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Chapter 328

"Woah woah woah!"

Wei Mengjiao was worried, but saw the scene of six helicopters pulling Chang Hong and lifting off at the same time.

All of a sudden, she was stunned.

Looking at the expressions of the crowd, the Long family had finally managed to save a little bit of face.

Long Jinan also smiled slightly.

But very soon, to everyone's dismay.

The six imposing helicopters briefly lifted off the ground before Chang Hong could even unfold.

It began to rapidly land.

"Ah? What's this about?"

Someone asked in alarm.

"I'll go! You guys, look!"

Someone shouted again, pointing to the side of the sky.

It was shocking to see that, not far away, the crowds were overwhelming.

It was rushing over towards the Hot Springs Villa.

It was none other than the thirty-six helicopters that Chen Hao had brought with him.

And none of them, it seemed, were even more luxurious than the six from the Dragon Family.

That was a full thirty-six helicopters.

"What's the situation? Whose...whose is this?"

The whole place all stood up, full of incredulity.

It was no wonder that the six helicopters that lifted off the ground, directly landed.

Long Jinan was also puzzled, and Long Shaoyun was even more pale.

Not to mention Yang Xue.

After shouting holy crap, he also stood up.

After all, the Yanjing Long Family was a big family.

It was extremely financially strong.

That was why it had six luxury helicopters.

It was still used as a reliance row.

She, Yang Xue, was also fortunate enough to have done it once.

After all, this kind of helicopter of the Long family, where is the price of the ordinary helicopters on the market can be compared to it.

But I didn't expect that there were actually more ruthless ones.

"Who is it?"

The hearts of the crowd were shocked.

But Qin Ya was the only one, her eyes were teary at the moment.

She knew that it must be him, Chen Hao had come.

And the helicopters, one of them, landed directly at the entrance of the venue.

The door of the aircraft opened, and Chen Hao slowly walked down from the aircraft.

And a piece of it came down, along with the Heavenly Dragon, Earth Tiger, and, of course, Hou San.

"Young Master Chen!!!"

Some people couldn't help but shout, "It's actually Young master Chen, oh my!"

Chen Hao smiled faintly, there were originally a few Long Family's bodyguards at the entrance who were confronting Chen Hao's men.

But as soon as Chen Hao arrived, this group of people subconsciously and automatically stepped out of the way.

"Young Master Chen!"

"Young Master Chen!"

Many rich and famous merchants stood up and shouted.

"Chen Hao!"

As for Qin Ya, she also shouted softly.

Qin Ya was here, but Chen Hao was a bit surprised.

Originally, he had only come to find Long Shaoyun trouble today.

I didn't expect Qin Ya to be there.


Chen Hao faintly nodded his head, then directly walked over.

The audience was also instantly silent.

Today, the Chen family's strength was considered a complete display.

It was simply too strong.

"Young Master Long , make way, I have something to say!"

Originally, Long Shaoyun was sitting at the most central position in the arena.

And Chen Hao walked over, patted Long Shaoyun's shoulder, and directly asked him to stand to the side.

Long Shaoyun looked at him furiously.

When had he, Long Shaoyun, ever been treated like this.

To even ask him to stand aside in public was clearly humiliating him.

But Long Jinan grabbed Long Shaoyun's arm and still pulled Long Shaoyun to the side.

The scene in front of them was clear, at least right now, the few of them from the Dragon Family were simply unable to fight against Young Master Chen and the others.

As for Chen Hao, he also glanced at Wei Mengjiao, who was pale on the side, and smiled faintly.

"Everyone, today is young Long's birthday, I'm here, nothing else, I just want to give young Long a few birthday gifts! And, of course, to the Ouyang family present who had a great misunderstanding with me!"

"Huh? What birthday present?" The crowd was confused.

And sitting next to him were the Ouyang family, including Ouyang Ru.

At this moment, Ouyang Ru was looking at Chen Hao with some hostility, but the Ouyang family didn't say anything throughout.

It wasn't their Ouyang family's home turf even if the Chen family was looking for trouble.

"I had some misunderstandings with Miss Ouyang earlier, I'm sure some of you have already heard about it, and there are many people who want to know what this is all about . Now let's show everyone!"

Chen Hao smiled.

The venue's large screen was directly controlled by Chen Hao's people.

A video then appeared.

The scene was at night, a car was parked on the bridge of the moat.

Long Shaoyun was standing on the bridge with Wei Mengjiao.

Soon, a car came, and it was the president of Jinling Time*.

"Meng Jiao, that matter of your cousin Ouyang Ru is in your hands, you are in charge of making Ouyang Ru and Chen Hao together, creating opportunities for Chen Hao to be with Ouyang Ru is alone in the room, Liu She, as for the exposure, I'll leave it to you! As for the rest, don't worry about it, I'll arrange it! Guaranteed to make even Chen Hao jump into the Yellow River."

"No problem! Long Shao!"


Next, a few people chatted about something else.

Ouyang Ru, as well as the Ouyang family, all stood up angrily at the moment.

Ouyang Ru, on the other hand, even looked at her cousin Wei Mengjiao with cold eyes.

Wei Mengjiao was now red in the face.

Long Shaoyun also had a pale face.

This matter was so secretive, how could Chen Hao have found someone to make a video in advance?

How is that possible?

Long Shaoyun took a current look, only then did he see that among the group of people who came with Chen Hao, there was precisely President Liu.

"Liu Songtao, you!"

"You what you? You livestock, I've seen that you're not a good guy!"

Liu She sneered.

He was also considered to be a fine person, so naturally he had to prepare for both sides, let alone working with someone like Long Shaoyun.

"Long Jinan, Long Shaoyun, Wei Mengjiao, this matter of causing our family Ru'er to almost be humiliated, our Ouyang family will not let up, Young Master Chen I'm sorry for the misunderstanding earlier! We take our leave!"

The Ouyang family directly stood up and left in anger.

Ouyang Ru was also taken away.

"Oh shit, Young Master Long is such a villain!"

A group of rich and famous businessmen also said.

"I see you're looking for death!"

Long Shaoyun was furious, and even more couldn't help but charge up at Chen Hao.


A silhouette flashed by, and Long Shaoyun was directly kicked away by the Heavenly Dragon.

Nearly vomiting blood.

"By the way, I have another gift to show you rich merchants as well!"

Chen Hao smiled.

Followed by the video to the other end.

In this part, it was apparently someone lying on the window at night secretly filming.

The footage was some inappropriate scenario.

And then, there was a rich businessman present who was furious.

Looking at the young and beautiful young wife beside him, he slapped her.

"Shame on you!"

As for what doesn't need to be said.

In short, some of the disgusting things that Long Shaoyun had done were considered to have been completely revealed today.

Even the faces of Long Jinan and the others who headed the Long family were blue and red.

Today, this face was considered to be a complete disgrace.

The Long family's face was also all disgraced by Long Shaoyun.

"I would rather die today, but I want your Long Family to give me an explanation!"

That rich merchant yelled angrily.

The other rich businessman was also deeply infected and looked at Long Shaoyun with some hatred.

"Uncle Nan, save me, I've been trapped, I've been trapped!"

Long Shaoyun shouted in fear.

"Shaoyun, I always thought that you were the smartest one among the three youngest in our Long family, but I didn't expect that you would disappoint us too much, this matter I'll report to your Lordship!"

Long Jinan's mouth twitched and said.

"Oooh, by the way, there's one more video for you to watch that's hot out of the oven, your dragon grandmother, It might make you happier!"

This time it was Hou San who spoke.

Finished right now.

The video cut again.

"Grandpa, I'm an animal!"

"Grandpa, I'm an animal!"

The Long Shaoyun in the video was kowtowing while shouting for his grandfather.

Long Jinan's angry face instantly turned pale.


