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"Is that you?"

"Is that you?"

Su Tongxin and the girls almost spoke in unison, obviously both quite surprised.

"Yifan, who is she, why does she look familiar?"

A girl asked curiously.

Not bad, the girl leading the group was Zhao Yifan.

"Oooh, she's Su Tongxin, our school, the only one who entered the best TV station on Hong Kong Island for an internship!"

Zhao Yifan said somewhat sourly.

All of them were from the Department of Broadcasting and Presiding at Jinling University, so Zhao Yifan naturally had the opportunity to come and study.

However, the team of thirty people were divided into TV stations and even newspapers according to a certain percentage, and only the ones with the best grades would participate in the best learning opportunities.

"I know Yifan, it can't be the one you're talking about, your ex-boyfriend's girlfriend, right?"  

The few girls on the side suddenly looked at Su Tongxin's eyes and changed a bit.

After all, girlfriends were best friends, and they definitely had to gravitate towards their best friend.

And now, ex-girlfriends and current girlfriends, themselves were a bit contradictory, so it was quite awkward.

Zhao Yifan didn't have anything to hide from them about this.

When I first came to Hong Kong Island, what didn't the girls talk about among themselves, the topic was more about boys, of course, and comparing their boyfriends.

To be honest, compared to these girlfriends of others, the one they were talking about in the beginning, Zhuang Qiang, was like a dog who couldn't say anything.

In fact, in the late Zhao Yifan's heart, he denied this relationship.

After all, he was the one who misunderstood that Zhuang Qiang had helped him before he was with him, and he didn't expect that the person who helped him was actually Chen Hao.

And in theory, what person could be as good as Chen Hao.

After all, Chen Hao was as calm and introverted as that, and he had an aura that Zhao Yifan also liked.

So, even though it was only a one-day relationship, Zhao Yifan still said that Chen Hao was his ex-boyfriend, and only his ex-boyfriend.

Of course, when it was said that Chen Hao was Young Master Chen, it really made the roommates all freaked out and secretly screamed pity.


Zhao Yifan's heart ached when he thought of Chen Hao.

If nothing else, he would have been a hero by now.


The word Chen Hao is like a haze of late, causing Zhao Yifan to live in the shadows all day.

Therefore, she chose to come to Hong Kong Island to avoid any memories of Chen 

In the present, seeing Su Tongxin gave her an unexplainable feeling.

But obviously, that feeling was now very little less than before.

"You and that Chen Hao, are you alright?"

Zhao Yifan said with a bit of pride on his face.

"Mmhmm, it's fine!"

Seeing Zhao Yifan Bar, Su Tongxin was also somewhat innately jealous, after all, Chen Hao had once confessed to Zhao Yifan in the hallway due to a misunderstanding.

Despite knowing that nothing happened, Su Tongxin was quite uncomfortable.

Therefore, there was no need for Su Tongxin to tell Zhao Yifan that he was having trouble with Chen Hao.

"That's good, bless you two!"

Zhao Yifan smiled slightly and appeared to be indifferent.

Yes, if it was a month ago, seeing Su Tongxin, Zhao Yifan would have had uncomfortable feelings, even jealousy and jealousy.

Jealous that Su Tongxin had stolen her boyfriend.

Stealing his own supposed glory and wealth, after all, in the beginning, Chen Hao was interested in himself first.

"Hmph, really, isn't it just that she found a rich boyfriend in Jinling, we Yifan naturally aren't bad ah, getting Hong Kong Island Young Master Yang The two of them are both listed conglomerates, so they're not that far apart, and Yang has a Harvard background. !"

The girls on the side couldn't help but climb up.

Wanting to win back some face for Zhao Yifan.


Su Tongxin just nodded.

And that was the one thing that made Zhao Yifan change.

Yeah, she used to think that Chen Hao was such a divine hero, but she wasn't able to be with her, and it wasn't because she looked down on her in the first place that an otherwise good love story had ended hastily.

Remorseful couldn't be a better description.

But then, she really waited until Zhao Yifan came out of that circle in Jinling before she realized.

It turns out the world is really big.

He's not the only one who has the same price as Chen Hao.

So, the kind of feeling Zhao Yifan had for Chen Hao now was much less.

"Ah! Cruise ship!"

Suddenly, the best friend next to Zhao Yifan jumped up and said excitedly.

"That's Young master Yang's  cruise ship, Yifan, Young Master Yang  is coming to pick us up in his luxury cruise ship!"

Just saw a very luxurious cruise ship appear on the sea.

On top of the cruise ship, there was a young man wearing a bathrobe and holding a red wine in his hand.

It should be the young master Yang they were talking about.

" Young Master Yang  is really handsome!"

"Yes, Yifan is really a man of great fortune, originally, a simple tea party, but Yifan and Young Master Yang have gotten to know each other since then I think, Yifan, you should just agree to Young master Yang's pursuit!"

The entire group of sisters were about to cry out in excitement.

Zhao Yifan just remained silent and looked towards Young Master Yang who was coming into the wind with a smile on his face.

Soon, the cruise ship arrived.

Young Master Yang leapt down from above.

"Yifan, I'm sorry, I'm late!"

