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"My brother is Liu Yang, formerly of the First Middle School, what, scared? If you're afraid, get the hell out of here, or my brother will come back and cut you all off!"

Liu Fei stretched his neck in dominance.

"I'll fuck you up!"

Chen Hao's eyes were red, and he lifted his leg and kicked Liu Fei in the stomach, kicking him directly on his back and howling.

Chen Hao bar, although he didn't look too strong, but he had strength, and he used to be a good fighter with both Li Xiao.

It was only for Li Xiaoxiao that Chen Hao had fought more than once.

Anyway, it's just that the arms on the hands and legs are quite strong.

The moment he heard that his brother was Liu Yang from the first middle school, Chen Hao's fire came up.

Plus now Chen Hao had nothing to worry about at all.

Touching up the guy, he smashed at the two again.

The three men were all skin and bones kind of people, naturally Chen Hao was beaten up by Chen Hao.  

Watching Wangasa was almost silly.

At the same time, feeling that this Chen Hao was, at the moment, actually somewhat handsome!

"Chen Hao, help me kill them!"

Wangasa shouted.

As for Shelly, she saw that the two sides were fighting.

She directly touched a vase on the side and smashed it towards Wangasa.

The two girls also fought.

Chen Hao was really a bit ruthless this time.

His eyes were almost red.

Who was that Liu Yang?

It could be said to be the demon in Chen Hao's heart, making it difficult to remove the self-reproach in his heart for many years.

Not bad, that Liu Yang, was the one who shouted for a girl to block Chen Hao's siege for him when he was in middle school.

Relying on his family's money and power, and having many little brothers under his arm.

After school, they beat up Chen Hao all over the place.

That afternoon, Li Xiao ran over, then Chen Hao and Li Xiao two of them fought with a dozen of them.

They were all carrying stool legs and stuff.

They smashed Chen Hao into the corner.

It was then that Li Xiao pulled out a knife....

After that incident, Chen Hao wouldn't have hated it so much if it was also left like that.

Afterwards, Li Xiaoxiao's home was smashed by Liu Yang's father, who was originally the driver of a large car, and as a result, when he smashed the home that time, he was impulsive The top pillar collapsed as a result of being beaten up by that group of people and having their legs broken.

Then Li Xiaoxiao went to a vocational college and was beaten up by Liu Yang, who had gone to a vocational college.

Fortunately, Li Xiao recognized a brother in the society and learned car repair for that person, and then there was a back.

This is also why Chen Hao's eyes were red at once.

This brat still has to call Liu Yang back to cut people, he is looking for him!

When the nameless fire comes up, it doesn't matter!

"Oops, my leg!"

That's when I heard Wangasa shout.

It turned out that she kicked the broken vase that was smashed on the floor standing, and cut her shin.

What about Shelly, seeing the noise getting bigger and bigger, the manager of Dex also called the police.

Neither dared to do anything.

Then they ran away holding Liu Fei who was covering his stomach.

As for Wangasa's few classmates just now, they had already slipped away to nowhere at the moment.

"Chen Hao, you quickly help me to go to the hospital to wrap it up, if it leaves scars, it's over!"

Wangasa could only ask Chen Hao for help at this point.

After all, she still felt that Chen Hao was just helping her fight.

What trouble!

Chen Hao cursed in his heart.

Still, he went over to help Wangasa and went to a clinic nearby to bandage it up.

The good thing about the injury was that it wasn't too serious, just a scratch.

Wangasa, on the other hand, was now half lying on the hospital bed, but the corner of her mouth was curved up looking at Chen Hao with a touch of curiosity in her eyes.


Wangasa suddenly laughed.

"What are you laughing at?" Chen Hao faintly said.

"I ah, I really misjudged today, I've asked around, you used to be bullied a lot when you were in junior high school, and now when I see you Nah, it just feels like you're the kind of person who's honest, even stupid you know!"

"Hehe, but I didn't think you'd be so good in a hurry, the three of them couldn't even fight back, and you didn't even know that you had just How ruthless the shot, how manly that look!"

Wangasa even touched Chen Hao with her foot.

Yes, Wangasa was really impressed with Chen Hao, and a touch of emotion rose in her heart at the moment.

Girls like guys who are very manly, especially those who become very manly to protect themselves.

Chen Hao is not like that.

"There's something you don't understand, I'm usually not like this!"

Chen Hao said.

"I know, I can see that!"

Wangasa pouted.

"Alright, you can go home by yourself when you're fine, I have to go back again!"

Chen Hao turned around to leave.

"Why are you still going back?"

Wangasa was busy.

"If you smashed so many tables and chairs of others, you shall not pay!"

Chen Hao.

"Hey, wait up Chen Hao! I have more to say!"

"What else do you want?"

"I'd say you're pretty nice, Chen Hao!"

Wangasa said with a serious face.


With a bitter smile, Chen Hao directly left.

"This guy, when I first met him, I didn't have this feeling, but now, why does he give people a feeling of having an atmosphere?"

Wangasa looked at Chen Hao's back and muttered in her heart.

But when she remembered the scene where Chen Hao helped her fight just now, Wangasa smiled sweetly again.

It was almost noon when Wangasa returned home.

It was good that neither of her parents were home.

Only her sister was there.

"What took you so long to come back, my phone is still off when I called you, didn't I say it would be done in twenty minutes?"

Sister Wang Min presently asked.

But at the sight of her sister limping, with gauze tied around her calves, she was momentarily stunned.

"What's wrong with you, sister? Got into a fight with someone, huh?"

"Uh-huh, sister, with that Shelly, she's bringing someone to block me!"

Wang Min said.

"Hmph, that little bitch, what's the fiddling about, then... what about that poor loser? Have you seen it?"

Wang Min rang up the matter of Chen Hao and asked again.

"Sis, why are you calling someone Chen Hao a poor loser ah, you haven't been in contact with him, why are you talking so mean!"

But Wangasa was a little uncomfortable in her heart.

It was really somewhat uncomfortable.

Because when she felt that a person was quite good, it would make Wangasa feel uncomfortable if someone else insulted him again, even if it was her own sister.

"I'll go, what's wrong with you? Did you see him? How's he doing? Isn't he handsome or not? It's not an ugly one, is it?"

Wang Min said.

"I don't know, I'm tired, I want to go back to my room and rest, I won't help you with this matter from now on!"

Wangasa unhappily went straight to her room.

"What's wrong well this is?"

Wang Min looked at her sister's attitude towards herself and was really baffled.

Let's say Chen Hao again.

Back to Dex to take care of the tail after.

Just then, Master Wu called to ask how the talk went.

Chen Hao just said to go back and say, then returned to Master Wu's house.

But just arrived at the door.

I saw Wu Qian standing at the door, as if she was waiting for someone.

Upon seeing Chen Hao, she walked towards Chen Hao.

"Damn, I waited so long for you to come back, come here, I'll tell you something..."


"What is it?"

Chen Hao asked.

Wu Qian said, "Do you have time tomorrow?"

"Doing what? I might go grocery shopping tomorrow!"

The day after tomorrow is your birthday, you can't make Auntie Wu cook, you can't make Auntie Wu pay for it again, Chen Hao thought of buying it herself.

"Hmph, you've been eating from my grandparents' house for the past few days, what kind of food are you buying, oo right, the day after tomorrow is your birthday right, I've forgotten about it , ahem, anyway, this grocery shopping thing is nothing, now, there's a good thing waiting for you, you put other things aside!"

"You have something better in store for me?" Chen Hao smiled bitterly.

Although she had grown up with Wu Qian, it was because of this that Wu Qian had been quite unfriendly to Chen Hao since childhood.

Including even now.

Those siblings of theirs didn't tease Chen Hao much.

But Chen Hao, when he was a child, he hated Wu Qian and the others, but now, even if Wu Qian sometimes mocked them, he was only a little angry.  

Usually they don't get too carried away with Wu Qian.

It's all about the face of Master Wu Da Niang.

"Hmph, what do you mean ah, ungrateful how, I tell you, tomorrow we are all going to go to the hot spring area in Xiaoquan town to play, want to shout Piece of you! You haven't taken me out properly since you came back, and now that Little Springs has been developed for tourism, it's great over there now!"

Wu Qiandao.

"So good? Take me out?"

Little Springs is the town where Yang Minxue is from.

Nestled in the mountains, it does have hot springs.

And it was one of the highlights of this development.

Chen Hao would like to go there to play.

But this sudden invitation from Wu Qian made Chen Hao quite surprised.

"Nonsense, just tell me if you want to go or not? Mind what you eat and drink!"

Wu Qian hugged her shoulders proudly.

Chen Hao shook his head, "Forget it, thank you, I'm not going!"

"Huh? What you?" Wu Qian didn't expect Chen Hao to reject her.

According to Chen Hao's nature, shouldn't he be sincerely terrified and honored?

"Shenny, is Chen Hao here? Huh? Why don't you go in when you're back, hurry up, lunch is ready, come over and eat, and talk about how this thing is progressing?"

Master Wu came out at this time and greeted Chen Hao Wu Qian inside.

As a result, Wu Qian's cold face just didn't move.

"What's wrong Little Qian? Who's messing with your little aunt again!" Master Wu laughed bitterly.

"Hmph, who else could it be, Chen Hao!"

"Nonsense, why would Sonny mess with you?"

"That's right, I kindly asked him to go to Little Spring today, but what happened, Chen Hao didn't appreciate it at all, he said he wouldn't go!"

Wu Qian said.

"Oh, Chen Hao ah, if it's true, you can go play with Xiao Qian, Xiao Qian may want to play with you, the hot spring area over there The view is pretty good, you can go if you're fine!"

It's not that I'm not sure what to think, but I think my granddaughter is enlightened.

Seeing them getting along harmoniously, Master Wu couldn't be happier.

"Alright, I'll go tomorrow!"

When Chen Hao heard Master Wu say that, he didn't say anything.


Wu Qian went in after giving Chen Hao a blank look.

Since she was going out tomorrow, she might not have time to buy some food, so that afternoon Chen Hao went to the town supermarket to buy a batch.

He waited until the next morning.

It was Wu Qian who led him out again.

Wu Qian drove a Passat, which belonged to his father.

Carrying Chen Hao towards Xiaoquan Town over there.

Of course Chen Hao wouldn't sit in the passenger seat.

The car felt a little stuffy.

So he opened the window to get some air.

I didn't expect the window to go back up.

I didn't expect to just drop the window and then raise it again.

Look, it's Wu Qian who raised her own window.

Shit! That dead girl!

