The unknown Heir 337-342


And when Chen Hao returned from picking up the porridge for Su Tongxin.

When he pulled out his phone and looked at it, he saw a text message from an unfamiliar number.

When he finished reading the content of the text message, Chen Hao's entire body was shocked.

Su Tongxin was returning to Hong Kong Island?

He hadn't had time to explain himself to her yet.

Right now, hurriedly drove to the airport.

On the way, also kept calling Su Tongxin.

As a result, Su Tongxin didn't pick up at all.

Until driving outside the airport, when he saw that the plane had slowly lifted off.

Chen Hao was so anxious that he had to mobilize the helicopter to chase after it.


At that moment, a text message came from the phone.

It was sent by Su Tongxin

"Chen Hao, I'm going back to Hong Kong Island first, some things, you don't need to explain to me because I believe you, before, I was just jealous of I just wanted you to coax me more, I didn't consider your feelings! Don't come looking for me yet. Give me some time! Always love you Mu Han!"

Looking at the text message, Chen Hao was anxiously scratching his head.

What did this mean.

How come Tongxin was fine and would suddenly say such things.

Smashing the steering wheel, Chen Hao thought to himself that he hadn't seen her for so long and hadn't said a word, which left again.

When Chen Hao returned to the hospital, his mood was also a little depressed.

It could not be helped but to have Su zyue counseled.

What did this text message mean, was Su Mu Han going to break up with him or something?

Then Su Zyue laughed.

"This is not a breakup ah, you do not see sister-in-law afraid of you think too much, but also added forever love you it, which means that sister-in-law only want a short time Quiet yourself within!"

Alas, at the end of the day, I'm still mad at myself.

If I hadn't gone to help Qin Ya, and the scene wouldn't have been seen by Tongxin just in time, nothing would have happened!

But since Tongxin said that she wanted to be quiet for a while, she wouldn't bother her.

After she went to Shuchuan and found Mengmiao, she would go to Hong Kong Island to look for her.

And so it was the next day.

Chen Hao Su Zyue, and of course, old man Qin Yifan, a few people got on the high speed train to Shuchuan.

This time to go, Chen Hao was mainly looking for people, plus in Shucheon, there was also a small industry in Shucheon that Sister had invested in in the first place, so I guess Sister herself also Forget all about it.

It's still what Li Zhenguo said.

There also happens to be a catch, find a person, and with the addition of money and connections launched at the same time, it shouldn't take more than a few days.

"Grandpa Qin, eat some fruit! I'll peel it for you!"

Su zyue was still a little weak.

However, she was obviously quite grateful for Qin Yifan's saving grace, and took care of Chen Hao and Qin Yifan along the way.

"Old Uncle Qin, where is your home?"

"I forgot, I'll look for it when I get to Shukawa!"

Qin Yifan.

Chen Hao laughed wordlessly.

"Chen Hao? Why are you here?"

And just as Chen Hao was looking out the window thinking about things, a female voice suddenly wondered.

Not expecting to run into an acquaintance on a moving train, Chen Hao turned his head to look.

It was Hu Huimin!

And beside her, there was also that Shen Junwen that she had encountered last time, as well as a few other fresh faces.

To Chen Hao's surprise, the few of them were dressed in a different style.

Now it looked a bit like they were dressed as students.

As for that girl, she was now all casting her eyes towards Chen Hao along with Hu Huimin.

"I'm going to Shuchuan ah! Where are you going?"

Chen Hao faded.

After all, Hu Huimin was classmates with herself and the captain of her high school.

So Chen Hao asked.

"We're also going to Shuchuan, but you don't have to ask what for!"

Hu Huimin faded.

I thought really what a coincidence.

You can run into him anywhere.

And Chen Hao really could have let go of the green train, instead of taking the moving train.

After just a simple exchange of pleasantries, Hu Hu Huimin topped Chen Hao with a few words and didn't speak again.

And Chen Hao bar, again, felt a bit hot-faced with someone's cold ass.

But it didn't matter.

Chen Hao wouldn't be bothered with her either.

But from the looks of it, Hu Hu Huimin should be going to Shuchuan to do some secret business.

Chen Hao wasn't interested either.

At this moment, Su Zyue had peeled another fruit.

Because Su Qiangwei could tell that Chen Hao and Hu Huimin both knew each other.

Plus, Hu Huimin and the others were sitting close to Chen Hao.

So Su Zyue smiled and asked Hu Huimin, "Miss Hu, I just peeled the fruit, do you want one?"

Su zyue is kind and passionate.

Just let go of Hu Huemin.

"Thanks, I don't eat fruit!"

Hu Huimin said indifferently.

In her eyes, Chen Hao itself was lowly, so naturally, she didn't look down on Chen Hao's friends.

It was like being in a circle where you had no presence at all and everyone looked down on you.

Then you bring your friends into the circle, and people naturally despise your friends too.

Quite the opposite, if you were awesome in this circle, everyone would flock to the friends you introduced to please.

Su Rose originally wanted Chen Hao to have some face in front of his friends, but she didn't expect that this beautiful Miss Hu didn't seem to like herself too much.

Su zyue blushed and took back the fruit with an angry face.