Pointing at Long Shaoyun, his fingers were trembling.


Yang Xia, on the other hand, did not expect things to turn out like this.

Originally, she wanted to take this opportunity to put on a good show.

Even if Chen Hao didn't come, she would still be able to show off.

Unexpectedly now, the whole thing was an overwhelming gesture.

"Hmph, Long Shaoyun, you actually managed to do such a thing, what a shame for the Long family!"

Yang Xue was furious.


Unexpectedly, Long Shaoyun, who was red hot, went up and hit Yang Xue in the face with a big slap.

Yang Xia was directly smacked down on the table.

"Bitch, this mouth of yours keeps talking and talking, I've been putting up with you for a long time, who do you think you are, you dare to teach me a lesson, let me tell you, I admit that You're my sister-in-law, you're my sister-in-law, I don't recognize you, you're a fucking dog from our Dragon Family!"

The corners of Yang Xia's mouth were bleeding.  

" dare to hit me?"

Yang Xia covered her face and said.

As for Long Jinan, he didn't go to say anything when he saw this scene.

The Long family was very big, but again, since it was a big family and there were three young sons, the distribution of power in the family must also be Very complicated.

Long Jinan, on the other hand, didn't belong to any of the three youngest factions of the Long family.

Rather, this time, the family sent itself over to preside over some matters, and seeing Long Shaoyun like this, although Long Jinan's heart was angry, but even more Mostly because Long Shaoyun had lost the family.

And if Long Shaoyun fell out of favor from then on, this was something that Long Jinan had some hope for.

As for Yang Xia, it had even less to do with himself.

While Chen Hao looked at the scene before him, he watched indifferently.

He no longer had any feelings of love with Yang Xue, and now to her, there was no need to feel guilty for this girl What up.

At most, I hope she doesn't come back into her world and still get by.

And apparently, this bowl of rice from the Mansion is hard to serve.

"Damn, eat our dragon family, use our dragon family, you bitch if you listen to me, where there is still things now, all the Things, it's all your fault!"

Yang Xia got another mouthful.

Seeing no one to help her, only her sister stood by in fear.

Yang Xue covered her face and looked towards Chen Hao.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, naturally glanced elsewhere as well.

Yes! I get it!

Yang Xue nodded her head viciously.

Then she directly ran away crying.


And at this time, a wine bottle was directly knocked on Long Shaoyun's head.

Naturally, it was that rich businessman who rushed up to fight with Long Shaoyun.

Chen Hao and Li Zhenguo, on the other hand, looked at each other and smiled.

Faintly shaking their heads, Chen Hao and the others simply stood aside to watch the fun.

"Chen Hao! Thank you for today!"

Qin Ya walked over towards Chen Hao at this time.

"Thank me, thank me for what?" Chen Hao smiled faintly.

"Thank you for helping me!"

"You misunderstand me, I'm not helping you today, I just wanted to come and clear myself up!"

Chen Hao smiled.

Then, it was to leave with the people.

Chen Hao was clear that the feud with the Long Family was only just beginning.

Li Zhenguo also told himself about the old grudge with the Long family.

Now, with her sister not here, the Long family definitely wanted to avenge the past.

Buying the Hot Spring Villa, and Long Shaoyun's various attempts to frame himself, is a signal.

And the main purpose of coming here today is to deter them.

Let them know to plant a flag here and weigh their own weight.


The goal was achieved, and Chen Hao left.

This time, Chen Hao returned in a car.

On the road, there was a car following Chen Hao.

Chen Hao looked through the rearview mirror and knew who it was.

But still, he didn't want to pay attention.

When he arrived at the entrance of the hotel, Chen Hao was about to go in.

That girl also chased after him.

"Chen Hao! You really don't want to talk to me at all?"

This girl was precisely Qin Ya.

"There's no need to contact, that Long Shaoyun, shouldn't be pestering you anymore either, how good is that!"

Chen Hao said.

"Can't we even be friends anymore?"

Qin Ya asked.

With Chen Hao like this, she felt more and more unhappy.

Chen Hao paused slightly, didn't speak, and turned around to leave.

Actually, Chen Hao was quite unhappy in his heart.

After all, Qin Ya was really good and treated herself well.

But it was because of this that Chen Hao had to be more resolute.

He couldn't be as obedient as before.

"Son of a bitch, you stop!"

Zhao Tong Tong exhaled and ran in front of Chen Hao.

"Chen Hao, you're too much of a nobody, how can you do this to Xiao Ya, do you know that Xiao Ya usually keeps mentioning you on our lips . It's true, Xiao Ya misunderstood you this time, but do you know how sad Xiao Ya was? Even though she was sad, she went to find that Ouyang. Ru, I hope Ouyang Ru can forgive you and leave this matter alone. Even though the Ouyang family didn't agree, you can't do this to Xiao Ya!"

Zhao Tong Tong said.

Indeed, that day when Chen Hao was in trouble, Qin Ya did go to look for Ouyang Ru, but how could the Ouyang family just casually not pursue the matter What about this?

"And ah, you know how it's rumored in Jinling City now that Xiao Ya is your girlfriend, and today you went to the big Long Shaoyun birthday banquet. Yes, these rumors have no effect on you, but have you ever thought that Xiao Ya, the Long family and the Qin family would... What do you think, what do you want Zhenya to do?"

"Okay Tong Tong, stop it! I understand what Chen Hao means!"

Qin Ya said.

Then wiped her tears and stared at Chen Hao again, "I know some of my thoughts are selfish, but Chen Hao, I want to ask you to help me with one last Busy, I remember when I was kidnapped and hospitalized, and you told me that was something you could do for me, if you could only I want to know if that still counts?"

Chen Hao nodded, "Uh-huh, of course it counts!"

Chen Hao also remembered that it was when Qin Ya went to find herself in order to escape her marriage, and ended up being kidnapped when she went back to Jinling because she didn't care about her The first time I saw it, I thought it was a good idea.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest version of the book. One thing.

At the time, Zhenya even mischievously said this is what you said, but I took it seriously!

Chen Hao on the other hand, of course it was true.

Actually, at that time, Qin Ya and Chen Hao, didn't think much of it.

But now....

"Go ahead, if I can do it, I'll help you!"

Chen Hao Said, after all the promises, and now being a bit overwhelmed with Qin Ya, Chen Hao didn't know how to refuse her.

"Okay, but don't worry, after this, I won't pester you anymore, I'll disappear in front of you!"

Zhenya bit her lip and said.

"What is it?"

"I want you to be betrothed to me!"

"Huh? Engagement?"

Although Chen Hao was somewhat prepared for this, he stared in amazement at the words.

"Oh, you don't have to be afraid, I didn't really mean for you to betroth me, I want you to assume marriage with me and do it to the Qin family Long family so that It's always okay, right?"

Zhenya said.


What Qin Ya was thinking was also very simple.

If she ended her association with Chen Hao completely like this.

In terms of a girl's psychology, it was impossible to say that she was willing.

Even if you yourself are bad, are you really so bad that you can't even look at me one more time.

And precisely, if Chen Hao were to do something for himself, only then would Qin Ya's heart feel relatively better.

It wasn't some kind of scheming scheme.

Just simply want Chen Hao to do something for himself, prove that he still has weight in his heart, and perhaps be content.

That was roughly how it was.

But Chen Hao was hesitant this time.

In the past, it was fine to pretend to be a boyfriend, these favors weren't anything, and as a friend, it wasn't like he couldn't help out.

However, assuming a pro, this was very difficult for Chen Hao.  

But a mouthful of rejection, he also promised Qin Ya before.

After all, they have no grudges against Qin Ya, plus some things, Chen Hao still has gratitude and guilt on Qin Ya.

