The Poorest Rich man 200


"After the exam tomorrow, shall we have a meal together at noon? Well, I am waiting for you!"

Qin Ya sent a series of messages to Chen Hao.

Chen Hao naturally saw it.

After thinking about it, He replied: "Thank you, I won't go anymore. When the exam is over, I have to rush home!"

Since several subjects have been taken scatteredly before, the so-called final exams will leave the last two subjects tomorrow morning.

And Chen Hao didn't want to continue to struggle with Qin Ya.

I will reply directly. After I reply, I will turn off the phone and take an early break.

The next day, Chen Hao finished all the subjects.

 He packed his luggage.

Put his benevolence into the snakeskin bag.

Originally according to Li Zhenguo's intention, of course, a special car was sent to Chen Hao to Ping'an County.

After all, the Ping'an County project has been ready to start since it was called yesterday.

Li Zhenguo and Zhao Zixing who were left behind were naturally busy and had to toss and go.

But Chen Hao did not want to be so high-profile.

After all, after he went back, the first thing was to see Uncle Wu and Aunt Wu first.

For investment, Li Zhenguo and Zhao Zixing should do it themselves.

It was precisely through this summer vacation of nearly three months that Chen Hao calmed down and looked at books to learn something.

Waiting for the end of the summer vacation and coming back for three months, it is time to enter the internship.

At that time, it was really busy, now you can relax and relax!

Turn on the phone, and the message from Qin Ya is naturally on WeChat.

Chen Hao replied: "I have returned to my hometown, goodbye!"

"Oao, okay! Then I won't disturb you!"

Chen Hao did not return, and Qin Ya did not continue to chat.

Anyway, I thought, in the future... I won't see you again?

Sitting in the Golden Dragon bus like this, Chen Hao looked at the scenery outside the window quietly.

He not help but fall into a melancholy.

Think about it, a few months ago, when I came in a Golden Dragon bus, I only had two hundred dollars on my body. At that time, I thought about how to cope with the future life and tuition fees, and Yang Xia’s birthday is coming soon. , How can I gather money to buy her a birthday present?

And I remember when I took a bus to school that day, it was raining a lot, and I was sitting in the cafeteria. Yang Xia did not forget to call him, saying that she had arrived at school, waiting for him to have dinner together .

She brought delicious food from home.

At that time Yang Xia was still a very good girl.

But this time, so many things happened.

I accidentally learned that I was actually a rich second generation, quite rich.

As for Yang Xia, she also changed, and the two broke up.

But one thing remains the same. When I returned to school for a few months, I was thinking about how to spend the money. Now that I am home, I still think about how to spend the money!

Ha ha!

Chen Hao is looking out of the window.

"Chen Hao?"

At this time, a female voice rang next to it.

Obviously, she recognized Chen Hao.

Chen Hao turned her head and saw a beautiful woman about twenty-five years old sitting on the seat beside the bus aisle.

Painted light makeup, and dressed pretty.

"Teacher Liu?"

Chen Hao didn't even expect to see an acquaintance in the Bus.

And he is an English teacher in his own high school.

Her name is Liu Min, a substitute English teacher in high school. She has taught Chen Hao for two years. She is very young and beautiful. At that time, she just graduated from college and went to teach in high school through family relations.

Chen Hao was so impressed with her.

It was because this teacher Liu has almost all the characteristics of modern girls.

For example, the dress was very exposed. At that time, she wore a miniskirt and exposed navel clothes to the students.


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