The Unknown Heir 439-445


"And the big gift?"

Even the guests present were filled with anticipation at the moment.

Because this Chen sibling, simply don't be too strong!

"The third one, I'm afraid, would have to be from your cousin's wife!"

Then, Chen Xiao looked backwards.

It was to see that at the entrance, followed by a group of servants.

A generous woman walked in.

The woman's beauty was outstanding, and her gentle and elegant temperament seemed to freeze the entire atmosphere.

What a beautiful woman!

Everyone in the room was in awe.

"My cousin's wife?"  

Bev was also doubly surprised.

Looking at cousin Chen Hao.

The person who had come was naturally Qin Lan, Lan's sister.

Chen Hao lowered his head and did not speak, this matter could not be explained for a while!

"Hello, grandma!"

And after Qin Lan came over, she stood at Chen Hao's side and bowed and smiled slightly at the old lady.

The old lady couldn't stop smiling.

Nodding her head successively.

"Such an outstanding woman, my granddaughter-in-law, how nice, how nice!"

The old lady nodded her head repeatedly.

Having lived most of her life, this was the first time that the old lady felt the supreme honor and pride that her family brought her.

"Sister Bebe, this is a gift from me to you along with your cousin!"

Barbra looked at Bev and smiled.

Just see the attendant, just bringing over a contract.

Xiao Bei blinked his eyes at it.

"Bebe, from today onwards, you will be the chairman of the Yanjing Xinfeng Group, as well as the CEO of the Northern Chen Family's industries!"

Elyssa smiled a little.


Bev was dumbfounded.

The old lady was also dumbfounded.

"The Xinfeng Group is actually owned by the Chen family as well? And Bev will, in the future, be the chairman of the SinoFung Group?"

You know, not to mention what the entire Northern Chen Family's industries are, a single Xinfeng Group alone could hang the three big families!

And Bev, who will be the chairman of SinoPac?

Everyone in the audience was even more open-mouthed, looking at the scene before them in disbelief.

Guo Ru's heart was more like an overturned bottle of five flavors, not a taste.

"Yay! Bev!"

Mei Mei and the others, on the other hand, were shaking Bebe's arm like crazy.

It's no wonder why Mr. Zhang and the others spontaneously came to celebrate Bebe's birthday and want Bebe to take care of business.

So here it is.

Chen had already made up his mind to send the group industry to Bebe!

The old lady was also excited.

First, the Chen Hao & Chen Xiao siblings had helped themselves to the Long family today.

Now, with so many great gifts, the old lady was grateful and excited.

At the same time, there was also a different emotion in her heart.

And at this time, seeing that the gift-giving was complete.

Only then did Chen Xiao look towards Long lei who was standing by the side and didn't dare to move.

"I'm in a good mood today, so I won't torment you, long Lei ah, I even doubt that you have forgotten that year you and your father in Jinling that Vice virtue now?"

Chen Xiao said coldly.

"Sister Xiao, I didn't forget!"

Long lei nodded one after another.

Back then, the two parties who were kicked out of Jinling like dogs by Chen Xiao were the direct parties, Long Shaolei and his father.

"It's good that you haven't forgotten, remember, when you see the Yang family in the future, hide, otherwise, don't blame me for not warning you beforehand! Get out!"

Chen Xiao said.

"Yes, Sister Xiao!"

Long lei was about to leave.

"Come back! I'm saying roll with it!"

Chen Xiao added.

Long lei's cheeks twitched.

This was an attempt to repeat what happened back then ah.

However, Long lei was now, at the very least, not daring to breathe.

Damn it, Yang Xiao Bei of the Yang family would actually have such a backstage.

Having no choice, Long lei could only lie on the ground and actually roll out!

After the celebration was over.

Guo Ru, her second aunt and the others were unable to react for a long time.

They had just tried to please Chen Xiao.

What they had just gotten was Chen Xiao's indifferent gaze, making them not even say anything to please him.

Yang Xiaobei, on the other hand, had leapt to become a dragon and phoenix among men!

By night.

Yang family, the old lady's inner room.

"So Chen Near East actually has such a huge power!"

After listening to some brief introductions from Chen Hao.

The old lady had a touch of divine sadness on her face.

"Grandma, the grudges from back then, let bygones be bygones, the main thing is, now we have a chance to reunite as a family!"

Chen Hao said.

"Past? I was so mean to Vicky back then, and I made Pui's father look like that. Vicky and her 5th brother are the most affectionate. Vicky! Must hate me, hate me for being a mother!"

The old lady said with old tears in her eyes.

"Nope, my mom has actually been missing you all these years, you probably don't know that my mom has even come to visit you many times, every year!"

Chen Xiao said.

The old lady raised her head when she heard this.

Her heart was truly touched.

It was also remorseful for the bouts of her youth, the old-fashioned traditions.

If it wasn't, how nice it would be if the family was harmonious, and there wouldn't be today's visit from the Long family.

"And grandmother, auntie has also been missing my father, and has found many doctors for him, and even financed the end of Bebe's schooling!"

Bev also said.

"Funding Bev's schooling?"

And as soon as the old lady heard this, tears flowed out again.

Yes, her own granddaughter, the Yang family's eldest daughter, was so difficult that she was already on the verge of not being able to finish her studies, and yet she, the grandmother, knew nothing about it!

A tiger's venom doesn't feed its son!

The old lady looks back on a life where she chased fame and fortune, but completely forgot the warmth of her family!

"Mom is sorry to Yuping and your father, and to you, Bebe, and to the two sisters, Chen Hao and Chen Xiao, alas!"

This night, the family talked late into the night.

At the same time, some were happy and some were sad!


"Wine, give me wine!"

Inside the bar, a bottle shattered with a sound.

A young man, who was rotten drunk, shouted out.

"Young Master Yang, you have already drunk too much, you can't drink any more! Go home!"

A female manager at the bar advised.


Yang Ye raised his hand to his mouth, "Damn it, even you look down on me? Good, now anyone can look down on me, give me wine!"

He growled.

The female manager covered her face and glanced grudgingly at Yang Ye.

Then she went out to get the wine.

When she came back with the wine.

A few people stopped her.

"'re Young Master Long?"