"Oh, just suppose pro, I didn't ask you for anything else, the most is just a waste of your time for a day, this little request can't meet me? ? I said, just help me, and I won't bother you from now on!"

Qin Ya had tears in her eyes.


After struggling for a long moment, Chen Hao nodded.

"But I have a condition!" Chen Hao.

Qin Ya's lips bit slightly, "You say!"

"That is, apart from the Yanjing Qin family, let's not make too much noise!"

Naturally, Chen Hao had his own considerations in saying so.

How could this matter be widely publicized.

"I promise you!"

Qin Ya took a deep breath, then said with a somewhat indifferent face, "Then, Young Master Chen, I won't bother you anymore, as for the time, it will be set for tomorrow Bar, go back and I'll arrange this!"

Afterwards, Qin Ya left with Zhao Tong Tong.

After returning to the hotel, Chen Hao lay down on the bed, quite tired today and wanted to rest for a while.

But then there was a knock on the door.

Chen Hao got up and opened the door.

"Great Grandson!"

"Old Uncle Qin, why are you up here again?"

Chen Hao smiled helplessly and bitterly.

The old man in front of him was none other than the old beggar from before.

It was because last time, Zhuang Lao had saved himself once.

So Chen Hao treated him extremely well and not only promised to send him back to his hometown Shuchuan, he also gave him a sum of money so that his subordinates could go over and settle him down properly.

Of course, after getting to know him, he also knew his name, he said it himself, his name was Qin Yifan, his name sounded quite atmospheric.

But to be honest, Chen Hao felt that Qin might be old and a bit confused, and sometimes he didn't know which of his words were true and which were not.

Somewhat pitiful.

But it hadn't gone away.

And old Qin was really unpredictable, finding himself precisely every time.

"You said you were going to take me back with you!"

Old Man Qin chuckled.

"I... Alright, but I'm going to Shuchuan, and it'll be a day or two later!"

"That's okay, I'll wait for you, and hey, don't think I'm a burden, I might even be able to help you!"

Old man Qin smiled again.

"Alright, alright, I know, thank you ah Old Uncle Qin, right, you go back and rest first, I'll pay for your food for the past few days! "

Chen Hao smiled bitterly and shook his head.

"Fine, I'll wait, let's set off in a few days!"

Old Man Qin left in a flourish.

Of course, Chen Hao wouldn't really let old man Qin go.

He had helped himself two or three times, but Chen Hao was grateful.

For example, the last time he was surrounded by people, if he hadn't suddenly rushed over

Having relieved himself and dragged himself away, he really didn't know how to end up that day.

But, he was an old man and his speech was still a bit upside down, if he really followed, I'm afraid it would be a burden when the time came, it wasn't rude, it was just that Chen Hao really couldn't bear to toss him!

When it was early the next morning.

Chen Hao received a call from Zhao Tongtong.

Of course, it was about the hypothetical kiss with Qin Ya.

In order not to proliferate, Chen Hao even Yonghao Xiaofei Li Zhenguo and they didn't say anyone.

On Qin Ya's side, Chen Hao also understood and mainly wanted to tell the Yanjing Qin family as well as the Long family.

"Chen Hao, I'm picking you up downstairs!" Zhao Tongdao.

This form was also very simple, everyone was just going to the hotel for a meal, so that Qin Ya's side of the clan could also settle down.

"Okay, I'm going down right away!"

Chen Hao said with a bitter smile.

When Chen Hao arrived downstairs, Zhao Tong Tong was already waiting.

Chen Hao then prepared to go over there in one piece.

As a result, only then did Chen Hao see that there was a car parked at the side of the hotel.

In front of the car, Yang Lu was standing there.

Seeing Chen Hao, Yang Lu trotted over.

"Chen Hao! I came to see you, but your bodyguard wouldn't let me in, huh?"

Yang Lu said.

Of course, Chen Hao's bodyguards also knew about the Yang Xue sisters.

So when Yang Lu came, naturally they wouldn't let them in, let you talk about the smallpox.

The bodyguards didn't even inform.

"You're looking for me? What for?"

"You have to help my sister, my sister is going to swallow pills and kill herself! It's been going on since last night and I just can't talk her out of it, and the only one who can help her now is you!"

Yang Lu looked anxious.

"O-Oh, then let her make as much noise as she wants, how can I persuade her~?"

Chen Hao laughed bitterly.

"Hmph, you're so heartless, what is my sister doing all this for, isn't it just to make you look at her squarely, and, you know that yesterday Did Long Shaoyun hit my sister at the banquet for what reason?"

"Because Long Shaoyun had asked my sister to trick you out and then tried to do something bad to you, my sister didn't agree to him, and now you're in luck, my sister suffers from The excitement is about to get worse and you don't even care!"

Yang Lu said.

"I told you, she has nothing to do with me anymore, besides you give her a message for me, it's fine if you want to make a scene, don't ever get into trouble in my villa again!"

After Chen Hao said that, he sneered and prepared to leave.

"You you you! What a bastard you are, Chen Hao, you're just an animal, now you're rushing to get engaged to someone else, and you don't care about my sister's life or death~"

Yang Lu shouted.

"Oh, who told you I was going to get engaged?"

"Don't pretend, the Dragon Family already knows, it's considered swallowing a bad taste, and you still want to lie to me!"

Yang Lu said.

"You love to know or not, I don't have time!"

Yang Xia was indeed humiliated yesterday, beaten and abused like that by Long Shaoyun.

But before, Chen Hao's heart might have ached for her.

Not anymore.

Then, he directly left with Zhao Tongtong.

After Yang Lu stomped her foot in anger, she also left.

Genting Villa.

"Eldest Miss, Second Miss she's back!"

A maid said.

Yang Xia, who was lying on the sofa, stood up at once: "Ah? Has Chen Hao come yet?"

"The only person I see coming up here is Second Miss, and I don't see Young Master Chen ah?"

"Well, how could it be!"

Yang Xia said urgently, then pushed the maid away and went to the door herself to look, and sure enough, she saw Yang Lu herself coming up, where there was half of Chen Hao.

"This son of a bitch, is he really that cruel?"

Yang Xia was full of dejection.


Yang Xia had wanted to do well today.

All she had to say was that there was a danger of life or death, and according to her past understanding of Chen Hao, Chen Hao would definitely come.

After coming and crying and hanging himself, he would definitely not be able to console himself.

In that case, he would have a chance to break the ice with Chen Hao.

Don't look at Yang Xia's hatred for Chen Hao.

But it was only limited to trying to make Chen Hao regret on.

Even if she really caught Chen Hao on that day, Yang Xia wouldn't let her men really beat him to death.

At most, it would be to mock him and how it felt to fall into his hands.

In short, it was just to make Chen Hao feel bad.

Now it was good that Chen Hao actually ignored him.

"Ahhhhh! Pissed off!"  

Although the Dragon Family was also powerful, Yang Xia herself understood that where was it as powerful as Chen Hao!

"Sis, I'm just going by what you said, but he's actually going to get engaged to someone else!"

Yang Lu said.

"Hmph, I don't believe it, I don't believe it, how come he's really engaged to Qin Ya? I don't believe it!"

Yang Xia was getting more and more anxious, in fact, Yang Xia had been quite anxious since last night when she learned this news.

After all, the Yanjing Qin family knew about it, and the Yanjing Long family also knew about it, and it would definitely not be difficult for the Long family to know about Yang Xue again.


Smashing a vase and shattering it on the floor, Yang Xia sat on the couch and didn't speak.


Jinling Airport.

"Wow, Jinling is really beautiful, it's even more beautiful than Hong Kong Island there, haha!"

"Yeah, it really wasn't in vain this time, right Mu Han, you have to take us on a good ride with your husband, this time it's only a few days' vacation, We didn't even go home, so we thought we'd come to Jinling with you, but we can't be disappointed!"

