The Unknown Heir 357-363



"Inan Sayi, where are you going?"

An old man shouted coldly.

"Grandpa, let's go out and play!"

"No, you two get back here! Someone, keep an eye on Missy and Xiaoyi, never leave the house by half a step!"

"Yes! Master!"

"Why grandpa, why is it that all the other kids get to go out and play and we don't? We want to go out to kindergarten and be with the other kids!"

At that time, Fang Nian was only six or seven years old.

Right away, he talked back to grandpa.


Grandpa slapped Fang Hanan, who was 6 or 7 years old, on the face.  

It's quite heavy.

It was the first time Fang Danannan was beaten since she was a child.

Grandpa loved them very much and never gave them anything except the moon and the stars in the sky.

But there was only one condition: they could not go outside since they were young.

Inan was crying at that time.

But she was even more curious about the world of flowers and flowers outside.

At the age of twelve, it was the most memorable time for Fang Hanan.

She and Fang Yi decided to sneak out and play.

In the end, Grandpa discovered them.

That day, grandpa used the strongest family rule on them.

Fang Hanan was only twelve years old, she was just a child.

She was beaten by grandpa with a cane and her flesh was broken.

That day, even as she was beaten, grandpa cried.

"Do you think grandpa doesn't want you to go out? But our Fang family has an extremely powerful enemy who won't let you go out for the sake of Hello guys, why don't you just listen!"

Even now, the scars of that incident still remain on Fang Yi's and Fang Han Nan's backs.

It is like a childhood shadow on their backs.

Only later, when they grew up and became sensible, did their grandfather allow them to go out to study and see the outside world.

But there was one condition: they couldn't be friends with others.

So the two girls, and even the entire young people of the Fang family, their childhoods were incomplete, and their lives were incomplete.

And the culprit is the powerful enemy that grandpa talks about.

But what is really going on, grandpa won't say a word to Fang Hanran.

Grandpa thinks that he is a girl and doesn't need to be involved in these things.

But what about his own life?  What about the childhood you should have had? It was just taken away from you and you knew nothing about it?

Not willing to give up, Inan Fong strives to be the best at everything to prove that she is as good as the boys!


Inan Fang took a deep breath at this point and looked at Fang Yi.

"Alright Xiaoyi, don't think about the past, aren't we fine now!"

"Well, I know that in your heart, you hate that powerful enemy even more than I do. Sooner or later, we will make them... Pay the price!"

Fanny was determined.

"There will be that day! Although grandfather doesn't tell us some internal family matters, these decades of preparation have passed, and I believe that day is not far off!"

Fanny patted Fang Yi's shoulder.

The next day.

Chen Hao came to the classroom.

At first glance, he also saw Xu Yangyang.

To be honest, this girl was quite good-looking, but it was this temper that made Chen Hao not feel a bit good about her.

Today, she looked to be in a somewhat good mood and was joking around with her sister.

Seeing Chen Hao, she rolled her eyes, then stood up and said, "Wang Xiaohua Chen Hao, you two are just in time to come upstairs. Have you seen a cart full of mineral water downstairs? There's a dozen packs for our class, so you two go down and bring them up!"

Then, the entire class all covered their mouths and laughed.

As for Chen Hao, he naturally knew that this was Xu Yangyang deliberately teasing.

To be honest, he was a little angry.

And Wang Xiaohua was also unconvinced: "Why?

Huh? So many, we can't lift them both!"

"What did you say?"

"He said the two of us couldn't lift it!"

Chen Hao repeated the sentence.

Then he sat down directly beside her.

I didn't expect Chen Hao to directly dislike her in public.

Xu Yangyang was simply furious, having already looked at Chen Hao with displeasure.

Plus, now Chen Hao actually dared to provoke her authority in public.

Xu Yangyang played Missy's temper and picked up a cup and smashed it towards Chen Hao.

Only to smash it on the ground.

"If you have the guts, tell me again!"

At a glance, Chen Hao was the kind of lady who had been spoiled by her family and thought that the world should revolve around her.

Now somewhat irritated, "Say it ten times and the two of us won't be able to lift! What can you do?"

Chen Hao had seen this kind of person many times, and wasn't used to it now.

"Fine, you're so tuggy, you wait!"

After saying that, Xu Yangyang directly ran out like a pique.

Lin Shengnan, on the other hand, looked at the scene before him and glanced at Chen Hao.

"It's over, it's over, Xu Yangyang must have called someone!"

Wang Xiaohua was a little afraid.

"It's not even afraid to call someone, what can she do!"

Chen Hao told Wang Xiaohua not to be afraid.

"But I've heard that her cousin is on the sports team, he's pretty cool!"

Wang Xiaohua scrupulously said.

This early in the morning, it took a bellyful of gas, and Chen Hao still doesn't know who to find to spill it to.

If it was true than to call for a fight, then Chen Hao would be willing to call for a fight.

And soon, a rumbling sound of footsteps sounded outside.

It was obvious that quite a few people had come over.

"I go, Xu Yangyang really called for someone, hmmm, I knew that Xu Yangyang wouldn't let Chen Hao off lightly! This is going to be fun!"

Immediately following, a group of boys came directly to the classroom.

"Taozi, if you dare to bully your sister, you're bullying my sister, I'd like to see who it is!"

This group of people walked in.

One of them, the leader of the group, said to Xu Yangyang's brother, Taozi, while coldly glancing at the students in the room.

"Wow, this boy is so tall and handsome!"

Upon seeing the boy at the head, the girls in the class burst out in shock.

"I know him, he seems to have just transferred to our school too, but Xu Wentao looks so respectful to him!"

Someone said.

Xu Yangyang, on the other hand, held her shoulders grudgingly and pointed at Chen Hao, "Brother Jun Wen, Brother Tao, that's him!"

Chen Hao, on the other hand, stood up at this moment and was somewhat stunned when he saw the youth heading him.

And apparently that youth was also stunned after seeing Chen Hao.


"Shen Jun Wen?"

"Chen Hao?"

Shen Junwen was surprised.