The manageress unexpectedly said.

"Give it to me, no one is to come in here without my orders!"

Young Master Long picked up the bottle.

Naturally, some of his men took out a wad of money and threw it at the female manager.

"Yes yes yes!"

The female manager nodded her head busily.

"Master Yang, your wine!"

Long Shaoyun walked in with the wine.

Yang Ye was about to pick it up.

When he squinted his eyes, "How come it's you?"

"Oh, that's the situation I'm in, that's why I'm here to see you! Look at you now, Hallowed Yang Shao, you've fallen into such a state!"

Young master Long lei sneered.

"Hmph, hello? You crawled out of our Yang family like a dog, didn't you? Hahahaha!"

Yang Ye laughed.

Young Master Long lei gazed, "Young Master Yang  it looks like you need to wake up!"


The door was kicked open.

A dozen men rushed straight in...


Yang Ye was grabbed by the hair and a few big mouths were directly greeted.

Immediately another one of his men was seen to directly pull out a knife.

Yang Ye only sobered up a little.

"Don't mess around, don't mess around! Have something to say to Long Shao!"

Yang Ye was afraid.

Young Master Long lei smiled coldly, "Yang Shao, it would have saved me the trouble of doing this earlier, in fact, I've come to find you today for your own good . I'm not sure if I've ever seen Yang Xiaobei with such a backstage like the Chen siblings, but now, Yang Xiaobei has become the leader of Yanjing. Not only my family's interests are at stake, I'm afraid the one who loses the most is you, Yang. Tsk, tsk, in the end, he is the future heir of the Yang family, and now, there's nothing!"

Yang Ye viciously clenched his fist.

"Young Master Long, what exactly are you trying to say?"

"But I've heard that Old Lady Yang has spread the word that Yang Xiao Bei, will also be the heir of the Yang family in the future, poor Young Master Yang , you finally If you can't get anything, I don't think Yang Xiao Bei will let your family off the hook, right?"

Long lei saw Yang Ye's face grow darker and darker and continued.

"Now, Young Master Yang you have no choice but to cooperate with our Dragon Family, we have to make a final struggle! At that time, my Long Family will not lose its vitality, and you,Young Master Yang , will also take control of the Yang Family, perhaps even becoming the head of the family in advance!"  

" have an idea?"

And after thinking about it a bit, Yang Ye was finally a bit impressed.

"Come on, let's talk about it!"

Young Master Long lei nodded with a sneer.


Three days later.

A mysterious convoy left the Yang family in the early morning.

"Little Song, your family is prominent, it's not surprising that you can know about this Yanjing's Mo family, but grandma and the Mo family, earlier on, did have some Kua, the Mo family had also promised grandma that they could do something for grandma!"

"But after all these years, grandma isn't sure if they still care about us from the family!"

In the car, the old lady held Chen Hao's hand and said, "Through these days, the old lady is very fond of this gentle grandson.

Through these days, the old lady was very fond of this gentle grandson.

When she learned that Chen Near East's second brother, Chen Hao's girlfriend was missing.

The old lady happily agreed to step in for Chen Hao and beg for the Mo family.

And the old lady was also bored, so she briefly told Chen Hao about some of the things that happened when she met the Mo family on the way.


Back then, a son of the Mo family was assassinated and hunted down while on a mission.

At that time, he escaped into the Yang family's backyard.

The old lady back then was in her forties.

It hadn't reached the point of being archaic in the back.

Seeing this severely injured child, who was only fifteen or sixteen years old, she rose with compassion and took him in and saved him.

Originally, I thought it was nothing more.

Until one day in the back.

When the old lady was in charge of the Yang family, she took her daughters and sons out for a party.

She was plotted by a business enemy halfway only.

As a result, someone stepped in to save Lou Lou's family at a critical moment.

Only then did they learn that the child who had been saved had returned to repay their kindness.

He told the old lady that he would be willing to help with anything in the future, and left an address for her.

That said, afterwards, there was no contact.

It was almost twenty years later, and the old lady wasn't sure if the boy from back then still remembered!

That's where things came from.

The car drove along.

Finally, it arrived between a mountainous area of Yanjing.

The entire mountain seemed to be filled with miasma, and the mountain forest was even more vast.

"Such a large mountain with not even a trace of people, could it be so?"

Chen Hao got off the bus and took a look, and was somewhat blinded.

Holding onto his grandmother, he asked.

"This kid won't lie to me, he said that if something happens, you can come here to find him, the location must be right!"

The old lady said firmly.

Chen Hao looked around.

It was only then that he discovered that there was a wooden hut at a hundred meters above sea level on the mountain.

It looked like someone lived there.

"Lou Lou, wait for a while, I'll go up and see if there's anyone there, ask and it will be clear!"

Chen Hao was somewhat disappointed in his heart.

Would a big family still be hidden in a place like this?

Presently, Chen Hao walked up.

He happened to see an old man in his sixties walk out of the wooden hut.

The old man was dressed as a villager, but was very clean.

When he saw Chen Hao, he was also stunned, then he smiled.

"Can I help you, little brother?"

"Hello Boss, I'd like to ask if there are any other families living on this hill?"

Chen Hao asked.

"Other people? I'm just a forest watcher. I'm not the only one who watches the forest. Where else would I be? Dwelling!"

The old man smiled.

"But a friend said back then that he could be found here, so why wouldn't there be another family here?"

The old lady came up with the help of her men and asked.

This boss's eyes gazed slightly.

Examining the old lady and Chen Hao up and down before saying, "Friends? What friend? I wonder if any token was ever given to you?"

The old man seemed to ask a random question.

As soon as the old lady heard that there was a door.

Then she said, "Yes, there is, a small token!"

Presently, the old lady took it out.

At a glance, the old man's eyebrows rose.

"What is your connection to the Yang family in Yanjing?"

The old lady said, "I am the head of the Yang family, and back then, I had some connection with the token master!"

"Okay, I get it, in that case, you guys come with me, but only you two can go, the rest of you, wait where you are! "

The old man said.

Chen Hao didn't think that this forest watcher turned out to be a fake, but it seemed that the Mo family, was really here!

Presently, under the old man's guidance.

