tongxin was shocked.

And at this moment, the car door had opened.

Just see the station manager, and a lot of big shots, automatically stand in two rows.

Then the standard ninety degree bend.

A young woman chewing gum and dressed in clothes that were worth a lot of money at first glance walked down.

The woman was wearing luxury brand ink-colored glasses, snow white skin, and a small suit draped over her shoulders.

She moved her shoulders a little.

The small suit slipped off automatically, and immediately a bodyguard carefully came over and picked it up!

And then look at the few bodyguards behind her.

Looking at them from afar, their eyes were all filled with a resolute murderous aura, and each and every one of them, they were the ones with extremely strong explosive power in their bodies.

The kind that could deal with all kinds of situations at any time.

The woman's aura was even stronger to the point where many people in the room did not dare to breathe.

And this woman, her appearance was also extremely beautiful.

About twenty-six or twenty-seven years old.

The gaze was slightly swept.

At this time, the gaze landed on a large banner outside the scene.

With a smile on her lips, she pointed at this banner and said, "Hang it higher!"

What she was pointing at, of course, was Chen Hao's banner.

"Yes yes yes!"

The stage manager, who didn't dare to straighten his back, waved his hand and immediately had his men run off to handle the situation.

And the wealthy merchants surrounding the door.

There wasn't a single one breathing at the moment.

All bowed their backs as if they were receiving the Queen.

Even some, looking all fifty years old, also did not do anything, but nervous and afraid of the face are white, legs with electric shock, shaking a No stopping.

Clearly fearing something in his heart.

And watched as Chen Hao sent the banner to be pulled up to the highest level in one go.

The smile on the woman's face appeared even more intense.

Now, handing her handbag next to the welcoming Su Tongxin.

And Su Tongxin.

Was curiously looking at Chen Hao's flag, why was this woman the only one who wanted to raise Chen Hao's flag higher?

What's her relationship with Chen Hao?

It was because of the many female friends Chen Hao had now, despite knowing that Chen Hao was dedicated to himself.

But Su Tongxin was also a little nervous.

After all, this woman was too strong to be feared!

So, Su Tongxin had been out of sight.

The handbag handed over by the woman was not noticed at all.


The woman frowned slightly.

And the stage manager had been so scared that her eyes were bleeding.

"Su Tongxin! What do you want!!!"

The station manager was growling madly inside.

Thousands of instructions to make no mistakes, but a slip up right off the bat.

"New here?"

The woman chewed her gum faintly.


Su Tongxin also reacted at once, nervous badly too.

"Right...sorry! Sorry!"

Su Tongxin's face went white.

"I... I'll let her go immediately, and she'll be punished, along with her family, including her family!"

The station manager panicked.

Su Tongxin didn't think that just because she was a step too slow, even her family would suffer?

It's overbearing!

However, Su Tongxin was also really scared, she was overbearing and naturally had the capital to be overbearing.

"Did I say to let her go? Nosy!"

The woman gave the stage manager a blank stare.

"I'm nosy! I'm nosy! I'm nosy!"

The current stage manager smacked himself three times in the face, and the corners of his mouth were bleeding.

Yang Hua Li, on the other hand, had her head down, but her heart was filled with excitement.

Because she knew that Su Tongxin was finished!


"Why did you just keep staring at this banner?"

The woman asked in a clear voice.

Su Tongxin lowered her head and didn't speak.

As for the woman, this time she noticed the slap mark on Su Tongxin's cheek, and now raised her hand to squeeze Su Mu Han's chin.

Now with a bit of pity, she said, "It's a pity that you're so pretty and received a slap on the face. Where are you from?"


Su Tongxin replied.

She didn't tell the woman that she was just thinking about what happened with her boyfriend, Chen Hao.

It was because she wasn't sure what this woman's identity was yet.

"She is an intern chosen by Jinling University to send over with the most outstanding grades!"

The woman didn't speak.

The station manager who had just finished beating himself up added.

The woman's eyes flicked slightly, after looking at Su Tongxin a few more times without a trace.

She turned around and went in, only to turn back and point at Su Tongxin as she reached the door.

"You, follow me!"

Finish and go straight in.

"Huh? Tongxin, what are you staring at, follow the CEO!"

The station manager said hurriedly.

"Oooh, I got it!"

Su Tongxin was very surprised, but still followed the woman in.

And Yang Gorgeous was looking stupid, why?

Why did this woman take extra care of her as soon as she heard she was from King's Lyceum and didn't even pursue the rude offense she just made?

A dense jealousy flashed in his eyes now.

And the conference was immediately held.

Su Tongxin only knew the last name of this lady big brother, and only heard some people call her Chen.

Her surname was also Chen.

And it was because General Manager Chen named Su Tongxin to follow.

So the original helpers had to be added to Su Tongxin.

Yang Gorgeous and Su Tongxin were moving on stage at the same time.

And because of jealousy, Yang Gorgeous's gaze towards Su Tongxin had already changed.

Now looking at Su Tongxin was adding tea to people one by one.

As for herself, she passed by Su Tongxin's side again.

Yang Gorgeous glanced at Su Tongxin coldly, then bumped lightly behind her.


Su Tongxin almost didn't hold it steady, or knocked over the water cup at once.

And the one who knocked over the water cup in front of him was no one else.

It was Huang Yonghao.

The water stains splashed all over him.

"I go, how do you do things!"

Huang Yonghao's eyebrows furrowed as he looked angrily at Su Tongxin.

"Right... I'm sorry!"

Su Tongxin hurriedly apologized.

In her heart, she already hated Yang Huali so much.

Yeah, just because she was jealous of herself, she changed her mind and tried to make herself in trouble.

This Huang Yonghao was taking Chen Hao's place though.

Su Mu Han also wanted to know what his relationship was with Chen Hao, and this Chen, and what they were all about.

Even a fool could see that this Huang Yonghao Huang Shao, called Chen's sister, and Chen clearly liked him too.

However, what relationship did Chen Hao have with them?

I thought about having the audacity to ask myself, but then I thought, now I'm just a staff member, and people, they're heavyweight guests.

What would they think of themselves if they took the liberty of asking.

"Sorry? Sorry, that's it? I..."

After saying that, Huang Yonghao lifted his palm and directly shoved Su Mu Han.

How much strength did Huang Yonghao have.

Su Tongxin directly failed to stand and fell to the ground.

The phone fell to the side.

Today, it seemed like it was Chen's home turf, but obviously, it wasn't Huang Yonghao's yet.

After all, it was Chen Hao who had asked him to come in his place.

In the past, some big events, if Godbrother Chen Hao was unavailable, he would usually give himself a call so that he or Bai Xiaofei could attend in his place.