A few girls came out pulling their suitcases, talking excitedly to each other.

"Right Tongxin, you said your boyfriend is great, but why don't you let him come pick us up?"

The one who keeps talking excitedly is a cute girl with a mushroom head.

Mainly cute.

Just the kind of cute face with slightly baby fat.

Among the six girls, she was the most innocent and cute.

"Hey, didn't you hear Tongxin say, her boyfriend is a steel straight man, straightforward, can't create surprise romance. Two people together, in fact, straight man is also okay, but at least the other half will make surprise romantic can, otherwise how this love should be It's business, so of course our Tongxin will give Chen Hao a surprise!"

A girl with long hair and waist length also smiled.

"Oooo, I understand, I remember Chen Hao's birthday a while ago, Mu Han even called Chen Hao specifically to tell him that he had a few days' worth of During the holiday, Tongxin said she might not be able to come back, but Chen Hao said she'll see Tongxin later. Hinting that he's on a little vacation and not even asking for it! Hahaha!"

Meng Meng face big smile said.

"That's right, at that time, it was only Tongxin who couldn't hold back and told Chen Hao, asking me to say, simply don't tell him about the little long holiday, just come back and give the It's best if he surprises, but come to think of it, a straight man like that might be even more straight if he's not guided properly!"

Some girls said too.

Where are so many things ideas.

When they said that at first, they just wanted to hear what Chen Hao would do.

Well, despite being as straight as ever.

But Su Tongxin had already wanted to come back.

To give Chen Hao a surprise.

After all, the current Chen Hao wasn't the same as before.

Being the woman behind him herself, she should put more effort into making him spend less effort to manage the

The relationship.

"I think Tongxin is bragging, saying that her husband is very powerful in Jinling, I couldn't even find Chen Hao information on the internet! Huh?"

Another girl holding a shoulder spoke up.

The six of them, all studying for internships at Hong Kong Island TV, were roommates.

The group came to play together.

This girl who is a bit sour talking, her name is Wu Wenwen.

She's about the same size as Su Tongxin.

The looks, to be honest, are almost better than Su Tongxin.

Now in the Hong Kong Island TV station, if you are judging the visual flower, it's Su Mu Han first visual flower without a doubt, she's barely second.

Plus a dorm room, life work and study exchange very much.

It's inevitable that girls will be a little jealous.

It's just a matter of time before we get to the bottom of this.

"Wen Wen, don't say that, how could Mu Han be that kind of person! Just look at Mu Han's infatuation with Chen Hao!"

"Yes Matilda, look at our TV station, how many people are pursuing Mu Han, but how did Tongxin do it, very determined to refuse All they think about is straight man Chen Hao! For that, Tongxin is good!"

The two girls said.


Matilda Wu didn't speak.

Indeed, this was exactly another point that made Matilda Wu jealous.

Everyone could understand that it was not uncommon for a girl to be out on her own, even if she had a boyfriend, playing around with other guys and such.

Wu Wenwen is also separated from her boyfriend in two places.

But sometimes, when Wu Wenwen faced the advances of some boys, she didn't refuse or accept them and just hung out with people.

But it was different with Su Tongxin, even if the boys were fawning over her, Su Mu Han would just say: sorry, I have a boyfriend!

It made Matilda Wu feel like Su Mu Han was even a little perfect!


"I won't tell you if I don't, Muhammad, so where do you arrange for us to stay?"

Matilda Wu added.

"There's not enough room in my house either, how about this, I have a good place to stay at Chen Hao's house, he has a big house and lots of rooms!"

Su Tongxin.

"Hahaha, I think you want to meet Chen Hao earlier, the first time you don't go back to your own home, you want to go to someone's Chen Hao's home, that's fine, live The hotel is boring anyway, let's go with Tongxin to find Chen Hao together!"

They proposed.

Then they rushed to take a taxi and went straight to Villa Genting.

"Wow! Look at this, this...such a luxurious villa is built on top of a mountain, and it's like it's in the clouds... Tongxin, this! Is that Chen Hao's house you're talking about? This is where we live?"

The cute cheeked Su Meng Meng said at the moment.

Just now in the taxi, I heard the driver say something like eight hundred million for the Genting Villa.

Everyone was already excited, but didn't think it would be even more surprising after coming here.

And Wu Wenwen was even more full of jealousy.

It turned out that Su Tongxin's husband was actually such an ox 13 rich second generation.

Why was her luck so good!

"Come on, let's go up together!"

Su Tongxin took her sisters' hands and went up to the villa together.

When they arrived at the front door.

Su Tongxin was also a little excited, after all, it had been three months since she had seen Chen Hao, what if he was at home.

Ding Dong.

Su Tongxin herself had the key, but still pressed the doorbell.

And when the sound of footsteps coming to open the door sounded inside.

Su Tongxin's heart became even more excited....


"Who is it?"

The one who came over to open the door was a maid.

When she saw Su Tongxin, she was clearly stunned and thought to herself that there was actually such a beautiful girl.

"You... who are you looking for?"

The maid asked.

"Is Chen Hao at home? I'm looking for him!"

Su Tongxin smiled.

"Red, who is it?"

At this moment, there came Yang Xia's impatient voice.

"Miss, it's for Chen Hao!"

The maid said.  


Yang Xia walked over.

When she saw Su Tongxin, Yang Xia was directly shocked.

And when Su Tongxin saw Yang Xia, she was also shocked.

"Su Tongxin!"

"Yang Xia!"

The two of them almost spoke in unison.

As Chen Hao's ex-girlfriend, Su Tongx naturally knew her ah, and how could Yang Xue not know Su Tongxin.

In fact, Yang Xia was so sure before this that Chen Hao wouldn't have anything with Qin Ya, it was at most a rumor.

Because Yang Xia knew that Chen Hao had a girlfriend.

Hmph, damn it, and Yang Xia also knew that Chen Hao loved her very much, at least at first.

So to hear that Chen Hao was engaged to Qin Ya, Yang Xia was really surprised.

Now look, Chen Hao and Su Tongxin have already split ah, after all, Yang Xia is clear that Chen Hao is not the kind of person who has two feet on two boats.

Quite the contrary, Chen Hao was serious about his feelings.

It was only then that Chen Hao would go ahead and set up a marriage with Qin Ya.

However, since they had split up, what was this Su Tongxin doing here looking for Chen Hao?

Fuck, do you think it's the same as yourself, trying to get back together with Chen Hao?

Then wouldn't he have another opponent that was even stronger than Qin Ya.

After all, Su Tongxin was so pretty.

With the two of them, there's no competitiveness at all, so what else do you have besides being able to play a game of old past cards with Chen Hao?

No, she has to go! Right now, Yang Xia already had a plan in mind.

"Why are you here?"

Su Tongxin's eyebrows furrowed.

"Of course I'm here, huh, I've made up with Chen Hao, I'm pregnant and I'm raising my baby here!"

Yang Xia said.

"You're lying!"

Su Tongxin was scared to death.

But since it was nonsense, but how come Yang Xia was living in Chen Hao's house?

"Whatever you say, we're about to get married, but you, what are you doing here with him? Give up your thoughts before it's too late!"

Yang Xia rolled her eyes.

"Tongxin, what's going on here? Who is she?"

At this point, Su Meng Meng was out of breath and said directly.

"She's Chen Hao's ex-girlfriend!"

Su Tongxin's tears came down.


"Fuck me, fuck this scum!"

The crowd knew what was going on at once.

"Let's go Tongxin! Don't shed tears for such people!"

Su Meng Meng stared at Yang Xia and said.

"So Chen Hao has been lying to you, while calling you and contacting you, while what, are about to give people married, boys really didn't A good one!"