Chen Hao cursed in his heart, falling only a little this time.

Then he let Wu Qian rise up again.

"What are you doing?"

Chen Hao was speechless.

"Hmph, I was going to ask you, why do I have to open all the windows when I have the car open in front of me! What if dust comes in? Have you ever been in a car?"

Wu Qian despised it.

At this time, Wu Qian's phone rang.

"Okay Lin Yue, I'll drive over to pick you up right away, you wait for me, hmmm, didn't I tell you last night, the people are looking for you, go to later He'll carry our luggage while we're on the mountain. You just focus on chasing your brother Yu Keung, you ungrateful bastard! !"

"Okay, see you later, my boyfriend, my boyfriend has a car, he's already left with his car, we'll set you up with Yu Qiang later I'll see you later, Mia-da!"

After saying that, Wu Qian hung up the phone.

Chen Hao finally knew what was going on with Wu Qian?

"When you say take me out, you mean let me get your backpack? Holy shit!"

Chen Hao was a little angry.

"Hey, what's your hurry, what's wrong with taking the backpack? I'm not going to die. Besides, I'm treating you to dinner today. What are you afraid of? Besides, I'm telling you, Chen Hao, my best friend is after the guy she likes. Watch your attitude, today, we're all supporting characters, my best friend and Yu Qiang and the others are the main characters!"

Wu Qian said again.

If it wasn't for getting into the car and Master Wu escorting the two of them out, Chen Hao would have wanted to just walk away.

But since he had promised to do it, it was no good not to.

So he didn't say anything.

Wu Qian then glanced at the rearview mirror and smiled smugly, "Chen Hao, look at you look angry ah, before I let you carry no matter how much stuff you will not be angry! I can see why you're angry and anxious now, huh? I've told you since elementary school that it's impossible for us! Don't even think about it!"

In elementary school, Wu Qian Wu Feng and her siblings all went from their hometown.

They only went to the county when they were in junior high school.

They were very small, so of course they went to school together with Chen Hao, Li Xiao and Wu Qian.

Wu Qian, who was quite good-looking, was the goddess in the eyes of several boys, and they all grabbed Wu Qian's husband when they were playing house.

Li Xiao had to fight with Chen Hao for Wu Qian.

Of course, that was a very small matter, what do you know!

And Wu Qian is obviously still feeling that Chen Hao has always liked him.

Feeling that he must be unhappy in his heart if he said that he had found a boyfriend.

She knew Chen Hao's temperament as a loser.

And Chen Hao just turned his head out of the window, not bothering to talk to her.

Soon, Wu Qian went to pick up her best friend Lin Yue.

Lin Yue was also pretty looking.

It seemed like we had met since elementary school.

I didn't expect that after not seeing her for so long, she has grown so beautiful.

Tall and thin, with an extremely good figure.

As soon as she got on the bus, she took a look at Chen Hao and apparently also felt that Chen Hao looked familiar.

But didn't greet her, and handed her bag to Chen Hao.

"Hey, I've got sunscreen and makeup and stuff in my bag that I need to use at all times, so you'll have to hold it for me when I'm playing later!"

"Got it!"

Chen Hao nodded his head somewhat impatiently.

Then she listened to Wu Qian and Lin Yue, the two of them chatting on the road.

They were chatting about Lin Yue and Yu Qiang, whom she was pursuing today.

Soon, the car arrived at the entrance of the hot spring tourist area.

At this moment, there were already two handsome boys waiting.

"Qian Qian, Lin Yue, this way!"


The two boys greeted.

Wu Qian and Lin Yue then led Chen Hao, who was carrying a big bag carrying a small bag, over.

"How did you just come ah Qian Qian, haw, really looking for a good man ah, okay, it seems we can have a good time today, brother, hard work Up!"

One boy went up and hugged Wu Qian's waist, now looking at Chen Hao and smiling.

Another one, took out a small sue and tried to hand it to Chen Hao.

"Yu Qiang, what are you giving him a cigarette for, he doesn't smoke, besides, even if he did, he wouldn't be able to smoke such a good one!"

Wu Qian said.

"His name is Chen Hao, he's the guy I told you about before, just have him carry our bags for us today and give him a meal for lunch Up!"

The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past few years, and is now in the process of developing the new product for the future. Wang Hao, the family is a dry factory!"

Especially after introducing Wang Hao.

Wu Qian even paid special attention to Chen Hao's appearance.  A second to remember to read the book

I wanted to see what kind of expression he had to have when he found such a capable boyfriend.

Unexpectedly, Chen Hao just nodded.

And people Wang Hao, Yu Qiang and the two of them, apparently just now just a simple polite to Chen Hao.

To be honest, both of them are quite dude and arrogant.

How can you tell?

Because after they gave a backpack to Chen Hao, they went to buy water.

They ended up buying only four bottles.

Obviously didn't take themselves seriously.

But think about it, let's pretend that they are out on their own today and pretend that the four of them don't exist.

Besides, Wu Qian was here, what could she do?

"Hey Wang Hao, why are there so many people in the hot spring area today? And with all the lights on, what's the point?"

Wu Qian asked curiously.

"I was just discussing this matter with Yu Qiang, so many people are inside today, it seems like the staff is busy, this formation is It's going to be a big event, especially the hot springs hotel inside. I just asked a security guard. It's said that some big bosses in Jinling have taken over the hotel. Here's the package. We're having a big event tomorrow! A lot of big names came! What, your town of Xiao Gu is so close to Xiao Quan, haven't you heard?"

Wang Hao said.

"Haven't heard anything yet! But whatever, let's go in and play ours!"

"Okay then, let's go!"

A few people talked it over.

Just went over to buy tickets together.

The ticket price for this township level is not too expensive. Fifty tickets.

When Chen Hao and the others arrived at the ticket buying entrance, they saw a few people cursing at each other.

Apparently there was a fight going on with the conductor.

"Why are the tickets not sold today ah, four or five of us are here?"

A girl at the head of the group coldly said.

This team was three women and two men.

"Yeah, your official website is only posting the news now, so we're all here alright!"

"I'm so sorry, we were also informed on short notice 15 minutes ago that the area is no longer open to visitors starting today or tomorrow. up, because there are a lot of events that have to be set up on site!"

The staff patiently explained.

"What about the tourists that just went in, I don't see you kicking them out ah, I don't care anyway, it's just a fifteen minute thing, you let We can get in there too!"

"I'm really sorry..."

It was a stalemate like this.

"Holy shit, the scenic area just closed, shit, I should have bought the tickets when I came with Yu Qiang before!"

"Then Wang Hao, what should we do now?"

Wu Qian said disappointedly.

"Oh, I'll tell you what, I'll give my dad a call and have him try to initiate a relationship!"

Wang Hao took out his cell phone and said.

And Yu Qiang also said, "Let me call my dad too, my dad knows the assistant manager here!"

"Uh-huh, Yu-Qiang, I believe you!"

Afterwards, they all went to the phone.

Wu Qian then took a tissue and wiped the sweat from Wang Hao's forehead.

"You give me my bag!"

Lin Yue took a look and rushed over to get Chen Hao's bag.

"You really, hurry up, why are you so inked!"

Chen Hao just put down her big bag and looked for her small bag.

She was directly scolded by Lin Yue.

"Found it!"

"Give it to me now, Inkblot!"

As soon as Chen Hao took it out, Lin Yue dodged a curse and walked over towards Yu Qiang.

She also wanted to take a tissue to wipe Yu Qiang's sweat.

Damn, what kind of people ah this is!

Chen Hao held back a breath of fire.

This Lin Yue seems to like Yu Qiang quite a bit, so she discussed with Wu Qian to come out to play together.

The two of them set up Lin Yue and Yu Qiang together.

That's it.

I didn't expect that this Lin Yue is quite purposeful.

It's like no one else in the world except Yu Qiang can get into her eyes.

But Ping Shui, there was no need for Chen Hao to get angry over her.

"How is Wang Hao? What does uncle say?" Wu Qian asked.

"Hey, my dad said he can't help it, he can't reach anyone here ah, ask Yu Qiang over there?"

Yu Qiang's side was also finished playing.

"Yu Qiang, how's it going?"

Wu Qian Dao.

After all, people weren't buying tickets now, so it would be quite glorious if they could buy tickets to get in.

"My dad told me to wait, he's contacting the assistant manager here!"

Yu Qiang said.

Chen Hao watched from the side were anxious for them, this hot spring mountain was not developed by someone else, it must be developed by their own group.

But bar, Chen Hao looked at it, the people inside, clear of all of them themselves did not know.

They should all be using the local, as well as the original crew that the hot spring scenic area used to have.

Otherwise, the security guards wouldn't have been dry staring at the show when they saw themselves standing here.

But then, the sun was quite poisonous today, and they had taken so many things.

Chen Hao got impatient, "Hey, hey, are we going in or not, I've been standing here for half a day!"

"Fuck, you're still in a hurry, wait well, Yu Qiang is looking for connections, shut your mouth!"

Wu Qian was a little annoyed face.

But after waiting for ten minutes, Chen Hao was hot and thirsty, and there wasn't a shady place here yet.

Wu Qian still won't let herself go to the car and wait.

Fuckin' bother!

Chen Hao was anxious, so he sent a text message to Li Zhengguo, someone to pick them up and take them in.

Don't stay here.

Li Zhenguo immediately sent back a received.

"Mmhmm, okay dad! I got it!"

Over there, Yu Qiang's phone hung up again.

"What did Uncle say this time?" Wang Hao asked.

"My dad contacted the assistant manager Wang here, but both Wang and the manager are not here and said they went out to make the purchase themselves, but my dad said that the , whether we can get in or not, it all depends on how Assistant Manager Wang arranges it, if we really can't get in, I can't do anything about it!"

Yu Qiang Dao.

The other group of people who were coming to the tour were all looking at Yu Qiang as well.

The staff looked at them and apologized, "Don't insist, it's better to go back first if it's so hot, today definitely..."

The phone in the ticket office rang before the words were out.

"Yes! Uh-huh, yeah, yeah, I know!"

Putting down the phone, the staff turned to look at Yu Qiang and the others with a respectful face: "Several gentlemen, the manager personally called to say that you are invited. Get in, today, all expenses are free to you!"

The staff also didn't think that Yu Qiang and his team's phone was really that useful? After all, just now Yu Qiang and Wang Hao threatened to prop up the relationship.

But I didn't expect the relationship to be so hard, and the manager personally spoke up.

"Wow! It was the manager himself who gave the word!"

Wu Qian and Lin Yue were both looking excited. Lin Yue even looked at Yu Qiang with an adoring face.