Indeed, he was now with Hu Huimin and the girls who had already been placed into this school as transfer students.

So now, the role Shen Junwen played was that of a student.

Of course there was a friend, Wang Jian, who was quite open in the mix.

But I didn't expect that Chen Hao would actually become a student as well.

So Shen Junwen's first reaction was to be confused.

"Huh? Brother Jun Wen, do you guys know each other?"

Xu Wentao was curious at the moment and asked.

Xu Yangyang was also nervous, if he knew her, wouldn't Chen Hao be unable to take a beating?

"Let's just say we know each other,"

Of course Shen Junwen wouldn't do anything right now, because Chen Hao knew his identity.

In case it was exposed, it would be game over.

After all, Hu Huimin and them were all in this school now as well.

Damn, why is this so backwards.

"Chen Hao, quite a coincidence, you come out, we'll talk about something alone!"

Shen Junwen had to.


Chen Hao went out with Shen Junwen.

"I go, Chen Hao aren't you playing in Shuchuan, what are you doing in Shuchuan University?"

"I'm here to study, but you, what are you doing at Shuchuan University again?"

Chen Hao asked.

The two of them, it's not like they have any grudges, but Shen Junwen doesn't see Chen Hao, of course, Chen Hao doesn't necessarily see Shen Junwen either.

"That's exactly what I want to tell you, to tell you the truth, this time it's not just me, there's also Huimin, as for what's going on, it must be Confidential, I'm telling you, keep your mouths shut from now on, don't tell anyone who we are, or don't blame me for not warning you!"

After warning Chen Hao, Shen Junwen turned around and left.

Guess this was their mission, right?

What exactly their mission was, Chen Hao wasn't curiously concerned at all.

When they just shook their heads with a bitter smile, Chen Hao prepared to go back.

"This little brother, we're collecting donations right now, do you want to donate, it doesn't matter how much or how little you donate! It will be passed on by us to children in the mountains who can't afford to go to school, so that everyone can read!"  

At that moment, a little girl shyly pulled Chen Hao.

She was supposed to be the staff member organizing the fundraiser.

Seeing that she was stopped, Chen Hao was too embarrassed not to donate.

After all, it was a very meaningful thing, just like the Hope School that he had built.

Chen Hao just nodded his head.

"Classmate, how much do you want to donate?"

Several of the working girls all stood up and looked at Chen Hao with a smile.

"Fifty thousand it is!"

Chen Hao smiled.

"Huh? What? Fifty thousand?"

A few female students were all shocked.

After all, campus fundraising activities were common, almost every school had them, and the ones helped were those poor and impoverished mountain students.

So every time this kind of activity took place, the school donated a lot of students as well.

Most of them are more than ten pieces, five or six pieces also have, money is not much, but the love.

However, fifty thousand....

They've been fundraising here for half a month now, and it's the first time they've seen such generous students.

"Sir, do you really want to donate fifty thousand?"

They all felt incredulous.

Chen Hao laughed bitterly, then took out his card, or swiped it.

Now, Chen Hao pressed 5 zeros and directly donated it.

"Five hundred thousand yuan in the account!"

A mechanical metallic sound sounded from the machine.

"Huh?" The staff all opened their mouths.

"Yikes!" Chen Hao was also used to being shocked.

Originally Chen Hao was going to donate half a million, after all, he would now participate in public welfare love activities as long as they were, many donated, but in the school bar, he did not want to be so high-profile yet.

So he donated a little less.

But I didn't expect that an extra zero was pressed.

Donated half a million.

It was all because Chen Hao had just been thinking about Fang Hanran in his head, not thinking much at all.

"Sir, you donated more, I will immediately do the paperwork for you and push the excess to you, can you come with us to the headquarters this afternoon One trip? You need to go over there and sign for a refund!"

The staff was terrified and hurried.

"It's such a hassle, so forget it, half a million dollars it is!"

Chen Hao shook his head bitterly, after all, half a million and fifty thousand was just a difference in numbers to him, and no other unnecessary meaning was possible.

"Then sir, leave your departmental class with your name!"

The staff were worshiping badly.

Chen Hao just wrote the department and class, and was about to write Wang Xiaohua's name when suddenly, a few men and women came together and held cameras and such.

It should be a reporter from the Love Society.

They must have been the first to get the news of Chen Hao's donation of half a million and came over to interview him.

Scared, Chen Hao threw his pen.

"No need, no need, I only have one request, don't expose me!"

After saying that, Chen Hao ran away.

"Okay little brother, but little brother, you leave your name behind!"

The staff shouted.

Chen Hao waved his hand and had run away without a trace.

A few of the young female staff members were quite sorry.

Although this was work, they also wanted to meet some tycoons and the like.

But there was an opportunity right in front of them, really, not even giving people half a chance.

Besides, Chen Hao had already gone back now.

When they got back, they heard a burst of cheers from inside.

"A male sister is a male sister, this is too powerful, donating so much ah! It's a full thirty thousand dollars!"

Many people shouted.

The reason was that when she came to school this morning, Lin Shengnan saw that the school had a fundraiser and donated money.

It was nothing and she didn't want to say anything, but she just happened to be talking to her friend and accidentally let it slip.

The whole class was just shocked.

You know, college students, casually contributing 30,000, it's already remarkable.

Xu Yangyang was also smiling happily and said that she only donated a thousand.

What about most of the rest of the students, only some donated a little and some didn't.

It was nothing.

"Right, didn't Fei say he was coming to class today, why hasn't he arrived yet? He just came back from a taekwondo tournament and took second place!"

Xu Yangyang looked towards the doorway position at this time.

"Oi, just can't even wait that long!"

Lin Shengnan teased.

"Hmph, of course I'm looking forward to Fei's early return ah, save certain people who think they're quite powerful!"

Xu Yangyang glanced at Chen Hao.

And at that moment, a boy walked in.

"Brother Fei!"

"Fei's here!"

The whole class shouted excitedly.

"Brother Liang Fei, you just got here, you're almost late!"

Xu Yangyang also stood up excitedly and said to Liang Fei.