Now Young Master Chen was unavailable, and Li Zhenguo didn't inform Young Master Chen, so it was better to follow the old rules and just let Huang Yonghao come with his name on top.

And in reality, Huang Yonghao himself was an arrogant and domineering rich second generation.

Just because he was good in front of Chen Hao, didn't mean that he was also hip in front of the next person

The hip-hopping kind.

Quite the opposite, with Bai Xiaofei both being very violent kind of people.

Now that this helper welcoming student was so rude, it wouldn't be Huang Yonghao if he didn't get angry.

And many people in the audience were all stunned.

Including Su Mengmeng, they were all looking at Su Tongxin, who was pushed down on the high platform, in distress.

Yang Gorgeous was even more needless to say, full of sneers.

As for Chen, someone was giving her a careful shoulder rub, and the scene in front of her was rightfully unseen.

"Hmph, even you, Young Master Chen, dare to offend, if I don't teach you a lesson, let's see if you won't grow a heart in the future!"

Huang Yonghao raised his hand to fight.


He paused for a moment.

Attracted by a picture of a lock screen on his phone as Su Tongxin dropped it aside.

"Hm? Holy shit!"

Huang Yonghao was shocked.

Because her phone's lock screen photo was actually a picture of Chen Hao Young Master Chen .

"You know Young Master Chen?"

Huang Yonghao picked up the phone, and when he couldn't figure it out now, he didn't dare to do anything.

"Give me back my phone!"

Su Tongxin, however, snatched it away.

"I'm asking you, why do you have a picture of Chen Hao Young Master Chen?"

Huang Yonghao was confused.

And Chen, who had her eyes closed, listened, signaling the people behind her who were rubbing her shoulders to stand down, and she herself glanced at Su Tongxin with a bit of amazement.

And looked Su Tongxin up and down for a while.

"It's my business!"

Su Tongxin carefully took the phone in her arms.

"What's your name?"

Huang Yonghao scratched his head, seemingly reacting to something, and hurriedly asked.

"Su Tongxin!"


Huang Yonghao's eyes stared.

Su Tongxin, this name is so familiar, it seems like I've heard it somewhere.

Also, Little Fei or whoever it was, told himself that Young master Chen's girlfriend seemed to be interning in Nanyang, right?

"It's not, you're from Goldsmith's University, are you?"

Huang Yonghao was surprised.


Su Tongxin nodded.

"I'm going!" Huang Yonghao's face was even more surprised.

"Then you must know my brother Chen Hao, and now you still have his picture on your phone, could it be that you are his girlfriend? Do you know Bai Xiaofei Li Zhenguo?"

Su Tongxin nodded, "Recognized!"


Huang Yonghao jumped straight up.

It really was sister-in-law.

What did you do yourself? I almost hit her!

It's over.

Huang Yonghao looked nervously at Chen.

The woman had obviously heard the conversation the two had just had.

Presently, she directly stood up.

It was also extremely unexpected to walk up to Su Tongxin.

"Are you really Chen Hao's girlfriend?"

The woman asked.

"Yeah, she's Chen girlfriend, Su Tongxin!"

And Su Mumon stepped forward at this time, hurriedly shouting.

Su Mumon bit her lips, and now, nodded her head.

She herself originally, all wanted to rely on her own abilities, not wanting to rely on Chen Hao's.

So many things, she had resisted herself again, after all, to become Chen Hao's girlfriend, it couldn't be as simple as just being a flower vase.

And it was precisely this scene that was not a shock to the scene.

"I go, she's Young Master Chen's girlfriend?"

"She is indeed pretty, but here's the problem, how can she be a receptionist here if she is the girlfriend of Young Master Chen?"

The crowd was talking.

"Mr. Chen, I..."

Seeing the woman staring at her, Su Tongxin was also affected by her anger.

"Oh, don't call me Chen, if you're Chen Hao's girlfriend, you should call me sister!"

The woman smiled slightly.

"You... you're Chen Hao's sister, Chen Xiao?"

Su Tongxin, on the other hand, finally knew who the Chen in front of her was.


"Well, I'm Chen Xiao, he told you about me, right?"

Chen Xiao smiled.

And Su Tongxin was truly shocked.

She had indeed heard Chen Hao say that his sister Chen Xiao was very good to her, and that she was the one who had founded the former Jinling Business Group.

Naturally, she knew that her sister Chen Xiao was very rich.

But she didn't expect that she was actually so rich and powerful.

And it was enough to cover the sky with just one hand.

So Su Tongxin was now a bit nervous.

Originally, when she was with Chen Hao, she felt nothing, after all, Su Tongxin had never looked at Chen Hao's money from start to finish.

What did Chen Hao's money or lack thereof have to do with her.

Plus, their relationship was already good in the past.

So even if Su Tongxin knew that Chen Hao was Young Master Chen, he didn't have that much distance to feel.

But now, when she saw Chen Xiao's sister, Su Tongxin only felt the pressure created by that distance.

"Mentioned, he said that you went to North Africa!"

"Uh-huh, came back the other day!"

Chen Xiao smiled faintly.

Then, he turned back to Huang Yonghao and smacked him on the head.

"Sister-in-law I was wrong, I was wrong!"

Huang Yonghao had already gone pale with fear.

And Chen Xiao looked at the slap mark on Su Tongxin's face again.

In a cold voice, he said, "By the way, who slapped you? Since you're my brother's girlfriend, under my nose, I naturally won't let you suffer!"

"Huh? I...I was wrong!"

Yang Hua Hua was also terrified.

It was originally thought that Su Tongxin's background was that the family was doing some business in Jinling.

That was why Yang Hua Hua dared to bully her so unscrupulously.

But she didn't expect that she was actually Miss Chen Xiao's younger sister-in-law, and that Jinling Chen, was really Su Tongxin's boyfriend.

To say that she wasn't afraid would definitely be a lie.


Chen Xiao looked cold, "Tongxin, how did she hit you, hit me back!"

Su Tongxin bit her lips, she was not the aggressive type though.

But there was also a division of people, Yang Hua  targeted herself three times, more ruthlessly than once.

She was not kind to herself, and there was even less need for her to show any kindness to her.


Su Tongxin raised her hand and slapped Yang Hua Hua's face, Yang Hua covered her face and directly cried.

Chen Xiao, on the other hand, couldn't help but be impressed by Su Tongxin for a few minutes.

Only then did he glanced at Yang Hua Hua: "You're not long-sighted enough to mess with my brother's girlfriend, it's impossible not to teach you some lessons, so be it Let's drink to make amends!"

"Huh? Thank you!"