"Huimin, this is a honey tangerine sent to me by my relatives back home, it's quite sweet, I'll peel one for you to try!"

Shen Junwen just laughed bitterly.

At their status, there were many people who stammered, and it wasn't just any person they could look up to and give you the chance to stammer! .

Hu Huimin nodded presently.

"Your Jinling's honey oranges are quite famous, we're often in the north, and we want to try them!"

Across the street, there were a few girls, too, at the moment, poking fun.

Apparently a few of them were formed from all over.

"Alright, alright! Here you go!"

Shen Junwen smiled and gave them the oranges.

He himself peeled them for Hu Huemin.

Hu Huimin ate one, "Mmm, it's so sweet!"

Then a few people chatted about some family matters.

Chen Hao saw Su zyue's face full of flaming embarrassment.

She was actually a little angry in her heart.

After all, Hu Huimin was too dismissive of people.

Just smiled and patted Su zyue's shoulder, and also peeled an orange for Su Rose to eat as well.

"Chen Hao, how are we going to go to Rangcheng?"

Su zyue asked at this point.

"Let's get a car to go then, nothing special, and we don't need any help from Shokawa's estate for now! We'll see then!"

Chen Hao said.

After all, this matter that father had explained was asked to be investigated covertly, and now, only Li Zhenguo knew about it.

As for the others, they all thought that Chen Hao was going to travel to Shuchuan.

So Chen Hao did not have the need to inform his sister about her industry in Shuchuan right now.

It was said that the industry wasn't too big, and it was far from Jinling's.

In the blink of an eye, more than four hours passed.

It was nearing evening.

At this moment, outside the Shucheon train station.

There were more than a dozen luxury cars waiting in person.

"Why aren't they here yet? I'm a little tired of standing, Mr. Zhu, you're on the move, who are you picking up?"

"Shut up and stand still, once your ignorance and rudeness offend this one, you won't get away with it!"

Zhu was always a middle-aged man, and at the moment he was yelling at one of his female managers with a serious face.


The capital of Shuchuan served as the central city.

Naturally, it was very prosperous.

And this convoy, even more at the exit of the crowded station, looks particularly eye-catching.

It arrived at the station.

Chen Hao stood up, moved his waist, and took Su zyue and old man Qin off with him.

Only this time when passing by Hu Huimin and the others, Chen Hao indifferently walked by.

There was no greeting.

"Hmph, virtue, who cares about you sparingly!"

Hu Huimin didn't expect Chen Hao to be so tough that he dared not take the initiative to greet her.

Yes, due to Hu Huimin's strong sense of superiority, I can ignore you if you greet, but if you don't, especially someone like Chen Hao, it's like being humiliated by a pig.

But it didn't matter, they also got off the car one after another.

"Jun Wen, didn't you say that when we arrived at the station, someone would pick us up?"

Hughie Min asked.

Several people came out together and looked around.


Just then, a large Land Rover drove up and honked its horn.

Then the window rolled down and a handsome young man greeted Shen Junwen.

"Jun Wen, this!"

"Wang Jian!"

Shen Junwen also waved his hand.

"Wow, Land Rover yeah, Brother Jun Wen, what does this friend of yours do?"

A few girls on the side couldn't help but say.

"He and I were both in the police academy at first, but after he graduated, he didn't go that route and was called back by his dad to inherit the company, huh! "

Shen Junwen.

The girls on the side couldn't help but cast some small adoring glances at Shen Junwen.

Why is it that excellent people are always like this, knowing people who are also of extraordinary status.

"Right Huimin, didn't you say that there are still quite a few of your good high school classmates in Shudu, and that you came to pick us up! If we all take the bus and leave now, your classmates won't run out of time!"

A girl said.

"Hye Min, how was your high school mix at that time? I thought you said you were self-employed?"

Shen Junwen asked as he walked over towards the car.

"Yeah, we were all on the high school competition team at the time, and many of our classmates got into the Shudu side and were quite capable, anyway, our It's still a few days before the mission starts and I want to play with them too! But not as good as your friend Wang Jian!"

Hu Huemin was sour.

Now, come to the front of the car and introduce each other to each other.


Just then, another horn sounded.

A BMW 5 Series drove up.

The window was down, and this time sitting on the passenger side was a man and a woman.

Waving his hand at Hu Huimin, "Hi! Wyman!"

"Wang Wen Liang Meng!"

Hu Huimin also smiled happily.

Seeing Hu Huimin's classmates, they also drove their luxury cars to pick them up.

The two girls next to her were quite envious.

After all, they can't have so many classmates and friends, and if they do, they have long since stopped contacting each other.

There was another exchange of pleasantries as well as mutual introductions.

Between successful people, there was a lot of mutual language itself.

"Huimin, it's been years since I've seen you, I've missed you so much! This is a good time to get together!"

Wang Wen was also quite pretty looking, and was now holding Hu Huimin's hand in a warm way.


Suddenly, Wang Wen looked behind Hu Huimin in a daze.

"Isn't that... isn't that Chen Hao? No way, right?"

Wang Wen looked at Chen Hao and the others who walked out of the exit.

One big baggage and small baggage.

"Hmph, why not, it's him!"