Chen Hao helped his grandmother get into one of the old man's ox carts.

Driving along the path between the mountains and forests towards it....


Yang Family.

"Miss Bebe, these are all some of our Yang family's external loans over the years, and I've made a summary here! Please have a look!"

"Thank you Uncle Raw!"

Yang Xiaobei smiled.

When the old lady set off with Young Master Chen Hao three days ago, she had already given a special explanation, and after she left, all the big and small affairs of the Yang family, too It all went to Yang Xiaobei to handle, the implications of which need no description.

And it was at this time.

Yang Ye hurriedly ran in.

"Uncle Sheng, Uncle Sheng, it's not good, it's not good, something's happened!"

Yang Ye said.

"Young Master, what is it?"

Ah Sang was busy asking.

"It was my parents, when the previous land was handed over to them because they were not happy with Young Master Long lei's calculations, my parents There was a conflict with them, and Long Shaolei had my parents detained!"

Yang Ye said.

"There's still such a thing? Young Master Long Lei really ate the bear's heart and leopard's guts, Miss Chen Xiao warned him again and again before she left. Up!"

Ah Sang hated it.

"But young master, now that the Yang family is fully in charge, what should we do, you'd better ask Miss Xiao Bei, right?"

Ah Sheng said again.

Yang Ye's eyelids jumped slightly, then said with an apologetic face, "Sister, although it was my mother who was impulsive, but just like that, I gave my parents to the Not even the Long family, they're your great-uncle and great-uncle too, Bev, help your brother, help your great-uncle!"

Yang Xiaobei took a deep breath.

No words were spoken.

"Sister, if you don't go, my parents will really be in trouble, and that Long Shaolei wants to take it all out on my parents ah!"

"Okay, Uncle Sang, you arrange some manpower, I'll go over and see what's going on first!"

Yang Xiaobei was also really ruthless.

Then he left with Yang Ye....


"This construction site, where are the people? I thought you said Great-Aunt was in so!"

And it was only when Yang Xiaobei came that he saw the entire construction site was empty.

Yes, because some time ago, uncle's loan went badly wrong, and the development of this construction site was halted.

But today's handover ceremony is here.

Unexpectedly, not a single person was seen.

"Great-uncle? Well, your great aunt is waiting for you inside!"

And Yang Ye, who had just looked like he was crying, his face changed.

Coldly looking at Yang Xiaobei.

"Yang Ye, what do you mean?"

It was only then that Yang Xiaobei sensed that something was wrong.

"It's no fun, since you've come here, just follow me in!"  

Yang Ye suddenly locked all the car doors.

Yang Xiaobei's eyebrows furrowed and said faintly, "Well then, since it's fine, I'll give Uncle Sheng a call and tell him it's fine!"

But as soon as he pulled out his phone, it was snatched away by Yang Ye.

And also at this time, from the abandoned building area, a group of people ran out and surrounded the entire car.

"Get out of the car, my good sister!"

Yang Ye sneered.

"Yang Ye, you tricked me to come over here, uniting Great Uncle and the others together? Yang Ye, do you have any idea what you're doing?"

Yang Xiaobei said.

"As things stand now, I can't care about that much, the family's estate will never fall into the hands of your bitchy woman, absolutely not!"

Yang Ye growled.

"You know, ever since I was little, I've been struggling to please my grandmother, and I've racked my brains to please her, and I had a hard time With everything that's happened today, according to the original ruse, I'll be the heir to the family fortune, and the family estate will be managed by me and my father! "

"You know what, this is the day I've been waiting for, I'm going to be the youngest family heir! But you, Yang Xiaobei, have shattered all my efforts and illusions!"

"You know what?!!!"

Yang Ye was a little hysterical.

After all, he knew in his heart just how crazy his current actions were.

However, for the sake of his own future, he had no choice.

He and his mother had no way out.

The Yang family was hopelessly inherited.

And it had offended the powerful Chen family and Yang Xiaobei.

It was easy to imagine what the future would be like for his own family.

"Yang Xiaobei, I won't give you any chance to retaliate against us, don't even think about it!"

Yang Ye roared again.

Yang Xiaobei was also anxious with tears in her eyes.

It wasn't that she was scared.

Rather, she didn't expect that the internal family fight she feared the most would still happen, and it was so crazy.

"When did I ever say that I would take revenge on you guys?"

Yang Xiaobei.

"Stop your hypocrisy Yang Xiaobei, you have everything now, our family has nothing! Isn't that revenge?"

"But it's different now, after cleaning you up, we'll go back, we'll be back in charge of the Yang family, only after we remove this nail from your head can we feel at ease I can't help it!"

Now, Yang Ye opened the car door and pulled Yang Xiao Bei out.

"Change places and give me good care!"

Yang Ye commanded.

"Yang Ye, don't rejoice too soon, do you think you'll inherit the family if you capture me? Grandma, the cousins aren't back yet. You'll be sorry when they do, and Uncle Sam is on his way. You'd better think about it. Clear!"

Young Bev said.

"I'm thinking too clearly, Uncle Sang? Well, did you think he'd come back? No, this old man, I'll have a way to shut him up!"

"If nothing else, my mother has already talked to Uncle Sheng. After all, the granddaughter that Uncle Sheng loves is in our Yang family. A building district kindergarten reading!"

"So, Yang Xiao Bei, just give up!"

Yang Ye was hideous.

Just at this moment, one of his men's cell phone rang.

"Young Master Yang, our Long Shao is calling!"

Hands down.

"You've actually joined the Dragon Family? Yang Ye, you're completely crazy! Great-Aunt and Uncle are also crazy!"

Yang Xiaobei was incredulous.

"Get her out of here!"

Yang Ye waved his hand impatiently.

Then he connected the phone.

"Young Master Long, I've made all the arrangements on my side, don't forget, the promise you gave me!"

"Don't worry Young Master Yang, I will!"

The Yang family seemed to return to normalcy the next time.

The Yang family didn't know what Miss Xiao Bei was up to, and they hadn't seen her all day.

Especially the second aunt's family, who wanted to invite Xiao Bei to have a meal with Guo Cai Feng, couldn't find anyone.

Her mother, Guo Caifeng, didn't know either.

