The Unknown Heir Chapter 202

Chapter 202: Inviting old classmate to Eat

The little nurse doubtfully led Chen Hao to the toll booth downstairs.

Why is it doubtful?

A look at Chen Hao's dress is the kind of moneyless.

These 130,000 are not a small number for the average family. How can he pay?

But Chen Hao quickly hit her in the face. Not only did Chen Ge pay 130,000 for the surgery, he also paid for the next bed.

A total of 200,000!

No eyelids blinked.

The little nurse was shocked.

Chen Hao ignored her and went straight up again.

They are still arguing.

"Big brother 2nd brother, 3rd sister 4th sister, don't quarrel, I have already paid the money!" 

Chen Hao said.


The scene was quiet now.

Several siblings were dumbfounded.

Then Wu Qian and Wu Chao all stared at Chen Hao in disbelief.

"Paid? Chen Hao, 130,000? Where did you get the money?"

Asked the boss.

"Huh, it's not 130,000, this handsome guy paid 200,000, and even paid for hospitalization!"

The little nurse didn't know when to follow up and said now.

"Two hundred thousand?"

Everyone was even more surprised.

Wu Qian and Wu Chao even have hot faces. They just mocked Chen Hao just now. Now, Chen Hao really paid for it. Isn’t this a face-slap!

The next face was not convinced, "This money, must've been stolen?"

"Yes, I watched the news on the Internet a few days ago, and some people said that they lost money. Chen Hao, did you pick up the money and did not return it to others?"

"I think that's how it looks! Be careful, people call the police, these two hundred thousand yuan, grab you in and sentence you to death!"

Wu Chao warned fiercely.

After all, he is an enterprise and institution, and he knows a lot.

It was these words that scared Aunt Wu: "Chen Hao, Where did this money come from?"

"Aoao, I won the lottery and won some money, you can rest assured Wu Auntie!"

Chen Hao smiled faintly.

I don’t have anything to hide from Aunt Wu. I just don’t know how to tell Aunt Wu in this situation.

It was only a casual panic.

However, Wu Qian listened to Wu Chao, but her eyes widened.

Especially Wu Qian.

Quickly asked: "How much did you win?"

Such words, adults like boss and elder, are embarrassed to ask directly, but little girl films like Wu Qian can't hold back their inner consternation.

You know, Grandpa used to be nagging all the time, saying that Chen Hao is a good boy, and he should be allocated to Chen Hao.

But who would like Chen Hao's poor cock?

So Wu Qian directly refused.

When Chen Hao said that he had won the lottery, she was shocked.

Lying in a trough, in case you really become a rich man, wouldn't you have regretted your intestines?

"Hurry up, Chen Hao, how much did you win?"

Wu Qian jumped.

Chen Hao just smiled, then stretched out five fingers.

"Ah? Half a million?" Wu Qian's eyes widened in shock.

Aunt Wu was delighted: "Ah? Chen Hao, did you really win half a million?"

Chen Hao smiled bitterly: "Auntie, don't worry about how much money I have, you can be rest assured that no matter how much money Uncle spends this time, I will pay!"

Waiting for Aunt Wu to sit down.

As for Wu Qian, the ant crawled in her heart.

What should I do?

Hearing Chen Hao's tone, he seems to have won more than 500,000?

Is it impossible, five million?

God! !

Wu Qian thinks more became more anxious, but Chen Hao is also ridiculed, but still does not say specific values, let them guess!

In the past two days, Chen Hao did not go back, and he accompanied Uncle Wu in the hospital. Fortunately, his condition was not a big deal. He only needed to stay in the hospital for a while.

At noon that day, Chen Hao first waited for Uncle Wu to finish eating.

Chen Hao was also hungry, so he was going to eat in the hospital cafeteria.

"Isn't this Chen Hao! You are really back!"

Suddenly, he was patted on the shoulder.

Chen Hao looked back, it was a girl with a ponytail, looks pretty, and put on makeup.

But even with makeup on, Chen Hao recognized her.

"Are you Li Mingxue?"

Chen Hao was surprised.

This girl,Chen Hao of course knew her and was her high school classmate.

She seemed like a representative of English class at that time, named Li Mingxue.