Hu Huemin was speechless.

"Chen Hao!"

Wang Wen suddenly shouted at this time.

Chen Hao was also stunned, why was someone calling out her name?

Only when I turned my head did I see Wang Wen Liang Meng and the others clearly.

Although they weren't too familiar with each other in high school, and apart from competitions, there was no contact in private.

But in theory, Chen Hao had a good relationship with Wang Wen at that time.

As for Liang Meng, his family belonged to a very rich kind, and he didn't usually talk to Chen Hao much.

But it was better with Hu Huimin and the others.

Right now, with a few surprises, they walked over.

"Wang Wen Liang Meng, it's you guys?"

After all, Chen Hao was still very warm when they met as classmates.

Liang Meng looked up and down at Chen Hao and nodded somewhat despicably as a greeting.

Wang Wen, on the other hand, jumped a little and patted Chen Hao's shoulder.

"Hey, Chen Hao, it's been so long since I've seen you, you too, you didn't even contact us!"

When the competition was first held, in the group competition, Chen Hao was in a group with Wang Wen and got the ranking at the same time, so the two of them had quite a bit of comradeship in them.

"Yeah, we haven't seen each other for a long time!"

Chen Hao also.

"By the way Chen Hao, is that beautiful woman your girlfriend and family? How about this, where are you going, I'll have Liang Meng send you there together!"

Wang Wen said.

"I'll have to pick up someone later!"

Liang Meng suddenly said.

Wang Wen was a little embarrassed with a smile, and hurriedly changed the subject: "Right Huimin Chen Hao, you don't know yet, Liang Meng and I are about to get married! And three months pregnant both!"

"Yeah, well, congratulations!"

Hu Huimin smiled in surprise.

I don't know what this Niko was thinking, but right now she was actually looking at Chen Hao's expression.

It was as if she had to see the fallout from Chen Hao's face compared to others to be happy.

"Hmm? I wasn't even paying attention, I'm going, you guys look at that convoy!"

At that moment, Wang Jian suddenly pointed to the side.

"Hmm? Yeah, lots of luxury cars, huh?"

A few of the girls also looked on, and were surprised.

"The one playing the lead, that seems to be the famous entrepreneur of this province, Mr. Zhu Ming Zhu, right?"

Liang Meng also recognized it, surprised at the moment.

"It really is Mr. Zhu, strange, why did such a person come out to personally receive people? I remember when I was very young, my dad took me to the big Chamber of Commerce and then I was so ignorant, I ran around and almost ran into the Mr. Zhu, he even touched my head!"

Wang Jian said in quite a glorious way.

"Let me go over and say hello! I saw one of the managers below Zhu was there too, and knew my dad!"

Wang Jian said, and really walked away.

The crowd was surprised and admiring.

Just saw that Wang Jian went over and actually spoke to a manager, but he quickly returned.

"How's it going Wang Jian?"

Shen Junwen worshipped.

"Greetings, hehe, people are here to pick up a big shot today, so they didn't talk to me much, just now Zhu just looked back at me And I didn't dare talk to him!"

The crowd was full of eager chatter.

It was weirdly awkward for Chen Hao to stand.

Just said hello to Wang Wen and left.

Wang Wen didn't stay now, indeed, it was awkward for him to let Chen Hao continue to be here.

"Strange, why hasn't Young Master Chen come yet?"

As for over there, Zhu Ming looked at the time and was now sweating in a hurry.

Li Zhenguo didn't arrange for Zhu Ming to meet young Master Chen, he just said that young Master Chen would arrive today, just wait for Young Master Chen call at any time.

After all, Chen Hao had said that there was no need to put on any show.

But the speaker didn't mean it, the listener did.

Zhu Ming, how could he slow down?

But wait and wait and wait, I didn't wait.

Besides, Chen Hao saw that it was already late, so the three of them looked for a hotel to stay in first.

It was just after they had settled in, Chen Hao's phone suddenly rang....


The call was from Li Zhenguo.

"What's wrong?"

"Young Master Chen, have you arrived yet, the number I sent you, is the general manager of Shu Du Zhu Ming, Chen's industry is spread all over the country, Shu Du Naturally no exception, you can find this Vermin for anything when you go over there!"

Li Zhenguo said.

It was also afraid that something dangerous would happen to Chen Hao.

"I know!"

"And Young Master Chen, the matter of the jade pendant that I had people looking for you in Shudu before has also been handled by Zhu Ming, he has now found out Some clues!"

"Well, I'll give him a call and ask!"

After hanging up the phone.

Chen Hao, who was lying on the bed, dialed Zhu Ming.

Once Zhu Ming received the call, he was quite excited.

But it was also indeed competent.

He quickly stepped into the main topic.

"Young Master chen,I've been poking around about the jade pendant, and now I've got a glimpse of it, although I didn't find out which specific family, I Had described the shape of the jade pendant to an old gentleman who said he would be able to confirm it if he saw the real thing!"

"Okay, it's so late now, let's wait until morning, let's meet up, and you can take me to find that old man!"

After it was said and done.

Chen Hao used to want to give Su Tongxin a call again.

Because before, every time Chen Hao went to bed, he had to chat with Su Tongxin on the phone.