Uncle Sheng didn't even know where Xiaobei had gone.

"Ugh, I should have been nicer to Xiao Bei before, but now it's good that the relationship is so strained, there's no way to ease it!"

The second aunt walked out of the office with a helpless look on her face.

Shaking her head and sighing.

Soon, the day passed.

The next day, Second Aunt and her family came early to wait, but after waiting for more than half the morning, they didn't see Xiao Bei come.

"Mom, I don't think we should wait like this, Yang Xiaobei is not what he used to be, he is the leader of the Northern District, so how can he look up to us!"

Yang Yan said with dissatisfaction.

Yang Xiaobei suddenly got up, Yang Yan's heart was also quite uncomfortable, even with envy and jealousy can not be described.

You know, a girl herself, it's not bad to find a big mansion to marry.

What's more, as the leading head of a region herself.

This absolute first sister ah!

But these things jealousy can't be jealousy, Yang Yan was now thinking that if she sucked up to Bebe, she might be able to mix a second sister as well, so beautiful.

"Be patient, Xiao Bei is not the same as before after all!"

Second Aunt said.

At this time, she saw Guo Caifeng rushing over.

"Whew, fifth sister, good morning, why didn't you see Xiao Bei coming with you?"

The second aunt asked.

Guo Cai Feng was a little impatient, "I still want to ask you guys? Bev didn't come to work?"

"We've been waiting for almost three hours and we haven't seen a soul!"

Yang Yan said.

"That's odd, since yesterday, I can't reach Bebe on the phone and Ah Sang hasn't seen her, where do you think she can go ? Besides, even if you're going somewhere, you can't keep your phone off, right?"

Guo Cai Feng said.

Second Aunt and Yang Yan looked at each other.

Then said, "Xiao Bei is not in trouble, right? So far it's all off?"

Guo Cai Feng ran out of ideas and nodded anxiously, "Yeah, it's been off!"

"Oh my, what can we do?"

Second aunt could do nothing about it.

But still, she advised, "Fifth sister, don't be anxious, Xiao Bei is so capable, it will be fine, let's wait! If you really can't, think again!"

Guo Cai Feng looked hung over, but still nodded her head.

And the next day, quickly passed again.

The third day, the fourth day...until the seventh day!

"*What does the other side say?"

At the family meeting of the Yang family, the eldest uncle Yang Yuting was busy asking.

"Up to now, there hasn't been any investigation to find any clues, what's going on with Xiao Bei?"


Seven days passed.

Yang Xiaobei's disappearance had also caused quite a stir in Yanjing.

Many of the big names in Yanjing's Jinmen were alarmed.

They sent their men to search for him.

Especially in the absence of Young Master Chen.

Although there were forces of suspicion, after investigating, they couldn't find the slightest trace of a horse!

The entire person, it was as if he had evaporated from the earth.

Guo Cai Feng had also tried to contact the Chen family in the South Pacific.

However, the contact information was in Xiao Bei's hands, and the rest of them simply didn't have a doorway.

It had been seven days.

Xiao Bei's life and death were unknown, and Guo Cai Feng was too haggard for a moment.  

Today, the Yang family gathered together again to discuss the search for Bev.

It can be a rather serious gathering.

Except for Guo Cai Feng who was crying.

The rest of them all kept their heads down and didn't speak.

Yang Ye, on the other hand, was secretly smiling with Guo Ru.

This plan was arranged seamlessly, and with the Dragon Family's full support, what could anyone do even if someone suspected it on their heads?

You can check? There's nothing to find out!

And at that moment, the family man came rushing over.

"Fifth Lady! The chairman is back with Young Master Chen Hao!"

The family member was excited.

"What? Is Song back?"

As soon as Guo Cai Feng stood up, she rushed out towards the outside.

The rest of the people, however, all went out to greet her as well.

"Mom, Chen Hao is back!"

Yang Ye swallowed his saliva and his whole body began to tremble.

"Don't be afraid, what are you afraid of, what can you do if you come back?"

Guo Ru gently reminded.

It only gave Yang Ye a bit of conviction.

Outside, Chen Hao helped his grandmother to get off the car.

The grandmother was old and had spent eight days with herself, she was really exhausted.

Immediately saw a group of people coming out to greet her.

Chen Hao was just about to greet them.

"Little Hao, you're back, it's great, Bebe will be saved!"

Guo Cai Feng stumbled out and grabbed Chen Hao's arm at once.

"Fifth aunt? Bev is saved? What's going on?"

Chen Hao asked.

"Yes Old Five, speak slowly, what is it?"

The old lady also asked.

"Bev she... she's been missing for seven days! We can't find it anywhere!"


Chen Hao was stunned.

I didn't expect that in the eight days that I had been out with my grandmother, something would happen to Xiao Bei right after!

"What the hell is going on?"

Chen Hao was nervous.

The feelings for Bebe's family were different from others.

Chen Hao was very concerned.

So, Guo Cai Feng told the story!

"Do you think someone is trying to hurt Bev? Bebe is such a good boy and has never offended anyone, who would harm our Bebe!"

Guo Cai Feng said.

"Fifth aunt, don't be pessimistic yet, I'll immediately send someone to investigate, don't worry, no matter who it is, if he dares to touch a single hair of Xiao Bei's, I'll make him The whole family regrets coming into this world!"

After Chen Hao said that, he was helping his grandmother into the Yang family.

"Mom! What to do?"

Yang Ye saw that Chen Hao was anxious and red-eyed kind of anxious, completely different from what they had imagined, and was also a bit scared.

Yes, originally Guo Rou and Yang Ye felt that Chen Hao, although rich, but still the kind of womanly person, when Xiao Bei was in trouble, he was at most frustrated and anxious, and then sent people to look for him.

But Guo Ru and Yang Ye never thought that Chen Hao would have such a cruel side.

Right now, Guo Rou was also a little scared.

If Chen Hao found out, this meaning of his, would he really want to destroy his own family?

But Guo Ru's fixation was still good.

"Don't worry, act as you see fit, and although the Dragon Family is not as powerful as Chen Hao, it's still a big family with several hundred years of heritage, so if you want to investigate, I'm afraid that the It's not that simple!"

