The Unknown Heir Chapter 253


"Chen Hao, did you know Aunt Lin?"

Last time at the hospital, Chen Hao opened the G500 again, and met with the Dean of Ping'an County, which surprised Jiang Xueqing.

To be honest, Chen Hao that day was really shining.

But what to say, Chen Hao is still worse than Li Wenyang and Zhao Jie beside him.

Li Wenyang had a big company, and he also started the company and became the boss.

Although the car is not as good as Chen Hao’s big G, Li Wenyang has a future.

For Zhao Jie, Jiang Xueqing suspected that she had helped her deputy manager of the personnel department last time.

Others work as managers in large groups, salary standards of public institutions, dividends at the end of the year and the like.

It also has its own business.

A handsome white-collar worker.

But Chen Hao, what else does he have?

Although Chen Hao is now a character in the class, Jiang Xueqing has no affection for him in high school.

"Hmm, I know. I didn't expect that the person Aunt Lin invited was you, it happened!"

Chen Hao nodded.

A group of people, although some people are not talking about Chen Hao's mouth, eyes, or eyes, they all sit down to eat, drink, and talk.

Chen Hao was next to him, and he saw that he was tired.

That's as if Li Wenyang's relationship with Jiang Xueqing was a little bit worse than last time.

how to say.

Before, Jiang Xueqing always stuck to Li Wenyang, and Li Wenyang also liked Jiang Xueqing.

But now, most of Jiang Xueqing's attention is focused on Zhao Jie.

Li Wenyang sometimes took a cold look at Chen Hao, and jealously glanced at Zhao Jie.

In short, his face was a little uncomfortable.

But Li Wenyang is not too bad.

Because Xu Xin's appearance brightened his eyes.

Talking about the appearance, it was equally divided with Jiang Xueqing, and there was a little more simplicity. The pure and pure beauty is very lovable.

Therefore, Li Wenyang, while jealous of Zhao Jie, did not forget to show Xu Xin.

Liu Meng also looked at Xu Xin's beauty and showed Xu Xin, but after taking a look at Li Wenyang's complexion, he dared not take the initiative to show it.

But embarrassingly, Xu Xin seemed to have some interest in Chen Hao, and still used his chopsticks to serve Chen Hao.

Both Li Wenyang and Liu Meng were unhappy.

In short, although the appearance of the dinner was peaceful, it was really an undercurrent.

At this time, after Li Wenyang glanced at Chen Hao, he gave Liu Meng a look, and then the two used the excuse to go out to the toilet!

"Brother Chao, what's the matter? Won't you be funny to Xu Xin? She's me..."

Liu Meng said.

"Go away, don't say this, I mean, today I finally seized the opportunity to give me bad breath, and also let Jiang Xueqing, a slut, and Xu Xin give me another look!"

Li Wenyang remembered the embarrassment at the dinner table just now, and said sullenly.

"Ah? Brother Yang? Are you going to arrange Chen Hao? How do you adjust?"

Liu Meng was also excited.

In the last fight, apart from Li Chao, Liu Meng also went on. At the same time, Li Meng was a member of Li Wenyang's general in high school.

He opened a factory at home, he had money, and he was also good at fighting.

"By the way, we came out to drink two days ago. Didn’t you have a brother Yang Wenlong on the road? You would call Long Brother later and let him come to frighten the people at this table. Then, it can’t be solved. , I shot again, and at the same time asked my brother Jin to call them, haha, even if Ping'an County is mixed with Jinling now, that one should not give my brother Jin three points of face!"

"And not only to frighten, it is better to depreciate Chen Hao and make him shameful!"

Li Wenyang said.

Liu Meng was surprised when he heard it.

"Good idea!"

"Well, because Brother Jin couldn't help me last time, I'm very sorry for my younger brother, saying that I have something to do in the future, he can control it for sure!"

Li Wenyang said proudly.

"That's it, just do it. I'll call Brother Long!"

Liu Meng immediately dialed the phone and called.

