The Unknown Heir Chapter 196

    Chapter 196: Chen Hao's Relief

At this time, Ding Hao drove his relatively luxurious sightseeing car before carrying Chen Lin and them over.

Seeing a lot of people around here, and looking at them again, it was Wang Liang who knew that something was wrong and hurried in.

From this point of view, Ding Hao felt that someone had put two kicks in his mind, and he was blown away!


"Who did this?"

Ding Hao said pale.

"Young Master Ding, he drove & Crashed!"

Wang Liang hurriedly pointed at Yang Hui.

Li Mei and them, after reacting, stood directly on Wang Liang's side.

Yeah, who is not afraid of taking responsibility now.

After all, it is millions.

Yang Hui, indeed, made trouble with his own will, and was given the whole thing by Wang Liang, but now he is dumb eating Huanglian, breaking his teeth and swallowing in his stomach.

After all, he hit it.

"Oh! You, you... I'm so mad at you, how can my daughter have a boyfriend like you!"

Xu Xia's mother succumbed to a day's mood, and at the moment turned into two lines of tears and shed directly.

"Don't worry about it so much, that, do you have a relationship? Hurry up and let someone from your hometown come over!

Chen Lin said lightly at this time.

"It doesn't matter where he goes. If Wang Liang caused the trouble, he might be able to ease it. After all, Wang Liang's network is wide, and it's in his buddy's territory, but he certainly won't do it. And Young Master Ding is not familiar with him, it is impossible to offend the owners of these luxury cars for him!"

Don't wait for Yang Hui to speak to you.

Li Mei's mother hurriedly spoke.

In the end is a mature person, the same as the essence.

This sentence naturally pushed Ding Hao and Wang Liang aside, telling them not to take care of these idle things, so as not to provoke these people all together!

"Ah, don't you have any friends in Jinling?"

At this time, another girl said.

Yang Hui blushed and said, "Of course, Chen Hao and Li Bin are my friends!"

"Oh, we don't mean this kind of friend, we asking if you don't have any kind of tall friends?"

A friend of Li Mei's roommate said nothing.

"Okay, don't talk about it, any friends are useless now! This kid is in big trouble this time!"

Ding Hao wrinkled his brows at this time.

"Ah? What's the big deal?"

Everyone questioned.

"Do you know whose car these are?"

Ding Hao took a deep breath.


"This is the car of the seven young men, Bai Shao, Huang Shao, Zhou Shao their!"

Ding Hao was a little scared.

"Ding Hao, that is Bai Xiaofei, Bai Shao, Huang Yonghao, Huang Shao, and Zhou Zezhou who wants the Hong Kong city? Are they not so coincident?"

Li Shihan has also been able to see Ding Hao for a lot of times these days and asked in shock.

Ding Hao closed his eyes and nodded heavily: "It's them!"

"This is how to do ah!"

Li Bin was a little flustered when he heard it.

These young men and women, but they are even better than the young man Shen.

"Look at me, Yang Hui, please kneel in front of these cars, maybe some of them you offend will come to spare you, but it's not as simple as Li Yue just messed with that thing!"

After listening to Li Mei’s introduction, Li Mei’s mother widened her eyes and panicked.

"And Yang Hui, since you hit it, you will admit that you will happily admit it later, not to mention that we are also in your car and cannot afford to lose this person!"

Li Mei's mother said again.

And this time.

"Look, look, Huang Shaobai came here!"

I don't know who yelled, and I saw the crowd open their mouths.

Huang Shao came with a group of rich and young people.

"Fuck, who did it?"

Huang Yonghao threw the sunglasses and said coldly.

Bai Xiaofei and others also brought up with a vote.

"Sorry, I hit it!"

Yang Hui was also scared and bowed at the moment.

"Then what do we do about this? Come, call me, and let the 4S shop immediately meet me for the damage!"

"And, with you, none of them can leave me!"

Huang Yonghao said something.

A bodyguard in black had listened to it for a long time and went to call. A group of people came to surround Li Mei and them.

"Oh, it's over. This time, Yang Hui not only ran into someone's car, but obviously offended the Huang Shao, even we didn't let it go!"

"Yeah, he's too long-eyed, it's better to hit it directly, not to pay so much right, right? Now it's good, not only hit the cars of young and old, but also involve us!"

"Yes, mainly because it wastes a lot of time for these boys and girls!"

Li Mei's two roommates nervously followed.

And Li Mei Wang Liang heard Huang Shao's meaning, as if he couldn't leave, it was all right to take Yang Hui's car.

My heart was also tense, looking directly at Ding Hao for help.

Ding Hao also immediately understood, and now walked in front of Huang Shaobai and respectfully said:

"Several majors, I am Ding Hao from Yunmeng Mountain. I have had a relationship with Young master Bai before  ha ha!"

Huang Yonghao looked at Bai Xiaofei.

Bai Xiaofei said something to Huang Yonghao.

Huang Yonghao immediately nodded and smiled, "Well, Ding Hao, what are you talking about?"

"This is Huang Shao. I have a few friends. In this car, can I give a face? Because it doesn't matter what they do!"

"Fuck! You have a face of fart! Fuck me, if you are in this car, I will see you forgiving me for being in Yunmeng Mountain, and if you are fine, less pretend to be in front of me! "

No one is used to Huang Yonghao!

Ding Hao, who scolded directly, was red-eared.

Ding Hao did not dare to breathe, so he had to hide aside with Chen Lin and their heartbroken.

When Wang Liang saw Ding Shao, they didn't work anymore, and their hearts were suddenly cold.

Especially Li Mei's mother, I wish I could smoke Yang Hui's mouth.

"Look, don't waste everyone's time, just forget about this matter!"

At this time, a sudden sound made people live in a crowded scene, suddenly as quiet as death.

All looked at the sound source, a boy.

Lying trough, just forget it?

Don't you want to live?

Yeah, are you full? Who does he think he is?

Everyone was shocked.

Yes, this boy is naturally Chen Hao.

As soon as this remark came out, even Chen Lin and Li Shihan, who glanced at Chen Hao, could not help but watch Chen Hao shake his head slightly.

"Chen Hao, what are you talking about!"

Li Mei's mother scolded directly.

As for Chen Hao, he originally wanted to wait for the owner to come and pay for the matter by himself.

But it was Huang Yonghao who heard them.

Chen Hao is tangled again.

After they came, if they didn't make a siege, Yang Hui really had to be mistreated by them.

If the siege is released, the identity must be exposed.

But in the current situation, I would definitely not be able to help myself if I don't want to be low-key.

Alas, if exposed, just expose it, there is no way!

So Chen Hao stood up...


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