Yang Hua Hua was busy nodding her head.

"Don't thank me, just hear me out, there's ten bottles of whiskey here and I want you to drink them all in one go!"

A cold smile.

Naturally, there were underlings who pulled Yang Gorgeous down.

Su Tongxin's eyelids jumped slightly.

If this wasn't handled properly, there would be fatalities.

Although he wanted to teach Yang Gorgeous a lesson, Su Tongxin wasn't cruel enough to do so.

But wanting to persuade it, Chen Xiao gave the impression that there was no doubt about it again.

Su Tongxin also discovered that Sister Chen Xiao and Chen Hao, were completely two personalities.

Sister Chen Xiao was arrogant and domineering, very domineering, while Chen Hao was gentle and gentle, introverted and low-key.

It was as if it was justifiable to fix people up like this.

"Tongxin, after the meeting is over, come back with me, I have some things to talk to you about, also, don't let Chen Hao know that we've met!"

Chen Xiao re-chewed her gum and said lightly.

"I got it, sister!"

Su Tongxin said, not knowing how, suddenly feeling preoccupied in his heart....

Plus, Chen Hao.

Early this morning, Chen Hao had come to find the master he was talking about, accompanied by Zhu Ming. The residence was on a scenic mountain.

It would take a while to wait for the final results.

So Vermillion and su Zyue waited on top of the mountain.

And Chen Hao came out to make a phone call to his sister.

It was only last night that Chen Hao learned of Sister's return.

Always thinking about waiting for sister to come back this time, was it possible to see her.

After all, it had been a long time since we had seen each other, and Chen Hao really missed it.

But sister said she had a big event, and originally wanted to meet with Chen Hao at this event.

But I can't help but notice that Chen Hao still has to work for his father now.

So Chen Xiao didn't say anything more.

After making the call, Chen Hao was preparing to go back.

As he walked, he looked around at the scenery.

"Chen Hao?"

Suddenly, someone shouted Chen Hao's name.

Turning back to look, Chen Hao was stunned.

He saw a few young men and women on the side of the scenic area, laughing, obviously they were here to play.

And these people were not bystanders.

It could be Hu Huimin and Shen Junwen, as well as Shen Junwen's friend, Wang Jian, and a classmate from the competition group in high school, Wang Wen Liang Meng and the other five.

"Oh, it's really him, what a coincidence, I can see him everywhere I go!"

Hu Huimin could not help but smile bitterly.

Because according to what Wang Jian said, this scenic area, very famous, was really expensive in terms of price consumption level.

And above the mountain, there was an area called the Summer Resort.

That area was all clear of high-end entertainment areas.

Let's put it this way, people who didn't reach a certain level in Shudu couldn't afford to play at all.

And to be honest, as far as the scenery below the mountain was concerned, it was much worse compared to there.

This was still Wang Jian who had heard that everyone wanted to come out together to have some fun and to prove their strength, and it was only with great difficulty that he begged his father to bring the four of them to play.

A few people were also heading up the mountain before they saw Chen Hao who was walking and looking around.

"Hehe, Chen Hao, I was going to ask you to come out to play together, but I don't know if there's anything you're doing in Shudu."

Wang Wen definitely had a good relationship with Chen Hao, at least with Chen Hao who still had the original school friendship with him.

"Thank you, Wang Wen, I'm not doing anything here, I'm just taking a walk around!"

Chen Hao was naturally polite to Wang Wen.

"Oh, you're pretty good then, knowing that this scenic area is the most famous, but then, you can just look at the scenery at the bottom of the mountain!"

Hu Huimin said with a smile.

She had always spoken like this, straightforwardly.

Because according to her estimation of Chen Hao's economic level, if he traveled, he would only be able to go to some free places.

To go to some high-end occasions, must one not need money or connections like her?

Chen Hao just shook his head and laughed bitterly at the news.

Which place could he not go to now?

Although he was belittled by Hu Huimin, Chen Hao didn't want to say anything, he just didn't talk to her in general.

And apart from Wang Wen, who stopped to say a few words to Chen Hao from time to time, there was hardly anyone else who spoke to Chen Hao.

In the end, Liang Meng also pulled Wang Wen along, preventing her from talking to Chen Hao.

It wasn't long before the crowd arrived at the so-called scenic entertainment area.

"Hello, a few of you, please show your VIP cards!"

At the entrance of the entertainment area, there was naturally an attendant waiting.

"Nah! That's it, we're all in this together!"

Wang Jian took it out and showed it to him.

"Okay, a few of you, please come in!"

The attendant was respectful.

This entertainment area is mainly designed for some rich businessmen and celebrities and the like, as well as inviting customers to travel and sightsee, so naturally there is no need for everyone to use a VIP card.

And after Hu Huimin came in, she was also attracted by the scenery that seemed like a world away.

"Wow, it's so beautiful!"

Hu Huimin couldn't help but get excited, but soon, her face was just stiff, "I go, he actually followed us in!"


When Hu Huimin took a look, the person who entered the high-end entertainment area was not a bystander, it was Chen Hao.

As he walked, he was also looking around, apparently quite laid-back.

Hu Huimin reacted in a flash.

It should be that when Wang Jian showed his VIP card just now, since Chen Hao was following them closely, the staff misunderstood that Chen Hao was also part of their group.

Then he came in like this.

This made Hu Huemin quite uncomfortable.

"Hey, hey, Chen Hao, why did you come in here too? Who let you in?"

Hu Huemin got angry.


Chen Hao listened to Hu Huimin's despicable questioning.

And who let herself in.

I can come in if I want to, after all, when I came with Zhu Ming, that service person knew himself.

Of course it was a free pass to enter.

And on the main peak above this entertainment area, there were a few small manors.

Now both Zhu Ming and Su zyue are up there.

Chen Hao would have to go up through the entertainment area to find them ah.

"Really, don't you drop a price ah, don't you know that you need a VIP card to come in here, I tell you, ordinary people can't come in, this Did you know that?"

Hu Huemin asked, her eyes full of contempt.

"I know!"

Chen Hao nodded.

"I'll go, you know and still followed us in, this is the VIP card that people showed Wang Jian, and then you followed us to blend in!"

Hu Huimin reminded without words.

Indeed, although in the past, it was not possible to talk about loathing for Chen Hao bar, but there was still some amount of contempt.

Now, Hu Huimin is really a bit disgusted.

People Wang Jian itself didn't invite you to the bar, it was Jun Wen and Wang Wen Liang Meng who came to play.

But what's up with you Chen Hao mixing in with everyone else.

What would you have people think of Wang Jian.

