The Unknown Heir 255


Jin Biao's respectful attitude towards Chen Hao surprised everyone.

Jiang Xueqing's eyes changed to Chen Hao in particular.

I used to think that Chen Hao's connections were average, but now I haven't thought that Chen Hao really knows any kind of people!

Moreover, Jin Biao, such a powerful person, heard that someone wanted to hit Chen Hao, and actually took the lesson without telling her emotions.

"It's a coincidence today, and if you don't come to Xiaojin, I have to be beaten!"

Chen Hao laughed helplessly.

Up to now, he has also seen the case of Yang Wenlong. If it is not possible, it is Li Wenyang who is playing a ghost. Chen Hao Said, while he just looked at them and laughed!

"You laughed!"

Jin Biao bowed.

This meal was awkward, but Chen Hao was full anyway.

As for Lin Xiaofeng, it seems that Li Wenyang was labeled like this, and he didn't even want to eat.

Checked out early.

"This Jinye, you know Chen Hao, so familiar, you are so big, I am the deputy director of the bank, if your group uses some funds to get our bank, please take care of you! "

Lin Xiaofeng did not forget to make friends.

And Jin Biao does have the ability to let the money of some subordinate companies flow with the ** bank.

But now, he looked at Chen Hao and asked what Chen Hao meant.

Chen Hao nodded without trace.

Today, if Lin xiaofeng didn’t invite himself to dinner, maybe her business would have been completed. Now, it’s because her own game has been disturbed. It’s okay for Chen Hao to help.

I agreed.

And at this time, those who listened to Yang Wenlong in the box started fighting again.

But this time it was clearly a group of people beating Li Wenyang.

I was thinking of making friends with Jin Biao with the help of Li Wenyang. As a result, I was offended.

How can Yang Wenlong not hate it!

A group of people were all angry towards Li Wenyang.

Chen Hao listened to Li Wenyang's screams but sneered, straight in his heart, still beating lightly!

Jiang Xueqing looked at Chen Hao with complicated eyes.

Seeing Chen Hao just talked to Xu Xin, as if he hadn't seen himself, he didn't care much about himself, and his heart was somewhat unpleasant.

That's all for dinner.

Jin Biao was driving, so Jin Biao sent himself back to the hotel.

"Xu Xin, no wonder your grandfather said that this young man's identity is not simple, I really saw it today!"

Only then did Lin Xiaofeng react. When I had dinner last night, Xu Xin's grandfather always said that the child was not easy. At first, he didn't think much about it, but now he understands it.

"Yeah, I didn't expect Chen Hao to be so powerful. He actually knew so many people. Huh? Mom, when you say that, I remember one thing, the last time I was at KTV. I am now. Seems clear!"

Xu Xin tapped his head and said.

Jiang Xueqing wanted to wait for the people to be beaten to save people, but he didn't dare to go in and stood alone, fearing that Yang Wenlong would retaliate against himself.

So when it came down, Jiang Xueqing came down behind Chen Hao.

Now, Chen Hao left without talking to himself.


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