The Unknown Heir 254

CHAPTER 254: So You are Here

LiWenyang stood up and shouted directly.

Yang Wenlong they stopped immediately.

"Boy, do you also want to find death?"

Yang Wenlong walked towards Li Wenyang with a terrible look.

"Don't mess up, do you know who Brother Yang is?"

Although Jiang Xueqing has experienced some mortal stories in recent years, she has never seen a black scene like this. As a result, once the incident happened, the security that Zhao Jie originally gave her was gone.

After all, Li Wenyang is more outstanding.

At the moment, Jiang Xueqing was afraid, but also directly wanted to scare him with his background.

"Huh! Who is it?"

Jiang Xueqing just wanted to reply.

But Li Wenyang pulled her arm to signal her to shut up.

"Xue Qing, I said it long ago. My affairs will not let my dad participate again. You stand behind me. It's okay. I'll solve it!"

Li Wenyang said.

"Ah? But Brother Yang!"

"Stand behind me!"

Li Wenyang's domineering shouted at Jiang Xueqing.

Jiang Xueqing nodded heavily. Although he was yelled, he felt a long-lost sense of security in his heart.

Obediently stood behind.

"Brother Long, my name is Li Wenyang. For myself, I started a small company. Oh, I know that you are quite famous on the road. Don't look at my dry brother from Jinling. He still knows you!"

Li Wenyang smiled with one hand in his pocket.

"Oh?" Yang Wenlong pretended to be shocked.

As for Lin Xiaofeng, it is even more appreciated in Li Wenyang's calmness.

"Your elder brother knows me too? What is it called Jinling?"

Yang Wenlong asked suddenly.

"Jin Biao, Jinling and the forces in Ping'an County now call him Jin Sanye, Brother Long, haven't you heard?"

Li Wenyang laughed.

"What? Lord Jin is your brother?"

Yang Wenlong's face was straight white.

To be honest, it looks quite like it.

"Fart, who is Jinye? People in Jinling Group, can you know you?"

Yang Wenlong questioned.

Lin Xiaofeng also doubted, I thought it was impossible, Li Wenyang is so powerful?

Did you recognize that Jin Sanye is the elder brother?

"Oh, don't you believe it, right? If you don't believe me, I can call my brother Jin and let him tell you personally!"

Li Wenyang said, dialed Jin Biao's number.

Of course, I also told Brother Jin in advance, and asked him to do something for him.

It is mainly an enemy who wants to teach him.

Then, Jin Biao didn't help him when he saw the last thing. This time, he planned to help Li Wenyang to teach his enemies. I agreed.

"Brother Jin, are you busy? Something happened to me here... Ao, I'm in Ruyi Hotel now, a man named Yang Wenlong blocked my friend and me!"

"Brother Jin? Are you coming near Ruyi Hotel?"

Li Wenyang was somewhat happy.

I said yes on the phone before. At this time, I just asked Brother Jin to bring a sentence.

At the moment, happily hung up the phone.

"Really Jinye!"

Yang Wenlong pretended to be shocked, and pretended not to move.

This time, the conditions for cooperating with Li Wenyang's acting are to make friends with Jin Wen through Li Wenyang. After all, Yang Wenlong knows that Li Wenyang's family is very good now.

Otherwise, he will not play with him blindly.

"Huh, you know you are afraid now!"

Jiang Xueqing said.

The gang fell on her cell phone just now, and the anger has not gone down yet.

Not long after.

The door of the box was opened at once.

Into a young man in a suit and leather shoes.

"Who makes trouble?"

The young man looked like an eagle, said lightly.

As soon as Yang Wenlong looked at the youth, he was stunned: "It's really Jinye, haha, younger brother Yang Wenlong, has been playing around this North Street! Some misunderstandings!"

Jin Biao, who was just invited to sing at a KTV next to Jin Ruyi, wanted to receive so many favors from Li Wenyang's family. It wasn't that much if he didn't help at all.

So I just came over and looked at it.

"Oh, what should I do? Wenyang, aren't you hurt...?"

Jin Biao asked.

"I don't have Brother Jin!"

Li Wenyang walked to Jin Biao, picked up a cigarette and handed it over, and gave it back.

But Jin Biao just took a few breaths, and the cigarette fell to the ground automatically.

"Brother Yang, what are you doing?"

Li Wenyang asked curiously.

"You... are you here?"

Jin Biao looked at Chen Hao in amazement.

Who is Chen Hao, he is very clear, even one of the few people in the group who are very familiar with Chen Hao.

And Chen Hao, really thought that the usual honest and upright driver Xiao Jin actually played with swingers like Li Wenyang quite well.

"Uh huh!"

Chen Hao nodded.

Liu Meng on the side, in order to be able to say a word to the boss, walked in front of Jin Biao gently said:

"Golden Master, this is the kid. We were going to cut him today!"

"What, you said you want to beat someone, is it... it's him?" Jin Biao panicked.

"Huh, Jinye, this kid actually offended your younger brother, this is just hitting me in the face, seeing me past him!"

Yang Wenlong did not figure out what Jin Biao's expression meant.

Now is about to start.

It looked like Jin Biao lifted his foot and kicked a handful of more than eighty catties of Yang Wenlong to kick.

Slammed heavily on the ground.

"Damn it, it's not a bad word, I'll abolish you!"

As a driver, Jin Biao can naturally fight and resist.

And this group of people wants to beat Young master Chen , is it equivalent to playing Young master Chen too?

the fat is in the fire!

Li Wenyang was taken aback, didn't he say that it was good, Jin Brother just clicked Yang Wenlong, did Jin Jin beat people?

"Brother Jin, you?"


When Jin Biao raised his hand, a mouth was drawn fiercely in Li Wenyang's face.

"Shit, something I don't know!"

Then he added another foot and kicked Li Wenyang away.

Jiang Xueqing, they all looked stunned.

"What's going on? Isn't Jin Jin the person who Li Wenyang called out? How did he beat the people on both sides?"

Lin Xiaofeng took her daughter Xu Xin's hand tightly, but none of these people could afford it.

Half of Li Wenyang's face was swollen: "Brother Jin, how do you hit me?"

Directly grieved crying.

Originally, things were too simple today, that is, I wanted to let Jin Ge and Yang Wenlong cooperate to act as a force, and then beat Chen Hao.

As a result, he was beaten himself, and Yang Wenlong was also beaten.

While watching Jin Biao ignore Li Wenyang, he stepped on his finger and walked directly towards the crowd.

Lin Xiaofeng was nervous, "Young Master, we didn't offend you again, what are you doing!"

Jiang Xueqing was also scared back.

Because at this moment Jin Biao suddenly picked up a bottle of red wine.

Walking in front of Chen Hao, he smiled with a straight face: "So you are here! You listen to me, things are not what you think!"

While talking, Chen Hao was filled with wine.

It was almost nervous to kneel Chen Hao.

"Ah? What happened?"

The audience was shocked.


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