But now? I don't know what's wrong with Su Tongxin.

He had refused to call himself several times.

And the same.

Su Tongxin was now also in the dorm thinking about Chen Hao.

"Tongxin, why don't you accompany me down to buy something?"

Seeing that Su Tongxin was distracted while reading, Su Meng Meng came over and patted Su Tongxin's shoulder.


Su Tongxin responded, and the two of them then went downstairs and walked out.

The apartment building of the TV station, there were also many young students from all over the country who came here for internship and study.

There were also quite a few people in the supermarket.

"Oh, isn't this Su Tongxin! Why are you working so hard and still have time to come down and shop?"

A tall, very pretty-looking girl was now looking at Su Tongxin and said coldly.

"Yang Hua Li, use you to manage ah! Mind your own business!"

Su Mengmeng fought for Su Tongxin.

Yang Hua Hua, it seems like she's from Mordor.

Comprehensive grades to say the least.

It was just a little bit worse with Su Tongxin.

The two of them were competitors.

This time, it was because of a quota scramble to cooperate with the recreation group and the expert group, and would send the best intern to join the recreation group.

This way, the one who joins the recreation group will be famous.

The most vociferous ones are naturally Yang Huahua and Su Tongxin.

But off to the side, Yang Hua Hua seemed to have some connections here.

Therefore, there were occasions when she deliberately demolished her rival Su Tongxin, not to mention this time, but the competition between the famous and the not famous.

When Yang Hua Hua saw Su Tongxin, she was naturally extraordinarily jealous.

And looking at Su Mumeng was about to quarrel with her.

"Forget it Meng Meng, let's go back!"

Su Tongxin said.

He directly left.

"Hmph, this time into the recreation group, absolutely no you!"

Yang Hua Hua held her shoulders in a cold voice.

And when Su Tongxin went back, "Tongxin, you're back ah, just now I went to your dormitory to look for you did not see you yet, I here an article! I've just finished writing my editorial thesis, so come over and help me with it!"

A girl just happened to be waiting at Su Tongxin's dormitory, smiling at the moment.


Su Tongxin said.

Then he went to that girl's dormitory and came back shortly afterwards.

This was supposed to be a very normal day for Su Tongxin.

And this time.

Just heard a commotion from outside.

It seemed like a girl was crying.

Since it wasn't far away, Su Tongxin and the others went out.

It was from the same dormitory that had just asked Su Tongxin to write her thesis.

Quite a few girls had already heard it and walked over.

Su Tongxin and the others also went over.

"What's wrong? What happened?"

A girl asked.

"I just went out to hang out with my roommates and when I came back, I lost the diamond ring my boyfriend gave me! That diamond ring is so, so expensive, but I can't find it anywhere!"

The girl cried anxiously.

And at this time, Yang Hua Hua also came out from the next bedroom.

"Xiaoyun you don't cry, hello think about it, is not put where you forget, you also know, you this person is usually a big hand, in case by you What about putting it in the corner and not finding it?"

Yang Hua Li said.

"But Sister Li, I remember very clearly, it's impossible to put it away indiscriminately, besides, something so valuable, worth over four hundred thousand, how can I Maybe just leave it lying around?"

Xiaoyun cried out.

"That's strange ah, then Xiaoyun, think about it, after you guys went down today, who stayed in the dorm? Did the door to the dormitory not close properly and someone with an axe to grind got in?"

"Who told you to show off with a diamond ring in broad daylight!"

Yang Gorgeous said.

"The five of us went shopping together, but Nan Ma was the only one who stayed in her dorm room today, she had to write her editorial paper..."

The other housemate.

"No...not me, I didn't take it!"

Nan Ma said with great trepidation.

"You're the only one in the dormitory, how did you lose it if you didn't take it?"

Yang Hua Hua suddenly said.

"Tell you what, do you dare to let us search your bed bag?"

Yang Hua Hua said.

Su Tongxin saw that Yang Gorgeous was obviously taking it out on Ma Nan who was usually on good terms with her.

Right now, she said, "I can prove that Ma Nan didn't touch Xiaoyun's things, Ma Nan is not like that!"

"You prove it? What makes you so sure?"

Yang Hua Hua pointed at Su Tongxin and said.

"Oooh, I see, when I came out to fetch water, I think I saw Tongxin coming to your dorm together with Ma Nan!"

At that moment, a girl from the next dorm said.


This time, everyone's eyes all glanced at Su Tongxin.

"No wonder, Su Tongxin you're speaking for Ma Nan like this, huh, it seems like you two are working together, right?"

Yang Hua Hua said coldly.

"What are you babbling about!"

Summon said urgently.

"Oh, then if it's not you two, let us search it, and if it's not, why are you so nervous?"

Yang Hua Hua said.


The girl who threw the ring was now startled to see Su Tongxin.

After all, she and Su Tongxin were technically on extremely good terms.

"Alright, you can search all you want!"

Su Tongxin said.

Then Yang Hua Li really went to search.

Searched Ma Nan's quilted luggage, and there was none.

Then Yang Hua Hua brought a few of her sisters with her.

Came to Su Tongxin's dorm room.