Young Master Yang looked at Zhao Yifan and smiled.

"It's okay!"

Zhao Yifan gently tidied his hair behind his ear.

" Young Master Yang, when do we start our cruise party?"

The other girls shouted excitedly.

"It'll start"

After Young Master Yang finished speaking, he was suddenly stunned.

Looking towards Su Tongxin who was standing beside him, and whose temperament was definitely a bit better than Zhao Yifan.

"Yifan, is this one your friend as well?"

Young Master Yang took off his glasses at once, quite surprised.

"No, she should have come for a drive on the beach!"

Zhao Yifan was a bit dissatisfied.

"That's such a coincidence pretty girl, why don't we go on my cruise ship together and we'll have a dinner cruise?"

Young Master Yang suddenly bowed slightly to Su Tongxin, making a gentleman's invitation salute.

"Thank you, no!"

Faced with Young Master Yang's enthusiastic invitation, Su Tongxin only responded very coldly with four words.

This caused Young Master Yang to stiffen his face.

Since childhood, it seemed like no girl had ever rejected herself, right?

And now, she was actually rejected in public.

"This beauty, I'm afraid you still don't know who I am, right?"

Young Master Yang couldn't help but shake his head and laugh.

Neither did he invite again.

"Young Master Yang, people have boyfriends, and they're still Jinling Young master Chen!"

A girl on the other side of the room said.

"O? It's no wonder then!"

Young Master Yang laughed bitterly, "But the influence of the rich and powerful in Jinling is always only in Jinling! Since you won't, I'm sorry, Yifan, let's go, let's take you for a ride on the night's sea breeze first!"

Young Master Yang looked at Zhao Yifan and said.

And at this moment, Zhao Yifan nodded his head while smiling.

On the one hand, she was somewhat arrogantly looking at Su Tongxin.

That means it's like saying again, see, even if the boy I abandoned is capable in the end, so what, I can still have better ones to pursue me.

And you, Su Tongxin, are finally a goddess level that even the girls have to sigh in admiration, but you still lost to me.

"Ah! Yifan, you guys look...what...what's that?"

Right at this moment, those girls suddenly shouted again, but this time it was no longer excitement, but shock!


The crowd was surprised by the sound, and when they looked up, they saw dozens of top-notch luxury cruise ships appear above the sea, in the dim night.

Why do you say top-notch?

Because when people looked at this Young Master Yang, they already felt that it was the most luxurious, but then looking at these dozens of them, they were as radiant and dazzling as a galactic battleship.

The atmosphere was extraordinary.

"Heavens! How much does this one even cost?"

The girls all shouted out in excitement.

Even Su Tongxin was shocked.

 Young Master Yang was even more startled.

"Young Master Yang! Are these all the ships from the cruise party tonight? We're too excited, aren't we?"

That girl excitedly pulled Young Master Yang's arm and asked.

Yeah, originally cruise ship parties were the type of parties that only big bosses and rich celebrities and the like were usually eligible to attend.  

They ordinary people could only see it from the TV.

But they didn't expect to see such a big scene after attending this one.

Zhao Yifan also had a white face, clearly excited to the point of excitement.

"No... no, these cruise ships, all designed by the world's top experts, should be from Tiangong Island, each one is worth a fortune! The!"

Young Master Yang, however, was also a bit excited.

After all, although he had seen a lot, this was the first time he had ever seen such a scene.

"Ah? Young Master Yang, what is that Heavenly Palace Island?"

The girls asked, having never even heard of it.

"Tiangong Island is a small island in the sea, and I'm the one she heard about from my dad, and there's an absolutely world class goddess who bought down the entire island, building the entire island as majestic as a sea palace, or as a large contract, in short, very extravagant inside! Prosperous!"

"Huh? We've never heard of a big house like that. What must it be like? Young Master Yang, can you show us around?"

The crowd all asked expectantly.

Young Master Yang shook his head, "I'm afraid this won't work, to be honest, my dad was lucky enough to see it once, but only for a few minutes on the island, not even a photo! I'm also not allowed to shoot, but my dad said, he went to this time, a lifetime worth, I was also very surprised, my dad are what identity ah, but still will be Such worship of a place!"

When Young Master Yang said so, everyone was even more expectant.

Zhao Yifan was even thinking, alas, it would have been nice if he was lucky enough to go see it.

What a pity.

"But don't be discouraged, I'll try it later, and try to take you around to see the scenery of that island, but only from a distance !"

Young Master Yang laughed bitterly.


Everyone was all excited.

At this moment, the top cruisers had already arrived.

As for Young Master Yang,  Zhao Yifan and the others, they didn't dare to speak loudly anymore and obediently moved aside.

"Maaay, look at the staff on the cruise ship on Tiangong Island, their one outfit is extremely expensive, right!"

"Of course it's expensive."

"Oh Mama, if I could be a staff member, too!"

Some girls could not help but say.

"It's true that there's someone outside of people, there's a sky outside of the sky, before, I thought Chen Hao was the sky, until I met Young Master Yang, which made me open up New World, and now, it really has come across a different world!"

Zhao Yifan's eyes showed strong envy in his heart.

Su Tongxin, on the other hand, was also a bit frightened and was now standing back to the side.