"Yeah, just now downstairs, I was stopped by a few fundraising ladies, so, I came up a little late!"

Liang Fei shook his head and laughed bitterly.

Then he glanced at Chen Hao, who was in his former seat, and sat down at the table next to Xu Yangyang.

"Ah? Liang Fei you donated too?"

Lin Shengnan said with a smile.

Liang Fei nodded his head.

Liang Fei, right, was quite tall, quite thin and handsome, and his family environment was also the best in the class.

Plus, his sports ability was superb, so he was naturally the star of the class.

"Brother Fei, how much did you donate? I heard there will be a fundraising thank-you ceremony this afternoon, and those who donate a lot of money will show up!"

Xu Yangyang worshiped.

"I, ah, just donated some, as for any ceremony or anything like that, I don't even want to!"

Liang Fei shook his head speechlessly.

Why were they all interested in this?

"Huh? Fei, don't rush us, how much is one point?"

Many of the girls were very anxious to know, and the boys were anxious to know.

"I just donated a hundred thousand!"

Liang Fei finally had no choice but to spread his hands and speak out.


Immediately after, the class became deathly silent.

Then, there was an explosion.

One hundred thousand!!!!

Oh my God!

"Fei you donated a hundred thousand? Ah!"

Many girls couldn't help it and just shouted.

Yeah, the shock of donating so much was just too much for them!

And Xu Yangyang was even more excited, not knowing what to say.

"Brother Fei, I love you to death, you're amazing!"

Xu Yangyang shouted in adoration.


The whole class was in an inexplicable state of excitement.

And apparently, the guide had heard about it, and all of a sudden, not to mention that Lin Shengnan had earned honor for the class, but Liang Fei had earned honor, and even the guide was going to be famous.

And that the fundraising ceremony held at one o'clock in the afternoon, the whole class was going!

Yeah, in school, the only place where we can make a name for ourselves is in the school's big sports events, and that's it.

What's more, you know that all the students in your class are going to be outstanding at this event, so what can you do if you don't go and make a splash?

Soon, after lunch.

The entire department of students all headed towards the school auditorium.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, was walking towards his class.

"Brother Chen, why don't you go?"

Wang Xiaohua asked.

"I'll just leave it at that!"  

This kind of occasion, Chen Hao hadn't rarely participated in it before, and it was just like that, in fact, donating money was in itself a purely loving activity, Chen Hao had already offered his love, and he felt that this was enough.

He didn't want to make any more fun.

"No, Brother Chen, look, it seems like the two goddesses are also going there!"

Wang Xiaohua suddenly pointed towards the entrance of the auditorium.

Sure enough, Chen Hao saw Fang Hanan.

"Let's go, donate or not, let's go together to see, after all, all of our third classmates are going, it's not good if we're the only ones not going! "

Wang Xiaohua said.

"Uh-huh, okay."

Chen Hao shook his head helplessly.

Indeed, it wasn't good to appear too alternative, after all, one still had to spend some time with the students here.

So Chen Hao and Wang Xiaohua also went in.

Inan Fang and the two goddesses were quite low-key, sitting in the last row.

But apparently no one dared to approach the row of the two of them.

Because rather than someone standing, they didn't dare to go and sit next to the two of them.

"There's no room!"

Wang Xiaohua scratched his head.

"Isn't that there!"

Chen Hao looked at the location of Fang Hanran and walked over presently.

"Two beauties, there's no one next to you, right?"

Chen Hao asked with a smile.

As for Fang Hanan and Fang Yi, neither of them spoke, as if they hadn't heard Chen Hao speak, and their faces were extremely cold as they glanced forward.

Wang Xiaohua pulled Chen Hao's arm a little nervously.

Indicating that Chen Hao should not sit here, once you offend them, it's enough for you.

And Chen Hao smiled indifferently, pulling Wang Xiaohua to sit down from the side.

Let's Fang Hanan frowned.

And with the entrance of the personnel arrived.

The assembly also began.

At the beginning, there were speeches from school leaders, student representatives and so on.

At the end of the meeting, the list of outstanding donors was announced.

Only those who donated more than one hundred were notified.

They were ranked randomly, not in order of how many donations they made.

As they are read out.

The site will only occasionally make some small commotion if there is a thousand.

As for the ones above three thousand, the scene would resound with surprised boos.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, was down there and heard the names of Hu Huimin and Shen Junwen.

The two of them had donated six thousand each.

It had indeed caused quite a stir.

"According to our statistics, there are exactly twelve people in the entire department who have donated more than six thousand dollars, and we have conducted a separate count, next, also Please come up to the stage and accept our certificate of recognition for students over $6,000!"

The host read, "Student Shen Junwen, student Hu Hu Huimin, please come to the stage first!"

Then, it was a round of applause, and Shen Junwen and Hu Huemin walked onto the stage.

"Wow, Brother Jun Wen is so handsome, haha!"

Xu Yangyang, who was offstage, could not help but applaud.

Because it was applauding right next to Chen Hao, seeing Xu Yangyang's virtuous behavior, Chen Hao rolled his eyes.

"Yangyang, how did you meet handsome Jun Wen? I remember he just transferred here, right?" A girl asked curiously.

"Haha, my brother Tao is the aunt's cousin of Wang Jian, the former popular figure in our school, and Shen Junwen is a good friend of brother Wang Jian, I Of course I do!"

"So that's it!"

"Hmmm, the one next to Jun Wen, Hu Huimin, looks pretty, doesn't she, she seems to like Jun Wen very much, the two of them transferred here together !"

Xu Yangyang Dao.

In his heart, however, he said, but although Brother Jun Wen was making a fool of himself, the one to look forward to the most should be Brother Fei's foolishness later on.

The present listened a little more attentively.

The host then read a few more names onto the stage one after another.

"Class 3 of the Department of Management and Economics, Lin Shengnan, donating thirty thousand yuan, Lin Shengnan, please come to the stage!"


Unsurprisingly, the scene exploded straight away.

Even the teachers sitting in the front rows were all talking over each other.

And the sound of the scene was even longer.