Su Mumeng said again.

Su Mumon took a deep breath, "I'm calling Chen Hao now, I want him to tell me personally what's going on!"

After saying that, Su Tongxin took out the key to the Cloud Top Villa and threw it directly in front of Yang Xia.

And Yang Xia was also confused.

I go, it looks like, how come it seems like Chen Hao didn't follow Su

Tongxin broke up with her and they're still in love.

What the hell is going on here?

Has Chen Hao really become a scum?

As for Su Tongxin, he made several calls to Chen Hao, but no one answered.

"Why isn't he answering my calls!"

Su Tongxin was anxious, "In the past, he used to answer my phone calls first!"

And Yang Xue had finally confirmed that Chen Hao was indeed on two feet and had been hiding it from Su Tongxin.


Yang Xias heart suddenly flashed with another plan.

Seeing that at this moment, Su Tongxin was about to leave.

Yang Xia hurriedly shouted, "Tongxin, wait a moment!"

"What else do you want?"

Su Mumeng coldly drank.

Yang Xia bit her lips, tears in her eyes, "Tongxin, although we haven't communicated before, I know that you are a good Girl, I just did that to you, I just couldn't bear to tell you the truth, you'd be so disappointed!"

"Oh, the cat cried fake mercy and didn't listen to her!"

Sumon said.

"Muhammad, do you just think I'm good? Yeah, I'm living in Genting Villa now though, and Chen Hao has given me a lot of glory and wealth, but do you know how much of a scumbag he is? , a good horse won't go back, even if I have his child, he won't be with me!"


"And Tongxin I'll tell you a big secret!"

Yang Xia said.

Su Tongxin asked, "What secret?"

Yang Xue lowered her voice and said, "So ah, Chen Ge he's Jinling Chen Shao ah, has a lot of money, is a super hero! He was the one who told me when I had his baby, I don't know if you're clear."

Su Tongxin looked at Yang Xia and had a few moments of belief, nodding his head now.

Yeah, Chen Hao had initially said that his identity could not be exposed.

Now, Yang Xia already knew about it and was living in the Genting Villa, which was very telling.

"Right, for you to find this, you must know Chen Hao's identity! Yeah, he's not like he used to be, he's gotten so rich, men get rich and they get bad, and now that I have his kids, I'm just hoping. He was able to break the mirror with me, but it's impossible because, he's already with another girl again!"

Yang Xia cried out.

"The other girl?" Su Tongxin was running out of strength to speak.

"Yes, if Chen Hao was willing to be with another girl, I would have given up, but he, on the one hand, lied to me about wanting to keep me, and on the other hand To be with another girl, and today, that's the day he gets engaged to that girl! But I was afraid to stop him, because he'd hit me!"

Yang Xia cried.

Su Tongxin just felt like thunder in the clear sky.

"Why is he engaged to someone else? I'll go get him!"

Su Tongxin spoke coldly.

"He's in..."

Yang Xia just said the engagement place, she had planned to make a scene, but thought that if she went to make a scene, it would definitely be counterproductive, so she also gave up the idea to sleep in her room.

Didn't expect Su Tongxin to suddenly return, this was simply not too coincidental.

"But you have to promise me that you won't tell anyone about me, or he'll kill me!"

"I got it!"

After saying that, Su Tongxin and her sisters directly left.

On the way, Su Tongxin was incredulous, she had always had confidence in Chen Hao and felt that she wouldn't misjudge anyone.

Of course, she wouldn't misunderstand Chen Hao just based on Yang Xia's side of the story.

Therefore, she wanted to go and see for herself whether what Yang Xia said was true or not.

"Hmph, it's ridiculous, still holding someone as a treasure, having to recite it seven or eight times a day, and as a result, they don't even have you in their heart!"

Wu Wen Wen sneered.

"Alright ask, Mu Han's mind is already confused enough right now, will you stop talking about it?"

Summon said.

The driver drove for a while and the car stopped in front of a hotel.

"Mu Han, this should be it!"


Besides, Chen Hao is almost done acting with Qin Ya.

As for Qin Ya, she should have lied to their parents.

So right now, it was quite embarrassing for Chen Hao to continue acting, so he made an excuse and wanted to bolt.

"Mom and Dad, I'm going to see him off, you guys have a seat!"

Qin Ya affectionately held Chen Hao's arm and the two of them walked out together.

When they reached the entrance of the hotel.

Chen Hao said, "Give me back my phone!"

Just now, Chen Hao kept looking at his phone to chat, so to show how close the two of them were, the Qin family took a handful of Chen Hao's phone.

He was told to stop playing with his phone and talk properly with his family.

Chen Hao didn't say anything.

After that, it was chatting and eating.  

That's about it.

"What's with your tone!"

Qin Ya took Chen Hao's arm and handed over the phone to Chen Ge's hand.

"Why did you turn off your phone for me?"

Chen Hao was speechless, so he wanted to pull his arm out.

But Qin Ya, still dead set on pulling and not letting go, her pretty face was full of stubbornness and reluctance.

Although it was said that it would be okay with Chen Hao in the future, and he would just be an ordinary friend, but how could Qin Ya be willing to let go of it!

Chen Hao, on the other hand, didn't want to go on like this unclearly.

So, at the moment, he was also acting quite resolute.

"I'm not loose!"

Qin Ya.

"Chen Hao!"

At this moment, a voice suddenly sounded beside him, and Chen Hao looked up, his entire body shaking violently.

"Tongxin? When did you...when did you get back?"

Chen Hao's heart plummeted into an ice hole.

He was certainly surprised and happy to see Su Tongxin, but the current scene was just embarrassing to Chen Hao.

"What are you doing?"

Su Tongxin pinched her palm hard, just hoping that the pain would keep the tears from flowing right now.

Su Mumeng and the others, on the other hand, were looking at Chen Hao furiously.

On the way, they were still advising Su Mumon that Chen Hao wouldn't be that kind of person.

Let Su Tongxin have faith in Chen Hao as well.

After all, usually when Chen Hao was on the phone with Su Tongxin, the sisters hadn't missed a beat eavesdropping and listening to Chen Hao speak quite plainly.

Not at all the kind of randy dude.

But now that they saw it, really, even Su Mumeng and the others were taken aback.

Chen Hao, actually such a scum!

"Mu Han, don't get me wrong!"

Chen Hao hurriedly withdrew his hand.

"I heard that you're getting engaged to someone else today? Is it true?"

Su Tongxin asked.

"No, let me explain!"

Chen Hao was also anxious, if the relationship with Tongxin was ruined because of such a small matter, then Chen Hao would regret it later.

"She's Su Tongxin?"

As for Qin Ya, she didn't know what to say.

Yeah, Su Tongxin's arrival was too sudden.

And yet, Qin Ya was now properly looking Su Tongxin up and down.

Really pretty, and with a really good temperament too.

No wonder Chen Hao was thinking of her.

Even in her eyes, there was a look of jealousy when she looked at Su Tongxin.

And emotions had come up on Su Tongxin's side.

"Chen Hao, you've disappointed me too much, too much! I don't want to see you again!"

After saying that, Su Tongxin gave Chen Hao a fierce shove.


After turning around and covering his mouth, he ran out.

"Scum, it's fucking disgusting, it's great to be rich!"

Even Matilda Wu couldn't help but curse for Su Tongxin.

After all, they were all girls, and they could be said to share the same hatred for scum.

Chen Hao's face was white with anxiety.

There wasn't even time to think about why Su Tongxin would suddenly appear here.

It was straightforward to chase after her.

Qin Ya's complex mood was fierce, and when she was unwillingly a angry, she directly turned back.

Chen Ge took a taxi and kept coming to stand outside of Su Tongxin's house.