The cruise ship arrived.

From the ship's board, successively came down more than two dozen female waiters, standing on both sides of the port, the waiters' dress somewhat similar to the European aristocrats of the last century in general.

Then it was a middle-aged man who came down.

"Ah? It's like they're coming towards us!"

The girl was excited.

Zhao Yifan also held his breath.

Then the middle-aged man directly skipped past them.

Respectfully, he arrived in front of the surprised Su Tongxin.

"Miss Su Tongxin, the Eldest Miss has sent me to pick you up!"

The middle-aged man bowed deeply and was very polite. What kind of Su Tongxin was, where he was waiting, he naturally already knew.

"Pick up... pick up mine?"

Su Tongxin was really amazed as she looked at the dozens of cruise ships docking.

Chen Hao's sister, Chen Xiao, was really rich!

"Of course, Miss Su Tongxin, we are here to pick you up, I'm so sorry to keep you waiting!"

And listening to the housekeeper's conversation.

The girl who had previously mocked Su Tongxin opened her mouth wide and was about to stuff it with eggs.

She was laughing at her just now, but as a result, people don't care about the cruise ship party at all ah.

Young Master Yang, on the other hand, only just realized that no wonder people were so cold to him, and right now he knew the difference between the two. Thinking about just showing his life in front of others, he felt stupid.

As for Zhao Yifan, he was naturally incredulous.

"You... why did you guys pick her up with such a big scene?"

Zhao Yifan was truly anxious in his heart.

No matter if it was a love rival or an imaginary enemy, no one wanted their enemy to become powerful.

Or even powerful to the point of being incomparable.

It would make one's mood directly bad head, and that was how Zhao Yifan was now.

Who was Su Tongxin? His own rival, his ex-boyfriend's current girlfriend.

But now, actually have this kind of treatment.

Jealous of the bad all.

Right now, directly couldn't help but ask.

"Oh, this is our Young master Chen's girlfriend, so naturally, she should be treated extremely well!"

The butler, on the other hand, thought that these were Su Tongxin's friends, and that's why he answered Zhao Yifan's question.


Zhao Yifan's ears were like a thunderclap, and she instantly paled.

The last thing she wanted to hear, the thing she was most afraid of had still happened.

If it had been just now, she wouldn't have been so excited.

The reason why she was in a hurry to confirm with this housekeeper was because she was thinking that it couldn't be Chen Hao's relationship.

After all, Su Tongxin's family was just like that.

But what if it was Chen Hao's relationship, what would she do, what would she do! Ahhhh!

Now Zhao Yifan was going crazy.

"Are you talking about Young Master Chen, Chen Hao Young Master Chen? You guys are so powerful, why are you giving that Jinling Chen Hao so much face, why ah!"

Zhao Yifan was a bit hysterical.

"Yes Miss, Young Master Chen is the Chen Hao Grand Young Master, this island was bought by Young master Chen's sister to use as a temporary rest!"

The butler said more.

"Ah! What?"

"Chen Hao's sister is that very powerful divine hero, so then, Chen Hao can also live on this island, right? Isn't that right?"

Zhao Yifan's eyes reddened.

"Yes, but if Young Master Chen wants to live there, he can buy another island by himself, anyway, this amount of money is not even a drop in the bucket for our Young Master Chen It doesn't even count!"


This time, the five girls in the row all opened their mouths wide.

Zhao Yifan, on the other hand, felt even more like he was holding his breath in his chest, as if he could only be relieved by jumping into the sea and drowning.

It turned out that Chen Hao was more than simply Jinling Young Master Chen....


Watching Su Tongxin leave.

Many girls were silent, with an expression of envy or jealousy in their eyes.

Only Zhao Yifan was in a complicated mood.

Yeah, if he had been able to just look at a person's character.

Then he would have chosen Chen Hao to start a relationship, right?

After all, I hadn't been in love at that time and wanted to fall in love, so I let Ma Xiaonan introduce her boyfriend to me.

Because the night before Ma Xiaonan's original birthday, she called herself specifically to talk about Chen Hao.

"Yifan, you should meet him, he'll be here tomorrow on his birthday, what can I say, he's especially dedicated and dedicated to his feelings, and is also quite Someone with a face, a clean face, you said, first time in love, you need to find an honest one you can manage! That's why our Chen Hao is the best candidate, he's absolutely wonderful to you!"

"Chen, well then, you're so nice, I'll see you tomorrow, hehe!"

The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the old man.

But after meeting him and hearing some awkward things about Chen Hao from Xu Dong, Zhao Yifan doesn't like Chen Hao anymore.

The first thing you need to do is to find a rich person.

From that moment on, Zhao Yifan's view of love changed a bit.

So, it was really close to being with Chen Hao himself.

And all of Su Tongxin's light today belonged to herself.

Money was just a set of numbers to oneself in the future, and lost any meaning, so there was no need to plan on saving up to buy luxury goods.

Unfortunately... no ifs!

Everything seemed to be too late.

Zhao Yifan clenched his fist, his heart full of displeasure.

"Yifan, they've already left, let's go too!"

A few of the girls were not in the mood for a cruise either.

Did they really go on a cruise to see what the other island looked like?