The excited Xu Yangyang was bouncing and jumping, because it was about to be his Fei.

As for Lin Shengnan, he also walked generously towards the stage.

Standing in the very middle of the stage.

"Next, or class 3 of the Department of Management, Liang Fei, donate 100,000!!!! Liang Fei-san, please come to the stage!"

This time, even the host's voice was visibly excited.

And the whole audience....

A hundred thousand?


Absolute super bang!

The thunderous shouts of applause almost cracked the auditorium's water glasses.

It made one's eardrums bulge.

One hundred thousand dollars, so you can imagine the impact on the crowd.

"Who is it? So tough?"

"Who else could it be, Class 3's Liang Fei ah of course!"

"That's no wonder, Liang Fei is so rich, but this 100,000 is a bit too harsh!"

The crowd was screaming.

As for Xu Yangyang, she excitedly shook Liang Fei's arm, "Brother Fei Fei, calling your name! Calling your name!"

Liang Fei smiled bitterly and shook his head.

Wasn't it just a hundred thousand dollars, so many people were looking at themselves in surprise, so what?


Now, with his hands in his pockets, Liang Fei walked towards the stage, and everywhere he passed, there were many shouts from the girls.

Walked onto the stage.

Next, the host popped out two more figures.

They were the 150,000 pieces donated by each of the two female students of the fourth class.

Bringing the atmosphere of the venue into the G-tide once again.

As for the names of the two female classmates, the host did not say, nor did he invite the two female classmates to come on stage.

But the entire department was unanimously looking at the two girls sitting in the last row.

Yes, the donors must be Fang Hanan and Fang Yi.

But the two of them donated 150,000 yuan, but the sensation was not as great as Liang Fei's. Because who doesn't know about Shuche University?

Because everyone in Shucheon University knew that they were rich and had contributed a lot.

But there was still a warm applause.

But next, the last of the twelve, the host was in a bit of a bind.

He said, "The next one is the one who donated the most this time, but he only left his departmental class and not his own The name. I guess he didn't want to keep it. But I hope, when you read out this class, you give the loudest applause to this class!"

"Huh? Which class is it? How much is that donation?"

The crowd was discussing with each other.

And on the stage, Liang Fei Lin Shengnan, with Hu Huimin and Shen Junwen, were all looking at each other.

All of them were a little expectant....


"This student is from the third year class of the Department of Economics and Management, donating $500,000!"

The host got excited.


The whole arena was even more exploded.

Five hundred thousand ah!

I thought Liang Fei's donation of 100,000 was already enough, but with the two goddesses, it's almost hit the ceiling, right?

But someone donated half a million dollars?

This time, even the school leaders in front of the gallery were shocked and stood up to applaud.

On the stage, Shen Junwen Hu Hu Huimin and the others were all looking at Liang Fei and Lin Shengnan from the third class.

Lin Shengnan and Liang Fei were also confused, someone from their class actually donated half a million?

"Yang Yang, did you hear that, it's our third class ah, someone in our third class donated half a million ah!"  

The girls of the third class were now shouting at Xu Yangyang.

"I heard that, but who is it?"

Xu Yangyang was also excited.

Half a million, even for a wealthy family, it was definitely not a small amount ah!

The crowd was in an uproar!

Even Fang Hanan and Fang Yi looked at each other.

Don't look at the two girls, usually in the class, or in the joint class, they didn't say a word, nor did they communicate with their classmates.

However, almost all the students in the two classes they knew and understood each other very well.

For example, although Fatty Wang has never interacted with them, but Fang Hanan and Fang Yi have treated him as a classmate and even helped him a lot, his father is a black tour guide and has caused a lot of trouble, but why wasn't there so much trouble later?

It is all because Inan Fang helped her classmate.

She knows the details of her classmates very well, but someone in Class 3 can donate half a million RMB?

"Fellow student Liang Fei, fellow student Lin Shengnan, you two are also from the third class, so it seems that this divine hero is your classmate?"

The host now looked at Liang Fei and Lin Shengnan.

"But no one in our class should be able to donate this much, right?"

Lin Shengnan said to Liang Fei.

"It can't be, it was my dad who donated it, right? Because when I came to class this morning, my dad told me that there was a donation drive in the school."

Liang Fei woke up suddenly at that moment.


The audience was quiet, all looking at Liang Fei motionlessly.

Hu Huimin also looked away.

After all, before coming to this school, she had asked around about some of the people of the Department of Economics and Management.

Wang Jian was from the previous year, and this year's first was Liang Fei, followed by Li Wentao.

The family was very well off.

"Why don't you make a phone call to your family to confirm?"

Hughie Min came up with an idea.

"Yeah, make a phone call to make sure!"

Many school leaders in front of the stage also said.

Liang Fei just started calling.

And at this time, the guide also ran to his class here with an excited face.

"Where are those mineral water we carried, move over ah?"

The guide said anxiously to Xu Yangyang.

"Oops, I was just too busy being happy, I forgot!"

Xu Yangyang slapped his head.

"Have to find six students and bring mineral water to the venue, huh, where's Fatty Wang and Chen Ge?"

Xu Yangyang looked around.

someone pointed to Chen Hao who was sitting at the very end.

"They've hidden there!"

Some of the girls said.

"Hmph, Chen Hao Wang Xiaohua, I asked you to carry mineral water, you didn't, it was another student I found to carry it, now, I am looking for four The students are cooperating with you. How about the six of you bringing in the mineral water? Really, you can't do anything but be lazy!"

Glancing at Chen Hao and Wang Xiaohua with contempt, Xu Yangyang called out four more students to come and wait for this Chen Hao and Wang Xiaohua.

People like Xu Yangyang right.

Chen Hao had encountered students like this before.

It was as if all the boys in the world weren't as good as the ones she liked, so she only had eyes for the ones she liked, and as for the rest, she couldn't see them at all.

It didn't matter though.

Now this stall, if she didn't go to move, she might all come at herself.

Now Chen Hao walked out with Wang Xiaohua and the others.

In his heart, he was still secretly glad that he hadn't written out his name in the first place.