As for Chen Hao, the first thing he did was to lock down the Yang family.

Unless he nodded, no one could go out casually.

"Young Master Chen, I don't know if some words should be said or not!"

In the room, Hou Ping said to Chen Hao.

"Go ahead!"

Chen Hao nodded faintly.

"I have my suspicions, I feel, Yang Ye and the others are very suspicious! Because Yang Ye and the others have a motive for doing this!"

Hou Ping said.

Chen Hao nodded, "I suspected them too, and had people check them out too, because the family was too quiet for today's meeting . So quiet it's perverse!"

"But I really hope it's not them!"

Chen Hao said.

And at this time.

Butler Ah Sang pushed the door in.

"Young Master, you haven't rested since you came back today, you're too tired, I had my servant make you a bowl of ginseng soup!"

"Trouble Uncle Sang! How's my grandma?"

Chen Hao asked.

"It's quite sad, I've been crying just now, but I'm resting now!"

Uncle Sheng said.

Bringing the ginseng soup to Chen Hao.

Chen Hao took it and put the ginseng soup to his mouth.

And Uncle Sheng opened his mouth, but still didn't speak.

"Right Uncle Sheng, before I left, the remembered Xiao Bei told me that she would help the Yang family solve this external loan matter, how about the Long family's loan over there Handled? Did something happen to Bev before she had time to deal with it?"

Chen Hao put down the ginseng soup and suddenly asked.


"No... no Young Master Chen Hao, something happened before we got there!"

Uncle Sang said.

"Okay, I get it, you go back to bed."

Chen Hao laughed.

"Okay Young Master Chen Hao, ginseng soup, you drink it while it's hot!"


Chen Hao watched Uncle Sheng out with a smile on his face.

Hou Ping coldly said, "I'm going to investigate this old thing right now!"

Chen Hao looked at the ginseng soup, then shook his head, "Uncle Sheng has been loyal, honest, hardworking, and the worst liar of all, I think he's There must be something unspeakable about doing that!"

Chen Hao poured the ginseng soup into the trash can.

After all he had been through, Chen Hao wasn't the same Chen Hao who knew nothing from before.

He had seen even the ugliest human heart.

No matter how vicious things were, he had also experienced them.

It was just that he didn't want to believe that anyone from the Yang family was involved.

Despite not having much affection with Guo Ru's family.

But, after all, they were their own relatives' elders.

Unless he found hard evidence, Chen Hao was unwilling to take that step.

Even now, Chen Hao's thunderous voice was to make certain people learn of their own mistakes.

But now, it was clear that someone had swept his heart to the point where he had even harmed himself.

Then this was forcing him to use strong measures to settle this matter.

"No need to investigate, give me the chance to force them to open their mouths and tell the truth!"

Because Chen Hao now understood that they were even harming themselves, they were afraid that Xiao Bei would be in danger.

After all, Chen Hao thought before that they might just want to get some benefits and wouldn't do anything to Xiao Bei.

No matter what, they were all still family, it wouldn't be a matter of life and death, right?

But apparently Chen Hao had thought wrong.

It's really just you and me!


Hou Ping's eyes gazed.

Then looked to the gloom of the room.

A few cold-looking men.

"Follow me!"

The group went straight out the door.


"Mom, will it be too harsh, that Chen Hao is not easy to mess with, especially Chen Xiao, if it happens, then we..."

In the room.

Yang Ye was worriedly talking to Guo Rou.

Guo Ru coldly snorted, "One thing or the other, there's no way, since we've decided to seize the Yang family's inheritance, and not to be taken over by Yang Xiaobei and the others Suppression, so there's nothing we can do, as long as Chen Hao dies, then we'll have no more opponents."

"Maybe even those big northern assets that the Chen family gave to Yang Xiaobei will slowly fall into our hands!"

Guo Rou said.

"Now let's just hope that Ah Sang doesn't disappoint us, Chen Hao still trusts Ah Sang a lot!"

"What if we find out?"

"Don't worry, this poison is colorless and odorless, even if it is found out, at most it will be traced to Ah Sang's head, but at that time, Ah Sang could still talk It?"

Guo Ru narrowed her eyes and grimly said.

"I get it!"

Suddenly this.

A bang.

The door of the room was directly kicked open.

A group of black-clothed people poured straight in.

"What are you guys doing?"

Guo Ru and Yang Ye panicked at the same time.

Without allowing them to speak, they were directly put on the black hood and taken away.

And Hou Ping, these people, had all the means to torture people.

Yang Ye and Guo Rou lasted less than half an hour, and then they were terrified.

Honestly, they gave an honest account of what happened.

"Chen Hao, no matter what happens to us, the one who wants to harm you is Young Master Long lei, these ideas are all from him, and, Bebe is now in his Hands on, no way, if we don't do what he says, he'll kill us!"

Guo Rou was frightened and hurriedly.

Indeed, she had really underestimated Chen Hao's fierce methods.

It had been thought that Chen Hao wouldn't have messed up without enough evidence for a character like him.

However, Chen Hao had already suspected his mother and son.

"Great aunt, don't think that you'll be fine if you put all the blame on Young master Long lei, but tomorrow, I'll inform grandma, grandma Know what to punish you for!"

"As for that Dragon Family, I won't let them off the hook even more!"

Chen Hao said coldly.

"Where did Young Master Long lei hide Bebe?"

Chen Hao finally asked....

"Bitch, are you signing or not?"

And in a hidden deserted factory.

The lights were dim.

Young Master Long lei was currently tying Yang Xiaobei tightly to a stool.

It was being guarded by his men. 

"Long, you'll just die, won't you?"

Yang Xiaobei raged.


Long lei smacked Yang Xiaobei's face with a slap.

"Yang Xiaobei, there is a limit to one's patience, and when I discover that you are useless to me, your time to die will come!"

Long lei warned viciously.

"None of them are fools, and you can forgive me after I sign it?"

Yang Xiaobei sneered.

Long lei's gaze was cold.

This paper was the contract that was specifically used to get some assets in Yang Xiaobei's hands.

Of course, as Yang Xiaobei said, once it was signed, Young Master Long lei would never let her live.