Oh, that's Young master Chen Sister's, but she can only stand by and watch.

It was lame to think about it.

"I won't be willing to do that!"

Zhao Yifan looked towards the cruise ship that disappeared into the night and secretly reminded himself.

Besides, Su Tongxin was already on the island at the moment.

The entire island, as that Yang Shao from before said, was a large palace.

It was so beautiful, so shocking!

Ming Ming had already entered the manor, but to get to Chen Xiao's place.

You'd have to take a special car to get there.

About half an hour's drive passed.

Only after arriving at a villa within the manor.

Only then did he get out of the car.

"You quickly show me what my sister-in-law looks like, I want to see well!"

"What's the hurry, it'll be here in a minute!"

When Su Tongxin got out of the car, she saw a girl playing with a boy.

Noisily grabbing the phone.

And that boy, was a little fat guy, Su Tongxin had already seen him, wasn't it Huang Yonghao Huang Shao.

"Whew! Sister-in-law is here!"

When Huang Yonghao saw Su Tongxin, he hurriedly ran over.

After all, the events of the day had already frightened Huang Yonghao.


Su Tongxin nodded.

"Huh? She's Su Tongxin, godbrother's girlfriend?"

And the girl ran over.

Curiously biting her lip, she looked Su Tongxin up and down.

She looked to be around eighteen years old, cute and quite pretty.

"I'm Chen Xiao, hello sister Tongxin!"

Chen Xiao shook hands with Su Tongxin.

The two of them were quite eye to eye.

And apparently Chen Xiao had something else to look for Su 
, so Chen Xiao and Huang Yonghao didn't chat much, so Su Tongxin went in.

"Barbarian and Yonghao are both godbrothers and godsisters recognized by their eldest sister, Yonghao is in a better situation, Barbarian is the most pitiful, at the age of three . She was abandoned. Miss Chen Xiao brought her back and doted on her, so you can see she's a bit of a troublemaker, but she has a good heart. !"

The butler said as he led Su Tongxin inside.

It came to a luxurious study location.

The housekeeper knocked on the door.

"Come in!"

Only then did Su Tongxin walked in alone.

On an open rooftop, she saw Chen Xiao lying on a lounge chair with red wine in hand, looking outwards.

"Sister Chen Xiao, how are you?"

Su Tongxin nodded her head.

"There's no need to be so polite with me, Tongxin, now that I understand your situation, today, you'll treat me as your sister, and we'll Let's talk. Besides, you're my brother's girlfriend, so I have to treat you well as a sister. Sit down!"

Chen Xiao put down his wine glass and stood up.

Looking at Su Tongxin, she smiled slightly.

"What do you want to talk about, sister?"

Su Tongxin asked.

"Well, I've gotten some information, but I think it's better if you tell me in person, just to talk about how you and Song met The bar?"

Chen Xiao asked.

Su Tongxin couldn't guess what Chen Xiao meant.

He just told the story of how they met in the beginning.

After hearing that, Chen Xiao nodded, "That means that the two of you, you didn't experience anything that was engraved in your hearts, so it's just ordinary! The just together what?"

"Yes, but sister, I think it's okay for two people to be together, as long as they love each other, so why go through the bone-crushing What about things? Rather, I feel that when I was with Chen Hao, every detail of his treatment of me felt engraved in my bones!"

Su Tongxin's heart was actually a bit unsteady as she listened to Chen Xiao's question.

Because Chen Xiao's words were all to the point.

"Then I'll ask you one more question, have you ever thought of getting married in the future when you're with Little Song? If so, is it a thought now? Or did you feel when you talked about it before that Chen Hao was the one who was destined to end up with you?"

Chen Xiao asked.

And Su Tongxin understood Chen Xiao's meaning.

If she was just in love with Chen Hao, it was nothing to her.

And if she wanted to marry Chen Hao and become a member of their Chen family, I'm afraid it wouldn't be that easy ah, and sister Chen Xiao was afraid that she was with Chen Hao because of the money.

"You're very smart Tongxin, I'm sure you understand what I mean, and you're also aware that Little Song, right, in terms of man-woman matters, is actually It's silly, because of some of our Chen family's rules. Chen Hao has been lacking in love since he was little, so when he thinks a girl is good to him... , even a small gesture, he would be moved!"

"I actually want to know if Chen Hao really loves you, and what do you see in Chen Hao? That depends, of course, on whether you're planning to get married. If not, OK I won't ask, if I did, I'd have to, because the Chen family has a lot of rules and is very strict! Some things are better in the long run than in the short!"

Chen Xiao said.

"What you mean, sister, is that I can't get to the end with Chen Hao? Do you think I'm with Chen Hao because of the money?"

Su Tongxin asked.

Chen Xiao smiled bitterly, "Honestly, yes, at least according to some of the things I know, it's like this, but of course, you're a person I It's clear, knowing that you wouldn't lie to Chen Hao, but, on my parents' side, I'm afraid they won't let you end up with Song, because. You have only seen the tip of the iceberg in terms of the strength of the entire Chen family, so you can imagine the magnitude of the Chen family, so naturally, the Chen family has the Chen family Style of conduct and rules!"