And after watching Wang Xiaohua and Chen Hao leave.

Only then did Fang Yi had some expression on her face.

"Inan, inan, just now, I seem to have some feeling, what feeling? It's the kind of thing where my heart thumps when Chen Hao walks by my side, and you know what, I still want him to stay by my side. Like!"

Fanny said, "Why, why is it that we've never seen this boy before, but we have a feeling that we know him by sight?"

Nan Nan nodded, "I just don't know where he comes from, he looks like an ordinary person, but he doesn't look like an ordinary person. Dressing up, indeed, is quite commonplace!"

The two girls were discussing in low voices.

And Chen Hao and the six of them had already gone to carry the water.

They carried water that needed to be distributed to the front of the various leaders' desks.

And to some of the staff's counters.

Carry it in.

Now the staff and the school leaders are also uninterested in drinking water.

Because Liang Fei on stage is anxiously calling.

Xu Yangyang also went up to the stage like a follower, with her like anything.

But the result was far from satisfactory.

In the end, it wasn't the money transferred by Liang Fei's father at all.

Huh? Who could that be?

The crowd was even more surprised.

At this time Liang Fei looked at Lin Shengnan, "Shengnan, could it be your father? Your father was always enthusiastic about these things too!"

Lin Shengnan nodded, "Okay, I'll call my dad again!"

And just at this anxious moment.

A sudden oops from the stage.

It was Wang Xiaohua.

He was holding water for Chen Hao to distribute one by one.

As a result, a girl came over from outside the auditorium with the report and accidentally touched Wang Xiaohua.

Wang Xiaohua didn't hold it steady, and the water fell straight off the floor.

"Oops, sorry sorry, I didn't mean it!"

The little girl said apologetically busy.

"It's fine, you're busy."

Chen Hao said.

And squatted down to help Wang Xiaohua pick up a piece.

The girl who was also helping to pick it up, suddenly looked up at Chen Hao.

Then her eyes jumped slightly.

"Ah? It's you!!!"

The girl covered her mouth in surprise.

"Yikes! It's you!"

Chen Hao was also shocked.

This girl wasn't a bystander, it was the same girl who had held Chen Hao back and asked him to donate.

In fact, just now, Chen Hao was only willing to come up to carry water because he saw that those girls were not here.

I didn't expect to run into them directly.

This made Chen Hao very embarrassed.

"I've finally found you, little brother, you didn't leave your name with me just now!"

The girl shouted excitedly.

"What's the matter with Lee?"

And that's when some of the charity's leaders weren't happy.

"No ah leader, he he he...he just..."


And then, those girls came back in.

When they saw Chen Hao, they squealed in surprise.

And it was because of these girls' screams that the whole arena quieted down.

On stage, Hu Huimin and Liang Fei Lin Shengnan were also looking over towards Chen Hao....


"Is he?"

Although Hu Huimin knew that Chen Hao had also come to this school to study, but she hadn't seen him yet, and this time, seeing him holding mineral water and such, she couldn't help but look despicable.

This Chen Hao, no matter how much he changed, he was still the same bear from high school.

When he arrived here, he actually carried water for others as well.

As for why Chen Hao had come to study at Shuchuan University again, Hu Huimin wasn't even interested in knowing.

As for Chen Hao, he was already surrounded by a few girls offstage at the moment.

"What's going on?"

The leader asked.

"Manager Li, that's him, the one who donated half a million dollars!"

Several of the girls looked adoring.


This time, the entire audience quieted down.

Xu Yangyang and Hu Huimin and the others on the stage were all a bit stunned.

Shen Junwen Liang Fei and the others were also stunned.

Not to mention how embarrassed Lin Shengnan, who was still calling home for advice, was.

Even Fang Hanan and Fang Yi in the last row were all looking a bit more towards this side.

"You... you've got it wrong, how could it be this person!!!"

Xu Yangyang was extremely unconvinced when she saw that Chen Hao had directly compared Liang Fei to her.

Besides, she didn't want to believe that Chen Hao had really donated so much money ah.

But then, but the truth was moving in this direction wasn't it.

Now that people had made it clear that the donation of half a million was from their class.

It wasn't Liang Fei's family that donated.

It wasn't Lin Shengnan's family that donated.

The only one left was Chen Hao.

"There's no mistaking it, how could we have mistaken someone!"

The girl explained.

"Are you sure it was him? Oh, I know him, I'm from the same high school as him, he's a poor loser, where's the money, even if he's sold! It's not worth that much, either."

Hu Huimin rushed.

Let's be honest, it was actually Chen Hao who donated half a million, which directly hurt Hu Huemin and the others' pride.

Think about it, they were all known for their privileged families since high school.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, has always played the role of the poor in front of her.

Like shopping, for example.

If Hu Huimin wears Adidas Nike, the kind with a thousand pieces, you Chen Hao should wear a dozen or so pieces, wearing a hundred pieces will make Hu Hu Huimin feel uncomfortable.

And this time, donate six thousand yourself, you Chen Hao kind of, donate a five to be considered normal.

But now, actually donated half a million.

This simply made Hu Huimin faint with direct shock.

In particular, followed by the girl showing the playing bill to the crowd, it was indeed Chen Hao!

How is this possible! How did he get so rich?

Hu Huemin was incredulous.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, was reluctant to be exposed, but that couldn't be helped.

Plus, he was pushed onto the stage by a few more staff members in a complimentary manner.

Originally, Bar, Liang Fei was standing right in the middle of the stage.

Now, he was pushed aside by a few girls, giving his place to Chen Hao.

Liang Fei's face gave a shame ah.

And Xu Yangyang was even more furious.

"You you you... just what are you donating so much money for?"

Xu Yangyang pointed at Chen Hao and scolded.

"It's Chen Hao, I don't know where you got your money from, but I hope you cherish it and never puff up your face!"

Hu Huimin also accused.

It was as if she was unbalanced without spraying Chen Hao with a few words.

Chen Hao looked at the two of them and was really angry as well.

Naturally, Hu Huimin didn't need to say much, although she had always been a goddess in her own mind, but bar that, her venomous and straightforward tongue really made Chen Hao a little unbearable.