After all, Wang Jian also knows that Chen Hao is a high school classmate of himself and Wang Wen Liang Meng, making people feel quite embarrassed.

If it were somewhere else, you would have hosted it yourself.

Okay, you Chen Hao wants to blend in, that's fine, Hu Huimin won't say anything, you're willing to rise up to the occasion.

But now you're letting Wang Jian think of himself and Wang Wen.

It's quite embarrassing to make Hu Huemin feel that way.

"I didn't blend in!"

Chen Hao was also speechless.

It was also clear in his heart that Hu Huimin used to despise herself, and now she was even more quite despising herself.

But he really didn't blend in ah.

"You still say that you didn't blend in, so do you have a VIP card?"

Hu Huemin gasped.


Chen Hao hadn't really.

"Then no, you blend in and still don't admit it, I'm really drunk!"

Hu Huimin stomped her foot in anger.

If it wasn't for the fact that she was a **, she would have wanted to go over and kick Chen Hao twice.

And quite a few people of status were also strolling back and forth here, looking at the scene in front of them with some banter.

It made Hu Huimin and the others feel quite embarrassed.

Wang Wen hurriedly said, "Alright, alright Huimin, don't talk about Chen Hao like that, after all we are all classmates, brother Wang Jian won't think much of anything . Let Chen Hao come in and play!"

Wang Jian shook his head and laughed bitterly, "It doesn't matter~!"

"Huh? It's annoying to see him like this, it's just that he's the only one who has the atmosphere, otherwise he'd have to be blown out anyway!"

Hu Huimin stomped her foot angrily, then turned her head and walked away.

Wang Wen, on the other hand, gave Chen Hao a somewhat unbearable look.

After all, Huimin's words were indeed a bit hard to hear just now.

"Chen Hao, as you know, Huimin from when she was our captain, was such a straightforward character, she spoke like this . So don't take it too personally!"

Wang Wen advised.


Glancing at Hu Huemin, Chen Hao nodded at Wang Wen.

After all, Wang Wen was still very good to herself.

As for Hu Huimin, hitting her in the face was fine at any time, but Chen Hao felt that hitting her in the face like this was a bit too childish and vulgar.

Besides, Chen Hao wouldn't get to the point of being catty with a girl.

"Just don't take it to heart, right, if you're not busy now, let's go over and sit for a while and talk! I asked about you after we passed the college entrance exams. You were really great. You got into Jinling University. !"

Wang Wen asked Chen Hao.

When she was in high school, Wang Wen had quite a bit of respect for Chen Hao and had always admired him.

After all, he studied hard and got excellent grades.

And to do one thing, Chen Hao was especially perseverant.

Especially when the two of them were in a group that took first place, Wang Wen held Chen Hao's hand, not to mention how excited she was.

To tell the truth, even some time, Wang Wen has developed some feelings for Chen Hao.

She wanted to witness Chen Hao's growth against all odds.

However, it was only for a short period of time, Chen Hao was quite poor after all, and although Wang Wen was nice to Chen Hao, she didn't go to the extent of pursuing Chen Hao.

It wasn't that Wang Wen looked down on Chen Hao, it was just that, and that was pretty much it for the little girl, who by and large liked heroes a bit more.


Chen Hao didn't want to take care of that Hu Huemin.

So instinctively, he wanted to refuse.

But bar, Wang Wen had always wanted to talk to him more since we just met yesterday.

And after not seeing each other for so many years, Chen Hao also wanted to talk to Wang Wen.

Now that Wang Wen had invited her like this, Chen Hao was not in a position to say anything more.

Anyway, the matter of the jade pendant was still being confirmed without a result, and not wanting to disappoint Wang Wen, Chen Hao nodded his head.

"Wen Wen, you!"

At this moment, Hu Huimin and the others had already sat down next to a hot spring pool and were taking pictures.

Watching Wang Wen bring Chen Hao over, Hu Hu Huimin was stunned, meaning strange calling out to him for what.

"Hey, Chen Hao has come in, talk to him, it's a rare opportunity!"

Wang Wen hurriedly said.


Then Hu Huimin turned her head to the side.

Wang Jian, on the other hand, naturally wouldn't bother with Chen Hao and looked at Shen Junwen and Hu Hu Huimin right now.

"How about it, we have a nice view here, don't we?"

"It must be nice,"

Hu Huimin said.

"Wait until next time Wang Jian, I'll ask my dad to find the connections, you go to Jinling, I'll take you to the hot springs mountain resort to have some fun, or us! "

Shen Junwen at the moment.

"Jinling Hot Spring Villa? It's the most luxurious place in Jinling. Wang Jian, you'll be absolutely satisfied if you go there. As a Jinling native, I've never... I've been to the Jinling Hot Springs Villa, but I just haven't heard much about it, after all, it's not like you can just go in there if you want to!"

Hu Huimin sighed helplessly.

Shen Junwen's father, on the other hand, obviously had some connections.

Shen Junwen patted his chest, "That's no problem, I'll lead you guys to play then, the two of us, plus Wang Jian, and Wang Wen Liang Meng! Just the five of us!"

This time, Shen Junwen deliberately named it.

"Good, then I must go and see your Jinling's Hot Spring Villas!"

"Ummm, everyone needs an entrance ticket there at Hot Springs Lodge, so it's not like you can just muck in!"

Hu Huimin rolled her eyes at Chen Hao.

Hehe, Chen Hao naturally knew that Hu Huimin was mocking herself.

However, what else could he say?

Do I have to tell you even though the Jinling Hot Spring Villa used to be my own?

"Well? Look, who's that girl again? Geez, Matilda, you should come see this too!"

Suddenly, Hu Huemin was a little excited and pointed at a girl who was swimming by the hot spring.


"She's the big star Yang Yufei, right? I go, I can't believe I can see her here!"

Hu Huimin was a bit surprised.

"This scenic area, some of the big stars who come to Shudu for events like to come over and have a little fun, but Yang Yufei is such a big celebrity, I didn't expect that it would also Here it comes!"

Wang Wen was also a little surprised.

After all, she had studied and started a business in Shudu, so she definitely knew a lot about some things.

"Haha, if I remember correctly, Huimin who never chased stars, the only actress she admired was Yang Yufei, right, in high school There are posters of Yang Yufei all over the side of the bed."

Hu Huimin nodded, "Yeah, I like her self-discipline, for so many years, I've demanded myself based on her self-discipline habits! I've seen every single one of her works too!"

"Then what are we waiting for, Huimin look, so many people have gone to ask for autographs, let's go over and ask for autographs too..."

Wang Wen obviously also liked Yang Yufei quite a bit and said now.

"Yeah, yeah, I like Yang Yufei too, let's go over there together!"