And that was also the time.

The other team, the girl who headed the team walked up to Yu Qiang and said, "Handsome guy, can you say something to let us in as well? We'll pay for the tickets ourselves!"

That girl looked at Yu Qiang adoringly as well.

"It's okay beautiful, you guys go in too!" Yu Qiang was very happy today, I never thought that Dad's power was so great.

Looking for the assistant manager Wang, and finally the assistant manager Wang got the manager to go out, it was simply too dignified.

At present, a line of more than a dozen people entered the scenic area.

Ticket Office.

A female receptionist asked the staff on the phone: "What's going on ah, is really the manager personally sent words ah?"

"It's not that bad, they said they had a VIP guest, but we blocked them from entering, so we should receive them properly and not make any mistakes."

"All right, I got it!"


Chen Hao was dying of frustration as he followed them.

Well, every time he helped out, the credit seemed to be taken by someone else.

I thought it wouldn't be this time.

But damn Yu Qiang is also, you also do not use your brain to think, you look for the deputy manager Wang, the manager will personally call to arrange it?

Come to think of it, it was also all because he was too low-key.

But there is no way, Chen Hao really does not want to be too open, especially now to Wu Qian and the others.

Just a bit bitter feeling.

When they went in, the two teams had already merged into one team.

Especially with this help from Yu Qiang, that girl over there was extremely grateful, mainly because she had developed a few feelings of admiration for Qiang.

This created a strong sense of crisis in Lin Yue.

Because that girl was also very pretty and came over to accost Yu Qiang, Lin Yue was certainly uncomfortable.  

Keep looking at the girl blankly.

"Put the bag back!"

Walking over to Chen Hao's side and throwing her bag at him, Lin Yue fell lonely and also walked over to Yu Qiang's side.

"Yu Qiang, where are we going to play today? I thought you were going to take me to a hot spring and take me out to eat something delicious!"

Lin Yue came to Yu Qiang's side to pamper him.

Decided to take the initiative some, and then not take the initiative, I'm afraid that they all have to get to the boyfriend was snatched.

Because these days Wang Hao Wu Qian and the others have been setting up Yu Qiang.

Plus, Lin Yue herself is very beautiful, and the two people have already produced ambiguous.

Just missing that layer of window paper.

"Okay, all right!"

Yu Qiang smiled.

"Yu Qiang, this is your girlfriend, huh?"

And the girl over there was smiling, "That's beautiful!"

Lin Yue didn't speak, dumbfoundedly looking at Yu Qiang.

Yu Qiang smiled bitterly, "No, this is my good friend!"

"By the way beautiful, I still don't know your name."

This girl was also really pretty and elegant.

"I'm Wang Min, hehe, thank you so much for today, why don't we make friends?"

Wang Min said with a smile.


Then Yu Qiang is going to come to WeChat with Wang Min plus.

The angry Lin Yue's face was going green.

As for Chen Hao, he had looked at the woman as if she was quite similar to Wang Xiao, and when he heard the name, he was suddenly clear.

I thought it couldn't be such a coincidence, right?

Wu Qian, on the other hand, was stunned, but wasn't sure, and just asked, "Right, do you know Grandpa Wang Hongfei?"

"Huh? That's my grandfather!" Wang Min said.

"I go, what a coincidence, my grandfather's name is Wu Baihua! Do you know Sister Wang Min?"

"Poof!" Wang Min was also shocked, how could she not know it, loser Chen Hao wasn't just grandpa's old buddy Wu Baihua who introduced her to him.

"I see, your name is Wu Qian, right? Grandpa Wu's granddaughter! I remember when I was very young, we met a few times!"

Wang Min was instantly acquainted as well.

Chen Hao was a little embarrassed, damn it, it really was too coincidental.

Fortunately, ah, yesterday afternoon, when Master Wu called himself back for lunch, he didn't mention the blind date thing.

Because Wu Qian apparently drove to Master Wu's house after Master Wu had called himself.

Then in front of Wu Qian, even though Master Wu wanted to ask, he didn't ask, and Chen Hao didn't take the initiative to say so.

Still, he waited until after the meal, and only in the afternoon, did he talk to Master Wu.

After all, there was a good girl, introduced to Chen Hao, not introduced to Wu Feng, afraid that Wu Feng thought too much, if Wu Qian knew, Wu Feng must also know.

Save something again.

Fuck, this was Wangasa's sister, the one who was supposed to be on a blind date with herself.

It was indeed very elegant.

Chen Hao couldn't help but look at Wang Min a few more times.

And now the situation was, Wang Min bar, probably because Yu Qiang had helped her just now, was quite curious about Qiang.

Plus now a chat it, with Wu Qian are also acquainted, naturally familiar with more chat.

As for Lin Yue, she was jealous.

In the process of speaking, there was no shortage of tantrums.

It's also thanks to the ambiguous relationship with Yu Qiang, Yu Qiang didn't say anything.

As for Chen Hao, he had already been ignored to nowhere.

After strolling around like this for more than two hours, it was just after eleven.

It just so happened that there were quite a few restaurants in the scenic area.

So Yu Qiang suggested, why don't we all go to a hotel together.

We'll have a good chat or something.

Of course, Wang Min and the others would not refuse.

So they sat down and ate together.

As soon as Chen Hao put his things down, he also sat down.

"Who told you to sit down!"

Unexpectedly, the suddenly yelled at Chen Hao.

"Dinner, huh? Why can't I sit down?"

Chen Hao looked at Lin Yue with quite a bit of anger.

Lin Yue was jealous and saw that Yu Qiang had been chatting with that Wang Min.

Her own sense of existence was too low.

So she played Missy's temper.

Angrily scolding Chen Hao, looking for a sense of existence.

"Chen Ge, don't you see what kind of virtue you have, we sit down to eat and you sit down to eat too, who do you think you are? Do you deserve it? You really mean it? Can we have some face?"

Lin Yue scolded.

There were clearly a few accusations.

"How am I shameless?" Chen Hao was also anxious.

"Alright Chen Hao, what are you so anxious about with Lin Yue? She said a couple of things about you, are you still a man, but you're in a hurry with a girl, huh?"

Wu Qian saw that Lin Yue was quite disadvantaged today, so she helped scold Chen Hao.

"Chen Hao?"

Wang Min, on the other hand, was staring at Chen Hao with wide eyes.

Because the one who was on a blind date with her was Chen Hao, wasn't it!

Is it him?

"O, oh, Sister Wang Min you may not know him, he is my grandfather's neighbor, of course, the house is rented from our family, today let the He came here so that he could carry our bags, I originally promised him that I would manage him a good meal for lunch today."

Wu Qian was afraid that Lin Yue would quarrel with Wang Min, so she took the opportunity to change the subject.

"AoO, I know!"

Wang Min blushed and took a look at Chen Hao, embarrassed very much.

She, too, had imagined what Chen Hao looked like, thinking that although Chen Hao was poor, he should be good looking or have a good temperament.

But now, he actually went to carry someone's bag for a meal.

Even though he's quite innocent looking, it's too low.

Look at Wu Qian, she doesn't seem to know about the blind date she had with him yesterday.

But Wu Qian and Chen Hao didn't even talk about it, so Wang Min would never take the initiative to mention it.

"Please make way Miss, serve the food!"

At that moment, the waiter came.

She was holding a tray to remind Lin Yue who was standing there to serve the food.

As a result, Lin Yue turned around and bumped right into the dish, almost knocking over someone's tray and splashing a bit of the vegetable soup on her arm.

"I'm sorry Miss, are you alright?" The waiter hurriedly paid respects.


I didn't expect Lin Yue to raise her hand to smack the waiter's face with her mouth.

"Damn, you haven't got eyes! How dare you splash vegetable soup on me?"

Lin Yue was already jealous and wanted to find a sense of existence, and now, even more so, she felt that she had embarrassed herself in front of Yu Qiang and took offense at the waiter.

This little waitress, looked just like high school just graduated, young, tender skin.

This slap, directly knocked her silly.

Chen Hao and the others were also confused, not expecting Lin Yue to dare to hit someone.

"Jun Yue, what's wrong? Who hit you?"

At this time, the female manager of the lobby, along with a few waiters came running over.

Very respectful plus scared to hold the beaten waiter, the lobby manager was scared white.

"It's her, she hit me!"

Jun Yue covered her face and cried.

"How dare you hit someone? Do you know who she is?"

The lobby manager yelled at Lin Yue.


"Well, I don't care who she is, I'm going to hit her anyway if she drips vegetable soup on me, she's just a little waitress, there's What's the big deal!"

Lin Yue said.

She certainly had capricious capital now.

After all, Yu Qiang's face was obviously big here.

Besides, today had already been somewhat stolen by that Wang Min, Lin Yue's heart was upset.

Now, it was not to say that she was dripping vegetable soup, just to teach her a lesson, but then she was disowned by the lobby manager.

It really was....

Anyway, Lin Yue was about to explode now.

"Jun Yue you don't cry, I'll call Manager Wang right now and let your father handle it!"

This Wang Junyue, her father was the manager of the scenic area's investment office and the main planner of the current scenic area's activities.

And he was sent over by Jinling.  

Nature is awesome.

Much more bullish than the manager of this scenic spot.

Only Wang Junyue bar, also has nothing to do in the summer vacation, so she came to experience life part-time.

Coincidentally, today was the first day she came over to work part-time, or begged her dad for a long time to come and play, and then she got beaten up.

"Fight, fight, I have Keung, I'm not afraid of you!" Lin Yue pulled Yu Qiang's arm.

The crowd all glanced at Yu Qiang.

Yu Qiang was quite facetious, especially since Lin Yue was now clearly relying on her power to be capricious.

So now, directly coldly stood up, "This hotel of yours is really awesome, well, I'll see who you call! Don't be afraid Lin Yue, it's just a phone call from me!"

Yu Qiang said.

The next thing you know, people on the other side are making phone calls.

Lin Yue, on the other hand, kept cursing nonstop.

Not long after, three black Audi A6s, a sharp brake stopped at the entrance of the hotel.

"Who hit my daughter

Wang Min and Lin Yue spoke at the same time.

"Hmph, I say why is this group so bossy, he still thinks this scenic spot is in charge of Mr. Li and that assistant manager Wang, hehe, they don't Do you know that the two of them also have to look at your face to act on behalf of Mr. Wang?"

The lobby manager was now cold.


Hearing this, Yu Qiang, who was going to fight back, was suddenly stunned.

Assistant Manager Wang even wanted to see this man's face?

