The Unknown Heir 203


"Why, why should I correct someone else this time, but I can't, but in fact, he's not telling your dad, does he not know the relationship between us? Let another doctor transfer to both Don't give me the quota!"

Li Mingxue is about to drop the chopsticks.

Li Gang on the side persuaded.

Chen Hao listened while eating, and he almost understood.

Generally speaking, Li Mingxue's entry into the hospital as an intern clinician was arranged by Li Gang's father.

Of course, Li Mingxue really has two brushes, and her vocational skills are quite good, which has been well received by the hospital, including patients.

But Li Gang's father seems to have no deal with the dean.

Therefore, Li Mingxue became a victim of the two oppositions.

It is estimated that it is difficult to turn right, and the consequences of not turning right are obvious, that is, leaving the hospital.

The quota was given to the dean, but the intern at the Hospital was far worse than himself.

It seems that the director deliberately embarrassed Li Gang's father. 

As for Li Gang’s father, listening to Li Gang’s meaning is that he is about to retire, and his rights have not been surrendered.

So it's embarrassing.

This matter may not be possible!

So Li Mingxue had to ask Li Chao for help.

Li Chao and Chen Hao naturally knew that they were all in the same class. Li Chao’s father worked in the hospital, and his mother was in the health bureau, and some face.

In short, the young couple talked to me one by one.

It was awkward for Chen Hao to listen.

So he ate quickly.

"Have you finished? Are you full? You see that I have a lot of things to do here too. Don't be surprised if I don't entertain you enough!"

Li Mingxue greeted Chen Hao lightly.

The attitude is no longer enthusiastic.

Yeah, the people in the society are not just polite on the surface, they are also polite to you for about three minutes. It has been a long time. Who knows who you are!

"It doesn't matter, by the way, Li Mingxue, you just said that your work is not easy to arrange? Don't worry about this matter, rest assured, everything will get better!"

Chen Hao can't always eat dry, he wiped clean and passed the ** away.

There was also a word of comfort at the moment.

Even Chen Hao thought, if he can help, he should help.

Although it can be seen that Li Mingxue does not pay much attention to him, but these people invited you to eat a meal, no matter how expensive or cheap, this is also friendship!

So Chen Hao thought about whether he could help and return the love.

"Thank you, Chen Hao. By the way, Chen Hao, tell me about your uncle's ward. let Li Gang say hello!"

"That's good!"

Chen Ge said the ward number.

So they didn't disturb Li Mingxue and walked out to take care of Uncle Wu.

At the same time, he also called Li Zhenguo and asked him to help him put Li Mingxue in the hospital.

This is a natural problem.

After all, in addition to building a free industry, Chen Ge's big financing will definitely invest in many industries in Ping'an County.

Hospital education is naturally involved.

"By the way Young master Chen, I don't know if you have time tonight?"

Li Zhenguo asked at the end.

"what happened?"

"This is Young Master Chen. Leaders of Ping'an County know that you have returned a few days ago and blame me. They said they missed it a chance to drink with you. They even went to the station to greet you, but they didn't see you. A Wind welcome Party was set up to welcome you! Want me to ask, do you have time?"

"In the evening... Okay, let me go there for a while!"

That day at the exit, feelings

I really picked myself up.

To be honest, Chen Hao was embarrassed to put such big pigeons.

As for the wind-connected evening party, if Chen Hao never went, it would be justified.

I agreed.

In the afternoon, after waiting for Uncle Wu to fall asleep, Chen Hao also went.

The location is set in a place called Chunhua Hotel in Ping'an County.

After all, attracting foreign investment has always been a top priority in the region, so this evening party is particularly important.

Even many business owners from Ping'an County have arrived.

Because of the need to take care of Uncle Wu, Chen Hao did not come with Li Zhenguo and Zhao Zixing and let them arrive first.

At this moment Chen Hao stood at the door and looked at it, and was ready to go in.

On the other side, a car just stopped from the parking space. From the car, a man and a woman came down, holding hands.

The women are dressed very dignifiedly and the men are also in suits and shoes.

"We should've come early, can you see what time it is, i hate it!"

The girl complained.

"Humph, don't blame me, it's you, you makeup for so long! My dad called several times to urge, after all, Young Master Chen is coming today! It's too embarrassing to be late!"

The man retorted.

The boy and girl were no other than Liu Min and her husband Wang Qiang.

"Stop talking, go in!"

Wang Qiang also said.

Suddenly, he glanced at him and saw that a boy had also entered the hotel.

"Liu min, look at that. Is this boy not your student. Isn't he called Chen Hao?"

"What is it? You are wrong, lying trough, It's really him!"

Liu Min was taken aback for a moment, and then she looked at him, really surprised.

"Chen Hao! You stop!"

Chen Hao is also ready to go in. As a result, he heard someone call him and looked back. It was a coincidence that Liu Min was awesome.

"Ms. Liu, Why are you guys here?"

Chen Hao greeted with a smile.

To be honest, Chen Hao wanted to kick Liu Min's feet.

"You still ask us, we are surprised that you're here, do you know where this is? What activities are you doing here today, what are you doing here?"

Liu Min held her shoulder and asked.

Without waiting for Chen Hao to answer, Liu Min looked as if she had suddenly realized.

"I see, you're here to work, right? You Chen Hao, I didn't know that you have good eyesight, you know the Chun Hua Hotel will be busy tonight, so you came when you smelt the wind! ? Not bad!"

Liu Min smiled and nodded.

"Okay, do a good job, I won't be able to spare you a tip later!"

Liu Min patted Chen Hao's shoulder again and then went in hand in hand with Wang Qiang.


Chen Hao just shook his head and laughed bitterly, "There will be a time for you to cry later, little pussy!"

And then along came into the scene.

The site of the auditorium was crowded with many people.

Chen Hao had his hands behind his back, and was looking for where Li Zhenguo and the others were.

Suddenly, his face seemed to have been smashed by someone with a small object.

Fuck! Who is it? Free, right?

When Chen Hao turned his head, it was Liu Min who was sitting on the table beside him, covering her mouth and giggling.

There were several young ladies sitting with her, and they all looked like they knew each other and were not bad.

They were all looking at Chen Hao laughing together.

"Still standing stupidly, come over here!"

Liu Min looked at Chen Hao and shouted.


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