Flipping around, suddenly, when taking away Su Tongxin's pillow.

Yang Hua Hua suddenly surprised a finger.

"Oh my god, Xiaoyun, come see if this is your ring?"

Everyone saw this scene as well.

Xiaoyun walked over to pick it up and took a look, "Yes, this is my ring!"

Then Xiaoyun was a bit startled as she looked at Su Tongxin, "Tongxin, how come you really took it?"


Su Tongxin was also shocked.

"How is that possible? I didn't even take it!"

"Now that we have all the evidence, you're still trying to deny it! Oh, how interesting!"

Yang Hua Hua said.

"Tongxin, I've always admired you, but now, you're such a disappointment, if you like it, you can tell me! "

Xiaoyun said incredulously.

"I didn't, I didn't!"

Su Tongxin shook her head one after another.

"That's right, I told you Yang Hua Li, Mu Han's boyfriend is the richest man in Jinling, what does she want or not, would she steal someone else's ring?"

Su Mengmeng.

"Hahahahaha, I'm so scared, it's actually the richest man in Jinling!"

Yang Hua Hua covered her mouth and laughed.

"But no matter what, stealing is stealing, and we'll react to the director about this tomorrow! Let's go! Let's go! In vain you are still the director's most favored person, hehe, tomorrow Hong Kong* TV station has a big event again, see how you explain!"

Yang Gorgeous turned around and directly pulled Xiaoyun away.

As for Ma Nan, she now looked at Su Tongxin with a complicated look, then bit her own lip and left as well.

"Tongxin, how did this happen? We all believed you wouldn't take it, but the thing is, we've been in the dorm and who put the ring under your pillow!"

Of course, Su Mengmeng and the others all knew who Tongxin's boyfriend was, and even if they didn't, they knew exactly what Mu Han was like ah.

"I know who put it there, but I don't think she meant to harm me!"

Su Tongxin had tears in her eyes.

Yeah, how could she not see the whole thing for what it was?

But Su Tongxin couldn't figure out why Ma Nan would help Yang Hua Hua set herself up?

Whenever Yang Hua Hua bullied her, she was the one who stood up for her, wasn't she?

And Summon and the others knew in hindsight who it was.

"Shit, I'm going to get her, heartless thing!"

Su Mengmeng and Wu Wenwen were both a bit anxious.

"Forget it, there's no use looking for her, since someone can convince her to set me up, she won't let Ma Nan tell the truth! Besides, it's a set that's clearly designed! Even if it didn't work this time, there's always next time, and she won't let me compete with her smoothly anyway!"

Su Tongxin sat on the bed in depression.

"Tongxin, why don't you call Chen Hao's.Yang Hua Hua is a local with complicated relationships, you can't even fight her, you can make Ma Nan obeys her! To put it bluntly, it's best to send you back to Jinling if you can't participate in the competition."

Su Mengmeng said worriedly.

"I know, Monmon, you guys stay out of this matter, the person she wants to deal with is me, don't get you guys involved, tomorrow's TV conference , it is said that a mysterious big man is coming, you guys rest early and prepare yourselves well!"

After saying that, Su Tongxin laid down.

Although she was strong-mouthed, she was a girl after all, and was so weak outside that she didn't even have anyone to hurt.

At this moment, she couldn't help but think of Chen Hao.

If Chen Hao was there, he would definitely accompany himself in anything that happened.

If he knew he was in trouble, he would also be the first to come over.

Su Tongxin really couldn't help but give Chen Hao a call and cry with him.

How could it be so easy for a girl to be outside.

But when she remembered what Qin Ya had said, if she called Chen Hao for everything, then what else could she give Chen Hao but posture?

What you should be doing is to be the woman behind Chen Hao, not the pretty vase, right?

That night, Su Tongxin didn't sleep much.

Waiting until the next morning.

Because of the big event at the TV station.

So they all had to go over early to prepare, set up the venue and so on.

The Hong Kong* TV station, along with the TV stations around the South Pacific, and many co-hosted TV stations in Warsaw, all belonged to one group under unified jurisdiction.

The strength is very big.

And what's even more unimaginable is that there are rumors that the big boss of the TV group is actually a girl who's not too old and has a particularly awesome history.

And this very powerful TV group, in fact, in the eyes of this big boss of others, was but a dime a dozen, no, it was not even a dime a dozen.

It's spread very evil.

But the specifics are not clear to anyone anymore, after all, no one has seen it.

Therefore, the TV station piece was even more important to a certain level.

Even the placement of tables and chairs in the Assembly Hall were accurate to the millimeter, and could not be crooked at all.

The degree of importance can be imagined.

And this time, the big event of the TV Festival would be attended by big stars from all over the world, so it could be very lively.


Just as everyone was cautiously setting up in the morning.

Director Hou clapped his hands and told the interns and the staff to all drop what they were doing.

"Everyone come over here, I have an announcement to make!"

Dozens of people all gathered together.

"Since this person who came today is really too special, our staff must be careful when working and then Watch out!"

"And the awards person, I decided to pick one of our interns out of our internship, to pay special attention to the fact that it's going to be with this big man to interact!"

Director Hou was also extremely nervous.

"Gorgeous, we support you!"