"Looks like it's time to give you a bit of a show, call out to Lao Er and the others to come up and do it! Oh, you can let them enjoy themselves before they do it, after all, Yang Xiaobei is really a stunning beauty too!"

Young master Long Lei coldly said.

"Okay Young Master Lei !"

The handlers laughed.

Then they pulled out their walkie-talkies, "Come up here!"

There was no response for a long time.

The man called the others who were guarding downstairs.

There was also no response.

"What's the situation? Go down and see!"
Young Master Long lei commanded.

A few people went down.

After they went down, there was still no sound.

Only then did Young master Long lei realize that something was wrong.

"You guard here, you guys come down with me and take a look!"

Young Master Long lei arranged for one of his men.

Then brought the man down.

As soon as they walked down the stairs.

There was a blackness in front of his eyes, his head was covered with something, and then he was muffled again, and nothing!

It was late at night.

Chen Hao watched the tired Xiao Bei rest.

Tucking her in, he then walked out of Xiao Bei's room.

Outside the room, there was a team of black-clothed bodyguards standing.

"Oh,Young Master Chen, I'm afraid the Long family won't be able to be calm tonight, the left arm has lost one, they really have been looking for madness!"

Hou Ping said with a smile.

"Yeah Young Master Chen, why don't we also let them search for seven days and then send their precious grandson back to them?"

The other underling.

"I don't have the time to tangle with this Dragon Family for seven days, by the way, it seems like the Dragon Family is having some kind of event tomorrow, right? It's just as well, Young Master Long Lei is preparing a big gift for his Dragon Family's event, forcing Pei to spend seven days, so we'll go there tomorrow, as a gift to the Dragon Family! A great gift!"

Chen Hao's gaze was cold.

"Go prepare!"


The next day.

Yanjing Long Family.

"How was it? Is Ray still missing?"

The Old Grandfather of the Dragon Family was wearing a tuxedo, and although there was an event in the Dragon Family today and many clansmen as well as VIPs had come, all of them were filled with sadness.

"No! Old Grandpa!"

"But it should be the Yang family's doing, Yang Xiao Bei was rescued last night, but we went to the Yang family to investigate in secret and got no clue! "

A butler-looking man said.

"Hmph, the Yang family isn't that powerful, they still don't dare to make an enemy of my Long family, most likely, it should be Chen Xiao's brother Chen Hao !"

Old Tai Gong's eyes narrowed.

"Chen Hao?"

The butler was startled.

"It's not the first time my subordinate has heard this name, and in Jinling, he had a run-in with Young Master Long San!"

"Even, regarding the disappearance of Young Master Long San in the southwest, this Chen Hao seems to be there too!"

Butler said.

The old grandfather clutched his cane tightly.

"Chen siblings, this is a deliberate attempt to make things difficult for our Long family, poor Shaoyun, even now grandfather hasn't found out any clues for him . But nothing more than Chen's sister and brother, Chen Hao! Chen Xiao!"

Old Tai Gong's gaze was cold.

"It looks like it's time for me to personally meet with this sister and brother! If they're the ones who made Young Master Yun and Young Master Lei disappear, I don't care who the siblings' backers are, I'll make sure they die without a burial!"

"Master, the Qin family is here!"

At the same time as the old grandfather was feeling hatred in his heart, a servant came and said.

Old Tai Gong nodded, "Quickly, please!"

The old grandfather looked happy.

Now, if the Long family wanted Chen Hao Chen's siblings to fight, it was still very weak just by relying on the Long family, all that could be done now was to try to unite the forces of all parties!

"Ya ya ya, why don't we not go in there?"

Dragon's door.

Several girls were nervous with each other.

"What are you afraid of, I don't want to come either, but they Dragon Family invited the Qin Family all over again, I have to come on behalf of my father, and I still have with them What about the holidays, if I'm not afraid, what are you afraid of!"

Qin Ya looked at Meng Can, and a few of Meng Can's little friends and said.

"No, the Long family is the leader of our Yanjing, I'm really nervous to enter such a family! And Xiao Ya, look, all the guests coming to the Dragon Family are big shots!"

Meng Can didn't have the confidence.

"Well, wasn't there me, I used to accompany you, but today, you have to come with me!"

Zhenya said.

"Alright, alright, we'll go in with you then!"

Monchan threw up his tongue.

"Eh? Meng Chan Xiao Ya, look at this, what a luxurious convoy!"

At this time, another girl suddenly pointed at a column of luxury motorcades driving towards the Dragon Family in surprise....


"And what a luxury fleet, wow!"

A few girls were shocked.

Afterwards, Meng Can and the others didn't go in, but stood at the door to see what big man would come down in the car.

There were even a few girls who hurriedly patched up their makeup.

What if the one coming down was a big young man who would then fancy, him? Hey hey!

The next thing I saw was a group of black-clothed bodyguards coming down.

A major young man, who finally stepped out of the car.

"Fuck? Chen Hao?"

And when Meng Can looked at it, he was instantly stunned.

They were about to be scared silly.

"Xiao Ya, is he Chen Hao?"

Meng Can said jumping to his feet in excitement.

Qin Ya nodded, "Yes!"

"Ah! Chen Hao he...he actually has a fleet? What's going on here?"

Previously, Meng Can had only been surprised by Chen Hao's wealth.

But he didn't expect that Chen Hao actually had such a side to him.

And Chen Hao apparently didn't notice Qin Ya and the others at the side.

Directly and hulkingly, he brought people into the Long Family Manor.

"The Dragon Family will actually invite Chen Hao?"

Meng Can said excitedly.

"The Dragon Family shouldn't invite Chen Hao, I feel something is going on, let's go in and have a look!"

Qin Ya said.

Then they went in with a bewildered Meng Can as well.

When they entered, they saw that inside the manor, the two sides had already confronted each other.

"You are Chen Hao? If I remember correctly, our Dragon Family, didn't invite you, right?"

The Long family said in hostility.

"Hmph, how dare you come to our door yourself, quickly tell me, where is our young master Lei? And Young Master Yun, was he kidnapped by you?"

Some of the Long family members couldn't help but directly cold drink.

"No rudeness, without evidence, how can we talk nonsense, what if this matter is not  Young master Chen's doing?"