And Sumumeng's friends were apparently all there, at the moment in Su Mumon's room on the second floor.

Su Mumeng opened the curtains a little and saw Chen Hao standing below.

"Mu Han, don't cry, this man still has a conscience, he came after you and is now standing downstairs at your house!"

Su Tongxin was crying on her bed, hugging her knees, "Let him go, I don't want to see him again!"

The several sisters looked at each other.

Angry at the same time, they also felt quite sorry for Tongxin.

Yes, full of thoughts of Chen Hao, and wanting to see Chen Hao the first time back as well, but as a result, they had come across this side of the story.

"Hmph, I'll go down and find him and make him make it clear!"

Su Mengmeng said urgently, then went downstairs.

"You're the scum Chen Hao, right?"

Su Mumeng pinched her waist and coldly said.

"It's me, is Tongxin okay? What just happened was a misunderstanding!"

Chen Hao was busy.

"A misunderstanding? We all saw it clearly, the woman came out with her arm around you, and you're calling it a misunderstanding? Are you engaged to someone and it's fake?"

Su Mumon said.

"You're Tongxin's colleague on Hong Kong Island, right? Is this matter really fake, can you help me persuade Tongxin and talk to her about it!"

"I'm not going to help you persuade it, who knows if what you say is true or not, I've simply seen too many scum tactics like yours, eating from a bowl of And look at the pot not to put it in!"

"I don't care if you're real or not, you know what Chen Hao, what Tongxin did to you? Tongxin is so beautiful, she's not unpopular in our TV station, and there are plenty of people chasing her. The?"

"She was particularly content because of you, so she paid special attention with those boys and was straightforward and rude in the face of their advances Deny!"

"You know as well as I do, you're separated from each other, so you wouldn't know ah if Tongxin was playing around with other boys behind your back, but Tongxin, Not moving at all, and being especially cold to those boys, Tongxin now has no male friends in our TV station! You know what!"

Summon gasped.

Yes, she could have left those words unsaid, but why not.

She was simply unworthy for Su Tongxin

"I know I know!"

Chen Hao nodded his head.

Of course, Chen Hao was clear about Su Tongxin's feelings for himself, but when he heard it right now, he was touched and at the same time, he was deeply self-conscious.

Yes, Tongxin was as usual to herself.

But for herself, in order to help her friend, some things were indeed a bit too much.

And it was even more excessive once than once.

Just imagine, Su Tongxin can have no male friends for herself, so why can't she reduce her communication with some girls for her sake.

To put it a thousand ways, the guilt in Chen Hao's heart was inevitable, and now he only wanted to be able to explain it to Su Mu Han so that she could forgive him.

"But I'm really assuming pro, that girl, she's a friend of mine..."

Then, Chen Hao told the whole story.

Su Meng Meng kept staring at Chen Hao's eyes and realized that he wasn't lying either ah, was he telling the truth?

"No, there's one more thing, I'll see how you can explain it."


"What? You say you loaned that house to that girl?"

Chen Hao told Su Meng Meng again about what happened with Yang Xia.

As for Yang Xia's claim that she was pregnant and so on, Chen Hao is not sure about this.

But it wasn't hard to imagine that this Yang Xia definitely didn't have good intentions, and this account would be settled later.

Right now, Chen Hao just didn't want Su Tongxin to misunderstand.

"Alright, alright, it doesn't look like you're lying either, I'll go advise Tongxin, you'd better not tell lies, you know what, Tongxin hates it most People tricked her into playing her!"

Such a simple exchange it, Su Meng Meng also found, Chen Hao does not look like that kind of heartless dude.

He gave off the impression of being quite easy-going.

If he really didn't do that, of course Su Meng Meng was willing to help him.

So Chen Hao waited downstairs.

Su Mengmeng went back.  

But it wasn't long before she hurriedly walked out.

"Alas, Chen Hao, I can't help you anymore, Mu Han won't listen to advice and doesn't want to see you, you've really hurt her this time, you'd better go back..."

Summoned, she went in after that.


Chen Hao was quite upset.

It was hard to hope for Su Tongxin to return, hoping for the results to come back at this juncture.

Right at this moment.

Chen Hao's phone suddenly rang.

Taking it out, it was Su Zyue phone.

"Zyue, what's wrong?"

Chen Hao smiled gently, Chen Hao was treating Su Zyue as his sister from the very beginning.

"Young Master Chen, I'm not Syzue, I'm her colleague Wei Lin, we met last time!"

The female voice on the phone said. She sounded like she was quite anxious about something.

"I remember! What's going on?"

Chen Hao was busy asking.

"It's Syzue, syzue she had an accident, she's gone to the hospital now!"

Wei Lin was anxious.


Chen Hao was taken aback.

When she took a look towards the upstairs, she originally wanted to shout to Su Tongxin, but was afraid that she would be disturbed to hear it.

After all, she was still pretty much hating herself right now, so let's wait until we're sure about Rose's situation and then come back to Su Tongxin.

So Chen Hao ran back as he asked.

"What the hell is going on? Speak clearly!"

Wei Lin said: "It was fine at noon today, but in the afternoon when I was in class, zyue suddenly said she wasn't feeling well. Hot water, thought she had a cold, but within moments, she fainted! I came to the hospital with her! But now zyue is awake, but very weak."

"How did this happen!"

Chen Hao was also in a bit of a hurry.

After hailing a cab and asking for clarification, he headed straight to the hospital.

"Meng Meng, what did that scum say?"

Once they came up, a few girls asked.

"He didn't say much, but it looks like he's going to keep waiting for Mu Han to see him!"

"Geez, can he be that deluded? I don't believe it!"

Matilda Wu sneered.

After saying that, she walked towards the window and pulled open the curtains to look down.

The result was just the scene of Chen Hao taking a taxi and leaving.

"Hmph, I told you, he absolutely couldn't do it, it's only been how long ah, he took a taxi and left, Tongxin look!"

Matilda Wu pointed outside.

Su Tongxin glanced towards the window.

After seeing that Chen Hao was really gone, Su Tongxin hurriedly grabbed the bed sheets.

Yes, she was indeed angry, although she said that she didn't want to hear your explanation.

But how could Su Tongxin not really want to hear your explanation!

Even if you don't explain, the fact that you have to wait downstairs for a while will prove that you haven't changed your mind about yourself.

But what about now?

Su Tongxin was in a moment of distress....

At this moment, Chen Hao had already arrived at the hospital.

In the hospital room, he saw the very weak and pale as paper Su Zyue.

But the good thing was that Su Siyzue had woken up.

"How is it?"

Chen Hao came to the hospital bed and said.

"I don't know what happened, but I suddenly felt as if my blood had been drained away, and I blacked out as soon as my eyes went black..."

Su Sizyue whispered.

"What does the doctor say?"

"The hurry is the hurry here, several doctors have discussed it several times, and they can't even determine the cause, so right now, they don't even dare to Proceed to the next step of treatment!"

The one who spoke was Wei Lin.

Su Sizyue was red-eyed, after all, she was also a little scared.

Even if she was usually strong, it would be hard for her to face this situation now.

"I got it!"

Chen Hao nodded, and looked at Su Zyue with a heartbreaking look.

Right now, went out and called Tian Long Dihu, asking him to send a team of medical experts from the base over!

Naturally, Heavenly Dragons and Earth Tigers did not dare to slow down, and not much time passed.

The expert team came.

The people inside are all famous.

The hospital natural all-round with.

It took more than two hours to investigate.

This group of talents came before Chen Hao.

A face of decadence.

"Young Master Chen this symptom of Miss Su Rose is simply rare, at least I've never seen it before, whether using western means or Chinese medical techniques and can't even find out the cause of Miss Su Szyue's illness!"

The group shook their heads inwardly.

"What? There's nothing even you can do?"