Both Wang Jian and Liang Meng Shen Junwen had no opinions.

After all, as a popular goddess, not only was she loved by many girls, she was also naturally the dream lover of boys.

Chen Hao also quite liked this actress.

Very pretty and elegant looking, mainly belonging to that kind of approachable and grounded character.

She seemed to be in Yanjing, a film and television company owned by her sister.

"Chen Hao Chen Hao, you go over there too, let's go take a picture with her! Where do you usually get a chance like that?"

Wang Wen called out to Chen Hao.

With a faint nod and a smile.

Chen Hao didn't say anything.

After all, if one wanted to take a picture with this actress or something like that, just call her over with one word.

Naturally, there was no need to grab her like this.

And after Wang Wen finished calling out to Chen Hao, she trotted over.

Chen Hao was about to take this opportunity to leave.

But just as soon as he turned his head.

It was to see a few gorgeously dressed girls in the Entertainment Scene, who were walking out under a crowd of people.

These girls were particularly pretty.

But they weren't stars or anything like that.

It was more like a rich family's daughter, and the people beside them were all bodyguards.

And many of the guys who wanted to go take a picture with Yang Yufei saw them and couldn't help but stop in their tracks.

They were close to drooling.

And Chen Hao also looked stunned at the side.

It wasn't because the girl at the head was so beautiful that he froze.

It was because the first time Chen Hao saw this girl, he almost claimed her as Su zyue.

If ten was the total score, this girl was at least close to seven points similar to Su Zyue.

As she passed by the stunned Chen Hao, the girl, perhaps sensing Chen Hao's constant stare, glanced at Chen Hao with some disgust.

Only then did she leave.

As if!

Chen Hao said in his heart.

Presently, he walked to a stand by the side of the mountain and stared at this team of seemingly powerful people.

Seeing the car they were taking down the mountain, Chen Hao was stunned again.

A large procession of extended Rolls-Royce Phantoms waited, as if they were a solemn chariot lined up.

"Hehe, power is power ah, I've earned it all today, it would be nice to have a few more of these big ladies in the future!"

Beside him, a middle-aged fat man was happily counting his money while also watching the distant convoy.

He should be a black tour guide of sorts.

He made tens of thousands of dollars in one go.

"Big brother, which one is that thousand-grand lady?"

Chen Hao hurriedly asked.

The middle-aged fat man looked at Chen Hao dressed well, and then looked up and down for a while, before saying, "Cough, how do we know, just know! There's money and power!"

The middle-aged fat man counted the money.

Chen Hao understood what he meant.

Pulling out two thousand dollars in cash from his pocket, he handed it to him, "Tell me about it!"


The first time I saw it, I thought it would be a good idea for me to take a look at it. I've been here twice to play, specifically which one, I'm an old fart from Shudu, this is really unclear, just know she's rich and powerful. You can't even ask around!"

After saying that, the middle-aged fat man ran away in a stream of smoke.


Chen Hao was speechless in his heart.

One look at this middle-aged fatty was the kind of dishonest.

He must know something.

This girl is very similar to Su Zyue, so is this a clue ah.

Chen Hao thought in his heart.

He was about to catch up with that middle-aged fatty and ask questions.

At that moment, he heard a commotion from the hot spring pool on the side.

"All of you, get out of my way! Liu Shao is here, all of you get out of my way!"

Chen Hao looked towards there.

There were only a few bodyguard-like figures, picking apart the crowd taking pictures with Yang Yufei, and a rich young man walked over with his hands in his pockets.

And seeing this rich young man.

Quite a few locals, all of them were very sensible and made their way to the side.

And Yang Yufei, who was about to take a picture with Hu Huimin, who had been waiting for a long time, had a bodyguard knock the phone out all of a sudden.

"What are you doing?!"

Hu Huimin was in a hurry.

"What the what, our Liu Shao wants to talk to Yang Yufei about something, get out of here!"

The bodyguard raged.

"Wimpy Wimpy, get back here!"

At this point, Wang Jian, who was already pale, hurriedly went to call out to Hu Huimin.

Because of the brief contact, Wang Jian also knew that Hu Huimin was definitely a violent temper.

So right now, he hurriedly pulled Hu Huimin aside.

"What's wrong?"

Hu Huimin said with a cold face.

"This Liu Shao is called Liu Yuxiang, he is the young owner of one of the very powerful families in Shuchuan, it looks like he and Yang Yufei have some Things ah, never interfere!"

Wang Jian was busy saying.

Chen Hao heard it, it looked like this Liu Yuxiang was very arrogant and domineering ah.

"What are you guys doing?"

And as soon as something happened, Yang Yufei's agent and so on, immediately welcomed the negotiation.

Chen Hao heard a general idea, largely because Liu Yuxiang's company, had looked for Yang Yufei as an endorsement, Yang Yufei refused, and now, Yang Yufei endorsed a competitor's company, so Liu Yuxiang was anxious.

And it looks as if this matter is quite complicated.

This time Yang Yufei came to Shudu, had been surrounded by cars on the road and so on.

Forcing Yang Yufei to cancel the endorsement.

But Yang Yufei didn't agree.

So there was a conflict, and there is now this scene.

And Liu Yuxiang was also a person, there were some people there at the moment, but none of them dared to take pictures.

"I said, no means no!"

And Yang Yufei was apparently quite tough and would never compromise.

"Damn, then don't blame me for being rude!"

Then a bodyguard came up and pushed and tore Yang Yufei.

Yang Yufei's bodyguards must have come up to protect ah, the conflict suddenly rose, both sides of the people moved on.


Some of the girls were screaming in fear.

"That's outrageous!"

Hu Huimin was also in a hurry.

Seeing that Liu Yuxiang wanted to come over and grab Yang Yufei's hair.

Hu Huimin ran over and pulled Yang Yufei to the side.

I don't know whether or not the one-handed pocketed domineering Liu Yuxiang's foot slipped a bit.

He pounced on the air and ended up knocking his entire head straight towards a stone platform on the side.

A bang.

Suddenly, Liu Yuxiang's blood flowed everywhere!

"Young Master Liu !!!"

The bodyguards all shouted in fear.


Liu Yuxiang was originally on fire, wanting to be a little more dominant and teach Yang Yufei a lesson with one hand in his pocket.

But didn't expect to pounce.

Immediately, blood flowed down the forehead.

But the bodyguards were terrified.

No one from both sides did anything.

Yang Yufei was pale as well.

There was bloodshed, and it was in Shu Capital, so it was not easy to say how.

"Don't let this woman get away, she hit Young Master Liu !"

A bodyguard pointed to the side at Hu Hu Huimin.