At this time, a group of people on the scene shouted.

They, all of them, were respectable, wealthy young men, big thousand men, who had obviously come to accompany Yang Gorgeous, and naturally had the qualifications to enter the venue.

In fact, as of now, quite a few people were already in place.

Even many big names from Yanjing, Mordor had all come.

And the corner of Director Hou's mouth twitched, then he smiled awkwardly and said, "I've studied with the TV station and decided to let Su Tongxin be the student!"

"Tongxin, you have to go for it!"

Director Hou had high hopes for the road.

Su Tongxin nodded.

"Hmph, I disagree!"

And Yang Gorgeous's face, a little green, there is no doubt that whoever is elected this time, is the first sister within the internship.

So of course Yang Gorgeous was anxious.

"Gorgeous, you have other assignments, what do you disagree with?"

Director Hou knew Yang Huahua's history, so he didn't dare to be too harsh.

"I'm not saying that I want to get elected, I mean, let anyone get elected, just don't let this thief go, otherwise, it's simply against the People's insults!"

Yang Hua Li said.

"What thief? What are you talking about?" Director Hou sternly said.

"By the way, I was about to report to you that last night, Su Tongxin stole the diamond ring that Xiaoyun's boyfriend gave her, which we all See, stolen goods!"

Yang Hua Li said.

The group of girls couldn't help but nod their heads.

Honestly, if they hadn't seen it with their own eyes, no one would have believed it was true.

"With this, Su Tongxin has no face to go!"

"That's right, how can you let someone like that on?"

"Rub it in, just blow it out, and steal it, what a shame!"

"Yeah, we've lost all of our interns to her!"

Many of the interns, among them girls, jealous of Su Tongxin at the moment, were up in arms.

"I didn't steal, I didn't..."

In the face of the scorn and accusations of others, Su Tongxin said.


"Tongxin, what's going on here?"

Director Hou saw a lot of people following the uproar, and although he admired Su Tongxin, he had to be even with a bowl of water.

"Xiaoyun, you tell Director Hou!"

Yang Huahua pulled the silent Li Xiaoyun to the front.

Li Xiaoyun fidgeted originally didn't want to say.

Tongxin was usually a really nice person and Li Xiaoyun was so close to Su Tongxin.

Indeed, when she had just lost her ring, she was really angry and was ready to call the police to arrest the person who stole her things.

But after knowing that it was Su Tongxin, Li Xiaoyun didn't say anything.

Now, for the sake of Su Tongxin's face, she didn't want to say more and just wanted to turn a big issue into a small one.

"Xiaoyun, you say!"

Director Hou frowned.

So Li Xiaoyun told the story of yesterday.

And what's more, there were so many witnesses.

This was difficult for Director Hou to handle.

To be honest, Director Hou definitely didn't believe it.

However, if he doesn't make an attitude to play sloppy fool, this Yang Hua Hua is a difficult ghost, and might still fling the police.

What's more, Yang Huaihua had come to help her out with so many of her college friends today, so it was obvious that she wouldn't rest easily.

"Mu Han, there's nothing I can do about this matter, if that's the case, this quota can't be given to you!"

Director Hou.

"Just can't give it to her!"

Yang Gorgeous said holding her shoulders.

And Ma Nan, who was standing in the corner, was now looking at Su Tongxin, wanting to say something, but quickly received Yang Hua Hua's warning gaze.

Now he clenched his fist, and then lowered his head with a face full of shame and helplessness.

It was hard to tell what Su Tongxin was saying, there was no choice but to watch as this opportunity was taken away by someone else.

Su Tongxin was not on board, naturally no one in this area dared to compete with Yang Hua Hua.


Sue Monk and the others came over.

"It's okay Monty, I'm fine, I'm going to the bathroom!"

After Su Tongxin said that, he turned around and left.

And by the time Su Tongxin washed her hands and was ready to come out.

But Yang Hua Hua came with a few sisters who were very close to her and blocked Su Tongxin.

"What are you doing? Now aren't you satisfied?"

Su Tongxin asked Yang Hua Hua with a cold face.

"Oh, of course I'm not satisfied, I know what all those people will think of me, they might even think that I deliberately planted the evidence against you . But it doesn't matter, the chance is mine now, you've lost to me, but I'm not convinced!"

Yang Huaihua's red eyes.

Yes, since she was a child, Yang Hua Li has always carried the aura of being number one, no matter where she went, within any organization group, she was always the worthy core, first sister.

Who doesn't call her a sister Li.

I thought that by coming to the TV station to study, I had taken advantage of the perfect timing and location, so I could say that I was a worthy first sister, right?

However, in every aspect of herself, she was overpowered by Su Tongxin.

Moreover, this Su Tongxin was disingenuous and tricked everyone into liking her and supporting her.

Whether it was the very poor one, Ma Nan.

Or the Li Xiaoyun whose family was very rich and whose boyfriend was also quite rich, all of them were very good to Su Muhan.

You know, Li Xiaoyun used to be a good friend with herself in a university ah.

Yet she has become extremely close to Su Tongxin as well.

Do you think she, Yang Hua Li, can't see that? If it was anyone else, even if she had stolen something as valuable as Li Xiaoyun's, she definitely wouldn't have spared herself and would have torn her face from her! .