"Since I've already puffed up my face, I don't mind continuing to be a fatty, how about this, I'll donate another million


Chen Hao laughed bitterly.


This statement was met with tremors throughout the arena.

If half a million was already unbelievable, what level was a million?

The third class that Chen Hao was in was also all dumbfounded when they looked at Chen Hao.

It was simply not evident, ah, he usually looked quite honest and looked quite easy to bully, but as a result, he was, ah, an authentic great divine hero.


In the third class, I don't know who began to lead the applause, followed by a thunderous applause from the entire audience.

The staff, too, all came up on stage for a second round of processing.

The gazes that looked at Chen Hao were not to mention how adoring they were.

This kind of meaningful pretence, Chen Hao didn't mind coming a few more times.

Looking at Hu Huimin and Xu Yangyang's anxiously green faces, there was still some bad taste pleasure in his heart.

Then a group of staff members crowded up and shook hands with Chen Hao one by one.

As for Liang Fei, after receiving a certificate, he went down in exasperation.

The hundred thousand was considered a waste of money.

"Inan, really didn't see it, he is actually so rich, just now people said he is the one who donated half a million, I simply don't I'm sure, but then he donated a million dollars, so it seems like he's really rich!"

Fang Yi looked at Chen Hao on the stage as if she was quite interested.

"Mmhmm, yeah, I didn't think of that either, it looks like it's just as I thought, his origin is not simple, let's be more careful in the future !"

Fang Hanan was nosy.

"Hmph, wouldn't it be enough to have someone from the family, look up his history?"

Fang Yi said.

"That's exactly the point that confused me, I had already asked someone to check, and what happened, it just showed that he was a poor student from Pingan County, As for what happened afterwards, it's as if it's been deliberately hidden, and no amount of searching will ever find out!"

Fang Hanran looked at Chen Hao and said quietly.

The whole conference was quite interesting.

As for Liang Fei, it was as if he had been stimulated by something, he didn't say a word and just ran out.

Xu Yangyang knew that Liang Fei was injured this time.

He hurriedly chased after it.

"Brother Fei, Brother Fei, wait for me!"

Xu Yangyang shouted as he ran.

As for Liang Fei, he ran to the side of the park, next to a large willow tree, with a face of exasperation.

And how did Xu Yangyang not know it, Brother Fei was good everywhere, but his face was thin.

Just now, when he was pushed away by those staff members, who were complimenting Chen Hao to stand over, Xu Yangyang knew that Brother Fei was injured.


Liang Fei heavily smashed his fist on the willow tree, venting his anger.

"Brother Fei, will you stop this, that Chen Hao even if the donation is more than you, so what, you are the provincial Taekwondo youth runner-up, no How much better than him, you mustn't do that!"

Xu Yangyang's eyes were red and said.

"Brother Fei, don't forget your quest, how can you get hurt over such things, our school's Taekwondo club competition this time, has been Please act as a referee now, this must be a great time to show your face, and all that applause will still belong to you alone!"

Xu Yangyang advised.

Liang Fei's heart felt a lot better this way, yes, when it came to a critical moment, the honor of the class was still earned by oneself, and the adoring gazes of others, as well as the applause, were bound to be given to oneself!

Liang Fei, Liang Fei, what's wrong with you?

What about getting upset over such things?

"I got it, thank you Yang Yang!"

After that, Liang Fei went back a little lost, no matter how much he was persuaded, he was hurt today.

And after Chen Hao was busy with the ceremony, he came out with the two of them with Little Fatty.

Then they saw Little Fatty as if he remembered something, ran to a nearby store and bought a bunch of stuff.

"What for? Still eating?"

Chen Hao smiled bitterly.

"No Brother Chen, I'm giving it away, it's on my way, you can accompany me..."

Chubby suddenly smiled sweetly.


"O? Who do you want to give it to?"

It was the first time that Chen Hao saw Fatty look like this with a CH**, so he couldn't help but smile bitterly.

"Hehe, it's for a girl I've always liked, she's in the Taekwondo club, there's a competition within the school in a few days, she's training a lot Carpentry, I'm going to buy her something!"

Little Fatty said with a smile.

The actual reason for this is because of the fact that it is a very good idea to have an all in one a lot of people.

Chen Hao didn't treat him as anything, he just took him as his friend.

Thus, Chen Hao stopped by to take a look.

He arrived at the Taekwondo club.

He found that many people were training.

Little Fatty was looking around with food in his arms.

In the end, his eyes fell on a girl with a ponytail and a pretty face.  

"Hahaha, Qin Nuan, look who's here! That fat guy's here to bring you food again!"

And wait until Wang Xiaohua went in with Chen Hao.

Those who were practicing Taekwondo pointed at Wang Xiaohua and mocked.

Chen Hao could also see that in fact, in the school, there were hardly any people who actually took Wang Xiaohua as a friend, and there were not many people who looked up to Wang Xiaohua either.

"Really so dedicated, so infatuated, every day he comes to deliver, too rare, Qin Nuan, when you meet such a good boy, make him Girlfriend it is!"

A few girls also came over to poke fun at Qin Nuan.

The one called Qin Nuan was a girl with a very handsome appearance.

At this moment, listening to everyone's taunts, and looking at the short and chubby Wang Xiaohua.

She all felt like she was insulted.

Now, she ran towards Wang Xiaohua in anger.

"Wang Xiaohua, didn't I tell you not to come, why are you still pestering me, are you annoyed, seeing you makes me sick!"

Qin Nuan ran over and said furiously.

"Nuan Nuan, I was afraid that you were training too hard, so I bought you something!"

Wang Xiaohua handed it over to Qin Nuan.


It was slapped away by Qin Nuan.

"I don't want it! I don't want it! I said I don't want anything from you, so get out of here!"

Qin Nuan's face was red hot as she watched Wang Xiaohua continue to stay here.


And many people at the scene came around and followed suit.

"Nuan Nuan, why have you become like this now, you never used to treat me like this!"

Wang Xiaohua looked at the snacks and drinks scattered all over the floor, his eyes red.