"I...I didn't do it!"

Hu Huimin was also confused, she just wanted to persuade the fight, she didn't make a move at all, but now, it was obvious that this group of bodyguards had identified themselves.

And the scenic area staff, heard about this incident, immediately dispersed the crowd of onlookers.

And sent medical staff to wrap Liu Yuxiang's wounds.

Some of the scenic area's manager or something also came out to negotiate.

Now the scene, there are not many people.

As for Wang Wen Chen Hao and the others, they were with Hu Huimin, so naturally they couldn't leave.

"Young Master Liu, we'll send you to the scenic hospital to be bandaged first!"

"Don't let them go!"

Liu Yuxiang covered his head and was carried to the stretcher by the paramedics.

At this moment furiously shouted.

"I didn't do anything, why can't I leave!"

Hu Huimin gasped, this Liu Yu Xiang is too overbearing.

Now turned around and wanted to leave.

"This lady, you all have to wait and see how this matter is handled, if you leave like this, we can't follow the scenic area Account for the Liu family!"

"I can testify that she didn't do anything, she just pulled away from me!"

Yang Yufei thankfully looked at Hu Hu Huimin with a faint nod, then said to the manager of the scenic spot.

"Miss Yang, there's really nothing we can do about this, but our scenic spot will prevent the occurrence of another brawl, but what exactly to do depends on the Liu family What attitude!"

The manager was helpless.

Although there are things that happen in the scenic area, some of them can be resisted and some of them the scenic area simply cannot resist.

Wang Jian on the side was so frightened that his head was covered in virtual sweat, this Liu Yuxiang seemed to have never suffered a loss since he was a child.

Now, he actually bumped his head.

And decided that it was Hu Huimin who had done it.

Being with Hu Huimin himself, he would definitely be targeted then.

Having offended the Liu family, their district Wang family was nothing.

So right now, calling his father, Wang Jian was nervous and stuttered.

As for Wang Wen, she had never encountered anything like this before.

Right now, she was scared to tears.

After all, ah, she was just a little girl who had just graduated and started doing business together.

Usually, she had never come into contact with such a big brother.

And obviously, the Liu family she knew about.

So of course she was scared.

Not to mention him, Liang Meng was now so scared that he wanted to cry and call his father.

"Don't be afraid of this matter, you guys didn't do anything anyway, I'll help you guys carry it out!"

Yang Yufei saw that they were also in their twenties and had just graduated from college.

This time it was purely for fear of being hurt.

How can you bear to let them resist things.

Besides, Hu Huimin didn't do it this Yang Yufei is aware of.

So, in order to not let them be scared, so Yang Yufei allayed their fears.

Although Yang Yufei looked fine.

But to be honest, her heart was also a bit scared of how to solve it.

After saying that, Yang Yufei immediately contacted the company and told them the whole story.

"Huh? All right, I got it!"

After saying that, however, Yang Yufei's appearance was slightly dim.

"How's it going sister Yufei?"

Hughie Min was worried at the moment.

A group of people also all gathered around.

Yang Yufei shook her head: "The company told me they are anxious to find a solution, and have already contacted Zhu Ming Zhu, but this time Liu Yuxiang has suffered Such a serious injury, so the company is worried that Mr. Zhu might not be able to hold it down, after all, he wouldn't go to fall out with the Liu family for my one artist. The! Although Liu Yuxiang was the one who looked for things, it was Liu Yuxiang who suffered damage and things are a bit tricky!"

Yang Yufei was also a bit nonchalant.

If Liu Yuxiang hadn't been injured, this matter could have been suppressed by Zhu Ming, but after the injury, it was a different matter.

And there was no way that Zhu Ming could go to the trouble of bothering the headquarters Chen because of this matter, then they could totally resign.

So no one would be stupid enough to resist this beam for an artist with a few of his fans, it would be awkward.

"What... what should we do then?"

Wang Wen cried out.

"Don't worry, you guys, I can only look for my own connections now! Sister Liang, who do you think to look for?"

Yang Yufei asked her manager, Sister Liang.

Sister Liang paused, "Putting aside the artist circle, I think there's someone you can find, as long as you can get his help, this matter Definitely no problem, and he's just a word away!"

"Huh? Who is it?"

Yang Yufei busy asking.

"Is the last time you perform, with you to take away contact information with that Young Master Huang Yonghao, he held a large part of that, he did not say that Are you ready? You can call him if you need anything!"

Liang said.

"Ah! Huang Yonghao, the richest young man in Sioux City?"

Obviously Hu Huimin and the others had heard of Huang Yonghao's name, and they looked at each other with joy on their faces. It's the best!

"That's the only way, Young Master Huang  knows a lot of big youngsters, and the last show was actually organized by Young Master Huang  for a mysterious big youngster, so .Young Master Huang must have a lot of access, he just needs to be able to make a phone call!"

"Ummm, well, I'll try!"

Yang Yufei nodded.

A voice call was sent to Huang Yonghao.

Soon after, there was a connection there.

Yang Yufei was very pleasantly surprised, and then she gave the whole story.

After hanging up the phone.

Yang Yufei smiled, "Alright, alright, Young Master Huang  said that he would help with this matter, to ease the relationship!"


Hu Huemin and the others were all delighted.

Especially Hu Huimin had a mission on her hands and was afraid of any complications.

While waiting for Young Master Huang's call, Hu Hu Huimin and the others gathered around Yang Yufei.

They listened to her talk about the last time  Young Master Huang held a PART.

The first time to talk so much with an idol star and experience things together, everyone was not to mention how excited they were.

And Chen Hao stayed here somewhat at a loss.

Even just now are ready, if Wang Wen and the others really have something wrong, this favor, he can help a little.

After all, after all, Yang Yufei was considered half of his men.

And can't see them in trouble.

But now it's good that Chen Hao is willing to help, as well.

But not long after, a message came on his own WeChat.

It was exactly from Huang Yonghao.

"Brother, there's something I need your help with! Hehehe!"

Chen Hao could not help but smile bitterly, and also guessed what was going on, or asked his mouth.

As expected, Huang Yonghao was trying to get Chen Hao to help put in a word for Li Zhenguo and exert relations to settle the Liu family.

For some things, Huang Yonghao didn't look for his dad, preferring to look for Li Zhenguo.

But if he looked for too many, he was a bit embarrassed.

Now, he had to come and find Chen Hao.


Chen Hao smiled bitterly, then told Li Zhenguo about the matter, and Li Zhenguo immediately went to do it.

About half an hour had passed.

Yang Yufei, who was still anxiously waiting for a return call, was about to send another message to Young Master Huang to ask about it.