When Chen Hao heard this, he was also greatly disappointed.

"I'm sorry young master, but if you can, you can call upon the medical team within the family, those members of theirs to Higher than ours!"

An old herbalist at the head of the group was ashamed.

"Alright, I got it! You guys go home first!"

Chen Hao nodded his head.

Himself and Syzue were by  themselves, and besides, right now, he hadn't confirmed his relationship with syzue, and already treated her like a sister anyway.

If something happened to her, how could Chen Hao let go of her!

"Wei Lin, please take care of syzu for me while I go figure out what to do Syzue

Chen Hao.

"I got it Young Master Chen!"

Then Chen Hao was ready to go back to the hotel to make arrangements for Li Zhenguo and the others.

Let Li Zhenguo be in charge of finding the family's famous doctor.

He also had to give dad a call about it.

As soon as he arrived at the door, he saw a man crouched at the entrance.

He is also holding a sack, and it looks like it's Lu baggage.

It's not the next person, it's old man Qin Yifan.

"Great grandson, what have you been doing? I thought we were going home today?"

As soon as Old Man Qin saw Chen Hao, he smiled cheerfully and came over holding a sack.

Chen Hao glanced at it, he was packing up all the quilt of someone's hotel.

"Old Uncle Qin, I don't have time to send you home now, I have a bunch of things to do, let's say, you really want to go back, I'll send someone to drive you. Back to Shuchuan."

Chen Hao was a little impatient.

Now Chen Hao was indeed burnt out.

If something happened to Su Zyue, even if he went to find that woman, his heart would not be solid ah.

"No, you said you'd take me home yourself!"

Old man Qin shook his head.

"Alright, let's wait a few more days then, my good friend is in trouble and I don't have the heart to go!"

Chen Hao.

Just about to leave, a snap.

Chen Hao's shoulder was suddenly clasped by Old Man Qin.

"Eh? Something's wrong, isn't it? Great grandson, who are you seeing today?"


"What for?"

Chen Hao was stunned.

I don't know what's wrong with this old man, look at it, skin and bones, he's an old man.

But five fingers were like five steel forks slapping on Chen Hao, and Chen Hao couldn't even move if he wanted to.

Why so much strength!

"No why, I'm asking you, did you go see someone today na? I see something unusual about you, eh?"

Old Man Qin asked with a heated smile.

"What unusual scent?"

Chen Hao saw the old man in a state of shock and mystery, so I guess he's confused again!


Old man Qin suddenly lowered his voice.  

"The person you came in contact with today was poisoned with parasites! So you have the contact and have this compulsion on you, I can feel it!"

Old man Qin said.

"I'll go, you've watched too many Thai movies, haven't you?"

Chen Hao was speechless.

Right then and there, he wanted to leave.

But on second thought, what Old Man Qin said was mysterious though.

But then looking at Su Zyue's current situation, the cause of the disease couldn't be found at all.

This indeed explained some problems.

Compulsion poison was something Chen Hao had heard of, and to be frank, it was similar to Disease D Disease J. This was something.

Parasitic within the human body.

When he was at his wit's end, and this old man Qin was saying something like that, what if he really had a way?

Chen Hao then said, "I can't find a doctor right now anyway, so you can see?"

"Sure, I'll do anything, I told you, I'm not a beggar, I used to be pretty good!"

Old man Qin said.

"Oh, yeah, how good were you before?"

"As good as it takes! Don't believe me and let me try!"

Old man Qin.

If it wasn't for the fact that there was no way out now, Chen Hao wouldn't have spent so much time talking to this old uncle.

Old Uncle Qin's hometown came from the southwest, so maybe he really knew him.

It was with this thought in mind that Chen Hao agreed.

And really took the old man with him.

When Chen Hao returned to the ward again.

An old herbalist from his own medical team was still staying here to take care of it.

At the moment, he was giving Su Zyue acupuncture.

On the side, many Chinese doctors from the hospital were standing around respectfully learning.

And Tian Long Dihu was also there.

"Take two broken needles, what are you sticking there for, it's no use at all!"

Chen Hao brought in Old Man Qin.

And after Old Man Qin glanced at it, he sneered.

"Who are you? Even the Hu Divine Doctor is something you can talk nonsense about, someone, blow me out!"

The dean level people on the side were instantly unhappy when they heard this.

How many years had Divine Doctor Hu become famous, and to be able to see his medical skills with their own eyes right now, they, the younger generation, were not even close to rejoicing.

How could they allow others to insult them.

And the Hu Divine Doctor was also frowning at the moment.

But seeing as this old man was someone brought by Young Master Chen, he had to endure even if he had anger.

"From what you're saying, you know medical arts as well?"

Doctor Hu snickered, "At such an old age, for old age!"

"Who's an old man? Go away!"

Old Man Qin shoved Doctor Hu and removed some silver needles that Doctor Hu had inserted into Su Rose's arm.

"You you you!"

Doctor Hu was so angry that his face was almost green.

"You what you, this is a parasite she's in, you're messing with the needle, it looks like it's speeding up the blood flow, but you're not letting her parasite in her body Do you scurry inside?"

Old man Qin spoke up.

"I'm asking you, when you were eight years old, did you have this symptom appear, but at that time it would have been just dizziness, right? When you're twelve, it happens again, barely dizzy, but it's a little worse on the sixteen side, so you'll probably get dizzy plus Sudden weakness in your limbs? Now that you're twenty-two, you don't need to tell me that you must have passed out on the spot!"

Old man Qin suddenly looked at Su zyue and asked.

Su zyue, who was lying on the hospital bed, was obviously taken aback, "How do you know that?"

As for Chen Hao, he also looked at old man Qin in surprise.

This old man was really good at something, and that could be seen?

But on second thought, remembering the first time he met him, he wasn't so wise ah, and he was still dragging himself to see him when his leg was injured at the time.

But right now, it was not convenient for Chen Hao to ask Old Man Qin what his history was.

But if he really could heal, this would be best.

"Fine, you're a good friend of my eldest grandson, so I'll treat you and help you pull out this parasite!"

"Thank you grandpa!"

Su zyue thanked her.

"You're welcome, that's fine, all of you go out, next I'll be administering needles to pull out the parasites, ordinary people can't watch!"

Old man Qin said.

Everyone brushed their eyes together and looked at Chen Hao.

So use a person without suspicion.

Since Chen Hao had brought him here, he was naturally trustworthy.

Seeing that he was talking and talking over his head.

Chen Hao then nodded his head and a few people went out.

Naturally, Doctor Hu wouldn't say anything, and after shaking his head and sighing, he followed along and went out as well.

"Wait a moment!"

Old Man Qin called out to Doctor Hu, "I see you're quite skilled, stay and help me!"

"I help you?" Divine Doctor Hu was incredulous.

Qin Yifan looked at Chen Hao.

"Fine, I'll feel more at ease if you stay here, Divine Doctor Hu!"

Chen Hao Said.

That's like double insurance.

Chen Hao then walked out.

The two brothers from Heavenly Dragon and Earthly Tiger, on the other hand, held their shoulders and looked at Qin Yifan with a cold face.

The two brothers were a little uncomfortable with this old man playing tricks on them, not to mention the fact that Doctor Hu was a colleague with his own two brothers, and being teased by this old man like this was even more unpleasant.

So stared at him until the last two were ready to leave the room.

"Hiss... you can't even use these silver needles ah?"

Old Man Qin looked at Divine Doctor Hu's bag of silver needles and directly threw it away speechlessly.

"You you you... bully, too much!!!"

Doctor Hu was so angry that his hands were shaking.

"Hmph, what I said is true, you're all trash, if you want to use them, you have to use these brothers' as well, bring out your silver needles!"