"You're sick, I'm letting you go!"

Qin Nuan violently pushed Wang Xiaohua again.

Wang Xiaohua didn't pay attention and directly fell on his head on the ground.

"Hahaha, falling all over the place, like a turtle!"

"That's right, just this kind of person still wants to chase after Qin Nuan, dream on, no wonder, people will like..."

A girl didn't say anything further at that point.

It was a good idea to keep her mouth shut.

"It's really annoying, all day long!"

After saying that, Qin Nuan kicked out Wang Xiaohua's snacks again, then turned around and tried to leave.

"Hey, you've gone too far, haven't you?"

Chen Hao couldn't help it and drank.

"Do you know, Xiao Hua he was thinking about your training when he left the school just now, he was afraid that you were too hard, so he came over to give you something, you Even if you don't like him, you don't have to do that to him, do you?"

Chen Hao raged.

"Oh, what do you care, I'll do what I want to him, who made him come to the Taekwondo dojo, I think he deliberately made me Shame on you! You're not leaving yet!"

Afterwards, Qin Nuan also wanted to go over and hit Wang Xiaohua a few times.

Chen Hao stood in front of him and pushed Qin Nuan.

Qin Nuan, on the other hand, was also furious.

She raised her leg and kicked Chen Hao's chest.

Chen Hao also did not expect this girl to be so violent.

The kick was directly kicked backwards one after another, and then a buttocks back on the ground.

As for Qin Nuan, she also knew that she was a little impulsive.

I'm also aware of Wang Xiaohua's heart for himself.

But then, no feeling is no feeling, and then pester yourself with bitterness for what?

Plus, girls are quite vain.

Wang Xiaohua was this image again.

If she was treated like this by a handsome guy, Qin Nuan wouldn't feel anything at all.

But for Wang Xiaohua, Qin Nuan felt so humiliated.

And it's just as humiliating in front of all the girls, all the boys.

He really hated to kick him away a few times.

"Brother Chen Chen!"

Wang Xiaohua saw that Chen Hao had taken a beating for himself.

He hurried over to pull Chen Hao up.

Chen Hao still wanted to theory with Qin Nuan.

But Wang Xiaohua saw that a few of their Taekwondo club's quite horizontal people had already come over.

And was afraid that Chen Hao would suffer.

Pulling Chen Hao away.

"Brother Chen, it's all my fault, I caused you to be beaten up, but don't blame Nuan, okay, if you want to blame me, I'm the one who let Nuan again It's my fault for embarrassing her and making her hold her head up in front of her Taekwondo clubmates!"

Wang Xiaohua and Chen Hao came to a small park outside the campus this, Wang Xiaohua sat on the ground and cried as he spoke.

Chen Hao was kicked, though, and his chest was quite painful.

But seeing Wang Xiaohua like this, he didn't say anything.

Because when Chen Hao saw Wang Xiaohua, he seemed to see his old self.

He would rather take a beating himself than let Yang Xue suffer any harm.


Chen Hao patted Wang Xiaohua's shoulder, "Okay, don't cry, you told me that you two were quite close, but I looked, and it's not good!"

Chen Hao was confused.

"We used to be quite good, we grew up together, but then, after Nuan Nuan went to college, we slowly changed..."

Then Wang Xiaohua told Chen Hao about his and Qin Nuan's past affairs like pouring beans.

When he was little, Wang Xiaohua and Qin Nuan were indeed very good friends, even in school, when someone bullied Qin Nuan, Wang Xiaohua would stand up for Qin Nuan.

The toughest time was when they were in the fourth grade.

Qin Nuan was blocked by a few older students.

They were all young at that time, what do they know, they just look at a girl who is pretty and then write a love letter, asking to be his girlfriend.

Either that or the ones with power, they went over and blocked the girl and asked her to be his girlfriend.

That's how it goes in a nutshell.

Then Wang Xiaohua fought with those people to protect Qin Nuan.

In the end, his knee was pushed down and knocked out, and he still has scars to this day.

It's similar to the battle Chen Hao had against Wang Xue in junior high school.

So, Qin Nuan was very good with Wang Xiaohua.

After graduating from high school, the two of them became boyfriend and girlfriend.

Later on, Wang Xiaohua discovered that Qin Nuan had changed.

Qin Nuan was hiding from Wang Xiaohua.

And then finally, even more so, said that don't want Wang Xiaohua to be with her in front of others, and don't tell others that the two are lovers status.

Some time ago, Qin Nuan said that they would first separate for a period of time.

Then slowly it became this.

Wang Xiaohua didn't believe that Qin Nuan had changed so quickly, so he was unwilling to be bitter about it.

But was just like this.

After hearing this, Chen Hao shook his head and didn't know how to persuade him, after all, he wasn't like this for Yang Xue at the time.

He patted Wang Xiaohua's shoulder.

When Wang Xiaohua wiped his tears, he said that it was fine, and that it was much better to go out.

Only then did Chen Hao let go.

The two of them were ready to go back.

And also at this time, Chen Hao's phone rang, it was from Su Zyue.

"Chen Hao, come back soon!"

"What's wrong?"

By the sound of it, Su Zyue seemed to be quite anxious....


"What's wrong? Don't worry, take your time!"

Chen Hao said.

"It's Grandpa Qin, he had to pack up and leave, I couldn't even stop him!"

"All right, why is he suddenly leaving?"

Chen Hao was helpless.

This old man Qin Yifan, how to say it, Chen Hao felt that he was quite mysterious.

There would be quite a few.

At the same time, he also felt sorry for old man Qin.

So old and still alone.

It was fate that they knew each other, and he had helped himself a lot.

Seeing that he was willing to pester himself, so Chen Hao didn't say anything and entertained him with good food and accommodation.  

All lived normally before, and Chen Hao also received him to live in the villa with him.

Because he was Zyue's savior, Rose really treated him like he was her own grandfather.

To say it wasn't normal.

That was also the beginning of his own search for the Fang family's whereabouts.

At that time, I felt that Old Man Qin's face wasn't right.