Su Tongxin had already heard it very clearly.

Chen Xiao had also implied that it was already very clear.

Right now, Su Tongxin's heart was a little tugged.

It originally felt like everything was so simple and would go well with Chen Hao to the end.

But then, now, it was simply impossible.

Yes, Chen Hao hadn't told himself everything before, he just thought that he was the Jinling Major.

But his true identity and background, how could it be possible for ordinary people to get in touch with him.

"So Tongxin, go back and think about what kind of way you want to go on with Chen Hao!"

Chen Xiao patted Su Tongxin's shoulder, "You'll stay here tonight, I'll have someone send you back tomorrow, besides, this Heavenly Palace Island of my sister's. You can come here whenever you want! But there's one thing Tongxin you have to promise me, or what I told you before, what we've seen before, don't tell Song!"

Su Tongxin naturally nodded.

It could be seen that Chen Xiao also really liked Su Tongxin quite a bit, but Chen Xiao was helpless on some things, and the specific results of the Let's see what Su Tongxin and Chen Hao do.  

Chen Xiao only made it clear in advance because he loved the two of them.

And this night, Su Tongxin was awake all night again.

Several times thought about calling Chen Hao, but then again, did she want Chen Hao's help with everything now.

Yes, from start to finish, it was just that she hadn't done anything for Chen Hao for herself!

Just like now, you need Chen Xiao's help for your life in Hong Kong Island, otherwise, even Yang Hua herself couldn't deal with it.

To go on with Chen Hao for a long time, she had to learn to be independent so that she could share Chen Hao's worries in the future, instead of giving him worries.

Su Tongxin secretly admonished herself....

At the same time, Chen Hao had just rolled over onto his bed.

Picking up his phone, he habitually wanted to call Su Tongxin.

It had been two or three days since he had gone out of contact, to say that he didn't want to at all would be a lie.

But in the end, after thinking about it, let's forget about it, Su Tongxin is probably still angry, let's wait until he personally goes to Hong Kong Island in a few days to talk it out with her.

By the way, stay with her there for a while.

But still, I sent a text message, telling Su Mu Han to rest early and so on.


The matter had been settled, and when it was tomorrow, he would interpolate into Shuchuan University to find out more about that girl as an interpolator.

After knowing Chen Hao's identity, the school also attached importance to it, of course, Chen Hao asked for a low profile, did not let the school publicity, after all, he is not really a new student.

Classes, it was arranged in a class with Wang Xiaohua.

Wang Xiaohua is the son of the black tour guide, that quite shrewd little fatty.

When it was the next morning, Chen Hao met up with Wang Xiaohua and went there together.

"Hehe, Young Master Chen, this is our school! I'll show you around today!"

"I'm not some big youngster, you can call me Chen Hao..." said Chen Hao with a helpless grin.

"Okay Young Master Chen Hao !"

Chen Hao: "........"

Then the two of them went to the classroom together.

At this time, there were quite a few people in the classroom as well.

As soon as they saw Wang Xiaohua leading Chen Hao in, everyone knew that this was the interloper that the guide had said was here this morning in the class group.

The guide, on the other hand, was already waiting in the class early in the morning as well.

"Chen... Chen Hao student, your seat has been arranged, you can sit here first!"

Mentor said.


Chen Hao had already said that he didn't need to give him any special care, he was just here to act as an interloper for a few days.

But all that said, Chen Hao's treatment was clearly different.

He sat directly in the very front seat.

"Mentor, this seat is not his, it's Fei's, why do you have to give it to him ah!"

Suddenly right at this moment, a girl stood up and pointed at Chen Hao with a discontented face and said.

"Xu Yangyang, Chen Hao student just transferred here, how can you talk like this, let Chen Hao sit here, wait for Liang Fei to return from the competition . The teacher will reassign him to another position."

The tutor smiled helplessly.

"By virtue of what?!"

Xu Yangyang jumped to his feet anxiously, and now looked at Chen Hao with a bit of disgusted anger.

"Xu Yangyang, you are the class leader, how can you talk like this, well, this matter is settled!"

After the instructor finished smiling at Chen Hao, he walked out.

What followed was the whispers of the fellow classmates.

Most of them were saying that, having offended the class leader, Chen Hao should have a hard time hanging around in the future and so on.

Originally, any team had the habit of bullying.

Whether it was school or work, it was all the same.

That's why everyone instinctively had an inexplicable hostility towards the new Chen Hao, as if Chen Hao would take away their things after he arrived.

But Chen Hao, on the other hand, wasn't too bothered about that.

Chen Hao's purpose was clear, so naturally, he wouldn't take care of these bumps and bruises.

As for watching himself sit down, Xu Yangyang said all sorts of nasty things to him, so he didn't bother.

When the class was over, Xu Yangyang whispered to a few of her sisters, then glanced at Chen Hao and went out to use the restroom.

As for the students in the class, there were almost no students who were willing to talk to Chen Hao either.

"Chen Hao... er Chen Hao!"

In this, only Wang Xiaohua knew that Chen Hao was very hung, and if it wasn't for Chen Hao not allowing him to reveal his identity, Wang Xiaohua would have wanted to stand out when Xu Yangyang had just disowned him.