And at this time, Lin Yue had screamed.

Because two bodyguards had already come over and pulled her hair and smacked her a few times.

The scene was directly out of control.

"I'm telling you, you touched my daughter today, this matter isn't over, there's one to settle, no one is going to run away!"

Manager Wang loved his daughter and was now red-eyed.

I didn't expect a dinner party to develop into this.

Even Wu Qian and the others couldn't get away with it.

"Manager Wang, we didn't hit your daughter ah!"

Wang Hao was frightened and hurried.

This group of bodyguards was also simply too ruthless in their actions.

Wang Min, on the other hand, was obviously a bit bigger than Chen Hao and the others, but was also a bit frightened.

Chen Hao faintly looked at the scene in front of him, not even standing up.

After all, he wasn't the Virgin Mother, not anyone who had something to do with himself had to help.

Despite the fact that this Manager Wang himself looked very familiar!

But there was no need to help Lin Yue and Yu Qiang, two strangers.

Besides, Lin Yue despised herself and was so domineering, she really deserved to be beaten up!

As soon as I saw it, it was about to spread to Wu Qian and the others.

Suddenly, a group of people rushed in again from outside.

It was the scenic area staff.

"Mr. Wang, stop the fight, stop it!"

The female staff member at the head was in a hurry.

Hurriedly rushed in with someone.

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that.

At this moment full of tension.

"Hmph, it's Little Liu, what's wrong? Why can't we fight?"

Manager Wang raged.

The female staff member hurriedly ran to Manager Wang's ear and whispered a few words.

Just look at Manager Wang's face, getting whiter and whiter....

What did you say?

Did the CEO at the top directly arrange for them to come in and play?

"Uh-huh! Yes, it wasn't just when the security guard told me that those noble guests had a conflict here, so I rushed over here, Mr. Wang!"

The female staff member said.

Manager Wang sucked in a breath of cold air.

The female staff member had just told him the whole story very clearly.

This group of people originally couldn't buy tickets to come in.

As a result, the leader, Yu Qiang, called his father and wanted him to let the group of them in.

I'm sure I didn't agree at first, but it turned out that Manager Li personally came to the phone.

He said that the group of people outside the door are VIP guests, or Li Zhenguo, the CEO arranged a close friend to call Manager Li. Now Manager Li and Assistant Manager Wang purchasing things, are rushing back to it.

So now the more Manager Wang listened, the more mysterious.

Cold sweat are out.

A face full of apologies looked towards Yu Qiang who fell to the ground.

"Whew! This young master, look, why didn't you make it clear just now that it was that Mr. Li who personally arranged for you to come in?"

Li Zhengguo and scenic area Manager Li, of course, in the eyes of Manager Wang is a world apart.

Now full of smiles as well as terrified.

A few bodyguards also apparently would have understood, all of them were a little nervous and took a step back.

The scene, directly 180 degrees reversed.

Wang Min was even more surprised at Qiang.

"Oh my god, who the hell is he? How come you have such a background?"

Wu Qian was also all robbed of her joy, feeling that Yu Qiang was too awesome.

As for Lin Yue, she was even more wide-eyed and then laughed.

"Hahahaha, idiot, if you dare to hit me, I'll kill you!"

Pop, pop, pop!

Now she stood up and smacked a few of the bodyguards several times, although she was beaten up, but nothing could make her feel more eyebrow raising than this moment.

In the end, it was Yu Qiang's background that was awesome.

"Yu, I don't know who your father is."

Manager Wang was terrified.

"Hmph, my father is Yu Delong, and my mother are both from the Pingan County system, and know the Assistant Manager Wang here!"

Yu Qiang was also bullish.

Sheesh... I know all about CEO Li's chain of connections ah, what's wrong with this Yu Delong? Did Lee speak for him?

No, right?

Manager Wang wondered.

"Hmph, just know that it's okay to be afraid, just now you slapped me, I want to return it now!"

Lin Yue walked over towards Manager Wang overbearingly.

"Manager Wang Biao, long time no see!"

And then, at the table, Chen Hao stood up, laughing with one hand in his pocket.


The reason why Chen Hao came out now.

It was because he really didn't want to let Yu Qiang and Lin Yue pretend to be something else.

Just now, Chen Hao also fiercely remembered that this Manager Wang in front of him was Wang Biao, wasn't it.

It was the Wang Biao who was in charge of organizing the birthday party for Lin Yi Yi on her birthday.

That day, I was also tossed around by Chen Lin, so I only had a few brief conversations with Wang Biao.

Some impressions, but not very familiar.

Now, because of your own low profile and lack of fanfare, Lin Yue and Yu Qiang have become so domineering.

Oh, it would be fine if they were their friends, but these two are not ah.

Then why do you keep a low profile and watch the two of them pretend to beat up your own people.

"Young Master Chen... Young Master Chen, is... is it you?"

When he saw Chen Hao's face, Wang Biao's heart was overwhelmed. .  A second to remember to read the book

Just now, he was angry that his daughter was beaten, and his attention was completely focused on Lin Yue and Yu Qiang, as for the others, Wang Biao didn't look at all.

But now,Young Master chen  was actually here!

Shit, that made sense.

Wang Biao also wondered how Yu Dehai, who had never heard of him before, had such a big face.

It turned out that the said noble guest was Young Master Chen  too right ah.

And CEO Li definitely didn't want to reveal young master Chen's identity, so he didn't explain it to Manager Wang, and let the current staff misunderstand.

"Hmmm, I'll play!"

Chen Hao smiled bitterly and nodded.

And Wu Qian and the others were all stunned, what was this situation? He knows Chen Hao?

"Hmm, finished without you guys? I don't care about that, if you hit me, I'm going to hit you!"

Lin Yue was still in the middle of a rage.


As soon as he came over, he was slapped on the ground by Wang Biao.

"Keep fighting for me!"

Now that he had Young Master Chen  backing, Wang Biao naturally didn't care about anything.

Of course, before taking action, he looked at Young Master Chen's eyes, and Young Master Chen avoided his own eyes, which means that he beat up the person, Young Master Chen is supportive.

The staff was in a hurry.

Wang Biao walked over towards Chen Hao respectfully, "Young Master Chen, if I had known you were coming, I would have just instructed the young ones to greet you, and let you bother to After all these weeks, calling CEO Lee!"

"It's fine, and it was sudden, I couldn't see them getting in, and I didn't want to be out in the sun, so I got someone to let them in!"

Chen Hao was able to put the whole thing into words.

"What? Chen Hao, you're the one who let us in?"

Wu Qian was incredulous.

Wang Min's heart was also thumping.

Say it in disbelief.

But Chen Hao could understand a few points of the conversation with this manager Wang Biao now, and Chen Hao's connections seemed to be quite strong.

And this bullish Wang Biao was calling him Young Master Chen?

Still so respectful?

The gazes of the group of girls looking at Chen suddenly changed.

In the beginning, no one put him in their eyes, but as a result, the one who actually brought himself in was him?

Come to think of it, Yu Qiang is looking for Assistant Manager Wang, how could the manager run to respectfully arrange everyone?

"Young Master Chen... "Wang Biao looked like he had some things he wanted to say to Chen Hao.

"Ummm, go back to the office and wait for me, I'll come over to you later! Manager Wang!" Chen Hao directly interrupted him.

"Yes yes yes Young Master Chen!"

After Wang Biao said that, he led the group of people all away.

Chen Ge did know what Wang Biao wanted to say.

It was finally clear you can the hot spring scenic area was so grand today.

A big event tomorrow?

Nine times out of ten, it was Li Zhenguo who arranged for Wang Biao to celebrate his birthday, right?

It was exactly this that Chen Hao wanted to confirm with Wang Biao.

But this, obviously, was not convenient.

To Wu Qian and the others, they spoke.

Now, Chen Hao glanced at the wretched Lin Yue and Yu Qiang, and also prepared to leave.

"Chen Hao! Don't go away, you make it clear!"

Wu Qian was in a hurry.

So anxious that her face was almost white.

Really, similar to the psychology of those girls, that is, in this world, anyone can be capable of anything, anyone can be amazing.

Even if it's a dog!

However, the only thing that couldn't be Chen Hao.

If it was Chen Hao, Wu Qian's heart felt as if a cat had scratched her, why would Chen Hao, whom she despised, know Big Brother?

Why is this big brother calling Chen Hao young master Chen?

Isn't he just a poor, stinking loser?

Why? Why?

Has Chen Hao, is he really become very powerful?

Wu Qian felt bad.

"What do you want me to say?"

Chen Hao faintly said.

If it wasn't for Master Wu's face, do you think I, Chen Hao, would be here with you today?

"Explain clearly why that man called you Young Master Chen and was so scared of you, what's your relationship with him?"

Wu Qian asked.

"Don't ask what you shouldn't, you guys just have a good time here today, don't worry, no one is here to kick you out!"

Chen Hao said.

After saying that, he turned around and wanted to leave.

And when she passed by Wang Min, Wang Min also looked at Chen Hao  with a complicated look in her eyes.

He actually had such great skills.

It really wasn't obvious at all.

Wang Min's heart was almost as bad as Wu Qian's, and even worse than Wu Qian's, so she felt her cheeks burning.

And most importantly now, what exactly was Chen Hao's background?

"I don't believe it, I don't believe it, how could that loser be the one who let us in, it's Jonny, it's Jonny only!"

Lin Yue shouted.

Yu Qiang gritted his teeth and hurriedly made a call to his dad to confirm.

The result of the confirmation was that the people's assistant manager, Wang, hadn't written back to his dad specifically yet!

"Damn it, what the hell is Chen Hao's identity?"

And Wu Qian's interest in talking to anyone was gone, and instead she chased after Chen Hao directly towards the outside.

And yet, Chen Hao had now arrived at Wang Biao's office.

Wang Biao was already waiting.

"Manager Wang, what's going on in the scenic area?"

Chen Hao walked over and sat down on the boss chair, looking very tired.

Wang Biao hurriedly handed over a glass of water: "What? Master Chen, don't you know? It's your birthday tomorrow, Mr. Li told us to arrange it ah!"

"That doesn't have to be so loud!"

Chen Hao laughed bitterly.

It was really set up for himself.

Chen Hao also understood that Li Zhenguo, wanted his birthday not to be too shabby.

However, this time, he had just called more than twenty of them to have a meal together, it was quite good, where it was different ah.

But since it was all set up, Chen Hao didn't say anything else.

He had come to Wang Biao's place just to blow the air conditioning and take a break.

Resisting so many backpacks, after all, tired.