And in those few days, he had obviously talked less to Chen Hao, as if he had something on his mind.

When I asked him why, he started to ramble again, with no seriousness.

Chen Hao couldn't do anything about it.

Presently, he said, "Alright, don't worry, I'll go back and ask him what's going on!"

After parting with Wang Xiaohua, Chen Hao returned.

"I really have to go, Rose granddaughter, I'll visit you sometime in the future, you're so good, grandpa won't forget you!"

By the time Chen Hao returned, Qin Yifan had already hugged his bag and was about to leave.

He happened to run into Chen Hao.

"Great grandson, you just got back, just in time, I'll say hello to you, I have to go!"

Qin Yifan said.

"Old Qin, you're living well here, why are you in such a hurry to leave, even if you're in a hurry to go back and take a look, let me send a car to take you back!"

"No, really no, grandson, I know your filial piety, but you won't be able to leave if you don't!" Qin Yifan muttered the last few words.

"Huh? What did you say?"

Chen Hao didn't hear clearly.

"Ahem, I said no need to bother so much, I really have to go!"

Qin Lao patted Chen Hao's chest.


Chen Hao rubbed it painfully.

"I'll go, I'll tap you and you'll hurt, you're paper thin ah you?"

Qin Yifan was stunned.

And Su Zyue hurriedly ran over and asked, "Chen Hao, what's wrong with you?"

"Nothing nothing nothing, just an accidental kick from a girl!"

"Huh? Who is it? Why is she beating people up?"

Su zyue was worried.

Chen Hao shook his head and said to forget about it for now.

Indeed, that girl Qin Nuan's taekwondo training was really good, quite powerful.

Qin Yifan, on the other hand, shook his head speechlessly.

"Alas, just leave like this, how can I feel at ease ah, grandson, you're too good-hearted, I'm really worried that after I leave, you'll even how to die Don't even know!"

Qin Yifan thought of the last time at the hotel, Young Master Long sent his men to plot against Chen Hao.

If he hadn't taken action, I'm afraid that Chen Hao's great grandson's shoulder bone could have been broken.

"Not really, I just didn't fight back then, but if I did, I could still fight!"

Chen Hao wasn't someone who didn't want to lose face, after all, he had been beaten up by a girl, it wasn't nice to say it.

"I yuck! I know you're a bit strong, but if you're a bit decent, you won't be able to tell the difference! And you can't let others protect everything!"

Qin Yifan scratched his head.

Chen Hao nodded, he had indeed thought about whether or not he should learn a couple of hands from the Heavenly Dragon and Earth Tiger and practice fighting or something.

But bar none, there had been no time.

"How about this, I'll stay here for a few more days, too hard for you to learn, so I'll teach you a few moves of the Four-Two Grappling Technique in fights . Ordinary trainers can't get close to you, but they're not very lethal. Good to learn practicality and ease of learning!"

Qin Yifan said.

"Did you really mean what you said? Learn it in three or four days?"

Chen Hao laughed bitterly.

"Stinker, how many people want to learn from me, I may not even teach them, I said I'll let you know in three days! What? Look at you, you look like you don't believe me, you really think I'm a fake, come on, punch me, don't be shy!"

Qin Yifan held the sack in one hand and waved at Chen Hao with the other.

"Forget it, when I was beaten by that girl, I just didn't fight back, if I were to hit you, I'm really afraid I'd break you!"

Chen Hao waved his hand.

Yes, Old Qin was skin and bones, and he was an old man.

Chen Hao was afraid that he would make his whole body fall apart with a punch.

"Grandson, just don't worry about coming, don't be polite!"

Qin Yifan said.

Chen Hao saw that old man Qin was quite confident.

Immediately, he listened to him and punched him over towards his shoulder.


Then, there was a sound.

Chen Hao's wrist was squeezed by him and then brought forward.

Then the entire person was like a kite with a broken string and flew straight out.

Falling heavily onto the floor tiles outside the villa, Chen Hao felt like all the bones in his body were scattered.

He couldn't even stand up.

"Ah! Chen Hao!"

When Su Zyue saw that Chen Hao couldn't get up, she hurriedly ran out worried.

She helped Chen Hao up.

"Grandson, how is it? The old man's still got two things going for him, right?"

Qin Yifan squatted in the doorway, watching Chen Hao giggle.

And Chen Hao really didn't expect that old man Qin was actually so good at it.

Even if he hadn't fallen to the ground, Chen Hao wouldn't have known how he flew out.

It was just a punch, and then he was airborne.

It fell to the ground and the sky spun before his eyes.

"Grandpa Qin ah, why are you hitting so hard!"

Su zyue said worriedly.

"It's fine, he's a big young man, he hasn't worked much since he was young, his body is not as weak as you think, and my eldest grandson's wrist strength is also Not bad, it's quite appropriate to learn my hand!"

Qin Yifan walked over and kicked Chen Hao, "Don't get up yet! Starting today, I'm going to teach you these tricks! As long as you don't run into a good fighter, it's fine to fight on a regular basis or use it to get out of a fight."

Chen Hao climbed up holding onto his arm.

This hand was indeed quite fierce.

Nodding his head now.

Three days later.

After teaching Chen Hao, Qin Lao was still gone.

Originally, Chen Hao wanted to retain him, after all, he had gotten along for some time, and there were feelings.

As for Old Man Qin, other than sometimes being crazy and babbling nonsense, he was quite good.

At least there was absolutely no problem with himself and Su Zyue.

Zyue, on the other hand, sent him away in tears and was quite reluctant to leave!

I just don't know why Qin Lao is quite taboo about some things.

But he didn't say, so Chen Hao didn't continue to ask more.

After all, his main focus right now was to find out what happened to the Fang family.

On this day, Chen Hao and Wang Xiaohua arrived at the school.

They happened to run into Shen Junwen and Hu Hu Huimin, as well as those girls, and the five of them came to the school together as well.

Only this time, Chen Hao didn't greet Hu Huimin again.

Instead, he left like a stranger.

"You... Chen Hao, stop!"

Hughie Min shouted in anger.


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