"Don't take too much to heart what the squad leader said, she's sick, and it's not light!"

Wang Xiaohua said.

"Oh, it's fine, by the way, what's wrong with squad leader Xu Yangyang?"

Chen Hao could not help but laugh bitterly.

"Ahem, her, how to say it, say she is snobbish wallflower, not, say she is impartial and selfless even more not, if she is Wallflower, she'll only go down on one person, if she treats all equally! As for the others, she doesn't care about them. Take me for example, she never pays any attention to me, not even the other boys in the class. Help!"

Wang Xiaohua said.

"O? Don't tell me that she only has that Liang Fei in her heart, right?"

Chen Hao helplessly shook his head and smiled.

Just now, Chen Hao could also see that he should have taken the seat of this person called Liang Fei, so he caused Xu Yangyang's displeasure, then what, he started to dislike himself.

"Yes, that's Liang Fei, my mother, I don't know what poison Xu Yangyang planted, isn't that Liang Fei's family just a bit stinking rich and loves to show off . And then Xu Yangyang chased Xu Yangyang from freshman year to junior year, only Liang Fei in her heart, not to mention you, last time one of her good girlfriends, since childhood. A piece of study growing up kind of, just because said a Liang Fei bad, the result you just how, Xu yang Yang Yang up is a slap, put her The girlfriends were blindsided! It's easy to imagine how infatuated Xu Yangyang is with Liang Fei, that's why she's doing this to you!"

"Then it looks like I'll have to hide from you later!"

Chen Hao smiled bitterly.

After all, she was here to find someone, and she didn't want to cause any trouble yet.

And just as she was talking to Wang Xiaohua, Xu Yangyang and her friends returned....


Xu Yangyang raged and came directly in front of Chen Hao.

Several of her sisters were also there.

Because Chen Hao had already put his backpack on the table.

Then, they watched as a girl came over with her shoulders in her hands and pulled Chen Hao's backpack on the floor as if nothing had happened.

The other girl, on the other hand, stepped right on it, obviously on purpose.

"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry, fellow Chen Hao, I stepped on your bag, I'll wash it for you, okay!"

A girl looked apologetic towards Chen Hao.

Chen Hao knew that all of them girls were doing it on purpose and were really unlucky to have offended a group of girls on their first day here.

Although Chen Hao could forcefully fight back against them.

But bar, he didn't come here to show off, and besides, Chen Hao wasn't too bothered with these girls.

Now, he shook his head bitterly and smiled, "Thank you, no need!"  

Afterwards, reach out and try to retrieve your bag!

"How can you not use it? Yang Yang, what do you think?"

That long-haired girl looked at class president Xu Yangyang.

"It's easy!"

After saying that, Xu Yangyang took a cup of water and poured it directly onto Chen Hao's school bag.

Many students in the class were looking at the scene in front of them with pride, this dismount was obviously too ruthless.

"Hmph, Lin Shengnan's family is very powerful in Shuchuan, and Lin Shengnan is a good friend with Xu Yangyang, so we don't have to think about it, we know that it must be the male sister who is standing in for Xu Yang Yang came out on top!"

"That's right, this kid's ideas are really backwards, this is good, not only did he offend Xu Yangyang, even Lin Shengnan was offended, there will be a lot of fun in the future! Up!"

The classmates discussed in low voices.

Then, Lin Shengnan gave Xu Yangyang a wink, meaning as if to say.

See, Yang Yang, he doesn't have the guts to fight back.

Then several girls all returned to their seats.

"Chen Hao, Lin Shengnan's family has a bit of background, but it doesn't seem to be as rich as you, they deliberately bully you ah!"

Wang Xiaohua said in a low voice.

Chen Hao smiled bitterly and shook his head, "It's okay!"

After saying that, Chen Hao picked up his wet bag and put it on the windowsill to dry.

And then he shouted for Wang Xiaohua to accompany him to a bathroom.

"Damn, this isn't even angry, I'm going!"

A girl was speechless when she saw it.

And seeing that Chen Hao didn't feel angry or angry after being humiliated, but instead was smiling and laughing.

Lin Shengnan and Xu Yangyang were also in a hurry.

And now, the joint class had started immediately, and after a short farce, everyone had gone to class.

Chen Hao also pretended to go, books are not taken.

At first, when walking to the joint classroom, everyone was chatting enthusiastically, but as soon as they entered the joint classroom, it was as if it had been arranged beforehand, and they all tacitly shut their mouths.

Even Lin Shengnan and Xu Yangyang were all.

Chen Hao walked in chatting with Wang Xiaohua.

Looking at it, the teacher on the podium didn't come either ah.

Why are they all so quiet and of such good quality?

But soon Chen Hao knew what the reason was.

Looking towards the first row of the Union Hall classroom.

He saw that there were two girls sitting in the first row of seats.

They were both extremely beautiful existences.

And Xu Yangyang and Lin Shengnan were both of the very pretty kind.

But compared to these two, they were still several points behind.

And the two girls had obviously noticed Chen Hao's gaze.

The prettiest of them, after raising her face to look at Chen Hao, she averted her gaze with cold eyes.

