The Poorest Rich man 199


"what's up?"

"You told me, why did you hide from me the other day? You have to tell me the truth! Do you have a girlfriend?"

Qin Ya asked tentatively.

But Qin Ya also knew that Chen Hao had a bad family, and as they said, they were so sullen, how could there be a girlfriend!

"Well, I have a girlfriend!"

Chen Hao nodded.

In itself, Qin Ya misunderstood herself. Although Chen Hao is not narcissistic to say that others like Qin Ya, they are hiding from her, and it is indeed because of his girlfriend!

"What? You lied to me..."

I don't know why, Qin Ya's heart suddenly hurt.

"I didn't lie to you. I really have a girlfriend. Her name is Su Tongxin. She is from the Broadcasting Department. We have been together for more than two months. It was just two days ago that she went to Hong Kong Island to study!"

Chen Hao smiled.

"Ao'ao, so, I said, why are you always hiding from me, it turns out you have a girlfriend, huh, huh, okay, this also shows that you really like your girlfriend!"

Qin Ya said.

"Yeah, I like her very much, and she cares about me too!"

"Oh, then you go to the infirmary yourself, so I won’t accompany you, lest your girlfriend get misunderstood. In addition, if you beat, someone for me I will tell my dad to let him help out. !Goodbye!"

Qin Ya waved her hand and turned away.


Chen Hao did not know why Qin Ya's reactions were different before and after.

But it's nothing, anyway, coming to the infirmary, Chen Hao simply went in and bandaged himself.

After the bandage was finished, he also called the Tianlong and Dihu specifically and asked them to get into the so-called Shen family.

Chen Hao can also be regarded as eating a long way, and now as long as he offends someone, no matter what, Chen Hao always likes to take the initiative to attack.

In this way, a lot of trouble can be saved.

After finishing the wound, Chen Hao was ready to go back to the dormitory and lie down to sleep.

"Chen Hao!"

At this time, the door of the infirmary opened.

Qin Ya, she came in with a bag of fruit or something.

"Give you!"

Qin Ya said angrily.

In fact, Qin Ya doesn't understand her mental state very much.


Because no matter from which point of view, Qin Ya does not have to treat Chen Hao at all.

But I don't know why. Sometimes, feelings like this are incomprehensible and unpredictable.

Qin Ya also didn't know from which moment a strange affection appeared to Chen Hao.

Anyway, She just want to see him, understand him, and want to be with him.

Perhaps it was time for Chen Hao to send himself a jade bracelet. The jade bracelet was his heirloom. He gave it directly to her, which was equivalent to indirect confession to her.

Isn't "confession" a disguised affection promoter?

It may be a stranger, or a friend who is not usually good.

As long as the other party confessed, the sentiments of both parties will definitely change quickly.

If the other party does not hate you too much, the relationship between the two parties will involuntarily produce an ambiguous feeling.

Obviously Qin Ya is like this now.

I was already grateful and curious about Chen Hao. Now that Chen Hao's confession makes Qin Ya helplessly imagine the expectation with Chen Hao.

She thinks Chen Hao will do everything for her.

However, this kind of expectation has a strong confrontation with reality, and it will make Qin Ya, a girl with such strong ambition, want to fulfill her expectation.

Of course, the big premise of the whole process is that this person can make girls interested.

Therefore, there was only a scene where Qin Ya got in Li Yue's car and came to Chen Hao yesterday.

What's more, after Qin Ya heard Chen Hao had a girlfriend, there was a little sad scene.

So now that Qin Ya is back and forth, came and brought fruit for Chen Hao.

"You went to buy me fruit!"

Chen Hao took it.

"I watched you beat them up, I bought it for you, don't think about it!"

Qin Ya gave Chen Hao a glance:

"Lest your girlfriend think more after hearing it!"

"Oh, nothing, I didn't think much!"

Chen Hao smiled.

"By the way Chen Hao, since you said that the two of us were friends just now, then I ask you, what do you think of Li Yue?"

Chen Hao was out of the clinic at this time.

Qin Ya talked with him while walking.

Li Yue?

Ha ha, Chen Hao is also considered to be an educator. This person is definitely not good behind the set!

What's more, he can sell even Qin Ya.

At the moment, he shook his head and said: "Not very good, Qin Ya, as a friend, I advise you stay away from him in the future!"


Qin Ya said angrily.

"Because he really doesn't deserve you!"

"How do I think Li Yue is very good to me? At least he won't make me chill or wait for him alone. Whenever I say something, he will be right by my side, and I believe , He is willing to do anything for me, why is he not so good?"

Qin Ya retorted.

"In short, you believe me, even this time you are entangled with Shen Qiang, it is estimated that you must have a relationship with him, you leave a snack!"

Chen Hao is not good at talking about Li Yue today, after all, whether he is not himself or not.

But this product is definitely not a good thing, this is for sure.

Qin Ya was angry.

"What do you mean? You mean, no one is really good to me, I can't find a boy who is really good to me?"

"That was not what I meant!"

"I think that's what you mean, you can be rest assured that soon, I will find a guy who is really good to me. When the time comes, I will take him to show you, not only you, willing to..."

Qin Ya wanted to say that you are not the only one who is willing to look back for me!

But thinking that Chen Hao has a girlfriend, what else does it mean to say these words yourself!

And Chen Hao doesn't know what to say.

The way: "Then I  wish you find a boy who really loves you as soon as possible!"

"Thank you!"

Qin Ya took a breath and turned to prepare to leave.

"I can't eat these fruits, would you like to take them back to your dormitory to eat?"

"No, since you can't eat it, give it to me!"

After talking, Qin Ya grabbed the fruit from Chen Hao and threw it directly into the trash can next to it.

"In addition, as a friend, I also hope that you don’t just give your most valuable things to other girls, which will make other girls misunderstand. Of course, I will not misunderstand you, but it is inevitable that you will encounter women in the future. They will misunderstand you!"

After she finished talking, Qin Ya left.

And Chen Hao understood.

It turned out that Qin Ya was talking about his jade bracelet. Alas, I didn't lie about it in such a big circle.

Chen Hao returned to the dormitory.

Lie down and rest.

Tomorrow, there will be an exam. As for the future, who knows?

Just getting ready to sleep.

At this time, several messages came from our WeChat.

"Chen Hao? I want to talk to you again, I can't sleep!"

"I feel like I'm overdoing you today. I shouldn't throw fruit into the trash!"

"But I was really angry at the time!"

"Are you there? Chen Hao."


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