The old grandfather raised his hand, signaling the family to shut up.

And the back with a playful smile looked at Chen Hao, "You said it right Young master Chen?"

"Nope! What happened with Young Master Long yun and Young Master Long lei was indeed my doing!"

Chen Hao shook his head and laughed bitterly.


And the old grandfather's eyelids jumped hard.

Young Master Long Lei's father, even more so, his eyes reddened.

"Bastard, it really was your Chen siblings who did this, quickly say, what did you do to Young Master yun & Young Master lei "

His father said coldly.

"Oh, some of today's events will indeed have to be accounted for, and your Dragon Family has done quite a bit of evil over the years! But before we deal with it, I need to collect a debt!"

Chen Hao sneered.

"Debt collection?"

Many people at the scene were talking.

Meng Can, on the other hand, was watching from the side.

The Chen Hao in front of her simply felt too strange to her.

It turned out that Chen Hao was here to deal with the Dragon Family.

I go, who the hell is Chen Hao? Even the Dragon family can be dealt with?

"Good, debt collection!"

Chen Hao finished.

A subordinate had already brought over a copy of the agreement.

"This is an agreement signed by the eldest youngster of the Long family, Young Master Long Lei, who has offended our Chen family and decided to compensate the Chen family, has promised me that he will be in charge of dividing the of the Dragon Family Estate, all of it belongs to the Chen Family!"

The old grandfather took a look at it, and the corners of his mouth twitched viciously for half a minute.

You know, Young Master Lei was in charge of a third of the Long family's assets!

"Oh, a clear attempt to blackmail my dragon family?"

The old man said.

"I'm not done yet, but this, not enough!"

Chen Hao.

"Not enough?"

"Yeah, because Young Master Long lei wants to compensate 100 billion!"

"In conversion, you still owe me fifty billion!"

Old Tai Gong's eyelids jumped.

The Long family, on the other hand, even looked at each other.

Angrily, they looked at Chen Hao.

"Bring him over here!"

Chen Hao said again at this time.

Then, a bodyguard was seen carrying a sack over and throwing it on the ground.

The sack was opened, and there was a youth who had been beaten and had fallen into a severe coma.

And upon seeing this youth.

"Young Master Lei! ~"

The old man shouted anxiously.

"Don't worry, there's more!"

Hou Ping stepped forward at this moment and said.

Then someone took a packet of something and threw it in front of the old grandfather.


The Long family was stunned again.

"I recognize it, this seems to be Young Master yun's previous clothing!"

Some of the clan members shouted.

"Young Master Long yun drove off a cliff, only these clothes are left, your Long family should be looking for madness, right?"

Houping said.


Old Tai Gong was once again horrified in his heart.

Infinite grief swept through his body.

"Chen Hao, you Chen siblings are too arrogant, do you really think you're bullying my Long family into being uninhabited?"

The old grandfather's eyes were even redder.

And Chen Hao smiled faintly.

Generally speaking, it was not enough to force Chen Hao's hand.

After all, Chen Hao wasn't someone who was too willing to cause trouble.

But earlier,Young Master Long yun had secretly harmed himself several times, and had even almost killed his cousin Rosebud.

Now, Young Master Long Lei had even almost harmed his own cousin Yang Xiaobei.

These were his own most precious people.

Moreover, the Long family had been entangled in a feud with Sister for over a decade.

Sister had no time to care for the District Dragon family.

However, Chen Hao could have plenty of time.

Then why not this time, let's make an end to it.

Just as the old grandfather was preparing to fight Chen Hao in a firefight.

Suddenly, the butler hurriedly ran over with a wireless landline.

"Old Master, the phone!"

"Fuck off, I'm not in the mood to answer the phone right now!"

The old man roared.

"No, my lord, it's a call from over there!"

The butler said nervously.


The old grandfather was startled.

His face also changed at once.

Immediately respectfully picked it up and connected.

"Yes! .......YES! Yes!"

Old Tai Gong said three yeses in succession.

By the time he said the last one, he was completely out of breath in general.

After hanging up the phone, the old grandfather's hand loosened and the phone directly dropped to the floor.

"Old Master..."

The butler immediately assisted.

And when the old grandfather looked at Chen Hao, his face instantly changed.

This call was from the Long Family's biggest pillar all along.

And now, it had been notified that all of his pillars had fallen.

In other words, the Chen Hao in front of him was simply not something that his Long Family could shake!

"Well? If it's okay, Old Grandfather will sign the agreement, by the way, the supplemental agreement is for all of your Dragon Family's assets!"

Chen Hao said.

"Just you, Dad, ignore him and fight them!"

"Right, the Dragon Family is big, so why are they still afraid of you?"

"It's a fool's errand, and you want all of my Dragon Family's assets! Think about whether you can get out of the Dragon Family alive first!"

The Long family came forward and said.

And Old Grandfather, at this moment, raised his hand to shut everyone up.

With a pale face, he looked towards Chen Hao and slowly spoke, "Okay, Young Master Chen, I'll sign!"

I'll sign!

The words were spoken.

The people of the Long Family were all shocked.

Although the Chen siblings were powerful, the Long Family could completely compete with them!

And looking at the puzzlement of the crowd.

I'm afraid only the old grandfather understood it best.

By signing the agreement, there would be no more Dragon Family, and the clan and bloodline of the Dragon Family might be preserved.

Otherwise, there would truly be no more Dragon Family in the world!


"Well, in seven days, we'll receive it!"

Hou Ping said.

Then, Chen Hao led the people away.

The rest of the guests, seeing that such a big thing had happened to the Dragon Family, did not dare to stay.

Then they all hurriedly ran away.

"Dad, why did you sign? Why? In the worst case scenario, the Dragon Family fights them, we're not even afraid of death!"

The middle-aged man cried out.


Old Tai Gong smacked the middle-aged man's face with a heavy slap.

"Bastard! Do you really want our Dragon Family to be cut off from the world?"

Old Tai Gong's mouth twitched and his eyes were cold.

"This time, we lost to the Chen siblings! For so many years, although we've been dealing with them in secret, the background of the Chen siblings is too strong!"

The old man clenched his fists.