And Wang Biao was waiting by the side, Young Master Chen didn't speak, he didn't dare to move.


Suddenly at this moment, the door was slammed open.

"Chen Hao, I just want you to tell me the truth, why are you lying to me? Tell me, what's going on here?"

It was a girl, naturally it was Wu Qian who came after her.

Wu Qian saw it clearly from the window outside just now.

Chen Hao was actually swaggering on the boss chair, while that big man was standing right beside him.

This damn it, Wu Qian was about to vomit blood in a hurry!


"Fuck, Wu Qian, are you annoyed, what are you doing?"

It was a shock to Chen Hao, and he said.

"What's that tone of voice Chen Hao, I just care about you, I know you won the lottery, but I don't know how much you won, I just want to I'm telling you, your kind is simple and like a fool in society, even if you win a lot of money, you should be careful not to be It's played, and you end up poor!"

Wu Qian cursed.

Yeah, other than Chen Hao winning a lot of money and possibly investing in the scenery, Wu Qian couldn't think of any other possibilities.

Plus, it's now as uncomfortable as breaking a five-flavor bottle in your own heart.

After scolding, Wu Qian left in exasperation.

"This girl, if she knew her identity, what's more!"

Chen Hao smiled bitterly.

After letting Wang Biao go out and get busy, he squinted in the office for a while.

Chen Hao also planned to leave.  

Definitely not with Wu Qian, and now Wu Qian doesn't want to be with herself, right?

And just at this moment.

A knock suddenly sounded outside the office.

"Assistant Manager Wang, I'm here to bring new people to report to you!"

It was a very clear and beautiful female voice.

And the moment he heard this female voice, Chen Hao was slightly startled.

Then, he said, "Come in!"


The door slowly opened, and a girl with long shawl hair, wearing a professional suit, and a beautiful figure walked in holding a folder.

And behind her, there was an equally very pretty-looking girl.

"Manager Wang, I'm..."

The woman leading the group was about to introduce herself.

However, when she got a clear look at the person in front of her, the words she was about to say were stuck in her throat as if she was stuck.

And when Chen Hao saw the two people standing in front of her, a touch of embarrassment appeared on her face.

"Young... Young Master Chen, so it's you! I...I didn't know you were here!"

The woman suddenly turned red, then lowered her head full of shame, not daring to look at Chen Hao's face at all.

"Xueqing, Shihan? What brings you to Little Springs? Aren't you in Peace County?"

The girl in front of him, if it wasn't Jiang Xueqing and Li Shihan, who else could it be.

This was exactly the point that embarrassed Chen Hao.

Ever since the last time he had investigated some of the company's scum.

The identity was also open to Jiang Xueqing.

And Li Shih-Han also knew her identity because of that incident at the sales office.

Just before with Jiang Xueqing Li Shih-Han some things happened all know, although the former high school, himself and Jiang Xueqing Li Shih-Han two girls especially good.

Jiang Xueqing also quarreled with Li Wenyang who had been bullying and beating himself for himself.

To be honest, although the high school life was dark.

But with Jiang Xueqing and Li Shih-Huan here, Chen Hao still felt that high school life was quite good.

Many people looked down on themselves, but there were also people who were genuinely good to themselves ah.

This was also why after so many things had happened, Chen Hao still harbored a different kind of emotion towards the two girls.

Although the old feelings and relationships were no longer there, Chen Hao wasn't too harsh.

"Young Master Chen, I'm going to the HR department now, Shih-Han is new to the company, but tomorrow is your birthday, and the company sent some models of Girls with good temperament come over to do the reception."

Yeah, when Chen Hao had his birthday, Jiang Xueqing and Li Shihan both knew.

It just felt distinctly odd now.

"So that's how it is, Oooo, Wang Biao he's gone to set up the scene!"

Chen Hao couldn't lie down anymore, so he stood up.

Talking to them.

The atmosphere was very awkward.

"By the way Shih Hsin, why are you out looking for a job, where's Ding Hao?"

Although Chen Hao had annoyed Li Shihan for a while, but now, bar none, he didn't have that feeling anymore, so he asked.

"After Ding Hao knew you were Young Master Chen, he was so scared that he didn't leave the house for days, and he knew about our previous relationship, so..."

Li Shih-Han did not continue to say anything more.

It sounded like Li Shih-Han came looking for a job, or had some connection with herself!

Chen Hao smiled awkwardly.

Saying, "But, I'm embarrassed to have you two celebrate my birthday like this! Haha, speaking of which, the best birthday I ever had in high school was in the cafeteria!"

Li Shih-Han and Jiang Xueqing heard it, and they all remembered.

Yeah, back in high school, no one even played with Chen Hao at that time.

No one cared about his birthday at all.

When everyone went back to school to get their high school graduation certificate in the summer after the college entrance exam, that day was Chen Hao's birthday.

So Li Shihan suggested to Jiang Xueqing that she should go to the cafeteria to celebrate Chen Hao's birthday.

Because the first year of high school's military training had already started.

Li Shih Huan and Jiang Xueqing, right, and Chen Lin were also there, because Chen Lin was on good terms with Li Shih Huan, so they half-heartedly went to celebrate Chen Hao's birthday.

They also bought Chen Hao a birthday cake, which was quite big.

It was the first time Chen Hao had eaten a cake since he was a child.

His heart was touched to the core.

He also identified Li Shihang and Jiang Xueqing as his two friends.

But then.

It was clear to everyone.

When the university started, Chen Hao had always kept in touch with Li Shihan and Jiang Xueqing.

Later on, they didn't send messages back.

When we met Li Shihang again two years later in Jinling.

Chen Hao was really very happy.

This was something that Li Shih-Han herself admitted, she could never forget the time she had just met Chen Hao some time ago.

He warmly wanted to talk to him more.

But, she was ashamed of him, so she avoided him.

Later on, she even humiliated him three or four times.

There were a few other times that were particularly severe, and he did it himself.

But Chen Hao still helped himself, seeing that he still didn't look disgusted.

It was only later on when he went too far, that Chen Hao became gradually colder to himself.

And what about Jiang Xueqing.

When she met Chen Hao again, actually to be honest, she also quite despised Chen Hao.

She was only embarrassed, so she was only polite and joking with him.

Then, Chen Hao actually took it seriously.

He actually asked himself to go to the class reunion together.

In fact, he had a date with Li Wenyang that day.

So that whole day, Jiang Xueqing felt a little uncomfortable.

Because Li Wenyang, when he went to school, he beat Chen Hao very badly, Chen Hao did not dare to fight back, the most ruthless one is to take a stool and smash Chen Hao from the podium all the way to the back.

It was Chen Hao's enemy.

But as Chen Hao's former friend, he actually became especially close to Li Wenyang.

How cold Chen Hao's heart must have been at that time!

Until now, Chen Hao's turned out to be the super-deity Jinling Chen Shao.

Li Shihan and Jiang Xueqing's hearts were not to mention how hard and ashamed they felt.

They were even coincidentally still thinking that Chen Hao had changed, he was no longer that Chen Hao.

And actually now, Chen Hao was still Chen Hao, he had never changed, truly become, it was them....


"Chen Hao, I'm sorry..."

Li Shihan and Jiang Xueqing spoke in unison.

A face full of shame.

"It's fine!" Chen Hao just smiled faintly.

Although Chen Hao's attitude towards them was still good now, but honestly, where were the old feelings still present.

Chen Hao just treated them as mature people, nothing more.

And Li Shihan and Jiang Xueqing also understood the coldness in Chen Hao's words, yes, the past, never to return! In the hearts of both of them, they were inexplicably gripped with pain.

If they still maintained a relationship with Chen Hao, then there was no telling how much better the current situation would be than they thought!

After that, Chen Hao didn't talk much with them.

Looking at the time it was afternoon, it was time to go back and get ready.

This time, Wu Qian, that crazy girl, didn't know where she had gone, she should have left long ago.

Chen Hao can't walk home.

So it drove a company Audi A6 back.

As soon as they arrived at the door.

Chen Hao ran into an acquaintance again.

He was holding a bag, as if he was waiting for a taxi.

It was a girl.

And if this girl wasn't Wang Min who else could it be.

Since Chen Hao had his car window down, so when Chen Hao wanted to raise the window up and go straight away, Wang Min also saw Chen Hao.

"Chen Hao?"

And Wang Min directly called out Chen Hao's name.

It made Chen Hao unable to leave even if he wanted to.

For this girl, Chen Hao honestly didn't have a good impression of her.

She went on a blind date herself and had her sister come in her place because she disliked her.

This could be considered a great insult to herself.

So from start to finish, Chen Hao hadn't taken the initiative to say a word to her today.

"You have something?"

Seeing Wang Min walking towards his car, Chen Hao asked very coldly.

"Thank you today ah, if it wasn't for you, we wouldn't even be able to get in for fun, those are my colleagues, a few of them have already gone back! "

Wang Min was standing next to a girl accompanying her at the moment.

"O-Oh, it's okay, no need to thank me, if it was my way, I wouldn't let you guys in, it was Yu Qiang who let you in!"


Chen Hao didn't have to give this girl a face, so he spoke in a yin and yang rude manner.

Wang Min's face was embarrassed.

Of course, she knew clearly that because of that blind date thing, it could be said that a barrier had been created with Chen Hao.

And she had indeed gone a little too far.

She only felt guilty and at a loss.

Originally, there was no need to greet Chen Hao with this greeting to humiliate herself.

Isn't it good to be a stranger and not talk to anyone? Isn't that what you've always wanted?

But after that incident just now, it became different.

Wang Min was not happy about it.

Same as most girls' minds.

You! Just a guy I don't like. I passed him over. If you've been mediocre all your life, it's okay. I still have it in me. It was fun.

But, a thousand times over, a boy who was eliminated actually had a lot of energy.

That's very hard to bear.

That's why Wang Min was particularly unhappy when she saw Chen Hao drive out in his Audi without the slightest intention of saying hello.

"I apologize for that thing you said, I was wrong!"

Wang Min bit her lips.

"There's no need to apologize, to be honest, we don't have anything to do with each other, so if you're fine, I'll leave first!"

Chen Hao faded.

With a kick of the throttle, Chen Hao left directly.

Making Wang Min's heart shy and angry, this kind of being ignored by boys was really the first time since childhood.

Her eyes were on the verge of turning red.

Especially, he had become capable, especially the capable kind, but he ended up ignoring himself....

When he passed by the town of Xiaoquan and the town of Xiaogu where he was.

Chen Hao found something strange, that is, there were many more luxury cars and such in the town.

