The Unknown Heir 252


When Li Xiao entered them, Chen Hao had already started a fight with the mother and son.

The three of them were stunned and hurried in to persuade them.

Thanks to persuasion.

Because Li Xiao knows that if Chen Hao is really anxious, he will be very ruthless.

This is not, the woman's half of the face has been swollen.

The mother and daughter were scolded by Li Xiao and they were taken away.

Li Xiao is responsible for driving them back.

Su Ting jumped anxiously, what happened?

But he also got on the train.

Li Xiao said, and when he went to dinner with him at night, he learned from Chen Hao why he broke up.

Chen Hao was almost not injured except for a slight slap in the beginning.

As for why Chen Hao had to find fault.

At one point, it was the girl who was so angry and too punchy that she pitted herself to death.

Secondly, a good Chinese girl was given something by Chen Jie. Chen Hao felt very uncomfortable and was already upset.

So as soon as they were added together, Chen Hao spoke a bit harshly, and later returned after being beaten.

After all, it’s not a matter of kinship, and now I’m not the poor boy of the past. Is anyone slapped?

Standing in the lobby, Chen Hao settled his bill and pityed a table of dishes.

"Huh? Chen Hao, why are you here? What a coincidence!"

Just after closing the bill, Chen Hao heard someone calling himself.

Looking back, it was Xu Xin and her mother who didn't know when they were coming.

"Chen Hao, are you here for dinner?"

Xu Xin asked.

"That's right!" Chen Hao smiled awkwardly.

"Then did you eat it or not?"

"Eat it!"

Chen Hao said.

"Poof, you're so funny!" Xu Xin was amused by Chen Hao. "Just, if you didn't eat, why don't you come with us? My mom just said, when I met you, I must be good. I invite you to have a meal. Last time you invited me to a French meal!"

"Right mom?"

Xu Xin smiled.

Lin Xiaofeng looked at Chen Hao and nodded with a smile: "Yeah, anyway, my mother invited all of you young people today, if Chen Hao is fine, come and come together..."

Lin Xiaofeng heard Tang Lan say that before.

I also think that Chen Hao is a force.

I didn't want my daughter to be with him.

As a result, Chen Hao withdrew 600,000 cash from his bank at one time.

But their faces were broken.

Lin Xiaofeng felt more and more wrong.

Because she could tell that Chen Hao was calm and calm in the face of sarcasm. She didn't look like an ordinary person.

Therefore, under a comprehensive consideration, this is the heart of friendship.

Just wanted Xu Xinyue to come out for a meal.

As for today's noon, it was Lin Xiaofeng who finally got in touch with a relationship. It was a cousin of a female classmate in her kindergarten. Her cousin's home was too powerful in order to reach this client.

Lin Xiaofeng set a table. He didn’t have time, but the rich and the young had time, thinking that the young people would be more enthusiastic when talking together, so he shouted Xu Xin.

Encountered Chen Hao again, it would be more correct!

The cause and effect, hehe, is because the director will retire before the end of the year, and one of the two deputy directors will come up as the director.

She became a competitor with Tang Lan.

"Look, my mother has called you, let's go, let's eat together!" Xu Xin said.

Chen Hao touched his belly, and just moved his bones, he was really hungry.

Mainly, Chen Hao didn't eat much.

Coupled with the present hardship, but nodded and agreed.

At this time.

Li Xiao called.

"Chorus Chen Hao, I'm sorry for you, I only know why you did it, don't say you, if Su Ting stopped me, I'll do it, isn't it a pitman!"

Li Xiao wanted to come to know the situation, and said angrily.

"Now Su Ting has just quarreled with her colleague. She said that I would say sorry to you. I believed that colleague. I didn't expect her colleague to introduce such a woman to you. I said that this lady was in my car. Ye have been vomiting! Cough!"

Li Xiao quite blamed himself.

I wanted to do something good for the brothers, but as a result, I introduced one of them, and anyone felt embarrassed.

"It's okay, Li Xiao. By the way, where are you now? Take the two girls home?"

"Who sent them, the old lady said that she was leaking in my car. As soon as I heard that, I drove them down. Now I am going to go to the supermarket with Su Ting and come to drink at night!"


After speaking for a while, I hung up the phone.

Alas, in this matter, how could Chen Hao blame Li Xiao and Su Ting?

Afterwards, I didn't think about it, and followed Xu Xinniang to the box.

"I don't know when Li Shao came when they came. Speaking, Li Shao would be quite involved. As soon as I heard about his cousin's introduction, he was very polite with me on the phone and said he would bring more friends! Come, whether this business succeeds or not, I and his cousin owe him a favor at the same time. Xiaoxin, it would be nice if you found such a boyfriend!"

Lin Xiaofeng blurted out.

"Mom! What are you talking about!"

Xu Xin pouted.

"Aunt Lin?"

Suddenly, the box door opened.

A boy came in and asked with a smile.

Behind him, followed by three men and a woman, are young people like Chen Hao Xu Xin.

"Hey, are you Li Wenyang?" Lin Xiaofeng smiled.

Li Wenyang nodded: "Yes, Aunt Lin, we are late, sorry!"

"Haha, what apologize, we are just here. Your cousin has always praised me for being handsome. I still don't believe that any boy can be so handsome. I didn't expect to be more handsome than her!"

"You're too proud, Aunt Lin, let me introduce you first. His name is Liu Meng, my high school classmate, and also my buddy, who runs the factory at home. Her name is Jiang Xueqing, and also our high school classmate. As for this, Zhao Jie, deputy manager of the personnel department of Xueqing Company! In particular, the company where Xueqing belongs is directly under the Dreamer Group! Ha ha!"

Li Wenyang said proudly with one hand in his pocket.

"Gosh, why are you so young when you are so young?"

Lin Xiaofeng was almost pleasantly surprised.

But did not find out, the four people who entered the house at this moment, three people have been a bit dumbfounded.

"Li Wenyang, this is my daughter Xu Xin, as big as you are, but it's too good!"

"Oh, by the way, there is this one. Xu Xin's ordinary friend who just recently met......" Lin Xiaofeng seemed to be afraid of Li Wenyang. They misunderstood Chen Hao as Xu Xin's boyfriend. The introduction is very detailed at the moment.

But before he finished, Li Wenyang interrupted him.

"Aunt Lin, you don't need to introduce it. His name is Chen Hao. We know and are also our high school classmates!"

Li Wenyang looked at Chen Hao with a sneer.

At the last classmates meeting, Chen Hao's debts on his face were not over yet.

On that day, I was the protagonist, but in the end, all the limelight was robbed by the goods, and I was beaten by people!

It can be said that in those days, Li Wenyang closed his eyes and was faced by Chen Hao, which became his nightmare.

I feel very uncomfortable.

I have been thinking about how to find an opportunity to meet Chen Hao to get his face back in front of everyone, and trample Chen Hao severely.

So when I saw it now, I was a little stunned.

Then there was a sneer.

Chen Hao, it’s really a narrow road!

Chen Hao also stood up at the moment, looking at Jiang Xueqing and smiling:

"Xue Qing, let's meet again!"


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