The Unknown Heir Chapter 251

                      CHAPTER 251

Didn’t you meet and make friends?

Chen Hao heard this, as if it was about to get married.

So at the moment it was cold sweat.

"First, before my daughter marries you, you have to take your house, and the car, Austria, yes, you don’t have a car, just the house, the real estate certificate should be replaced by my daughter’s name, it’s me. The daughter’s is not shared by the two of you, so you can show your sincerity, right?"

Said the woman.


Chen Hao nodded with a wooden expression.

My most expensive property is worth 800 million yuan, even if you want to dare you?

Ha ha.

"Second, it’s your parents’ problem again, do you still have a sister, right? It’s better to say in advance, if your sister gets married in the future, the gift money the man gives to your sister, you can’t refund it, you have to save it to me My daughter’s account also contains the salary you paid and the money your parents made. It’s also my daughter’s control. Is that okay? Of course, your parents can’t live with you, your family is in town, If your parents want to play in the county for a few days, you have to go to rent a house or stay in a hotel!"


"Have you heard?"

The woman asked again.

Chen Hao nodded rubbing garlic: "Hear and hear, you said you said!"

Chen Hao only nodded, but also took out a small notebook and pen from his bag, remembering it one by one.

For the first blind date, Chen Hao really learned a lot, lying down! Chen Hao wants to know what harsh conditions there are.

After all, if it was not introduced by Su Ting's colleagues, Chen Hao would have doubted whether the two people were cheating on the marriage.

When the woman saw Chen Hao being so stupid, she was also happy.


"As for the third one, it's the marriage issue. Where does my daughter go to work that I don't need to mention it? Ha ha, the big guys with heads and faces come by then. The grade of your wedding car can't be low. How about daughter, Audi?"

The woman was unsure of her idea and asked the girl.

For girls, she touched her hair lightly and said, "It's Mercedes-Benz BMW, but BMW must have at least a seven-series or more!"

"That line, then Mercedes-Benz BMW you look at the election!"

The woman said to Chen Hao.

"As for the fourth..."

"There is a fourth? Isn't it the third chapter of the law?"

Chen Hao opened his mouth and asked, O-shaped.


At this moment, the woman and the girl raised their heads and gave Chen Hao a glance.

"Oh, sorry, fourth and fourth, you said you said I listened!" Chen Hao looked serious.

"The fourth is the wedding ceremony, we don't need much, just pay attention to a pomp and let the purple and red be green!"

"Wait aunt, how much is a lot of purple and red?" Chen Hao smiled bitterly.

"Poof, it's really boring to get home. It's about 150,000 if you have a lot of purple and red. This requires cash. We don't look at any passbook bank card. We need cash. This is the rule on our side! Of course! This is a wedding gift for a betrothal, and there is money for clothes that your family gave when they got married. There is one more thing I need to mention to you. Because finding this job for my daughter, our family spent a lot of money, and her brother still has to study. So our family will not accompany you! Anyway, our mother-in-law just hopes that you two will have a good time together. That’s enough!"

"Aoao! Can this be better?" Chen Hao nodded clearly.

"Ah? What are you talking about?"

The woman was startled.

"I said yes! You continue!" Chen Hao smiled.

Of course he will not marry, just curiosity about these conditions.

"Huh, the fifth thing is the most important thing. After my daughter is married, you can’t touch her for three years. This is the rule of our hometown. And three years later, you have to get my daughter’s consent. To touch!"



Chen Hao's pen fell to the ground at the moment, and he was stunned.

"You don't need that kind of expression, you think, how difficult it is to marry a daughter-in-law now, and like my daughter, who is both beautiful and temperament, and the job is okay, you can go to your dreams!"

The woman just finished.

The girl suddenly covered her mouth and gagged a few times.

"Mom, you helped me go to the bathroom! Vomit~"

Having said that, with the help of the woman, the girl went to the bathroom while gagging.

The sweat on Chen Hao's forehead ran down.

To be honest, Chen Hao wouldn't come if it was not Li Xiao's heart.

And in this scene, Chen Hao wanted to run away.

I took a paper towel and wiped the sweat on my forehead. Chen Hao also felt a little urgency and was planning to go to the bathroom.

Unexpectedly, in the past, I just heard the woman say while photographing the girl's back:

"What's wrong? The reaction is so intense?"

The woman worried.

"Uh, this little villain, kick me again!"

"Ah, I have said, let you pay attention to what you are paying attention to, what are you doing with a black devil!"


"Mom, don't say Jack like that, Jack is not an ordinary black man, he is a black man from country M! He said that he must come back to me after three years!"

Outside, 10,000 horses passed by Chen Hao on Chen Hao head.

At the same time, they were also thundered by the two women.

No wonder the emotions are so beautiful and so anxious.

Are you anxious to find the pick-up man?

And marry one get one free, and give away a little black egg?

No, you can’t play anymore, and you can’t finish it anymore!

Chen Hao thought.

Want to find Li Xiao them, they obviously hide out.

Chen Hao had no choice but to sit back.

In a few moments, the mother and daughter returned.

"So Chen Hao, did you understand what we said just now? If you understand, then go back and find a suitable day, and try to get married this month!"

The woman said, holding her shoulders.

"Wait aunt, I still have something to say!"

Chen Hao said.

"Ah? As long as you have something to say, okay, okay, you say it!"

Said the woman impatiently.

Chen Hao looked at the girl at this time and said, "Can you show me to you?"

"Did you read it? What do you want to see?"

The girl frowned and gave Chen Hao a white look.

"I mean you lifted the skirt, let me see it first, I will inspect the goods first!"

Chen Hao said.


The eyes of the woman and the girl widened at once.

God, it's a blind date now, and the grade of this hotel is not low. On this occasion, this person actually said such shameless words.

"What's wrong with you?" The girl stood up suddenly and fell off the glass.

"Fuck, I can talk to you for so long without being ill! I'm really good. What kind of things actually mentioned so many conditions!"

Chen Hao couldn't help but cursed directly.

It was like treating myself as a fool. It was okay at first, but after returning from the bathroom, Chen Hao became more and more angry.

Just want to find fault.

"Son of a bitch!"


The woman was even more troublesome. At the moment her face was ugly, her hands flicked over and she flew over, and she slapped her face in front of Chen Hao.

"Fuck you!"


Chen Hao even slapped back, and Chen Hao's strength was not small, and she knocked down the woman in a single stroke.

At this moment, Su Ting, Li Xiao, and the matchmaker three came back to talk and laugh.

Li Xiao: "You have to worry about this matter a lot!"

The matchmaker said: "Relax, what's my relationship with Tingting? Besides, I think the woman here is quite satisfied with Chen Hao"

"Hey, let's hear what they are talking about!"

Li Xiao three of them arrived at the door, did not intend to go directly.

At this time, I heard the sound of ping ping pong banging the table and dishes.

Suddenly, all three were shocked and hurriedly pushed the door open...


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