As a result, he saw the scenic area manager running over.

"Miss Yang, there's something I need to tell you, just now Young Master Liu said that this matter is considered to be even, so let's leave it at that! And you can go too!"

The scenic manager.

"Okay, thank you manager!"

Yang Yufei finally let out a long breath.

And Wang Wen even looked at each other with Hu Huimin, each excited....

Wong, you're amazing!


"You really know a lot of people, Rainsford-san, thank you for this one!"

Hu Huimin was excited.

"What are you talking about, if you want to thank, it should be me who should thank, originally, I was going to invite you and your friends to dinner, but now I've got to get back to the office in a hurry, so I'll leave you a contact form, and you can call me if you need anything!"

Of course, Yang Yufei was thankful that Hu Huimin had just saved herself.

She was her own true fan again, so it was only right to give special attention.

Right now, leaving her contact information, Yang Yufei left.

"Huimin, I really envy you, you can communicate with your own idol up close!"

Wang Wen envied.

"What's wrong with that, cough cough, stop it, let's go too, let's save the embarrassment of running into that group of people later!"

Hu Huimin's mouth was nothing, but her heart was already happy.

A few people weren't in the mood for fun either.

Just plan to leave.

And this time.

Hu Huimin turned back and looked at Chen Hao.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, said, "You guys can go back first, I'm not leaving!"

Chen Hao thought that Hu Huemin was signaling her to leave.

"Oh, did you think I was yelling at you to leave? I'm telling you, I looked at you because I thought you used to be... not very special, but your grades were okay, but now... You're so despicable, you just go ahead when there's good things to do, and hide when things go wrong! It's disgusting!"

Hu Huimin said rudely.

Wang Wen said, "Don't say that about Chen Hao Huimin, everyone was pretty scared just now!"

"Yeah, we're all pretty worried, but this guy, when he followed us in, he was pretty quick on his feet, right, and then just now, he secretly of hiding to the side, trying to find a chance to slip away, I can see him, don't you say angry!"

Hu Huimin raged.

Where Chen Hao was looking for an opportunity to slip away, was to step aside and send a WeChat to Li Zhenguo, asking him to handle the matter.

Apparently Hu Huimin had misunderstood.

But misunderstandings be damned, Chen Hao wouldn't say anything else.

"Let's go, let's find a restaurant and go eat, don't waste your breath here Huimin!"

Wang Jian said at this moment.

Then Liang Meng also pulled Wang Wen away.

Alas, a bitter smile.

Looking at his phone, gotta! Helped in vain and picked up a scolding.

Since this matter of Su zyue was still on his mind.

Therefore, Chen Hao did not take Hu Huimin's words to heart.

He just hurried up the mountain.

And when he went in, he came out just in time.

" Young Master Chen"

This old gentleman, surnamed Wu, was a master calligrapher as well as antique collector of the southwest civilization.

Seeing Chen Hao enter, he smiled.

"Greetings, Master Wu! Do you already know the origin of this piece of jade?"

Chen Hao asked.

Master Wu nodded, "Yes, because I seem to have seen this kind of jade pendant before, but I didn't dare to confirm it, so I checked carefully . It was only confirmed that this jade pendant was unique to the Shu Capital Fang family, and everyone of their descendants had it! However, there are three levels of jade pendants, and this one is the top of the line, so the holder of this jade pendant should be called Fang Mengniu, or a direct descendant of the Fang family! Descendants!"

"The Shudu Fang family?" Chen Hao nodded, "But I've checked many big families in Shu Capital before, and I don't see any Fang family ah?"

"Oh, of course it can't be traced Young Master Chen, the Fang family has disappeared for nearly decades, the world simply doesn't have Any news of the Fang family, which used to be a very powerful family in Shu Capital, and even in Huaxia, but almost overnight, it was Disappear! There's no news anymore, and gradually no one is talking about the Fang family!"


Chen Hao and Su zyue were both a little disappointed.

Zhu Ming frowned, "Such a powerful family, the news all disappeared overnight, there must have been some kind of change at that time, could it be that The Fang family is broke and has nothing left?"

"It's unlikely, if they go bankrupt, where would they be able to seal the mouths of all the media."

Chen Hao shook his head.

Master Wu nodded and smiled, " Young Master Chen is right, older guys like us all believe that the Fang family is not bankrupt, on the contrary . The Fang family was getting stronger and stronger, and right here in Shuchuan, not going anywhere! And there's also speculation that many of the big family estates in Shuchuan are vassals of the Fang family, but if you investigate, no one can find out!"

"Strange, what's the Fang family doing so low-key when they're doing well? And to synthesize the clues we've gotten before, there are people out and about in the Fang family, just like Li Zhengguo found out before, Wei Lao has seen one of them Very powerful teenagers wearing this kind of jade pendant appeared in Over Rang City!"

Chen Hao thought to himself.

And Chen Hao thought back to the girl that he had encountered in the scenic area before, who had a powerful background and was somewhat similar to Su Zyue.

Sheesh... Could it be, she was from the Fang family?

Chen Hao felt that he was about to find it.

After thanking Old Mr. Wu, Chen Hao went back with Su zyue.

Of course, that girl's matter was also asked to be investigated by Zhu Ming.

Only, Chen Hao only said that he wanted to find out about this Fang family, and didn't tell Zhu Ming exactly what it was about.

"Great Grandson, how's the investigation going? What took you so long?"

Once back inside the villa that was famously given to the arrangement.

Old man Qin came out and said.

Chen Hao thought to himself, Old Man Qin used to be from the old family in Shuchuan, and he was really quite capable, so maybe he knew something.

"Right old man Qin, do you know that there used to be a Fang family in Shuchuan?"

Chen Hao asked as he ate the fruit handed over by Su zyue.

"What? The Founder? You're looking for the Founder?"

Old Uncle Qin's eyes widened, then he was shocked.

"Yeah, you know?"

Chen Hao asked.

Su zyue handed Old Uncle Qin a fruit: "Grandpa Qin, if you know, tell us, it's important to us!"

"Huh? I...I don't know! I've been in Shuchuan for so many years, but I've never even heard of it!"

Old Uncle Qin shook his head.

A face of bewilderment.

And Chen Hao and Su Zyue looked at each other.

"You really don't know?"

"I really don't know!"

Old man Qin ate a bite of apple.

However, to say that the clue was broken here, it was impossible.

Chen Hao felt that that girl might be the biggest clue.

It would be great if he could find out the girl's origin.

But after asking Zhu Ming, he was unable to find out the origin of the girl that Chen Hao told him about in his various investigations.

Su zyue was a little discouraged, "Brother Chen Hao, what should we do now?"