In particular, there were quite a few parked in front of the hotels.

Chen Hao didn't think too much about it.

Just at this moment.

His own phone rang, and at a glance, it was Dame Wu calling.

"What is it, Dame Wu?" Chen Hao asked with a smile.

"Chen Hao, where are you? I saw Wu Qian drive back by herself just now, she seemed quite unhappy, you two didn't fight, right? Did she leave you alone!"

Mrs. Wu asked with concern.

"No, I'm on my way back in a friend's car." In order to keep Aunt Wu from thinking too much, Chen Hao had no choice but to say.

"That's good, by the way Little Song, on your way back, bring back a bag of rice from town, it'll save your eldest from having to go again!"

Aunt Wu said.

"No problem!"

Chen Hao found the nearest small supermarket, and went straight in to buy two bags of rice, and peanut oil and so on.

It's also a good idea to get a good deal more than just a few of these.

It's also a good idea to buy a couple of cartons of milk and wine plus eight treasured congee and so on.

Open the trunk, the inside is almost stuffed.

"Chen Hao?"

On the last trip, Chen Hao was carrying a pressure cooker out when suddenly, a girl at the entrance of the hotel next to him shouted out somewhat unexpectedly.

Chen Hao turned his head to look.

"Fuck, Jiang Ranran, why are you in our town?"

The girl in front of him was Jiang Ranran.

Chen Hao was really surprised, ever since the last incident in the Jiang family had passed.

Chen Hao felt that they would never see each other again, right?

After all, Chen Hao chilled thoroughly, and even that time when Jiang Weidong was in trouble, knowing that his dad reminded him to be more helpful, he didn't take care of it.

Jiang Ran Ran called himself, and he didn't pick up either.

So this meeting was quite awkward.

"Yeah, we just arrived too, I was just about to come out to buy something, I didn't expect to see you!"

Jiang Ranran was still quite kind to Chen Hao, and now walked over, clearly wanting to talk to Chen Hao a bit more.

"You guys? Who else?"

Chen Hao asked.

"My parents, and my dad's co-workers are also coming to play!"

Gingerly, he whispered.


Chen Hao nodded.

What was there to do in his own town of Xiaogu? Why are so many people here?

But Chen Hao didn't want to talk more with Jiang Ranran, so he didn't ask.

"By the way Chen Hao, are you still staying at your house?"

Kang Ran Ran again.

"Ummmm, where else would I live?"

"Gosh, for the record, I've never been to your house, except that you used to come to ours when I was a kid!"

Jiang Ran Ran smiled.

"Okay, that's nothing else, I'm leaving first, I have to rush home to cook!"

Chen Hao diverged from the topic of Jiang Ranran.

Jiang Ran Ran knew that Chen Hao didn't want to talk to himself.

However, the more you Chen Hao doesn't want to talk to yourself, the more you prefer to talk to you!

Can't I get into your eyes like this?

"By the way Chen Hao, there's only one cord for your electronic pressure cooker, aren't you going to buy an extra one for backup? In the village the voltage is very unstable and burned out wires are common!"

Jiang Ran Ran.

"How negligent of me to say that! Thank you!" Chen Hao laughed slightly, Alas, it would have been nice if you, Jiang Ranran, had been like this before.

Right now, he turned around and wanted to go back to buy the line.

"Hey, just leave the pot in the car, I'll go buy it for you!"

Jiang Ranran said going into the supermarket and shortly after took a line out and handed it to Chen Hao.

"Ran Ran, what are doing you?"

Suddenly at this moment, a middle-aged voice sounded at the entrance of the hotel.


A middle-aged couple came out with another middle-aged couple plus a youth.

It was just in time to see Jiang Ranran talking to Chen Hao.

Presently, the middle-aged man who was the leader gave a cold drink and walked straight over.

And this middle-aged man, naturally, was Jiang Weidong.

"Dad, what are you doing, I'm buying something for Chen Hao!" Jiang Ran grumbled.

"What? And you shop for him? Well, even if you lose it, you won't give it to him!"

Jiang Weidong snatched it up and threw the line on the ground.

Last time, Jiang Weidong pulled down his face and was ready to beg Chen Hao for help in finding a connection, but Chen Hao just ignored it.

It made Jiang Weidong directly furious.

"That's right, Ran Ran, didn't I tell you to have less dealings with him, why can't you kid keep remembering?"

Tang Lan also came over to look at Chen Hao with a scowl.  A second to remember to read the book

"Uncle Ginger, who is this guy?"

And the young man came over at that moment and asked.

"It's the son of a man he used to know, and he lives in this town in the village of Xiaogu!"

Jiang Weidong smiled lightly.

"Old Jiang ah, why do you look like you're following the young man with a misunderstanding?"

And the other middle-aged man opened his mouth to ask questions.

The reason why they came together as a group this time, apart from that incident, there was another purpose, which was to set up the children from both sides.

Now looking at Ran Ran and this strange young man seemed to be good, seeing that his son also cared about this issue, so that middle-aged man asked a question.

"Oh Director Wang, not only is it a misunderstanding, this person, simply no manners at all, last time our old ginger went to look for him, and he ended up directly There's no shadow, leaving us empty!"

Tang Ran said in anger.

"Hmph, Ran Ran go back and don't blame me for being rude to you if I see you talking to some low-life again!"

Jiang Weidong coldly drank.

After saying that, he also stepped on the line on the ground that Jiang Ran Ran had just bought directly over.

"Mr. Kang!"

Chen Hao couldn't help but speak up at this time.

Of course, this person Chen Hao wouldn't call out any more uncles and such.

"Hmph, what do you want?"

Jiang Weidong coldly said.

"I but raised half a million for you last time, it's a favor to you, if you speak to me like that, if word gets out, I'm afraid it will affect the Not good, right? Also, Auntie Tong said you guys ran out on me last time. Have you forgotten that when I was in high school, my dad and I were in the same school? You've been waiting downstairs for three or four hours to see you, and you've just sent us away? What? You're running on empty and I'm not right?"

Chen Hao said.

"Hmph, what do you mean? My Jiang was too busy to take care of you two, but now it seems that I was right not to take care of you. It's no use at all!"

Tang Lan scolded.

"Alas, it seems that the misunderstanding is quite troublesome ah, I was thinking that this country boy could lead us around, as a little guide or something And now look at forget it!"

The youth despised a smile.

"Still being a guide, what kind of status do we have, we have to find special connections if we want to find someone, huh?"

The other woman saw that Tang Lan and Jiang Weidong were disgusted with the man, and she was disgusted herself.

The words were mean.

Instead of being angry, Chen Hao smiled faintly.

"Well, come and see you later, Mr. Jiang!"

Right now, Chen Hao drove straight away.

And when Chen Hao drove away.

That young man also just discovered that this Audi A6, was actually Chen Hao's?

"Fuck, this guy drives this well?"

The young man was befuddled.

This was really unexpected, just now he was mocking people, but it turned out he couldn't even mix with an Audi ah.

"What's so great about it, it looks like a used one, he probably can't afford to buy a new one now, seeing him really affects our Mood!"

Donlan said.

"Well, let's not talk about him!"

Jiang Weidong snorted coldly.

Plus, after Chen Hao was full of anger, he had arrived home at the moment.

After arriving home.

There were quite a few cars parked in front of Grand Master Wu's door.

It seemed that Big Brother Two and Third Brother had returned.

Chen Hao honked his horn, wanting to find someone to help move their things.

Just in the courtyard, a few people were standing.

When they looked at the door Audi have curiously stood out.

Grandma Wu came out as well.

When Chen Hao opened the car door and came out, they were all shocked.

"Chen Hao? Why are you driving an Audi?"

The eldest daughter-in-law was stunned.

That would be better than even her own son!

"Well, look at this Audi, why it looks like a used one!"

The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you have a clear understanding of what is going on.

Now directly said.

Also towards the Audi's tires stepped on, a very familiar look: "No need to fuss, this kind of used reconditioned car is very common, to find If you are a friend or acquaintance, you can get it for a hundred thousand, and now my friend also persuaded me to buy a used Audi for ten thousand to drive it. Let me turn it down, huh? The poorer you are, the more you need to show off with such a nice car!"

"That's right, Peak is right, Audi, only rich bosses drive it!"

The other youth said.

His name is Wu Jie.

This time it looked like he was going home.

"You've misunderstood, this isn't my car, but someone else borrowed it for a few days!"

Chen Hao smiled faintly.

"Cough, I thought you were developed to buy your own car, but it was borrowed!"

The several sisters-in-law relaxed and despised a smile.

And when Chen Ge looked around, he didn't see Wu Qian.

I don't know why she didn't come, but didn't ask.

"Master Wu, this is what I bought for you, let's move in!"

Chen Hao looked to Master Wu.

"You kid, you've spent money and bought so much!"

Auntie Wu feigned anger, was blaming Chen Hao for spending money recklessly.

"It's fine, it's all necessities, it doesn't cost much, this pressure cooker, you can usually use it to buy some big stick bones to boil soup and drink! It's good for the body!"

Chen Hao laughed.

As for the mockery of the others, Chen Hao ignored it.

"Oh, is this pressure cooker still a brand name? How much did it cost?"

The second sister-in-law looked at it and said sourly.

"It didn't cost much, more than five hundred!" Chen Hao said.

"Ahem, that pot can't compare to the one issued by our Wu Feng unit, the pot issued by others doesn't cost anything, it's just good to be in an institution . And it's the stuff that doesn't cost anything that's really good to use!"

Third sister-in-law was showing off Wu Feng at the moment.

"Our Wu Qian is not bad ah, like what peanut oil squid with squid or something, the company sends out once every two months, we can't even eat it . It's all piled up at home, where else would you spend money on these things! Really!"

The second sister-in-law is also not willing to say: "By the way, one of Xiao Qian's colleagues even called Xiao Qian to dinner tonight, almost every day, they eat treats, they are not at home to cook, they can't use these......"

A group of people were chattering.

No one came over to help Chen Hao move his things.

In the end, it was Auntie Wu who moved the things in together.

"By the way..."

After they all went inside, look at them too.

Only then did Chen Hao remember that he had something to tell them.


"By the way, tomorrow is my birthday, I won't be home this time, I booked a hotel out of town, do you have time to come over?"

Chen Hao asked.

In past years, it had always been Master Wu and Auntie Wu who gave Chen Hao a pass.

This year was naturally no exception.

However, according to tradition, Chen Hao naturally still had to invite them once.

"Ahem, where do we have time ah, Wu Feng and the others have work tomorrow, how can we have time to give you a birthday!"