Then the two returned to the box as if nothing had happened, but they were obviously very excited.

Chen Hao was biting the pig's trotters while wondering, why are these two laughing?

However, it didn't take long.

There was a loud noise outside.

"What are you doing? You can't go in!"

The voice of a waitress came.

"Get away from me!"

A man scolded.

Then the door of the box was kicked open.

Just look at the seven or eight strong men with plate-shaped heads and gold necklaces in their necks.

All have naked upper bodies and dragon-like patterns on their bodies.

Very domineering.

With their short sleeves in their hands, they were coldly glancing at the crowd at the moment.

One of them, wearing a T-shirt and carrying a boss bag.

Smoking while saying, "Who will order this box? Change it to another place for me!"

"Why, who are you!"

Xu Xin stood up angrily, she was not afraid of them.

"Who? Lao Tzu, I'm Yang Wenlong. If you don't know, go out and ask me!

Yang Wenlong, with his bag in it, threw the cigarette butt on the ground and trampled to death, said.

Lin Xiaofeng's eyebrows rose slightly at the moment.

Obviously, Yang Wenlong's name was heard by her.

"This President Yang, but we haven't finished eating now, how can we change it?"

Lin Xiaofeng said with a smile.

"How to change? Everyone carries food to eat elsewhere!"

Yang Wenlong sneered.

The atmosphere froze now, and Lin Xiaofeng didn't know what to say.

If he went out to eat, wouldn't Li Wenyang lose his face?

At the moment, it can only helplessly hold the grumpy daughter Xu Xin and let her sit down.

Li Wenyang and Liu Meng looked at everything calmly.

But Li Wenyang was anxious.

"What's so special, how can Chen Hao be the master's family today, why don't you let a fart go? In this way, according to the first set of plans, as soon as Chen Hao opened his mouth, the plan that Chen Hao had beaten was destroyed! Too! Nima counselled!"

And Chen Hao thought to himself: "Normally, Li Wenyang and Liu Meng are the kind of people who are in the limelight. At this time, they should play the majesty. They can't commit themselves to grab their majesty and take the lead!" Neither of them fart, why did you counsel?"

So it didn't move.

"Okay? Why don't you talk? Don't blame me!"

Yang Wenlong shook his neck and crackled.


Suddenly, Zhao Jie snapped the table.

"I think you dare, do you still have any Fa? Xueqing, call me!"

Zhao Jie put his hands in his pockets and looked at them coldly.

Let Jiang Xueqing feel that Zhao Jie is more handsome at this moment.

And watching Jiang Xueqing looked at Zhao Jie's admiring look.

Liu Meng was anxious for Li Wenyang.

The meaning seems to be saying: "Look, let Zhao Jie snatch the limelight!"

And Li Wenyang just smiled lightly in his heart: "Grab the limelight? Ha ha, now let Zhao Jie Chen Hao and other people show their limelight first, no one will show up!"

Zhao Jie is also a heroic upper body at this moment, turning his head to give Jiang Xueqing a rest assured that everything has my eyes.

After Jiang Xueqing nodded, he took out his mobile phone and wanted to call the police.

"Fuck! Don't give face at all, brothers, beat me!"

Anxious, Yang Wenlong picked up a stool from the side and rushed towards Zhao Jie.

During the fight, someone naturally broke Jiang Xueqing's mobile phone.

Frightened, Jiang Xueqing's face was almost white, and she went straight to Li Wenyang.

Zhao Jie was beaten on the ground and beaten hard.

"Don't fight, don't fight, what can I do!"

Lin Xiaofeng was crying almost anxiously.

And Li Wenyang, seeing that the atmosphere of Xu Xinjiang Xueqing has arrived, but seeing Chen Hao still can't take the shot, he can't help but cursed at the moment, thinking that he can only find someone to beat him later, at this moment.

Another clap on the table.

I saw Li Wenyang with his hands in his pockets, his eyes narrowed slightly, his head drooping slightly, and he said coldly:

"You stop me immediately!"


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