The other girl, on the other hand, was a bit surprised when she looked at Chen Hao.

Wang Xiaohua pounded

Pounding Chen Hao, signaling that this was it.

How could Chen Hao not recognize it.

These two girls were not bystanders, they were exactly the ones that they had encountered on the mountain that day and were very powerful. A woman who was somewhat similar to Su Zyue.

But Chen Hao didn't keep staring like Piggy.

Acting as if nothing had happened, he withdrew his gaze.

With Wang Xiaohua, he sat in the row behind the two of them.

Could she really be someone from the Fang family?

The more you looked, the more you gave Chen Hao the feeling of wanting.

Much like Su Zyue, the girl called Lunan, she was really quite high and cold, Chen Hao noticed, although very pretty, but expressionless.

Her partner, however, was still a bit more lively.

Sometimes when she was in class, Wang Xiaohua was deliberately weird and liked to attract attention, pretending to be a clown and so on.

That girl she even laughed a few times.

And soon, the first two classes were finished.

University classes were usually very fast.

That's when everyone packed up and left.

The two girls also left.

"Inan, is that kid interested in you? Hey, the last time we saw him, he looked you straight in the eye, and this time in class, when he first saw you, he looked you straight in the eye too. Look straight! I'm sure he's as much in love with you as any other boy!"

It was only after walking upstairs on campus that the two girls got to talking.

"I think it's you he's looking at!"

Inan's embarrassed face blushed, it was obvious that she was very sensitive and shy about such a topic.

"Che, you don't know, in fact, during class, I glanced at that kid with the corner of my eye and noticed that he was studying you with Fatty Wang! That little fatty Wang used to love to hide in the back and peek at the two of us in class, but now there's a good one with him!"

The girls also knew Wang Xiaohua's name, but used to call him Fatty Wang, if Wang Xiaohua knew that the two absolute goddesses actually used to make fun of him a lot when they were fine, they would probably be mad with joy.

"I'm not worried about Fatty Wang, he used to sneak up on the two of us, at first he was curious about the two of us, then what, knowing that we Two love to play later, just want to pull business for his father as a tour guide, their family is also quite difficult, Wang Xiaofang is still extremely filial! "

Inan said.

"So ah, you just see him as filial and sometimes you say it a little louder on purpose, right?"

The girl said.

Inan nodded.

"I'm actually a little worried about the one next to Fatty, I don't know why, but from the first time I met him, he gave me a different feeling than the others , I can't tell you what it feels like, I don't know if you have it Fangyi?"

"Huh? I am, how shall I put it, a little bit, but obviously not as bad as you make it out to be! Just thought he'd be fun!"

Fanny grinned widely.

"I think we should be a little more careful, it's so hard to come out of harm's way Read the book and be absolutely cautious!"

The girl said.

"Well, Inan, look, it looks like Fatty and that little brother at the back!"

Fang Yi suddenly lowered her voice.

"Don't mind them, let's go have a drink!"

Inan said, the two girls went into the cafe together.

"Hey, Brother Chen look, isn't that the goddess, they've gone to have coffee!"

Wang Xiaohua and Chen Hao didn't notice the two beauties just now, but now that Wang Xiaohua reminded them, Chen Hao only looked.

"Hehe, why don't we follow them over and secretly listen to what they talk about?"

Wang Xiaohua said.

"It's not good, if they notice that we're following them on purpose, it'll be bad!"

Chen Hao couldn't help but smile bitterly.

"Don't worry Brother Chen, with me here, they won't notice that we are deliberately following them, I used to eavesdrop on their conversations and they don't even Knowing that, hahaha, makes my dad a lot of money for them for nothing, don't worry, let's go!"

Wang Xiaohua said with a pat on his chest.


Chen Hao didn't say anything, and then he went to the cafe with the two of them as well, along with Wang Xiaohua.

"I'm going, they're really following us!"

Although Fang Yi was also quite cold, but with a glance from the corner of her eyes, she saw Fatty Wang and Little Brother two people walking in together.

Presently whispered to Fang Lunan.

"Looks like there's a need to check that person's background!"

Inan said in a low voice.

"No need, look at that little brother, he's quite honest too. The guy pursues you, and you end up, because you're so sensitive, having someone check it out, and within days, you've scared the whole family out of their wits, and those Boys, they dodge you when they see you! Not to mention the ones chasing you, even the ones chasing me and talking to us, the family has to be warned, and there's no one else!"

"Now although we can come out and study, what's the difference between that and being at home?"

Fang Yi was dissatisfied.

"You're still saying that if grandpa knew about your words, you'd probably be scolded again! Maybe they'll even take away your chance to study abroad! Grandpa said we have big enemies! Better be careful!"


"Well, it's all up to you~!"

Fang Yi didn't speak.

Chen Hao was sitting next to them with Wang Xiaohua.

To be honest, Chen Hao was quite reluctant to do so.

I always felt that it wasn't good to keep following others like this, it might have the opposite effect.

But Wang Xiaohua was so confident, Chen Hao could not refuse him.

As a result, Wang Xiaohua pricked up his ears to listen to what people said, and the two girls didn't say anything the entire time.

Just heard one sentence: let's go!