At that time, she was only pretty.

But I haven't seen her for three or four years. With makeup, She is really sexy and beautiful.

The change is quite big.

In fact, when he met his high school classmates after returning to his hometown, Chen Hao had already been psychologically prepared.

After all, those who should go to work have already gone to work.

"I saw your picture in the group of our English class representatives today. It was taken by Miss. Liu Min. You carried a duffel bag and I knew you were back! I didn't expect such a coincidence!"

Li Mingxue straightened her hair.

Although graduating, some teachers will leave some contact information for class representatives with better relationships, which is very common.

 Chen Hao was shocked.

When did Liu Min take a picture of him, why didn't I know?

She probably took it when she got off the bus.

After all, when she shouted that they should carry her luggage, she took a mobile phone and took it at herself.

Fuck! This girl...

Chen Hao scolded in his heart, enough ethics!

"By the way, are you in the hospital, are there any patients?"

Li Mingxue briefly chatted with Chen Hao at this time. She used to talk very little to herself, but now, after seeing the baptism of the society at a glance, it will happen.

"Hmm, my uncle is hospitalized here! What about you? Do you have any patients?" Chen Hao asked.

"Oh, I have more patients. Looking back, your uncle can say hello to me. Some procedures will be less!"

Li Mingxue smiled faintly.

"Aoao, I see, are you a doctor here?"

Chen Hao asked.

"Hmm, as a clinician internship here, I can be corrected in a while!"

Li Mingxue said with a touch of arrogance.

"That's very good!"

Li Mingxue's family seems to have something to do with it, but this is also normal. When that year approaches graduation, these things are indispensable.

The relationship depends on the relationship, the relationship does not depend on the miracle.

Isn't that the case?

It was Chen Hao's turn to eat.

"We don't need to fight anymore. I will invite you for this meal today, auntie, help me serve two meals!"

Li Mingxue put a sign in his hand, and the aunt Sheng's full meal was given to Chen Hao and Li Mingxue.

It's all good food.

"How can we say that we are all high school classmates, and we haven't seen each other for several years. Please have a meal, Do you Dislike it?"

Li Mingxue chuckled softly.

Chen Hao shook his head: "How come, thank you so much, this is great!"

The two sat down.

Li Mingxue opened the chat box and introduced herself in the past two years. She said that it was an introduction. In fact, it was a show. She was better than the average classmates.

Chen Hao just listened and occasionally praised a few words.

At this time, a young male doctor in a white coat walked towards Li Mingxue.

"Mingxue, who is this?"

"Ao'ao, this is my high school classmate, isn't it nice you encountered him, just ask him to have a meal! Hey Chen Hao, let me introduce it to you, this is my boyfriend Li Gang I just told you, his father is a deputy Dean Ao!"

Li Mingxue smiled.

"Oh, you're high school classmates, how can you eat in the cafeteria? I can arrange a restaurant?

Li Gang said with a smile.

"Cough, I have to go to work in the afternoon? How can there be time? Besides, Chen Hao, do you like it?"

"Very good, very good!" Chen Hao nodded again and again, grabbing a few mouthfuls of rice in his mouth.

In fact, I really think this is good.

The rest is to listen to Li Gang and they talked.

"By the way, don't you have a few high school classmates to come tonight, Li Chao came back on vacation. I looked at it, you seem to be on duty tonight!"

Li Gang said.

"Ah? Then give me a shift, Li Chao. They were good buddies when I was in high school. When they came back from vacation, I had to invite them well, even if I had to leave. Well, by the way, have you booked a restaurant?"

Li Mingxue asked.

"Booked, Jin Ruyi!"

"No, that grade is too low. Go to the Baosheng Hotel. After all, it is an high school classmate who hasn't been seen in three or four years. You can't make me so shabby in front of them?"

"Okay, then change it! By the way, when would you please ask your director to solve this matter? Do you know that your director is the dean, and my dad can do nothing!"

Li Gang laughed bitterly.

"Humph! I'm angry when you mention him, It's so annoying I Can't eat!"

Li Mingxue threw chopsticks angrily.

And Chen Hao also heard, Li Mingxue seems to have something...



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