Old Man Qin suddenly glanced towards the Heavenly Dragon and Earthly Tiger who was preparing to leave.

It made the brothers look directly at each other, and their faces changed as they looked at Old Man Qin.

"What are you looking at, don't hide it in your sleeves, I'll give it back to you when I'm done using it!"

Afterwards, Old Man Qin moved, flicked his hands and clamped his fingers, and before the Heavenly Dragon and Earth Tiger could react, their silver needle pouches had already been ripped away.



Tian Long's forehead was filled with cold sweat, and he hurriedly stopped the Earth Tiger who was about to strike.

Because this old man was not impressive, but his movements were really too fast.

Even just now, it had been so fast that Tian Long felt a palpable feeling in his heart.

This kind of feeling was something that Tian Long had never experienced before.

Now with an incredulous face, he looked at old man Qin and pulled the Earth Tiger out.

Divine Doctor Hu, on the other hand, stood with his hands behind his back, he really didn't believe that this stinky screamer could have any skills.

However, when he saw old man Qin's extremely skillful technique and this dazzling needle-launching technique, his lips trembled.

Divine Doctor Hu's lips trembled.

"This is... the Ghost Gate Needle Technique?"


Chen Hao waited anxiously outside.

In a short while, he saw Old Man Qin and Divine Doctor Hu come out.

Only this time, what made Chen Hao feel a little surprised was that Divine Doctor Hu seemed to be quite respectful of Old Man Qin, almost as if he was supporting him.

"How's it going?"

Chen Hao asked.

"Hehe, it's about time, let's go in and take a look!"

Old man Qin said.

Chen Hao walked in and saw that Su zyue's face was indeed much better and red.

"Chen Hao, don't worry about it, Grandpa Qin's medical skills are really great!"

Su zyue was also afraid that Chen Hao would miss her.

"That's good!"  

Chen Hao let out a long breath.

Only then did he let his mind down.

"Old Uncle Qin, thank you for your trouble!"

Chen Hao nodded his thanks to Qin Yifan.

Time and again, he had helped himself, and although he was quite bored with this old man at first, but now, well, Chen Hao was sincerely grateful.

"No trouble, great grandson, if there's nothing else, shall we go?"

Qin Yifan was talking about taking him back home to Shuchuan.

Said trip to Shuchuan.

Chen Hao's face somewhat darkened.

He still had one more thing to resolve, Mu Han had misunderstood him now and was angry at him for not listening to his explanation, what could he do?

"Just wait, we'll leave after I take care of this!"

After saying that, Chen Hao let Su Zyue rest first.

Then he went out to make a phone call.

But after calling a few in succession, Su Tongxin just hung up.


"Tongxin, answer it, why don't you? Maybe he's back to his old self again!"

Su Family.

Sitting together, watching TV and snacking on snacks, Su Mengmeng and the others saw Su Tongxin hang up the phone angrily, and Su Mengmeng ate her potato chips, not to be persuaded.

"No answer!"

Su Tongxin tossed the phone aside.

It was the work of gambling.

Ding dong....

The doorbell suddenly rang.

Su Tongxin sat up all of a sudden.

Yes, her own parents weren't home, who else could come now?

It was definitely Chen Hao.

Some things angry is angry, but how could Su Mengmeng not want to see Chen Hao.

But the one who opened the door was Su Mumeng.

"Hmph, you still know... eh? How are you?"

After Su Meng Meng opened the door.

A very ugly face said.

"Is Miss Su Mumon in? I want to talk to her about something!"

Outside the door, a clear and beautiful female voice sounded.

And this girl, not a bystander, was precisely Qin Ya.

"What are you doing here?"

For Qin Ya, Su Tongxin certainly didn't have any half-hearted affection.

What there was, was all hatred as well.

Even if Chen Hao really didn't have any other relationship with her, why was she holding Chen Hao's arm, why did she have to make Chen Hao betrothed to her?

"Miss Sumner, I'd like the two of us to talk alone, if that's all right?"

Qin Ya said.

She went back today, and she was disturbed anyway.

So, she really wanted to talk to Su Tongxin for a good talk.

"What to talk about, you can say it!"

The two of them came to the side of a park.

"I'll be blunt, though, from what I intended, it would be good for me if you and Chen Hao did break up, and I don't To hide it from you, indeed, I like Chen Hao and have pursued him!"

Qin Ya said.

Su Tongxin turned her head to the side and didn't say anything.

"But, it's because I like him that I can see how dedicated he is to you, really, from start to finish, his heart for you from He's ignored all my advances. I think if we've misunderstood and caused you two to... of breaking up with him, he's going to be sad and miserable because he's kind-hearted and likes to help, and this time, he's really just doing me a favor! And didn't go and do the wrong thing to you!"

Qin Ya looked up at Su Tongxin and said.

Then he told Su Tongxin about some of the experiences Chen Hao had had with himself during this period of time.

And Su Tongxin did not expect that so many things had happened to Chen Hao during this time.

But frankly speaking, Chen Hao had helped Qin Ya many times, and Su Tongxin was still a little jealous in her heart.

But come to think of it, Chen Hao hadn't done anything ah.

"I understand what you're saying, is it that you've experienced a lot with Chen Hao and I've experienced less with Chen Hao?"

Su Tongxin asked again.

"I didn't mean that, but since you said that, you can also think about what you've done for Chen Hao since you've been with him for What's that? Where were you when he was in trouble?"

Qin Ya didn't mean anything else, just wanted to talk it all out completely.

What did you do for Chen Hao?

Where were you when he was in trouble?

These two words left Su Tongxin speechless.

Yeah, it was just supposed to feel like falling in love with Chen Hao, the two of them would have to travel a long way, but Su Tongxin never wanted to go over to Chen Hao.

Chen Hao had been helping himself and taking care of himself.

But he had never given him anything, and this time he came back and misunderstood him indiscriminately.

He must be very busy, but he still had to distract himself.

After talking to Qin Ya, Su Tongxin went back.

Throughout the afternoon, Su Tongxin didn't chat with his little friend anymore and instead moped around in his room.

But it made Su Mumeng and the others worried badly.

"What's wrong with Tongxin? Did that woman talk to Tongxin? After all, they talked for over an hour, something must have happened!"

"Yeah, it's been like that since we got back!"

Su Meng Meng ate the potato chips.

"Hmph, let's go together and ask, if something really happened, we'll go and settle the score with that Qin Ya!"

The roommates all came to the door of Su Tongxin's room.

"Tongxin, open the door na, open the door!"

Summon said worriedly.

Soon, the door opened.

Just after the crowd saw it, they were a little confused.

Because Su Tongxin had already packed her luggage.

"Tongxin, what are you doing, we've only been back for less than a day, what are you doing?"

Matilda Ng asked.

"Ummm, let's go back to Hong Kong Island!"

Summers said.

"Huh? Now, huh?"

The crowd was surprised and said, "But Tongxin, what about Chen Hao? You came back after a long time, just to see him and talk with him, now you have misunderstood, but I feel that Chen Hao didn't do it. That kind of scum thing!"

"I know, I know Chen Hao won't, but I want to go back to Hong Kong Island!"

Su Tongxin said with wet red eyes.

Just now she had flipped and thought about it a lot.

Yes, it was true that she didn't really hate Chen Hao this time, she just wanted him to coax her, it was as simple as that.

But then, Qin Ya's words were not something Su Tongxin hadn't thought of.

There's nothing you can do for Chen Hao at all, following him will only prop him up, so Su Tongxin wants to go back and work hard to enrich herself.

It was the only way to balance the relationship.

The sisters didn't say anything anymore, and hurriedly packed their luggage to go back with Tongxin.

Only Su Mumeng quietly took out her phone and sent a text message to Chen Hao.

"Hurry to the airport, Tongxin is leaving!"


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