But as for Su Tongxin, he has never wanted to pursue the matter and has been persuaded to stop publicizing it to avoid giving Su Tongxin a bad influence.



Why does everyone love you, Su Mu Han!

"What do you have against me, I can't even fight you!"

Su Tongxin said coldly.

"I'm just not convinced, I'm not convinced why everyone loves you and hates me, and now everyone knows you're the one who stole, but Don't you think I know what people say? Say I planted you!"

"I don't want to hear this, I'm sure the water will come out in the end!"

After saying that, Su Tongxin turned around and wanted to leave.

"You stop right there, by now, I'm a first sister and you're still ignoring me like this!"

Yang Hua Hua pulled Su Tongxin back.



Suddenly, raising his hand was a slap on Su Tongxin's face.

"I'm telling you, I've long wanted to teach you a lesson, but everyone is pushing hard for you, so I usually put up with it, but now, I don't have to! I stomp around the area and people have to nod to me, but what do you have!"

Yang Hua Hua raised her hand to fight after saying that.

"Stop, Yang Hua Li what do you want?"

Just at this time, a few girls ran over.

Among them were Li Xiaoyun and Su Tongxin's roommates.

Li Xiaoyun shouted.

Just now when we saw Yang Huahua bring someone in, we all felt that something was wrong.

"What makes you think you can beat Tongxin?"

Li Xiaoyun said.

"I just hit what? What's going on? Now I'm the first sister, and I'll teach her a lesson if I don't like what I see!"

Yang Hua Hua shouted.

After shouting, she pointed at Su Tongxin, "In the future here, behave yourself!"

After saying that, he left with a group of people.

"Tongxin, are you alright?"

Summon said worriedly.

"I'm fine!"

"Damn, this Yang Hua Hua is too much, the assistantship should have been given to you, but now, she actually had you placed in the The gate went to be a welcome home, she's too damned fed up, let's beat her up!"

Su Meng Meng said fiercely.

"Don't, you mustn't offend her for me, or it'll be hard to get a foothold here, no way, she's a snake in the ground!"

Su Tongxin was grateful.

As for being the welcoming guest, just be the welcoming guest.

Su Tongxin really didn't want to drag Meng Meng and the others into trouble.

"Tongxin, let's two be the welcoming guests, now that many rich and famous merchants are here, let's go over..."

At this time, Ma Nan came over and looked at Su Tongxin, she said very quietly.

"Hmph, after being someone's licking dog, I haven't seen you rise much!"

Su Meng Meng scoffed.

Everyone looked at Ma Nan with a mean look before they all went out to get busy.

Su Mumon also looked at Ma Nan, and that was when he said, "Let's go!"

At the entrance, on top of the big square, but there were already a lot of people, and there were already a lot of big men coming in.

And the welcoming guest, to be honest, was just standing outside all the time.

Unlike the current Yang Hua Hua, who could follow a group of celebrities back and forth.

"Tongxin, I... I'm sorry!"

And Nan Ma watched as Su Tongxin's cheeks were slightly red from the beating.

At this moment weeping said.

Yes, when you are out studying, who is the best for you, it must be Su Mu Han, sometimes when you don't have money, or Su Tongxin to help yourself.

But now that she has harmed her like this, Ma Nan definitely can't bear it in her heart.

"Tongxin, I was forced to do this, I have a hard time..."

Nan Ma cried.


So Ma Nan told the story of how to harm Su Tongxin.

The gist of it was that Ma Nan felt that this TV station opportunity was also important to herself, and even Yang Hua Hua took a future job position as a The conditions of inducement.

Quite the contrary, if Ma Nan didn't cooperate, she wouldn't even have the chance to let Ma Nan intern.

Ma Nan had no choice, so she finally agreed.

As for Su Tongxin, although she was a bit angry with Ma Nan, but after all, she was not as angry with her anymore.

After all, it couldn't all be Ma Nan's fault, if she lost this position, it would affect her work later, back in Jinling, and her own family. And Chen Hao.

And if Ma Nan lost it, she'd have nothing.

I'm afraid that if she were herself, she would do the same, right?

The culprit, however, was Yang Hua Hua.

If you were to say hate, the person who hated should also be Yang Gorgeous.

"Tongxin, I'm all over the idea of fighting Yang Hua Hua, and I don't want her to deal with you like this!"

Nan Ma pouted.

"Don't, I didn't mean to blame you, I know you're having a hard time, this matter is between Yang Gorgeous and me, I don't blame anyone!"

Su Tongxin was busy.

"Hmph, you two, and you dare to talk nonsense! Stand still for me!"

Right at this moment, Yang Hua Hua came out, now proudly saying.

"Su Mengmeng, and Matilda Wu, you two should also stand over there, the welcome cannot be too little, so I requested for two more!"

Glancing at Su Mengmeng and Wu Wenwen, Yang Gorgeous stood at the doorway, where leaders were now beginning to come out to make preparations for the welcome.

"Yanjing Xu, Mr. Xu Shao has arrived!"

At that moment, though, a shout went up, and a young man, like a star, came over.

And presented a banner.