It was to see the two of them finish their coffee and prepare to leave.

Fanny was as cold as ever.

Only this time, Fang Yi looked at Chen Hao, gave Chen Hao a warning look, and then left as well.

"Wow, that young lady is looking at you Brother Chen!"

Wang Xiaohua envied.

"Alas, it's just a pity I didn't overhear them this time, it doesn't make sense, why are they talking so quietly this time . I used to be able to hear it all!"

Wang Xiaohua said depressedly.

As for Chen Hao, he patted Wang Xiaohua's shoulder, then looked at Wang Xiaohua and shook his head.

If the guess was right, I'm afraid that he and Wang Xiaohua, had already been exposed!

Poor Xiaohua didn't even know.

And after parting with Wang Xiaohua, since there was no joint class in the afternoon.

Chen Hao didn't go to class and prepared to go back.

He thought to himself that it was not a good idea to go on like this, so he had to find a chance to talk to that Fang Hanan.

Just as he was thinking, Chen Hao got a call.

When he saw the caller ID, Chen Hao was stunned.

This was a special number, and the contacts were the two brothers, Tian Long and Di Hu.

Unless there was an emergency, they would only use this number for notification.

Chen Hao directly connected.

"What's wrong?"

"Young Master Chen! Go back, someone is following you! I guess your identity in Shuchuan has been exposed!"

Tenryu's tone was quite anxious.


Chen Hao couldn't help but look back with the corner of his eyes, the entire street was full of pedestrians, and a bit crowded, after all, the streets of a university city, there must be a lot of people.

But he had a highly sophisticated security apparatus on his body, and the Heavenly Dragon and Earth Tiger could keep track of Chen Hao's movements and the people who appeared next to him at any time.

So as soon as there was a problem, they would immediately report it.

"Young Master Chen, I've already sent my men over now, so you should go back first!"


"All right!"

After hanging up the phone, Chen Hao hurriedly took a taxi and went straight back.

His own identity wasn't exposed, who was it that sent someone to follow him?

"Brother, that kid slipped away!"

Among the crowd, several cold-eyed youths gathered together.

"What are you waiting for, chase!"

The first youth said coldly.

"Oy vey!"

At this time, several people came around, as if these people were fighting, making quite a mess and blocking these youths off.

"Get out of the way!"

The youth furiously pushed them out.

By the time these people chased them out, where was the slightest trace of Chen Hao.

The lead youth stomped his foot in anger!

Presently, Qi Qi returned to a very secluded manor.

"Where is Miss?" The youth asked a butler-looking man.

"It's at the martial arts school!"

Then they arrived at the martial arts school.

They saw Fang Hanan, wearing a ponytail and a white taekwondo uniform, fighting with several opponents.

Fang Yi, on the other hand, was eating potato chips and clapping her hands as she watched the few people who were beaten by Fang Hanan.

"Miss, your skills are getting better and better, I'm about to be unable to teach you!"

A group of twelve people came over and bowed slightly to Inan Fong.

All twelve of them were very famous taekwondo and karate masters from all over the world.

They were Fang Hanannan's special instructors.

"Hoo! A few teachers are modest, someone, please go down and rest!"

Inan Fong said.

"Inan, it's really great, seven or eight people surrounded you and couldn't even get close, I wish I was that good!"

Fang Yi applauded happily.

"I told you to practice and you didn't even practice, you've been lazy since you were little!"

Fang Hanan looked at Fang Yi and smiled bitterly helplessly.

"Hmph, I'm not going to practice, I'd rather be a lady in peace, besides I don't have the perseverance like you, haha, appearance looks like You're so soft, but you don't know that even 7 or 8 grown-up men can't get close to you. I remember when some students molested you. Me, you've beaten me into the lower half of my body hahaha!"

Fanny laughed.

"That's what they owe, well let's not talk about that!"

Fang Hanran smiled before looking at the men standing beside him, "How's it going?"

"Missy, fail!"

The head youth said.

"Failed? First time you five have ever failed at anything, right?"

Fang Hanran was a bit surprised.

"This time it was a bit unexpected, he ran into an accident, a few people rounded up in the square & caused us to go out, the kid hit the car It's gone!"

The youth explained.

"Hahahaha, it's good to fail, I do hope that you will fail, oi hoonan, I think you're really overthinking, people that little brother He's with Fatty, and he thinks you're pretty. You have to check on him too. I want to talk to him and Fatty too. Where's the exchange!"

"Don't you dare! If you dare to talk freely to anyone outside, I'll tell grandpa to keep you locked up!"

Inan Fong was furious.

"Alright, I just won't say anything, I'll do whatever you say!"

Fang Yi said.

"You guys can leave first, this matter is out of your hands for now!"

Fanny looked at the five people.

"Yes! Miss!"

As for Fang Yi, she pouted and walked to the side, broke all the chips and threw them into the trash basket.

Looking at Fangyi, Fangsan shook her head and walked over.

"What's wrong? Blame me for being mean to you earlier?"

"I'm not blaming you, I'm hating the one who made it so we couldn't be like everyone else since we were kids! Why! Why!"

Fang Yi was crying as she said that.

As for Fanny, she also looked gloomy, then thought of something from her childhood....


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