The Poorest Rich man 198


Zhao Yifan finally got rid of it, and everyone started playing around at the celebration.

As for Chen Hao, it was really beyond the pressure of the crowd, and he simply made an excuse to slip away in advance.

Anyway, the goal has also been achieved. Xu Xia's mother now looks at Yang Hui like a baby pimple.

Chen Hao took a taxi directly back to school.

"Driver, stop!"

But as soon as he reached the door of the school, Chen Hao saw the scene in front of him and asked the driver to stop the car.

It is almost night now.

I saw a few luxury cars parked by the roadside of the school gate.

And several boys like Thugs are surrounding a girl who wants to go to school, obviously trying to block her and not let her go.

The girl was very angry, and she slapped a boy's mouth.

They have become even more intensified, and almost have to start directly.

"Alas, some of the rich and the young now have the lawlessness to rely on the rich and powerful at home. Young people, don't worry about these idle things, you know, some people, we can't afford to offend!"

The driver also looked over there and could not help shaking his head with a wry smile.

And Chen Hao directly handed over a one-hundred and said no need to look for change, pushed the door and got off.

Walk towards the surrounded girl.

The driver looked at Chen Hao's back sympathetically: "Ah, boy, I hope you are lucky!"

After talking about it, the throttle went straight away.

"Miss Qin Ya, don't embarrass us, our boss said, we must invite you over today, just drink a glass of wine, right?"

Several little ruffians opened their arms and surrounded Qin Ya.

There were people passing by, but no one dared to take care of it.

"You go away, I don't know your boss! Why should I drink with him!"

Qin Ya scolded with a cold face.

"Oh, Miss Qin Ya, our boss is Shen Qiang. You should have heard it. Speaking of it, you really have a fate with Qiang Brother. Qiang Brother has seen you once at a business exchange meeting before he will never forget your contact information!"

"As a result, today's fate is coming. A kid's mobile phone actually has a picture of you. When I inquired about it, I really found out. Our strong brother set up a table for you. If you don't appreciate your face, we will be over!"

Several ruffians laughed.

"Get out of here. I said no if I didn't go. In this case, I called the police!"

Qin Ya bit her lip and said.

"Cough, since Miss Qin Ya didn't give you a face, we're welcome. We can only force you to come over, but after you meet our strong brother, you will fall in love with our strong brother, hahaha! "

"Brothers, please ask Miss Qin Ya to get in the car!"

After talking about the first ruffian, two or three younger brothers came directly behind him and pulled Qin Ya's arm into the car.

"What are you doing, let me go! Help!"

Qin Ya shouted in panic.

She seemed to have heard of Shen Qiang, a very powerful black organization.

And it's just a wandering dude.

How disgusting and disgusting things have been done.

Qin Ya didn't know how it hit her mind, but once she was taken away, the consequences could be imagined!

Now desperately struggling.

boom! boom! boom! boom!

And at this time.

Suddenly, there were several explosions!

Then I saw that three or four ruffians had blossomed on their heads.

Full of blood.

The person who rushed over was naturally Chen Hao.

After he saw that the girl who was being molested was Qin Ya, he got out of the car and turned over two thick trunks from the side of the road, no matter what happened.

Come here is a rush


A total of five ruffians.

In the blink of an eye, Chen Hao knocked out four.

"Fuck, who are you?"

Frightened for the first ruffian, and said in surprise.

" I'LL kill YOU!"

Chen Hao didn't say anything, just got up.

And that ruffian also seemed to fight a lot. He felt bricks from the ground and wrestled with Chen Hao.

But in the end, Chen Hao couldn't be beaten and fled in embarrassment.

"Chen Hao, you you you... are you okay!"

Qin Ya was also terrified.

"I'm fine!"

Chen Hao wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth.

"Ah! Your head seems to be bleeding!"

Qin Ya said nervously.

Perhaps not paying attention just now, Chen Hao's forehead scratched a bit.

It was attacked by the kid.

"It's just a small wound. Why did they come to pester you?"

Chen Hao wiped the wound on his face, and it was the first time he fought this way today.

I lost my strength, mainly because Chen Hao didn't care, and said hello to death.

"I don’t know, I just came back today, and then they called me to harass me, and then came to the door of the school to block me. If I had to go to Shen Qiang for dinner, I didn’t know him, and I didn’t know who put it. My contact information was given to him!"

Qin Ya looked at Chen Hao who was fighting for himself, and was moved by what he couldn't tell.

Chen Hao Said with red eyes now.

"It seems that Li Yue's bastard!"

Chen Hao muttered.

Today, Chen Hao certainly knows the cause. Li Yue was no longer caught by Shen Qiang at noon. Chen Hao didn’t know how to learn, but this time Shen Qiang turned his attention to Qin Ya, and definitely got rid of Li Yue. No matter!

Although he has been hiding from Qin Ya, Chen Hao has subconsciously regarded Qin Ya as his friend.

In particular, knowing that Qin Ya was good to him some time ago, and then he failed her friendship, Chen Hao felt guilty for Qin Ya.

Therefore, Chen Hao just looked at her something, so she would struggle.

Originally, Chen Hao thought that Qin Ya was fine, so he wanted to go back to the dormitory and bandage himself.

But Qin Ya had to let Chen Hao go to the infirmary with her.

And along the way, Qin Ya gripped Chen Hao's hand tightly.

I don’t know what Qin Ya's mind was thinking. Chen Hao was terribly nervous, but before he could say anything, Qin Ya suddenly released Chen Hao’s hand and let Chen Hao go. .

"what happened?"

Chen Hao froze.

"No, I was just thinking, why should I be nervous and treat you so well, after all, you treated me like that before, and didn't treat me like a friend at all!"

Qin Ya said suddenly, full of grievances.

"Did you know, I have brought you the food I made for you at home several times. I want you to go to the cafeteria. Let's eat two of them! I want to learn with you, but you, have been hiding from me, and my mother is ill, and you have nothing to care about. I only knew at that time that it was too important for me to look at myself. In the future, you will... you will treat me as a friend, even thinking ...Hehe, but I think too much!"

Qin Ya said.

"You shouldn't have saved me today, I am already unhappy with you, but now I am very grateful to you, even I am very moved, what the hell do you want!"

Qin Yaji stomped his feet.

"I just don't want to hurt you, I really treat you as my friend!"

Qin Ya is also a rare girl who does not worship gold, and she is kind and beautiful, and is kind to herself. Of course Chen Hao took her as a friend.

"Okay, let me ask you something..."

Qin Ya said something moved, but stared closely at Chen Hao.


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