The Unknown Heir 201


"Uncle Jiang Hanping, but he is the head of a county, who can make him wait at the bus station?"

Liu Min couldn't help being surprised.

Is it the city's **?

No, the city's **will certainly not come by Bus.

"Xiaomin, you wait first, I'll say hello!" Liu Min's boyfriend sorted out his suit at this time and adjusted his hairstyle.

Ready to go.

"But Jiaqiang, can this be done? Can County Mayor take care of you?" Liu Min couldn't help worrying.

"It should be possible. After all, he and my dad knew each other. I ate with him twice!"

Li Jiaqiang walked past as soon as he swore.

And Liu Min didn't dare to go, it was all gangsters over there, as if all the leaders of the Education Bureau were there.

As a subordinate of Liu Min, of course, she has no courage to show up. Li Jiaqiang, go fast and come back quickly.

When he went there, he was so proud that he thought he should say hello on this occasion and he was very exposed.

But when he came back, he was downcast and his face became eggplant color.

"Ah? What's wrong with Jiaqiang? Did Jiang County Mayor ignore you? Well, I said, so many big people are there, so don't go!"

"Well, the county magistrate, they are indeed picking up others, and it is for the sake of unbelievable characters. It seems that they are talking about Young Master Chen. I don’t think it’s right. If Young Master Chen really wanted to come, how could he come by a Bus?"

Li Jiaqiang wondered.

"Alas, it may be that County Mayor doesn't want to tell you the truth, let's go now, as are several leaders of the Education Bureau!"

Liu Min said quickly.

Li Jiaqiang nodded.

It was urging Chen Hao to speed up.

Chen Hao followed, listening to what they said, Chen Hao, thought to himself, could it be that they came to pick him up?

But he already told Li Zhenguo, no need to engage in any rituals, he is going home to deal with his own affairs, and told him to leave it alone.

But at the moment, Chen Hao cannot always ask in the past.

It is not taken seriously.

With Liu Min's luggage, they came to the exit, and Liu Min's driver came.

"The air is hot! Xiao Li, quickly put the luggage away and drive away!"

Liu Min said to the driver in a bad tone.

After putting away the luggage, the driver carried Liu Min and left.

Chen Hao was dumbfounded on the side & thought

Even if you think of yourself as a worker, don't you have to say hi?

In the Bus, Li Jiaqiang looked at Chen Hao who was standing silly in the rearview mirror and asked Liu Min embarrassedly:

"Liu min, I just forgot to say hello to your student, just ask him where he is going, is it OK to pick him up?"

"See what he's putting on, are you not afraid to dirty our car, just a little forced, don't worry about him!"


Let’s talk about Chen Hao again. After scolding Liu Min in his heart, he prepared to go home.

On the way, Chen Hao called Uncle Wu's family.

Tell them to stop cooking and wait for him to go and buy some dishes to drink with Uncle Wu.

Unexpectedly, no one answered the phone at home for a long time.

After playing three times in succession, a faint voice sounded.

"Hello? Who are you looking for?"

"Aunt Wu, I'm Chen Hao. what about my uncle?"

"Ah? It's a Chen Hao, are you back from the holiday?"

Aunt Wu said in surprise.

When Chen Xiao and Chen Ge were young, they were mostly watched by Uncle Wu and Aunt Wu.

So the sisters have a very deep affection for the old couple.

It's as important as my grandparents.

In recent years, my sister got up first, but because she still needs to be poor, she can't directly let her aunt Wu enjoy the blessings. She can only help in secret.

So basically Uncle Wu's family still maintains the original appearance.

No, When she heard that I was about to take a vacation. The first thing my sister thought about was the placement of Uncle Wu’s family.

This Chen Hao will not forget.

"Cough, your uncle was hospitalized at noon today. I just came home to pick up something before I heard your call!"

"What? Hospitalized? Where?"

The tone of listening to Aunt Wu was quite bad. Chen Hao's Heart was racing, He asked quickly.

Aunt Wu said the address.

It happened to be a hospital in the county.

When Chen Hao arrived, Aunt Wu came in a van in town alone.

Chen Hao then helped Aunt Wu to the emergency room outside the emergency building of the hospital.

Listening to Aunt Wu said that uncle Wu had problem with his heart. He was eating at noon and suddenly fainted.

Frightened at the moment, she hurriedly called an ambulance, and He was rescued.

"Why do we have to pay in advance, brother, aren't you bullying? The old guy is our dad, not your dad?"

At the door of the rescue room, a woman with eyebrow-like caterpillars is talking to another couple.

On the other side, several couples and young people were standing.

When Chen Hao looked at it, it was Uncle Wu's two sons plus two daughters, and Uncle Wu's granddaughter and grandchildren.

Obviously He heard how everything happened.

"He said brother and sister, it would be wrong for you to say that. My dad has lived with you all the time. I usually do business outside, and this money, I'll let you pay in advance, not let you all pay, you What's the hurry! At the end, our four siblings shared the money!"

The boss who has been doing business outside for many years, at this time holding his shoulder and smoking the flue.

"Why do our four brothers and sisters share the same, big brother and second brother, you have to take the big head for this money, and our sisters take the small head, right? Besides, her daughter graduated from college this year, will soon be doing internship, Has she started working?

The three sisters were not convinced.

In short, Chen Hao understood that the quarrel was because of who paid the medical expenses.

And when Aunt Wu saw this scene, she almost fainted.

"Can you stop arguing? You don't need to pay this money. I'll pay it myself. If I don't have any money, I will sell my kidneys without using your penny!"

Wu Damai stomped her feet.

"Alas, Mom, don't be angry. Isn't this an opportunity for your grandson to spend his money to you"

The second child also said.

"How much is the medical expenses?"

At this time, Chen Hao suddenly asked.

"Huh? Chen Hao is back!"

Only then did everyone see Chen Hao.

"Huh, how much is the medical expenses I can afford it, and he deliberately asked!"

A young girl named Wu Qian, of the same age as Chen Hao, said contemptuously at this time.

Uncle Wu usually hurts Chen Hao, making Wu Qian dissatisfied since childhood, what does it mean? Does your granddaughter hurt a little poor child?

"Pretend to chant, show that you can pay!"

Another young boy, Wu Chao, who was placed in an enterprise, also spoke coldly.

Also like Wu Qian, it wasg not to see Chen Hao.

The main reason is that Chen Hao has studied well since he was a child. He is often compared with them by grandparents and grandparents.

Chen Hao also knows that Wu Qian and Wu Chao have never dealt with themselves.

There is nothing to say.

Just then a nurse came over.

"When will your surgical expenses be paid to the Olympic Games? A total of 130,000 yuan, is it enough to get together?"

The nurse said lightly.

The boss said at this time: "Just listen to me, second son, you pay the money first, and I'll return the money to you!"



After a while, Guru was about to quarrel again.

The second daughter-in-law and the three sisters are even more concerned about Chen Hao's rotten millet. They said what Aunt Wu secretly gave the youngest third.

Then it ripped up.

A mess of porridge.

The undisguised contempt on the little nurse's face.

"I'll pay you the money!"

Chen Ge shook his head helplessly, and then said a word softly to the nurse.



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