"Dad, we've got nothing left!"

The old man nodded, "Yeah, it's all gone!"

"But, our Dragon Family legacy of several hundred years will not easily disappear in Warsaw, because we, still have one last card!"

"The last card?"

Old Tai Gong nodded.

"Who of you... has heard of the Yanjing Mo family?"

"The Mojave?"

All of the clan members shook their heads.

"That's right, Mo Family, this is the most secretive family in our Huaxia, and the only family that can fight against the Chen Family!"

The old grandfather narrowed his eyes.

"A few decades ago, the Long family still had some dealings with the Mo family, but because of an incident, the Long family broke off from their To and fro!"

"Dad? What is it?"

Someone asked.

"Hehe, back then, the son of the second elder of the Mo family once came to my Dragon family as a guest, originally, the Mo family, as a hidden clan, would not casually participate in the of things in reality, but that Mo family's second elder's son Mo Changkong is an exception, on the contrary, he is even more greedy for the reality of the World of flowers!"

"And this man is ambitious and has coerced our Dragon Family to compromise with him and use him as a patron, so that our Dragon Family becomes this man's I have to listen to him for everything! Of course, his condition is that he can secretly help us become a world-class gentry!"

Old Grandfather said.

"If that's the case, even if the Long family becomes a world-class gentry with his help, it's only a... It's working for him, and we've all become his puppets!"

The Long patriarch snorted coldly.

"Yeah, that way, the Long family's surname will not be Mo, it won't be Dragon, even if it becomes a top gentry family, but it's the same as us abandoning our ancestors' The industry! Of course I refused!"

"And then what happened? Since this Mo Changkong has such great ambitions, he wouldn't let us reject him so easily, would he?"

The Long Family asked.

"Oh, of course not, twenty-five years ago, our Long Family was subjected to Mo Changkong's revenge. Ah Shan, do you still remember that incident when Shao Frost was attacked not long after she was born and ended up becoming a foolish child?"

"Of course I remember, I tried to investigate, but you wouldn't let me! This matter is still a mystery to this day!"

"Oh, it's exactly what Mo Changkong did, investigate it and our Dragon Family will be wiped out even faster, he's just trying to give us a heads up!"

Old Taigong said.

The second youngest son of the Long family never usually appears on occasions.

Simply because the Long family's second youngest youngster was a foolish child.

"Said Young master Frost, where did he go?"

The old man asked.

"Second young lady took him out to play!"

"Alas, it's better to let Young Master Frost live happily."

"Dad, in that case, our Long family has not had any contact with Mo Changkong since then, but in recent decades, our Long family has been It's steaming!"

Long Zongshan said.

"Yes, hehe, it was indeed a whole day, but that was Mo Changkong who didn't have the time to follow the energy, shortly after he attacked Shao Frost, he Father passed away due to an incident, so Mo Changkong needs to fight for the position of the second elder of the Mo family, so naturally he has no time to take care of us!"

"But if my guess is right, with this man's scheming, he should have already gotten the position of the second elder of the Mo Family!"

"I see, Dad, you want to turn to Mo Changkong's power so he can help us deal with the Chen family?"

Long Zongshan suddenly realized.

"You're only half right, it can't be considered a help, because Ah Shan do you understand, once you find him, our Dragon Family afterwards, is the The name is gone! Hmph, but that powerful Chen family won't have an easy time either!"

Old Taigong said sternly.

"But no matter what, it's better than just being annexed by the Chen siblings like this, to draw out this Mo Changkong, then I'm afraid there will be chaos ! And the more chaos, the better it is for us!"

Old Tai Gong took a deep breath.

"Ah Shan, you follow me and follow me to invite Mo Family Mo Changkong out of the mountain!"


Three days later.

The South Sea Chen family.

A mysterious banquet was being held.

Even many of the clan members were not allowed to participate.

And during the banquet, there were also two beautiful women who took advantage of the suspicion and came outside to walk around the manor.

"Chen Hao, since my sister woke up, I haven't properly thanked you for saving her blood donation a few days ago."

One of the women, smiled at Chen Hao, who was parallel to them, and said.

"Miss Lightning is polite, compared to the help the Mo Family is giving to my Chen Family right now, it's just a show of hands!"

Chen Hao smiled.

This incident was coincidental.

On that day, Chen Hao and his grandmother went to visit the Mo family, and happened to run into the Mo family's eldest daughter, Mo Qingdance, who was seriously injured and unconscious.

The Mo family is looking for the best blood type to save Mo Qingdance's life.

But even though there is a suitable blood type, the Mo family is very strict about bloodline requirements.

It just so happens that Chen Hao's blood type is more suitable.

Thus, Chen Hao saved Mo Qingdance's life with his blood.

It was precisely why, Chen Hao and his grandmother would stay in the Mo family for seven days, because Chen Hao was exceptionally weak after donating his blood.

"Misses Light Dance and Light Ying, the banquet is still going on, I'll go in first to entertain them!"

After Chen Hao finished speaking, he turned around and walked away.

The other beautiful woman who hadn't looked at Chen Hao with positive eyes was now faintly glancing at Chen Hao.

And she was none other than Mo Qingwu.

"Sister, what are you doing, no matter how much of a worldly person he is, Chen Hao has at least saved your life!"

And Mo Lightning reminded.

"Who let his cheap blood save him, if not, I don't know how pure my bloodline is!"

Mo Light Dance said coldly.

"Why are you saying that ah, Chen Hao is quite nice!"

Mo Lightning said.

And Mo Light Dance now frowned and looked at Mo Light Ying: "I do want to ask you, since I woke up, why do you keep mentioning in front of me that This one called Chen Hao, could it be that you've developed a crush on him?"

Mo Qing Ying's pretty face blushed slightly, "I...where did I? I just feel grateful that he saved you. And now we've been sent to help the Chen family. I want you to get on good terms with him. !"

"My sister is half over it, some things, I can see, indeed, you have not been in contact with such people since you were a child, and it is inevitable that you have no knowledge of the They're curious, but I'm telling you, not at all, and you get rid of all thoughts while you're at it! And, my sister tells you, none of the men in the world are any good, they're all cheap! It's cheap~!"


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