Third sister-in-law was faint at the moment.

"That's right, and besides, if it's your birthday Chen Hao, just eat at home, go to what hotel ah, really, a bit of money You won't know your last name after that!"

The second sister-in-law was also cold.

To sum up, it's that Chen Hao used to be poor and people looked down on him, but this time when he won the lottery and suddenly became rich, his heart was all quite unbalanced.

So the words are even meaner than before.  

"We're all busy, so you can live on your own if you want."

Big Brother and the others were also faint.

Suddenly at this time, the boss received a phone call.

"Hello, hello Mr. Wang, what, that congratulations ah, well, well, the day after tomorrow our whole family will definitely go over, not busy, not busy, waiting for tomorrow's things busy Over. Not busy at all! Haha!"

The boss said and hung up the phone with a flourish.

"What is it?"

Sister-in-law asked.

"The day after tomorrow, it's Mr. Wang's eight-year-old son's birthday, ask me if I'm coming over, we're definitely going over ah!"

"Huh? But I thought you had an important chamber of commerce to attend the day after tomorrow?"

"Hmph, the Chamber of Commerce made me give it a shove... the Wang's son is having a birthday, so everything has to be a shove!"

The boss lamented.

"Uncle, Uncle, I think we should eat first, wait until tomorrow, I have important things to do, I have to rest early! I've got planning to do when I get back tonight, and we've got Ginger Branch to look at tomorrow."

Wu Feng at this time.

He was a man within the system, naturally he would be busy tomorrow.

"Isn't Jiang Ke already here, said to invite Jiang Ke to dinner tonight, don't look at him as a section chief, but he used to be a big man, the relationship in the Pinnacle County can be too big!"

Lao San said at this time with some pride.

"Too bad people don't have time tonight, the dinner party is already full!"

The people started to say one thing at a time.

And what about Chen Hao, it sounds like this Jiang Ke should be Jiang Weidong, right?

But nothing was said.

Seeing that no one had time, Chen Hao didn't insist on inviting them.

It didn't matter, people had things to do.

After dealing with a simple bite at Master Wu's house, Chen Hao also went back.

Su Tongxin Called

"Chen Hao, happy birthday ah!"

"It's not even my birthday yet, saying happy birthday so early!"

Lying on the bed, Chen Hao smiled.

"I say now, tonight at twelve o'clock also with you ah, who let me not go back, right Chen Hao, in two days after you are busy can come to me? ? I'm at a TV station now, I just turned trainee reporter today, and I finally get to do something I want to do!"

Su Tongxinwas happy.

Su Tongxin had told Chen Hao about this matter some time ago.

The matter of applying for an internship as a reporter.

I didn't expect it to be over now, but Chen Hao was quite happy for her.

"Okay, I'll go over to you in a couple of days and give you a proper celebration!"

Chen Hao smiled.

"Yes, but not necessarily, I have a little vacation in a few days, we'll see then, what are you going to do for your birthday tomorrow?"

Chen Hao then chatted with Su Tongxin about her birthday.

After the chat, Su Tongxin was going to take a shower, so she also hung up the phone first.

As a result, as soon as she hung up the phone, her own phone rang again.

This time, it was a call from Qin Ya.

"Chen Hao, it's your birthday tomorrow, right?"

Qin Ya asked as soon as she came up.

Chen Hao gave a hmmm.

"Hmph, how come you didn't even call out to me, I was waiting today for when you would call out to me, and you haven't so far, you've put the I forgot, didn't I?"

"I'm not, I'm just in my hometown, just simply passing through!"

Chen Hao explained.

Truthfully speaking, it was Chen Hao who really had no intention of calling out for Qin Ya anymore.

Even though he knew that Qin Ya was good to him.

But what, Chen Hao now just wants to have a good time with Su Tongxin, and won't have any second thoughts, what's the point of continuing to tangle with Qin Ya again.

And after what happened to Qin Ya in his place last time, Chen Hao was also too embarrassed to let Qin Ya come over again.

"Whether you shout or not, I'll come to your house tomorrow to find you! Unless you say you're not friends with me anymore!"

The room in the villa.

Qin Ya leaned against the bed and said on the landline.

Chen Hao finally nodded helplessly and agreed.

Then, excusing himself that he was busy, he hung up the phone.

"Hmph, son of a bitch, really so desperate for me!"

Qin Ya put down the phone, looking a bit lonely.

Originally, she thought that Chen Hao would take the initiative to call out to her, but it wasn't, if she hadn't made this call, he definitely wouldn't have called out to her.

And during this period of time, sometimes when she talked to Chen Hao, he was very cold and only answered a few words.

This made Qin Ya's heart a little uncomfortable.

The more uncomfortable she was, the more she thought about this matter.

Knock knock....

At that moment, the door rang.

"Maya, are you asleep? Your father and I need to talk to you about something!"

Zhenya's parents asked at this point.

"Dad, Mom, I'm not sleeping, you guys can just come in!"

Then, Father Qin and Mother Qin walked in.

Only, Father Qin's face at the moment was wearing some sad clouds.

"Xiao Ya, I also know that you don't want to hear about this, but this time, it was Yanjing Qin Ya who forced you to talk to Yanjing Long Family's Third Young Master Engagement, this really can't be helped, last time Young Master Chen Hao helped us out and solved our family's financial problems, but the eyes The Qin family is still pressuring, there's no way you can keep letting Young Master Chen Hao help with the marriage contract with the Long family."

Father Qin asked.

Qin's mother, on the other hand, also sighed and said, "Although we dissolved our relationship with the Qin family back then, we have too much influence on us now, you Don't blame your father, he can't help it, he has to think about the company, about your uncles and the employees who have been with us all along. Consider!"

"Dad, can't we think of something else, and we can beg Chen Hao again, Chen Ge he'll definitely help me!"

Qin Ya's eyes were wet red.

"Alas, although Young Master Chen Hao is powerful, the Jinling Business Group, only has influence in Jinling, but over there, Yanjing The Qin family and the Long family have big groups too!"

Father Qin sighed.

"And tomorrow, that third young master of the Long family may come over, you stay at home and prepare for a meeting first, and if you are really badly impressed . It's not too late to figure it out!"

Father Qin said.

"No, I don't have time tomorrow, it's Chen Hao's birthday and I'm going to celebrate his birthday!"

Qin Ya was angry.

"No, you can't go anywhere, this matter, don't cause any more trouble for Young Master Chen Hao, why don't you understand anything at all, you girl!"

After saying that, Qin's father directly pulled Qin's mother out.

Qin Ya was anxiously crying....

And back to Chen Hao again.

When it was the next day, Chen Hao woke up at six o'clock.

They had also called Li Zhengguo last night, and they were probably early, so Chen Hao had to clean up at home.

It was time to welcome his twenty-second birthday.

"Chen Hao, I've heard from my mother that you're back, but I've looked for you several times, but you're not here!"

At that moment, a girl walked in the door of the house.


"Li Xiaoling?"

After seeing the girls, Chen Hao couldn't help but smile.

Li Xiaoling, who was also considered to be the childhood friend who grew up with Chen Hao and Li Xiao, was, by the way, a younger sister of Li Xiao's same family.

The only thing is that Li Xiaoling's family environment is good, people have shops in the town, doing cakes and snacks and other businesses, she usually goes to live in town.

Seldom came home.

And at that time, Chen Hao Li Xiao, two people poor one.

They were not well dressed.

So Li Xiaoling seldom played with Li Xiao and Chen Hao.

Even if they were all elementary school classmates, they hardly spoke to each other, and in general were not very close to the two, not as good as Wu Qian.

If you want to say that the relationship has warmed up, it was still in junior high school.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest version of the book.  

The first and second year of junior high also didn't talk much to Chen Hao Li Xiao.

When it was the third year of junior high, something happened.

That was that Li Xiaoling had a fight with a girl, and it was very loud.

Then that girl called out some gangsters from the same grade to find trouble with Li Xiaoling.

At the end of the school day, they blocked Li Xiaoling to teach her a lesson.

Then Li Xiao and Chen Hao saw it and dragged Li Xiaoling away.

Chen Hao was fine at that time.

Instead, Li Xiaoxiao was quite famous for fighting in school.

The gang didn't dare to move.

It's because of that time that they saved Li Xiaoling.

After that, Li Xiaoling became very nice to Chen Hao and Li Xiao, and they became friends.

She secretly bought cigarettes for Li Xiaoxiao and brought Chen Hao those egg cakes to eat.

In high school, she studied at the Third High School, which was the bottom of the county.

It's also a good idea to have a good deal of time and money to spend on your business.

"When did you come back, why didn't you send me a qq** ah!"

Li Xiaoling grumbled.

"I've been back for a few days, but I've been wandering around the county, and I was just about to ask Li Xiao for your phone number!"

Chen Hao smiled.

It was the truth, it was only these people that were celebrating their own birthdays.

"Hmph, you haven't forgotten about me. By the way, don't you watch our junior high school group? Ao, I forgot, I don't think the junior high group has invited you in. Today is Chen Chao's birthday. What he means is, classmates! It's been a long time since we've been together, so let's use this birthday to get everyone together, not just her, but our middle school class president, and The English teacher will be there too, so why don't you go with me?"

Li Xiaoling said.

"Mr. Wang is he going too? It's like he retired this year!"

At first mention of Chen Chao, Chen Hao almost forgot the name.

But the class teacher, Mr. Wang Changgui, was still fresh in Chen Hao's mind.

He was a particularly kind teacher who taught languages.

At that time, Chen Hao's family was in dire straits and he couldn't afford to pay for his textbooks, so he had to pay for them twice with his own money.

On another occasion, when it was raining heavily and he didn't have an umbrella, Mr. Wang drove him home on his bike.

This scene is still fresh in my mind.

The first two years of college, parents still send money every time, Chen Hao frugally saved, when the New Year home, no matter how expensive it is, to buy some things to visit Mr. Wang.

But then in the past two years, Chen Hao's own tuition fees have become a problem, and he's too poor to go.

"I heard that Teacher Wang had a serious illness last year? All right?"

Chen Hao asked.

"It's already good, otherwise why would I be attending Chen hao's birthday banquet this time!"

Lee said, "Don't ask, you'll just have to meet them when we get there! Teacher Wang was optimistic about you and Li Xiao back then, he'd be happy if you went! And we're scheduled to gather at eight today, so Mr. Wang must have gone early and wanted to talk to us more!"

"Oooh that's good, but I don't have time for this party!" Chen Hao did it for him.

