The Poorest Rich man chapter 197


"Chen... Classmate Chen Hao?"

Huang Yonghao and Bai Xiaofei were shocked.

No one thought that Young Master Chen was also here.

And Huang Yonghao almost shouted out when he said something.

Therefore, the second generation of wealthy people moved towards Chen Hao excitedly.


All the people waiting to see the excitement were stunned.

"Uh... this is not a big problem. Originally, you came here to have fun, and no one of you has the money to repair the car, just forget about this matter, how to play or continue play!"

Chen Hao laughed helplessly, and now that the matter is over, he has no choice.

"Yes, yes, Chen Chen was right, yeah, we were originally here to find happiness, why did we have to find this bad luck! Hahaha, then, Chen Hao, just forget about it. Two glasses?"

Huang Yonghao grinned coyly at his belly.

"Yes, I will ask you to have two drinks in a while!"

Patting Bai Xiaofei on their shoulders, Chen Hao smiled.

"Goodbye Chen Hao!"

"Goodbye Chen Hao!"


The rest of the rich second generation did not dare to play haha ​​with Chen Hao, bowed respectfully and said goodbye.

To make everyone on the sidelines even more stupid.

Lying trough, what the hell is going on.

After waiting for Huang Yonghao to leave like this, many people did not respond.

The first is Li Mei Wang Liang and Li Mei's mother.

To tell the truth, from the beginning, no one took this Chen Hao in his eyes, and he thought it was a little cock who was eating and drinking, but did not expect that he actually knew so many rich and young?

In a few words, the rich and the young were sent away?

And those people seemed to be afraid of him.

Li Mei was surprised.

Even at the moment Xu Xia's mother was also impressed with Chen Hao, involuntarily stood close to Chen Hao.

It seems to be telling others, hum, this is my daughter's boyfriend's good buddy, not your Li Mei boyfriend's good buddy, hum!

The most surprising thing is to count Li Shihan and Chen Lin at the moment!

Yes, as if some kind of speculation had been confirmed.

Then the two girls pale immediately.

It seems that the last thing was not accidental, Chen Hao is really unusual, it is true!

And it seems that it is more powerful than Ding Hao.

You think, those rich and young people don't look at Ding Hao at all, but they are so respectful to Chen Hao.

And the little girls are very careful, they can see clearly, just a few rich and young still bowed to Chen Hao and said goodbye!

This is simply a trough!

The atmosphere solidified in just one click.

Chen Hao just smiled awkwardly and said: "OK, it's okay, let's continue playing!"

After that, they took Yang Hui and walked forward.

"Lying trough, who is this young man?"

"I don't know? It looks pretty good!"

"So many men and women look at his face, it is probably a big man!"

A crowd of people also discussed it.

"Chen Hao, do you... do you drink milk tea? I'll buy you milk tea..."

A girlfriend of Li Mei said shyly at this time.

"Thank you, I am not thirsty!" Chen Hao replied.

"Oh, who do you think you are, if a girl buys milk tea for Chen Hao, will he drink it?"

Chen Lin glanced at the girl, then handed Chen Hao the milk tea she hadn't drank.

"Chen Hao, look at you, your lips are a little dry, how can you not be thirsty, you, you are too careless and don't love yourself at all!"

Chen Lin said voluntarily.

On the surface, it was for the sake of the girl, but it was actually in front of Chen Hao.

I used to have a little misunderstanding with Chen Hao, but now Chen Lin mustve resolved it!

Chen Ge didn't know what to say.

Fortunately, at this time, his cell phone rang.

It was Li Zhenguo who called.

"Sorry, you play first, I'll answer the phone, I'll find you later!"

Chen Hao

An excuse slipped out.

Came to the lake.

"Young Master Chen, I’m asking you to tell you about the matter that Huang Ju said about investing in your hometown of Ping'an County. I initially made an investment plan, with one set starting at six billion yuan and one set starting at eight One billion, relatively speaking, eight billion, will also bring part of the township economy to a large extent. Do you agree?"

Li Zhenguo asked as soon as he came up.

"Then eight billion yuan, after all, I promised the Yellow Bureau to do this, the purpose is to drive the entire urban and rural construction!"

"Okay, I understand Young Master Chen, and I set out immediately!"

After talking, Chen Hao hung up the phone.

Looking back now, ready to go back.

But as soon as he turned around, Chen Hao was taken aback.

Because I don't know when, Zhao Yifan actually stood behind him.

And at the moment, she was staring at herself dumbfounded. Obviously Zhao Yifan had just heard the conversation.


Zhao Yifan breathed quickly.

Just now, when Chen Hao interacted with the rich and young, Zhao Yifan only expected that his guess might be right.

But at the time, she said nothing.

Instead, he has been paying attention to Chen Hao.

Until just when Chen Hao answered the phone, the god came mysteriously.

Zhao Yifan quietly followed.

If it wasn't for the quieter one, Zhao Yifan heard it really, she really couldn't believe that everything in front of her was true!

Chen Hao is rich and young, and almost certain, he is Young Master Chen!

Eight billion, without blinking!

Zhao Yifan was shaking all over!

This guy who was matched up by Ma Xiaonan into a boyfriend and Girlfriend at the beginning, and was then looked down upon by him, turned out to be a great hero!

"Did you hear?"

Chen Hao asked awkwardly.

"Hmm, I heard it all!"

Zhao Yifan nodded blushing.

"You are Young Master Chen, Young Master Chen with countless property?"

Zhao Yifan asked in shock.

"I...I am not, and I don't have much money, you heard it wrong, eh? Yang Hui called me!"

Chen Hao responded, if you really admit it, then the low-key period of this time will not be wasted!

I want to slip away now.

"Chen Hao, I have heard it all. Why don't you admit it?"

But Zhao Yifan was in front of Chen Hao.

"Why can't you tell me the truth, can you tell me a truth?"

Zhao Yifan grabbed Chen Hao's shoulder with red eyes.

"You really misunderstood, I'm a force!"

Chen Hao said silently.

When I broke free, I ran back.

However, after running two steps, Chen Hao turned around and was shocked.

Zhao Yifan walked towards the lake step by step!


"what are you doing?"

Chen Hao is really speechless, this is very much like Yang Xia!

Run to the moment and take Zhao Yifan back.

"Let me go, you let me die, I treated you like that before, you will never like me again, let me die!"

Zhao Yifan is really remorseful now, really do not want to live.

But fortunately, he was carried back to shore by Chen Hao.

"Chen Hao, you still like me, right? I know, from the very beginning when we met, did you like me?"

Zhao Yifan cried her nose, clutching Chen Hao's arm tightly.

"Hmm, yes, although you didn't look down on me at first, but I was just injured by Yang Xia at that time. When I saw you, I really liked you. I think you can look at me regardless of whether you can see it or not, as long as you can see I’m still very excited to see you, but that feeling has long since disappeared. I only have Su Tongxin in my heart. Thank you so much!"

Chen Hao can only tell the truth.

At that time, I really liked Zhao Yifan for a while, and Chen Hao admitted this.

And Zhao Yifan heard this, but her heart was not sour.

She really wanted to say that once, there was a sincere feeling before me...


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