Su zyue wondered who it was that had lost herself in the first place and why.

And Chen Hao also wanted to know, what was the situation between that woman and her dad, and whether Su Zyue was her sister.

When Chen Hao paused, his eyes suddenly shone: "Don't worry zyue, we still have one more chance!"


"What are the chances?"

Su zyue was surprised.

Chen Hao thought to himself that the black guide he saw today might be an opportunity.

This old fart, who had screwed himself out of a thousand dollars, was the one Chen Hao had planned to trouble him with at that time, but not until he was called out by Wang Wen.

But Chen Hao felt that this old boy should know something, listening to him it seemed like he had already received that girl twice.

So Chen Hao was going to ask him.

It was naturally not difficult to inquire about his whereabouts.

When the afternoon rolled around, Chen Hao drove directly to the home of the black tour guide.

That black tour guide happened to be at home.

When he saw Chen Hao, he was obviously nervous.

After all, his thousand yuan was indeed to see this person from abroad, deliberately black.  

Now it's a good thing, people are coming straight to the door with a group of black-clothed bodyguards.

"Hehe, I say this young master, you... what are you doing?"

The middle-aged fat man was nervous.

"Not doing anything, coming over to see you!"

Saying that, Chen Hao put one hand in his pocket, and didn't wait for this man's courtesy, he directly led him into the house and sat on the sofa.

Looking at a group of bodyguards, every single one of them was not easy to mess with.

As for Chen Hao, he just sat on the sofa, holding the remote control to change the channel and watch TV, the whole thing was like his own home, not saying a word.

The middle-aged fat man swallowed his spittle, and his heart became more and more bottomless.

It was over to compensate: "That big young man, cough cough, I don't want that thousand yuan, I this family situation you also see. I'm also anxious to make money, and to be honest, this thousand dollars is really a black mark on you, I haven't touched a cent, I'm returning it all to you! "

After all, he was considered an old fogey in the Jianghu, these scenes, what was the matter, needless to say he understood the rules.

Chen Hao rubbed his nose and smiled, "You're thinking wrong, I'm not here today to ask you for money, on the contrary, if you're willing to talk more with the I'll tell you some things, and I'll send you another sum of money!"

The middle-aged fat man absently said, "Do you still want to ask about that grand chancellor? I say, what are you looking for him for, Da Shao ?"


Without waiting for Chen Hao to reply, the bodyguard on the side glared at the middle-aged fat man.

"Ao-Oh, I understand, what shouldn't be asked isn't asked, it's like this, although that Grand Chancellor I had met her once long ago, but I I just know that she's rich and powerful, and I really don't know anything about her, but I do know one other thing about her, which is that she's about the same age. It's similar to you, and she goes to the same school as my son, and my son knows her!"

The middle-aged fat man was quite frank as he saw that Chen Hao was not to be messed with.

Now he stood up and shouted at the house, "Tarzan, come out! It's not looking for trouble with our family this time!"

"Huh? Well come!"

Then the door to the room opened and Chen Hao saw a little fatty similar to the middle-aged fatty who reminded him to open the door and come out.

It was also funny, listening to this, there were quite a few people who had come to trouble him before ah.

"Quickly tell Mr. Chen about that big thousand gold from your school!"

Middle-aged fatty.

The little fat man nodded. Very matter-of-factly, he began to say.

"She, she's very mysterious and powerful in our school, she's in the class next to us, and every time we go to Union Hall she's go, but she never spoke to us, and her classmates were afraid of her, and no one dared to talk to her, because she was surrounded by every day Lots of great bodyguards, even teachers are afraid!"

"Hey, but I sometimes purposely sit in the row next to them and eavesdrop on her conversations with her partner, because I've noticed that she and her partner are quite fond of hanging around and after eavesdropping,

I'll tell my dad to go to whichever attraction is specifically waiting!"

Little Fatty was also a shrewd man who had obviously never missed doing similar things in school, pulling jobs for his dad.

Chen Hao curiosity grew even more after hearing this.

In that case, this girl was really very mysterious ah.

Combined with the clues he had gotten before, it gave Chen Hao the feeling that just like what Master Wu had said, the Fang family was still powerful, but seemed to be hiding something.

And now, if one were to ask rashly, one might be caught off guard and get the opposite effect.

"Does she go to school every day now and attend classes on time?"

Chen Hao remembered something and asked.

"Can't say every day, she and one of her buddies, attend classes a lot, right! You're looking for her? But don't blame me for being nasty, it's not going to happen. There used to be a lot of rich kids who thought their families were rich and powerful and wanted to talk to them. This girl's, and in the end, for some reason, ended up honestly all! That's why people usually actively avoid her, she's an iceberg beauty."

"Then what's her name? Is the last name Fang?"

Chen Hao finally asked.

Little Fatty shook his head: "The teacher never named her, no one knows, but I heard her partner seem to call her Inan, but It's unknown what the exact last name is!"

"All right!"

Chen Hao shook his head helplessly.

Honestly speaking, the power behind the girls was not something Chen Hao was afraid of.

Of course, what was worth celebrating was that it would be good if only he could see her again.

Right now, Chen Hao's mind was already thinking.

"Which class are you in?"

Chen Hao asked Little Fatty.

Then Little Fatty told all about his department and age.

Finally, Chen Hao instructed his men to leave a portion of the reward money before leaving.

Since we couldn't alert the snake, Chen Hao thought it would be better to take a detour and enter the school and find a chance to get in touch with this girl called Inan.

As long as she didn't lose her, he would be able to find the woman called Meng Minchu along the way.

Let's do it!

After returning, he immediately arranged for Zhu Ming to ease his relationship at the school.

Naturally, Zhu Ming had no problem with this in the slightest.


Hong Kong Island.

The TV convention had also ended.

As for Chen Xiao, he left after sitting for a short while.

Since Chen Xiao had said that he would go find her after the meeting was over, Su Tongxin naturally didn't dare to slow down.

In the evening, it was time to take a taxi to a sea port.

Chen Xiao had arranged for someone to say that he should wait here.

But looking around, there was a vast sea in front of him, and there were no boats to be seen ah.

"Let's just wait here, you don't know what kind of energy  Young Master Yang used to receive us this time, hahaha!"

And at that moment, there was a burst of happy discussion from the girls.

Su Tongxin looked towards the side.

It was when he saw four or five girls, who were also walking towards here.

It looked like they were all quite excited.


And when Su Tongxin saw one of the girls, Su Tongxin was clearly stunned.

As for that girl, she obviously also saw Su Tongxin standing at the port, and now stopped in her tracks.

The look on her face was also somewhat wonderful....


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