"Huh? What are you doing? Che, don't worry, Chen Hao is treating this time, if you want AA, isn't there still me?"

Li Xiaoling seemed to have seen what Chen Hao was thinking.

Of course it wasn't about the money.

Rather, Chen Hao has to celebrate his birthday today.

But if she just refused, Li Xiaoling to nothing, the key is that she informed herself, if she knew that she would not go again, she would be quite sorry to Teacher Wang.

"Well, I really don't have time today, I was going to ask you to celebrate my birthday!"

Chen Hao said, "In that case, why don't I go over and meet and talk to Teacher Wang, and then I'll be back?"

"Huh? You're celebrating your birthday? That's awkward. All right, I'll tell you what. Let's go together, say hello to Mr. Wang and the others, have a chat, and then we'll... One piece back, then over to you, what about Li Xiao, did you inform him?"

Li Xiaoling was quite righteous, though.

"Notified, but he has to be here soon at noon, his side just opened and he hasn't had time to hire staff, there's too much going on!"

Chen Hao said.

"Okay, ugh, but people Li Xiao is so powerful now, my dad used to look down on their family, and as a result, just yesterday, my dad even Carrying some gifts to their house!"

Li Xiaoling said enviously.

Chen Hao didn't make a sound, just nodded his head.

After the agreement, looking at the time, it was almost eight o'clock.

Chen Hao and Li Xiaoling went straight to a restaurant in town.

This was a village in the middle of town, and it wasn't far to the town's main street.

The two of them walked to it.

At this moment, in front of the hotel, many former junior high school classmates have come.

They were chatting with each other.

It's not like that, it's hard to say when you see them.

The first time I saw it, I thought it was a good idea.

"Look, Xiaoling is here!"

A student pointed at Chen Hao and Li Xiaoling.

"Huh? That's Chen Hao, right? Fuck, Chen Hao is actually here today?"

"Hahaha, yeah, I thought Chen Hao had disappeared, but I didn't expect to see him at this party!"

"Ugh, but I've heard from people that Chen Hao is having a pretty bad time at the university, he can't even pay his tuition! Who told me that? He said he went to Jinling to have dinner with his friends and bumped into Chen Hao in the kitchen. Didn't even have the decency to greet him!"

"Oh, after all, there's no money, what work shall not be done!"

When the crowd saw Chen Hao, they were laughing and chatting.

Among them, there was even a girl with the most outstanding temperament in the room, who was also chatting with some sisters.

Seeing someone talking about Chen Hao.

Her petite body trembled lightly, then she looked over towards Chen Hao with a bit of redness on her face.

"Hehe, Wang Xue, did you and Chen Hao used to be in love? I remember you guys talking about it!"

A girl covered her mouth and laughed.

"Don't be ridiculous, when have we ever talked?" Wang Xue blushed even more.

"Definitely talked about it, I remember you guys write letters all the time, and you're close to Chen Hao!"

The girl said again.

"No!" Wang Xue said softly.

"Don't deny it, you've forgotten, that incident of Li Xiao stabbing someone, isn't it because... cough, cough, no more no more!"

The girl seemed to be talking about bad things and hurriedly threw up her tongue in self-conscious embarrassment.

Wang Xue didn't say anything either.

"Right Wang Xue, are you and that boy who hit Chen Hao, still talking now?"

Some girls also asked.

"Long ago, we stopped talking about it..." blushed Wang Xue.

Then, like the other girls, Wang Xue also raised her head towards Chen Hao, who she hadn't seen for almost six years....


And after Chen Hao came over, he greeted each of the students who came over to greet him.

He also saw Wang Xue.

Not surprisingly, he was also quite embarrassed.

Not bad, Wang Xue was the kind of relationship that Chen Hao was talking about in junior high school at that time... No, it couldn't be said that it was talked about, in short, it was almost like a relationship.

It's quite ambiguous.

It is because of Wang Xue, Chen Hao was stared at by the school's little bully Liu Yang.

Liu Yang fell in love with Wang Xue, so he had to beat Chen Hao.

Later things are well known. Wang Xue and Liu Yang are together.

On the way here just now, Chen Hao was wondering if Wang Xue would be here today?

It would have been quite embarrassing if she had been running into it.

Hate, indeed.  

Li Laughing Chen Hao is like this for her, but as a result, she ends up walking with their worst enemy.

Harming Li Laughing gave up her studies for herself in vain.

The reason for the embarrassment.

Chen Hao is not sure what kind of attitude to face her with!

Because before that incident, they were fine, and after that incident, strangely enough, they never spoke again.

Revenge on her?

But when you think about it, it's someone's choice who she's with, so what does it matter to her?

The real account should be found with that Liu Yang.

Right now, Chen Hao still chose to ignore the bar.

"Oh, how ruthless, Chen Hao actually didn't come to greet you, but Wang Xue, have you noticed, Chen Hao seems to be quite stylish now (inaudible) And so well dressed too! And quite handsome!"

A girl snickered.

Wang Xue tidied her hair, hearing someone praise Chen Hao, she was somewhat uncomfortable.

It was like feeling like it was hitting her in the face.

After all, Chen Hao was also the one who was abandoned by herself, and now that Chen Hao had become better, of course her heart was uncomfortable.

"Mmhmm, it's quite handsome!"

The present simply coped with the sentence.

"Hey, the class teacher is here with Mr. Yang!"

At that moment, someone shouted.

A car stopped, and from the back of the car, an old man around sixty years old came down.

It was the class teacher, Mr. Wang Changgui.

The car, is a twenty-seven or eight years old, mature sexy beautiful young teacher, is the original with Chen Hao their third grade English teacher Yang Ke.

It's a good thing that you can't find a better way to get the most out of your money.

But because she was pretty and young, she quickly became one with the students in her class.

Chen Hao just took a glance at Yang Ke, and did not have the intention of greeting her.

Instead, it was Teacher Wang.

Chen Hao ran over at a trot and helped him off.

"Chen Hao, it's you, this kid, why haven't you heard from him in the past two years?"

As soon as Teacher Wang saw Chen Hao, his face full of wrinkles, he was surprised and happy, and grabbed Chen Hao's arm, somewhat excited.

To be honest, Teacher Wang had taken too much care of himself and Li Xiao at that time.

This kindness was not forgotten by Chen Hao.

He hurriedly responded and explained a few times.

"Oh, what are you doing here Chen Hao? What kind of job are you looking for now? Dressed up like a dog!"

As for Yang Ke, after six years, he was now faintly glancing at Chen Hao.

A look of sarcasm.

The specific thing was because Li Xiao had contradicted her, and then she held a grudge against Chen Hao and Li Xiao, of course she didn't care about Chen Hao, but the so-called enemy's friend was also an enemy.

Whoever let Li Xiao is close to Chen Hao.

The two poor boys in the class dared to confront her.

That's why Chen Hao glanced at her.

Chen Hao glanced at her without saying anything.

Teacher Wang then said, "Ah Chen Hao, you're old enough to drink, so why don't you continue this today and have a drink with your teacher?"

"Mr. Wang, wait..."

Chen Hao was about to speak.

"Whew! You've come so far! You're really giving me face today! Come, come. I've set up the room above. ?"

Chen Chao said.

Immediately saw Teacher Wang and Yang Ke.

Chen Haoao came over and smiled: "Teacher Wang and Teacher Yang, go in and sit down, eh? You're here too? Okay, how about going in together?"

Seeing Chen Hao, Chen Chao was a little surprised.

But just gave a casual greeting.

"Xue Xue, come here, can't you see that our class teacher is here?"

At this time, Chen Chao greeted Wang Xue.

Just look at Wang Xue walked over and was held by Chen Chao.

Some of the uninformed junior high school students were shocked at this.

God, so Wang Xue is now with Chen Chao?

Chen Hao was also not expecting it.

It would be a bit awkward to continue staying.

But Teacher Wang was holding onto his hand now, so he couldn't just walk away.

Let's go up and say something to Teacher Wang.

Chen Hao thought to himself.

After everyone arrived at the box, the students chatted about everything.

In general, they all introduced their current situations.

Among them, the one who was the best mixed was naturally Chen Chao.

He didn't finish high school and went out to work, and learned from an uncle what big car.

Nowadays, with the help of his family's background, he bought two big cars and started a small-scale logistics company.

It's the most powerful in the township. No wonder Wang Xue would choose to be with Chen Chao.

"Tsk tsk, Xue Xue and Chao are together, what a blessing to be the boss's wife ah haha!"

"That's right, people are so beautiful looking, no wonder they're so lucky!"

The classmates envied.

"By the way, what are you doing now, Chen Hao?"

Chen Chao placed his gaze on Chen Hao at this time.

When they were in junior high school, they did not have much interaction.

But bar, Chen Hao and Wang Xue's thing Chen Chao also knows.

So-called ex-boyfriends see their current boyfriends extraordinarily jealous, Chen Chao is like this.

Mainly also see Chen Hao is now dressed too good, better than even himself.

So right now is a tentative question.

Teacher Wang also looked over towards Chen Hao.

"Right now, I'm doing some business myself!"

Chen Hao.


"Hahaha, oh my god, Chen Hao is actually doing business?"

Some of the female students burst out laughing.

"What kind of business, you don't run to the night market to sell socks or anything like that, do you? Haha?"

"Haha, really, others do business you also do business, Chen Hao is not we say you, people have to have self-knowledge, you kind of, find a Place to work forget it!"

It was Yang Ke who spoke, at the moment as everyone sneered: "It's not that I look down on you and that one called Li Xiao, don't look at your two good grades. But when it comes to society, it's all kind of bottom of the barrel existence, why? Because you two have no connections and no family background, I heard that your buddy, Li Xiao, is now fixing cars for others, right? Oh...what future is there in doing that!"

Yang Ke despised a smile.

"No ah teacher, Li Xiao is making a big deal now, he's opened a big auto trading company, I heard from someone the other day!"

"Yeah, I heard about that, too, and took advantage of the light to get the Dreamer Group to invest!"

Someone else said.

When Yang Ke heard this, he felt quite shameless, but still said, "So what, it won't be long before people will withdraw their funds and still have to Get back to fixing the car!"

"Alright, alright, by the way Chen Chao, didn't you inform Li Xiao of today's party?"

Teacher Wang looked at the awkward atmosphere and hurriedly changed the subject.

"O-Oh, no, I have no contact with him!"

Chen Chao put down his teacup and sneered.

"I did get in touch with him, originally, well, today is actually not only Chen Chao's birthday, we also have a classmate having a birthday!"

Then a girl suddenly said.


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