Every big shot who came, definitely had to display something to prove their identity or enterprise.

Such a big scene, the people coming from all over the world, and they were all rich businessmen, so this was the time to advertise their businesses or individuals to show their faces. It couldn't be better!

"Mordor King always arrives!"


One by one, there were more and more big men.

As for Yang Huahui, she was fortunate enough to stand at the end of the leadership welcoming group, shaking hands with each and every big shot.

On the long red carpet, in just a short while, there were many rich businessmen and young men walking over.

As for Su Tongxin, she didn't know why she was very excited at the moment.

It was because quite a few of Jiangnan Province's influential and respectable bigwigs had all come over.

What was there to be excited about?

Could it be, he also came....

And the periphery of the scene, the press audience has surrounded the red carpet area.

Various rich businessmen, in addition to showing up unexpectedly, luxury cars are even more continuous, as a way to show their strength.


At this time, Su Mumeng, who was next to Su Tongxin, said.

Without thinking about it, she knew that it must be Yang Hua Li's personal revenge that had pitched them all out.

"Do you think that Chen Hao will come ah? If Chen Hao had come, it would have blown Yang Gorgeous's face off today, after all, all those connections she had, even if they all added up, were no match for the Chen Hao is one in ten thousand ah."

Su Meng Meng was excited.

"I...I don't know!"

Su Tongxin shook her head.

"Oh my, you too, you're so stubborn, if I had such a rich boyfriend, I would have followed him around long ago, that is You, you have to be stubborn to prove yourself, we as girls, what's wrong with being called a vase, the husband is rich on the line!"

Su Mengmeng used to support Su Tongxin's self-reliance.

But now, after being screwed over by Yang Hua Li as well, she was holding her breath.

In her heart, if Chen Hao was her boyfriend.

Now if she was being bullied.

It's a direct hit to Yang Hua's face, she wouldn't even dare to put a fart on it.

On the other hand, Matilda Wu, who was opposite, was obviously looking forward to Chen Hao arrival.

This way, she would be able to raise her eyebrows as well.

"Hmph, what are you guys talking about!"

And at this time, Yang Hua Hua came over and said coldly to the whispering Su Tongxin and Su Meng Meng.

"Yang Hua Li, what are you fooling around with, I'm telling you, be a good person and leave a trace, I've already told you, Tongxin's boyfriend Very powerful, it's Jinling Chen, maybe he'll come today, if Chen comes, you'll just have to wait."

Su Meng Meng said.

"Hahaha, I'm so scared, I know a lot of rich young people, but I've never heard of any Jinling Chen!"

Yang Hua Hua scoffed and laughed.

"Then you'll see!"

Summon said.

And that's when you hear a scream from the whole stadium.

Just saw a super dazzling supercar driving over.

It was obvious that the crowd was surprised by these sports cars.

Even Yang Huaihua, was shocked to the point of not speaking.

Honestly speaking, Yang Huaihua had already seen many luxury sports cars, but like this, the scene of a luxurious fleet of cars made up of luxury cars, was really the first time she had seen it.

"Dreamer Group, Jinling Young Master Chen has arrived!!!"

And before the car stopped, we saw several staff members in suits, shouting as they ran over to the leadership welcoming group.

The hair was standing erect.

"Quick, quick, get ready! Ready! Jinling Chen is here!!!"

"What! So soon!"

The leadership group was all shocked, then respectfully all ran down the steps and directly greeted with the closest distance.

After all, Young Master Chen was the most important person today other than that big man.

And many of the rich merchants and young men who had heard about it and gone in also all poured out to greet him.

"What? Is there really a Jinling Young Master Chen!?"

Yang Hua Li, on the other hand, was startled as her face went white.

And looking at this scene, it was obvious that Jinling Young Master Chen was one of the central figures of today.

At this moment, quite jealously, she looked at Su Tongxin.

"Jinling Young Master Chen, is he really your boyfriend? How is that possible?"

Yang Hua Li said incredulously, is it true that she, herself, can't compare to this Su Tongxin in anything.

Why is her luck so good.

Finding a boyfriend, actually so powerful.

"Haha, silly, that's still a lie, our Tongxin is like a fake Chen Maiden's friend!"

Su Meng Meng was excited.

Let's see what else you Yang Hua Hua can pretend to be 13 with this time!

As for Su Tongxin, all of her attention at this point was already on that convoy.

Although she didn't want to use any help from Chen Hao anymore, but this time, she had returned to Jinling without even talking to Chen Hao properly.

To say that she didn't regret her pique and caprice at all was a pure lie.

I go, this is the most luxurious convoy today, right?

The crowd screamed.

"Yeah, each one started at almost $20 million, and a full fleet of ten cars came to escort them, hundreds of millions of dollars, holy shit!"

The crowd was surprised again.

And the car finally came to a stop.

A man shouted, "Young Master Chen has arrived!"

Then, on the top floor of the TV building, fireworks were set off, instantly colorful above the sky.

And on both sides of the large pool, fountains gushed high.

The scene was incomparably spectacular.

What's more, there was a large banner that was carefully picked up by the staff.

Su Tongxin, on the other hand, raised her face and looked over nervously....


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